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Spring 2012

A New Season   1 Gulliver’s Travels   2 Frankenstein 3/e   3 The Future of an Illusion   4 Black Oxen   5 The Canterbury Tales 2/e   6 The Jew of Malta   7 Emma Corbett   8 Mary, A Fiction and The Wrongs of Woman, or Maria   9 Paradise Lost: Parallel Prose Edition 10 Three Guineas 11 Freehand Books 12 Understanding the Essay 13 The Broadview Anthology of Short Fiction 2/e 14 The Broadview Anthology of British Literature Volume 5: The Victorian Era 2/e 15 An Introduction to Middle English: Grammar and Texts 16 First Philosophy: Concise Edition 2/e 17 The Broadview Anthology of Social and Political Thought: Essential Readings 18 A Guide to Asian Philosophy Classics 19 The Extraordinary in the Ordinary 20 Sexual Harassment: An Introduction 20 Readings in Health Care Ethics 2/e

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This season brings a number of Broadview’s most widely praised and most successful titles in new editions or versions. Pride of place must go to the Broadview Frankenstein—the first edition of which in 1992 established what has become the template for the entire Broadview Editions series, with the classic text accompanied not only by an informative introduction, chronology, and bibliography, but also by an extensive selection of background documents that provide a vivid sense of the work in its historical context. That’s not the only successful title to appear in a new edition or new version this season. Others include The Canterbury Tales, The Broadview Anthology of Short Fiction, and “The Victorian Era” volume of The Broadview Anthology of British Literature, acclaimed as having set “the new standard” for anthologies of this sort. Highlights of the season’s philosophy list include concise editions of two of our most ambitious and successful titles in that discipline—First Philosophy and The Broadview Anthology of Social and Political Thought. In any Broadview season there is also always a good deal that is entirely new for Broadview, and this one is no exception. Notable titles include a new translation of Sigmund Freud’s The Future of an Illusion; from our Freehand Books literary wing an extraordinary new novel of two women in South Sudan, While The Sun is Above Us; and in the Broadview Editions list a re-issue of Black Oxen, a remarkable novel from the 1920s about an older woman who manages to become young again. Also new this season: over two hundred Broadview titles are being made available electronically through the Google eBookstore. This is not our first venture into the world of e-books (some Freehand titles are available through Kobo, the iBookstore, and Barnes and Noble, for example, and many Broadview titles are available in electronic form through the Symtext ‘liquid textbook’ system)—but it is by far the largest. It may not be possible for human beings to stay perpetually young and fresh—but we at Broadview are determined to prove that it is entirely possible for book publishers! Don LePan, President Marjorie Mather, Publisher

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BroadVieW editionS Gulliver’s Travels (1726) B Y J O N AT H A N S W I F T EDITED BY ALLAN INGRAM May 2012 5.5x8.5 paper 8 illustrations 450pp 978-1-55111-979-3 US $13.95 CDN $13.95 AUST $15.95 FIC019000 FICTION / Literary

Historical materials, annotation, and a new introduction bring this iconic eighteenth-century text to life for modern readers. In this narrative of the gullible ship’s doctor Lemuel Gulliver and his extraordinary travels, Jonathan Swift takes readers through a series of apparently child-like fantasy worlds of tiny people and giants, floating islands and talking horses. But through this fantastic journey, he also gave to literature an enduring model of mankind’s follies, vulnerabilities, vanities, and self-destructiveness. Dangerously topical in its own time and much debated ever since, Gulliver’s Travels is among those works of English literature that entrap and challenge readers in every period. Historical appendices provide a context for the novel’s literary models, scientific influences, and complex political and religious allusions. Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) was an Anglo-Irish writer of poetry, prose, and political pamphlets and essays. He is known as one of the greatest satirists in the English language.

APPENDICES A: Preliminary Correspondence 1. “Richard Sympson” to Benjamin Motte (8 August 1726) 2. Benjamin Motte to “Richard Sympson” (11 August 1726) 3. “Richard Sympson” to Benjamin Motte (13 August 1726) B: Literary and Cultural Influences 1. From Lucian’s True History (2nd century AD) 2. From Sir Thomas More, Utopia (1516) 3. From Cyrano de Bergerac, The Comical History of the States and Empires of the Worlds of the Moon and Sun (1657, 1662) 4. From William Dampier, A New Voyage Round the World (1697) C: Science, Politics, Religion 1. From Thomas Sprat, The History of the Royal Society (1702) a. Section XX. A Proposal for Erecting an English Academy b. Section XL. The Conclusion of this Part 2. From Henry St. John, Viscount Bolingbroke, A Dissertation Upon Parties (1735) 3. From Jonathan Swift, Brotherly Love. A Sermon (1717) D: Ireland 1. From William Molyneux, The Case of Ireland (1698) 2. From Jonathan Swift, The Drapier’s First Letter (1724) 3. From Jonathan Swift, A Short View of the State of Ireland (1728) E: Contemporary Reception 1. From Swift’s Correspondence a. John Gay and Alexander Pope to Swift (November 1726) b. Alexander Pope to Swift (16 November 1726) c. Swift to Alexander Pope (17 November 1726) d. “Lemuel Gulliver” to Mrs. Howard (28 November 1726) e. Swift to Benjamin Motte (28 December 1727) 2. From Anonymous, A Letter from a Clergyman (1726) 3. Poems Attached to Gulliver’s Travels (1727) 4. From John, Earl of Orrery, Remarks on the Life and Writings of Dr. Jonathan Swift (1752) a. Letter XI b. Letter XII c. Letter XV

Allan Ingram is Professor of English at Northumbria University. His research focuses on eighteenth-century representations of insanity.


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BroadVieW editionS APPENDICES

Frankenstein (1818) Third Edition

A: The Education of Mary Shelley 1. Godwin 2. Wollstonecraft B: The Education of Victor Frankenstein 1. Darwin 2. Davy C: The Education of The Monster 1. Volney 2. Goethe 3. Plutarch 4. Milton 5. Wollstonecraft D: Reviews of Frankenstein 1. Scott, Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 2. The Edinburgh Magazine 3. Croker, Quarterly Review 4. P.B. Shelley, Athenaeum E: Presumption (excerpt) F: Substantive Variants in the 1831 Edition

BY MARY SHELLEY EDITED BY D.L. MACDONALD & KATHLEEN SCHERF June 2012 5.5x8.5 paper 375pp 978-1-55481-103-8 US $11.95 CDN $11.95 AUST $13.95 FIC019000 FICTION / Literary

A groundbreaking edition of a classic, the Broadview Frankenstein has been updated to reflect current controversies about the novel’s composition. Praise for the second edition: “Superb. The introduction and appendices are particularly valuable ... accessible and illuminating.” – Bernard Hirsch, University of Kansas “Far better than any [other edition] on the market today.” – Craig Keating, Langara College Mary Shelley’s deceptively simple story of Victor Frankenstein and the creature he brings to life, first published in 1818, is now more widely read than any other work of the Romantic period. Tracing the troubled relationship between Frankenstein and his creation in a complex, multilayered narrative, the story retains its hold on the reader even as it spins off ideas in rich profusion. New to this edition is a discussion of Percy Shelley’s role in contributing to the first draft of the novel. Recent scholarship has clarified the degree to which Percy Shelley edited, modified, and added to Mary Shelley’s original text, and this edition’s note on the text discusses this scholarship, as well as the controversy over whether Percy Shelley should be considered a co-author of the work. Mary Shelley (1797-1851) was an English fiction writer, dramatist, and essayist. The daughter of prominent political philosophers Mary Wollstonecraft and William Godwin, she was married to the poet Percy Shelley. The late D.L. Macdonald was a professor in the Department of English at the University of Calgary. Kathleen Scherf is Professor of Communications at Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, British Columbia.


