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Issue 19 Summer 2014




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EDITORS & MANAGEMENT Editor-in-Chief: Ruby Mae Moore Technical Director: Tori Neburagho Designing: Sherina Bigby, Ruby Mae Moore, Jacqueline Kilikita Sales: Zara Clarence & Ashley Powell Fashion Editor: Wardah Sempa Beauty Editor: Patricia Obaro Odje Music Editor: Ella December Entertainment Editor: Jan-Marie Revers Proofreader: Gwyn Havard, Jacqueline Kilikita, Katie Tsappas JOURNALISTS Tife Kusoro, Keisha Coggins, Charley Jai, JanMarie Revers, Rachael Kitson, Wardah Sempa, Jacqueline Kilikita, Jasmin Woodward, Patricia Obaro Odje, Araminta Pender, Bex Clare, Sammy Jane, Umika Verma, Yazmin Joy Vigus, Kylie Slevin, Lilufa Uddin, Tara Olajide, Josh Chowa, Katie Tsappas, Elisha Ricketts, KeishaMonique Joseph CONTRIBUTORS & THANKS TO Investor Profit Portfolio, Paramount Pictures, Gateway Films, Emma Rigby, Photographer - Magnus Hastings (front cover image), Mya Savannah, Cory Visuals, Chelsee Lewis, Perfect Cosmetics, The Hair & Cosmetic Company, Photographer - Derrick Kakembo, Photography Assistant – Emmanuel Ojomo, Model - Emma Ashleigh, Model - Priscilia Anyabu, Hair Stylist - Carmen Amelia, Blown Avenue, Makeup Artist - PBelle, Hair By Krystal, Model - Magdalena Kaczmarek, Makeup Artist - Meena Bhella, Lucy Scarfe, Bee Lash Full, Gerda Truubon, Model - Sabina Anastasia, Stylist - Katie Tsappas, Photographer - Nebula Visuals, Bitchy Online UK, Amina – Cheap and Cheerful Shopper, I Whore Tees Clothing, Kryptik Rose, The Vault Studios, Unrivalled Media, The Game, Reprezent Radio, Shahlaa Tahira, Magician / Entertainer – Ryan Cunnew, Thandie & Co, Joshua Okusanya, Derren Lawford, London Live, British Street Food Awards, Mama Leah’s, EMI Group Ltd, Charlene White, Brook Advisory Clinic, Lasonwadi, Hair N Beauty Ltd, Fazetees, Rachel Smith.

04 Amor Summer 2014

Editor-in-chief: Ruby Mae Moore Fashion Editor: Wardah Sempa Beauty Editor: Patricia Music Editor: Ella December Lifestyle & Entertainment Editor: Jan-Marie Revers Lifestyle & Current Affairs Journalist | PR: Elisha Rickett Press: General: To advertise email: or call Zara Clarence +44(0)7804 161782 Twitter: @amormagazineUK Instagram: amormagazineUK Facebook: Amor Mag London Amor Magazine UK DISTRIBUTED BY TH&C (The Hair & Cosmetic Company Limited)


Hello Amorelles! Hello Ladies!



So happy to finally present the festival issue to you! This is my favourite time of year – pedicured toes, BBQs, swimming, going to the park, and fun outside activities… I just love it! The team and I have worked extremely hard on putting this together. I hope you enjoy reading it. We have also increased the amount of pages in the magazine too. An extra 16 pages – aren’t you a lucky bunch?! Haha! For our cover story we have the amazingly beautiful Emma Rigby who features in the new film Plastic – go and check it out in cinemas – a great watch! Touch base in the autumn!

@ConanOBrien “Just taught my kids about taxes by eating 38% of their ice cream”

Love to all! Ruby x

@khloekardashian “I must have done a few hundred squats yesterday and now my legs are so sore!! I oddly love this feeling! Feel the change!!! #Fitness” Tweets written exactly as they appear on Twitter Researched by Charley Jai | @msCJ80 Celeb Fact: Jamie Foxx was so talented at telling jokes, his teacher used him as a reward. If the class behaved, Jamie would entertain them.

Celeb Fact: Beyoncé is allergic to most perfumes!

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8-11 KING COOK DAILY : Recipes 12-14 A-Z ON HEALTH – J K L : Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, Keratosis Pilaris, Laparoscopy 14 TIPS FOR A FLAT TUMMY THIS SUMMER 15-16 5 TIPS TO ENHANCE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM 16-17 FACIALIST : Chelsee Lewis

56-57 Amor’s Top 4 Upcoming Female Artists! | Bashy | Captial Xtra’s Music Potential 58-60 MUSIC NEWS | CONCERT LISTINGS 60-61 AMOR MEETS THE GAME 62 INTERVIEW : Shahlaa Tahira


64-65 AMOR WELCOMES FESTIVAL SEASON 66-69 FESTIVAL LISTINGS 70-71 EVENT LISTINGS 72-73 INTRODUCING JOSHUA OKUSANYA! | Theatre Production 74-75 London Live 76-77 BOOKS : For Your Summer Holidays 78-79 FILM DIARY


18 NAILS: Summer At Your Fingertips 20-21 Is Lighter Really Better? 21 BLACK HAIR CRAZE : Lace Closures 22 BLACK HAIR: Embrace Those Curls!! 22-23 Tips for a Perfect Tan 24-25 SUMMER HAIR TRENDS 26-27 THE EYELASH RE-VAMP 28-29 BEAUTY PRODUCTS : What’s New 30 INDUSTRY TALK : Want to be a MUA? 30-31 FESTIVAL MAKEUP TRENDS




32-34 FESTIVAL ACCESSORIES | FESTIVAL FASHION 35 ARE RIPPED JEANS BECOMING EVEN MORE REVEALING?! 36-40 FASHION SHOOT 42-43 White Blouses | Outfit Of The Season! (OOTS!) 44-45 S/S 14 Top Trends 46-47 Flashing The Flesh – Slutty or Stylish? | Underwear as Outerwear

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50-55 WORLD EXCLUSIVE – Emma Rigby



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HEALTH Photo : Ben Hughes


Let’s wake our bodies up guys! You really are what you eat so don’t be fast and cheap - (That rhymes lol)! Every 35 days your skin replaces itself, and every month your liver does too.

Our body makes these new cells with the food we consume so what you eat literally becomes you! Go grab the freshest fruits & greens and come join me on this wonderful journey to a healthier, happier you. The main problems we have nowadays about leading a nutritional lifestyle is that we’re not eating food anymore, we’re eating food like products if that’s what they call it. I can show you how to get real wholefoods in your system within minutes... One word SMOOTHIES! Let’s Roll... I mean Blend! @kingcookdaily

08 Amor Summer 2014

Photo : Ben Hughes

BREAKFAST BERRY BOOSTER Need a kick start in the mornings? Well swap your caffeine fix for this ‘Love In A Jar’. The blueberries will have your brain all pinky and ready to go… This smoothie can be made in minutes and is high in protein and fibre so it will definitely keep you satisfied until lunch. Plus it’s a great excuse to sneak some chocolate into breakfast.

Serves 1 Ingredients: 1 tbs of raw cacao powder 1 tbs chia seeds 2 medjool dates, pitted 1 frozen banana, sliced handful of blueberries handful of pomegranate seeds splash of coconut water Method: Toss all the ingredients in a blender and blend on high until smooth.

Amor Summer 2014 09

HEALTH HEALTH Photos : Ben Hughes

Dragonfruit is packed full of fibre to keep our digestive system healthy, help lower cholesterol and prevent bowel cancer. It also contains the immune boosting antioxidant Vitamin C as well as Vitamin A, also an antioxidant essential for good eyesight and glowing skin. Think of it as an anti aging fruit.


find them in most oriental stores) Plain flour and water to form a paste (to seal the spring rolls)

METHOD: Stir-fry the filling ingredients all together with the oil on medium heat until half cooked, season, taste.. Add sesame oil last. Set aside to cool down completely. THE ROLL: Position the pastry in a diamond shape towards you, placing a portion of the filling just below the centre making sure that it does not stretch out to the sides and make your first fold making sure it is tight, roll and fold over the sides, apply a touch of the flour paste and stick.

For the best results chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours before frying. INGREDIENTS: 1 bowl of cooked jasmine rice 1 large egg beaten with a few drops of soy sauce 1 spring onion finely chopped salt, white pepper and soy sauce for seasoning (to your taste)

08 Amor Summer 10 Spring 2014 2014

You can find this fruit in most oriental supermarkets in the UK. It’s not the cheapest of fruits but I guess air mileage comes with a price.

THE PERFECT EGG FRIED The question how?? Thisiswonderful smoothie will The answerhave is: Leftover RICE the consumer in awe cooked jasmine rice!! with its beautiful yet simple presentation. So basically the secret to a successful fried rice every time without it being Serves 2 to soggy or dry is to use rice that has been left to cool down completely preferably fridge Ingredients: temperature. 1 dragonfruit Jasmine rice I find1has best result ripethe mango compared tosome longyoung grain coconut or basmati, it has flesh a slight stickiness to it when wok fried a splash of coconut water and stays moist. a handful of frozen raspberries

Method: and continue to stir-fry Cut the dragonfruit in half while seasoning for a and scoop out the white flesh METHOD: few minutes. Add in the saving the outer case for our Heat oil in wok until it spring onions and give bowl, use the flesh and water starts smoking, pour it a final toss and then from the young coconut and in the beaten egg and serve straight away. blend with all the ingredients scramble like mad for I like mine with a sunny for a few seconds. a few seconds, only side up quail egg :) Pour into the fruit bowl and cook the eggs half way (optional) serve. then chuck in the rice 2tbs cooking oil

Photos : Ben Hughes

GREEN SMOOTHIE HYPE The most health and nutritious smoothies ever are GREEN SMOOTHIES. When making green smoothies keep in mind that you want to add leafy greens and not green vegetables such as broccoli, courgettes, asparagus etc. Things that wrap around your fingers count as leafy greens, like kale, spinach, rockets, watercress and so on. A while back, I picked up this amazing read, Green For Life by Victoria Boutenko the inventor of green smoothies and haven’t looked back since. Here is my very own recipe for y’all!

Serves 1 Ingredients: bunch of kale bunch of spinach 1 frozen banana, sliced 1 pear a cup of chopped watermelon Method: Chuck it all in a blender and blend until smooth. Add toppings of your choice! Here, I have added fruits and seeds.

Amor Summer 2014 11



We at Amor aim to provide articles that will, not only entertain, but also educate. So, in a bid to enlighten, we have decided to feature a series of “A – Z Women’s Health” articles. Whether it be acne, breast cancer, pregnancy or simply fitness and nutrition, we aim to cover as many topics as possible. Why not follow us through the alphabet? (Previous letters can be found in back issues online)

J are often able to move their limbs into positions most people find impossible. Although it may sound like more of a Joint Hypermobility blessing than a curse, it is Syndrome occurs often very difficult to live when some or all of a with. It can cause extreme person’s joints have tiredness and long term an unusually large joint pain. The condition range of movement. is hard to diagnose Although people who because of its wide range have the condition of symptoms. Although rarely experience the condition may take extreme problems or a while to be recognised, need treatment, it once diagnosed it is does cause unpleasant quite easy to treat using symptoms like back physiotherapy and pain, dislocated physical exercise methods joints, joint pain and to encourage healing. soft tissue injuries These methods steadily which can all be reduce joint pain, improve uncomfortable to muscle strength and deal with. People with fitness, and correct the Joint Hypermobility movement of individual

Joint Hypermobility Syndrome

12 Amor Summer 2014

joints in the body. Up to 3 in 10 people in the UK are affected by Joint Hypermobility. It affects women more than men because female hormones increase flexibility. The condition, although not a huge health-risk, is hereditary. One of the main causes is due to genetically determined changes to the protein collagen in the body. If the collagen is weaker than usual then the tissue in the body will be fragile and able to extend further than usual. Although the condition isn’t harmful on its own, it may be part of more serious conditions that affect the bones. Words : Tife Kusoro

