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The beginning is important in all things. Of the infinite beginnings there is only one beginning which is absolutely correct. Each beginning is therefore absolutely correct. The possibility of all things that are possible is created at the beginning. Therefore all possible things are absolutely correct. Of all the possible things, the possibility of conceiving the beginning is infinitely small. The beginning therefore is the most perfect idea conceptually possible. The beginning is ∞. ∞ is the system. 9

All lesser systems are circumscribed by system ∞. Within lesser systems occur each additional lesser system. All tangible things exist within the system ∞. All tangible things lie alongside all other tangible things. Within infinitely extending lesser systems, the set of tangible things must logically exist at precisely the midpoint. Beyond this exists the set intangible things. The set of infinite intangible things is infinitely greater than the set of infinite tangible things. Consider ∞ is the acme of a gradient. 10

Let this gradient be called ≈. ≈ is akin to entropy. Each point of gradient ≈ within system ∞ is the point of a change. A change is a type of creation. All creations derive from entropy. The action of conversion between the intangible and tangible is the process of entropy. Existence is the name given to the cascading process of the reordering of ∞. The cascading order of entropy is a kind of hierarchy. The rate of conversion of the intangible into the tangible is dictated by the gradient ≈. Where there is ≈ there is created consequence. 11

All consequence assembles to form long chains of events. The number of events is infinite. There can exist infinite chains of events. Each exactly assembled chain is deemed NOW. NOW is the exact measurement of the rate of change of entropy. The rate of change of entropy is the same thing as the sum of all consequences. The sum of all human consequence or, human entropy, is called history. Think of history as a kind of consequential infinity. Each point of history might be deemed as either true or untrue. 12

The set of possible truths is equal to the set of possible untruths. At any one instant, the set of possible actual truths can never equal the set of actual untruths. Consider the likelihood of an infinitely thin coin landing on its side. Where the set of actual truths is greater than the set of actual untruths describe this as flourishing. Where the set of actual truths is less than the set of actual untruths then describe this as decaying. The system set containing the actions of flourishing and decaying is termed culture. Culture = âˆŤtruth > untruth > truth. 13

All things are in a perpetual state of flux. A fluctuation is another term for a vibration. A fact is a type of vibration Consider the proposition "X marks the spot". The position of X is meaningless unless prescribed by the boundary system. Facts exist only in a localized sense. A fact is a type of node. A truth is a special type of fact. A truth is actually a special type of lie. Where a truth is equivalent to an untruth, this is deemed a paradox. Since all facts are incomplete truths, all truths are equally untrue. 14

Where this state exists, let this be called a law. Where a law exists, it has accreted meaning. A meaning is an interpretation of a proposition. A proposition functions as a kind of interface with its mother system. Your name is a type of interface. Art is a type of interface. Money is a type of interface. Sex is a type of interfce. A thought is a type of interface. An interface exists simultaneously in both the set of tangible things and the set of intangible things. An interface is a kind of bridge, or a kind of node. 15

A kiss is a kind of bridge or a kind of node. Each interconnection of each idea creates a network. Networks form in to chains termed strands. Strands clump together to form webs. All webs act as a type of interface. Where webs exist - energy is stored. A web is a type of battery. Where webs connect, information passes. Information is kind of current. A thought is a kind of current. Consider a brain to be a type of complex web. Consider a nervous system to be a type of complex web. 16

Consider a tree to be a type of complex web. Logic is a type of web. Music is a type of web. Music is  type of sublanguage of the architecture language of ∞. Logic is a type of sublanguage of the architecture language of ∞. The sub language logic can never fully describe the architecture language of ∞. Logic is trapped within ∞. A musical thought is distinct from a logical one. The quantum of music is not a note it is the thought of a note. An un-realised note is the most perfect note imaginable. A realised note is a conversion. 17

 realised note undergoes the process of entropy. A musical thought is a type of corrosion.  musical thought is  type of idealism. An idealism is a purely hypothetical construct. A daydrem is  kind of hypothetic l thought experiment. A hypothesis is a type of model.  model is a type of hypothesis. A book is  type of model.  book is  type of node.  book is a type of resistance against entropy. A librarian is  type of resistance against entropy. 18

 librry is n rtificil environment. n rtificil environment requires constnt mintennce to be sustined. The musicin must prctise his instrument. Ech personlity is  type of rtificil environment.  life nrrtive is  type of rtificil environment.  nrrtive is  chin of successive experiences. Logicl thought is bsed within humn experience nd consequence. Every experience is  consequence. ll we ever perceive re the contingent end results. 19

 gme of chess is  kind of computer modelling of end results nd consequence.  gme of chess seems complex becuse ll the consequences re lid out t once.  gme of chess is  simplified web of tensions.  person's chrcter is  complex web of tensions.  person's chrcter is  type of construction.  person’s chrcter is  tuned web of interconnections.  person’s chrcter is  specific nd unique chord of vibrtions. Some chords resonte with ech other. 20