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BroadVieW editionS The Future of an Illusion (1927) BY SIGMUND FREUD

APPENDICES A: Oskar Pfister’s Response to Freud’s The Future of an Illusion B: Other Works by Freud and Pfister on Religion

EDITED BY TODD DUFRESNE TRANSLATED BY GREGORY C. RICHTER May 2012 5.5x8.5 paper 200pp 978-1-55481-065-9 US $14.95 CDN $14.95 AUST $17.95 PSY026000 PSYCHOLOGY / Movements / Psychoanalysis PHI040000 PHILOSOPHY / Movements / Critical Theory PHI022000 PHILOSOPHY / Religious

A key work of Freud’s late period, The Future of an Illusion is for the first time paired with Oskar Pfister’s powerful response, “The Illusion of a Future” (1928). In 1927 Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, declared that religion is a universal obsessional neurosis. The Future of an Illusion provoked immediate controversy and has continued to be an important work for anyone interested in the intersection of psychology, religion, and culture. Included in this volume is Oskar Pfister’s critical engagement with Freud’s views on religion. Pfister, a Swiss pastor and lay analyst, defends mature religion against Freud’s “scientism.” Noted Freud scholar and editor Todd Dufresne provides a challenging crossdisciplinary introduction. All of Freud’s and Pfister’s texts have been beautifully updated in Gregory C. Richter’s masterful translations from the original German. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), an Austrian, was the founder of psychoanalysis. His theories about the workings of the unconscious mind remain widely influential. Todd Dufresne is Professor of Philosophy and founding Director of the Advanced Institute for Globalization & Culture at Lakehead University. He has published six books on Freud, including the Broadview Edition of Beyond the Pleasure Principle. Gregory C. Richter is Professor of German and Linguistics at Truman State University.


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APPENDICES A: Age and the Body 1. “The Fountain of Youth,” from George F. Corners, Rejuvenation: How Steinach Makes People Young (1923) 2. “The Clinical Application of the Synthetic Female Sex Hormone,” from Eugen Steinach, Sex and Life: Forty Years of Biological and Medical Experiments (1940) 3. Gertrude Atherton, “Second Youth: The Latest in Reactivation from One Who Knows . . . A Record of New Wonders in Man’s Battle Against Age,” Liberty (8 July 1939) 4. Atherton’s Letters from Readers of Black Oxen B: Theories of Cultural Change in the 1920s 1. From Ben B. Lindsey and Wainwright Evans, The Companionate Marriage (1936) 2. “The Revolution of Manners and Morals,” from Frederick Lewis Allen, Only Yesterday and Since Yesterday: A Popular History of the 20s and 30s (1931) 3. “The Simple Biological Pattern,” from Floyd Dell, Love in the Machine Age: A Psychological Study of the Transition from Patriarchal Society (1930) C: The Flapper and the Other Generations 1. E.L. Aultman, “What Is a ‘Flapper’?” Los Angeles Times (1 March 1922) 2. Helen Bullitt Lowry, “Mrs. Grundy and Miss 1921,” New York Times (23 January 1921) 3. Alma Whitaker, “Exit Flapper; Enter the Mysterious Woman of Thirty,” Los Angeles Times (23 July 1922) D: Reviews of the Novel and Film 1. Carl Van Vechten, “A Lady Who Defies Time,” The Nation (14 February 1923) 2. “The New Curiosity Shop,” The Literary Review (7 July 1923) 3. “First National’s ‘Black Oxen’ Plays to Capacity Business,” Motion Picture News (5 January 1924) 4. “Black Oxen, Frank Lloyd, First National,” Moving Picture World (19 January 1924)

Black Oxen (1923) B Y G E R T R U D E AT H E R T O N EDITED BY MELANIE DAWSON May 2012 5.5x8.5 paper 10 illustrations 350pp 978-1-55481-025-3 US $22.95 CDN $22.95 AUST $26.95 FIC019000 FICTION / Literary

This novel created a sensation in the 1920s with its story of an aging woman’s search for scientific “rejuvenation.” This novel, a bestseller in the 1920s and the basis of a popular 1924 film, brings together such unlikely topics as medical rejuvenation treatments, eugenics, American youth culture, and cross-generational relationships. The beautiful American widow of a Hungarian count, Mary Zattiany is fifty-eight years old; after receiving experimental “rejuvenation treatments” and returning to America, however, she is often mistaken for a woman in her twenties, and falls in love with a much younger man. Set in an era fixated on youth, beauty, and pleasure, but focusing on the experiences of an aging woman, Black Oxen offers a fresh perspective on the Jazz Age. Black Oxen was written in a burst of mental energy after Gertrude Atherton herself received an experimental anti-aging treatment; the introduction and appendices to this edition explore the parallels and differences between Atherton and her protagonist, as well as providing selections from other contemporary writings on aging, science, and the role of women in the 1920s. Stills and posters from the 1924 fi lm adaptation are also included. Gertrude Atherton (1857-1948) was a prolific and popular American novelist. Melanie Dawson is Visiting Assistant Professor of English at the College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia and the author of Laboring to Pay: Home Entertainment and the Spectacle of Middle-Class Cultural Life 1850-1920 (University of Alabama Press, 2005).


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BroadVieW editionS The Canterbury Tales (14th Century) Second Edition BY GEOFFREY CHAUCER EDITED BY ROBERT BOENIG AND ANDREW TAYLOR May 2012 7.75x9.25 paper 8 illustrations 510pp 978-1-55481-106-9 US $32.95 CDN $32.95 AUST $36.95 POE005020 POETRY / English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh

A new glossary and helpful textual information make Chaucer’s masterpiece more accessible in this second edition. “Britain’s greatest medieval poem by its greatest non-dramatic poet: this new edition will be attractive to students, scholars, and general readers alike. Facsimiles of individual leaves from that manuscript have been scattered throughout the volume to give us a real sense of what it would have been like to open The Canterbury Tales for the first time in the years immediately following Chaucer’s death.” – Larry Scanlon, Rutgers University

APPENDICES 1. Saint Jerome, Against Jovinian (400) 2. Boethius, The Consolation of Philosophy (524) 3. William Thorpe’s Testimony on Pilgrimages (1407) 4. Benedict of Canterbury, The Miracles of St. Thomas Becket (1170s) 5. The Twelve Conclusions of the Lollards (1395) 6. Jean de Meun, The Romance of the Rose (c. 1275) a. False Seeming b. The Old Woman 7. William Langland, Piers Plowman (1360s-1380s) a. The Fair Field of Folk b. The Friar 8. Guillaume de Machaut, The Judgment of the King of Navarre (1351) a. The Plague 9. Giovanni Boccaccio, The Decameron (1353) a. The Black Death b. Patient Griselda 10. Jean Froissart, Chronicles (1400) a. The Black Death, Flagellants, and Jews (1349) b. The Campaign of 1359 c. The Peasants’ Revolt in England (1381) d. The Election of Henry IV 11. The Anonimalle Chronicle (1396-99) a. The Rising Is Suppressed 12. A Model Indulgence (1300) 13. Rudolph of Schlettstadt, The Host and Libels against the Jews (1303) 14. The Remedy against the Troubles of Temptation (late 14th century) a. An Exemplum about Despair 15. The Tale of Beryn (1410-20) a. The Pilgrims Arrive at Canterbury and Visit the Shrine

The Broadview Canterbury Tales is a new edition of the complete tales in a text based on the famous Ellesmere Manuscript. Here one may read a Middle English text that is closer to what Chaucer’s scribe, Adam Pinkhurst, actually wrote than that in any other modern edition. Unlike most editions, which draw on a number of manuscripts in an effort to recapture Chaucer’s original intention, this edition preserves the text as it was found in one influential manuscript. Spellings have not been standardized, the order of the lines and passages has not been altered, the text has only been emended when absolutely necessary for sense, and the original marginal glosses are noted throughout. The second edition includes a new glossary, a timeline of Chaucer’s life and times, and detailed headers showing the section and line numbers, making it easier to find a specific section of the poem. Geoff rey Chaucer (1343-1400) was an English poet, translator, bureaucrat, and diplomat. Robert Boenig is Professor of English at Texas A&M University. Andrew Taylor is Associate Professor of English at the University of Ottawa.