K Keratosis Pilaris Keratosis Pilaris, also known as “chicken skin�, is a very common skin condition usually affecting children, females, those prone to eczema and those of Celtic origin. It is a harmless condition which is not contagious, however causes a rash and a goosebump texture on the skin. Keratosis Pilaris is often found on the back of the upper arms, but can also be found on the buttocks and the front of the thighs. It can also appear on forearms and, in rarer cases, on the face. Keratosis Pilaris is primarily genetic and is an inherited condition. If

one parent suffers from it, then there is a 50% chance that the children will also have the condition. Keratosis Pilaris is simply an excess of the protein Keratin, which acts to thicken the outer layer of skin. This excess Keratin causes pores to widen as it blocks the hair follicles on the skin, therefore creating a spotty appearance. Unfortunately, there is no formula cure for the condition, however using nonsoap cleansers, moisturisers for dry skin or using formulas with salicyclic acid, lactic acid or urea are thought to be effective. Gentle exfoliation and refraining from exposing the skin to hot water is also thought to help. The skin is also said to improve during the summer. There are also treatments that have not been officially approved, but have been found to help some sufferers. Chemical peels, microdermabrasion (professional

exfoliation) and creams containing retinol are among these alternative treatments. However it is important to discuss their suitability with your GP first. Words : Rachael Ince Kitson

L Laparoscopy What is Laparoscopy? Laparoscopy is a sergical procedure which is used to investigate the abdominal and pelvic region. It is a procedure which allows the doctor to easily view organs around the abdomen and pelvis. When is it used? An initial Laparoscopy is performed when an individual is faced with unusual abdominal pain. It can be used to discover serious health issues such as Endometriosis (see online – and pelvic inflammatory disease. Laparoscopy also aids in the removal of cysts on the ovaries and adhesions caused by ovarian disease or other health issues in and around the pelvic organs. The Procedure: The operation is performed under general anaesthetic. Firstly, a small incision is made below the belly button (up to 2cm) then the laparoscope is inserted. This surgical instrument, both sterile and small,

Amor Summer 2014 13

HEALTH allows tiny rays of light to be projected effectively during the operation. After which, carbon dioxide is pumped into the abdomen through the laparoscope. This creates an opening which allows the surgeon to have enough room to manoeuvre in the affected area while operating. What are the risks? Possible risks after a Laparoscopy include: - Wound infection and / or bruising - Wound gaping More serious risks include: damage to major organs such as the bladder, uterus, bowel and / or major blood vessels. Are there any procedures that may be needed during a Laparoscopy? It may be necessary at times to have further treatment during a Laparoscopy, depending on the severity of the findings. An operation to repair the aforementioned organs is likely if there are any damages caused during the surgery., and the patient may also need a blood transfusion. Words: Jan-Marie Revers @ JMRevers

14 Amor Summer 2014

Tips for a Flat Tummy This Summer


ummer is here, bikinis are coming out and our bodies need to stay in shape, so here are a few tips to keep our stomachs streamlined for this summer.

1. Plank

This is an amazing isometric training exercise that helps to strengthen the midsection of our bodies whilst also tightening inner core muscles that support your joints. This exercise works great for the abdominals, which enables us to have a streamline stomach. Challenge yourself with this exercise and see how far you can go.

2. Green Vegetables

Eat your greens! The greatest benefit of eating greens is that they have very little carbohydrates within them, and the carbs that are included are layered with fibre. There are various ways to experiment with green vegetables, so you can’t ever lose interest.

3. Herbal Tea

Herbal tea, unlike other tea, does not contain caffeine but still tastes great. There is an assortment of herbal tea that you can try, and they all produce different results. It also provides cleansing properties for the body; this is a great way for keeping our tummies flat.


Nuts are beneficial for the body, despite being high in calories. Nuts are very high in protein and fibre which are essential in regulating weight loss. This small grain of goodness should be eaten raw to facilitate beneficial weight loss for a flatter stomach.

5. Wholegrain

If you are looking to flatten your stomach and get a toned belly, swapping normal carbohydrates (such as white bread) with wholegrain options are beneficial. The vitamins and nutrients provided in wholegrain, such as magnesium, helps to regulate fat metabolism which helps burn abdominal fat quicker. These are just a few of the many tips to keep our tummies in line this summer. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started! Words : Keisha Coggins


ur immune system has the vital job of defending us against diseases; here are just a few tips to develop a stronger immune system before we kick start summer.

1. Sleep longer

Not getting enough sleep has more effects than getting dark circles under your eyes; it can lead to you having a weak immune system and many other serious medical conditions. Having an adequate amount of sleep boosts immunity, so sometimes we may catch colds or the flu due to a lack of sleep. So let’s sleep our way to a stronger immune system!

2. Clear your gut

Herbal tea helps build a strong immune system as it detoxifies all the impurities and provides antioxidants for the body. Another great alternative is oregano oil as it helps eliminate some of the bad bacteria that may be dominating your digestive system, so remember to clear that gut!

3. Move your body!

As good food is great for our health, so is exercising. Exercising provides a boost to the cells that help attack

Amor Summer 2014 15

HEALTH the bacteria. Whatever it is, (dancing, swimming or a 30 minute walk) these activities help equip your system, so get moving!

4. Vitamins

Fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients that benefit our immune system. However, if you prefer supplements then there are a wide range in many health food stores or supermarkets.

5. Relieve your liver

The liver is a key part of maintaining a strong immune system, as this is one of its main functions. To ensure this, vegetables like broccoli, kale and lettuce help support the liver and boost its ability to flush out toxins.

Facialist Chelsee Lewis


helsee Lewis is a facialist who specialises in the best beauty treatments, from deep lymphatic drainage to toning treatments. She has been in the beauty industry for the past 18 years and, with plenty of training, talent and experience, Chelsee aims to never leave her customers disappointed. Her goal is excellent customer service and quality-feel results. Chelsee is confident that her treatments will always leave her clients smiling.

“ treatments are more than skin deep. It’s about treating the body as a whole, from lifestyle to diet.”

Chelsee’s service is unique as it is tailored to the client and their needs, while understanding that the customer’s concerns are key in achieving quality. Chelsee believes that her service is the best on the market because Having a strong immune every treatment is totally system prevents countless luxurious with excellent diseases and helps to results – ask Ruby, our maintain a healthy body. Editor in Chief – she tried and tested it and swears Words : Keisha Coggins by the magic! The treatments start from £120 up to £490 – this is top end of the market but money well spent. Chelsee’s slogan is that, as well as treating the ‘body’, she is treating the mind and the client’s well-being. The treatments provide escapism from life’s stresses. The product line Chelsee

16 Amor Summer 2014

works with is Yonka, which is made of plants, fruits, marine extracts and essential oils and, after your treatment the skin talks for itself feeling and looking younger, fresher, brighter, plumper and creating a more even skin tone. Men are also welcome and make up 40% of the market - taking advantage of the facials and the overall experience. Words : Catherine Morgan

Chelsee Lewis’s Top 4 tips for your skin whilst at home

1. Exfoliate twice a week to remove dead skin - it is important to do this in order to brighten your complexion.

2. Use a mask 2-3 times a week,

whether it is a clay or hydrating mask.

3. Drink lots of water and get

enough sleep. The skin is mostly active when we are asleep, believe it or not!

4. It is important that we treat

our skin well by wearing a good moisturiser, so it can rejuvinate itself.

FACIALIST +44(0)7946 893 842 | Nicky Clarke Salon 11 Carlos Place, Mayfair W1K 3AX


Summer At Your Fingertips: Nail This Season’s Trends. Nails are big news this summer, with models at Peter Som and Prada showcasing the go-to colours and brand new nail designs with beautiful effortlessness. So treat your talons to our picks of the best summer hues that are definitely set to induce nail envy amongst your friends. Words by: Jacqueline Kilikita O.P.I nail paint in Kiss Me I’m Brazilian, £6, O.P.I This fabulous bubble gum pink polish is oh so sweet and leaves a glossy finish. This colour would look striking against a holiday tan, and O.P.I polishes are known for their staying power, so it’s perfect if you’re planning a beach holiday. Barry M nail paint in Pacific, £3.99, Superdrug We’re in love with the new Aquarium nail effects polishes by Barry M, and this shimmery turquoise colour definitely has our vote as the best one in the collection. The different colour pigments catch the light at every angle, giving your nails a mesmerising, glittery glow. O.P.I nail paint in I Just Can’t Cope-acabana, £11.95, Debenhams Nail the bright and bold summer trend with this striking canary yellow. This season, it’s all about being daring, so give your nails a rest from the conventional reds and blacks, and rock this nail paint in the hilariously named I Just Can’t Cope-acabana. Paul & Joe Nail Enamel in Petunia, £11, How gorgeous is this glittery polish from the beauty bosses at Paul & Joe? This pastel pink hue, inspired by petunia flowers, is bang on trend and the added glitter element screams glitz and glamour. ORLY nail paint in Orange Punch, £10.25, It wouldn’t be right to go through summer without a splash of bright orange on our nails. This nail enamel from ORLY is said to be Rita Ora’s number one choice for her upcoming summer hols as it leaves a high shine quality that resists chipping.

18 Amor Summer 2014

Perfect Cosmetics’ Natural Moroccan Soap with 100% Natural Olive Oil Extract Softens the skin and gently removes skin toxins and dead skin ** Free Moroccan glove inside

Distributed by The Hair & Cosmetic Company Distributors of innovative products For more info:



ith countless celebrities from Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj recently being accused of skin bleaching to make their complexions lighter, and certain picture tools on the Instagram app giving people the opportunity to digitally lighten their skin, it’s safe to say that the ‘Lighter Is Better’ debate is as heated as ever. But why is this bleaching beauty fad so popular and what exactly is the ‘lightie’ obsession? AMOR takes a look into the current complexion craze that is sweeping the world right now. It’s a sad fact that many of us believe that in order to be successful, being light skinned is better and this shocking idea seems

20 Amor Summer 2014

to have stemmed from the fashion, acting and music industries being predominantly white. Dancers in music videos and catwalk models have almost programmed us into holding the belief that light skinned females are the truly beautiful ones, resulting in a colour complex amongst the majority of darker women today. The media has also portrayed light skin as more attractive, with Beyoncé’s recent L’Oreal hair campaign depicting her skin as considerably paler, and amongst this, emerges rumours that her father allegedly encouraged her to bleach her skin, in order to be the most successful member of Destiny’s Child. It seems

that there is a false idea that light skin facilitates social mobility, instantly making a person more appealing. Refreshingly, however, award winning black actress Lupita Nyong’o has spoken openly about how she learned to accept her black skin tone. She said, “My complexion had always been an obstacle to overcome, but when I heard Oprah gushing about black model, Alex Wek, I inadvertently saw a reflection of myself that I could not deny.” Lupita candidly admits that she even prayed to become light skinned: “I tried to negotiate with God if he just made me a little lighter, but now I feel more seen, more appreciated by the far away gate keepers of

Creative Director & Makeup: Patricia Obaro Odje | Photographer: Derrick Kakembo | Photography Assistant: Emmanuel Ojomo Models: Emma Ashleigh, Mj Managementa & Priscilla Anyabu | Hair: Carmen Amelia, Blown Avenue

Is Lighter Really Better?

beauty.” Alongside Lupita, actress Gabrielle Union has become highly successful without lightening her skin and is a firm believer in encouraging individuals, especially young women, to celebrate our unique differences and to accept the skin colour we were born with. With prevailing success and beauty amongst dark skinned women today, it’s about time we started a new skin revolution and it is Lupita Nyong’o and Gabrielle Union that we should learn from. Words by: Jacqueline Kilikita




o it seems like women of colour have shifted to a new craze: it’s not eyebrows anymore, and it’s not invisible parting weave… it’s LACE CLOSURES! I have to say I am in love with them! Especially the ones where there is no glue involved. All your hair is protected underneath, it looks neater, and you can straighten the hair all you like! Words : Beauty Editor, Patricia Obaro Odje The hair was installed by Tosin Dosunmu, who provided us with a few step by step instructions and tips on how to install and maintain a hair closure:


First things first – protection. After you have cainrowed your own hair, before you begin sewing any wefts onto your hair protect it – wigcaps are essential. They protect your hair underneath and prevent breakage.


Ensure that your wigcap is sewn around the edges so it’s firm and secure. This is because, later on, you will need to cut into the top of the wigcap for where the parting is going to be. This is so the lace closure appears more realistic because the parting will be directly over your scalp.


Sew an elasticated band to both edges of the lace closure. Make sure that you position the closure on your head and adapt the tightness of the head band to your own comfort. Do not make it too tight or you will get a big headache the next day!

#4 #5 22 Amor Spring 2014

Sew the lace closure on first, so that you are sure it is evenly spread across your head and is flat enough. Wrap the sides of your hair and apply edge control/gel to ensure the hairstyle remains neat throughout!