Some chords re dissonnt with ech other. Where one hrmony comes to dominte let tht be the prdigm.  superprdigm would be  monotone.  monotone contins no informtion.  monoculture contins no informtion.  region of zero informtion could be described s devoid.  weed is  type of monoculture.  virus is  type of mono culture.  virus is  type of conversion process. Entropy is kin to  virus. Entropy is the gent of grdient ≈. 21

≈ is the ctive dynmic force of system ∞. ≈ is the conversion process from ideologicl to prcticl. ≈ is the conversion process from the possible to the ctul. ll things re possible but not from every point within the system. Within ech system, the limits of free choice re nlogous to  skier descending  mountin. Choice is the gent of freewill. The unit of freewill is the qunt of yes or no. Freewill is  type of constructed lnguge. ny lnguge is n ttempt to dely the decy of informtion vi grdient ≈. 22

ll informtion ccretes further informtion. Informtion is  type of positive feedbck. In the long run informtion is essentilly unstble. There is no such thing s  fct.  fct hs t its hert n ssumption.  stright line is the shortest distnce between two points. On  sphere, the shortest distnce between two points does not reside upon the surfce. ll things re  mtter of dimensions. ll dimensions pervde inside ech other. 23

 picture is  2 dimensionl representtion of  3 dimensionl plce - depth extends towrds the horizon. Experience is  3 dimensionl representtion of  4 dimensionl plce - time extends into the future. The concept of time is derived from potentil differences upon grdient ≈. Time trvel is only possible down grdient ≈. The syste ∞ is  kind of vortex. Understnding is  kind of vortex. ll chins of thought re ultitely circulr. Logicl thought is self proving.


 chin of thought is  cscde of different nd uniquely interpreted signs. Ech sign is  whole quntu of infortion. Thought is  kind of quntised ritul, like counting.  nuber syste is bsed in fctul things.  fct is true or untrue. However, ll truths re subjective. This too is  truth. n xio is  type of loclised truth. t the south pole you cn only trvel north. n xio is  specil type of ssuption. 25

Every theory hs t its root n ssuption. usic is  type of theory.  yth is  type of theory. usic is by its nture irrtionl. Explortion in usic cnnot rrive t ny kind of conclusion. Conclusions re fored in logicl thought. Logicl thought is  type of vortex of circulr rguents.  blckhole rdites energy. Thought rdites energy.  thought is  type of chord ≈ is  type of chord. ll energy is  type of vibrtion. Existence, or ∞, is  type of hyperdiensionl chord. The chord is everything t once. 26

Ech nrrtive is  unique eleent of the chord. Ech nrrtive is  type of fresh tendril.  nrrtive is equivlent to  specific polr co-ordinte within the syste web deeed  node.  ind is  type of node.  web is  for of interconnectedness. ll points on  web ffect every other point.  web is  type of field. Consequence is  type of field. Events distort consequence. The effect of ll events is tered chos. Chos is  type of pttern beyond understnding. 27

Chos is  type of noise. Noise occurs where there is no pttern to be found. Noise occurs where there is no ind to find ptterns. usic only exists within the ind of  listener - it is  type of controlled hllucintion.  brin is  device to find cdences in noise. ening is  cscde of cdences. ening exists only through repetition. Repetition fors  web. Culture is  tuned web of desires. Desire is  for of vibrtion. Culture tunes desire. Thought is  tye of vibrtion. 28

Thought tunes culture. Culture tunes rdig. rdig tunes thought. Culture is  tye of circulr vortex.  vortex is  kind of frctl.  chin of thought is  kind of frctl. Knowledge is  tye of frctl. Econoics is  kind of knowledge. Econoics is  kind of frctl.  frctl hs no conclusion.  frctl is n endlessly self eretuting syste. oney is  colex tye of etiness. Where oney reresents tngible things its etiness is stble. ll welth is  finite resource tht is wht welth ens. 29