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BroadVieW editionS APPENDICES A: Jewishness in Marlowe’s England 1. From John Foxe, Acts and Monuments (1610) 2. From Raphael Holinshed, The Third Volume of Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland (1587) 3. From Thomas Nashe, The Unfortunate Traveller (1594) 4. From Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales, “The Prioress’s Tale” 5. From “An Homily for Good Friday, Concerning the Death and Passion of Our Saviour Jesus Christ” in The Second Tome of Homilies (1563) 6. From Robert Wilson, The Three Ladies of London (1584) 7. Book 4, Chapter 10 of Sir Thomas Browne’s Pseudodoxia Epidemica, “Of the Jews” (1645) B: Rhodes, Malta, and European-Ottoman Relations 1. From Nicholas Nicholay, The Navigations, Peregrinations and Voyages, Made into Turkey by Nicholas Nicholay, “Of [the] Bazaar, Where Were Sold the Christians Taken in the Isle of Sicily, Malta, and Gose” (1585) 2. From Richard Knolles, The General History of the Turks (1602) 3. From A Form to Be Used in Common Prayer … to Excite and Stir all Godly People to Pray unto God for the Preservation of Those Christians and Their Countries that Are Now Invaded by the Turk in Hungary or Elsewhere (1566) 4. From Richard Hakluyt, The Principle Navigations, Voyages, and Discoveries of the English Nation (1589) C: Machiavellianism 1. From Innocent Gentillet, A Discourse Upon the Means of Well Governing and Maintaining in Good Peace a Kingdom or Other Principality … Against Nicholas Machiavel the Florentine (1602) D: Marlowe’s Reputation 1. Robert Greene 2. Thomas Kyd’s Two Letters Concerning His Arrest and Interrogation Regarding the Dutch Church Libel and Marlowe’s Atheism 3. Richard Baines, “A Note Containing the Opinion of Christopher Marlowe Concerning His Damnable Judgment of Religion and Scorn of God’s Word” 4. From Thomas Beard, The Theatre of God’s Judgements (1597)

The Jew of Malta (1590) BY CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE EDITED BY MATHEW R. MARTIN May 2012 5.5x8.5 paper 290pp 978-1-55481-068-0 US $18.95 CDN $18.95 AUST $22.95 DRA003000 DRAMA / English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh

“The great strength of this edition is the ease of access it gives readers to one of Marlowe’s strangest and most disturbing plays.” – Richard Allen Cave, Royal Holloway, University of London First performed by Shakespeare’s rivals in the 1590s, Christopher Marlowe’s The Jew of Malta was a trend-setting, innovative play whose dark comedy and final tragic irony illuminate the darker regions of the Elizabethan cultural imagination. Although Jews were banished from England in 1291, the Jew in the form of Barabas, the play’s protagonist, returns on the stage to embody and to challenge the dramatic and cultural anti-semitic stereotypes out of which he is constructed. The result is a theatrically sophisticated but deeply unsettling play whose rich cultural significance extends beyond the early modern period to the present day. The introduction and historical documents in this edition provide a rich context for the world of the play’s composition and production, including materials on Jewishness and anti-Semitism, the political struggles over Malta, and Christopher Marlowe’s personal and political reputation. Christopher Marlowe (1564-1593) was a British playwright and poet. Mathew R. Martin is Associate Professor of English and Director of the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Brock University.


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Emma Corbett (1780) B Y S A M U E L J A C K S O N P R AT T EDITED BY EVE TAVOR BANNET May 2012 5.5x8.5 paper 3 illustrations 298pp 978-1-55481-075-8 US $19.95 CDN $19.95 AUST $22.95 FIC019000 FICTION / Literary

“Republication of Pratt’s pioneering novel is long overdue, and this excellent edition makes the work fresh, intelligible, and impossible to ignore.” – Karen O’Brien, University of Birmingham Set both in England and in America, Emma Corbett is the moving story of a family torn apart by the American revolutionary war. In this powerful novel in letters, both sides of the conflict are fully represented—as are the miseries and terrible costs of war, and the question of how families and society itself can be rebuilt in the aftermath. Edward Corbett and Henry Hammond are brought up together and go on to marry each others’ sisters, but fight on opposite sides in the war. While Louisa, Edward’s sweetheart, stays in England, Emma Corbett follows Henry to Pennsylvania. Disguised as a man, she fights and is captured with her ship, before finding Henry and saving his life. The direct emotional impact of the characters’ experiences of the war made Emma Corbett a bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic. Appendices include contemporary reviews and historical documents on heroism, sensibility, and women and war. A series of personal letters between Pratt (writing as Courtney Melmoth) and Benjamin Franklin, for whom he worked in France, are also included.

APPENDICES A: Contemporary Reviews B: Changes and Additions in Robert Bell’s American Edition (1782) C: Some Letters between “Courtney Melmoth” and Benjamin Franklin 1. Franklin to Melmoth (on or after 28 January 1778) 2. Melmoth to Franklin, Paris (29 January 1778) 3. Melmoth to Franklin, Paris (4 [February] 1778) 4. Melmoth to Franklin, Hotel d’Orleans (27 [February] 1778) 5. Melmoth to Franklin, Hotel d’Orleans (19 March [1778]) 6. Franklin to Melmoth (on or after 12 May 1778) D: The American Revolutionary War 1. From John Dickinson, Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania (1767) 2. From An Address to the People on the Subject of the Contest between Great Britain and America (1776) 3. From A Letter from Edmund Burke Esq., one of the Representatives in Parliament for the City of Bristol … to … Sheriffs of that City, on the Affairs of America (1777) 4. From Philip Freneau, “American Independence. A Poem” (1778) E: Heroism and Sensibility 1. From Hugh Henry Brackenridge, The Battle of Bunkers Hill (1776) 2. From Francis Dobbs, The Irish Chief or Patriot King. A New Tragedy (1774) 3. From Anna Seward, Monody on Major André (1781) 4. From Samuel Jackson Pratt, “Sensibility” (1781) 5. From Nathaniel Ball, “The Evil Effects of War and the Blessings of Peace” (1749) 6. From John Conybeare, “True Patriotism: A Sermon Preach’d before the House of Commons” (25 April 1749) F: Women and War 1. From Anonymous, The Female Soldier (1750) 2. From Anonymous, The History of Constantius and Pulchera. An American Novel (1796) 3. From Sarah Wentworth Morton, The Virtues of Society: A Tale Founded on Fact (1799) 4. From Charles Brockden Brown, Ormond (1799) G: Contemporary Paintings 1. Benjamin West, The Death of General Wolfe (1770) 2. Emmanuel Leutze, Washington Rallying the Troops at Monmouth (1853-54) 3. Engraving Depicting Second Street North from Market Street with Christ Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1799)

Samuel Jackson Pratt (1749-1814) was an English poet, novelist, and playwright who often published under the pseudonym “Courtney Melmoth.” Eve Tavor Bannet is George Lynn Cross Professor of English at the University of Oklahoma.