This lace closure was provided by HAIR BY KRYSTAL (IG: @HairByKrystal). The closure was Brazilian and is 12” long. The hair blended in so well with my Peruvian hair at the bottom and the density of the closure brought just the right amount of volume! The hair came very quickly and their service was amazing. Thank you @HairByKrystal xxx



oing away this summer? Curly hair is the way to go! Not only do you not have to wrap your weave at night or spend ages straightening it, but it also protects your roots because you tend not to use too much heat on your real hair. This means you can go out in the sun, party all night and come back with no worries about hair maintenance, because these curls stay tight and bouncy all day long! I was sent these lovely bundles by ‘HairByKrystal’ and I fell in love with them immediately! I wore four bundles of the Brazilian Loose Wave in 16, 18, 20 and 22” (I trimmed the ends a bit). The curls have stayed in for a month now and I frequently add some curl activating cream to keep it fresh. It felt soft and natural and the density of the bundles were great! Check them out ladies! IG: @HairByKrystal | By Beauty Editor, Patricia Obaro Odje

Tips for a Perfect Tan


f you are not out and about but still want sun-kissed skin, here are Amor’s tips to getting the perfect tan in the comfort of your own home!


Preparing your skin for tanning is important; it makes the outcome of the tan much better. Start by making sure your skin is clean and moisturised; tan does not go well with dry skin as it clings to dry patches. Make sure to add extra moisture to places like your elbows and knees, as these are often the driest parts of your body. Exfoliating helps to reduce flaky skin that the tan may cling to; it’s recommended to exfoliate twenty four hours before tanning.


Using a tanning mitt is essential; it’s the best way to avoid getting orange hands (it’s best to apply tan to your hands last). Apply the tan in sections; this will

30 Amor Spring 2014

make it easier to see where you have tanned already to avoid streaks and patchiness. Wear loose dark clothes after tanning, as it may transfer onto clothes or bed sheets after application. Wearing loose clothes that you wouldn’t mind getting tan on is better just in case the tan does go onto your clothing. Now you should have your perfect tan! Enjoy! Words : Jasmin Woodward

Exfoliator? - We recommend: St Ives Invigorating All Over Body Scrub 300ml - £5.49 from Boots Tan? - We recommend: St Tropez Self Tan Dry Luxury Oil 100ml £25.00 from Boots



ith this Summer set to be an absolute scorcher, it looks like we’re in for one hell of a heatwave. Whether you’re heading abroad or staying in the UK, make sure not to take



Calypso has also rubbished Sa rumours that ay slathering on t S the sun cream will decrease your chances of bagging a fabulous tan, so you can be both bronzed and safe this summer. And don’t be fooled into thinking that you’re safe from the rays even in cloudy weather! Calypso recommends that we use a smidge of sun cream on a daily basis, as a staggering 80% of sun rays still permeate the skin on gloomy days. The suggested SPF for adults is 15 and for children it’s higher at, a better safe than sorry, SPF30. Don’t forget to pick up a bottle before you don your bikini, Calypso Press and Protect should be a beach bag staple. RRP £3.29. For more info regarding sun care advice, visit Words : Jacqueline Kilikita

y vv

unsafe risks in the sun! The experts at Calypso Sun Protection have provided us with one of the best creams around, to encourage sun worshippers to give their skin some TLC this summer. Rivalling top skincare brands, Calypso Press and Protect sun cream provides you with a handy chart which shows just how much cream should be applied to different areas of the body.




Amor Summer 2014 23 This picture is the property of Primark - Swimsuit £10


Side Dutch Braid

Credits: Blonde hairCreative Director: Patricia Obaro Odje Photographer: Derrick Kakembo Photography Assistant: Emmanuel Ojomo Model: Magdalena Kaczmarek Hair: Carmen Amelia Makeup: Meena Bhella If you like to wear your hair down but want to make an impact this season, make like Lily Allen and don the half up French braid. Plait one side of the hair, flip it over the opposite side of your head and secure with hair pins for style that looks and screams ‘beach babe.’

24 Amor Summer 2014

Worn by the likes of Khloe Kardashian to the beautiful Olsen twins, the Dutch side braid will become your quick fix for great summer hair. The look keeps hair off the face meaning it’s a perfect style for globetrotters or those who are looking for a simple, yet classic, trend to wear.

Summer Hair Trends 2O14 H

airstylist Carmen Amelia from @BlownAvenue showcased her talents this issue to bring you the most coveted hair trends for summer 2014. Whether you’re looking to rock an ethereal do or would like to mix it up a little in the hairstyle stakes, Carmen has got you covered! Words : Jacqueline Kilikita

Half Up French Braid

Classic soft waves don’t show any sign of falling off the hairstyle radar this season. They’re so easy to recreate by wrapping the hair loosely around a set of hair tongs or, if you have naturally curly hair, by adding a gentle relaxing agent. Team the look with a floaty floral dress, and your summer style is sorted!

Classic Soft Waves Spiral Curls

Credits: Brown hairCreative Director: Patricia Obaro Odje Spotted on the Photographer: Derrick catwalks at Milan Kakembo Photography Assistant: and London Emmanuel Ojomo fashion week Model: Lucy Scarfe earlier this year, Hair: Carmen Amelia spiral curls are set to become Makeup: Meena Bhella your new favourite hair trend. For those with naturally curly hair again, just add hair mousse and scrunch. For those of us with straighter hair, don’t be afraid to get your hands on a set of curlers or curling irons. They’ll be your new beauty staples.

Amor Summer 2014 25


THE EYELASH RE-VAMP RapidLash is a new and innovative eyelash serum that boasts up to 50% longer and 75% more voluminous eyelashes in just thirty days. The product is packed with vitamins that help strengthen and revitalise the lashes, Rapid Eyelash whilst prompting Enhancing Serum growth. £41, Boots If you're an avid mascara wearer, invest in a tube of this miracle eyelash primer. Apply it to lashes immediately before your favourite mascara for growth, protection and moisture.

Eyelash Conditioning Cream £15,

e.l.f Layer Lash Primer £20,

This is a beauty staple for celebs like Jennifer Aniston and it's priced at an affordable £15 per tube! The cream contains organic ingredients that are kind to sensitive eyes and it's a great treatment for those who desire volume.

26 Amor Summer 2014

If you're fed up with sticking on the falsies every morning or don't like the idea of lash implants, then take a look at these tried and tested products that promise to give you longer, fuller eyelashes in just a matter of weeks. Result! Words & Design: Jacqueline Kilikita

Make-up artists at London Fashion Week applied this plumping serum to models' lashes before every catwalk show, to make sure their mascara stayed in place, and to prevent the lashes from falling out. At just £23, it's an absolute Dior Maximiser Serum £23, House of Fraser steal.

D.I.Y LASH TREATMENTS Jacqueline Kilikita shows you how to perfect your peepers with these simple tips.

1 2 3

Apply a thin layer of Vaseline to the top and bottom of your lash line to help the hairs stay soft. Take an omega 3 capsule a day to help encourage the growth of the structure of your eyelashes, et voila! Apply coconut oil to the lash line to keep your eyelashes hydrated and to help mascara stick to the lashes.

BEAUTY PATCH-IT Want the perfect night’s sleep? Say goodbye to sleepless nights with Patch-It (RRP £29.99 for 20 patches, £9.99 for 6 patches and £3.99 for 2 patches). Patch-It provides a natural blend of organic oils including lavender, sage, basil and ylang ylang to aid in a restful night. As if it couldn’t get any better, Patch-It users will be detoxing while they sleep. The patches aids the body’s natural detoxification processes. Available in Holland and Barrett, selected health stores and pharmacies nationwide and

It is party season all year round with Amy Child’s Strip Lashes (RRP £8) You can flutter away with these party essentials and a choice between eight different styles you just can’t go wrong! Available at amychildsofficial.





NEW? Words : Jan-Marie Revers


Get back on your feet with Compeed Bunion plasters (RRP £6.79 / pack of 5). Compeed’s gel, waterproof plasters provide the perfect solution to painful bunions. It eases the pressure and discomfort so you can keep going for longer. Available in major retailers and pharmacies nationwide

28 Amor Summer 2014

IRON AND VITAMIN C TABLETS Stay healthy with Superdrug Iron and Vitamin C (RRP £1.75 for 30 tablets). Iron deficiency can trigger many health issues, and a recent study has revealed that it could increase the risk of a stroke. Iron and Vitamin C goes hand in hand; Iron is essential for the production of healthy red blood cells and Vitamin C helps to absorbs Iron. Available in Sainsbury’s



Smell, look and taste good all year round with Burt’s Bees natural lip colour (RRP from £5.99 ). Their range is just fabulous! Choose from flavours and shades like cherry, sweet violet, caramel and much more. Burt’s key ingredients for soft succulent lips include shea butter, peppermint oil and cocoa butter. Ladies, this one is a must have! Available at John Lewis and other Health & Beauty stockists

FACIAL MASSAGE CREAM Get glamorous in your bedroom with Sleep-in Rollers (RRP from £4.50). Whether you are curling your fringe or your entire mane, Sleep-In rollers will do the trick. They provide the best defence against heat damage with lasting curls! Choose from a range of colours and sizes. Available at sleepinrollers. com

Get a massage with extra benefits in the comfort of your home with Janjira’s Therapy Facial Massage Cream (RRP £28 / 200ml). This relaxing facial massage cream is packed with natural goodies to help you de-stress (lemongrass oil) and revitalise dry and tired skin (bergamot oil and ginger root oil). Simply apply the cream with gentle massaging strokes for a refreshed appearance and toned skin. Available at

RADIANCE HYDRATING TONER Urban Veda natural skincare products have been around for centuries! Their Radiance Hydrating Toner (RRP £8.99 / 150ml) revitalises, tones and hydrates the skin. The toner is infused with aloe leaf juice, ayurvedic turmeric and a botanical brew of marigold, patchouli and xorriander to help dull skin pop back to life. By the way, it smells so good. Available at and Holland & Barrett

Amor Summer 2014 29



WANT TO BE A MUA? The industry can be tough; it is never easy starting out as a freelance MUA. I have been a freelance makeup artist for over three years with two qualifications. My road has been a long one, but I have to say that it has been worth it! Here are some good pointers that I think are absolutely necessary if you want to break into the industry as a MUA. Words : Beauty Editor, Patricia Obaro Odje

TFP – Time For Print

This is how I started! I approached different companies on ASOS marketplace to ask if I could do the makeup for their shoots. This is useful as you need to get started somewhere, and no one turns down a free makeover for their model! However, do not get taken advantage of: make sure it is beneficial to you and that you are 100% comfortable with it.

NETWORKING – Power in the Tongue

I know everyone says this, but networking really is key! I gained so many bookings from simply letting new people know who I am and what I do. It is amazing the things you can find out about someone if you just ask!

SOCIAL MEDIA – Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

I made it a duty to let EVERYBODY know the new things I was doing, what experience I was getting, and the services I had to offer. This industry is not about doing things on ‘the low’. If you want to get out there, you need to let people know what you can do.

MAKEUP KIT – Essentials

Santigold For a pop of colour, follow Santigold’s example. Keep the rest of your makeup fairly neutral but cover your lids with a bright eyeshadow. Emerald green and cobalt blue have been popular choices amongst celebrity festivalgoers, including Lauren Deegan. She completed her Isle of Wight Fest look with a more subtle burst of colour lined underneath the bottom lashes.

In my opinion, this is the hardest part! A makeup kit can be VERY expensive! To start with, focus on everything but the foundations (in most test shoots the models are told to bring their own) so, just make sure you have a good primer and setting powder. Five key lipstick colours for your kit: cherry red, deep/bright pink, pink nude, deep purple and a bright coral.

PASSION – You Have to WANT It

Being a makeup artist is not always such an amazing job. Sometimes you will have to work long hours for little or no pay. But you have to understand that it is all for your experience and, as long as you are benefiting from it, then your time is not being wasted. In order to be a successful MUA you have to LOVE WHAT YOU DO. It is not about just doing something that ‘sounds fun’. It’s hard work! But it definitely pays off!

30 Amor Summer 2014

Jourdan Dunn To achieve that sun-kissed glow like Jourdan Dunn, finish by dusting mineral powder and a touch of bronzer over the face, highlighting the cheekbones.

Rita Ora Rita Ora chooses to make a statement with a bold pout. This look is perhaps the easiest to apply and most effective, should you find yourself without a mirror! A vampy rouge or fuchsia pink lip looks perfect alongside minimal eye makeup.