Where oney secultively reresents  future ct, its ety ening becoes unstble. oney is not  tye of tie trvel. ll nes refer to  oint contined within the set of tngible things. The ne oney refers to  oint beyond the rel of tngible things - towrds  nothing. Nothing is the bsence of soething. Drkness is the bsence of light. Nothing is  tye of rdox. oney is  tye of rdox.  rdox is  tye of crsh.  crsh is  negtive feedbck syste. 30

 crsh shows the liits of  syste lnguge.  crsh occurs t the boundry of the syste hierrchy. The concet of nothing is the boundry of the syste hierrchy. The boundry of knowledge is the boundry of the syte. Within ech syste is sown the seeds of its own nnihiltion. Logicl doubt is rlysis of thought. ll thought is  tye of rdox. Existence is  tye of rdox. Nothingness cnnot exist without soething conceiving it's nothingness. The stte of nothing is iossible. 31

The iossible is distinct fro the irobble. It is ossible for  sller bg to contin  bigger bg. Ech thought is irobble lthough bsolutely certin. Thought is  kind of logicl rdox. Things re lwys ore colex then they see.  colex roble requires the silest solution. n uncertin ind is uncertin of its uncertinty. Fro the egg issues entroy. Ech thought is n gent of entroy. The ide of entroy is lso in decy. 32

Entroy is  constructed ide. n idel is  tye of silified odel. Things tht re not intuitively understood re best odeled.  inbll chine is  tye of odelling of  syste. Ech syste occurs within nother syste. Think of ech syste s  sef contined tye of etri dish. Infinite growth is constrined by the syste boundry. Infinite growth/weth is eningess. The vue of oney is essentiy unstbe.


"If you wnt to know the vue of oney - try borrowing soe" - This stteent is  kind of ode.  ode is n encoding of  concet. When the unit of encoding becoes eningess we hve  for of nonsense. When the unit of encoding is indeterinte then essentiy we hve noise. t this oint usic becoes indistinguishbe fro noise. usic is  kind of knowedge indeendent of fcts. usic is essentiy  vibrtion. usic is sectry vribe it is not rigid ike nuber systes. 34

The nture of eotion is sectry vribe - it is not rigid ike nuber systes. Eotion refexes re rooted beyond the set of tngibe things. nguge is concetu. Nubers re fctu. This eds to confusions. ny nguge is  byrinth of hidden contrdictions. Ech contrdiction is  rdox. The cuutive effect of  contrdictions is ∞. Existence is equy  rdox nd  certinty. Igine ∞ s  trnsinfinite song within  song within  song, nd ≈ is  kind of focusing keidoscoe. 35

Beuty in order is ony  hun construct. Order gives ening to ening. There is no ctu ening to ife. Sdness hs no ore ening thn  video ge.  videoge is  siution of conjectured sets of circustnces. I cnnot y tob rider on y ZX81. I cnnot think bout y own ind. y dog cnnot do thetics. I do not hve  dog. Uncertinty ies t the hert of hun cuture. Uncertinty is the echo of revious error. 36

The entroic growth of error defines the syste hierrchy. Entroy is  kind of weed.  weed is  subjective hun noun denoting undesirbiity.  things re subjective.  hun is so  kind of weed.  rinbow is  gic thing.  rinbow is not  gic thing, it is  scientific thing.  gic rinbow shoud be described with rt.  scientific rinbow shoud be described with nubers. No nguge cn refer beyond itsef.  surgeon cnnot reove his own brin. 37

Corehension cnnot corehend itsef. The eye cnnot erceive the I. Subsets re contined within theseves.  subsets re discrete nd rein distinct fro ech other.  nucer rector is ket discrete nd distinct fro the outside word. Consciousness is distinct fro the outside word. Confcts nd dfference n the bnry syste of nd vs. body s wht genertes enng of the tngbe by the ntngbe. enng s eretuted t the schs. 38

The Erth's crust s nufctured t the vocnc schs. The hysc ntercton between the tngbe nd ntngbe sets cretes boogc senston. Senston socts nterretton. The ccuutve effect of ny such nterrettons cretes  nrrtve.  nd wthout  nrrtve woud essenty be "ost".  nrrtve s n nternsed nove.  nove s  tye of secuton. 39

oney s  tye of secuton.  converston s  tye of secuton.  thngs hun re essenty secutve. n the ong run, every secuton s equy s robby robbe s robby robbe. ∞ fs every ossbty. Nture fs every oortunty. Ev s  coex tye of oortunty. Ev s the egcy of consequences. Consequences re ctgorsed by hstores. 40

