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Message from Acting Executive Director


ven before I took over the

a year or, at least, until their household

helm at AMP, I knew the job

and financial situations stabilise.

was a challenging one. I just had no idea how unprecedented the

Within weeks of its launch, we received

challenges would turn out to be.

hundreds of applications from those who had lost their jobs or suffered pay

Just within a few weeks into my

cuts. We also saw a 13% increase in the

new role, the COVID-19 pandemic

number of those who need assistance

hit us. Like many organisations and

this year as compared to the same

businesses, we had to respond

period last year.

swiftly to the new challenges, both within AMP and in our services to

It should be noted that there was also

the community.

a 150% increase in the number of underprivileged students who sought

AMP then ramped up our business

help with their education expenses this

continuity plans (BCP) and hygiene

year compared to the last.

practices to safeguard our staff and beneficiaries. Operationally, we also

Needless to say, the current landscape

scale up digital solutions in our

set it to be a tough year for fund raising.

operations to facilitate those working

Our service provider recently terminated

from home.

their telepoll service, one that we had relied upon for our fund raising

The pandemic reared its ugly head. It

campaigns for more than a decade.

impacted our economy badly, making the low-income group even more

Physical events were also not allowed;

vulnerable. To help this group of people,

this further limited our fund raising

AMP introduced the Temporary

options. Despite the challenges,

Assistance Package (TAP) 2.0 in April

we found ways to tackle them head

this year.

on. We ramped up our digital fund raising efforts to appeal for help for

TAP was first introduced during the

those in need. We were also heartened

economic downturn in 2009 to help

by ground-up initiatives like Team

those who were retrenched. This time,

Solidarity, who championed the

it provided support to those affected

efforts to raise funds for organisations

by the pandemic and their families for

like ours and help the vulnerable groups.

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