Once again, festival fashion returns with the summer season! Think bold prints, florals, gorgeous glowing skin and bright eyes. Festivals are the perfect opportunity to go wild and experiment with your style, so check out these celebrity-inspired looks to stay on trend for SS14. A long lasting base is key to achieving that dewy holiday glowy skin, especially when you’re spending a whole day in the sun. BB creams work particularly well in the heat with their light formula, reducing the risk of your make-up melting away. Words : Araminta Pender

Alexa Chung Keep it simple with a minimal smoky eye and nude lip. Alexa Chung also For the more favours a more natural adventurous festival look. She emphasises why not try her large eyes with a feline experimenting liquid eyeliner, paired with with face paint? a casual low slung ponytail. Check out Pixie Minimal make up looks Lott’s hippie chick, fantastic when worn with floral face art and bold prints and an edgy Jameelia Jamil’s updo! cute star stickers Amor Summer 2014 31 for inspiration!

Jameela Jamil

Pixie Lott


Festival Fashion: Must Have Accessories


Sammy Jane

Daisy Stud Earrings, River Island £2


o Summer is finally here, and we all know what that means, it’s officially Festival Season! We’ve picked out our favourite festival must-haves, from hair accessories to backpacks, to make sure you stand out in the crowd!



Straw Hat, Peacocks £6




Sunflower Hair Clips, Claire’s £4

Midi Ring, Topshop £5


Long Beaded Necklace, Warehouse £16

Neon Tube Bracelets, Accessorize £10.00

Aztec Handbag, Boohoo £8

........................................................................... 32 Amor Spring 2014

Bun Top Hair Garland, River Island £5


Cat Eye Sunglasses, Topshop £16


Garland Headband, Claires £7





Oversized Sunglassses, TKMaxx £12.99

Hype Crystal Backpack, ASOS £24.99

Tie Dye Backpack, ASOS £29.99


Festival Fashion: Must Have Pieces And if you are stuck on festival fashion, here are a few looks to help you out! Bex Clare RHS Pull, On Hunter Boot £75


Denim Hot Pants, New Look £14.99


Denim Shorts, H&M £19.99




........................................................................... Amor Spring 2014 33


Daisy Print Tie Strap Cami, New Look £12.99


Basic Jersey Top, H&M £5.99

Fine-Knit Waistcoat, H&M £12.99

More Must Have Pieces...


Original Gloss, Hunter Boots £89

Acid Wash Ripped Denim Jacket, Boohoo £35

Denim Dungarees, Boohoo £20


Pastel Pink Check Playsuit, Boohoo £20


Crop Pocket Vest, Topshop £8




............................................................................ 34 Amor Summer 2014




re ripped jeans the new black? They’ve always been in trend but now it seems like the look is even more releaving, with jeans being ripped to excess! We don’t really need to buy a pair of

NOW! ripped jeans anymore since we can simply cut them ourselves and make them as ripped as we wish (you can do a lot with a pair of scissors!). Words : Wardah Sempa, Fashion Editor

W: E:

Creative Director: Wardah Sempah, Fashion Editor Model: Sabina Anastasia Stylist: Katie Tsappas Makeup/Hair: Patricia Obaro Odje, PBelle Photographer: Nebula Visuals

Creative Director: Wardah Sempah, Fashion Editor Model: Sabina Anastasia Stylist: Katie Tsappas Makeup/Hair: Patricia Obaro Odje, PBelle Photographer: Nebula Visuals

Creative Director: Wardah Sempah, Fashion Editor Model: Sabina Anastasia Stylist: Katie Tsappas Makeup/Hair: Patricia Obaro Odje, PBelle Photographer: Nebula Visuals






White High Neck Pussybow Blouse, LYST £36 Wardah Sempah, Fashion Editor

42 Amor Summer 2014

OOTS! (Outfit of the Season)!


mor’s cheap and cheerful shopper, Amina, has shown our online readers that you can still look chic without breaking the bank! Let’s check out her top 5 outfits this season!

Hat: £1 The East End Thrift Store Knit top: 3.50 charity shop denim pencil skirt: £7 Primark Ankle-strap heels: £12 Primark

Multi-coloured plaid jacket: £1 from The East End Thrift Store Orange jeans: £2 Bodyflex Basic camisole Top: £2.50 Primark Wedge shoes: £15 eBay

Left: Fluffy fuschia top: £7 Peacocks (kidswear sale item) High-waisted vintage ‘mom’ jeans: £1 The East End Thrift Store vintage sale (www.theeastendthriftstore. com) Square-heel court shoes: £10 Primark Right: Hat: £12.99 Top: £5 H&M (sale item) Leggings: £5 from River Island (sale item) Shoes: £5 Primark (sale item) Don’t forget to follow our cheap and cheerful shopper on her social networks: W: | I: @ms_cheapncheerful T: @LookGood_4Less | F: CheapandCheerfulShopper



Versace and Rodarte displayed garments adorned with buckles, chains, zips and leather patches. This evocation of bondage fashion also included the 90’s trend of hipster trousers.

44 Amor Summer 2014

Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry exhibited contemporary and youthful, collections with flowing layers and elbow length sleeves. Team the look with leather for an edge.







Impressionistic strokes emblazoned dresses at Celine. Our favourite high street brands will most definitely emulate striking prints, colour blocking, stripes, and geometric shapes.

Elegant and casual clothing for on the move. It was Michael Kors that stole the show with his long slouchy layers and wide legged stylish trousers.

Pastel colours and a sharp cut, the ultimate outerwear this season! Slim and knee length is the way to go, according to Dior, Tom Ford, Margiela, and the classic Burberry trench.







Vuitton used panelled denim, chains and studs to create a patchwork effect. Sheer black layers will be all the rage, in the sunshine this year as will structure. Words : Katie Tsappas

Amor Summer 2014 45




hen did we stop using the word ‘slutty’ to describe another woman’s outfit? It’s safe to say that street style chic has taken catwalk inspiration to the next level, making it normality. There’s a whirlwinds of contributing factors; the catwalks at fashion weeks, reality TV idols and, to top it off, a trend driven, social media crazed society. In the last few years we’ve seen a fierce 90s comeback where crop tops, plaid prints and mini dresses have creeped their way back into our wardrobes. Flashback to 2008 and imagine a girl aged 18 walking around in a pair of plaid skorts and a faux leather bralet; we would do a double take. Nowadays, when I see a girl wearing said outfit, I genuinely like it and wish I had the confidence to pull it off. Loose fitting bralets and cropped tops teamed with oversized tailored trousers and seemingly masculine silhouettes have been made beautiful. Bloggers such as Negin Mirsalehi and Chiara Ferragni should be crowned for their ability to master these looks. It all boils down to the fact that we aren’t as sensitive to midriff and legs, being on show anymore. It’s now more stylish, rather than ‘slutty’. If the underwear as outerwear trend isn’t your cup of tea, I guess you’ll have to wait for the catwalks to rein it in and watch the trend submerge into nonexistence for another decade. Words : Umika Verma

46 Amor Summer 2014


Wearing your undergarments beneath your clothes is so last year what with celebs like Rihanna and Beyoncé rocking the bralet trend, and model Cara Delevingne being one of the biggest ambassadors of the slip dress. Take a few fashion risks with our pick of the pieces that will revolutionise your summer style. Words : Jacqueline Kilikita

Miss Selfridge, £28

Miss Selfridge, £30

River Island, £40

Topshop, £25

Topshop, £38

Miss Selfridge, £30

Topshop , £30

Rare, £26

River Island, £40

Amor Summer 2014 47

KRYPTIK Trendiest Apparels Brand

50% OFF NOW COME CHAT WITH US! TWITTER: @kryptikrose_ldn FACEBOOK: Kryptik Rose

INSTAGRAM: @kryptikrose_ldn PINTEREST: @kryptikroseldn


Emma Rigby


“I started acting when I was 14 - since then it’s been my life. I dedicate everything and I sacrificed relationships and normality, so it’s definitely a lifestyle choice. But I’m choosing to do it because it’s what I love to do.” says Emma Rigby. You probably know her as Hannah from UK’s Channel 4 programme Hollyoaks, Gemma Roscoe in the BBC One drama series Prisoner’s Wives and also as the Red Queen in the American fantasydrama Once Upon A Time in Wonderland. But what you don’t know is that the beautiful 24-year-old actress is a fighter and has proved that by killing the acting scene over in the

US! Amor Magazine spoke to Emma Rigby where she discussed her acting career, her type of guy, plus her character in the film Plastic which was released on the 30th April (you must see it!) “I love Channel 4 and the BBC, They have created some amazing television dramas. I love drama but I definitely wouldn’t be in a soap again, because I want to concentrate on films and I’m hoping that people will see past me just being in a soap… It {being in Hollyoaks} was wonderful because, instead of going to drama school everyday, I was working instead! It was a real

52 Amor Summer 2014

learning experience, one that I am so grateful for. It’s also helped me develop certain skills and it made me grow up very quickly.” Emma Rigby is, without a doubt, a great actress and quite the piece of eye candy! But Emma also confirmed that she is single! No shocker there since the actress is undoubtedly busy; however, we did find out that she didn’t have a particular type in a man, she said: “I mean, the one thing I would say is a guy that makes you happy.” In fact, the thing that may surprise you is that Emma admitted to being quite shy, plus a bit of a tomboy! She said, “I’m a really private person, I’m super grounded and I never forget where I came from. The one thing I can’t wait to do when I go home is to get some fish and chips and just sit around for a bit in my onesie!” One of the major films that Rigby had

been working on is Plastic. The thriller is based on a real life story of Saq Ahmed, where a university student leads a ring of acquaintances to become credit card thieves in order to increase their incomes. They accidently get themselves into trouble where they had to pay back 10 times the money they stole! Rigby, who is the main female in the film, added: “my character in Plastic is so fun, like she’s one of the boys and it’s great for me because all of my friends are boys so I got right

Amor Summer 2014 53

COVER STORY into it (laughs).” She spoke about her peers that she worked with, Ed Speleers, Alfie Allen, Will Poulter and Sebastian De Souza. She said, “What I loved, is that I made friends. They’re all such nice boys, and that’s the beauty of working with new people: you form new friendships. It’s nice to work with a group of people who are creative, hardworking and are generally good people who don’t take themselves too seriously.” Emma admitted to the film being one of her favourite work experiences and that there was just as much fun as there was filming! Rigby additionally admitted that her favourite scene from the film was when she was on the beach, near the campfire with actor Ed Speleers, “We were both on Miami Beach and it was nightfall and it was just wow!” said Emma. She went on and elaborated on the sort of fun they had got up to whilst filming. “We all went and had a drink one night; I made all the boys go to an underground bar in the hotel. We had such a funny night with all of us on karaoke

54 Amor Summer 2014

(laughs).” The one piece of advice that Emma gave to Amor Magazine was that “you’ve got to make the most out of every moment”. Well said Emma! Words : Wardah Sempa The Plastic film was released on 30th April in all UK cinemas - go check it out - what a great film, and what a sassy entertaining character Emma plays! Investor Profit Portfolio is one of the companies who raise funds for gateway Films.To get invloved in investing in films contact Investor Profit Portfolio directly on: +44 203 608 8995

Amor Summer 2014 55




The music industry is such a male dominated business, so we’ve decided to fill you guys in on our top 4 favourite female singers, who may have not received as much recognition as they deserve. Wardah Sempa may be the Fashion Editor of Amor but she definitely has an eye for talent (don’t we all)!

Words: Wardah Sempa


SASHA KEABLE • 19 year old • London based artist • Singer/Songwriter/Producer • Signed to Disturbing London Records • Worked with the likes of Disclosure

MICHELLE ANDRADE • 19 years old • Born in Columbia • Soul/R&B/Pop Singer/Song Writer • Michelle posted her first YouTube video in 2012

56 Amor Summer 2014

• 22 years old • Essex based singer • R&B Singer/Songwriter • SBTV, GRM Daily compared her to Emeli Sande

MS BANKS • 19 years old London based artist Female Rapper She also did a “Don’t Waste My Time” remix ft. Young Emz! banks94


mor Magazine spoke to banter-fanatic Bashy! He talks about his new single ‘Bring The Lights Down’, his fashion brand ‘Bish Bash Bosh’ and his strange fetish for feet (haha!) Check out Bashy’s ‘Bring The Lights Down’ featuring Jareth – it’s such an infectious song! Bashy talks about his influence behind the club banger “It’s just about living your life, but having fun at the same time. Wherever you go, you’re literally just trying to shut it down! Not just in the club, I’m talking about everywhere!” Check out the whole interview online now! ‘Bring The Lights Down’ can be purchased on iTunes.

