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Divisions of amp AMP’s volunteers and full-time officers work together to run programmes in educational enrichment, work skills training, family and economic empowerment, and research. These programmes aim to catalyse and accelerate the development of the community and optimise human potential.


Since its inception, AMP has served more than 366,600 clients from all walks of life and communities.

CORPORATE SERVICES DIVISION • Provides support for all programmes and services • Comprises the Community Engagement, Corporate Communications, Executive Director’s Office, Finance & Administration, Fund Raising, Human Resource, and Management of Information System departments


Debt Advisory Centre • Set up to tackle debt issues within the Malay/Muslim community in Singapore • Has a broader objective of strengthening the community’s overall financial standing • Aims: »» Be a one-stop centre for individuals with debt problems to go to for advice; »» Provide clients with necessary education on debt management and other related matters; and »» Research extent of debt problem within the community • Services offered: »» A first-of-its-kind debt support group for the Malay/ Muslim community; »» Counselling sessions; »» Introductory seminars on debt and finance; »» Targeted seminars on debtrelated issues; and »» Other ad-hoc activities

Family Services • Manages the Adopt a Family & Youth Scheme, which provides assistance to underprivileged families • Each family is assisted through a comprehensive range of services, such as: »» Financial assistance & management »» Economic empowerment »» Socio-educational development »» Other assistance such as counselling and family life skills workshops • Also runs the Development and Reintegration Programme, which assists Muslim offenders and their families • Services offered: »» Individualised intervention plan; »» In-care and aftercare engagements; and »» Other financial and socioeducational assistance

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AMP Annual Report 2018  

© Association of Muslim Professionals. Permission is required for reproduction.

AMP Annual Report 2018  

© Association of Muslim Professionals. Permission is required for reproduction.