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Anna Porter

The Ghosts of Europe Journeys through Central Europe’s Troubled Past and Uncertain Future

One of the country’s most distinguished writers and publishers returns to her roots to explore the consequences of democracy in the former Hapsburg lands

anna porter I n 1989 t h e Berlin Wall was dismantled. Communism gave way to democracy. Since that time the former borderlands of the long defunct Hapsburg Empire and the more recently dispersed Soviet Empire have been trying to invent their own versions of democracy and market-driven economics. But these experiments have led to a widening gap between rich and poor. The worldwide economic crisis has severely tested Central Europe’s determination to live peaceably, and there are many disquieting signs of old hatreds and racial tensions returning. Author Anna Porter travels through the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia to speak with leading intellectuals, politicians, former dissidents and the champions of aggrieved memories. She interviews great figures of the revolution (Václav Havel, Adam Michnik, George Konrád) and its new custodians, among them Radek Sikorski and Ferenc Gyurcsány, and also examines the younger generation with little or no experience of Communism and no interest in its aftermath. She visits Poland’s Institute of National Remembrance, Prague’s Jewish Museum and Hungary’s House of Terror, each an attempt to reckon with dark episodes of history. The Ghosts of Europe is an exploration of power, nationalism, racism and denial in nations with a tumultuous history and an uncertain future.

spent her early childhood in Hungary. Her family fled after the 1956 revolution, and she lived in New Zealand before coming to Canada in 1969. The founder and publisher of Key Porter Books, she is the author of three crime novels and an acclaimed memoir, The Storyteller. Her most recent book, Kasztner’s Train, won the Canadian Jewish Book Award and the Nereus Writers’ Trust Non-Fiction Prize. Since 2007, she has been writing about Central Europe for Maclean’s and The Globe and Mail. She lives in Toronto. Anna Porter

au t hor of t he bes t sel ler Kasztner’s Train

t h e

g hosts EuropE o f

Journeys Through Central Europe’s Troubled Past and Uncertain Future

current affairs · politics September 2010

Hardcover 978-1-55365-515-2 cdn $34.95 6” x 9” · 272 pages 1 map Rights held: Canada, English

D o u g las & Mc I n t y r e Fall 2010   |  1

Ross King

Defiant Spirits The Modernist Revolution of the Group of Seven

Praise for The Judgment of Paris by Ross King: “King writes art history as tapestry.”  n e w s da y “A brilliant book, a micro-history that feels like a macro-history.”  i n d e p e n d e n t ( u k ) “Enthralling.”  M a c l e a n ’ s

ros s k i ng From the Governor General’s Award-w inning author of The Judgement of Paris



2  |  Douglas

& McIn t y r e Fall 2010

“Just plain fascinating, even for anyone not conversant with the minutiae of the art world.” Ca l ga r y H e r a l d

“King’s account . . . is full of smart pleasures.” T i m e M aga z i n e

A Governor General’s Award–winning author recounts the turbulent years during which a group of young Canadian painters went from obscurity to international renown B e g i n n i n g i n 1912, Defiant Spirits traces the artistic development of Tom Thomson and the future members of the Group of Seven over a dozen years in Canadian history. Working in an eclectic and sometimes controversial blend of modernist styles, they produced what an English critic celebrated in the 1920s as the “most vital group of paintings” of the 20th century. Inspired by Cézanne, Van Gogh and other modernist artists, they tried to interpret the Ontario landscape in light of the strategies of the international avant-garde. Based after 1914 in the purpose-built Studio Building for Canadian Art, the young artists embarked on what Lawren Harris called “an all-engrossing adventure”: travelling north into the Canadian Shield and forging a style of painting appropriate to what they regarded as the unique features of Canada’s northern landscape. Sumptuously illustrated, rigorously researched and drawn from archival documents and letters, Defiant Spirits constitutes a “group biography,” reconstructing the men’s aspirations, frustrations and achievements. It details not only the lives of Tom Thomson and the members of the Group of Seven but also the political and social history of Canada during a time when art exhibitions were venues for debates about Canadian national identity and cultural worth.

art & architecture September 2010

Hardcover 978-1-55365-362-2 cdn $36.95 6” x 9” · 480 pages 50 b&w photos and illustrations; 43 colour plates Rights held: North America, English and French Co-published with the McMichael Canadian Art Collection

is the Canadian author of three books on Italian history and art: Michelangelo and the Pope’s Ceiling, Machiavelli: Philosopher of Power and Brunelleschi’s Dome: How a Renaissance Genius Reinvented Architecture, which won the 2001 Book Sense Book of the Year Award for Adult Nonfiction. His study of French Impressionism, The Judgment of Paris, won the Governor General’s Award for Non-Fiction in Canada. He lives in England, near Oxford. Ross King

D o u g las & Mc I n t y r e Fall 2010   |  3

M e e r u D ha lwa l a · V i k r am V i j

Vij’s at Home: Relax, Honey The Warmth and Love of Indian Cooking

Ours is a whimsical, loud and very social cuisine that practically begs you to share it with as many people as possible. Cooking is one of humankind’s most unique forms of nurturing; it takes effort, but it isn’t a household chore. When you look at cooking this way, we believe the effort to cook a good meal becomes a form of pleasure and satisfaction. m e e ru dh a l wa l a & v i k r a m v i j

vat ij s ’ home relax, honey

the warmth & love of indian cooking

4  |  D ouglas

& McIn t y r e Fall 2010

So, cook as much as you can, and enjoy. from the Introduction

Delicious everyday Indian recipes from the authors of the multi-award-winning bestseller, Vij’s P u l l u p a chair—Meeru and Vikram invite you to dinner. The owners of Vij’s and Rangoli restaurants in Vancouver have an all-new follow-up to Vij’s, the bestselling cookbook that has won numerous awards, including the Cordon d’Or Gold Ribbon International Cookbook Award. In Vij’s at Home: Relax, Honey, Meeru Dhalwala and Vikram Vij show you how to prepare the recipes they eat at home, from vegetarian dishes that go from stove to plate in less than 45 minutes to seafood, poultry and meat dishes that come together in 20 minutes then cook while you help the kids with their homework or sit down with a glass of wine. Designed for flavour, versatility and convenience, virtually every recipe can be adapted to suit your palate, your dietary preferences or your on-hand ingredients. Clear instructions, stunning photographs, a conversational tone and a paperback format make this an affordable must-have for every kitchen— for first-time cooks to more experienced chefs.

food & wine September 2010

Trade paper with flaps 978-1-55365-572-5 cdn $40.00 8” x 111/2” · 208 pages 50 colour and 30 b&w images Rights held: World, all languages

“Filled with incredible recipes, creative, thoughtful technique, and delightful stories, Vij’s invites the home cook into the bustling kitchen of what has been called one of the finest Indian restaurants in the world.” Cookbook Digest

on Vij’s

was born in India and grew up in Amritsar and Mumbai. He studied hotel management in Salzburg, Austria, before moving to Canada to work at the Banff Springs Hotel. He opened the original 14-seat Vij’s Restaurant in Vancouver in 1994. V ik r a m V i j

M e e r u D h a lwa l a was born in India but moved to Washington, D.C., at a young age. Prior to moving to Canada, she worked on human rights and international development projects. She and Vikram live in Vancouver.

D o u g las & Mc I n t y r e Fall 2010   |  5

D e b o r ah Cad b u r y

Chocolate Wars The 150-Year Rivalry between the World’s Greatest Chocolate Makers

The extraoardinary and dramatic story of the chocolate pioneers—as told by one of the descendants of the Cadbury dynasty—ending with Kraft’s recent takeover of the empire

history · food & wine October 2010

Hardcover 978-1-55365-574-9 cdn $29.95 6” x 9” · 352 pages 16 pages, b&w photographs Rights held: Canada, English

Wi t h a c a s t of characters straight from a Victorian novel, Chocolate Wars tells the story of the great chocolatier dynasties—the Lindts, Frys, Hersheys, Marses and Nestlés—through the prism of the Cadburys. Chocolate was consumed unrefined and unprocessed as a rather bitter, fatty drink for the wealthy elite until the late 19th century, when the Swiss discovered a way to blend it with milk and unleashed a product that would storm every market in the world. Thereafter, one of the great global business rivalries unfolded as each chocolate maker attempted to dominate its domestic market and innovate recipes for chocolate that would set it apart from its rivals. The contest was full of dramatic contradictions: the Cadburys were austere Quakers who found themselves making millions from an indulgent product; Kitty Hershey could hardly have been more flamboyant, yet her husband was moved by the Cadburys’ tradition of philanthropy. Each company was a product of its unique time and place, yet all of them shared one thing: they want to make the best chocolate in the world. Chocolate Wars divulges the visions and ideals that inspired these royal chocolate families and, above all, the mouth-watering chocolate concoctions they created that have driven a global transformation of one of our favourite treats. And with the recent purchase of Cadbury’s by mega–food manufacturer Kraft, the story is brought rapidly into the present. D e b o r a h Cadb u r y is a writer, award-winning documentary producer for the bbc, the author of seven books and a relative of the famous Quaker family that gave its name to one of the world’s most famous brands of chocolate.

6  |  Douglas

& McIn t y r e Fall 2010

Cap ta i n Ray W i s s , md

A Line in the Sand Canadians at War in Kandahar

 An impassioned insider’s view of the Canadian soldier’s war in Afghanistan and why it matters takes up where the bestselling fob Doc left off—this time, with a focus on the Canadian soldier in Afghanistan. What Captain Wiss saw in Afghanistan during his first tour there in 20 07 –08 convinced him that this conflict was a rare example of a moral war. When the Canadian Forces asked him to return to the combat area, he agreed. Once again, he kept a diary. This time, he wrote something completely different. The conflict in Afghanistan continues to command the nation’s attention. Written in an accessible and engaging style, A Line in the Sand’s goal is to ensure that the efforts, sacrifices and achievements of those Canadians who served with such distinction are never forgotten. Illustrated with over 50 colour photographs, A Line in the Sand tells us about virtually every kind of soldier fighting in Afghanistan: the bomb technician, the woman who lugs heavy artillery shells, the engineer, the tank driver, the combat medic, the “grunt.” We accompany Dr. Wiss as he treats the casualties of war—Canadian, Afghan (civilian and military) and Taliban. We follow combat patrols through dangerous terrain. We learn about the Afghans, from whom we are seemingly so different yet with whom we share so much. All profits from A Line in the Sand will be donated to the Military Families Fund, created by former chief of the defence staff General Rick Hillier to assist military families. A Li n e i n t h e Sa n d

Captain Ray Wiss, M.D.

A LINE IN THE SAND Canadians at War in Kandahar

current affairs · memoir October 2010

Hardcover 978-1-55365-592-3 cdn $34.95 6” x 9” · 432 pages 100 colour images Rights held: World, all languages

is an emergency medicine specialist from Sudbury, Ontario, and a member of the Canadian Forces Reserves. From November 2007 to February 2008 and again from May to September 2009, he served with Task Force Afghanistan. Very unusually for a physician, he spent both tours in the combat area, at forward operating bases (fobs) in Kandahar province. Cap tai n Ray Wi s s , m d ,

D o u g las & Mc I n t y r e Fall 2010   |  7

H a r r y S wa i n

Oka A Political Crisis and Its Legacy

 An insider’s account of the Oka crisis and its lessons for Canada today, where Aboriginal reconciliation has become imperative

A Po li t i cA l c r i s i s An d i t s l e gAcy Harr y swain

politics · aboriginal studies September 2010

Hardcover 978-1-55365-429-2 cdn $34.95 6” x 9” · 256 pages 16 b&w photographs Rights held: World, all languages

O n J u ly 11, 1990, tension between white and Mohawk people at Oka, just west of Montreal, took a violent turn. At issue was the town’s plan to turn a piece of disputed land in the community of Kanesatake into a golf course. Media footage of rock-throwing white residents and armed, masked Mohawk Warriors facing police across barricades shocked Canadians and galvanized Aboriginal people from coast to coast. In August, Quebec Premier Robert Bourassa called for the Canadian army to step in. Harry Swain was deputy minister of Indian Affairs throughout the 78-day standoff, and his recreation of events is dramatic and opinionated. Swain writes frankly about his own role and offers fascinating profiles of the high-level players on the government’s side—Quebec Native Affairs Minister John Ciaccia, federal Indian Affairs Minister Tom Siddon, Chief of the Defence Staff General John de Chastelain, Premier Robert Bourassa and Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. Swain offers rare insight into the workings of government in a time of crisis, but he also traces what he calls the 20 0 -year tail of history and shows how the Mohawk experience reflects the collision between European and Aboriginal cultures. Twenty years on, health, social and economic indicators for Aboriginal Canadians are still shameful. The well-funded “Indian industry” is a national disgrace, Swain says, and the Indian Act is in urgent need of replacement. Identifying current flashpoints for Aboriginal land rights across the country, he argues that true reconciliation will not be possible until government commits to meaningful reform. Ha r r y S wai n worked in nine federal departments between 1971 and 1995, serving as deputy minister of Indian and Northern Affairs from 1987 to 1992. He is currently director of the Canadian Institute for Climate Studies and a research associate at the University of Victoria‘s Centre for Global Studies. He lives in Victoria, British Columbia.

8  |  Douglas

& McIn t y r e Fall 2010

E r i c E n n o Ta m m

The Horse That Leaps through Clouds A Tale of Espionage, the Silk Road and the Rise of Modern China

Two epic journeys along the Silk Road, past and present, offer a riveting and cautionary tale about the breathtaking rise of China O n J u ly 6, 1906, Baron Gustaf Mannerheim boarded the midnight train from St. Petersburg, charged by Czar Nicholas ii to secretly collect intelligence on the Qing Dynasty’s sweeping reforms that were radically transforming China. The last czarist agent in the so-called Great Game, Mannerheim chronicled almost every facet of China’s modernization, from education reform and foreign investment to Tibet’s struggle for independence. On July 6, 20 0 6, writer Eric Enno Tamm boards that same train, intent on following in Mannerheim’s footsteps. Initially banned from China, Tamm devises a cover and retraces Mannerheim’s route across the Silk Road, discovering both eerie similarities and seismic differences between the Middle Kingdoms of today and a century ago. Along the way, Tamm offers piercing insights into China’s past that raise troubling questions about its future. Can the Communist Party truly open China to the outside world yet keep Western ideas such as democracy and freedom at bay, just as Qing officials mistakenly believed? What can reform during the late Qing Dynasty teach us about the spectacular transformation of China today? “Study the past if you would divine the future,” wrote Confucius. Tamm’s quest turns out to be a cautionary tale. Er i c E n n o Ta m m is an author, journalist and analyst with more than 15 years’ experience in the media and non-profit sector. His first book, Beyond the Outer Shores: The Untold Story of Ed Ricketts, was a Kiriyama Prize Notable Book in 2005. He holds a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and a master’s degree in European affairs from Lund University in Sweden. He currently lives and works in Ottawa, Ontario.