Capital Xtra’s Music Potential Capital Xtra’s Music Potential is launching this year in collaboration with Barclaycard to bring young people excellent opportunities to excel in the music industry. The programme is tailored towards 16-25 year olds, living in London or Birmingham, who are not in full-time education, training or employment (NEET). The mission for Music Potential is to build confidence, skills and expertise in the media industry and to give them an increased chance of employment in the creative industries. The programme will be

run in Walthamstow, East London, in the DV8 Music&Media centre, where young people will be able to enrol onto a variety of courses. These range from music and radio production, to song writing and performance. Music Potential will culminate a final showcase event which will be hosted in leading arts venue, the Roundhouse. Many are expected to be performing, from special guests, project ambassadors, to our very own Music Potential participants! Words : Lilufa Uddin For more info :

RECORDING STUDIO In the heart of London’s Shoreditch 24-hour Access | Band Rehearsal Space Recording Facilities | Green Screen Photographic Studio | Great Day Rates For enquires call: 020 7539 9339 / +44(0)74 3626 3217



Kelis: FOOD



elis is here again and has brought the world another fresh, new album. FOOD is her new soulful R&B offering. She announced her album release on Twitter and also showed fans her album artwork and track listing for the project on iTunes. As the LP’s title suggests, the collection boasts 13 tasty songs, some with soul food-inspired titles like ‘Cobbler’, ‘Fish Fry’ and ‘Biscuits ‘n’ Gravy’. Kelis is scheduled to perform at Europe’s ‘The Great Escape’ festival in May. FOOD gives a contemporary feel and really echoes Kelis’ development as an artist. The new sound doesn’t bare the dance-heavy, electronic feel of her

58 Amor Summer 2014

last album - 2010’s FLESH TONE - instead, it has more of a classic R&B/soul vibe with plenty of horns and strings. The first single to be released from her album is ‘Jerk Ribs’ which has already gained popularity amongst her fans for its Afrocentric baseline and the unique incorporation of dancehall beats, which creates a futuristic soul sound. Kelis’ album is a breath of fresh air - it has been years since we have heard music that is not generic. From the sounds of it, this is going to be a massive hit. If you aren’t a Kelis fan now, you soon will be! By Tara Olajide

Pharell: GIRL


R EV I EW fter producing a number of radio hits

for artists such as Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, Jay Z and the two most notable ones from 2013’s Daft Punk and Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams has released a new solo album entitled G I R L, eight years after his last solo album. Track, ‘Brand New’, ironically doesn’t feel brand new at all. It is very much reminiscent of the funky Jackson 5 riffs we are all familiar with. Pharrell teams up with the female superstars of the industry. On ‘Come Get It Bae’ he collaborates with controversial singer Miley Cyrus. With the infamous Cyrus as a feature, you would expect an explosive track but ‘Come Get It Bae’ is one of the lowest points on the album. Pharrell’s partnership with Alicia Keys on ‘Know Who You Are’, also fails to pack a punch. The album closer ‘It Girl’ becomes Pharrell’s final homage to the ‘girls’ in his life and to the ones who have inspired his art. ‘It Girl’ ties a very tight knot on a very well done and presented album. The intro is captivating, the middle

eights are funky and the outro says goodbye very gracefully. Words : Josh Chowa

CONCERT LISTINGS Asher Roth @ London XOYO, London Mon 05/05/14

VMA’s are back!


he VMA’s are back with a bang this August, as MTV tries to beat last year’s show in terms of scandal, gossip and all round celebrity chaos. With artists like Beyoncé, Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake thrown into the mix, viewers are in for one hell of a star studded evening as MTV reveals the cream of the crop in terms of performances, new tracks and, of course, this year’s most watched music videos. We can’t wait to see if Ed Sheeran makes the same mistake of drunk tweeting, or if Kanye will once again grab the microphone away from a distraught Taylor Swift. But the main question on everyone’s lips is – will anyone be able to top Miley’s worldwide twerking spectacle? Tune in on the 25th August to find out! Words : Jacqueline Kilikita

Gramatik @ KOKO, London Thurs 08/05/14 Janelle Monae @ O2 Academy Brixton, London Fri 09/05/14 Supa Dupa Fly @ Jazz Cafe, London Fri 09/05/14 Action Bronson @ Manchester Academy Manchester Mon 12/05/14 ScHoolboy Q @ Electric Brixton London, GB Thurs 29/05/14 Snoop Dogg @ O2 Academy Brixton, London Thurs 05/06/14

Trevor Nelson Presents Soul Nation @ Jazz Cafe, London GB Fri 06/06/14

Amor Summer 2014 59


CONCERT LISTINGS CONTINUED.. Pusha T @ KOKO, London Fri 06/06/14 Ella Eyre @ Electric Brixton, London Thurs 12/06/14 Jurassic 5 @ O2 Academy Brixton London, Fri 20/06/14 Dilated Peoples @ Scala, London, Thurs 26/06/14 Chance the Rapper @ The Forum, London Tue 15/07/14 Tyler, the Creator @ The Forum, London Wed 23/07/14

Written by Josh Chowa


mor Magazine was lucky enough to secure an interview with the legend himself, American-born rapper and actor, 34-year old Jayceon Terrell Taylor, better known by his stage name, ‘The Game’. Taylor has worked his way up in the music industry, but it goes without saying that it hasn’t been an easy ride! Living the ‘hood life’ and being brought up around a culture of drugs, guns and hustling, Taylor found it hard to escape this environment and faced a

Amor meets... great ordeal. Taylor has admitted to coming from a dysfunctional family and that, from a young age, he was aware of his parents’ drug addictions. After losing his brother to a gunshot, Taylor was also shot due to an altercation with an unknown man, and was put into an induced three-day-coma. After recovering from his wounds, The Game released his first mixtape with the help of his older brother, ‘Big Fase’, entitled ‘You Know What It Is Vol. 1’ in 2002. He achieved a record deal with the independent label ‘Get Low Recordz’ owned by JT the Bigga Rigga. Since then, The Game has featured in TV adverts, made appearances in films as well as on TV dating show ‘Change Of Hearts’. He released his

THE GAME first album in 2005, titled – ‘The Documentary’ which featured Dr. Dre and 50 Cent as executive producers, which included hit singles ‘How We Do’ and ‘Hate It or Love It’.That’s the history out the way! So, during the interview, The Game mentioned that he’s currently working on a project with Ed Sheeran for his new label. At the moment, he told us he’s keeping busy by touring and creating material for the new album that he will drop later this year. When asked about which UK artist, he would like to work with, The Game mentioned Dizzee Rascal and said he’s been a huge fan since he first burst on the scene. Whilst playing a comparison game, The Game

told us he prefers a woman in ‘sneels’, a cross-reference between sneakers and heels and emphasised his hate for women with weaves. “I f***** hate weave...!” were his words. Watch out for the new season of ‘Marrying The Game’, which will premiere later on this year! Check out our interview with The Game on Words: Lilufa Uddin Thanks to Unrivalled Media for hooking up the interview! E: W: Insta & T: @unrivalledmedia F: unrivalledmedia

music video ‘BLUE’

Amor Summer 2014 61




interviewed the wonderfully talented Shahlaa Tahira, the newest and freshest broadcast presenter and assistant at Reprezent Radio! Shahlaa began as a Broadcast Assistant (BA) at Reprezent Radio, but is currently a producer at CapitalXTRA and, when asked about how she started out in the industry, Shahlaa mentioned that she had initially been involved in a student radio show. After graduating, Shahlaa decided that she definitely wanted to be a radio presenter on her return from America in the Summer. Having sent out several emails regarding jobs, Shahlaa didn’t give up and continued to seek opportunities. She enrolled at the ‘Music Potential’ programme run by Choice FM, and attended the radio production course. To her surprise, Kojo, whom she met on the course, contacted her 30 days later (on New Year’s Day) with some good news! He eventually took Shahlaa on and gave her the chance

62 Amor Summer 2014

to be a BA, as she singularly stood out on the course. She was persistent in wanting to be a permanent staff member and she is now being paid as an Assistant Producer on CapitalXTRA (previously known as Choice FM). Along side this, Shahlaa wanted her own show on Reprezent Radio so she applied and secured herself a weekly slot and, eventually, got her own daily lunch time show! All as a result of perseverance and hard work. Shahlaa claims that the main challenge she faces is getting commercial success in presenting. She says that, even in a commercial space

like CapitalXTRA, she feels she has to prove her worth in being a radio presenter, as she is stuck in the ‘producer box’. However, Shahlaa notes that there are several perks to the job, from meeting pure legends (she recently produced an interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger)!, free breakfast and attending concerts and events! Shahlaa’s short-term goal is to produce and present her own web series, which she will launch sometime in the summer. Her long-term goal is to hopefully be the UK’s Oprah!

Words: Lilufa Uddin



FESTIVAL SEASON With festival season just around the corner, Yazmin Joy Vigus gives you the lowdown on why you should go, what to expect, and how to survive the inevitable - mud and 'tree huggers.'


very year I seem to find myself shoddy and muddy in a field with a couple thousand strangers: glitter on my cheeks, pint of cider in one hand, camera in the other. Every year I say never again, and every year I’m back living like a wild nomad - voluntarily! Deciding whether you are festival material pretty much depends on your tolerance for dirt, filth and lack of hygiene. (Enjoy your last shower before you go.) While paparazzi shots of Cressida Bonas and the cast of Made in Chelsea, looking shabby chic, are all well and good from the outset, festival living is a little less glamorous for the

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rest of us. Unless you are glamping it up in five star wigwams amongst the A listers, you will be with the everyday punters, camping within close proximity. So why go? The truth is, there is nothing quite like it. Entertainment aside, there is a sense of shared camaraderie at a festival. We are all in this together. Once within the enclosure, there is no turning back. You will have to imagine you are in The Hunger Games, but instead of people trying to kill you there is awesome music and top notch entertainment. It’s all pretty thrilling to be honest. Being at a festival, in an environment so different

from everyday living, gives you an opportunity to sample different flavours, talk to people from all walks of life and open your mind to new experiences, music and culture. (If you are heading to Latitude or Glastonbury don’t be alarmed by the tree-huggers. In fact, I encourage you to hug some shrubbery - it’s good for the soul.) Every year I return with a new lease of life. What’s the best thing you can take to a festival? A couple of your best mates. With them, it’s worth it. After all, the ticket might be pricey, but the memories are priceless.


Here are a few tips and tricks to take on board before you even think about booking those festival tickets! You can thanks us later... Yazmin Joy Vigus


Pack Your




Take Extra Loo

There is nothing worse than waiting in a queue for twenty minutes to find there is no paper to wipe your - anyway! While many festivals have improved their facilities in recent years, it’s always a good idea to take a spare roll or two. Just incase.


Bring Nibbles

Festival food is pricey, so don’t forget to pack some extra nosh with you. Cereal bars, fresh fruit, crisps, nuts, chocolate, and cakes will keep you going in between meals.

If you like showering in communal facilities in nothing but your birthday suit, kudos to you. But for the rest of us, take your bikini or one piece to avoid embarrassment.


Take a

Cheap Pay-AsYou-Go Phone To avoid your smart phone being stolen/lost/ smashed, why not take a cheap top-up phone instead? I like to dust off my trusty Nokia 100 on a festival trip - I don’t even need to recharge the battery. Hassle free. Amor


Take a

Torch You’d be amazed at how many people forget to pack a torch. When you’re fumbling around in your tent after dark looking for your Nokia 100 you will be grateful for the extra light.

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FESTIVAL LISTINGS! 66 Amor Summer 2014


very magazine will give you a good music fest guide, but let us just give you that little bit more! We’re talking music, food, theatre and comedy: the ingredients for the perfect summer! Here’s a quick compilation of the best music festivals, with the best value for money, and some of the most iconic line-ups we’ve seen yet!