Hstory eves the egcy deeed cuture. Ev s consequence of cuture. Essentially, cuture s equvent to oney. oney s  tye of nterfce. The enng of weth s referenty dvorced fro the set of tngbe thngs. oney s  knd of ety crce - oney s ke the sgn of  sgn. oney essenty destroys re weth. Where there s tter ccretes tter. Where there s oney ccretes oney. 41

oney s  tye of dstorton. Consder ≈ s  knd of fed. Events re the objects tht dstort ths fed. Everythng s  crescendo nto nfnte dstorton. Exstence s  tye of ostve feedbck.  des re derved fro the des edtey recedng the. des ft nto redeterned systes of thoughts. des re ke twgs on brnches. There s no such thng s n ndeendent de.  genus s not n ndeendent thnker. 42

 genus s  node tht recognses nd drws together dstncty serte strngs. Soe tes t tkes n untrned / untnted eye to ke n nsght. Whch brn frst thought of the brn?  fct ust be refrcted through  brn to be gven enng. Thnkng s n ct of rerton.  n s n gent gnst entroy. The rocess of ≈ s  rocess of entroy. Entroy s  tye of frct.  frct hs no begnnng or end. 43

 frct s  reresentton of  rocess. ∞ s not God, ∞ s  tye o rocess. The end o one rocess s the begnnng o nother.  rct s  erodc rocedure tht wxes nd wnes.  erodc rocedure s  tye o vbrton. Ech rdg s  tye o vbrton. Cuture s  tye o vbrton. Good nd Ev re cutur constructons.


Where Good s bundnt, descrbe ths s ourshng. Where Ev s bundnt, descrbe ths s decyng. et Good be nogous to the set o truths. et Ev be nogous to the set o untruths. Where ech nstnt cn be Good or Ev. Truth s conned to the ocsed re. Uon  curve oc rety s t. Subjectvty s so creted t the schs. The whoe s equ to the su o ts rts. 45

The whoe s ore thn the su o ts rts.  thought s boogcy ore thn the su o ts rts.  thought s the chec vbrton o neurons.  thought s  tye o vbrton. n orgns s the odeng o  thought. n nt s  knd o neuron. n nt s  knd o couter rey. n hve s  knd o suerorgns. The conscousness o the hve s dstnct ro the conscousness o huns. 46

The conscousness o the hve s dsyed s the su tot o the ctvtes o  ts consttuent ebers, t ech nd every nstnt.  n s  knd o neuron.  n s  knd o couter rey. The Erth s  knd o suerorgns. The conscousness o the erth s dstnct ro the conscousness o huns. The conscousness o the erth s dsyed s the su tot o the ctvtes o  ts consttuent ebers, t ech nd every nstnt. 47

The conscousness o the Erth s dsyed s the rdg.  hysc tter n the unverse s  knd o suerorgns. The Erth s  knd o neuron. The Erth s just  rt o  hyerdenson thought. ∞ s  tye o Hyerdenson thought. Ths s just  thought.  couter s  ode o  suerorgns.  couter s contned wthn  esser denson syste.  couter hs two densons: 1 nd 0. 48

No nguge cn reer beyond tse.  nguge s  knd o box tht you re tred wthn. Exerence s  knd o box tht you re tred wthn. You cnnot rerrnge  box ro wthn the box. The boundry s where enng breks down. The oertng syste s the boundry o the herrchy. gne exstence s  tye o couter deskto. When the ouse ccks on n con t s syboc o  deeer eve o rogrng tht cnnot be seen. 49

gne you re  knd o con wthn n oertng syste. Every seess exerence hdes the ntrcte engneerng yng behnd t.  budng s ctuy the nestton o ts rchtecture. Budng s the ne w gve to the exerence o rchtectur. ch n dnots n xcusv xrnc. nng xsts ony through rtton.  srs o rdtrnd ctons 50

yd out ny ts s dd  rtu.  robot’s rogrng s  knd o rtu. Dy  s  knd o rtu. sur s  knd o rtu. Rtu syboss th hun condton. usc s sytotc o th hun condton. Th hun condton s bng t odds wth ntur. usc s t odds wth ntur.  rdox s  knd o crc.   s  ty o rdox. 51

Thr s no nng n  .  yth s  sc ty o .  jok s  knd o yth. ch yth s  sc ty o constructd hstory. Bor you xstd, nothng xstd. Ths s  knd o dsturbnc. Conscousnss s n rtc nvronnt tht nds ntnng.  rtc nvronnts rqur nrgy to sustn thsvs. 52