T HE HORSE e ric enno ta m m

T HAT LEAPS A Tale of Espionage, the Silk Road

T HROUGH and the Rise of Modern China


history September 2010

Hardcover 978-1-55365-269-4 cdn $34.95 6” x 9” · 512 pages 3 maps Rights held: Canada, English

D o u g las & Mc I n t y r e Fall 2010   |  9

M at t h e w J . T r a f f o r d

The Divinity Gene Stories

 A beguiling and bizarre collection of stories from a remarkable new voice in Canadian fiction Mat t h e w T r a f f o r d ’ s s t o r i e s bristle with delightful oddity and derring-do, while always paying heed to the frailties of the human heart. Whether they’re tracking disappeared loved ones in Paris, making cyber deals with the devil or agonizing about whether to honour the glories of God or applied science, the characters in these stories are as richly imaginative and passionate as their author. Set in the crosshairs of science and faith, with an unflinching focus on form and language, these stories illuminate the magical in the mundane and satirically explore the depths of urban culture. They are the strange episodes that accrue along the margins of the knowable: a grotesque statuette unexpectedly frees a dying man from his silence, the Canadian government launches a controversial reparations plan after a devastating crime, and a passionately devout scientist clones Jesus Christ from the dna contained in holy relics. The Divinity Gene announces the arrival of a brave and exciting new talent in Canadian fiction.

fiction February 2011

Trade paper with flaps 978-1-55365-603-6 cdn $22.95 51/2” x 81/2” · 160 pages Rights held: World, all languages

10  |  Douglas

& McIn t y r e Fall 2010

Mat t h e w J . T r a f f o r d ’ s fiction has appeared in The Malahat Review and Matrix and has been anthologized in I.V. Lounge Nights and Darwin’s Bastards: Astounding Tales from Tomorrow. He has won the Far Horizons Award for Short Fiction and an honourable mention at the National Magazine Awards and has twice been shortlisted for the cbc Literary Prize. He lives in Toronto, where he works with deaf college students and performs long-form improv with his brother in their two-person troupe, The Bromos.

D a n y La f e r r i è r e · T r a n s l a t e d b y D av i d H o m e l

I Am a Japanese Writer A Novel

 A devilishly intelligent new novel by the internationally bestselling author and Prix Médicis winner from Montreal has found the perfect title for his next book: I Am a Japanese Writer. His publisher gives him an advance on the strength of the title alone. The problem is, he can’t seem to write a word of it. He can scarcely summon the energy to put pen to paper, and so he nurses his writer’s block by taking long baths, re-reading the works of Japanese poet Basho and engaging in amorous intrigues with rising pop star Midori and her entourage of vampire girls. For the writer, though, the title isn’t just a title: he really does believe he is a Japanese writer. He makes this declaration in a mall, and, the next thing he knows, he’s an international celebrity. The book becomes a cult phenomenon, even though he still hasn’t written a word of it. In Japan, it sets off a cultural revolution. A Japanese writer even publishes a book called I Am a Malagasy Writer. On the nightly news, a Japanese officer declares, “I Am a Korean Soldier.” No wonder a pair of attachés from the Japanese embassy has been following our hero around. At first, he is delighted to discover his celebrity. But things quickly go wrong. Part postmodern fantasy, part Kafkaesque nightmare and part travelogue to the inner reaches of the self, I Am a Japanese Writer calls into question everything we think we know about what—and who—makes a work of art. A black writer

fiction September 2010

Trade paper with flaps 978-1-55365-583-1 cdn $22.95 51/2” x 81/2” · 160 pages Rights held: World, English

worked as a journalist in his native Haiti during the notorious Duvalier regime, immigrating to Canada in 1976. He is the author of several acclaimed novels and the recipient of numerous awards, including the Prix rfo du Livre 2002 and Le Grand Prix du livre de Montréal 2009, and in 2009 he was named Quebec Personality of the Year. D a n y La f e r r i è r e

D o u g las & Mc I n t y r e Fall 2010   |  11

D a n y La f e r r i è r e · T r a n s l a t e d b y D av i d H o m e l

How to Make Love to a Negro without Getting Tired A Novel

“Honest, brash, unsappy. . . fiction that actually deals with a black man’s fatigue

how to

with and ambivalence about America and himself.”

makE LOVE NEGRO The vill Age voice

to a

Racial and sexual politics collide in this cult classic that launched Laferrière as one of North America’s finest literary provocateurs “A heady meditation, a psychic tussle that resonates with the furious stuff in James Baldwin’s essays or Louis Armstrong’s smiling trumpet or Martin Luther King’s oratory… honest, brash, unsappy, new.” Th e V i l l ag e V o i c e

A Novel




dany laferrière

“Sexual politics at its best and most literal. There are layers and layers of meaning to be untangled in this novel. It is at once humorous, profound, ribald and relentlessly didactic.”  Cha r l a t a n “Crackles and snaps with the profane and profound power of Jack Kerouac, Henry Miller… James Baldwin and Charles Bukowski.” Th e Edm o n t o n J o u r n a l

translated by david homel

fiction September 2010

Trade paper 978-1-55365-585-5 cdn $18.95 5” x 73/4” · 144 pages Rights held: World, English

12  |  Douglas

& McI n t y r e Fall 2010

B r i l l ia n t a n d t e n s e , Dany Laferrière’s first novel, How to Make Love to a Negro without Getting Tired, is as fresh and relevant today as when it was first published in 1985. With raunchy humor and a working-class intellectualism, Laferrière’s narrator wanders the slums of Montreal, has sex with white women, and writes a book to save his life. With this novel, Laferrière began a series of internationally acclaimed social and political novels about the love of the world, and the world of sex, including Heading South and I Am a Japanese Writer.

was born in Port-au-Prince in 1953. He moved to Montreal in June 1976. A journalist, tv and radio host, and screenwriter, Laferrière is the author of 14 novels, including the international bestseller L’énigme du retour, which won the Prix Médicis in 2009 and will be published in English by Douglas & McIntyre in 2011. He lives in Montreal. D a n y La f e r r i è r e

Ia n W e i r

Daniel O’Thunder

“ M a rv ellous ! ” the Globe and Mail

“A frightening, funny, moving, page-turning romp.” S t e v e n G a l l o w ay,

author of The Cellist of Sarajevo

“Daniel O’Thunder smacks of London life a century and a half ago: drunken costermongers, beggars and whores, doing the Lord’s work amongst the dregs of the city, public hangings, Old Bailey, people with names like Nag and Fish… Weir’s debut novel reads much like a play, moving from act to act, leaving the reader patiently waiting to get back to the next hair-raising episode.”  S u n T i m e s “A pugilist-turned-preacher returns to the boxing ring with the ultimate goal of going toe-to-toe with the devil—what more could you want? Weir’s unique retelling of the Gospels, set in mid-19th-century London, is Charles Dickens meets Thom Jones… A knockout debut.”

Daniel O’THUNDER ian we i r

Na t i o n a l P o s t

· Shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize Best First Book Award · Shortlisted for the Amazon Annual First Novel Award · Shortlisted for the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize is an award-winning screenwriter, playwright and novelist. He is the writer and executive producer of the acclaimed crime-thriller Dragon Boys, a cbc mini-series that first aired in 2007. Other tv credits include episodes for more than 20 different series, including Flashpoint, Cold Squad, Edgemont, Odyssey, ReBoot, Beachcombers and One Life to Live. Weir’s stage plays have been produced across Canada as well as in the U.S. and England. He has won two Geminis, four Leos, a Jessie and the Writers Guild of Canada Screenwriting Award. He lives in Langley, British Columbia. Ian Weir

fiction October 2010

Trade paper 978-1-55365-564-0 Previous isbn: 978-1-55365-435-3 cdn $22.95 51/2” x 81/2” · 400 pages Rights held: World, all languages

D o u g las & Mc I n t y r e Fall 2010   |  13

n e w i n pap e r

A Novel

Iris Nowell

Painters Eleven The Wild Ones of Canadian Art

 A visually stunning portrayal of the turbulent rise of Abstract Painters Eleven The Wild Ones of Canadian Art

Expressionism in Canada

Iris Nowell

art & architecture September 2010

Hardcover 978-1-55365-590-9 cdn $85.00 11” x 9” · 364 pages 297 colour and 53 b&w images Rights held: World, English

E l e v e n A b s t r a c t E x p r e s s i o n i s t artists banded together in 1953 to break through the barricades of traditional art at a time when Canadian and European landscapes were about the only paintings collectors were buying. Hungry for recognition, raging against the art establishment that was shutting them out, they decided to form Painters Eleven, expecting they would gain attention as a group, rather than going solo. Following their first group exhibition in February 1954 , the public response echoed the sentiments that Abstract Expressionism had elicited worldwide—largely mockery and bewilderment. Nevertheless, the exhibition attracted wide public interest, and after two or three more Painters Eleven exhibitions, the criticism transformed to a crescendo of acclaim from critics and collectors alike. Although the group disbanded in 1960, many of the Painters Eleven became icons of Canadian contemporary art. Their dynamic works are held in Canada’s main public art galleries and in prestigious galleries around the world and are still avidly sought after by public institutions and private and corporate art collectors. Expertly researched by Iris Nowell, an acclaimed biographer with extensive knowledge of the Canadian art world, and featuring more than 29 0 full-colour reproductions, Painters Eleven brings readers and artlovers face to face with one of Canada’s most exciting periods of art history. I r i s N o w e l l is the author of six books as well as countless newspaper and magazine articles on topics ranging from sports to social issues. She was the first of the new generation of women to write on the sports pages of The Globe and Mail. Her subsequent work includes the well-received Women Who Give Away Millions: Portraits of Canadian Philanthropists and the artist biography Joyce Wieland: A Life in Art and her memoir Hot Breakfast for Sparrows: My Life with Harold Town. Nowell lives in Toronto.

14  |  Douglas

& McIn t y r e Fall 2010

Edited by Dennis Reid

n e w i n pap e r

Tom Thomson

“The art book of the year” and “a triumph of publishing” (Sun Times), now available in paperback “Tom Thomson is one of the first major multi-authored books on this subject, and it has a critical edge that has been missing in the mostly celebratory, decorative works that have come before.”  G l o b e a n d M a i l illustrated, “comprehensive and compelling account of Tom Thomson’s life and times” (Toronto Sun), six expertly written essays reveal the iconic Canadian artist and colleague of the Group of Seven from many different perspectives from his biography and work to the context of the period in which he lived. I n t h i s l avi s h ly

chief curator at the Art Gallery of Ontario and a professor at the University of Toronto, has been a curator at the National Gallery of Canada and the Art Gallery of Ontario. He is a Member of the Order of Canada. D e n n i s R e id ,

art & architecture September

Trade paper 978-1-55365-493-3 Previous isbn: 978-1-55365-898-3 cdn $50.00 111/4” x 101/2” · 392 pages Colour and b&w illustrations throughout Rights held: World, English & French

D o u g las & Mc I n t y r e Fall 2010   |  15

Edited by Gerald McMaster

Inuit Modern Art from the Samuel and Esther Sarick Collection


 A gorgeous retrospective on the transformation of Inuit art in the 20th century, mirroring the vast and poignant cultural changes in the North

Modern e d i t e d b y G e r al d M c M ast e r

art & architecture November 2010

Trade paper 978-1-55365-778-1 cdn $50.00 10” x 11” · 256 pages

I n r e s p o n s e t o a rapidly changing Arctic environment, Inuit have had to cope with the transition from a traditional lifestyle to the disturbing realities of globalization and climate change. Inuit art in the latter half of the 20th century reflects the reciprocal stimulus of contact with Euro-Canadians and embodies the evolution of a modern Inuit aesthetic that springs from an ancient cultural context, creating an exciting new hybridized art form. Inuit Modern: Art from the Samuel and Esther Sarick Collection situates modern Inuit art within a larger framework that reinterprets the Canadian Arctic. Essays by leading Canadian scholars in the field including Ingo Hessel, Robert McGhee, Christine Laloude, Heather Igloliorte, Dorothy Eber and Bernadette Driscoll Engelstad examine the social, political and cultural transformation through the dynamic lens of colonial influence and agency. Inuit Modern also features interviews with David Ruben Piqtoukun and Zacharias Kunuk.