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BroadVieW editionS APPENDICES A: Relevant Texts On and By Mary Wollstonecraft 1. Wollstonecraft, Thoughts on the Education of Daughters (1787) 2. Wollstonecraft’s “Cave of Fancy” (composed 1787; published 1798) 3. Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Men (1790) 4. Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1792) 5. Godwin’s “Preface” to the Letters in Posthumous Works 6. Godwin’s Memoirs of Wollstonecraft B: The Political Context: Education, Human Rights, and the French Revolution 1. Macaulay’s Letters on Education (1790) 2. Burke’s Reflections on the French Revolution (1790) 3. Paine’s Rights of Man (1791) 4. Godwin’s Enquiry Concerning Political Justice (1793) C: The Novel of Sentiment, The Woman of Sensibility, and the Gothic 1. Rousseau’s Émile, ou, de l’Éducation (1762) 2. Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Werther (1774) 3. Barbauld’s “To a Lady, With Some Painted Flowers” (1792) 4. Godwin’s Caleb Williams (1794) 5. Beckford’s Elegant Enthusiast (1796) D: Education versus Nature: Phrenology, Associationism, and Nerve Theory 1. Perfect’s Cases of Insanity (1785) 2. Lavater’s Essays on Physiognomy (1789) 3. Priestley on Hartley’s Associationism (1790)

Mary, A Fiction (1788) and The Wrongs of Woman, or Maria (1798) BY MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT EDITED BY MICHELLE FAUBERT May 2012 5.5x8.5 paper 298pp 978-1-55481-022-2 US $16.95 CDN $16.95 AUST $18.95 FIC019000 FICTION / Literary

The trajectory of Mary Wollstonecraft’s feminist ideas can be seen in these novellas about two very different women struggling against restrictive roles. “Writing was then the only alternative, and she wrote some rhapsodies descriptive of the state of her mind; but the events of her past life pressing on her, she resolved circumstantially to relate them....They might perhaps instruct her daughter, and shield her from the misery, the tyranny, her mother knew not how to avoid.” – from The Wrongs of Woman Mary Wollstonecraft wrote these two novellas at the beginning and end of her years of writing and political activism. Though written at different times, they explore some of the same issues: crippling ideals of femininity celebrated in the cult of sensibility, unequal education, and domestic subjugation. Mary counters the contemporary trend of weak, emotional heroines with the story of an intelligent and creative young woman who educates herself through her close friendships with men and women. Darker and more overtly feminist, The Wrongs of Woman is set in an insane asylum, where an aristocratic young woman has been wrongly imprisoned by her husband. By presenting the novellas alongside such texts as Wollstonecraft’s letters, her polemical and educational prose, similar works by other authors like feminists and political reformists, the literature of sentiment, and contemporary medical texts, this edition encourages an appreciation of the complexity and sophistication of Wollstonecraft’s writing goals as a radical feminist in the 1790s. Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797) was an English political philosopher, novelist, and travel writer. Her Vindication of the Rights of Woman is considered a foundational text of modern feminism. Michelle Faubert is Associate Professor of English at the University of Manitoba.


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BroadVieW editionS Paradise Lost (1667) Parallel Prose Edition B Y J O H N M I LT O N PROSE EDITION BY DENNIS DANIELSON April 2012 6x9 paper 560pp 978-1-55481-097-0 US $29.95 CDN $29.95 AUST $32.95 POE005020 POETRY / English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh

A major scholar provides a reinterpretation in modern English prose of Milton’s poetic masterpiece.

ALSO AVAILABLE The Broadview Anthology of Seventeenth-Century Verse EDITED BY ALAN RUDRUM, JOSEPH BLACK, AND HOLLY FAITH NELSON May 2001 7.75x9.25 paper 978-1-55111-462-0 US $46.95 CDN $46.95 AUST $56.95

“There are many good things to be said about The Broadview Anthology of Seventeenth-Century Verse and Prose—not least that it comes to help relieve a quarter-of-a-century’s dearth of decent anthologies, that it covers the whole century, and that it includes a number of women writers....This ambitious and thoughtful anthology deserves a large audience.” – Tom Clayton, Regents Professor of English, University of Minnesota

Eikon Basilike with selections from Eikonoklastes “Danielson ... has fashioned a powerful pedagogical tool that is a gift to any teacher of Milton, whatever the level of instruction.” – Stanley Fish, The New York Times John Milton’s epic story of cosmic rebellion and battle has long been considered one of the greatest and most gripping narratives ever written in English. Its intensely poetic language, now-antiquated syntax and vocabulary, and dense allusions to mythical and Biblical figures, however, make it inaccessible to many modern readers. This is, as the critic Harold Bloom wrote in 2000, “a great sorrow, and a true cultural loss.” Dennis Danielson aims to free the poem from the constraints of its original language by providing a fluid, readable rendition in contemporary prose alongside the original. The edition allows readers to experience the power of the original poem without barriers to understanding. John Milton (1608-1674) was an English poet and political writer. Best known for Paradise Lost and other poems, he also published many influential tracts on politics and religion. Dennis Danielson is Professor of English at the University of British Columbia. He is the editor of The Cambridge Companion to Milton and the author of Milton’s Good God: A Study in Literary Theodicy.


EDITED BY JIM DAEMS AND HOLLY FAITH NELSON January 2005 5.5x8.5 paper 978-1-55111-594-8 US $24.95 CDN $24.95 AUST $29.95

“This is a very intelligent and authoritative edition of Eikon Basilike, a text crucial for the study of seventeenth-century English literature and politics….Not only do the editors offer a full and thoughtfully annotated text of the king’s book, but they also provide the most relevant sections of Milton’s brilliant response, Eikonoklastes— not to mention a rich selection of other contemporary contributions to the debate.” – Paul Stevens, University of Toronto


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BroadVieW enCore editionS ALSO AVAILABLE Mrs. Dalloway A Broadview Encore Edition BY VIRGINIA WOOLF

November 2000 5.5x8.5 paper 978-1-55111-397-5 CDN $11.95 (available only in Canada)

To the Lighthouse

Three Guineas (1938) BY VIRGINIA WOOLF April 2012 4.5x7 paper 5 illustrations 336pp 978-1-55481-108-3 CDN $14.95 For copyright reasons, this edition is available only in Canada. SOC010000 SOCIAL SCIENCE / Feminism & Feminist Theory PHI019000 PHILOSOPHY / Political

A Broadview Encore Edition BY VIRGINIA WOOLF

November 2000 5.5x8.5 paper 978-1-55111-396-8 CDN $12.95 (available only in Canada)

A Room of One’s Own A Broadview Encore Edition

Woolf’s groundbreaking essay is now presented as it was first published, with original photographic illustrations.


November 2001 5.5x8.5 paper 978-1-55111-428-6 CDN $11.95 (available only in Canada)

In Three Guineas, first published in June 1938 (as the threat of war between Britain and Nazi Germany was looming larger day by day) Virginia Woolf set about answering three questions. How should war be prevented? Why does the government not support education for women? Why are women prevented from engaging in professional work? Many at the time saw the matter of how best to prevent war as entirely unconnected with “women’s issues;” Woolf linked together the answers, and connected them too with discussions of such matters as social class, in what has come to be acknowledged as a landmark both of feminist and of anti-war writing. Included in the first and other early editions—and integral to the work—was a series of five photographs of men of high position wearing garments that mark their status (Woolf does not identify the individuals portrayed, but—as researchers have shown—they would have been readily identifiable to many readers at the time). Unlike most editions available today, this facsimile edition includes the illustrations as well as the text of the original. Virginia Woolf (1882-1941) is now generally recognized as the author of two of the twentieth century’s most important novels, To the Lighthouse and Mrs. Dalloway. Her work also includes another landmark of twentieth-century literature, A Room of One’s Own.