Sundown Festival 2014: Date: 29 - 31 Aug 2014 Venue: Royal Norfolk Showground, Dereham Road, Norwich, UK Headliners: Chase & Status, Ellie Goulding Reading Festival 2014 Date: 22 - 24 Aug 2014 Venue: Little Johns Farm, UK Headliners: Blink-182, Queens Of The Stone Age, Paramore, Arctic Monkeys Leeds Festival 2014 Date: 22 - 24 Aug 2014 Venue: Bramham Park, UK Headliners: Blink-182, Queens Of The Stone Age, Paramore, Arctic Monkeys

T In The Park 2014 Date: 11 - 13 Jul 2014 Venue: Balado Airfield, Kinross, UK Headliners: Arctic Monkeys, Calvin Harris, Biffy Clyro Wireless Festival 2014 (London) Date: 04 - 06 Jul 2014 Venue: Finsbury Park, UK Headliners: Kanye West, Drake, Bruno Mars Sonisphere 2014 Date: 04 - 06 Jul 2014 Venue: Knebworth, UK Headliners: The Prodigy, Metallica, Iron Maiden

V Festival 2014 Staffordshire Date: 16 - 17 Aug 2014 Venue: Weston Park, UK Headliners: Justin Timberlake, The Killers

Isle Of Wight Festival 2014 Date: 12 - 15 Jun 2014 Venue: Seaclose Park, Newport, UK Headliners: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Biffy Clyro, Kings Of Leon

Global Gathering 2014 Date: 25 - 26 Jul 2014 Venue: Long Marston (Avon Park Raceway), UK Headliners: Chase & Status, Katy B, Kyntro, NZ Shapeshifter

The Parklife Weekender 2014 Date: 07 - 08 Jun 2014 Venue: Heaton Park, Manchester, UK Headliners: Snoop Dogg, Rudimental, Annie Mac, Katy B

Leicester Music Festival 2014 Date: 25 - 26 Jul 2014 Venue: Welford Road Stadium, Leicester, UK Headliners: Tinie Tempah, Labrinth

Radio 1 Big Weekend 2014 Date: 24 - 25 May 2014 Venue: Glasgow Green, UK Headliners: Paulo Nutini, Rita Ora, Pharrell, The 1975

ENTERTAINMENT Camden Crawl 20th - 21st June If you hate the usual muddy festival slush, the putrid porta-loos, and instead fancy some plumbing with good music, here’s where you need to be. With two days, one wrist band and club nights, it’s an easy take on the festival season. Visit their website for full line up details! Foodies Festival 3rd May - 25th August *Selected Locations* From May until August, this festival will be touring all over to bring you ‘the very best in food and drink’ where over 250,000 foodies come together to explore their palates. Alongside other ‘foodies’, you get the opportunity to meet professional chefs, industry buyers and chances to try out new products. Who says no to good food? Not us!

The City of London Festival 22nd June – 17th July The fifty-two-year-old festival is getting itself a face-lift; expect all round entertainment at selected landmarks, and installations with genuine fun for all the family with a majority of events being free. Edinburgh Fringe Festival 1st - 25th August Road trip! Head up north to the arts festival of the year for comical, musical and theatrical greatness. It’s not just for the established performers and companies, as we also get the chance to discover and fall in love with the unknown. Book your accommodation in advance and become one of the thousands to fall for Fringe. Wilderness Festival: 7th - 10th August Road trip to Gloucestershire for the ever diverse and

multifaceted Wilderness festival with heaps of musical, culinary, literary and theatrical entertainment. Held in Cornbury Park you’ll experience freshly prepared dishes cooked up by established chefs, live music from the likes of London Grammar and collaborations with the wilderness orchestra. It’ll be a diverse change from the mainstream. Globe to Globe 2014 May - September 2014 Globe to Glove festival is one of my personal favourites. A theatre festival dedicated to taking Shakespearean theatre on ‘a two-year tour to every country in the world.’ This year the festival presents A Midsummer Night’s Dream in British Sign Language, All’s Well That Ends Well in Gujarati, and Punishment Without Revenge in Spanish. A refreshing festival perfect for our multicultural Britain.



f Spain is on the cards, it’s LE TOMATINO FESTIVAL you need to be a part of. Held on the last Wednesday of August (this year falling on the 27th) in the Spanish village of Bunol in Valencia, expect the biggest food fight of your life. There’s not much to it but genuinely losing your inhibitions and pelting ripened tomatoes at your friends, loved ones, and everyone around you!

Unadulterated fun is the only way to describe it. OPTIMUS PRIMAVERA SOUND FESTIVAL is held in Portugal in the City of Porto between the 5th - 7th June. Yes, it’s an international festival with some unknown artists, but Cali boy Kendrick Lamar is making an appearance. Who doesn’t want to be on holiday and listen to Kendrick live? Foals, Girl Band and FKA Twins are all set to take stage too: it’s win-win situation!

The highly anticipated London festival, LOVEBOX, is back for another year this summer, and the line-up is tipped to be their biggest yet. Playing host to the likes of Radio1 DJ Annie Mac and Duke Dumont, LOVEBOX will also feature a very special performance from the girl that everyone’s fighting to work with, Jess Glynn. And if that’s not enough to persuade you, hip-hop genius Nas will be joining unsung queen of the music industry, M.I.A, for an exclusive rendition of his iconic debut album, ‘Illmatic.’ Set to be a sell-out festival, the eclectic event attracts artists and gig worshippers from across the country, encapsulating all things music and style in the process. With frequent appearances from celeb fans such as Alexa Chung and Katy B, you’d be mad not to get in on the action. House and techno enthusiasts certainly won’t be left disappointed this year as LOVEBOX plays host to burgeoning music trends, featuring techno dons Chase and Status, Sub Focus and Adam Beyer, alongside Amsterdam’s freshest resident DJ Tom Trago to satisfy your lust for all things disco. Of course, LOVEBOX wouldn’t be complete without a wave of nostalgia, which is why the most highly coveted band of the 90’s, Soul ll Soul, will be taking the stage to bring the audience a mixture of thumping bass and retro vibes. If you’re looking to escape the crowds and indulge in your own musical haven, don’t forget to bag yourself a couple of VIP tickets to The Pavillion Gardens which will transport you into an opulent world of Regency Era Brighton, bringing the likes of Ben Pearce and Son of Sun, live under one tent, exquisitely furnished no less! Set in the heart of East London, the two day event takes place from 18th – 19th July. Get your tickets from - We’ll see you there! Words : Jacqueline Kilikita


Steps to Success in Music

Hosted by Thandie & Co. Wed 7 May 2014 18:30 - 22:00, Mother London. With a decline in global record sales, increase in digital piracy and a generation that refuses to pay for music, is it still possible to have a successful career in the music industry? Join us at Mother London to discuss the impact the digital 510 West 42nd Street New York, NY age has had, and how the 26th May - 26th August 2014 business model has evolved This May, Magnus Hastings, a pioneer in drag to compensate for these photography, presents a remarkable installation of changes. photographs that capture some of the world’s most This is a GUESTLIST ONLY celebrated drag superstars. Photos represent a wide event and all attendees are spectrum of drag ranging from mainstream icons, required to RSVP underground drag royalty and the new breed of reality television stars. Included notables are Lady Bunny, steps-to-success-in-musicCourtney Act, Sharon Needles and Boy George. It will then move on to other North American cities. tickets-11329012381

New Photo Exhibition Taking Place At The Out NYC

Ryan Cunnew - Magician & Entertainer Too add a bit of magic to your event Ryan is perfect!

Twitter : @ryancunnewmagic Email : Number : +(0)774 7601 346

The Notting Hill Carnival 2014

London gears up to welcome The Notting Hill Carnival 2014. The Notting Hill Carnival is back with even more bursts of colour and culture this year, as the highly anticipated event takes place on 24th and 25th of August! London will be ablaze with parties and parades, Caribbean street food and entertainment, as Notting Hill gears up to welcome crowds of 2.5 million visitors all desperate to get in on a slice of the action. With over 40 sound systems and 50,000 performers, festival goers won’t be disappointed come August Bank Holiday weekend. West London prepares to put on one of the biggest shows the capital has ever seen, even hoping to top last year’s successful and vibrant event. But don’t be afraid to leave the parade, as away from the hustle and bustle, you’ll still find everything that Notting Hill has to offer, including Mediterranean food stalls and local vintage markets just waiting for you to snap up a bargain or two. Do plan your journey in advance, as many tube stations in the area will be closed. We’ll see you there!



Taking place at the Indigo 02 hosted by Charlie Sloth 1Xtra, support acts: Gfrsh, Sincere, Kwest and Mr Play. American hip-hop artist Fabolous is in the UK for an exclusive one-night-only gig at the Indigo 02 on Tuesday 6th May 2014. The platinum award-winning star will be performing all of his greatest hit records. Just what everyone has been waiting for! From his old albums, ‘Ghetto Fabolous’ right to ‘Soul Tape 3’, the show itself will be supported by the UK’s finest talent! Tickets start at £30, and limited ‘Meet & Greet’ tickets are also available. Get your tickets from www.theo2. For more info: eventsinfo123@

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INTRODUCING JOSHUA OKUSANYA! Interview by Charley Jai | @msCJ80

developing my craft. Since joining I’ve secured an agent, as the Theatre invite agents to the shows and have also gone on to perform at the RSC, The Globe and The National to name a few.”


f you’re a British actor with hopes of becoming the next Idris Elba (star of BBC’s Luther and the film Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom), you’d better get your acting skates on because Joshua Okusanya is well and truly making his mark as an actor being hailed as one who “will one day become an international star”… When did you get the acting bug? “While at school and during my teens I came across a company called Positive Hype Drama and my passion for acting grew from there! I then joined Intermission Youth Theatre after meeting the Artistic Director Darren Raymond who is also a great actor and director. Since then I’ve been in several theatre productions, commercials, films and webisodes.” How did you find out about Intermission Youth Theatre? “A mutual associate of mine and Darren Raymond introduced us. After learning about what Intermission do I decided to get involved. I became passionate and excited about

72 Amor Summer 2014

Why is the work Intermission does so important for today’s youth? “The classes give the young people a real focus and boost their confidence. Intermission helps with communication skills and also gives many a sense of direction. Although it’s run at St Savior’s Church in Knightsbridge, there is no pressure on the youth to conform to religion, although we do pray together before shows etc. The best film actors always bring it back to the theatre to perfect their craft. For me, even though I have love for TV & film, the theatre is just as important.” What type of struggles have you overcome while pursuing your career? “In 2011 while starring in The Playground at IYT (a modern version of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream), my mum passed away and the loss affected me very badly. I started to feel that there was no point in living. The day after she passed away I had to go on stage. I told myself, “I have to do well; I have to succeed for her”. The whole experience has given me a new outlook on life; on the world and the way I live. I’m so grateful for all I have.” A long term role on EastEnders, or a small movie role alongside Dame Judi Dench? “Dame Judi Dench! Ha-ha. My aim is to get to Hollywood. I want to be a successful film actor.”

Intermission Youth Theatre (IYT) engages young people from all backgrounds who live in London, in particular those at risk of offending or who lack opportunities. Inspired by Shakespeare, Artistic Director Darren Raymond and his team work together with the young members to devise and perform hugely inspirational and informative plays at St Savior’s Church in Knightsbridge. If you’re interested in learning more about IYT or if you are thinking of joining yourself, please visit the website for details:

‘The Lion King’ This play is astonishing in terms of its vibrancy with techniques on stage as well as its cast. African masks, Malwaysian sadow puppetry... you’re in for much more! Lyceum Theatre 21 Wellington St, London, WC2E 7RQ | Showing until 17th May.

Theatre Productions Below are some of the wonderful and diverse theatre productions on show from May-July 2014: ‘Debris’ Debris follows the journey of two orphaned teenagers, Michael and Michelle. They are keen to solve the puzzle and find meaning amongst the debris in their lives. Southwark Playhouse 77-85 Newington Causeway, London, SE1 6BD | Showing until 17 May. ‘O Snap’ ‘O Snap’ is a co-production led by Utrecht. This production will have you dazzled by its visually appealing and energetic choreography. Michael Croft Theatre Alleyn’s School, Townley Road, SE22 8SU | Showing until 23 May. VOCES8 : Shuffle!’ Audiences can expect to hear a wide range of vocals from a selection of different music styles. These range from jazz standards, pop and sacred and choral and spiritual music. Oval House Theatre 52-54 Kennington Oval, SE11 5SW | Showing 1st June - 30th June.

HEART’ HEART is a jampacked political and emotional love story told through physical theatre. Inspired by the tragic love poem, Leili and Majnoun, HEART expects a feminist outcome for the two love birds! Theatre Tabard 2 Bath road London, W4 1LW | Showing 3rd - 7th June.