190 colour plates Rights held: World, all languages Co-published with the Art Gallery of Ontario

E x h ibi t i o n dat e s :

ago, Toronto, on, November 6, 2010 to February 27, 2011 is the Fredrik S. Eaton Curator of Canadian Art at the Art Gallery of Ontario. G e r a l d M c Ma s t e r

16  |  Douglas

& McI n t y r e Fall 2010

E d i t e d b y K at ha r i n e L o c h n a n

Black Ice David Blackwood’s Prints of Newfoundland

 A lush tribute to both an iconic Newfoundland artist and the vibrant culture his work depicts Ca n adia n a r t i s t D avid B l a c k w o o d has been telling stories about Newfoundland in the form of epic visual narratives for the past 30 years. His stories draw on childhood memories, dreams, superstitions, the oral tradition and the political realities of the community on Bonavista Bay, where he was born and raised. His collection of works has created an iconography of Newfoundland that is as universal as it is personal, as mythic as it is rooted in reality, and as timeless as it is linked to specific events. Black Ice—a comprehensive and sumptuously illustrated retrospective—features over 70 prints spanning 40 years of the artist’s work and features essays by Blackwood, Michael Crummey, Sean Cadigan and the Art Gallery of Ontario’s Dr. Katharine Lochnan. It also features essays by scholars based in Canada and Ireland, including an essay on the environment by Dr. Martin Feely, Head of Earth Sciences at the National University of Ireland in Galway (in collaboration with Dr. Derek Wilton, Department of Earth Sciences, Memorial University) and an article on mumming by Caoimhe Ni Shuilleabhain. E x h ibi t i o n dat e s :

ago, Toronto, on, February to May, 2011 d r . K at h a r i n e L o c h n a n is the ago’s Deputy Director of Research and the R. Fraser Elliott Curator of Prints and Drawings.

is one of Canada’s most respected visual storytellers. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally with over 90 solo shows and scores of group exhibitions. He has been the subject of two major retrospective exhibitions and the National Film Board’s AcademyAward nominated documentary film “Blackwood.” His work may be found in virtually every major public gallery and corporate art collection in Canada, as well as in major private and public collections around the world. D avid B l a c k w o o d

art & architecture February 2011

Trade paper 978-1-55365-779-8 cdn $40.00 10” x 11” · 224 pages 115 colour images Rights held: World, all languages Co-published with the Art Gallery of Ontario

D o u g las & Mc I n t y r e Fall 2010   |  17

A . J . ( Ja c k ) D i am o n d · I n t r o d u c t i o n b y A n n e M i c ha e l s

Sketches Lines from Here and There

 A captivating view of the world through the memories, eyes and sketchbook of a renowned architect

art & architecture September 2010

Hardcover 978-1-55365-591-6 cdn $40.00 81/2” x 101/2” · 144 pages 80 full-colour watercolours Rights held: World, all languages

18  |  Douglas

& McI n t y r e Fall 2010

I n wat e r c o l o u r s a n d words, South African–born A.J. Diamond gives a rare glimpse into the sights that informed his life and career on three continents. From childhood and youth in South Africa to education in England and the United States and finally to life in Toronto, Diamond has kept a sketchbook, paints and a pen at hand. Wandering and wondering, this book gives visual and narrative illustrations of how he has viewed the world he has travelled.

“Simply, I love this book. We are welcomed into [Diamond’s] way of seeing so gracefully. Absolutely lovely and absolutely intelligent. And, best of all, the combination of the written and the visual is intensely moving.” A n n e M i c ha e l s ,

author of Fugitive Pieces

graduated from the Universities of Cape Town, Oxford and Pennsylvania. He is a Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Gold Medallist and an Honorary Fellow of the American Institute of Architects. He has received honorary doctorates from the University of Toronto and Daltech, in Nova Scotia. He is a Member of the Order of Ontario and an Officer of the Order of Canada. He is the founder of Diamond and Schmitt Architects Incorporated, which has received numerous national and international awards for design and sustainability. Diamond lives in Toronto. A . J . D ia m o n d

B i n g Th o m

Bing Thom Works

 A revealing look at the holistic, community-centred philosophy behind Bing Thom’s internationally acclaimed architecture F o r g o t t e n s pa c e s , d e c l i n i n g malls and sterilized neighborhoods seem like odd places to find inspiration. But it is these awkward places that have driven much of the work of Bing Thom Architects. This highly visual book outlines the recent work and thoughts of Bing Thom Architects (bta), recently awarded firm of the year by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. The book opens with a particular focus on bta’s most recent project, the Arena Stage in Washington, D.C. It takes the reader through the creative process, featuring detailed descriptions and illustrations of this beloved regional theatre’s transformation into what will be the second-largest performing arts centre in Washington. Architects, urban planners and even those in the theatre community will all appreciate Bing Thom Works for its informal essays about how the firm approaches each of its projects as both a philosophical and a practical process. The essays are followed by seven well-illustrated examples of recent bta projects, ranging from an intimate single-family dwelling to a large-scale urban intervention, that have changed their communities.

was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to Vancouver as a child. He studied architecture at the University of British Columbia and the University of California, Berkeley. Early in his career he worked with Arthur Erickson, where he oversaw projects such as the Robson Square courthouse complex in Vancouver and Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto. In the early 1980s he established Bing Thom Architects, and this firm quickly established a reputation for innovative design on a wide range of projects. Thom is a Member of the Order of Canada and a Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. He lives in Vancouver. Bing Thom

art & architecture November 2010

Hardcover 978-1-55365-589-3 cdn $75.00 9” x 12” · 208 pages 150 colour illustrations Rights held: Canada, English

D o u g las & Mc I n t y r e Fall 2010   |  19

R o b e r t B u dd · I n t r o d u c t i o n b y M a r k F o r s y t h e

Voices of British Columbia Stories from Our Frontier

 A vivid portrait of British Columbia—its people and places— in words, sounds and images collected by a master journalist

history August 2010

Trade paper with flaps 978-1-55365-463-6 cdn $35.00 71/2” x 10” · 216 pages 75 b&w photographs; 1 map; 3 cds Rights held: World, all languages

B e t w e e n 1959 a n d 1966, the late cbc Radio journalist Imbert Orchard travelled across British Columbia with recording engineer Ian Stephen interviewing nearly a thousand of the province’s pioneers. The resulting collection—2,700 hours of audiotapes describing both extraordinary events and everyday experiences—is considered by historians to be one of the best sources of primary information about the province. To the general public, however, the tales in these tapes remain virtually unknown. Combining text, archival photographs and the original sound recordings from the cbc Archives onto three cds, Voices of British Columbia draws 24 stories from this collection to immerse us in daily life in the early 20th century. You’ll meet Sarah Glassey, a spirited homesteader who carried a rifle and bagged more birds than any man in the Kispiox Valley. You’ll hear Bill LaChance, the sole survivor of the 1910 Glacier Snowslide, describe that tragic avalanche. And you’ll discover how Great Chief Kwah of Fort St. James spared the life of James Douglas, future governor of British Columbia. By turns sad, contemplative, insightful and funny, these stories reveal as much about the spirit and resilience of people as they do about the history of the province. R o b e r t B u dd , known to many as Lucky, holds an ma in history, with a focus on oral history. He has worked with the cbc and the Royal British Columbia Museum preserving and restoring one of the largest oral history collections in the world. He lives in Victoria, British Columbia. I m b e r t O r c h a r d moved from England to B.C. after the Second World War. The cbc hired him as a regional editor for television scripts, and later he began documentary history programs for cbc Radio. Before he died in 1991, he donated his recordings to the B.C. Archives.

20  |  D ouglas

& McIn t y r e Fall 2010

R i c ha r d Wagam e s e

One Story, One Song

 A new collection of warm, wise and inspiring stories from the author of the bestselling One Native Life Si n c e i t s p u b l i c at i o n in 2008, readers and reviewers have embraced Richard Wagamese’s One Native Life. “In quiet tones and luminous language,” wrote the Winnipeg Free Press, “Wagamese shares his hurts and joys, inviting readers to find the ways in which they are joined to him and to consider how they might be joined to others.” In this new book, Richard Wagamese again invites readers to accompany him on his travels. This time, his focus is on stories: how they shape us, how they empower us, how they change our lives. Ancient and contemporary, cultural and spiritual, funny and sad, the tales are grouped according to the four Ojibway storytelling principles: balance, harmony, knowledge and intuition. Whether the topic is learning from his grade five teacher about Martin Luther King, gleaning understanding from a wolf track, lighting a fire for the first time without matches or finding the universe in an eagle feather, these stories exhibit the warmth, wisdom and generosity that made One Native Life so popular. As always, in these pages, the land serves as Wagamese’s guide. And as always, he finds that true home means not only community but conversation—good, straight-hearted talk about important things. We all need to tell our stories, he says. Every voice matters.

is an Ojibway from the Wabaseemoong First Nation in northwestern Ontario. He is the author of four novels, including the award-winning Dream Wheels. His autobiographical book For Joshua was published to critical acclaim, and One Native Life was selected as one of the Globe and Mail’s Top 100 Books of the Year. He lives outside Kamloops, British Columbia. Ri c h a r d Wa g a m e s e

“Richard Wagamese is a national treasure.” Jose ph Boy de n

memoir · aboriginal studies February 2011

Hardcover 978-1-55365-506-0 cdn $29.95 51/2” x 81/2” · 272 pages Rights held: World, all languages

D o u g las & Mc I n t y r e Fall 2010   |  21

G r a n t A r n o l d · Ok w u i E n w e z o r · R o l a n d S c h o e n y

Ken Lum

 A major retrospective of one of Canada’s most widely recognized contemporary artists Ov e r t h e pa s t 25 years, Vancouver-based artist Ken Lum has developed a large body of work that includes painting, sculpture, performance and photography. He has exhibited throughout North America, Europe and Asia, and his awards include a Hnatyshyn Foundation Visual Arts Award. This richly illustrated volume is the first full-length book devoted to Ken Lum’s work in more than nine years. In this time, his work has shifted to large permanent public installations, among them his fourth permanent public installation opening in 2010 in the Netherlands. Ken Lum accompanies a large-scale exhibition organized by the Vancouver Art Gallery that celebrates Lum’s entire career and showcases aspects of his work—such as the mazes created for Documenta 11 and the Istanbul Biennal—that have never been seen before in North America.

art & architecture January 2011

Hardcover 978-1-55365-498-8 cdn $55.00 81/4” x 11” · 144 pages 60 full-colour images Rights held: World, all languages

E x h ibi t i o n dat e s :

Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, bc Winter/Spring 2011 The Bronx Museum, New York, ny Winter/Spring 2012 G r a n t A r n o l d is Audain Curator of British Columbia Art at the Vancouver Art Gallery. He has written, taught and lectured extensively and lives in Vancouver. Ok w u i E n w e z o r is the dean of academic affairs and senior vice president at San Francisco Art Institute and artistic director of Bienal Internacional de Arte Contemporaneo de Sevilla. He lives in New York and San Francisco.

is curatorial supervisor for Art in Public Space Vienna. A widely published art critic, he has organized numerous exhibitions for the ok Centre for Contemporary Art in Linz, Austria. He lives in Vienna. Roland Schoeny

22  |  Douglas

& McIn t y r e Fall 2010

D e r e k H ay es

Historical Atlas of the North American Railroad

· · · D E R E K

 A bestselling historian returns with a visually sumptuous look at how the railroad transformed North America the face of North America forever, allowing the its economy to become industrialized and catalyzing settlement and growth within the continent. People and goods could now move vast distances, time zones were standardized, and military use of the railroads transformed the nature of war. This latest book in the popular Historical Atlas series outlines the development of the railroad system from its very beginnings around 1830 through to today’s freight railroads and government passenger services. It features an unprecedented 40 0 -plus contemporary and historical railroad maps, photographs and many other railroadiana illustrations. Here is a colourful, integrated approach to the origins and development of railroads—their heyday, decline and modern rebirth—in both the United States and Canada, for anyone who loves art books, history, maps or railroads. The railroad changed

“To say that historian and geographer Derek Hayes loves maps is an understatement… Hayes has reproduced some truly striking examples of cartography.”  S p a c i n g M a g a z i n e on Historical Atlas of Toronto a geographer by training, has a passion for old maps and what they can reveal about the past. He is the author of the bestselling Historical Atlas of the Pacific Northwest, which sold over 55,000 copies; Historical Atlas of Toronto, which won the Heritage Toronto Award of Excellence; Historical Atlas of Canada; and America Discovered. He lives in White Rock, British Columbia. D e r e k H ay e s ,

H A Y E S · · ·






history September 2010

Hardcover 978-1-55365-553-4 cdn $49.95 91/2” x 12” · 224 pages 400 colour and b&w images Rights held: World, except U.S.

D o u g las & Mc I n t y r e Fall 2010   |  23

H a r v e y Saw l e r

Frank McKenna Beyond Politics


n e w i n pap e r


be yon dpolitics

frank mckenna: beyond politics is a compelling and surprising portrait of one of Canada’s most intriguing and highly respected politicians and business leaders, and is a must-read for anyone who wants to unravel the mystery of the only man in Canadian history to have had the prime minister’s office within his grasp, only to turn away from it— not once, but twice. With unfettered access to McKenna himself, biographer Harvey Sawler examines McKenna’s life—from rural New Brunswick poor boy to student leader, from news-making criminal lawyer to tireless political campaigner, and from a premier who swept every seat as he strode into power to, most recently, a diplomat, corporate dynamo and much-sought orator. Sawler pays particular attention to McKenna’s eventful post-premier life, most especially his brief but dramatic stint as Canada’s ambassador to the Da i ly G l e a n e r United States. Throughout McKenna’s life in the public eye, he has swept along a legion of watchers, admirers of his plainspoken common sense, singular brand of leadership that transcended partisanship, and innate balFo rmer New Brunswick ance of business instinct with social consciousness. It was with no small measure of disappointment that supporters accepted his decision to step away from the political arena. Sawler explores that decision and the extraordinary subsequent chapter as events unfold that could have occurred only when McKenna left behind the brightly lit political arena. At least for now. With insights from former prime ministers, premiers, ambassadors, diplomats, family and friends, Frank McKenna is a fascinating, inspiring look at perhaps the best prime minister Canada never had.

“A portrait of an extremely able, intelligent, dedicated public servant and private citizen.”  P r e s i d e n t

beyond politics



Harvey Sawler dougl as & mcint yre

Bill Clinton

“The chapters on why McKenna didn’t run for the leadership of the federal Liberals and be prime minister of Canada will fascinate political junkies.”

premier Frank McKenna is a revered business and political leader who was in a position to become prime minister. His key voice in the Liberal Party provides a stark contrast to the party’s recent lack of unifying leadership. This bestselling book, now available in paperback, features journalist and author Harvey Sawler’s candid, full-access interviews with Frank and Julie McKenna and other key figures in Canada’s political scene, including former presidents and prime ministers, premiers and business leaders, diplomats and media personalities. At its core, it gives fascinating insight into the influence and realpolitik of a Canadian ambassador to Washington at work. 9/14/09 9:55 AM

politics · biography August 2010

Trade paper 978-1-55365-593-0 Previous isbn: 978-1-55365-490-2 cdn $22.95 6” x 9” · 344 pages 8-page b&w photo section Rights held: World, all languages

24  |  Douglas

& McI n t y r e Fall 2010

Ha r v e y Saw l e r has written seven books, including the novels The Penguin Man, One Single Hour and Saving Mrs. Kennedy, and the nonfiction works On The Road with Dutch Mason and Twenty-First-Century Irvings. He lives in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

D av i d F i n k e l

“One of the best accounts yet of the American experience in Iraq.” s c o t t tay l o r , author of Unembedded

“Brilliant, heartbreaking, deeply true. The Good Soldiers offers the most intimate view of life and death in a 21st-century combat unit I have ever read. Unsparing, unflinching, and, at times, unbearable.”

