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Results Booster Pre-Program Assignment Two

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Your Personal Mission The next step in designing your future is to design and articulate your personal mission. This has been called many thing including a personal mission statement, your why, your purpose, etc. You already have a sense of what this is from the values work you completed. The next step is to answer some questions that will provide some additional direction in articulating your personal mission statement or what you exist for. Write the answers to the following questions in the space provided without thinking too much. Just write the first things that pop into your head. Give yourself less than 60 seconds per question. What activities, people, hobbies, pastimes, projects, etc. makes you smile and/or feel great about yourself?

What are your favourite things to do or activities now or in the past that you can just lose yourself in and have no sense of time?

What skills, abilities, gifts, talents, etc. are you naturally good at and what would you teach if you were to teach others to do something you love?

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If you could get a message out to a large group of people, what would your message to them be? Who would the people be?

Look back over your values and the last four answers and create your Personal Mission below. What is it that you exist for? What is it that in your heart of hearts you are on the planet to be? You may write as much as you like. E.g. “I exist to…” or “My purpose is to…” or “My personal mission is…”

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Amorvita Results Booster Pre-Program Assignment Two  
Amorvita Results Booster Pre-Program Assignment Two