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Goldilocks and the Three Bears By Nubia Fokum and Audie Moore

Page 1 Once upon a time, there was a little girl named goldilocks, who lived in a large house, in the suburbs with her parents. Goldilocks was a girl that was obsessed with her computer and rarely spent time away from it.

Page 2 Her parents saw this as a big problem, and decided to take her out into the woods, to see the beauties of the natural world. Goldilocks didn’t want to go, but she had no choice. She got in the families car and drove to

Page 3 When they arrived at the forest, Goldilocks immediately regretted her decision to leave her computer. She was sad, until Goldilocks saw the most beautiful creature she had ever seen. It was called a butterfly, and because she stayed at her computer all day, this was the first one she had ever seen. She decided to chase after this wonderful creature.

Page 4 She sprinted as fast as she could, trying to catch the butterfly, but it just kept fluttering away from her. After a long time of chasing the butterfly, she noticed that she was a

Page 5 She roamed around the forest for a long time trying to find the smallest trace of humanity. Then she came across this big lavish mansion of a house. It was decked out with glass doors, a Brinks security system, and three platinum Bentley's in the garage.

Page 6 As she gazed at the mansion she saw three bears walking out of the house with a grocery list consisting of honey nut cheerios and fried catfish. As they left Goldilocks, being a technological genius, dashed to the door and cracked the security code to get inside.

Page 7 She ran inside frantically looking for a phone. She called her parents and they said they should be at the house within the hour. Figuring she had some time to spare, she sat down and saw Mama Bear’ s Wii U, but it was too boring. She then looked around and saw the next console, Papa Bear’s Xbox One, but it was too complicated. She then glanced at Baby Bear’s Playstation 4 and decided it was just right.

Page 8 Now that she had entertainment, she just needed some music to listen to, while she was playing playstation 4. She found Mama Bear’s country cds, but they were too bland for her. Then she found Papa Bear’s rock cds, but they were too loud for her. Then, at last, she found baby bear’s hip hop cds, and they were just right for her.

Hip Hop

Page 9 In the middle of her Killzone Shadow Fall session she heard the garage open and she rapidly went to a window, to see who was coming up the driveway. She saw that it was the three bears. She frantically went to go turn off Baby Bear’s Playstation 4 and hip hop music.

Page 10 After she had turned off Baby Bear’s things, she knew that she had to leave quickly, or else she would be caught in the three bears mansion. She saw the back door of the house, and ran towards it to escape.

Page 11 At that moment the bears appeared in the house and clearly saw the stranger in their home. Goldilocks, still thinking she could get away, continued to run for the back door. Although she tried to run away, Goldilocks was caught by Papa Bear.

Page 12 Shortly after this situation had occurred, Goldilocks’ parents arrived at the mansion. The parents explained what had happened to the three bears, and then forced Goldilocks’ to apologize to the bears. Although the apology seemed sincere, Mama Bear was very mad that Goldilocks broke their expensive security system and played with their possessions.

I'm Sorry

Page 13 Goldilocks’ parents were forced to pay a fine to the bears. Also, Goldilocks was punished at home by her parents. She was grounded for a year and Goldilocks’ favorite computer was taken away and destroyed by her parents

You are grounded!

The End

Goldilocks and the three bears  
Goldilocks and the three bears  

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