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Amneet Dhillon

Intentions I am challenging the idea that by playing games, it can effect your social life. I am exploring the different kind of side effects gaming can have on you if your constantly playing games all the time. I am investigating what about gaming it is that causes side effects. I am proving how playing games can have side effects on your social life such as not interacting with friends or family as much as you would without gaming. I will be doing this by breaking the documentary into segments to get a better structure. My angle on this will be looking at the social effects gaming has on a person.

Content Of Idea Topic: The topic of this documentary is about gaming and how it can have an effect on your social life Angle: There are many angles I can look into about gaming as it covers many angles. However I will be looking into the social effects gaming can have on you. Unique Selling Point: The unique selling point of my idea will be showing the social effects gaming has had on somebody. Arguments/ Debates: My documentary will explore the debates about gaming and the social effects it can have on somebody such as if it stops people from going out or interacting with there friends. I will be including some facts and figures and will also be asking a day to day gamer what it is about gaming that interests them and keeps them playing. Bias: I intend to give both sides an equal amount of coverage. For example I will do this by interviewing somebody who’s social life has been impacted by gaming and be interviewing a game producer company to see what they have to say.

Structure & Running Order Segment 1 – Me in my bedroom introducing gaming and how it has developed over the recent years. Segment 2 – Archive footage on gaming with a voice over. Segment 3 – Vox pops. ( How many hours do you spend gaming a week ) Segment 4 – Me in my bedroom talking about how gaming has an impact on social lives with some facts and figures. Segment 5 – Me talking about recent stories that have been in the news about people murdering in the same style of a game with some archive footage of these stories. Segment 6 – Interview someone who’s social life has been effected by video games. Segment 7 – Me in my bedroom giving a brief talk about social lives and then talking about the game producer companies Segment 8 – Me walking into a game producer company building Segment 9 – Interview with someone from the game producer company asking several questions on how they make there games addictive. Segment 10 – Recording of information inside the building with a voice over. Segment 11 – Me in my bedroom talking about gaming. Segment 12 – Interviewing someone who plays games everyday Segment 13 – Me in my bedroom concluding everything in the documentary and then finishing off with asking the audience a rhetorical question.

Profile Of Target Audience & Appeal Of Your Idea Age: 16-24 year olds Gender: Both male and female Location: Within the United Kingdom Interests: People who are interested in consoles and video games Ambitions: Future career in gaming Employment Status/ Education: My target audience will be in education and some will be out of education working Disposable Income: Quite low as my target audience’s income is from there parents Ethnicity: All ethnicity’s Opinions: Gaming has an effect on people’s social lives and its resulting in bad terms. Existing Media Consumptions/ Favourite Media Texts: Researching gaming and watching the gadget show Socio Economic Status: C2-E Niche or Mainstream: Mainstream as my documentary is aimed at students who will be informed about how long hours of gaming per day can effect your social life.

Explanation Of Research & Key Findings Primary Research – Focus Groups . In this focus group, I set out to find which one of my proposals would appeal to my target audience the most. . Examining both the audience and content. . The method was suited to the research because it gave me valuable feedback. . The research obtained was Qualitative Research. Primary Research – Questionnaire . I created a questionnaire to get more of an insight into my target audience which in return, would give me more information and idea’s to put towards my documentary. . I gained idea’s on my target audience’s creative thoughts and idea’s . Quantative and Qualitative research was obtained through this questionnaire. Both open and close questions were asked to get a mixture of responses which would give me more idea’s. Secondary Research – Internet Research . Gave more knowledge on the 3 idea’s I had and more insight of each of my three topics. . Statistics and expert opinions gave me quantitative and qualitative research . Examining the content idea’s Secondary Research – Textual Analysis . I compared my documentary to other similar ones in the current market. . Gave me more of an insight to the market and built my knowledge more. . I found more positive things to include as well as things to not include and got more idea’s on shots, camera angles and locations.

