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Production Log Week 1 Key Aims For The Week: - Shooting Script draft - Create my vox pop questions for my documentary - Phone and send emails to arrange possible interviews - Create interview questions for my documentary What I accomplished: During this week, I have been doing work towards my production which will better my documentary. I have created some of the shooting scenes in my shooting script which will help me get a better idea on how things will be when it comes to the recording. I will also be able to look back at the shooting script incase I forget any of the shooting scenes. I created five vox pop questions which I will be asking to random people on the streets but within my target audience age group so that it will be more appealing and also to get an insight into what people think about gaming and if it really does affect people's social lives. Emails were sent and phone calls were made to gaming companies in order to find out if I could possibly hold an interview with them to see what they have to say about gaming and the social effect's side. Key Issues: There have been a few key issues during this week and in order to accomplish these I will need to manage my time properly in order to get more work done. I could have done more work in my shooting script so that I would need to do less later on and completely finish off my interview questions so that I had them ready to ask when it comes to interviewing.

Production Log Week 1  

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