Boogc  s nothr ty o ntroc convrson o nrgy. xstnc s n ndss rocss o rdstrbuton.  ds on  n n ndssy rdstrbutv rocss. nrgy cnbss nrgy.  orgnss r ctors or convrtng nrgy. otnt grdnt cuss currnt to ow through th wr nd t bcos hot  chrg s ssd. Chc grdnt cuss currnt to ow through y 53

synss nd thy bco hot  thought occurs. Conscousnss s  byroduct o  wb.  wb s  su o norton.  surorgns s  ty o wb.  gstton s  connctng o wbs. DN s  wb o norton. Gxs r nods n th strtchng wb o grvty. Scnc s n rtc construct.


n crts rtc nvronnts bcus h dos not bong nywhr. usc s n rtc nvronnt. Wrtng s n rtc nvronnt. Huns rc thngs tht occur ntury wth rtc rrsnttons o th. Hun thought s n ntrconnctd srs o rrsnttons o th r word. or b dnds uon th dscrnton btwn good nd v. 55

Cts dos not dscrnt btwn ds tht r good or ds tht r v. Ntur scton dos not dscrnt btwn good nd v. Good nd v r cutur constructs. v s  cox ty o tnss. nnt wth s ctuy vuss. n ssnc, vrythng s corsd o nothng.  thor s  ty o contrdcton. usc s  knd o thor. 56

ch tho s  knd o ythoogy. Cutu  s  ty o ostv dbck gttng st nd st . no ton s  ty o ostv dbck. Cutu  s  unwy c scndo n to nt oy. Nos s th cuutv sut. Nos xsts wh  th  s no no ton.  100% onocutu  contns z o no ton.  wd s  ty o onocutu . 57

 wd s  ty o v us. n ndssy s ctng wb s nogous to  v us. Ths s  ty o v us.  wbs n ct    ty o v us.  usc d s  knd o wb. Bng xosd to  usc d s  knd o xosu  to  v us.  v us hjcks th chn y o ts host. n ntv us hjcks th chn y o th v us. Ths s  knd ontv us ≈ s v  58

ch  s on  t o th  ocss o nt oy.  ogc thought s   contnd wthn th syst o hsto y. Th syst o hsto y s nogous wth consqunc. Th consqunc cd t uth s  ocsd vnt ony.  oth consqunc co ods v th nonyty o dstnc.  thngs    tt o sc nd souton. 59

y souton s const nd by y h dw .  dsc ncy o 0.00000000000001 s sngy no dsc ncy t .   cton s bsd wthn  gns o  o . hysc knowdg s ootd n th  cton o s obs vton.  you ook cosy nough, th  s  w d. t s ossb to obs v v ythng. 60

Scnc s bsd uon n nc  o obs vton, nd consqunty hs but n  gns o  o . nnt onts s t ny two onts. n th st o tngb thngs, two thngs cnnot xst t th s ont. n th st o ntngb thngs,  thngs cn xst t th s ont.  c o usc dos not xst t ny dnd ont.  c o usc s n untstb ty o hyothss - n 61

gntv ty o ncodng.  hysc objct s  ty o ncodng. hysc objcts    t o  ngug.  ngug s  o  o consnsus.  ngug n bs th o g nston o thoughts.  ngug s d vd  om xposu  to consqu nc s - : to  n  om xp nc. nng o ngug ony xsts wthn th nd o th stn . 62

 consnsus ust b ctvy d so by ndvdus.  consnsus s th  oduct o vb chocs. Wthn ch  dg, th ts o   thought    sc bd by th dc o ts ssoctd cutu . Chss s  ty o consnsus. Chss s ony  st o us. Chss s  stt o  s -  thngs   stts o  s.  gs nd so ts   s ods. 63

Cotng  dgs wx nd wn k ssons.  uctuton s  knd o vb ton. Ntu  s  ty o vb ton. Ntu  s  dctb n th sho t t . Ntu  s un dctb n th ong t .  thngs g vtt tow ds th vnshng ont.  thngs ds s  o  ont o  nc. 64

∞ t ns-nnty dts. O th nnt ndngs th  s ony on ndng whch s bsouty co ct. ch ndng s th o  bsouty co ct. Th c onsqunc o  thngs tht   ossb s ud t th nd. Th o   ossb consquncs   bsouty co ct. O  th ossb consquncs, th consqunc o th 65

bgnnng s nnty  g Th ndng, th o , s th ost co utd d tht s conctuy ossb. Th ndng s o tnt n  thngs


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