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iNsidE this WirE stArt hErE. stArt NoW. stop torturE.

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Find out why Amnesty’s Stop Torture campaign needs you to stand between the torturer and the tortured. pAgE 4.

Banksy’s iconic “girl with a red balloon” gets a Russian rework at a #WithSyria vigil (pAgE 2); Standing up for journalists jailed in Egypt (pAgE 3); How a protest led to 18 years in jail for a farmer in Uzbekistan (pAgE 11); Celebrating the launch of our My Body My Rights campaign (pAgE 24).

fightiNg torturE siNCE 1961 It’s been 50 years since Amnesty International began the fight to stop torture. Celebrate some of our milestones along the way on

pAgE 6.

stANdiNg up to ClAudiA’s torturErs, togEthEr Salil Shetty, Amnesty’s Secretary General, meets Claudia Medina, a torture survivor in Mexico. pAgE 10.

piCturiNg thE pAiN A gallery of Ali Aarrass’ detailed drawings showing the torture he says he suffered in a Moroccan prison. He’s still there – but together, we can change that. pAgE 12.

robbEd of A futurE Moses Akatugba survived torture, but will he survive death row? Find out what you can do to help him on pAgE 14.

thE ACtivist doCtor Doctor Aurora Parang’s long-standing battle against torture in the Philippines began in a prison cell. She explains why on pAgE 16.

‘thE most AmAziNg ExpEriENCE’ Activists tell us how Amnesty’s annual S.O.S. Europe human rights camp is a life-changing experience. pAgE 19.

mANY voiCEs mAkiNg ChANgE

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Dr Aruna Uprety and Samita Pradhan have been fighting for women’s rights in Nepal for decades. With Amnesty’s help, they’re one step closer to achieving their aim. pAgE 22.

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Wire May/June 2014  

WIRE is Amnesty International’s magazine for people who are passionate about human rights.

Wire May/June 2014  

WIRE is Amnesty International’s magazine for people who are passionate about human rights.