Page 1 Obesity, a problem of live style Summary According to this article the obesity is a almost in all cases cronical illness that can be hereditary or because a bad routine the principal problem is to eat calories and don't use them so the calories get stored waiting to be used. That causes all type of illness like cancer, diabetes, problems of knees, respiratory problems and hearth illness.

impact on cell membrane The obesity in almost all case the problem of the cell membrane is in the affinity of the receptors, a receptor is a protein molecule that receives chemical signals from outside a cell.

Treatment The cure is normally to visit a nutritionist and he will gave a diet, a fiscal routine and a different style of live when is hereditary is more difficult to cure it .

Social Impact The impact that this illness have is that there are and more kids and adults suffer obesity the cause of this problem is because the parents dont teach children to eat healthy and the metabolism also affects, but many kids and teens suffer bulling because this, almost all kids and teens that have obesity suffer discrimination

Were are not saing don't eat candies or don´t eat junk food eat them but not too much and do sport run, practice soccer, basquetball, or volley ball, etc because whit that you will have a balanced style of live.

Technology There is not an specific technology for the obesity the doctors recommend a healthy live style.i


What is leucemia gacion-sobre-laleucemia-por-el-prof-evarist-feliu_84215 Summary According to what was read in this article, leucemia is a terminal illness is a problem with the white blood cells and the red blood cells, there are too many white blood cell and just a few of red blood cells .

is caused by mutation in the DNA that cause to much deficient white blood cells so the deficient white blood cells Treatment One of the few cancer that can be cured is a type of cancer that attacks in different ways that one is not very explicit at the beginning and that deals with controls and things like that and the other type is more aggressive and treats with chemo therapies.

The only way to achieve the cure of leucemia is cooperative research, the most accurate knowledge to know how it originates and how quickly the cure of leukemia with various medical studies. Social Impact normally this type of cancer affects all type of people and this causes all type of family problems like problems of couple also abandonment of the kids, sometimes if is a brother or sister they suffer and the parents are in they suffering so they don't help each other's and also this can affects pure families so in that cases is more complex, more of people that suffer it is sad all time. impact on cell membrane It is a set of diseases in which the body produces an excess of malignant cells (known as cancerous or cancerous), with growth and division beyond normal limits (invasion of surrounding tissue and, sometimes, metastasis). Metastasis is the spread at a distance, mainly via lymphatic or blood, of the cells originating from cancer, and the growth of new tumors in the places of destination of said metastasis. These properties differentiate malignant from benign tumors, which are limited and do not invade or metastasize. In cancer cells there is an absence of coupling and this produces inability to communicate with normal cells. It is presumed that the

cancer cells have a genetic defect that interrupts the passage of the molecules that control growth.

Breast cancer something that could happen to anyone. Summary the breast cancer is a type of cancer that mostly affect women but also affect men, this problem is caused by a excessive formation of cells in the breasts . These cells normally form a tumor that often can be observed in a X-ray photography or to be possible to feel as a protuberance (mass or bundle). The tumor is a malignant (cancer) if the cells can grow penetrating (invading) the surrounding fabrics or propagating (metastasis) to distant areas of the body.

Treatment there are two tipes of treatments Local and Systemic treatments, the local treatments do not affects other parts of the bodie this local treatmens are Surgery and Radiation therapy the other treatment affect all the body this therapies are Chemotherapy, Hormone therapy and Targeted therapy, some womans use both. Social Impact

this illness cause a very big social impact because allways the cancer is expensive and the families with pure recourses and many of the women that suffer this illness have a family, a child and a husband. Impact on cell the cell cicle It is a set been ordained as events that daughters lead to the growth of the cell and the division in two cells. The correct execution of the cellular cycle in an organism that helps to establish in him a structural and functional suitable integration. Across the mechanism with which they produce the molecules, they have managed to understand cellular processes as the deregulations of the cellular cycle that end, for example cancers. Technology there are new investigations about who to prevent the breats cancer, why and who to cure it . Some of the many active areas of research include Breast cancer causes, Causes and treatment of metastatic breast cancer, Reducing breast cancer risk, Managing ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), New lab tests for breast cancer, New imaging tests for breast cancer, Breast cancer treatment, Supportive care