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: Citrix 1Y0-A02


: Citrix XenServer Enterprise Edition 4.1:Administration

Version : R6.1

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1. What is an advantage of application-based virtualization solutions? A. Higher consolidation ratios B. Data center high availability C. Centralized server management D. The ability to use diverse hardware Answer: D

2. What is the function of full emulation? A. Simulating the complete hardware B. Running applications as conventional local software C. Leveraging of a hypervisor for the underlying technology D. Offering an API that modifies the guest operating system Answer: A

3. What does XenServer Enterprise Edition use to convert storage devices into a storage pool? A. Local disk drive B. Network disk drive C. Logical volume manager D. Physical volume manager Answer: C

4. Which mechanism for changing the physical network IP configuration is supported on a XenServer 4.1 host? A. Use the xe command line interface B. Use the XenServer CD installer system C. Use of the XenCenter Client network configuration menu D. Use a text editor to edit the network configuration files in control domain Answer: A

5. An administrator is configuring a new XenServer implementation and wants to use the Paravirtualized (PV) drivers for Windows virtual machines.

What must the administrator install in order to use the PV drivers? A. XenServer Tools B. WHQL Signed Driver C. Local Host Network Tools D. RealTek Fast Ethernet driver Answer: A

6. Scenario: An administrator wants to leverage the following XenServer Enterprise Edition features: 1. XenMotion 2. Fast cloning 3. Thin provisioning 4. Shared virtual machine storage 5. Automatic virtual machine placement Which two storage solutions must the administrator use to allow for all of these features? (Choose two.) A. NetApp B. Local disk C. Fibre-Channel D. Software iSCSI E. Hardware iSCSI F. NFS-based NAS Answer: AF

7. Which statement about the use of internal and external virtual networks is true? A. Internal networks are used to connect to a physical NIC, whereas external networks are used to connect to a physical network. B. Internal networks are used to connect to VLANs on the physical network, whereas external networks are used to connect to a physical network. C. Internal networks are used to connect to a physical network, whereas external networks are used to connect to Virtual Machines on multiple servers. D. Internal networks are used to connect to other Virtual Machines on the same server, whereas external

networks are used to connect to physical NICs. Answer: D

8. Scenario: A Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition virtual machine (VM) running on a XenServer host with four physical CPUs is consistently reporting high virtual CPU (vCPU) utilization. Currently, the VM is assigned one vCPU. According to Citrix best practices, what is the maximum number of vCPUs that can be assigned to the Windows Server 2003 VM? A. 2 B. 4 C. 8 D. 16 E. 32 Answer: C

9. What is the maximum number of physical CPU cores supported with XenServer Enterprise Edition 4.1? A. 16 B. 32 C. 64 D. 128 Answer: B

10. By default, MAC addresses assigned to Virtual Machines (VM) virtual network interfaces are __________? (Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence.) A. cloned from the XenServer B. determined by the host server C. assigned manually by administrators D. auto-assigned by the server using random algorithm Answer: D

11. What will occur when an administrator inserts the XenCenter installation CD into the CD ROM on a workstation if Auto-play is enabled for the CD drive? A. The installer file icon will appear. B. The client install directory will open. C. The XenCenter application installer will launch. D. The XenCenter Setup executable file will be displayed. Answer: C

12. What is the maximum amount of supported physical memory that XenServer Enterprise Edition 4.1 can use on a physical system? A. 32 GB B. 64 GB C. 128 GB D. 256 GB Answer: C

13. When installing XenServer Enterprise Edition onto a single disk system, the minimum amount of disk space required is _______GB. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.) A. 8 B. 12 C. 16 D. 20 Answer: C

14. What are two settings that an administrator would need to configure in order to PXE boot a physical server on which XenServer host will be installed from a network file share? (Choose two.) A. A DHCP server to enable PXE booting B. A default gateway to communicate to the TFTP server C. A NFS, FTP or HTTP server to house the installation files D. A DNS server to allow the system that needs to PXE boot to do so using name services

Answer: AC

15. Before booting the installer CD to upgrade to XenServer Enterprise Edition 4.1, which step should an administrator perform according to best practices? A. Create a management NIC B. Delete the current server configuration C. Re-enter the physical network configuration D. Backup the existing Virtual Machines (VM) with a VM export Answer: D

16. Which command can an administrator use to create an ISO image on a Linux system? A. dd B. tar C. cpio D. dumpe2fs Answer: A

17. An administrator has been asked to convert existing physical installations of supported Linux distributions to virtual machines in order to run in a XenServer environment. Which method can the administrator use to convert the Linux distributions? A. Copy the operating system from a CD to the appropriate template. B. Use a template that contains a complete pre-installed operating system. C. Convert an existing physical instance using the XenServer Installation media. D. Install the operating system from a network-accessible vendor media repository to the appropriate template. Answer: C

18. What does a full template include that a basic template does not? A. Settings B. Disk layout

C. MAC address D. Installation files Answer: D

19. Which two items are automatically assigned to a Virtual Machine (VM) created from a VM template? A. Unique ID B. New hostname C. Network settings D. New MAC address Answer: AD

20. What is the recommended location for an ISO library? A. On a remote installation server B. On a remote NFS or CIFS server C. On the control domain in /var/opt/xen/iso_import D. On the control domain in /opt/xensource/packages/iso Answer: B

21. Which benefit does the XenServer paravirtualization driver provide? A. Emulated driver controls B. Standard device controls C. High performance I/O services D. High performance device emulation Answer: C

22. What is an inappropriate method for creating a Virtual Machine (VM) with the XenServer management tools? A. Copy an existing VM B. Import a Microsoft.VHD file directly into XenCenter C. Create a VM in XenCenter from an existing VM template

D. Import a previously-exported XenServer VM image using the XenServer CLI E. Use XenCenter to install from vendor media such as a CD/ISO image or network install source Answer: B

23. To run a Microsoft Windows based Virtual Machine (VM), the hardware platform must support _________ or _________. (Choose the two options that correctly complete the sentence.) A. PCI-X B. AMD-V C. Intel LT D. Intel VT Answer: BD

24. An administrator is creating a physical network for a XenServer Virtual Machine (VM). The administrator now needs to set up the management NIC. Which information does the administrator need in order to set up the management NIC? A. MAC address B. Domain name C. IP configuration data for one address D. IP configuration data for multiple addresses Answer: C

25. Scenario: An administrator is unable to reach a XenServer virtual machine (VM) that should be running. The administrator checks XenCenter and sees the icon in the attached exhibit displayed next to the VM. Please click the Exhibit button to view the icon. Which life cycle operation should the administrator perform in order to enable access to the VM? A. Import B. Reboot C. Resume D. Power on Answer: C

26. Which algorithm is available to set quality of service (QoS) on a virtual NIC? A. I/O Nice B. Policing C. Rate limit D. Weighted fair queuing Answer: C

27. A Linux Virtual Machine (VM) and a Windows VM are running on the same host. The administrator configured these VMs to communicate only with each other. Which type of XenServer network enables their communication? A. Bridge B. Internal C. External D. Physical Answer: B

28. Which XenServer component allows flexible pooling of disk devices? A. Logical Volumes B. Physical Volumes C. Storage Repository D. Logical Volume Manager Answer: C

29. Which two XenServer storage repositories use LVM-based storage guest virtual machines? (Choose two.) A. NFS B. CIFS C. Local D. iSCSI

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