Researched by : Lilufa Uddin

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Photo : Drag Queens of London taken by Adam De Silva


he first ever television channel to be devoted to the capital - London Live launched on the 31st March 2014. London Live is owned by Lebedev Holdings, also owner of The Independent and The London Evening Standard. Lebedev Holdings won the TV franchise auction for London Live from Ofcom in February 2013. The channel is targetting 16 - 35 year olds and is aimed at showcasing a reflection of London’s buzzing city, broadcasting local news, current affairs, sports, arts, events and entertainment. The studio’s headquarters are held at Kensington’s Northcliffe house, home to The Independent, The London Evening Standard, and The Mail newspapers. The first acquired series to broadcast on London Live is the family sitcom, All About The McKenzies. The new 6x30 series, previously only available on YouTube, is written and produced by Samuell Benta. The British comedy centres around the McKenzie family and, in particular, follows the journey of Samuell - his everyday life in a crowded family home, trying to build a life, career and family of his own. London Live’s latest original commission

74 Amor Summer 2014

Drag Queens of London, aims to reflect London’s broad drag scene with unprecedented access to this extraordinary and fascinating world, along with their double lives and secrets. The Connected Set, the production company behind the series, is promising a lot more than superficial glitz and glamour. London Live will air 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is available on Freeview channel 8, Sky 117 and Virgin Media 159, with the aim of providing a metropolitan TV rival to the coverage of the capital offered by the BBC, ITV and Sky. Its launch has been touted as the biggest since that of Channel 5 back in 1997. Words : Elisha Ricketts

Photo : All About The McKenzies

Photo : Derren Lawford Amor caught up with London Live’s commissioning Executive - Derren Lawford

1) What do you love about London? “I love the people – there are so many different types of people and culture that you encounter, so many different scenes you can delve into. I love the pace of the city, and I love that it feels like it’s a city where you can achieve whatever you set your mind to do.” 2) Do you plan for London Live to have a differing voice to that of The Independent and The London Evening Standard? And, if so, how do you plan to achieve this?

“London Live will have quite a clear editorial voice that’s distinct from, not only The Evening Standard and The Independent, but also from any other TV channel as well. We’re completely editorially autonomous, but we’re all part of the same media group, so we try and work collaboratively where we fit. We’re very much our own channel with our own voice.” 3) What is it about London that you definitely want London Live to showcase?

“From my perspective, it’s definitely all about new talent, whether onscreen or offscreen. So with our RAW strand, which is a daily strand that runs from 11 till midnight, that’s all about showcasing the very best emerging talent in drama, comedy, music and factual content. Similarly, another strand that I look after, called Platform 8, is all about commissioning new and innovative documentary

makers as well as reporters and presenters. Ultimately we want it to be a channel that provides a platform for talented young Londoners.” 4) Who is London Live’s target market and how do you plan to attract them?

“Our target market for London Live is 16 - 35 year olds, and they’re the type of people who might be reading your magazine or visiting your website. We try to attract them by engaging with them on as many different platforms as we can to let them know that this is a channel that’s for them. I mean, we use the hashtag “#bepartofit”, and we mean that. Our main goal is to get that message across in as many different ways as we can.” 5) What is the best way for Londoners to get their productions commissioned by London Live?

“The best way to get Londoners to get their ideas to me is to email us. So if you email, we look through every single idea and we try to be as prompt as we possibly can, whether it’s a yes or a no. We’re not afraid of giving people a chance at all. I’ve got documentary makers that have never made documentaries before, I’ve got people that have never even made television programmes before. If the idea is strong enough, then we will definitely try and do something with it.” Amor Summer 2014 75


Books For Your

Summer Holidays

Whether you’re home or away this summer, there’s no excuse not to get into the holiday vibe and leisurely read a book. Here are our favourite novels according to each popular genre that you can’t miss out on! Written by Katie Tsappas

Crime: Along Came A Spider by James Patterson This crime thriller is a perfect read for any one who likes mindblowing twists and a complicated plot line. Contemporary: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon Set in the backdrop of WW2, two cousins create a successful comic book that leads to their fame. However, it is the memory of Kavalier’s family left behind in Nazi occupied Prague that haunts the narrative.

Adventure: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson Based on the surreal experiences of drug-hazed minds, this novel is a prime example of anything trying to encapture the American Dream. Romance: Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov An American classic, this story of forbidden love reads as though every sentence is a poem. A perfect summer read for literature enthusiasts.

76 Amor Summer 2014


Fugitive Pieces by

Anne Michaels A story of an identity crisis and the loss of a family, this tale of torment and love will definitely hit a rather emotional nerve. SPECIAL READ*** Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe by Fannie Flagg I found this gem when I was clearing out my loft just before Christmas, and what a treasure it was. Although I didn’t see the appeal of the tattered book, I decided to read it, simply because of the title. It seemed as though it wouldn’t judge me for being a foodie! In fact, it didn’t judge anyone. It explored so many devastating and often

taboo themes we all ignore until we’re forced to face them. I found myself feeling more humble and appreciative about life by the end. Written in 1987, the story switches between two time frames. One is contemporary, and explores the life of an American housewife, Evelyn Couch, who feels uninspired and alienated from her husband and trapped, as she approaches menopause. Evelyn meets Ninny, a feisty old lady, whilst visiting a relative in a care home. Ninny tells her the story of Idgie Threadgoode, an outspoken country girl who leads a colourful life and who opens Evelyn’s eyes to a life beyond anxiety. With the help of Ninny and her stories, Evelyn rediscovers herself, gains more self confidence and seizes life again with both hands. What is even more impressive, is the story behind the book and the bravery of the author Flagg, who overcame

discouragement to write due to her dyslexia. She determinedly finished her masterpiece which established her as a well respected storyteller. Exploring timeless themes from gender and race segregation, to love and friendship, ‘Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe’, is not only a tear-jerker, but an eye opener. A must read for a refreshing new outlook! Words : Rachael Ince Kitson

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Film Diary I

predict a fabulous summer for films but even though we all enjoy a bit of sun, there comes a time when it’s nice to chill with some popcorn complete with a slush puppy infront of the TV! Words : Jan-Marie Revers | @JMRevers

The Amazing Spiderman 2 (OUT NOW) Action / Fantasy Starring: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stine and Jamie Foxx. No ordinary opponent, Peter Parker, is up against some super villains who threaten to have detrimental effects on his life.

Bad Neighbours (03/05/14) Comedy Starring: Seth Rogen and Zac Efron. Can you remember the havoc you or your neighbours caused while at university? Well, just imagine living next to a

78 Amor Summer 2014

house full of like-minded, high on life youths! To make matters more stressful there’s a newborn in the equation. Welcome home!

22 Jump Street (06/06/14) Action / Crime / Comedy Starring: Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill and Ice Cube. I know there are some 21 Jump Street fans out there! Finally, the pair have completed high school, after two attempts, and now they are back again. Going deep undercover at a local college, they should fit in, right?

Think Like a Man Too (19/09/14) Comedy Starring: Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union, La La Anthony and Wendy McLendon-Covey. Singles, couples and the plain confused, it’s time to unite again. Remember all the planning and plotting? Well, they are taking it to Las Vegas for a wedding. This trip could provide a smooth sailing romantic get-

Words : Jan-Marie Revers


he unusually named Armadillo Bar and Grill restaurant, Greenwich O2, was definitely a yummy treat. Armadillo channels the warm Santa Fe vibe; this, combined with their strange blends of recipes will have both your taste buds and tummy tingling with excitement. Boasting a varied menu, customers can try a little bit of everything, well almost. Food fusions

away or utter chaos. My bet’s on the latter.

like “Buttermilk Fried Chicken”, “Tiger Prawn, Chicken and Chorizo Salad” and the much loved “Sirloin Steak and Chips” made decisions difficult as usual. The location size was disappointing. It felt as though I was dining with strangers as the tables were too close for my liking. However, I did decide to go on probably one of the busiest evenings – Beyoncé was performing and her fans, high on anticipation, did not let us forget “Queen Bey” was in close enough proximity! Recommendation: Peanut Butter and Chocolate Milkshake. Sounds horrid, but it is love at first taste. Promise!


Fast & Furious 7 (10/04/15) Action / Crime Starring: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham. The long awaited and eagerly anticipated sequel is finally here… Amorelles, I present to you Fast & Furious 7. You all know what it is revenge time!

Comedy / Drama Starring: Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel, Rob Corddry and Ellie Kemper. A married couple decide to make a sex tape, but when it goes missing the objective of the day quickly changes from exciting “lights, cameras, action” to a frantic game of hide and seek... Sex Tape brings you funny filth with a twist on the conventional married life.

Amor Summer 2014 79



The Modern Pantry

Park Plaza

Park Plaza County Hall, 1 Addington St, London SE1 7RY Type of food: Italian, beautiful food served,

from wild boar ragu to grilled salmon steak. Price range: £££ Review: Great customer service along with exceptional food.

47-48 St John’s Square, Clerkenwell, London EC1V 4JJ Type of food: A variety full of flavour, cooked from tempura battered soft shell crab to Persian spiced lamb. Price range: £££ Review: Beautiful cuisine combining every day cooking with modern ingredients.

Thai & Lao Street Food serves South East Asian food in East London. Using fresh ingredients, every dish on the menu is cooked to order and includes a selection of mixed vegetables. @thaiandlao UNIT 53, BOXPARK Shoreditch 2 Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6HT


F Bodeans BBQ Restaurant

Bodeans Soho, 10 Poland Street, London, W1F 8PZ Type of food: Great authentic taste of American BBQ, and ranges from pulled pork and ribs to wings and steaks. Price range: ££ Review: Everything cooked beautifully including the slow cooked pull pork along with a great atmosphere.

rom the overflowing streets of Camden Town to London Bridge’s Borough Market. All over the UK, street food is becoming the norm in every town centre. Ready to eat or drink straight on the streets, and in many public places, offering a wide variety of cultural flavours appealing to all taste buds. Whether it be the buzz of grabbing a quick bite to eat whilst on the move shopping, sightseeing around town, or simply trying a new cuisine for the first time, we seem to be drawn to the enticing aromas when passing street food that we simply can’t seem to resist. Britain’s street food scene has grown so huge in the last few years and in 2009 it’s very own Street Food Awards were founded to celebrate the new craze. Last year the winner of the ‘Best Street Food Collective’ went to Bristol and the ‘Best Street Food

Event’ went to Birmingham. This year’s British Street Food Awards final will be held in Leeds from the 26th-28th September. For the first time, the event will be holding regional heats, where the winner will be determined by a public vote on the new British Street Food app, and will be announced live at the event finals where the very best street food from across the entire European continent will be showcased. Words : Elisha Ricketts

Run down of the regional heats:

The Central Heat, in Birmingham, on May 2nd The West and Wales Heat, in Bristol, on May 10 The South Heat, in Brighton, on June 14 The London Heat, in London, on July 19 The North Heat, in Manchester, on June 14 For more info:

Amor Summer 2014 81

Travel Destinations Words : Keisha-Monique Joseph

hammam, too, leave with skin even softer than you were born with!

BUDGET: 750pp BUDGET: 500PP Thailand BUDGET: 200pp Croatia

Recently rediscovered holiday destination, Croatia, has something for everyone. Think Zcre for a partying beach holiday with the girls, or Hvar for a cosy couple’s getaway.


There’s nothing better than the preholiday shopping spree, but who says it has to stop after take off? Home to one of the world’s most prestigious fashion week, Milan is the place to go if you want a complete wardrobe overhaul.

With beaches in abundance it’s no surprise Thailand is one of the most popular holidays. Head to Koh Pang for infamous full moon parties or Phuket for an intimate and relaxing retreat. And with luxurious accommodation costing as little as £6 a night, you’ll have spending money left to island hop too.


If your favourite thing about jetting off is experiencing authentic cuisine, then get down to Djemaa el-Fna Square for beautiful tagines, and lamb dishes for the price of a happy meal! Get a

Abu Dhabi

Live a life of luxury whilst vacating in Abu Dhabi, treating yourself to the sweet smelling natural oils and an array of Middle Eastern food while you’re at it. Abu Dhabi hasn’t been ruined by drunk tourists yet so you can enjoy the yearlong sunshine in peace.

Goa, India

There is something quite magical about Goa and all the colours bursting around you. Think Aladdin meets Slum-Dog Millionaire, woven between fragrant authentic curries and freshly squeezed lychee juice. Once a hippie hotspot, you can make it a paradisiacal holiday by avoiding the North and retreating to the spa.

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Classic Motown: The Invasion Begins!