Technical Viability What equipment will you need for the production? . Microphone . Camera . Tripod . Boom Microphone What equipment will you need for post-production? . Live type . Final Cut Pro . iMac What crew members will you need? . Presenter . Cameraman . Sound Operator Who will they be? . Presenter – Sanjeev Pnag (Cousin) . Cameraman – Amneet Dhillon . Sound Operator – Neesha Dhillon (Sister)

Practical Viability Who will appear in your documentary? Where will you find them? . Presenter – Sanjeev Pnag (Permission Pending) . Sound Operator – Neesha Dhillon (Permission Pending) . Interviewee – Billy English (Still To Request) . Interviewee – Gurdeep Sheri (Permission Granted) . Interviewee Where will your feature be shot? Do you have to access these location(s)? . Chadwell Heath Academy (Still to request) . Game Producer Company location (Still to request) . Bedroom (Permission granted) Will you use archive footage? Where will you find it? Will you need permission to use this footage? . I will be using archive footage and will find this over the internet on sites such as YouTube. I will need permission to use these archive footage as they belong to other people and if I do not get this permission then it is copyrighting which is going against the law.

Legal & Regulatory Considerations Truth and Accuracy: When talking about facts and figures, I will need to make sure they are from a reliable source as they may be false from the internet. I will also need to make sure that they are balanced.

Harm and Offence: Harm and Offence will also effect my work in a way that I will need to make sure that my target audience is protected from vulnerable offences. An example would be if there was a racist person in my interview, any racist comments will not be shown.

Serving The Public Interest: I will need to make sure that my documentary addresses my target audience as it needs to inform, educate and entertain them.

Privacy: Privacy will effect my work as I will need to respect my target audience's privacy and not infringe it .I will need to make sure private information will not be brought up to the public domain.

Impartiality and Diversity of Opinion: I will need to get as many opinions as possible for the pro’s and con’s in order to get a balanced view.

Legal & Regulatory Considerations Defamation: Defamation could effect my work, for example if one of the persons being interviewed says his friend is claiming benefits for a disability he doesn’t have so that he can play games all day without having to work. He would claim defamation of character against me but I have heard this from a secondary source and so cannot back this up with evidence.

Privacy and Confidence: I will need to make sure everyone who is directly involved in production gives me there full permission. Even people who are indirectly involved will have to give me there permission to protect there right to privacy.

Copyright: Copyright could effect my work as if I use archive footage without the owners permission, they could sue me and take me to court.

Contempt Of Court: My documentary is not based around legal proceedings so this point of law should not effect me

Legal & Regulatory Considerations Reconstruction: There will not be any reconstructions taking place in my documentary but I will still make sure no-one is falsely portrayed

Potentially Offensive Material: I will not have

Dealing With Contributors:

any potentially offensive material in my documentary as this will limit the target market to a older audience.

Everyone involved in my documentary will give me permission to allow their input to be presented.

Criminality: My documentary will not contain any criminality

Commercial Viability - Remit Inform – My documentary will inform the audience by using facts and figures such as the average game hours played by a gamer compared to someone who plays games casually in their spare time. Educate – The audience will be educated on the effects gaming can have on your social life. Entertain – The audience will be entertained by uses of relevant imagery, upbeat music to keep the tempo of the documentary, interviews with game producers and gamers and relevant archive footage.

I am aiming to slot my documentary in the time period 7:30 – 8pm. There is competition from The Strictly Come Dancing and The X-Factor in which my target audience will be watching that as well. However in February, X-Factor will be finished by then as so my target audience will be drawn to my documentary.

Commercial Viability - Market The Anti-Social Network This documentary has a similar angle to my documentary. It looks at why people are addicted to video games and the amount of game hours which are consumed daily or weekly. From this documentary, I have more of an idea to what camera angles and what shot types I can do in order to better my documentary.

Renegade Documentary This documentary focuses on why people playing video games and what they get out of playing it. From it, I can use the idea of facts and figures in my documentary. This will help improve my documentary and make it more appealing to my target audience.

Does Video Game Addiction Exist? This documentary focuses on questioning individuals on when they started playing video games and why. It also questions what video games they play. I can use this same idea and ask my interviewee’s why they started playing games. I will improve my documentary by having archive footage and images as this is an average documentary which just interview’s people.

Commercial Viability - Budget If I was to buy all of the equipment and provide my actors with food, then out of £7500 I would need to spend £5533.89 and have £1966.11 remaining for anything else I would need to spend money on. However realistically, my school will provide me with the equipment such as a camera, tripod and camera battery. I will use the school’s iMac’s and editing software’s when it comes to editing my documentary. So really, I will only need to spend money on the travel when I go to record interview’s and shots.

Questions For Your Audience . Do you think my documentary will appeal to the given target audience? . Do you feel there is anything that I have missed out which I could improve my documentary? . Do you feel my commercial viability area will be a success in my documentary? . Do you feel my documentary will be better informal or formal? . Do you feel the angle of my documentary is being addressed?

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homework for media