· A New York Times Top 10 Book of 20 0 9

r i c k at k i n s o n , author of In the Company of Soldiers

“This is the best account I have read of the life of one unit in

the Iraq war. It is closely observed, carefully recorded and “Finkel, a Pulitzer Prize–winning reporter at the Washington Post, beautifully written. David Finkel doesn’t just take you into the lives of the soldiers—he takes you deep into their nightmares.” describes the war on the ground, day by day, for members of an Army “David Finkel written the in most 20 unforgettable of the a novelistic battalion sent to Baghdad during thehassurge 07. book With Iraq war—a masterpiece that will far outlast the fighting. MovingFinkel through his chapters is the closest to being there.” sense of narrative and character, shows thethingfallout that the decision to invade Iraq and the beginnings’ “Thiswar’s is the finest‘ruinous book yet written on the platoon-level combatwould have of the Iraq war. Its language, rhythm, battle scenes, injuries, deaths and suffering are unforgettable—raw, moving, and on a group of individual soldiers (average age 19), who by various twists rendered with literary control … No one who reads this book will soon forget its imagery, words or characters.” of fate found themselves stationed in a hot spot on the edge of Baghdad.” t h o m a s e . r i c k s , author of Fiasco

d av i d m a r a n i s s , author of They Marched into Sunlight

s t e v e c o l l , author of The Bin Ladens

Na t i o n a l P o s t


“[A] ferociously reported, darkly humorous and spellbinding book… Finkel has made art out of a defining moment in history. You will be able to take this book down from the shelf years from now and say: This is what happened. This is what it felt like.”  N e w Y o r k T i m e s

The Good Soldiers

David Finkel has been a staff writer for The Washington Post since 1990 and has P upaper’s b l i national, s h e rforeign, s W e e k ly worked for the and magazine teams. He has reported from Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, and throughout the United States and was part of the Post’s war coverage in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kosovo. Finkel won the Pulitzer Prize in 2006 for a series of stories about U.S.-funded democracy efforts in Yemen and has been a Pulitzer finalist three other times. Finkel lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, with his wife and two daughters.

David Finkel

“An incredibly well-crafted trip into the hell and horror of the American war experience in Iraq, as seen by the men who lived it.”


Good Soldiers

Douglas & McIntyre

d &m publishers inc. Vancouver/Toronto

D av i d F i n ke l

Jacket photograph courtesy of David Finkel Printed and bound in Canada Printed on forest-friendly paper

Douglas & McIntyre

winner of the pulitzer prize

GoodSoldiers_D&MJacket.indd 1

is a staff writer for the Washington Post and is also the leader of the Post’s national reporting team. He won the Pulitzer Prize for explanatory reporting in 2006 for a series of stories about U.S.-funded democracy efforts in Yemen. Finkel lives in Silver Spring, Maryland. D avid Fi n k e l

current affairs · military October 2010

Trade paper 978-1-55365-548-0 Previous isbn: 978-1-55365-516-9 cdn $19.95 6” x 9” · 296 pages Rights held: Canada, English

D o u g las & Mc I n t y r e Fall 2010   |  25

n e w i n pap e r

The Good Soldiers

It was the las In January 2 announced a it the surge. why this effo operations to here are the cal nation. A young, optim of the 2-16, Rangers. Ab Baghdad, the would be the Fifteen m returned hom Prize–winni David Finkel almost every What wa And was it re questions Fin able report f the action of Down with th The Things Th an unforgett telling the st heroes and t duced an ete War but of al

D. Peter MacLeod

Northern Armageddon The Battle of the Plains of Abraham

n e w i n pap e r

D. P e t e r


“Riveting, human and thoroughly engaging—a must-read for t h e bat tl e of t h e pl a ins of a br a h a m

northern eight min utes of gunfir e that shaped a continent


anyone hoping to understand Canada.”  M o n t r e a l

Ga zet te

J.W. Dafoe Foundation Book Prize, Northern Armageddon presents a new and fascinating interpretation of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, one of the most dramatic and most important events in North American and global history. Featuring never-before-seen quotations and images obtained through extensive research, this “definitive account of the battle” (Canadian Geographic) sees the campaign, battle and siege through the eyes of American, British, Canadian, French and First Nations participants ranging from Major General James Wolfe to a teenage Huron warrior. The final chapters trace the battle’s impact on Canada, the U.S., both countries’ native peoples and the world. N o m i n at e d f o r t h e

“Finally a book about… Armageddon, 1759… MacLeod presents a vivid, blow-by-blow account of that pivotal battle in Canadian history.” military history January 2011

Trade paper 978-1-55365-315-8 Previous isbn: 978-1-55365-412-4 cdn $24.95 6” x 9” · 400 pages 16 b&w photographs Rights held: Canada, English; World, French

26  |  Douglas

& McIn t y r e Fall 2010


“The best record of the true battle.”  O t t a w a


is the pre-Confederation historian at the Canadian War Museum, where he curated the exhibits on the Seven Years’ War and Battle of the Plains of Abraham for the permanent galleries. A longstanding student of 18th-century Canada, he is the author of The Canadian Iroquois and the Seven Years’ War (published in French as Les Iroquois et la guerre de sept ans). He lives in Ottawa, Ontario. D . P e t e r Ma c L e o d

n o n - f i c t i o n h i gh l i gh t s a long way gone memoirs of a

S av a g e g o d S,

boy soldier

in the wild with t e d h ugh e s

S i lv e r g h o S t S

ishmael beah

978-1-55365-299-1 cloth 978-1-55365-398-1 paper a long way gone Ishmael Beah $26.95 cloth · $14.00 paper

e hor b oya now s k y

978-0-88894-025-4 thirt y indian legends of canada Margaret Bemister $14.95 paper

978-1-55365-379-0 passionate vision Roberta Bondar $39.95 paper


978-1-55365-323-3 savage gods, silver ghosts Ehor Boyanowsky $28.95 cloth

978-1-55054-806-8 cloth 978-1-55054-887-7 paper the other side of eden Hugh Brody $35.00 cloth · $26.95 paper

978-1-55365-151-2 war law Michael Byers $35.00 cloth

978-1-55054-483-1 the unjust societ y Harold Cardinal $22.95 paper

foreword by Stephen Lewis

Intent Fo r a natIon what is canada for?

Rwandan Survivors of Sexual Violence

A relentlessly optimistic manifesto

for Canada’s role in the world

edited by Anne-Marie de Brouwer

michael byers

978-1-55365-250-2 cloth 978-1-55365-381-3 paper intent for a nation Michael Byers $32.95 cloth · $22.95 paper

“Wade Davis is a rare combination of scientist, scholar, poet and passionate defender of all of life’s diversity. His writing is a joy to read, exhilarating in the scale of its vision. dav i d s u z u k i

& Sandra Ka Hon Chu

photographs by Samer Muscati

978-1-55365-499-5 who owns the arctic? Michael Byers $22.95 paper


978-1-55365-310-3 the men who killed me de Brouwer, Chu, Muscati $25.95 paper

e s p. D e l g a D o

Will Ferguson & Ian Ferguson

Across th e top of th e World The Quest for the Northwest Passage

Wa d e dav i s

“Probably the most spectacular one-volume record of the quest ever created.” Ken mcgoogan

a u t h o r o f Fatal Passage



L i gh t at th e E dg e o f th e Wo r l d

“Will and Ian are very funny and very Canadian, and yes, these two categories

a journey through the realm of va n i sh i ng c u lt u r e s

978-1-55365-267-0 light at the edge of the world Wade Davis $16.95 paper

overlap beautifully. Hey guys—thanks for blabbing our secrets to the outside world!” Doug Coupland

978-1-55365-159-8 across the top of the world James P. Delgado $24.95 paper

978-1-55365-069-0 village of the small houses Ian Ferguson $19.95 paper stephen leacock award

978-1-55365-291-5 cloth 978-1-55365-449-0 paper empt y casing Fred Doucette $34.95 cloth · $22.95 paper

978-1-55365-311-0 how to be a canadian Will Ferguson and Ian Ferguson $19.95 paper


Guujaaw and the Reawakening of the Haida Nation


978-1-55365-279-3 why i hate canadians Will Ferguson $19.95 paper

978-1-55054-661-3 stolen from our embrace Suzanne Fournier & Ernie Crey $26.95 paper

978-1-55365-317-2 hot, flat, and crowded Thomas L. Friedman $19.95 paper

978-1-55365-175-8 the world is flat Thomas L. Friedman $18.95 paper

978-1-55365-186-4 all that we say is ours Ian Gill $34.95 cloth

D o u g las & Mc I n t y r e Fall 2010   |  27

n o n - f i c t i o n h i gh l i gh t s A HISTORY SOVEREIGNTY



rudyard griffiths ARCTIC



a c i t i z e n ’s m a n i f e s t o

t h e G l o b e a n d M a i l n at i o n a l b e s t- s e l l e r “An eloquent and hard-headed argument for reinventing a shared vision

D. G R A N T

of what it means to be Canadian.” margaret wente author of The Accidental Canadian

978-1-55365-418-6 polar imperative Shelagh Grant $39.95 cloth

978-1-55365-128-6 cloth 978-1-55365-538-1 paper who we are Rudyard Griffiths $29.95 cloth · $21.00 paper

978-1-55054-804-4 the seasons of a fisherman Roderick Haig-Brown $60.00 cloth

978-1-55365-275-5 ikonica Jeannette Hanna & Alan Middleton $34.95 paper

978-1-55365-406-3 why mexicans don’t drink molson Andrea Mandel-Campbell $24.95 paper

978-1-55365-473-5 this is what they say François Mandeville $22.95 paper

978-1-55365-053-9 first peoples in canada Alan McMillan & Eldon Yellowhorn $29.95 paper

D e m o c r a c y a n D P l u r a l i s m i n

a n

i n t e r D e P e n D e n t

W o r l D


hope Tak es

rooT 1

H i s

H i g H n e s s

tHe aga KHan int roduction by t h e r igh t ho n ou r a bl e


a dr i en n e c l a r k s on

978-1-55365-366-0 where hope takes root His Highness The Aga Khan $24.95 cloth

Canadian Wings | | |


re m a rk a ble




| | |

edited by Stephen payne , cur ator | | | c anada aviation muSeum

978-1-55365-542-8 dead aid Dambisa Moyo $16.95 paper

978-1-55365-543-5 how the west was lost Dambisa Moyo $29.95 cloth

978-1-55365-496-4 canadian wings Stephen Payne, ed. $40.00 paper

978-1-55365-222-9 cloth 978-1-55365-403-2 paper kasztner’s train Anna Porter $37.95 cloth · $24.95 paper

978-1-55365-413-1 reconquering canada André Pratte, ed. $24.95 paper

978-1-55365-082-9 the canadian atlas Reader’s Digest & Canadian Geographic $69.95 cloth

978-1-55054-070-3 the dunsmuir saga Terry Reksten $24.95 paper


ANNA PORTER ‘Anna Porter has written a magical book, worthy of her legendary raconteur and duelist grandfather.’ —george jonas

978-1-55365-220-5 the storyteller Anna Porter $24.95 paper

28  |  D ouglas

& McIntyre Fall 2010

n o n - f i c t i o n h i gh l i gh t s “One Hell of a Read.” N at i o N a l P o s t

One Hell Of a Ride H o w C r a i g D o b b i n B u i lt t H e w o r l d’s l a r g e s t H e l i c o p t e r c o m pa n y

John Lawrence Reynolds

978-1-55365-363-9 cloth 978-1-55365-491-9 paper one hell of a ride John Lawrence Reynolds $34.95 cloth · $21.95 paper

978-1-55365-494-0 otter and twin otter Sean Rossiter $28.95 paper

978-1-55054-724-5 the immortal beaver Sean Rossiter $28.95 paper

Compiled & Edited by

Drew Hayden Taylor

Me Sexy a n e x p l o r at i o n

o f n at i v e s e x a n d sexuality

978-1-55365-416-2 a year of living generously Lawrence Scanlan $32.95 cloth




He was silent but strong, from an untamed

land where love and buckskin walked a sensual path.

S he was pale and virginal, unversed in the ways of aboriginal passion. Her heart beat wildly as he moved towards her, because the night was dark and so was he.

978-0-88894-431-3 breaking smith’s quarter horse Paul St. Pierre $16.95 paper

978-1-55365-137-6 me funny Drew Hayden Taylor, ed. $22.95 paper

978-1-55365-276-2 me sexy Drew Hayden Taylor, ed. $ 22.95 paper

978-1-55365-393-6 six string nation Jowi Taylor $26.95 paper

978-1-55365-461-2 where the pavement ends Marie Wadden $24.95 paper

978-1-55365-364-6 cloth 978-1-55365-312-7 paper one native life Richard Wagamese $29.95 cloth $19.95 paper

A new edition of the classic travelogue that helped open China to the world


TWO INNOCENTS IN RED CHINA with a new introduction and epilogue by

alexandre TrUdeaU

978-1-55365-292-2 unembedded Scott Taylor $34.95 cloth

978-1-55365-254-0 two innocents in red china Pierre Trudeau & Jacques Hébert $32.95 cloth

D o u g las & Mc I n t y r e Fall 2010   |  29

n o r t h w e s t c o a s t h i gh l i gh t s

978-1-55054-826-6 cloth 978-1-55054-971-3 paper being in being Skaay & Robert Bringhurst $45.00 cloth · $29.95 paper

978-1-55054-803-7 cloth 978-1-55054-970-6 paper nine visits to the mythworld Ghandl & Robert Bringhurst $35.00 cloth · $24.95 paper griffin poetry prize

978-1-55054-795-5 a story as sharp as a knife Robert Bringhurst $35.00 paper

978-0-88894-593-8 maps and dreams Hugh Brody $22.95 paper

978-1-55054-812-9 a stó:lo¯ –coast salish historical atlas Keith Thor Carlson, ed. $75.00 cloth

The Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia edited by Carol E. Mayer and Anthony Shelton

mike harcourt & ken cameron with sean rossiter

Ci t y M a k ing in Pa r a d i s e Nine Decisions That Saved Greater Vancouver’s Livability

978-1-55365-257-1 cit y making in paradise Mike Harcourt & Ken Cameron with Sean Rossiter $24.95 paper

978-1-55054-055-0 raven’s cry Christie Harris $22.95 paper

978-1-55365-421-6 the totem pole Jonaitis/Glass $60.00 cloth

978-1-55365-415-5 museum of anthropology Carol E. Mayer & Anthony Shelton, eds. $40.00 paper

