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Production Log Week 4 Key Aims For the Week: . Interview a Parent gamer . Make sure the call sheets are done for the Parent gamer . Risk assessment for Parent gamer What I accomplished: During this week, I had to make sure my call sheet for the interview with the Parent gamer was up to date. I also had to confirm the time in case it changed and so I would need to change it on the call sheet. Now that my call sheet was up to date, I went to film my first interview which was with a Parent gamer. My cameraman was Gurdeep Sheri who conducted a variety of filming angles and shots during the interview to make my camera language good. Also once the interview was done, I would need to update my risk assessment in case there were any other hazards I may have faced which I would not have thought about before I conducted the interview. Key Issues: There were not any major issues I came across this week apart from making sure I came on time to the interview to set a good example for me as well as the school itself.

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