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Rebuilding a home, Al-Walaja © John Henson

Amos Trust Challenging injustice. Rebuilding hope. Rebuild a demolished home  Bethlehem, Palestine Tuesday 2 — Saturday 13 April 2013

In April 2013 Amos Trust are   taking a team of 20 volunteers to the village of Al-Walaja, just outside Bethlehem in Palestine,   to work with the local community to rebuild a demolished home. Families in the village have had their homes demolished by the Israeli authorities and their land taken.   Al-Walaja will soon be surrounded   and cut off by the Separation Wall. Join us and our local partners, the   Holy Land Trust rebuilding a home in Al-Walaja as an act of solidarity with this community, and as a public challenge to the injustice of house demolitions and the devastation they cause across Palestine.

“We   had 40 minutes notice – ‘get your things and get out’. Then the bulldozers destroyed our home. I screamed that this was our land but they pushed me away. What do you say to your children when   this happens?”

You will also have the opportunity to meet Amos’ partners in the area, explore different parts of the West Bank and experience Palestinian hospitality and culture. You will need to raise £2,000 — £1,000 for travel, accommodation and food  — £1,000 towards the rebuilding costs To find out how to join the team   or to make a donation towards the project Contact  Visit

“I  will never forget the Amos Trust team who came and helped us rebuild our   home. You helped us to remain on our   land and we will never leave.”

You do not need building experience as the project will be led by local builders. You should be reasonably fit.

Photos © David Selvege, John Henson

“We   do not call it house demolition.  We call it family demolition.”

You will be staying in the local community in Bethlehem, gaining first-hand experience of Palestinian life under occupation and seeing the importance of non-violent resistance.

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2013 Home Rebuild  

Find out more about taking part in rebuilding a demolished home in Palestine in April 2013

2013 Home Rebuild  

Find out more about taking part in rebuilding a demolished home in Palestine in April 2013