978-1-55054-481-7 the raven steals the light Bill Reid & Robert Bringhurst $14.95 paper

978-1-55054-406-0 cedar Hilary Stewart $29.95 paper

978-0-88894-229-6 looking at indian art of the northwest coast Hilary Stewart $17.95 paper

978-1-55365-436-0 preston singletary Melissa G. Post $60.00 cloth

978-0-88894-143-5 british columbia coast names John Walbran $29.95 paper

C ha l l

978-1-55054-553-1 legends of vancouver E. Pauline Johnson $14.95 paper

T ra d i T i o n s Contemporary First nations art of the northwest Coast


The Essential Writings of

bill reid

S o l i ta r y r av e n Edited with an Introduction by

robert br inghurst

i a n m. t h o m

978-1-55365-414-8 challenging traditions Ian M. Thom $60.00 cloth

978-1-55365-448-3 solitary raven Bill Reid & Robert Bringhurst $24.95 paper


978-1-55054-074-1 looking at totem poles Hilary Stewart $17.95 paper

30  |  Douglas

& McIntyre Fall 2010

978-1-55054-782-5 understanding northwest coast art Cheryl Shearar $22.95 paper




978-1-55365-232-8 recording their story Judy Thompson $55.00 cloth

t h e c o mp l e t e w o r l d o f e m i ly c a r r



978-1-55365-229-8 pause Emily Carr $14.95 paper

978-1-55365-055-3 the book of small Emily Carr $14.95 paper

978-1-55365-083-6 growing pains Emily Carr $16.95 paper

978-1-55365-084-3 the heart of a peacock Emily Carr $16.95 paper

978-1-55365-054-6 the house of all sorts Emily Carr $14.95 paper

978-1-55365-027-0 cloth 978-1-55365-025-6 paper klee wyck Emily Carr $19.95 cloth · $14.95 paper

978-1-55054-578-4 the complete writings of emily carr Emily Carr $40.00 paper

978-1-55365-095-9 emily carr and her dogs Emily Carr $8.95 paper

978-1-55054-474-9 beloved land Robin Laurence $22.95 paper

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978-1-55365-172-7 hundreds and thousands Emily Carr $19.95 paper

Emily Carr 978-0-88894-441-2 the art of emily carr Doris Shadbolt $45.00 paper

978-1-55054-922-5 seven journeys Doris Shadbolt $26.95 paper

978-1-55365-173-4 emily carr Thom, Hill, Lamoureux $75.00 cloth

b o o k s t hat s h o o k t h e w o r l d “Karen Armstrong is a genius” —a . n . w i l s on

karen a r mst rong

Bi ble t h e

a biography

B ook s tha t S hook the World

978-1-55365-248-9 darwin’s origin of species Janet Browne $22.95 cloth

978-1-55365-246-5 the qur’an Bruce Lawrence $22.95 cloth

978-1-55365-266-3 homer’s the iliad and the odyssey Alberto Manguel $22.95 cloth

978-1-55365-264-9 on the wealth of nations P.J. O’Rourke $24.95 cloth

978-1-55365-263-2 cloth 978-1-55365-280-9 978-1-55365-425-4 paper carl von clausewitz’s the bible on war Karen Armstrong Hew Strachan $26.95 cloth · $15.95 paper $22.95 cloth

D o u g las & Mc I n t y r e Fall 2010   |  31

a r t a n d a r c h i t e c t u r e h i gh l i gh t s


S’abadeb The Gifts Pacific Coast Salish Art and Artists


c e n T u r i e s H a i d a

o f

a r T


978-1-55365-482-7 scott mcfarland Grant Arnold, et al. $45.00 cloth

978-1-55365-562-6 brian jungen Daina Augatis $40.00 paper

978-1-55365-314-1 raven travelling Daina Augaitis, et al. $39.95 paper

978-1-55365-182-6 canada: landscape of dreams Roberta Bondar $19.95 paper

978-1-55365-422-3 s’abadeb—the gifts Barbara Brotherton, ed. $50.00 paper


INSIGHT AND ONSITE The Architecture of Diamond and Schmitt


978-1-55365-277-9 insight and on site Diamond, Schmitt, Gillmor $60.00 cloth

978-1-55054-403-9 the black canoe Robert Bringhurst & Ulli Steltzer $39.95 paper

978-1-55365-262-5 transforming image Duffek, McLennan $50.00 paper

978-1-55365-346-2 a guidebook to contemporary architecture in montreal Dunton, Malkin $24.95 paper

978-1-55365-332-5 tsimshian treasures Donald Ellis, et al. $55.oo cloth


A Landscape Manual

th e sto n e peo ple wh o live i n th e wi n d n o r m a n h a l l e n dy



BRITISH C O LU M B IA an introduction to inuksuit and other stone figures of the north

978-1-55365-444-5 a guidebook to contemporary architecture in toronto Goodfellow, Goodfellow $24.95 paper

978-1-55365-147-5 david blackwood William Gough $45.00 paper

978-1-55365-500-8 visions of british columbia Bruce Grenville & Scott Steedman, eds. $40.00 paper

978-1-55054-874-7 inuksuit Norman Hallendy $35.00 paper

978-1-55365-424-7 tukiliit Norman Hallendy $22.95 paper



i n t R O d u c t i O n

b Y

m a R k

k i N g w e l l

GEOFFREY JAMES 978-1-55365-189-5 arctic spirit Ingo Hessel $65.00 cloth

32  |  Doug las

& McIntyre Fall 2010

978-1-55054-829-7 inuit art Ingo Hessel $45.00 paper

978-1-55365-206-9 toronto Geoffrey James $85.00 cloth

978-1-55365-347-9 utopia/dystopia Geoffrey James $60.00 cloth

978-1-55365-210-6 art of the northwest coast Aldona Jonaitis $29.95 paper

a r t a n d a r c h i t e c t u r e h i gh l i gh t s



darcy nichol as is a master Maori painter, curator and writer who has championed the cause of Maori art since 1966. Working principally in acrylic paint on paper and canvas, he is also a maker of painted wooden masks. His paintings and sculpture are in public collections in New Zealand, Britain and Germany and he has exhibited widely, including at the Curzon Club (London), Heard Museum (Phoenix), Field Museum (Chicago), Burke Museum (Seattle), University of Hawaii (Honolulu) and the Fire Station Gallery (New York). He is currently general manager of cultural services for Porirua City, New Zealand.



978-1-55365-394-3 abstract painting in canada Roald Nasgaard $50.00 paper

a spectacular collection of contemporary works from the first peoples of new zealand and the northwest coast


t H e

sandy adset t gabrielle bel z stan bevan isr ael tangaroa birch dempsey bob chris bryant paer au corneal todd couper joe david robert davidson lewis gardiner

a r t i s t s

steve gibb s bret t gr aham fred gr aham ian -wayne gr ant june northcroft gr ant lyonel gr ant gordon toi hatfield ros s hemer a l ani hotch norman jackson robert jahnke r angi kipa

Design by Jessica Sullivan Front cover: Karanga (The Calling), Todd Couper; photo by Kenji Nagai Back cover photos by Kenji Nagai and Russell Johnson Printed and bound in Canada Printed on acid-free paper


cheryl samuel preston singletary wi taepa norman tait kerry thompson roi toia colleen wa ata urlich evelyn vanderhoop christian white william white christina wirihana

Douglas & McIntyre

Douglas & McIntyre Vancouver/Toronto

derek l ardelli simon l ardelli riki manuel hepi ma xwell alex nathan manos nathan darcy nichol as tim paul susan point baye riddell fayne robinson isabel rorick

H e a r t b e at


P a c i f i c

gary w yat t was educated at the Alberta College of Art and the University of British Columbia, where he also interned in museum studies and Northwest Coast art at the Museum of Anthropology. He was curator of the Northwest Coast collection at the Inuit Gallery from 1987 to 1995. Since 1995, he has been a curator at the Spirit Wrestler Gallery in Vancouver. His previous books, Spirit Faces: Contemporary Masks of the Northwest Coast and Mythic Beings: Spirit Art of the Northwest Coast, have been international best-sellers.


n ig el readi ng was born in Germany and educated in Britain. In 1986 he started working at the Inuit Gallery in Vancouver and later became the curator for the Inuit collection, organizing many solo and group shows. He is one of the founding partners of the Spirit Wrestler Gallery, where he oversees the Inuit collection. In 1999 he also became the curator of Maori art, leading the representation of contemporary Maori art in North America. His previous book is the critically acclaimed Cape Dorset Sculpture.


1 9 4 1 – 1 9 6 0

978-1-55365-356-1 the automatiste revolution Roald Nasgaard & Ray Ellenwood $60.00 cloth


M a n awa

with essays by


M o n t r e a l ,

reading & w yat t



978-1-55365-207-6 in search of a soul Raymond Moriyama $45.00 cloth

Arthur Erickson Critical Works

n a s g a a r d

e l l e n w o o d

r e V o l U t I o n

978-1-55365-445-2 a guidebook to contemporary architecture in vancouver Chris Macdonald $24.95 paper

r o a l d r a y

t H e

designing and realizing the new canadian war museum



978-1-55054-470-1 inuit women artists Odette Leroux, ed. $45.00 paper

raymond moriyama


Manawa P a c i f i c

n i g e l r e a d i n g & g a r y w yat t introduction by darcy nicholas

H e a r t b e a t

h is spectacu l ar collection celebrates contemporary works from 31 Maori and 15 Northwest Coast artists and is published to coincide with a new show at the Spirit Wrestler Gallery in Vancouver, Canada, in February/ March 2006. Building on more than three decades of events, conferences and artist exchanges that have introduced artists and audiences to the similarities between Maori and Northwest Coast art, Manawa explores the themes of sky, water and land that are common to both cultures. At the heart of this collection are stunning photographs of more than 60 pieces, each of which was created especially for Manawa. Featured are works from many renowned artists, including paintings by Robert Davidson and Sandy Adsett, ceramics by Manos Nathan and Wi Taepa, mixed media by Robert Jahnke and Susan Point, weaving by Isabel Rorick and Christina Wirihana, and wood sculptures by Dempsey Bob and Lyonel Grant. There are also many pieces by a new generation of exciting young artists, including wood carvings by Roi Toia, Stan Bevan and Todd Couper, mixed media by Israel Tangaroa Birch, stone sculptures by Lewis Gardiner and Christian White, and glasswork by Preston Singletary. Alongside each work of art is a statement by the artist, which provides insight into the work’s origins, ancestry and genealogy. Also providing context for the art is an introduction by master Maori painter, curator and writer Darcy Nicholas, which describes the history of New Zealand’s contemporary indigenous art movement. An essay by Nigel Reading and Gary Wyatt of the Spirit Wrestler Gallery highlights the importance of cross-cultural projects and argues that cultural fusion has become the single greatest influence on the evolution of aboriginal art and culture worldwide. Beautifully designed and produced, Manawa is a must-have for lovers of aboriginal art as well as those interested in cross-cultural exchange.

a c e l e b r at i o n o f c o n t e m p o r a ry maori & northwest coast art

978-1-55365-088-1 cape dorset sculpture Derek Norton & Nigel Reading $35.00 paper

978-1-55365-154-3 arthur erickson Nicholas Olsberg & Ricardo Castro $75.00 cloth

978-1-55365-471-1 vermeer, rembrandt and the golden age of dutch art Ruud Priem, et al. $45.00 paper

978-1-55365-139-0 manawa Nigel Reading & Gary Wyatt $35.00 paper

978-1-55054-915-7 bill reid Doris Shadbolt $45.00 paper

978-1-55054-579-1 the spirit of haida gwaii Ulli Steltzer $15.95 paper

978-1-55365-141-3 takao tanabe Thom, Nasgaard, Tousley, Spalding $60.00 cloth

978-1-55054-810-5 susan point Gary Wyatt, ed. $39.95 paper

978-1-55054-145-8 spirit faces Gary Wyatt $28.95 paper

978-1-55054-639-2 mythic beings Gary Wyatt $28.95 paper

the art of douglas coupland

978-1-55365-359-2 cit y of glass Douglas Coupland $24.95 paper

978-1-55054-917-1 souvenir of canada Douglas Coupland $29.95 paper

978-1-55365-043-0 souvenir of canada 2 Douglas Coupland $29.95 paper

978-1-55365-113-0 terry Douglas Coupland $28.95 paper

D o u g las & Mc I n t y r e Fall 2010   |  33

h i gh l i gh t s f r o m o u r s t e l l a r c o o k i n g b a c k l i s t SEASONA L RECIPES M A DE W I T H LOCA L FOODS

C h e f s ’ ta B l e s o C i e t y





of British ColumBia









Vancouver Cooks



fo rewo rd by V i C k i G a B e r e a u




978-1-55054-834-1 cooking at my house John Bishop $26.95 paper

978-1-55365-245-8 fresh John Bishop & Dennis Green $34.95 paper

978-1-55054-949-2 cloth 978-1-55365-388-2 paper simply bishop’s John Bishop & Dennis Green $45.00 cloth · $24.95 paper

978-1-55365-261-8 vancouver cooks 2 Chefs’ Table Society $40.00 paper

978-1-55365-135-2 feenie’s Rob Feenie $35.00 paper

978-1-55054-973-7 lumière light Rob Feenie & Marnie Coldham $35.00 paper

978-1-55365-357-8 west Warren Geraghty $50.00 cloth

978-1-55365-385-1 a good catch Jill Lambert $24.95 paper Imprint Greystone Books

978-1-55365-148-2 flavours of vancouver Sheila Peacock & Joan Cross $24.95 paper

978-1-55054-961-4 great canadian cookies, bars & squares Sheila Peacock & Jennifer Abrams $19.95 paper

978-1-55365-184-0 vi j ’s Vikram Vij & Meeru Dhalwala $40.00 paper

978-1-55365-367-7 araxi James Walt $45.00 cloth

BLUE seafood

WAT E R f ra n k p a b s t

CAFE 978-1-55054-506-7 umberto’s kitchen Umberto Menghi $35.00 paper

978-1-55365-368-4 blue water cafe seafood cookbook Frank Pabst & Yoshihiro Tabo $45.00 cloth LR PINO POSTERARO foreword by gér a r d boy er

C I O P P I N O ’S




lr A c o o k b o o k f r o m t h e c e l e b r At e d r e s tA u r A n t a lifetime of e x c e l l e n c e in the k i t c h e n

mArtin picArd · introduction by Anthony bourdAin

978-1-55365-391-2 au pied de cochon Martin Picard $45.00 paper

34  |  Doug las

& McIntyre Fall 2010

Cioppino'sCoverOp6.indd 1

978-1-55365-251-9 cioppino’s Pino Posteraro $60.00 cloth

6/1/07 9:39:05

h i gh l i gh t s f r o m o u r d i s t i n g u i s h e d f i c t i o n p r o g r am 5.5” x 8.5” hardcover. This is wrong trim size

was born in Port-auPrince in 1953. He moved to Montreal in June 1976. A journalist, tv and radio host, screenwriter, director and spokesperson for World Book and Copyright Day, Laferrière is the author of twelve novels, including the international sensation How to Make Love to a Negro (1987), which was made into a feature film. He has won numerous awards for his writing, including the first Prix Carbet des lycéens 2000, the Prix rfo du Livre 2002 and the 2006 Governor General’s award for Je suis fou de Vava, his first novel for children. He lives in Montreal.

