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Ben Gurion University of the Negev Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Design and Manufacture of a Four Legged Robot 70-36



Amos Hercowitz 011602182

Ph.D Amir Shapiro

Daniel Reisner 017383332 June 2007


In this project we present a four legged robot with preliminary capability of forward and backward locomotion on a flattened surface. In the close future, this robot is planned to expand its capabilities and perform movement to its sides, overcome obstacles and inclined surfaces and will be self controlled.

This robot is versatile and its uses are many as we find a great demand for this kind of tool that has excellent navigability capabilities, is mechanically reliable and can be obtained in a relatively low cost manner. Between its many forms, we especially designate it for military uses. It could serve as a soldier transporter, supplies carrier and even as a stand alone fighter as in today’s battle field, military constantly seeks ways for decreasing the involvement of human resources.

Its uniqueness is in its structure and organs. We have managed to use artificial abilities of organs to extend and shorten and implement by them an algorithm of motion. Instead of using joints that would allow folding and stretching of robot’s legs, we have used pneumatic pistons. By this we have achieved great navigability abilities, reliability, speed of response and usage of low cost, over the counter, parts. By its structure, in which one leg consists of 3 pistons, we have gained movement ability to all axis and ease of control.

The framework of this project includes design of its structure and configuration, selection of appropriate components, manufacture of linkage elements and the robot’s construction and assembly.

Four Legged Robot Abstract Amos Hercowitz  

Abstract of Four legged Robot project, submitted by Amos Hercowitz for Ben Gurion University, BGU