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• •

Marina Endicott Marina Endicott

her lifeWHO into a sharp left turn, taking the family in the other car along R E C E N T B A C KAbsorbed L I S Tin her own failings, Clara Purdy crashes PEOPLE DISAPPEAR Absorbed in her own failings, Clara Purdy crashes her life into a sharp left turn, taking the family in the other car along

ALEX LESLIE with her. When the young mother proves toBYhave late-stage cancer, Clara moves the three children and their terrible with her. When the young mother proves toApril have late-stage cancer, Clara moves the three children and their terrible 2012 6x9 life, paper 220pp grandmother into her own house. What do we owe in this and what978-1-55481-059-8 do we deserve? This compassionate and fiercely HOLD MEgrandmother NOW into her own house. What do we in this life, and AUST what do we deserve? This compassionate and fiercely USowe $21.95 CDN $21.95 $29.95 BY STEPHENintelligent GAUER novel looks at life and death through grocery-store reading glasses: being good, being at fault, and finding FIC000000 (FICTION/General) intelligent novel looks at life and death through grocery-store reading glasses: being good, being at fault, and finding October 2011 Fiction some balance on the precipice. FIC019000 (FICTION/Literary) some balance on the precipice. 6x9 paper 288pp FIC290000 (FICTION/Short Stories [single author]) “Good to a Fault is a wise and searching novel about the fine line between being useful and being used.” 978-1-55481-021-5 “Good to a Fault is a wise andPeople searching novel about fine line between useful and being used.” Who Disappear thethe debut collection of short fibeing ction from of Canada’s US $21.95 CDN $21.95 Elizabethis Hay, Giller Prize-winning author ofoneLate Nights on Air brightest literary up-and-comers, Alex Leslie. In haunting,author poetic prose, Leslie intelligently Elizabeth Hay, Giller Prize-winning of Late Nights on Air AUST $29.95 anxieties disappearance—of people, of love, of sanity—and Marina Endicott’s stories have been featuredexplores in The the Journey Prizeassociated Anthologywith and serialized on CBC Radio’s Between the Marina Endicott’s stories have been featuredtheinabsences The Journey Prize Anthology and serialized on CBC Radio’s Between the that remain. Covers. Her first book, Open Arms, was shortlisted for the Amazon/Books in Canada First Novel Award. Covers. Her first book, Open Arms, was shortlisted for the Amazon/Books in Canada First Novel Award.

September 2008 • FICTION • 6 x 8.5 • paper • 376 pages • 978-1-55111-929-8 / 1-55111-929-3 September 2008 • FICTION • 6 x 8.5 • PERSONALS paper • 376 pages • 978-1-55111-929-8 / 1-55111-929-3


BY IAN WILLIAMS April 2012 6x9 paper 100pp 978-1-55481-104-5 US $16.95 CDN $16.95 AUST $20.95 POE000000 (POETRY/General) Lynes re-imagines and reanimates the peripatetic POE011000 (POETRY/Canadian) Lynes re-imagines and reanimates the peripatetic


Jeanette Lynes Jeanette Lynes

• BY ESMÉ CLAIRE KEITH • October 2011 Fiction In360pp sixty-one audacious poems, Jeanette art, life, and times of Dusty 5.5x8.5 paper In sixty-one audacious poems, Jeanette art, life, and times of Dusty 978-1-55481-060-4 Springfield. Alternating between playful irreverence and profound compassion, It’s HardPersonals Being Queen paints a poems, compulJittery, plaintive, and fresh, thecompassion, poems in Ian Williams’s are almost-love Springfield. Alternating between playful irreverence and profound It’s Hard Being Queen paints a compulUS $21.95 CDN sively$21.95 readable portrait of an extraordinary life.voiced Eachthrough page isa startling infusedvariety with of wit, drama, and, of course, music. Jeanette Lynes speakers who continually rev themselves up to the Each page is infused with wit,often drama, course, music. Jeanette Lynes AUST $29.95sively readable portrait of an extraordinary life. challenge of connecting with others, to noand, avail.of Williams plays homage to traditional not only steps into the icon’s shoes—she lives in her skin. not only steps into the icon’s shoes—she lives in her skin. poetic forms while simultaneously showcasing his own inventiveness and linguistic “Lynes is elegance in poetic lines. Read.” “Lynes isthat elegance poetic lines.poems Read.” dexterity in the creation of brand-new George forms: poems spin intoin indeterminacy, Elliott Clarke, Halifax Sunday Herald that don’t end. With a deft hand and playful ear, Elliott WilliamsClarke, invites the reader Sunday to stumble George Halifax Herald alongside his characters as they search, again and again, for intimacy and for each other. Jeanette Lynes has previously published three books of poetry including Left Fields, shortlisted for the Pat Lowther Jeanette Lynes has previously published three books of poetry including Left Fields, shortlisted for the Pat Lowther Award. She is currently co-editor of The Antigonish Review. THE REVERSE COWGIRL Award. She is currently co-editor of The Antigonish SEENReview. READING

BY DAVID WHITTON September 2008 • POETRY • 6 x 8.5 • paper • 96 pages • 978-1-55111-926-7 / 1-55111-926-9 BY JULIE WILSON September October 2011 Short Fiction2008 • POETRY • 6 x 8.5 • paper • 96 pages • 978-1-55111-926-7 / 1-55111-926-9 April 2012 5x8 paper 180pp 978-1-55481-079-6 5.5x8.5 paper 256pp CDN $21.95 978-1-55481-062-8 This title is available only in Canada. US $21.95 CDN $21.95 • FIC019000 (FICTION/Literary) • AUST $29.95 FIC029000 (FICTION/Short Stories [single author]) Each of the poetic, searingly honest personal essays in Pathologies dissects an aspect of Olding’s rich life experience—from (FICTION/Urban Each of the poetic, searingly honest personalFIC048000 essays in Pathologies dissectsLife) an aspect of Olding’s rich life experience—from


Susan Olding Susan Olding

her troubled relationship with her father to her tricky dealings with her female peers; from her work as a high school counher troubled relationship with her father to herSeen tricky dealings herand female her of work as a highbyschool Reading is the with exciting uniquepeers; debut from collection microfi Julie counsellor and teacher to her persistent desire, despite struggles with infertility, to have children of her own.ctions Olding bravely reWilson, Canada’swith pre-eminent literary voyeur. Based onoftheher award-winning andbravely criticallyresellor and teacher to her persistent desire, despite struggles infertility, to have children own. Olding counts the adoption of her daughter, Maia, from an orphanage in China, Maia’s adaptation to over the unfamiliar acclaimed online movement of theand same name,difficult Seen Reading catalogues one counts the adoption of her daughter, Maia, from an orphanage in China,descriptions and Maia’s adaptation to thereading unfamiliar hundred reader sightings—brief of difficult individuals Wilson hasmade spied state of being loved. Olding has taken the challenging, much-underused form of the literary essay and it her own. AND ME AMONG THEM state of being loved. Olding has taken the challenging, much-underused form of the literary essay and made it her own. books in public, on Toronto’s transit system. Wilson then imaginatively expands on each sighting, seen Loved reader inLiving a poeticWriters.” piece of short fiction. BY KRISTENSusan DEN HARTOG Olding was recently named one of The New re-inventing Quarterly’s the “Most She’s beenOrganized a finalistinto for a Susan Olding was recently named one of The New Quarterly’s “Most Loved LivingisWriters.” She’s beenfictional a finalist for a Toronto’s most traffi cked Seen Reading a beautifully map, April 2011 Fiction National Magazine Award, two Western Magazine Awards, and a routes, CBC Literary Award. Essays ininspired Pathologies have won joyfully Awards, charting anand urban centre’s cultural Award. commitment to books and literature in an era National Magazine Award, two Western Magazine a CBC Literary Essays in Pathologies have won 6x9 paper 208pp both the Prairie Fire and Event Non-fiction Contests as wellpredicts as the Brenda that continually demiseUeland of both. Prize for Literary Non-fiction. 978-1-55481-054-3 both the Prairie Fire and Event Non-fiction Contests as well as thethe Brenda Ueland Prize for Literary Non-fiction. CDN $21.95

September 2008 • NON-FICTION • 6 x 8.5 • paper • 272 pages • 978-1-55111-930-4 / 1-55111-930-7 September 2008 • NON-FICTION • 6 xWHILE 8.5 • paper • 272 pages • 978-1-55111-930-4 / 1-55111-930-7 THE SUN IS ABOVE US

