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Festivals in Tunisia Prepared by: Abir sallemi Chayma hentet

2017/20 18

1-La Marsa’s night: If we return to the peak of summer we’re greeted with la marsa‘s Nights .Staged between 13 July and 18 August unsurprisingly in La Marsa, this is a festval which takes full advantage of the picturesque costal region. It’s again aimed to throw whatever Tunisian culture it can on you with music theatre and ballet being common themes throughout this event.

Friday nights in La Marsa contnue to drain a sizeable crowd to the trendy places of pearl of the northern suburbs.

2- Yassmine Hammamet: Mostly recruited from among young people, senior executves and the internatonal community, those who make the must of the March evenings are in the image of Tunisia we love: Arabs, Africans, Europeans take a pot, dance, listen the music in untl late hours.

As the name may have given away ,this fastval is held in popular area of Hammamet in the peak of the summer,on 12 July to be precise.

The Hammamet Internatonal Festvalis an annual festval of music the coastal city of Hammamet in Tunisia.

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3-Falconry Festival:

It is one of the most significant festvals in the country and while liive music is one of its premier attracton ,it’s also possible to see art exhibitons ,poetry readings or even talksfrom famous Arab writers.

Falconry Festval is now a popular sport in Tunisia Before the actual huntng, falconers must equip the birds with the necessary training, which can take months.

Acquiring falcons can be an expensive affair because they are rare and difficult to catch. Beauty, physical appearance, strength and origin are also important factors in determining the price of a falcon.

In Tunisia, the birds are most common between the months of October and January when they migrate from Russia and Europe to the Middle East.

4-Festival of Testour: The 51st editon of the Internatonal Festval of Malouf and Traditonal Arab Music Testour is scheduled from 16 to 30 July 2017 in the city of Testour.

On the program, no less than 13 shows that will privilege traditonal music and the genre Malouf in additon to a competton between troops of malouf and an endowment of 12 thousand dinars for the winner.

Granada festval

this aThe 2nd editon of the Granada Festval will be organized again in the city of Testour from 12 to 15 October 2017. Testour located in the governorate of BĂŠja spreads in the markets not less than 20% of the Tunisian natonal producton of this autumnal fruit .

Festivals in Tunisia  
Festivals in Tunisia