“… written with virtuosity, acerbic humour and a quick and nervous style that captures the emotion page after page.” le devoir

Christina, Brenda, Laura, Ellen, Sue and Becky, six beautiful and cultured middle-aged women who have come to the sun-drenched island of Haiti in search of something new. No longer desired by the men from their northern homes, they are drawn to the steamy climate and beautiful adolescent bodies of this Caribbean island, hoping that both will keep them eternally young. But their dreams and fantasies blind them to the harsh reality that these boys live under a brutal dictatorship. Still, the women are ready to sacrifice everything: the flesh but also the hearts of these Haitian boys. Can desire be purchased? Who wins, and who loses in this transaction? And who really holds power when desire is the force driving all human history? Made into an award-winning film starring Charlotte Rampling, this provocative novel takes us into the world of artists, rappers, Voodoo priests, hotel owners, uptight Parisian journalists and partner-swapping Haitian lovers, all desperately trying to balance their own happiness with the need to survive. It explores the lines between sexual liberation and exploitation, artistic freedom and appropriation, independence and colonialism, and displays the wild talent of an author at the height of his powers.

is the author of eleven books, the editor of fourteen literary anthologies and the former editor of Harrowsmith magazine. One of the finest literary translators in North America, he is the winner of the Governor General’s Award for Translation as well as the John Glassco Prize for Literary Translation. He lives in Kingston, Ontario. a






a good death d&m publishers inc. Vancouver/Toronto/Berkeley Cover design by Peter Cocking Cover photograph by Steve Vaccariello/Getty Images

g i l

c o u r t e m a n c h e

Printed and bound in Canada Printed on forest-friendly paper

978-1-55365-492-6 darwin’s bastards Zsuzsi Gartner, ed. $21.95 paper

978-1-55365-215-1 a good death Gil Courtemanche $18.95 paper

978-1-55054-468-8 the jade peony Wayson Choy $19.95 paper trillium book award


Distributed in the U.S. by Publishers Group West

t ra n sl ate d by w ay ne g rady

HeadingSouthCover.indd 1

978-1-55365-483-4 heading south Dany Laferrière $22.95 paper

978-1-55054-258-5 aurora montrealis Monique Proulx $19.95 paper

978-1-55054-991-1 the heart is an involuntary muscle Monique Proulx $24.95 paper quebec writers’ federation award

09/07/29 10:56 AM


978-1-55365-349-3 revenant Tristan Hughes $29.95 cloth



o o

secret s en U Betwe


ameen merchant o o o

a n o














o o

the silent raga o o o o o

Daniel Poliquin tr ansl ated

Between Us

978-1-55365-309-7 cloth 978-1-55365-405-6 paper silent raga Ameen Merchant $32.95 cloth · $22.95 paper

978-0-88894-721-5 disappearing moon cafe SKY Lee $19.95 paper cit y of vancouver award


donald Winkler

978-1-55365-272-4 a secret between us Daniel Poliquin $22.95 paper nominated for the giller prize a nove



eep in i]Zl^aYZgcZhhd[i]ZAVjgZc" i^Vcha^kZhVXdbbjc^ind[igdjWaZYhdjah# I]ZgZ¼hA^aV!i]ZaVcYaVYnd[i]Z[dgZhi l]dh]djaYZghViZgg^WaZ\j^ai0i]Zndjc\! WZVji^[jaVcYXVgZ[gZZK^daZiiZ!l]dWZVgh YZZeX]^aY]ddYhXVgh!VcYi]ZWdn?‚g‚b^Z! l]dl]^heZgh]^hXdc[Zhh^dchidi]Z[gd\h VcYVcih^ci]Z[dgZhi#I]ZgZ¼h8aV^gZ!l]d lg^iZhbjgYZghXZcZh!VcYH^bdc!l]d XVgZh[dg]^hWgdi]Zg¼hhdcl]^aZe^c^c\[dg kVg^djhldbZc#:VX]X]VgVXiZg]VhXdbZid i]^h[dg\^k^c\:YZcidZhXVeZhdbZeg^kViZ igVjbV0[dgXZYid^ciZgVXii]gdj\]adcZa^" cZhhVcYegdm^b^in!i]ZnaZVgcZVX]di]Zgh¼ hZXgZih!l^i]hijcc^c\XdchZfjZcXZh# 6idcXZiZcYZgVcYjea^[i^c\!L^aYa^kZh ^hVWZVji^[jacdkZaVWdjii]ZcVijgZd[ WZVjinVcY^ih^cÄc^iZedlZgid]ZVa#

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bdhiedejaVgVji]dgh#6cdkZa^hi!hidgn lg^iZgVcYhXgZZclg^iZg!h]Z]VhejWa^h]ZY ÄkZegZk^djhldg`hd[ÄXi^dc!bdhicdiVWan I]Z=ZVgi^hVc>ckdajciVgnBjhXaZ!l]^X] lVhVÄcVa^hi[dgi]Z'% %'<dkZgcdg<Zc" ZgVa¼h6lVgY[dg;^Xi^dcVcYVhZaZXi^dc[dg i]Z'% %) 878 8VcVYVGZVYhXdbeZi^i^dc# H]Za^kZh^cBdcigZVa!FjZWZX# a^sfaeljbi ^hVcVlVgY"l^cc^c\

cdkZa^hiVcY_djgcVa^hiVcY]Vhil^XZ ldci]Z<dkZgcdg<ZcZgVa¼h6lVgY[dg IgVchaVi^dc#=Za^kZh^cBdcigZVa# coba^+obba ^hVc^ciZgcVi^dcVa _djgcVa^hiVcYVlVgY"l^cc^c\a^iZgVgn igVchaVidg#=Z]Vhldci]Z<dkZgcdg <ZcZgVa¼h6lVgY[dgIgVchaVi^dci]gZZ i^bZh#=Za^kZh^cDjigZbdci!FjZWZX#

¹Bdc^fjZEgdjam]VhXgZViZYVbV\^XVajc^kZghZ! heZaaW^cY^c\VcY]necdi^o^c\#=ZghjbeijdjhegdhZ XdcÄgbh]ZgjceVgVaaZaZYh`^aa#º¸ Le Quotidien ¹HjX]^ciZchZgZVY^c\eaZVhjgZ° hjX]ejgZZcX]VcibZci#º¸ L’actualité


d&m publishers inc. KVcXdjkZg$Idgdcid$7Zg`ZaZn lll#Ybe^Wdd`h#Xdb 8dkZgYZh^\cWn?Zhh^XVHjaa^kVc Eg^ciZYVcYWdjcY^c8VcVYV Eg^ciZYdc[dgZhi"[g^ZcYaneVeZg 9^hig^WjiZY^ci]ZJ#H#WnEjWa^h]Zgh<gdjeLZhi

978-1-55054-495-4 sex of the stars Monique Proulx $17.95 paper

978-1-55054-171-7 invisible man at the window Monique Proulx $22.95 paper

Douglas & McIntyre

Douglas & McIntyre

WildlivesCoverFinal.indd 1

translated by                   and

c f k ^ i f p qcloq e b/ - - 5  d ls b o klodb k b o ^ iÒp^t^ o a  cloc f` q flk ;gZcX]aVc\jV\Z ¹;aj^Y!g^X]VcYh]^bbZg^c\°L^aYa^kZhheVg`aZha^`ZV hjc"heaVh]ZYbdjciV^caV`Z^ci]Zb^YYaZd[?jan#º¸ La Presse


978-1-55365-409-4 wildlives Monique Proulx $22.95 paper

978-1-55054-439-8 bachelor brothers ’bed & breakfast pillow book Bill Richardson $16.95 paper

3/16/09 5:11:45 PM

978-155365-464-3 in the fabled east Adam Lewis Schroeder $29.95 cloth

michael nicoll $28.95

yahgulanaas is a visual artist,

Referencing a classic Haida oral

storyteller and

narrative, this stunning full-colour

public speaker.

graphic novel documents the tragic

Born and raised

story of a leader so blinded by

on the North

revenge that he leads his community to

Pacific islands of

the brink of war and destruction.

Haida Gwaii, he melds his cultural and

Red is the prideful leader of a small

political experiences as an indigenous

village in the islands off the northwest

person with contemporary graphic

Le i f e n g e r,

coast of British Columbia. His sister

literature to produce a unique

“Stenson is the equal of anyone working this ground— his voice is a master’s, and Lightning is a commanding novel.”

was abducted years ago by a band of

genre called Haida Manga. His work

raiders. When news comes that his

has been enthusiastically received

author of pe ace li k e a r i v er


sister has been spotted in a nearby

internationally and is published in

village, Red sets out to rescue her and

Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Spain,

exact revenge on her captors.

the United States and Canada (English

Consisting of 108 pages of hand-

and French). His books include Flight of


painted illustrations, Red is a

the Hummingbird, A Tale of Two Shamans

g i l l e r p r i z e f inalist

groundbreaking mix of Haida imagery

and Hachidori, a bestseller in Japan.

and Japanese manga. Tragic and

He lives in Canada with his wife and

a noveL

timeless, it is reminiscent of such

daughter, close to the Two Sisters

classic stories as Oedipus Rex and

mountains on an island in the Salish Sea.

Macbeth. Red is an action-packed and dazzling graphic novel that is also a cautionary tale about the devastating effects of rage and retribution.

Douglas & McIntyre D&M Publishers Inc. Vancouver/Toronto/Berkeley Jacket design by Peter Cocking and Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas

Printed and bound in Canada Printed on paper that does not contain materials from old-growth forests Distributed in the U.S. by Publishers Group West

978-1-55365-537-4 lightning Fred Stenson $19.95 paper

978-1-55365-536-7 the trade Fred Stenson $19.95 paper

978-1-55054-525-8 the lesser blessed Richard Van Camp $18.00 paper

douglas &


Jacket illustrations by Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas Author photo by Lincoln Clarkes

RedJacketFinal.indd 1

978-1-55365-353-0 red Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas $28.95 cloth

8/11/09 1:52 PM

D o u g las & Mc I n t y r e Fall 2010   |  35

h i s t o r y h i gh l i gh t s The epic voyage of c a p t a i n g e o r g e va n c o u v e r

S t e p h e n

B o w n


betr aya l and the

978-1-55365-041-6 the secret voyage of sir francis drake Samuel Bawlf $24.95 paper


978-1-55365-339-4 cloth 978-1-55365-313-4 paper madness, betrayal and the lash Stephen Bown $34.95 cloth · $21.95 paper

james p. delgado

Khubilai Khan’s

lost fleet In Search of a Legendary Armada

978-1-55365-273-1 khubilai khan’s lost fleet James P. Delgado $29.95 cloth

978-1-55365-047-8 hell’s corner J.L. Granatstein $50.00 cloth

978-1-55054-913-3 the last good war J.L. Granatstein $55.00 cloth

deRek h ay es

stephen o’shea

h i s t o r i c a l at l a s

sea of



fa i t h christianit y and isl am i n t h e m e d i e va l mediterr ane an world

978-1-55365-046-1 cloth 978-1-55365-259-5 paper canada: an illustrated history Derek Hayes $55.00 cloth · $34.95 paper

978-1-55365-077-5 historical atlas of canada Derek Hayes $50.00 paper

978-1-55365-290-8 cloth 978-1-55365-497-1 paper historical atlas of toronto Derek Hayes $49.95 cloth · $34.95 paper

978-1-55365-283-0 historical atlas of vancouver Derek Hayes $34.95 paper

978-1-55365-258-8 sea of faith Stephen O’Shea $22.95 paper

978-1-55365-068-3 the gothic line Mark Zuehlke $27.95 paper

978-1-55365-194-9 holding juno Mark Zuehlke $27.95 paper

978-1-55365-091-1 juno beach Mark Zuehlke $27.95 paper

978-1-55365-430-8 on to victory Mark Zuehlke $35.00 cloth

978-1-55054-557-9 ortona Mark Zuehlke $27.95 paper

978-1-55365-227-4 cloth 978-1-55365-404-9 paper terrible victory Mark Zuehlke $37.95 cloth · $27.95 paper

mapping the world’s LongesT Undefended BoRdeR

across the western plains

s Four Centuries of Conf lict from New France to Kosovo o f

t h e



MIL I TA RY AT L A S text by M A R K


maps by C . S T U A R T


T o n y

R e e s



978-1-55365-209-0 canadian military atlas Mark Zuehlke & Stuart Daniel $50.00 paper

978-1-55365-419-3 arc of the medicine line Tony Rees $24.95 paper

au t h or of

Terrible VicTory

o r T o n a , l i r i Va l l e y,

an d

an d t h e It a li an t r i l o g y The GoThic line

T h e C a n a d i a n i n v a s i o n o f s i C i ly , J u ly 1 0 – a u g u s T 7, 1 9 4 3

978-1-55365-013-3 the liri valley Mark Zuehlke $27.95 cloth

36  |  Doug las

978-1-55365-324-0 cloth 978-1-55365-539-8 paper operation husky Mark Zuehlke $36.95 cloth · $27.95 paper