BY MELANIE SCHNELL April 2012 6x9 paper 200pp 978-1-55481-061-1 • • US $21.95 CDN $21.95 AUST $29.95 A prostitute takes shelter with a group of young anarchists. A sister goes missing, mailing a trail of encoded postcards from FIC000000 (FICTION/General) A prostitute takes shelter with a group of young anarchists. A sister goes missing, mailing a trail of encoded postcards from FIC019000 the globe. The seven stories and two(FICTION/Literary) novellas in Mother Superior are a heady blend of misfits and mothGOOD TOdestinations A FAULT around FIC044000 Women) destinations around the globe. The seven stories and two(FICTION/Contemporary novellas in Mother Superior are a heady blend of misfits and mothof sisters and complex, mysterious others. Nawaz traces the scars left by family secrets and sings the complex, captiBY MARINAers, ENDICOTT ers, of sisters and complex, mysterious others. Nawaz traces the scars leftreaders by family secrets and sings the complex, While The Sun is Above Us takes deep into the extraordinary world of Sudancaptivating language of lust and of love. September 2009 Fiction through the intertwined narratives of two women. In the midst of a bloody civil war, vating language of lust and of love. 5x8 paper 416pp AdutSaleema is brutallyNawaz capturedwrites and held as grace a slave and for eight years. Sandra, fleeing her life in of “Mother Superior is superb. with compassion about a sisterhood 978-1-55111-999-1 Canada, travelsNawaz to Sudanwrites as an aid worker soon finds herself unwittingly embroiled of “Mother Superior is superb. Saleema with gracebutand compassion about a sisterhood CDN $19.95 young women facing down their demons and developing faith in themselves.” Neil Smith, author of in a violent local conflict. When chance brings Adut and Sandra together in aBang brief Crunch but


Saleema Nawaz Saleema Nawaz

young women facing down their demons and developing faith in themselves.” Neil Smith, author of Bang Crunch profound moment, their lives change forever. In captivating prose, Melanie Schnell Saleema Nawaz’s stories have been published in imaginative literary magazines Theinfinal novella Motherhorrifi Superior offers insight intoacross the livesCanada. of innocents a land at war, in rendering c Saleema Nawaz’s stories have been published in literary magazines across Canada. The final novella in Mother Superior with exquisite While The Sun Above Us explores the immense won the inaugural Robert Kroetsch Award forexperiences best creative thesis atclarity. the University of isManitoba. won the inaugural Robert Kroetsch Award for bestofcreative thesis atthethe University Manitoba.and the endurance of hope. power the imagination, human desire forofconnection,

September 2008 • FICTION • 6 x 8.5 • paper • 272 pages • 978-1-55111-927-4 / 1-55111-927-7 September 2008 • FICTION • 6 x 8.5 • paper • 272 pages • 978-1-55111-927-4 / 1-55111-927-7

Freehand Book Orders: Freehand Book Orders: Tel (705) 743-8990 Tel (705) 743-8990 Fax (705) 743-8353 Fax (705) 743-8353

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Further Information on Freehand Titles: Further Information on Freehand Titles: Sarah Ivany, Managing Editor

Freehand TradeTrade SalesSales Representation: Ampersand Inc.& Company Freehand Representation: Kate Walker Freehand Trade Sales Representation: Kate Walker & Company (formerly Kate Walker &BC Company) Vancouver EAST: Toronto WEST: Richmond, WEST: Vancouver Toronto EAST: Toronto, ON EAST: Toronto, ONEAST: Richmond, BC Tel (604) (604)323-7111 448-7111 Tel Tel (416) 703-0666 Tel (604) 323-7111 Tel (416) 703-0666 Tel (416) 703-0666 Tel (604) 448-7111 Fax (604) (604) 448-7118 323-7118 Fax (416) 703-4745 Fax (416) 703-4745 Fax (604) 448-7118 Fax (604) 323-7118 Fax (416) 703-4745


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engliSH StUdieS CONTENTS Introduction: “A History and Poetics of the Essay,” Jeff Porter Reading “A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again” by David Foster Wallace Jeff Porter Reading “On Trout” by Anne Carson Eula Biss Reading “A Small Place” by Jamaica Kincaid Donald Morrill Reading “Under the Influence” by Scott Russell Sanders Jim McKean

Understanding the Essay EDITED BY PATRICIA FOSTER AND JEFF PORTER May 2012 6x9 paper 300pp 978-1-55481-020-8 US $29.95 CDN $29.95 AUST $32.95 LCO010000 LITERARY COLLECTIONS / Essays

Reading “The Case Against Babies” by Joy Williams Sara Levine Reading “Georgia O’Keeffe” by Joan Didion Patricia Foster Reading “Encounters with the Archdruid” by John McPhee Adam Hochschild Reading “A Drugstore in Winter” by Cynthia Ozick Sven Birkerts Reading “Notes to a Native Son” by James Baldwin Honor Moore Reading “To My Brothers and Sisters in the Failure Business” by Seymour Krim Vivian Gornick

Nineteen contemporary writers of literary non-fiction engage with classic essays in this unique new collection.

Reading “The Little Man in Chehaw Station” by Ralph Ellison Gayle Pemberton Reading “A Hanging” by George Orwell Carl Klaus Reading “The Crack-Up” by F. Scott Fitzgerald Patricia Hampl Reading “Street Haunting” by Virginia Woolf Marilyn Abildskov Reading “To the Person Sitting in Darkness” by Mark Twain Robin Hemley Reading “On the Pleasure of Hating” by William Hazlitt Phillip Lopate Reading “New Year’s Eve” by Charles Lamb David Lazar Reading “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift Xu Xi Reading “On Some Verses of Virgil” by Michel de Montaigne David Hamilton List of Key Terms Important to the Essay

This is a book on how to read the essay, one that demonstrates how reading is inextricably tied to the art of writing. It aims to treat the essay with the close literary attention that has been given to other literary forms. Patricia Hampl explores F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famously confessional “The Crack-Up” from what was once his grandmother’s house in St. Paul, Minnesota; Sven Birkerts compares the power of Cynthia Ozick’s brief essay “A Drugstore in Winter” to “watching an enormous jet achieve lift-off from the shortest little patch of tarmac;” and Gayle Pemberton turns to Ralph Ellison for a “bracing blast of air” when the racism in contemporary American culture seems inescapable. At once personal appreciations and acute critical assessments, these pieces broaden our perspective on the essay as a literary art form. Patricia Foster is the author of All the Lost Girls (2000) and Just beneath My Skin (2004; Publisher’s Weekly starred review). She has received a PEN/Jerard Fund Award for non-fiction, a Florida Arts Council Award, and a Dean’s Scholar Award as well as seven Notable Essays in the Best American Essays series. She is a Professor in the MFA Program in Non-fiction at the University of Iowa. Jeff Porter is an Associate Professor in the MFA Program in Non-fiction at the University of Iowa. His essays have appeared in Antioch Review, Isotope, Northwest Review, Shenandoah, Missouri Review, Hotel Amerika, Contemporary Literature, and other journals.


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engliSH StUdieS The Broadview Anthology of Short Fiction Second Edition

EDITED BY JULIA GAUNCE, SUZETTE MAYR, DON LEPAN, MARJORIE MATHER, AND BRYANNE MILLER May 2012 6x9 paper 375pp 978-1-55481-076-5 US $37.95 CDN $37.95 For copyright reasons, this text is not available in the UK or Australia. FIC003000 FICTION / Anthologies (multiple authors)


Broadview’s popular anthology of short fiction now includes even more fresh, diverse, and contemporary selections. “The unwieldiness of short fiction anthologies has impeded the serious study of this genre. Broadview Press offers a remedy in this gem of a book….Selections range from indispensable classics to more contemporary works that prove equally indispensable. A celebration of the short story.” – Susan Holbrook, University of Windsor This selection of thirty-eight stories (from the nineteenth to the twenty-first centuries) illustrates diverse narrative styles, from the austere to the avant-garde, as well as a broad spectrum of human experiences. The collection comprises recognized classics of the genre, and some very interesting, less often anthologized works. Stories are organized chronologically, lightly annotated, and prefaced by engaging short introductions. Also included is a glossary of basic critical terms. The second edition has been updated to include more recent stories, a greater selection of international authors and works in translation, and an illustrated story (Shaun Tan’s “Grandpa’s Holiday”). In the cases of several luminaries of the genre, such as James Joyce, Edgar Allan Poe, and Alice Munro, multiple stories by the same author are included.

