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FACEAIds Through Phi Theta Kappa •

FACEAids Seeks to improve the accessibility of medications and other resources to those affected with HIVAIDS in African Communities.


FACEAIDS • They do this by helping those affected with the disease make pins to sell for money. • The money is used to buy medications. • PTK at GCC is selling these pins!


Why? •

One of the largest intellectual transformations I have experienced involves a change in view regarding those who have been afflicted with HIV/Aids.

Before my exposure to the poor health conditions in Africa, my ignorance lead me to hold a prejudice against those who suffer from it.

As I learned of the various ways the disease is contracted and saw the stigma those living with the disease dealt with, I developed a sympathetic outlook.


How? • Inform Members of Phi Theta Kappa and get them excited/impassionted • Order Pins made by members of a community which as been afflicted with the disease in Africa. • Set up a table in the mall and spend two weeks (04/16-04/17) informing the student body, selling pins, & collecting donations.


The Good, The Bad, & The Awesome •The support from the Omicron Lambda Chapter has been phenomenal. •However we are having a bit of a late start. •A golden nugget I would take from this experience is that passion incites passion. Show people that you are genuine and passionate and you will receive a lot of support!



My campus project was the FaceAids project wih Phi Theta Kappa.

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