& McIntyre Fall 2010

douglas & mcint yre Books in Print Bold indicates fall 2010 frontlist titles

isbn 13/binding / title/author/cdn price

978-1-55365-142-0 pa 13 Women (Faith, Near) $24.95 A 978-1-55365-394-3 pa 978-1-55365-159-8 pa 978-1-55365-071-3 cl 978-1-55054-188-5 pa 978-1-55365-186-4 cl 978-1-55365-367-7 cl 978-1-55365-419-3 pa 978-1-55365-189-5 cl 978-1-55054-808-2 cl 978-1-55054-650-7 cl 978-0-88894-441-2 pa 978-1-55365-210-6 pa 978-1-55365-154-3 cl 978-1-55365-391-2 pa 978-1-55054-258-5 pa 978-1-55365-356-1 cl B 978-1-55365-171-0 cl 978-1-55054-439-8 pa 978-1-55054-577-7 pa 978-1-55054-737-5 pa 978-1-55365-112-3 pa 978-1-55054-971-3 pa 978-1-55054-826-6 cl 978-1-55054-556-2 pa 978-1-55054-474-9 pa 978-1-55365-425-4 pa 978-1-55365-263-2 cl 978-1-55365-177-2 pa 978-1-55054-915-7 pa 978-1-55365-094-2 pa 978-1-55365-006-5 cl 978-1-55365-589-3 cl 978-1-55054-403-9 pa 978-1-55365-779-8 pa 978-1-55365-108-6 pa 978-1-55054-135-9 pa 978-1-55365-368-4 cl 978-1-55365-055-3 pa 978-0-88894-494-8 pa 978-0-88894-431-3 pa 978-1-55365-562-6 pa 978-0-88894-143-5 pa 978-1-55365-319-6 pa 978-1-55054-586-9 pa

Abstract Painting in Canada (Nasgaard) $50.00 Across the Top of the World (Delgado) $24.95 Adventures of a Sea Hunter (Delgado) $35.00 All Aboard! (Mitchell) $24.95 All That We Say Is Ours (Gill) $34.95 Araxi Seasonal Recipes (Walt) $45.00 Arc of the Medicine Line (Rees) $24.95 Arctic Spirit (Hessel) $65.00 Art BC (Thom) $60.00 Art of Betty Goodwin (Bradley, Teitelbaum) $65.00 Art of Emily Carr (Shadbolt) $45.00 Art of the Northwest Coast (Jonaitis) $29.95 Arthur Erickson (Olsberg, Castro) $75.00 Au Pied de Cochon (Picard) $45.00 Aurora Montrealis (Proulx) $19.95 Automatiste Revolution (Nasgaard) $60.00

B.C. Binning (Rogatnick, Thom, Weder) $50.00 Bachelor Brothers’ Bed & Breakfast Pillow Book (Richardson) $16.95 Back to the Front (O’Shea) $16.95 Bastards & Boneheads (Ferguson) $24.95 Because We Are Canadians (Kipp, Sykes) $24.95 Being in Being (Skaay, Bringhurst) $29.95 Being in Being (Skaay, Bringhurst) $45.00 Bella Bella (Black) $19.99 Beloved Land (Laurence) $22.95 Bible: A Biography (Armstrong) $15.95 Bible: A Biography (Armstrong) $26.95 Bill Bennett (Plecas) $22.95 Bill Reid (Shadbolt) $45.00 Bill Reid and Beyond (Duffek, Townsend-Gault) $27.95 Bill Reid and Beyond (Duffek, Townsend-Gault) $45.00 Bing Thom Works (Thom) $75.00 Black Canoe (Bringhurst, Steltzer) $39.95 Black Ice (Lochnan) $40.00 Blockbusters and Trade Wars (Grant, Wood) $29.95 Bloodlines (Kostash) $19.95 Blue Water Cafe (Pabst, Tabo) $45.00 Book of Small (Carr) $14.95 Boss of the Namko Drive (St. Pierre) $14.95 Breaking Smith’s Quarter Horse (St. Pierre) $16.95 Brian Jungen (Augaitis) $40.00 British Columbia Coast Names (Walbran) $29.95 Bubbles, Bankers & Bailouts (Reynolds) $14.95 Bush Pilot with a Briefcase (Keith) $22.95

C 978-1-55365-259-5 pa 978-1-55365-046-1 cl 978-1-55365-182-6 pa 978-1-55365-082-9 cl 978-1-55365-209-0 pa 978-1-55365-496-4 pa 978-1-55054-883-9 pa 978-1-55365-088-1 pa 978-1-55365-280-9 cl 978-1-55054-406-0 pa 978-1-55365-216-8 pa 978-1-55365-414-8 cl 978-1-55365-574-9 cl 978-1-55054-993-5 pa 978-1-55365-145-1 cl 978-1-55365-251-9 cl 978-1-55365-257-1 pa 978-1-55365-359-2 pa 978-1-55054-740-5 pa 978-1-55054-578-4 pa 978-1-55054-834-1 pa

Canada: An Illustrated History (Hayes) $34.95 Canada: An Illustrated History (Hayes) $55.00 Canada: Landscape of Dreams (Bondar) $19.95 Canadian Atlas (Reader’s Digest, Canadian Geographic) $69.95 Canadian Military Atlas (Zuehlke, Daniel) $50.00 Canadian Wings (Payne, ed.) $40.00 Canvas of War (Oliver, Brandon) $35.00 Cape Dorset Sculpture (Norton, Reading) $35.00 Carl von Clausewitz’s On War (Strachan) $22.95 Cedar (Stewart) $29.95 Challenges (Ho) $22.95 Challenging Traditions (Thom) $60.00 Chocolate Wars (Cadbury) $29.95 Chosen Ones (Rossiter) $24.95 Christopher Pratt (Drouin-Brisebois, Spalding) $55.00 Cioppino’s Mediterranean Grill (Posteraro) $60.00 City Making in Paradise (Harcourt, et al.) $24.95 City of Glass (Coupland) $24.95 Clouded Leopard (Davis) $22.95 Complete Writings of Emily Carr (Carr) $40.00 Cooking at My House (Bishop) $26.95

D 978-1-55365-564-0 pa 978-1-55365-435-3 cl 978-1-55365-492-6 pa 978-1-55365-248-9 cl 978-1-55365-147-5 pa 978-1-55365-100-0 cl 978-1-55365-542-8 pa 978-1-55365-138-3 pa 978-1-55365-362-2 cl 978-1-55054-805-1 pa 978-0-88894-721-5 pa 978-1-55365-603-6 pa 978-1-55054-722-1 cl 978-1-55054-260-8 pa 978-1-55365-434-6 cl 978-1-55365-170-3 pa 978-1-55054-951-5 pa 978-1-55054-070-3 pa 978-1-55054-024-6 pa

Daniel O’Thunder (Weir) $22.95 Daniel O’Thunder (Weir) $29.95 Darwin’s Bastards (Gartner, ed.) $21.95 Darwin’s Origin of Species (Browne) $22.95 David Blackwood (Gough) $45.00 David Milne Watercolours (Lochnan) $65.00 Dead Aid (Moyo) $16.95 Dead Man in Paradise (MacKinnon) $22.95 Defiant Spirits (King) $36.95 Desire in Seven Voices (Crozier) $16.95 Disappearing Moon Cafe (Lee) $19.95 Divinity Gene (Trafford) $22.95 Double Cross (Render) $35.00 Down among the Dead Men (Laferrière) $18.95 Dragons, Tigers and Bamboo (Impey, et al.) $60.00 Dream City (Berelowitz) $34.95 Drifting Home (Berton) $16.95 Dunsmuir Saga (Reksten) $24.95 During My Time (Blackman) $24.95

E 978-1-55054-099-4 cl 978-1-55365-428-5 cl 978-1-55365-180-2 pa 978-1-55365-173-4 cl 978-1-55365-095-9 pa 978-1-55365-096-6 cl 978-1-55365-449-0 pa 978-1-55365-291-5 cl

Eagle Transforming (Steltzer, Davidson) $16.99 Early in the Season (Hoagland) $24.95 Earth’s Blanket (Turner) $24.95 Emily Carr (Hill, Thom, Lamoureux) $75.00 Emily Carr and Her Dogs (Carr) $8.95 Empires at War (Fowler) $37.95 Empty Casing (Doucette) $22.95 Empty Casing (Doucette) $34.95

D o u g las & Mc I n t y r e Fa l l 2010   |  37

F 978-1-55365-192-5 pa 978-1-55365-135-2 pa 978-1-55054-994-2 pa 978-1-55054-866-2 cl 978-1-55365-053-9 pa 978-0-88894-617-1 pa 978-1-55365-148-2 pa 978-1-55365-472-8 cl 978-1-55365-593-0 pa 978-1-55365-490-2 cl 978-1-55054-746-7 cl 978-1-55365-245-8 pa

Fairmont Empress (Reksten) $29.95 Feenie’s (Feenie) $35.00 First Crossing (Hayes) $35.00 First Crossing (Hayes) $50.00 First Peoples in Canada (McMillan, Yellowhorn) $29.95 Fisherman’s Winter (Haig-Brown) $8.95 Flavours of Vancouver (Peacock, Cross) $24.95 FOB Doc (Wiss) $32.95 Frank McKenna (Sawler) $22.95 Frank McKenna (Sawler) $34.95 Franz Boas (Cole) $45.00 Fresh (Bishop, Green) $34.95

G 978-1-55054-745-0 cl 978-1-55365-515-2 cl 978-1-55054-086-4 pa 978-1-55365-215-1 pa 978-1-55365-548-0 pa 978-1-55365-516-9 cl 978-1-55365-068-3 pa 978-1-55054-961-4 pa 978-1-55054-835-8 cl 978-1-55365-083-6 pa 978-1-55365-334-9 cl 978-1-55365-346-2 pa 978-1-55365-444-5 pa 978-1-55365-445-2 pa

Gathie Falk (Laurence, Grenville, Thom) $75.00 Ghosts of Europe (Porter) $34.95 Girl with the Botticelli Face (Valgardson) $18.95 Good Death (Courtemanche) $18.95 Good Soldiers (Finkel) $19.95 Good Soldiers (Finkel) $29.95 Gothic Line (Zuehlke) $27.95 Great Canadian Cookies, Bars and Squares (Peacock, Abrams) $19.95 Greg Curnoe (Reid, Teitelbaum) $75.00 Growing Pains (Carr) $16.95 Growling Tiger, Roaring Dragon (Smith) $34.95 Guidebook to Contemporary Architecture in Montreal (Dunton, Malkin) $24.95 Guidebook to Contemporary Architecture in Toronto (Goodfellow, Goodfellow) $24.95 Guidebook to Contemporary Architecture in Vancouver (Macdonald) $24.95

H 978-1-55365-483-4 pa 978-1-55054-991-1 pa 978-1-55365-084-3 pa 978-1-55365-047-8 cl 978-1-55289-900-7 cl 978-1-55365-077-5 pa 978-1-55365-004-1 cl 978-1-55365-553-2 cl 978-1-55365-205-2 cl 978-1-55365-497-1 pa 978-1-55365-290-8 cl 978-1-55365-283-0 pa 978-1-55365-194-9 pa 978-1-55365-266-3 cl 978-1-55365-269-4 cl 978-1-55365-317-2 pa 978-1-55365-054-6 pa 978-1-55365-543-5 cl

38  |  D ouglas

Heading South (Laferrière) $22.95 Heart Is an Involuntary Muscle (Proulx) $24.95 Heart of a Peacock (Carr) $16.95 Hell’s Corner (Granatstein) $50.00 Historical Atlas of British Columbia and the Pacific N.W. (Hayes) $55.00 Historical Atlas of Canada (Hayes) $50.00 Historical Atlas of the Arctic (Hayes) $75.00 Historical Atlas of the North American Railroad (Hayes) $49.95 Historical Atlas of the United States (Hayes) $55.00 Historical Atlas of Toronto (Hayes) $34.95 Historical Atlas of Toronto (Hayes) $49.95 Historical Atlas of Vancouver and the Lower Fraser Valley (Hayes) $34.95 Holding Juno (Zuehlke) $27.95 Homer’s The Iliad and The Odyssey (Manguel) $22.95 Horse That Leaps through Clouds (Tamm) $34.95 Hot, Flat and Crowded (Friedman) $19.95 House of All Sorts (Carr) $14.95 How the West Was Lost (Moyo) $29.95

& McIntyr e Fall 2010

978-1-55365-311-0 pa 978-1-55365-585-5 pa 978-1-55365-172-7 pa

How to Be a Canadian (Ferguson, Ferguson) $19.95 How to Make Love to a Negro without Getting Tired (Laferrière) $18.95 Hundreds and Thousands (Carr) $19.95

I 978-1-55365-583-1 pa 978-0-9681577-1-8 cl 978-1-55365-275-5 pa 978-1-55054-724-5 pa 978-1-55365-338-7 pa 978-1-55365-207-6 cl 978-1-55365-464-3 cl 978-1-55054-858-7 pa 978-0-88894-332-3 pa 978-1-55365-214-4 pa 978-1-55365-277-9 cl 978-1-55365-381-3 pa 978-1-55365-250-2 cl 978-1-55054-829-7 pa 987-1-55365-778-1 pa 978-1-55054-470-1 pa 978-1-55054-874-7 pa 978-1-55054-171-7 pa

I Am a Japanese Writer (Laferrière) $22.95 I Am Sto:lo! (Sto:lo Nation) $36.00 Ikonica (Hanna, Middleton) $34.95 Immortal Beaver (Rossiter) $28.95 Impossible Takes Longer (Pratt) $19.95 In Search of a Soul (Moriyama) $45.00 In the Fabled East (Schroeder) $29.95 In the Name of the Father (Poliquin) $22.95 Indian Fishing (Stewart) $28.95 Inside Gomery (Perreault, Gomery) $24.95 Insight and On Site (Diamond, Schmitt) $60.00 Intent for a Nation (Byers) $22.95 Intent for a Nation (Byers) $32.95 Inuit Art (Hessel) $45.00 Inuit Modern (McMaster, Hessel) $50.00 Inuit Women Artists (Leroux, et al.) $45.00 Inuksuit (Hallendy) $35.00 Invisible Man at the Window (Proulx) $22.95

J 978-0-88894-613-3 cl 978-1-55054-468-8 pa 978-1-55365-221-2 cl 978-1-55365-091-1 pa 978-1-55054-990-4 pa

Jack Shadbolt (Watson) $60.00 Jade Peony (Choy) $19.95 Joe Fafard (Heath) $55.00 Juno Beach (Zuehlke) $27.95 Justice behind the Walls (Jackson) $29.95

