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every time I turn around youre following me following me down and i dont mind deny me and try to act tough what do you think this is 500 days of love zooey dechanel!

there she goe because shes who just w messed up tune it youre n ingr i do

es nobody cares s just another depressed girl wants another p girl to say t out and fill up the glass never gonna get rids autograph ont mind you and maggie can work it out its the new normal without a doubt why you?

i fell in love with the flute player she sat in the second row and when she told me i did good my heart fell to the floor i tried to impress the flute player three bibles sat on my desk i smiled oh so sensitively but she knew my maturity was less she let me know you know you know its so good i tried to talk to the flute player but the wannabe runner was there she tried oh so very hard but the flute player didnt want to share and she wont stop with all the push and shove and she just wants to get what she wants and shell beat it shell beat it shell beat it into submission yeah!

postage stamp and your boyfriend too breakfast at tiffanys in my head diamonds diamonds diamonds theyre all dead glasses break in time shattered chandeliers but im not feeling fine raise your glass to three years of desperation and the feeling surpassed tonight i dont want to be in your sight slick back my hair youre so kind flannel shirts its all a lie the posters on the ground but youre still there diamonds diamonds diamonds truth or dare the cameras flash but im still feeling down every time you come around and when you look into his eyes and you tell him that you love him and youd never lie to anyone but...

andy dont be so strung out i kno oh andy i know im we all see you sitting outside look we all know som and when i look into your i know that youre oh andy dont be oh andy dont be andy dont be so strung out i know hey dont look standing there a magazine in your ha blocking out and you got your face and it all start life could be so much eas

ow your mother wouldnt be proud m not your friend king up at the night sky in the rain methings wrong r bloodshot eyes i know e hurt hurt inside e so strung out e so strung out w you want to be a little bit taller at me that way and an imposing image in the doorway all the light e pressed to the glass ts to fade away sier if you just breathe in

i want to see everybody dancing i want to see bodies in the air i want to see everybo dy crying and i want them to know i dont care symmetrical release come back to me

sym met rical release the painted hands on walls they keep on moving guide me back towards my suburban home just another pay phone call our bo dies hit the wall and please tell we can keep on dancing

when you finally finally decide to go i will be there waiting for you with a smile holding back my tears i know you dont like like to cry oh sometimes i guess its alright all these days all these nights all these times ive thought about you and i wonder if you did the same stalking you creeping out this boys possessed by the paramount of seniority in his fragile head

dont try to understand im staring hoping that you dont see im creeping out and youre living all over me driving around seeing your car the red dragon wont get too far out of sight im sorry so sorry for being me side by side hand in hand thats the way i planned it you know? you know? you know and...

columbo ask me another question i want to find the truth retro in sepia tones pull the trigger shoot outside the blues man cries the gown is on the floor he tried to give it a chance but i guess it hurt him more hurt him you see me standing out in the hall just waiting for something out by the lake live music plays and youre standing next to me and what am i supposed to do with maggies rap its a one armed tease and ill be fine im living the dream but glasses tortoise shell you look at me sternly oh no the bus is here and i probably have to leave oh dylan make up some words oh dylan you know its the girl

sluts will be sluts and she cant get enough shes looking to get back on top starts with a burst blood vessel aneurysm lets bring in the replacements oh signore we have moved on yeah weve got somebody new youre left behind and so you throw on something new put on your high heels and then youll see that to the boys youre

shame on the little freshmen with their innocent eyes they are witnessing the worst step it up from the floor below shes catching up and everyone knows youre no longer relevant oh signore

positive about nothing sitting in front of my tv screen absolutely nothing

freedom 35 canada is this the end because i cant wait to get back on my feet hyper illiterate i have learned nothing today

n-e-x-t big x now i see that we dont know how to play and we are failures whine about your emo band and maybe all the people can stare at their neon hair and jump around

how does it feel to be so cool to have your own biased opinion that doesnt mean anything at all? its all subjective like what you like but guess whos going somewhere in life and theres nothing in it for a girl whos got dyed red hair according to you we got no clue our songs are boring and you hate us too remember when we came out on stage? tear apart some young kids band and mess around with all their plans and maybe they wont come back on stage so hide behind your pen and know that eventually you will have to own up to being a spineless heartless prick

Thank you to our loyal fans, especially the Smolinski, LaMarca, and Woyshner families and Ms. Allen for putting up with the noise on jam days. Sarah Pietras, you are the best photographer a band could ask for and we would be lost without your t-shirt-making skills. Tyler Latt, you, sir, are the most righteous roadie of them all. Props to Mr. Regan for opening up his house to become the most beautiful venue we have ever played. Dylan Regan, you are the second best fan out there (even though your customized shirt says otherwise) with your pizazz and enthusiasm towards anything we do. Your positive attitude is unrivaled until you get to Harry Jones, who is the Cascos number one fan, helping out with instrumentation, guest vocals, and just general brainstorming. He is the heart outside of the band. And then Kate Smolinski, thank you for personally catering every Cascos event, from practices to shows, with your infamous cookies and marvelous food. And Alyssa Phillips, thank you for being a steadfast fan with all of the booking help, album design, and feedback. The Cascos couldn't be possible without all the fans. -Smo, Cole, gabe, and Kerrick

Coleman Berueffy on guitar and vocals Gabe LaMarca on bass, guitar, and vocals Kerrick Woyshner on drums and vocals Jacob Smolinski on lead vocals and guitar Recorded at LIPS Records on location in the bedroom of Jacob Smolinski and in the Woyshner garage in 2013 Produced, Mixed, and Engineered by Jacob Smolinski All songs written by Jacob Smolinski and the Cascos Guest vocals on "Basement Stairs" by Kate and Abbey Smolinski Guest vocals on "I Fell in Love with the Flute Player" by Harry Jones

Album design and artwork by Alyssa Phillips Album packaging hand made by Alyssa Phillips Photos by Sarah Pietras Contact the Cascos at and Listen at and Check for updates on and tweet @thecascos for any other news

The Cascos: Garage on Martha  

Album booklet for Buffalo band the Cascos

The Cascos: Garage on Martha  

Album booklet for Buffalo band the Cascos