Stephen Crane THE OPEN BOAT Somerset Maugham THE LOTUS EATER James Joyce ARABY EVELINE THE DEAD [Website]




William Faulkner A ROSE FOR EMILY

Sherman Alexie DO YOU KNOW WHERE I AM?





James Baldwin SONNY’S BLUES

Ian Williams BREAK IN



Julia Gaunce is the author of the novel Rocket Science (Pedlar Press, 2000). Suzette Mayr is the author of four novels, the most recent of which is Monoceros (Coach House Books, 2011). She teaches creative writing at the University of Calgary. Don LePan is the founder and President of Broadview Press and the author of Animals (Vehicule Press, 2009). Marjorie Mather and Bryanne Miller are Publisher and Assistant English Editor, respectively, at Broadview Press.


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engliSH StUdieS CONTENTS Preface Acknowledgments Introduction to the Victorian Era History of the Language and of Print Culture Thomas Carlyle Thomas Babington Macaulay Contexts: Work and Poverty John Henry Newman [NEW!] Susanna Moodie [Website] Mary Seacole [Website] John Stuart Mill Contexts: The Place of Women in Society Elizabeth Barrett Browning Alfred, Lord Tennyson Charles Darwin Elizabeth Gaskell Robert Browning Charles Dickens Edward Lear [Website] Contexts: Childhood and Children’s Literature [Website] Anthony Trollope Grace Aguilar Emily Brontë Contexts: The New Art of Photography Arthur Hugh Clough [Website] George Eliot The Spasmodic Poets [Website] John Ruskin Florence Nightingale [Website] Dion Boicicault [Website] Matthew Arnold Contexts: Religion and Society [NEW!] Wilkie Collins [Website] George Meredith Dante Gabriel Rossetti Christina Rossetti Lewis Carroll James Thompson [NEW!] William Morris W.S. Gilbert [Website] Augusta Webster Algernon Charles Swinburne Walter Pater Thomas Hardy Mathilde Blind [Website] Gerard Manley Hopkins “Michael Field” — Katharine Bradley and Edith Cooper William Hurrell Malock [Website] Robert Louis Stevenson Oscar Wilde Olive Schreiner [NEW!] [Website] Vernon Lee Constance Caroline Woodhill Naden [Website] Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Amy Levy Sir Henry Newbolt [Website] Rudyard Kipling William Butler Yeats [NEW!] Contexts: Race, Empire, and a Wider World The Aesthetic Movement Charlotte Mew Appendices

The Broadview Anthology of British Literature VOLUME 5: THE VICTORIAN ERA Second Edition April 2012 7.75x9.25 paper 980pp 978-1-55481-073-4 US $56.95 CDN $56.95 AUST $69.95 LCO009000 LITERARY COLLECTIONS / English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh

“An exciting achievement … it sets a new standard by which all other anthologies of British literature will now have to be measured.” – Graham Hammill, SUNY Buffalo “With the publication of The Broadview Anthology of British Literature, teachers and students in survey and upper-level undergraduate courses have a compelling alternative to the established anthologies from Norton and Longman. Having adopted the first two volumes for an early period survey course last year, I had no hesitation in repeating the experience this year.…This is a very real intellectual, as well as pedagogical, achievement.” – Nicholas Watson, Harvard University For the second edition of this volume a number of changes have been made. Elizabeth Gaskell’s “Our Society at Cranford” has been added, as has Anthony Trollope’s “A Turkish Bath.” Charles Dickens is now represented with a number of short selections. The selection of poems by D.G. Rossetti has been expanded considerably (the entire 1870 House of Life sequence is included), as has that by Michael Field. A selection of poems by two key figures who also appear in the anthology’s twentieth-century volume (Thomas Hardy and W.B. Yeats) is also now included. Several of the Contexts sections in the volume have been expanded—notably “The Place of Women in Society,” which now includes material concerning the Contagious Diseases Acts, and “Britain, Empire, and a Wider World,” which now includes a section on the Great Exhibition of 1851. The volume will also include additional visual material—including four more pages of full color illustrations.


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11/16/11 6:39:39 PM

engliSH StUdieS An Introduction to Middle English: Grammar and Texts B Y R . D. F U L K


History, Orthography, and Pronunciation

2. Phonology 3. Morphology 4. Syntax and Semantics 5. Regional Dialectology 6. Poetic Form

March 2012 6x9 paper 6 illustrations 500pp 978-1-55111-894-9 US $34.95 CDN $34.95 AUST $38.95 LAN009010 LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Linguistics / Historical & Comparative

7. Reading Texts 8. Glossary

A current, comprehensive introduction to Middle English.

This new introduction to Middle English combines detailed grammar with a varied reader. An extensive glossary is provided. Thirty-eight Middle English texts, from The Peterborough Chronicle to The Book of Margery Kempe, illustrate the wide variation in the language across both time and space, and facsimile manuscript pages provide further historical context. R.D. Fulk is the Class of 1964 Chancellor’s Professor of English at Indiana University, Bloomington.


BP_Trade_Cat_Spring_2012_Press.indd 15

11/16/11 6:39:40 PM

pHiloSopHY CONTENTS Chapter 1: Philosophy What Is Philosophy? A Brief Introduction to Arguments Introductory Tips on Reading and Writing Philosophy Chapter 2: Philosophy of Religion St. Anselm of Canterbury St. Thomas Aquinas David Hume J.L. Mackie William James Chapter 3: Epistemology René Descartes John Locke George Berkeley David Hume Immanuel Kant Bertrand Russell Lorraine Code Chapter 4: Metaphysics Gilbert Ryle Hilary Putnam John R. Searle Thomas Nagel David Chalmers Paul Rée C.A. Campbell A.J. Ayer Bernard Williams and Thomas Nagel Chapter 5: Ethics Plato Aristotle Immanuel Kant John Stuart Mill Friedrich Nietzsche Virginia Held Mary Midgley Chapter 6: Social/Political Philosophy Aristotle Thomas Hobbes John Stuart Mill Simone de Beauvoir John Rawls Robert Nozick Susan Moller Okin Appendix 1: Philosophical Puzzles and Paradoxes Appendix 2: Philosophical Lexicon

First Philosophy: Fundamental Problems and Readings in Philosophy, Concise Edition

Second Edition

EDITED BY ANDREW BAILEY WITH ROBERT M. MARTIN January 2012 7.75x9.25 paper 740pp 978-1-55481-057-4 US $62.95 CDN $62.95 For copyright reasons, this text is not available in the UK or Australia. PHI000000 PHILOSOPHY / General PHI009000 PHILOSOPHY / History & Surveys / General

This popular collection of classic and contemporary readings includes new appendices and extensive online content. Praise for the first edition: “The main difference between other anthologies and First Philosophy is Bailey’s supplementary material, which is excellent. The explicative material is likewise excellent: clear, highly relevant, useful, easily understood. The wonderful supplementary material makes this a very good text indeed.” – Jeff Foss, University of Victoria “First Philosophy has a good selection of articles for my purposes, and the accompanying introductory background material is absolutely brilliant.” – Jillian Scott McIntosh, Simon Fraser University Andrew Bailey’s highly regarded introductory anthology has been revised and updated in this new concise edition. Mindful of the intrinsic difficulty of the material, the editors provide comprehensive introductions both to each topic and to each individual selection. By presenting a detailed discussion of the historical and intellectual background to each piece, the editors enable readers to approach the material without unnecessary barriers to understanding. New sections on philosophical puzzles and paradoxes and terminology have been added, and additional content is available on the book’s website. Andrew Bailey is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Philosophy, University of Guelph. Robert M. Martin is Professor of Philosophy (retired), Dalhousie University.