K 978-1-55365-403-2 pa 978-1-55365-222-9 cl 978-1-55365-498-8 cl 978-1-55365-273-1 cl 978-1-55365-025-6 pa 978-1-55365-027-0 cl 978-1-55365-354-7 pa 978-1-55054-725-2 cl

Kasztner’s Train (Porter) $24.95 Kasztner’s Train (Porter) $37.95 Ken Lum (Arnold, et al.) $55.00 Khubilai Khan’s Lost Fleet (Delgado) $29.95 Klee Wyck (Carr) $14.95 Klee Wyck (Carr) $19.95 KRAZY! (Grenville) $34.95 Krieghoff (Reid) $85.00

L 978-1-55054-913-3 cl 978-1-55365-072-0 pa 978-1-55054-553-1 pa 978-1-55054-525-8 pa 978-1-55054-527-2 pa 978-1-55365-267-0 pa 978-1-55365-537-4 pa 978-1-55365-010-2 cl 978-1-55365-592-3 cl 978-1-55365-013-3 pa 978-1-55054-708-5 pa 978-1-55365-398-1 pa 978-1-55365-299-1 cl

Last Good War (Granatstein) $55.00 Last Heathen (Montgomery) $24.95 Legends of Vancouver (Johnson) $14.95 Lesser Blessed (Van Camp) $18.00 Let the Drums Be Your Heart (Maki) $18.95 Light at the Edge of the World (Davis) $16.95 Lightning (Stenson) $19.95 Lightning (Stenson) $32.95 Line in the Sand (Wiss) $34.95 Liri Valley (Zuehlke) $27.95 Long and Terrible Shadow (Berger) $22.95 Long Way Gone (Beah) $14.00 Long Way Gone (Beah) $26.95

978-0-88894-229-6 pa 978-1-55054-074-1 pa 978-1-55365-078-2 cl 978-1-55054-833-4 cl 978-1-55054-973-7 pa

Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast (Stewart) $17.95 Looking at Totem Poles (Stewart) $17.95 Lost Amazon (Davis) $45.00 Lost Warships (Delgado) $50.00 Lumière Light (Feenie, Coldham) $35.00

M 978-1-55365-313-4 pa 978-1-55365-339-4 cl 978-0-88894-715-4 cl 978-1-55365-139-0 pa 978-0-88894-593-8 pa 978-1-55365-249-6 cl 978-1-55365-101-7 cl 978-1-55365-137-6 pa 978-1-55365-276-2 pa 978-1-55054-108-3 pa 978-1-55365-310-3 pa 978-1-55365-342-4 cl 978-1-55054-666-8 pa 978-1-55054-160-1 pa 978-1-55365-415-5 pa 978-1-55054-639-2 pa 978-1-55054-956-0 pa

Madness, Betrayal and the Lash (Bown) $21.95 Madness, Betrayal and the Lash (Bown) $34.95 Malaspina and Galiano (Cutter) $24.95 Manawa (Reading, Wyatt) $35.00 Maps and Dreams (Brody) $22.95 Marx’s Das Kapital (Wheen) $22.95 McCarthy Tetrault (Moore) $45.00 Me Funny (Taylor, ed.) $22.95 Me Sexy (Taylor, ed.) $22.95 Means of Escape (Brody) $14.95 Men Who Killed Me (de Brouwer, Chu, eds.) $25.95 Merchant Kings (Bown) $34.95 Mighty River (Bocking) $22.95 Miss Hereford Stories (Anderson-Dargatz) $18.95 Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia (Mayer, Shelton, eds.) $40.00 Mythic Beings (Wyatt) $28.95 Necessary Betrayals (Vigneault) $22.95

N 978-1-55054-970-6 pa 978-1-55054-803-7 cl 978-1-55365-322-6 pa 978-1-55365-315-8 pa 978-1-55365-412-4 cl 978-0-88894-172-5 pa

Nine Visits to the Mythworld (Ghandl, Bringhurst) $24.95 Nine Visits to the Mythworld (Ghandl, Bringhurst) $35.00 Nomad’s Hotel (Nooteboom) $24.95 Northern Armageddon (MacLeod) $24.95 Northern Armageddon (MacLeod) $34.95 Northwest Coast Indian Art (Holm) $26.95

O 978-1-55365-429-2 cl 978-1-55365-264-9 cl 978-1-55365-430-8 cl 978-1-55365-491-9 pa 978-1-55365-363-9 cl 978-1-55054-919-5 cl 978-1-55365-312-7 pa 978-1-55365-364-6 cl 978-1-55365-506-0 cl 978-1-55365-539-8 pa 978-1-55365-324-0 cl 978-1-55054-557-9 pa 978-1-55054-887-7 pa 978-1-55054-806-8 cl 978-1-55365-494-0 pa

Oka (Swain) $34.95 On The Wealth of Nations (O’Rourke) $24.95 On to Victory (Zuehlke) $35.00 One Hell of a Ride (Reynolds) $21.95 One Hell of a Ride (Reynolds) $34.95 One Man’s Justice (Berger) $40.00 One Native Life (Wagamese) $19.95 One Native Life (Wagamese) $29.95 One Story, One Song (Wagamese) $29.95 Operation Husky (Zuehlke) $27.95 Operation Husky (Zuehlke) $36.95 Ortona (Zuehlke) $27.95 Other Side of Eden (Brody) $26.95 Other Side of Eden (Brody) $35.00 Otter and Twin Otter (Rossiter) $28.95

P 978-1-55365-379-0 pa 978-1-55365-590-9 cl 978-1-55054-514-2 cl 978-1-55365-229-8 pa

Passionate Vision (Bondar) $39.95 Painters Eleven (Nowell) $85.00 Paterson Ewen (Teitelbaum) $65.00 Pause (Carr) $14.95

978-1-55054-161-8 pa 978-0-88894-722-2 pa 978-1-55054-873-0 pa 978-1-55054-931-7 cl 978-1-55365-265-6 cl 978-1-55365-418-6 cl 978-1-55365-436-0 cl 978-1-55054-925-6 pa

People of Terra Nullius (Richardson) $22.95 People’s Land (Brody) $16.95 Perfect Heresy (O’Shea) $22.95 Place (James, Wiebe) $50.00 Plato’s Republic (Blackburn) $22.95 Polar Imperative (Grant) $39.95 Preston Singletary (Post) $60.00 Prints of Betty Goodwin (National Gallery of Canada) $55.00

Q 978-1-55365-246-5 cl Qur’an (Lawrence) $22.95 R 978-1-55365-161-1 cl 978-1-55365-140-6 cl 978-1-55054-481-7 pa 978-1-55365-314-1 pa 978-1-55054-055-0 pa 978-1-55365-143-7 pa 978-1-55365-413-1 pa 978-1-55365-232-8 cl 978-1-55365-353-0 cl 978-1-55365-330-1 pa 978-1-55365-098-0 pa 978-1-55365-349-3 cl 978-1-55365-048-5 cl 978-1-55365-056-0 pa 978-1-55054-412-1 cl 978-1-55365-333-2 cl

Race for Real Sailors (McLaren) $29.95 Radical Campus (Johnston) $45.00 Raven Steals the Light (Reid) $14.95 Raven Travelling (Augaitis, Jones, Macnair) $39.95 Raven’s Cry (Harris) $22.95 Reconciliation (Penikett) $26.95 Reconquering Canada (Pratte, ed.) $24.95 Recording Their Story (Thompson) $55.00 Red (Yahgulanaas) $28.95 Retail Game (Plant) $24.95 Return from Africa (D’Amour) $22.95 Revenant (Hughes) $29.95 Richard Henriquez (Shubert, Smedley, Enright) $75.00 Rogue Diamonds (Bielawski) $24.95 Ron Thom (Shadbolt) $50.00 Roy Arden (Roelstraete, Ferguson) $60.00

S 978-1-55365-422-3 pa 978-1-55365-174-1 cl 978-1-55365-323-3 cl 978-1-55365-482-7 cl 978-1-55365-258-8 pa 978-1-55054-804-4 cl 978-1-55365-272-4 pa 978-1-55365-041-6 pa 978-1-55054-922-5 pa 978-1-55054-495-4 pa 978-1-55054-588-3 cl 978-1-55365-405-6 pa 978-1-55365-309-7 cl 978-1-55365-388-2 pa 978-1-55054-949-2 cl 978-1-55365-393-6 pa 978-1-55365-591-6 cl 978-0-88894-457-3 pa 978-1-55365-099-7 pa 978-1-55365-350-9 cl 978-1-55365-448-3 pa 978-1-55054-917-1 pa 978-1-55365-043-0 pa 978-1-55365-019-5 pa 978-1-55054-145-8 pa

S’abadeb—The Gifts (Brotherton, ed.) $50.00 Saltwater City (Yee) $45.00 Savage Gods, Silver Ghosts (Boyanowsky) $28.95 Scott McFarland (Arnold) $45.00 Sea of Faith (O’Shea) $22.95 Seasons of a Fisherman (Haig-Brown) $60.00 Secret Between Us (Poliquin, Winkler) $22.95 Secret Voyage of Sir Francis Drake (Bawlf) $24.95 Seven Journeys (Shadbolt) $26.95 Sex of the Stars (Proulx) $17.95 Sharp End (Davis) $19.95 Silent Raga (Merchant) $22.95 Silent Raga (Merchant) $32.95 Simply Bishop’s (Bishop, Green) $24.95 Simply Bishop’s (Bishop, Green) $45.00 Six String Nation (Taylor) $26.95 Sketches (Diamond) $40.00 Smith and Other Events (St Pierre) $22.95 Snow Man (Albahari) $18.95 Soldiers Made Me Look Good (MacKenzie) $32.95 Solitary Raven (Reid) $24.95 Souvenir of Canada (Coupland) $29.95 Souvenir of Canada 2 (Coupland) $29.95 Speaking Cure (Homel) $24.95 Spirit Faces (Wyatt) $28.95

D o u g las & Mc I n t y r e Fa l l 2010   |  39

978-1-55054-579-1 pa 978-1-55054-712-2 pa 978-1-55054-812-9 cl 978-1-55054-661-3 pa 978-1-55054-795-5 pa 978-1-55365-220-5 pa 978-1-55054-269-1 pa 978-1-55054-810-5 pa

Spirit of Haida Gwaii (Steltzer) $15.95 Spirits of the Water (Brown) $60.00 Sto:lo Coast Salish Historical Atlas (Carlson, ed.) $75.00 Stolen from Our Embrace (Fournier, Crey) $26.95 Story as Sharp as a Knife (Bringhurst) $35.00 Storyteller (Porter) $24.95 Straw Man (Poliquin) $19.95 Susan Point (Wyatt, ed.) $39.95

T 978-1-55365-141-3 cl 978-1-55365-404-9 pa 978-1-55365-227-4 cl 978-1-55365-113-0 pa 978-0-88894-025-4 pa 978-1-55054-967-6 pa 978-1-55365-473-5 pa 978-1-55365-247-2 cl 978-1-55365-493-3 pa 978-1-55365-206-9 cl 978-1-55365-421-6 cl 978-1-55054-747-4 pa 978-1-55365-536-7 pa 978-1-55365-262-5 pa 978-1-55365-332-5 cl 978-1-55365-424-7 pa 978-1-55365-254-0 cl

Takao Tanabe (Thom) $60.00 Terrible Victory (Zuehlke) $27.95 Terrible Victory (Zuehlke) $37.95 Terry (Coupland) $28.95 Thirty Indian Legends of Canada (Bemister) $14.95 This Heated Place (Campbell) $22.95 This Is What They Say (Mandeville, Scollon) $22.95 Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man (Hitchens) $22.95 Tom Thomson (Reid, ed.) $50.00 Toronto (James) $85.00 Totem Pole (Jonaitis) $60.00 Totem Pole Carving (Jensen) $26.95 Trade (Stenson) $19.95 Transforming Image (Duffek, McLennan) $50.00 Tsimshian Treasures (Ellis, et al.) $55.00 Tukiliit (Hallendy) $22.95 Two Innocents in Red China (Trudeau, Hébert) $32.95

U 978-1-55054-506-7 pa 978-1-55054-268-4 pa 978-1-55054-782-5 pa 978-1-55365-292-2 cl 978-1-55054-483-1 pa 978-1-55365-347-9 cl

Umberto’s Kitchen (Menghi) $35.00 Understanding Ken (McCormack) $18.95 Understanding Northwest Coast Art (Shearar) $22.95 Unembedded (Taylor) $34.95 Unjust Society (Cardinal) $22.95 Utopia/Dystopia (James) $60.00

V 978-1-55365-211-3 pa 978-1-55365-261-8 pa 978-1-55365-471-1 pa 978-1-55365-184-0 pa 978-1-55365-572-5 pa 978-1-55365-069-0 pa 978-1-55365-162-8 pa 978-1-55365-500-8 pa 978-1-55365-463-6 pa

V0N 1B0 (Verchère) $24.95 Vancouver Cooks 2 (Chefs’ Table Society) $40.00 Vermeer, Rembrandt and the Golden Age of Dutch Art (Priem et al.) $45.00 Vij’s (Vij, Dhalwala) $40.00 Vij’s at Home: Relax, Honey (Dhalwala, Vij) $40.00 Village of the Small Houses (Ferguson) $19.95 Virgin Spy (Bridge) $22.95 Visions of British Columbia (Grenville, ed.) $40.00 Voices of British Columbia (Budd) $35.00

W 978-1-55365-151-2 978-1-55365-357-8 978-1-55365-366-0 978-1-55365-461-2 978-1-55365-302-8 978-1-55365-499-5 978-1-55365-538-1 978-1-55365-124-6 978-1-55365-279-3

War Law (Byers) $35.00 West: The Cookbook (Geraghty) $50.00 Where Hope Takes Root (Khan) $24.95 Where the Pavement Ends (Wadden) $24.95 White Guy (Hunt) $22.95 Who Owns the Arctic? (Byers) $22.95 Who We Are (Griffiths) $21.00 Who We Are (Griffiths) $29.95 Why I Hate Canadians (Ferguson) $19.95

40  |  Douglas

cl cl cl pa pa pa pa cl pa

& McIntyr e Fall 2010

978-1-55365-406-3 978-1-55365-409-4 978-1-55365-175-8 Y 978-1-55365-416-2


Why Mexicans Don’t Drink Molson (Mandel-Campbell) $24.95 Wildlives (Proulx) $22.95 pa World Is Flat (Friedman) $18.95 pa


Year of Living Generously (Scanlan) $32.95

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