Page 1 Summary According to this article the obesity is a almost in all cases cronical illness that can be hereditary or because a bad routine the principal problem is to eat calories and don't use them so the calories get stored waiting to be used. That causes all type of illness like cancer, diabetes, problems of knees, respiratory problems and hearth illness.

The obesity in almost all case the problem of the cell membrane is in the affinity of the receptors, a receptor is a protein molecule that receives chemical signals from outside a cell.

Treatment The cure is normally to visit a nutritionist and he will gave a diet, a fiscal routine and a different style of live when is hereditary is more difficult to cure it .

Social Impact The impact that this illness have is that there are and more kids and adults suffer obesity the cause of this problem is because the parents dont teach children to eat healthy and the metabolism also affects, but many kids and teens suffer bulling because this, almost all kids and teens that have obesity suffer discrimination

Were are not saing don't eat candies or don´t eat junk food eat them but not too much and do sport run, practice soccer or basquetball, or volley ball, etc because whit that you will have a balanced style of live.

Technology There is not an specific technology for the obesity the doctors recommend a healthy live style.i