BP_Trade_Cat_Spring_2012_Press.indd 16

11/16/11 6:39:41 PM

pHiloSopHY The Broadview Anthology of Social and Political Thought: Essential Readings Ancient, Modern, and Contemporary Texts

GENERAL EDITORS: ANDREW BAILEY, SAMANTHA BRENNAN, WILL KYMLICKA, JACOB LEVY, ALEX SAGER, CLARK WOLF May 2012 7.75x9.25 paper 1125pp 978-1-55481-102-1 US $56.95 CDN $56.95 AUST $59.95 PHI019000 PHILOSOPHY / Political POL010000 POLITICAL SCIENCE / History & Theory

An anthology with unparalleled pedagogical benefits, this collection offers both breadth and depth in its selections. Praise for the complete edition: “This is a wonderful collection, with great introductory essays: it is the ideal point of entry to social and political theory over the last century. We should all be grateful to the editors for selecting and contextualizing so rich a body of materials.” – Kwame Anthony Appiah, Princeton University

AUTHORS Thucydides Plato Aristotle Niccolò Machiavelli Thomas Hobbes John Locke David Hume Jean-Jacques Rousseau Immanuel Kant Thomas Jefferson Alexander Hamilton and James Madison Mary Wollstonecraft Edmund Burke Alexis de Toqueville Sojourner Truth John Stuart Mill Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels Friedrich Nietzsche V.I. Lenin W.E.B. Du Bois Simone de Beauvoir Isaiah Berlin Franz Fanon Jürgen Habermas Martin Luther King Jr. John Rawls Robert Nozick Michel Foucault Michael Sandel Susan Moller Okin Iris Young Will Kymlicka

“The selections are broader than in other works I have seen. The annotation is, as advertised, fuller than is usual in such works, and consistently helpful. All in all, this is an impressive work—by far the best political anthology I have seen.” – George Klosko, Henry L. and Grace Doherty Professor, University of Virginia This volume contains a carefully curated selection of the important works in political and social philosophy from ancient times through to the present. Every selection has been painstakingly annotated, and each figure is given a substantial introduction highlighting his or her major contribution within the tradition.


BP_Trade_Cat_Spring_2012_Press.indd 17

11/16/11 6:39:43 PM

pHiloSopHY CONTENTS Acknowledgements Preface Chapter 1: The Upanishads Chapter 2: The Dhammapada Chapter 3: The Mulamadhyamakakarika Chapter 4: The Analects Chapter 5: The Mengzi Chapter 6: The Daodejing Chapter 7: The Zhuangzi Chapter 8: The Xunzi Chapter 9: The Platform Sutra Chapter 10: The Shobogenzo Conclusion Glossary of Terms Appendices Index

A Guide to Asian Philosophy Classics BY PUQUN LI April 2012 6x9 paper 300pp 978-1-55481-034-5 US $34.95 CDN $34.95 AUST $39.95 PHI003000 PHILOSOPHY / Eastern REL024000 RELIGION / Eastern

The ideal introduction to the classic works and great schools of Eastern thought.

This book guides readers through ten classic works of Asian philosophy. Several major schools of Eastern thought are discussed, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism/Taoism, and Chan/Zen. The author connects the ideas of these schools to those of Western philosophy, thereby making the material accessible to those who are unfamiliar with the cultures and intellectual traditions of Asia. A wide range of important topics are addressed: reality, time, self, knowledge, ethics, human nature, enlightenment, and death. Puqun Li is Philosophy Instructor at Kwantlen Polytechnic University and Philosophy Tutor at Athabasca University.


BP_Trade_Cat_Spring_2012_Press.indd 18

11/16/11 6:39:45 PM

pHiloSopHY The Extraordinary in the Ordinary: The Aesthetics of Everyday Life B Y T H O M A S L E D DY January 2012 6x9 paper 275pp 978-1-55111-478-1 US $29.95 CDN $29.95 AUST $33.95 PHI001000 PHILOSOPHY / Aesthetics ART009000 ART / Criticism & Theory

CONTENTS Introduction Part I: The Domain of Everyday Aesthetics Chapter 1: The Nature of Everyday Aesthetics Chapter 2: Aesthetic Experience and Aesthetic Properties Chapter 3: Everyday Aesthetics and the Environment Part II: A Theory of Everyday Aesthetics Chapter 4: Aesthetic Experience as Experience of Objects with Aura Chapter 5: A Bestiary of Aesthetic Terms for Everyday Contexts Chapter 6: Criticisms Actual and Possible Chapter 7: Everyday Surface Aesthetic Qualities Chapter 8: Everyday Aesthetics and the Sublime Conclusion

Aesthetic judgment is extended beyond art and nature into the everyday in The Extraordinary in the Ordinary.

This book explores the aesthetics of the objects and environments we encounter in daily life. Thomas Leddy stresses the close relationship between everyday aesthetics and the aesthetics of art, but places special emphasis on neglected aesthetic terms that have particular relevance to the everyday, such as ‘neat,’ ‘messy,’ ‘pretty,’ ‘lovely,’ ‘cute,’ and ‘pleasant.’ For both the artist and the amateur, everyday aesthetics is a matter of finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. Thomas Leddy is Professor of Philosophy at San Jose State University.


BP_Trade_Cat_Spring_2012_Press.indd 19

11/16/11 6:39:46 PM

pHiloSopHY CONTENTS Acknowledgments Introduction Chapter One: What Is Sexual Harassment? Chapter Two: What Is Wrong with Sexual Harassment? Chapter Three: Where Can Sexual Harassment Occur? Chapter Four: How Can Sexual Harassment Occur? Conclusion: How Do We Prevent Sexual Harassment? Glossary Appendix A: Legal Definitions of Sexual Harassment Appendix B: Websites Appendix C: Sexual Harassment in Film and Television References Index

Sexual Harassment: An Introduction BY KEITH DROMM March 2012 6x9 paper 110pp 978-1-55481-010-9 US $22.95 CDN $22.95 AUST $25.95 BUS008000 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Business Ethics PHI005000 PHILOSOPHY / Ethics & Moral Philosophy

A philosophical examination of the concept and ethics of sexual harassment. Sexual Harassment: An Introduction covers the most important normative, conceptual, and legal issues associated with sexual harassment. The title of each of its five chapters is a question; within each chapter the most influential answers to these questions are reviewed, problems with these answers are identified, and some new answers are offered. Each chapter ends with review questions, discussion questions, and suggestions for group activities. Professionals will find the book to be a helpful resource for professional development and sexual harassment training. Keith Dromm is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Louisiana Scholars’ College at Northwestern State University.

CONTENTS Introduction Chapter 1: Relationships in Health Care Chapter 2: Health Care in Canada Chapter 3: Consent Chapter 4: Reproduction Chapter 5: Fetuses and Newborns Chapter 6: Death, Dying, and Euthanasia Chapter 7: Research Involving Human Participants Chapter 8: Scarce Medical Resources and Catastrophic Circumstances Chapter 9: Genetics

Readings in Health Care Ethics

Second Edition

EDITED BY ELISABETH (BOETZKES) GEDGE AND WILFRID J. WALUCHOW March 2012 7.75x9.25 paper 670pp 978-1-55481-038-3 US $69.95 CDN $69.95 AUST $76.95 PHI005000 PHILOSOPHY / Ethics & Moral Philosophy MED050000 MEDICAL / Ethics

The popular anthology has been updated and expanded to reflect new ethical and technological developments. Readings in Health Care Ethics provides a wide-ranging selection of important and engaging contributions to the field of health care ethics. The second edition includes a chapter on health care in Canada and an expanded introduction. Elisabeth (Boetzkes) Gedge is Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy at McMaster University. Wilfrid J. Waluchow is Professor and Senator William McMaster Chair in Constitutional Studies in the Department of Philosophy at McMaster University, and Adjunct Professor at Osgoode Hall Law School.


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