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Maternity Tights

Pregnancy is a wonderful time, but there will certainly be times when you will be quite uncomfortable in your regular clothing. The answer, obviously, is to get some maternity clothes. If you normally wear UK slimming jeans, you’ll probably want to buy maternity tights for using during your pregnancy. Maternity tights are accessories that can enhance your outfit as well as give you added support. Many women have back pain during pregnancy due to the added weight that their back must support during pregnancy. Tights help lend you the support you while adding warmth for cold days. Maternity tights are normally made of comfortable cotton and some type of stretch fabric like spandex to allow room for a growing, pregnant belly. They come in colours ranging from white to navy blue, denim, gray, brown and black. Some are slim-leg style and fit tighter on the legs while others are looser, though still fitted. You can wear tights under maternity skirts and dresses, or along with t-shirts or long sweaters. Really, you can wear them with almost anything you normally would wear tights with. Some are Capri length, while others extend to the feet. Always buy tights in your normal size, unless, of course, you discover that your legs seem to be gaining weight. Maternity tights are both stylish and comfortable, making them a popular choice among pregnant women. They’re also a healthy choice because they don’t constrict your belly, which can harmful for both and your baby. And yet their stretchability lets them fit snugly. There are a number of types of maternity tights available. The first type is the standard, sheer pair of tights that basically offer just a special upper section for the growing belly. These tights are great for everyday wear, especially for work or for a particular outfit. © 2011

The next type of maternity tights is named compression (or support) tights. These tights have true gradient compression, meaning they deliver a controlled level of pressure that is certainly greatest on the ankle and gradually decreases on top of the stocking. These tights aid the body in keeping the blood flowing in the lower extremities, thereby limiting the development of varicose veins and other leg ailments. The third type of maternity clothing is the fashion variety, though manufacturers are still pretty slow off the mark when it comes to these. A good pair of opaque maternity tights can keep the, keep the legs feeling and looking great, and at the same time frame help keep your wardrobe up-to-date. Some brands of maternity tights offer special features, providing you with several options according to your needs. Some tights have belly support built into them, providing stability for more active women; you can wear some of these with the top either folded underneath your stomach or unfolded so as to cover your stomach. Some tights are built of fabrics that wick moisture away from your skin, keeping you comfortable and dry. Make sure you buy tights with smooth seams that don’t dig into your stomach. Up until recent years, any type of maternity tights were quite hard to come by. Finding them still isn’t that easy, but thanks to online maternity hosiery sections and dedicated maternity shops, buying maternity tights has never been easier.

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Choosing Maternity Tights that Best for you  

Choosing Maternity Tights that Best for you