THINGS TO DO Written by @msCJ80


(c) EMI Group Limited


t’s been 50 years since the catchy beats and perfect harmonies of Motown soul music made its way from the USA to Britain, and the party hasn’t stopped yet. In celebration EMI, Universal and Bravado are hosting a gallery full of exclusive photographs charting the movement. The first in a year packed full of celebrations, serves as a living visual tribute to founder of Motown Records, Berry Gordy, featuring rare shots of Marvin Gaye, The Jackson 5 and Diana Ross at the peak of their careers. The exhibition is free to enter. Words : Keisha-Monique Joseph

84 Amor Summer 2014

RICH MIX CINEMA & ARTS CENTRE 35-47 Bethnal Green Road; Shoreditch, London E1 6LA A welcoming hub for those who love art and culture with an affordable bar, café and plenty of entertainment for children and adults! | Box Office: 020 7613 7498

DISCOVER AMERICA! Have you ever wanted to visit the states? Perhaps you’re interested in studying or working in the country dubbed ‘the land of dreams’ or maybe you simply want to go on an adventure. Well, whether you have thought about it or not, this year might be the perfect time to take a trip that may broaden your horizons, and where better to go than the USA? This site will tell you all you need to do and know before you book your flight:

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A TRIBUTE TO PEACHES GELDOF…. The sudden passing of anyone is heart-wrenching. We can only begin to imagine what the family of the late journalist/TV presenter and fashion loving, married mother of 2 must be going through. It’s so tragic that, gone so young at just 25, her sons will not have her around. In her final column for ‘Mother and Baby’ online (published with permission from her family) following the news she had died, Peaches wrote: “being a mum is the best thing in my life. Who cares that parenthood means less partying and late-night dinners? Certainly not your real friends – and the others are just missing out”. At the time of going to print, tributes continued to pour in from celebrities and fans alike. Peaches Geldof had blossomed into such a beautiful and strong young woman and, in mourning; all anyone can do is pray for those she has left behind. Written by @msCJ80

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FATHER’S DAY GIFT IDEAS - Sunday 15th June 2014 Words : Keisha-Monique Joseph

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e all want a successful, lucrative, long-term career, right? But, with so much talent in the world, how can any of us ensure we stand out for the right reasons and at the right time? It’s We actually quite need to simple: move with the times and stay informed at every step of the way! Here are some tips:








If you stay on top of Google you’ll always be in-the-know. Search at least 3-4 times weekly for information about the type of career you want to pursue.

2. 3.

Take classes, workshops, courses OR spend time watching those who have the career you aspire to have, via YouTube, on TV etc. Be prepared to go it alone. Nobody is ever going to hand your completed goals to you on a plate. You have to be about what you want to bring about.


TALK TO PEOPLE!! Attend as many events concerning your chosen field as you possibly can. Always have a pen and paper, business cards where possible and a welcoming face at the ready.


Put yourself forward – volunteer to gain the necessary skills, to meet the right people and to take yourself further towards achieving your ultimate goal of success. Believe you can do it, because you can!


Finally, embrace the mistakes you make along the way and be ready to tackle the real challenge of learning with each one. Age 13+ Check out British Red Cross – uk/Get-involved/ Age 17-30 Check out @BusinessLP –

88 Amor Summer 2014 Age 30+ Visit your local College, University, Theatre, Job Centre Plus and other such institutes and query if they have any jobs or opportunities in your chosen field! Words : Charley Jai @msCJ80



s a formidable woman in Media! @CharleneWhite She is a journalist and newsreader for ITN with more than a decade of experience behind her with her job taking her across the UK and abroad. A woman who, for many years, has been a huge inspiration for those who aspire to achieve success in the same field, Charlene White recently joined the panel of Steps to Success in Broadcasting, where she gave a number of useful tips to achieving success within this industry.

Photo taken by: Ikenna Mokwe

people can see your face! But in radio I was presenting shows up to four hours long, which is insane compared to a thirty minute news programme on telly. However, I wouldn’t say that one is any easier than the other.” What drives you?

Had you always wanted to work in media?

“I’ve wanted to since I was about 16 years old. I wanted to tell people’s stories and journalism was the best way to do that. My dad would teach me to read by showing me the headlines in The Guardian newspaper, so that probably had a lot to do with it as well.” What steps did you take to get into your line of work?

“I sent out fifty letters to various newspapers and magazines when I was 16 asking for work experience. The Guardian was the only one who got back to me and they said yes… (yes, I know. Very spooky!). I spent two weeks working with the team who were looking at whether the newspaper could work online (the internet was in its infancy at that point) - and as soon as I walked into the newsroom, I was hooked. I then went on to do a degree in journalism, did a stint writing at the New York Post in Manhattan during that time, then when I graduated I got a job as a trainee newsroom journalist and the rest, as they say, is history.” Are there greater challenges with news reading in comparison to presenting radio?

“I wouldn’t say the challenges are greater; the main difference, of course, is the fact that

“I enjoy what I do, I wouldn’t do it otherwise. Plus, I’m the daughter of two immigrants who moved here for a better life and more opportunities - and I’m proud of them for that. So, I think it’s only fair that I do things that make them proud of me too.” Is there more that you would like to achieve in your career?

“Of course! There’s always something more to achieve...”

In your opinion, what is the key to succeeding in journalism?

“To actually want to be a journalist and to have a huge amount of determination! Too many people want to be journalists as some kind of pathway to fame... and no company wants to employ someone as a journalist if that is their sole aim. You need to be passionate about current affairs, politics, international affairs etc. You also need to read lots and have a hunger for knowledge, you must be prepared to work hard... If you’re looking for a 9-5 job, then journalism really isn’t the job for you.” Interview by Charley Jai @msCJ80

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3 Key Time Management Tips!


ime management is ultimately something most people struggle with at some point in their life. Needless to say, there are many helpful suggestions both online and in books, which can give us guidance on how to best use our time. We are often in constant battle over what needs to be done and what is actually significant in our lives. This is particularly true when it comes to our personal health. Personally, I am more worried about meeting a deadline than making an appointment at the doctors. This is because my deadline becomes an urgent matter, which overrules the significance of my well-being. We need to control our time better, so that we have a balanced lifestyle. This can only be established through effective use of time management skills. This can be achieved in a number of ways:



. Avoid distractions. A lot of

our time is spent daydreaming, checking emails or messages, flicking through TV channels and surfing various websites and, specifically, social networking sites. We tend to do all this even when we have decided that we are going to be productive individuals at work. So, I would suggest that you put your phone on silent if you know you’re working to a deadline. Make sure that you are in a comfortable area and that you are not constantly looking for some sort of human contact. Motivate yourself by making sure you produce work of a high-standard, without any distractions.

. Make a to-do list each day. This will

enable you to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. Give yourself regular breaks in between tasks to refresh and energise yourself, so that you are able to concentrate better. As you complete a task, tick it off your to-do list and reward yourself at the end of the working day. This can range from something small, such as going out for a nice meal or simply relaxing at home. Whatever floats your boat!

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. Concentrate on ONE thing at

a time. Keep focused. In this day and age we are constantly trying to multi-task our roles in the family, workplace and education, in addition to our outside commitments. This is very skilful, but do one thing at a time to avoid wasting time. Words : Lilufa Uddin



ver missed out on an opportunity because you were worried about the embarrassment of getting rejected? Ever failed to make your move because you were fearful of what others would think if it didn’t work out? The other night, my mate Lucy and I went for dinner. You see, one of our friends worked at the restaurant we were visiting and we had been told we could get a discount on our meal. But when the bill arrived we were dismayed to find that we had been charged full price. (Noooo!) Now don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t about entitlement and we were happy to pay full price but, I gotta admit, we were a little disappointed. I was just about to take out my purse when Lucy piped up: ‘WAIT! HOLD UP! I’m going to be shameless and ask for the discount anyway.’ Before I could say anything, she got up and marched over to the waiter. A few minutes, extensive arm gestures and a series of animated facial expressions later, she returned beaming: ‘We got the discount!’ Now I don’t know about you but I hate asking for stuff. I often feel like a complete moron and act super awkward, but Lucy demonstrated a very important principle that many of us fail to follow: if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Us women need to be more shameless when it comes to taking the driver’s seat in our lives and careers. And I don’t mean wearing ass-skimming outfits or shooting our mouths off. I’m talking about asking for what you want in life, without fear. I’m talking about being more courageous and not being held back because of the possibility of rejection. In her book Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead, COO of Facebook Sheryl

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Be Miss Shameless: Why It Pays To Ask for What You Want Sandberg explains that women are often held back in the work place because they undermine their own capabilities. In contrast to their male colleagues, women often fail to apply for job opportunities because they feel under-qualified. But Sandberg insists ‘Women need to shift in thinking “I’m not ready to do that” to thinking “I want to do that - and I’ll learn by doing that.” In other words, if you feel underqualified but want that kick-ass job, apply anyway girl! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Be shameless. You want that free upgrade? Why not ask? You might be pleasantly surprised. You want that window seat? Hey no biggie, why not ask? You’d be surprised how many of us

miss out on incredible opportunities by simply not asking.

Now let’s keep it real, most of the time people will say no. But if there is a possibility for advantage, progression or advancement, why not go for it? Be shameless. Be brave. Be Miss Ask dot com. Knock on the doors of opportunity, take the helm of your own destiny. ‘You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.’ Oprah Winfrey Words by Yazmin Joy Vigus @aliljoy |

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In April 2012 Maya Washington went on a crusade to shamelessly promote her art on social media platforms for 365 days, in an attempt to gain more confidence and share her art. I mean, why not, right? People shamelessly promote their personal lives on social media all the time. She figured why not use the same tactics to promote her work and passion. Today Shameless Maya is an internet sensation with over 300,000 YouTube followers and a loyal fan base who share in Maya’s love for life and art. Maya didn’t wait to be star spotted, or let others determine her future, instead she saw social media as a

chance to advance her career and life, and she asked fans to join her on her journey - which they did in their thousands!


Breaking the Bad Relationship Cycle


re you a relationship junkie? Have you had a series of back-toback relationships but they never seem to work out? ‘Everything was going great and suddenly, out of nowhere, he broke up with me! What the actual f-!’ If you have come to a point where your romantic life is causing you constant distress and suffering, maybe it’s time to take a step back. It’s time to self-analyse. If there is one thing I have learnt about being on Relationship Street, is that you can only clean up your side of the pavement. What does this mean? It means we must take responsibility for our own actions. Why? Because these are the only things within our control. Here are four tips for

breaking the bad relationship cycle:

1) Become a whole person on your own.

Before you even THINK about re-entering the dating arena, you must learn to date yourself. Get to know what you like doing on your own. Cook yourself a meal and go hangout with yourself. ‘Why would I want to date myself?’ I hear you say. ‘That’s boring!’ But think of it this way, if you don’t like spending time with yourself, how can you expect someone else to enjoy spending time with you? If you don’t find yourself interesting, why would anyone else find you interesting? You need to be a whole person on your own.

2) The power of the slow burner.

When it comes to relationships there is truth in the saying: ‘The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long.’ When you start dating someone, how long do you wait before sex? Do you see each other

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are willing to fix themselves. Not only is it important that you become a whole person on your own, you need to date someone who is equally secure and happy in themselves. Together you will be a force to be reckoned with.

everyday? Do you tell them your life story on the first date? Do you say ‘I love you’ after a month? If you have had a series of bad relationships it might be worth considering whether you are a person who gives too much too soon. Slow down partner!

Don’t get me wrong, I like words of affection and romantic gestures, but in a new relationship, just understand that this doesn’t necessarily mean they want long-term commitment. How can it? You’ve just met. It might mean ‘I love you now’, ‘I could love you forever’ or ‘I would love to get into your knickers.’

4) Understand you can’t fix anybody.

Are you a fixer? Do you date people with issues? Do you want to be the one to save Mr Troublemaker? Newsflash: no one can fix anyone unless they

If you are a person who keeps going through break-ups, you need to recognise your own behaviour patterns. If you want serious change in your life, the change needs to start with you. After all, the greatest relationship we will have in life is the one we have with ourselves. Words : Yazmin Joy Vigus @aliljoy |

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3) ‘I love you’ does not mean ‘I will love you forever.’

‘Some people come in your life as blessings, others come in your life as lessons.’ Mother Teresa.


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e have all heard of the old cliché holiday romance and many of us have actually experienced them. But are holiday romances ever a good idea and can they ever turn into a real relationship? I have heard a few stories where summer romances have gone further than a mere two week ‘bit of fun’, and I am sure you have too. There are couples out there who have had whirlwind fairytale romances and have actually ended up happily married. In this world of social media and instant messaging and Skyping people who are half way across the world, it does make you think that maybe it is possible. Maybe you can meet ‘the one’ wherever you are and maybe there are enough resources out there to keep the relationship going. It is also much more likely

Can a summer fling ever really work? that if you meet somebody in a different country you would not only be able to keep in contact with them, but that one of you would be able to visit frequently and eventually relocate. But then again, maybe for most people this could only ever be a fantasy. After all, is a two week holiday really enough time to get to know someone? Also, aren’t you that little bit different when you’re on holiday? I don’t know about you, but I am much more carefree, free of responsibility and just able to be spontaneous! Therefore, would it be hard to integrate someone you meet in the holiday world into your everyday life? If you’re going away this summer and are single and ready to mingle, one thing you should consider if you want to take a holiday fling further, is that you know what views the other person holds. Not being on the same page could be problematic, so be careful and always guard your heart. Bring on the holiday season! Words : Maria Louisa Scott

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