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Scene 1 Narrator: Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl with a red hood, a red cloak and red shoes. Her name was Little Red Riding Hood. One day… Mum: Good morning, Little Red Riding Hood. LRRH: Hello, mum! Mum: Look, here’s a chocolate cake, a banana, some bread, cheese and honey for Grandma. LRRH: Mmm! Yummy! Mum: Put them in the basket, please, and go to Grandma’s house. LRRH: Yes, Mum. Bye bye! Scene 2 Narrator: Little Red Riding Hood was in the wood. Suddenly a Wolf appears. Wolf: Hello!

LRRH: Hello! Wolf: What’s your name? LRRH: My name’s Little Red Riding Hood. What’s your name? Wolf: I’m the Big Bad Wolf! Where are you going? LRRH: I’m going to my grandma’s cottage. Wolf: What’s in your basket? LRRH: A chocolate cake, a banana, some bread, cheese and honey. Wolf: Mmm! Yummy! Scene 3 Narrator: The Wolf was very hungry and he had an idea. Wolf: Let’s run a race! LRRH: Ok! Wolf: You go this way and I go that way. LRRH: Ok! Bye, bye, Big Bad Wolf! Wolf: Bye bye, Little Red Riding Hood!

Narrator: The Wolf run and run. LRRH: It’s a fantastic day. Some flowers for Grandma! Scene 4 Narrator: The Wolf arrived at Grandma’s cottage. Wolf: Knock, knock! Grandma: Who are you? Wolf: I’m Little Red Riding Hood. Grandma: Come in! Wolf: Hello, Grandma! Grandma: Aargh! A wolf! Help! Narrator: The wolf jumped into Grandma’s bed. He put on a nightdress, a nightcap and her glasses. Scene 5 LRRH: This is my Grandma’s cottage. LRRH: I can’t see the wolf! I winnnnnnn!

Scene 6 Narrator: Little Red Riding Hood opened the door. She sat down on a chair next to the wardrobe. It was dark. There was a lamp on the table. LRRH: Hello, Grandma! Wolf: Hello, Little Red Riding Hood! LRRH: How are you? Wolf: Oh … very bad! LRRH: Grandma, what big eyes you’ve got! Wolf: Yes! All the better to see you! LRRH: Grandma, what big ears you’ve got! Wolf: Yes! All the better to hear you! LRRH: Grandma, what a big nose you’ve got! Wolf: Yes! All the better to smell you! Scene 7 LRRH: Grandma, what big teeth you’ve got! Wolf: All the better to eat you! LRRH: Aaaaaaargh! Help! Help! There’s a wolf!

Wolf: I’m very hungry! Scene 8 Narrator: The Woodcutter was near the cottage. He heard Little Red Riding Hood. Woodcutter: A wolf? Where’s Grandma? Wolf: In my tummy! Woodcutter: I don’t like it! Wolf: Oooohhhhh! I’ve got headache. Scene 9 Woodcutter: Little Red Riding Hood! Here’s your Grandma. LRRH: Yessss! Woodcutter: Come here Grandma! Grandma: Thank you! Woodcutter: Bye bye wolf! Don’t come back. Narrator: And the wolf run and run through the window.

LRRH: Grandma, are you OK? Grandma: Yes, I’m fine. LRRH: Let’s have a party! Scene 10 Narrator: Some days later, the Little Red Riding Hood, the Mum, the Grandma and the Woodcutter have a party! They eat a chocolate cake, a banana, some bread, cheese and honey. All: Hurray!


Story LRRH