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x e l A v o t s o M

Architectural Solutions circulation


re\ organizing space

Landscape Furniture

Environmental Sculpture

suburban\ portal

"organic" matter

disturbed\ boundaries


sculpture\ cover





reworking the grid

pathway\ housing

Architectural Solutions circulati


Problem\ Clemson, SC The campus needs a place where students can study, relax and socialize. The field behind Cooper Library lacks organization and function. These grounds are a key circulatory path for students.


The existing sidewalks and makeshift student paths will be used to map out a new, more efficient circulation. Interlocking tubes will filter students according to their programmatic needs. Look out points, study pods and “Drop off points� are intermixed.

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n io t u l o S l a r u t Architec

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Seneca SC. A barren, drab main street dominates the urban landscape. Lack of public transportation has prevented the city from expanding.


Provide a means and reason for engaging Seneca. The train station needs to be identifiable and reflect views back into the community.

Landscape Furniture e


c a p s g n rganizi

[Clemson, SC]

Library Bridge The bridge is a campus landmark but is outdated and deteriorating. It has three functions: bridge East and West campus, vertical circulation and acting main entrance into Cooper Library.


The furniture will refresh the spaces above and below the bridge without compromising its symbolic qualities. It will provide customizable rest areas.


A combination of synthetic plant material and moss will relieve the bridge’s stark brutalist design. Each of the eleven pieces can be oriented in three or more ways and is light enough to be reconfigured without heavy machinery.

Environmental Sculpture [Dublin, OH} Independent reflections on life in the suburbs and the planned communities relation to nature.

suburban\portal A gateway of time not space. Individuals will reflect on their past trips throuh the portal and personal transformion.

"organic"-matter Mow the lawn, rake the leaves, and shovel the snow. Does the suburb celebrate nature or mock it?

disturbed boundaries “Organized-nature� is an oxymorron. Over controlled plant materials can even become self-destructive.

r e t a w g lin l a F \ o i d u St [Fallingwater, PA] A three week program centered around Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural masterpiece. Ciriculum focused on woodworking, organic joints and on-site analysis of the Fallingwater residence.


Design-assignements were provided and reviewed by Fallingwater staff. Site generated concepts were constructed right down the street in the Kauffman family Barn.


Work was built upon the theory of hand-made architecture. Beginning with a personalized wooden mallet and progressively increasing in scale, all design was motivated by touch and materiality.



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[scale of the pavillion]

Studio\Fallingwater path

Problem\ Elderly Fallingwater guests need an accommodating, alternate path to conclude their visit. Basic requirements include wayfinding, small creek bridge, waiting shelter and screening elements. Solution\ Components were designed to be visually coherent yet clearly distinct from the designs of Wright. The elements were modeled and constructed with beautiful old-growth redwood. Each design reflects a specific quality of the terrain.

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Problem\ Gracia, Barcelona The blocks of L’Eixample, originally filled with green-space, have deteriorated. Living in the city presented me with an opportunity to appreciate this situation and it’s consequences. Locals and their families need an escape.

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Solution\ The focus was vertical hierarchy. How does building height effect the views, privacy and lifestyle of those living in a completely sequential grid? Intimate program is inserted into volumes of invisibility. The most visible parts of the block determine circulation. A camouflage skin is generated from the surrounding views. This “dazzle” camouflage will be enhanced by directly pulling colors and materials from nearby buildings.


Studio\G p


athway Problem\ \housing Genova, Italy The university needs more student living accommodations. However, this cityon-a-hill has no room for expansion. Solution\ A narrow site along the historical city wall will be become student apartments. The complex will take advantage of nearby pedestrian arteries and incorporate public circulatory elements. Terraces on each floor will showcase unique aspects of the nearby harbor. A custom two-tone louver system will allow students to either shade or illuminate their living quarters and control noise pollution. A public roof-garden will provide a much needed park to this ultra-dense city. The pre-existing urban context remains unhindered.

xelA vots oM

Alex Mostov Undergraduate Portfolio  

This is a collection of design projects I completed while enrolled in the school of architecture at Clemson University.

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