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Message from Chairman


020 has the entire world in

In AMP, we rolled out the Temporary

turmoil. The COVID-19

Assistance Package 2.0, which was first

pandemic is, beyond a doubt,

introduced in 2009 during an economic

the biggest and most perplexing

recession. The package, or TAP 2.0,

challenge we have ever faced in recent

offers assistance to families of workers

years, not just in Singapore, but across

who have been adversely affected by

the globe. It has affected almost every

the COVID-19 pandemic for a period of

aspect of our life from our work, to

one year until their household financial

social relationships, and even our

situation stabilises. For those who are

mental health. Almost the whole world

unable to achieve stability after a year,

was in some form of lockdown when the

they will be enrolled into our Adopt a

virus first started to peak – businesses

Family & Youth Scheme. We have set

were closed, a significant proportion of

aside $100,000 to serve the 400

the world’s workforce was asked to work

beneficiaries who are currently under

from home, movements were limited,

TAP 2.0 as well as others who may

and social visits became prohibited. It

discover that they now need help for

was a struggle for many. However, in the

the family as the economic impact of

dreariness of it, we also saw stories of

the pandemic becomes more apparent.

compassion, hope and giving. Amidst the pandemic, we also found Many in Singapore, as was the case for

the opportunity to expand our scope

the rest of the world, were affected by

of partnership with the Singapore

the pandemic economically – some lost

Malay Chamber of Commerce &

jobs while others received big pay cuts.

Industry (SMCCI) to enhance our Micro

The economy was spiraling and many

Business Programme. During the

began to feel the effects. Support

Circuit Breaker period, when the

packages were introduced by the

Housing & Development Board (HDB)

government, and Singaporeans too

announced that home-based

started to rally together to find ways to

businesses (HBBs) that didn’t meet

help others in need. Some started

certain criteria were not allowed to

sewing masks when it became difficult

operate, the ensuing uproar showed

to find masks in the shops, some

how much the Malay/Muslim

promoted home-based businesses on

community relied on their HBBs as a

social media, while others raised funds

source of income for their family. This

to help those in need.

also highlighted the need to enhance

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