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ERP • ERP is the concept or process that combines all of the company departments and function into single software or system. • It services each department specific needs. • ERP automates the task involved in performing a business process

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What are ERP Resources • Financial Management: Accounts payable, accounts receivable, assets, general ledger and cash management. • Material Management: Software management • Customer Service Management: Sales and marketing, commissions, service,customer contract and call center support.

What are ERP resources • Product Management: Bills of material,scheduling,capacity,workflow management, quality control, cost management, manufacturing flow. • Production Management: Order to cash, inventory, order entry, purchasing, product configurator, supply chain planning, supplier scheduling, inspection of goods, claim processing, commission calculation • Engineering Data Management: Usually this is a module that can be accessed by an organizations customers, suppliers and employees.

ERP Resources • ERP brings all the department’s data of company in a single platform. • Prior ERP each department of company used different platform for data management. • Accessment of data from different department are often complicated in processing. and we can not sufficiently analyses the company data.

ERP Software

Implementation of ERP Systems • There are three types of services for ERP Systems implementation: • Consulting • Customization • Support • ERP system should be users friendly and would be able to acquire all the enterprise needs.

Contd… • Customization of an ERP system meant that all the interfaces in system are customized i.e. customer should be able to add and change the interfaces. • Support services include complementary services that could help for troubleshooting and further assistances

Advantages of ERP Systems • A totally integrated system • The ability to easily share data across various departments in an organization • Improved efficiency and productivity levels • Better tracking and forecasting • Lower costs • Improved customer service

Disadvantages of ERP Systems • Customization in many situations is limited • The need to reengineer business processes • ERP systems can be cost prohibitive to install and run • Technical support can be poor • ERP's may be too rigid for specific organizations that are either new or want to move in a new direction in the near future

ERP Software • • • • • • •

Microsoft Dynamic Ax 2009 SAP Infor ERP XA Net Suit Exact software Accpac Excel ERP

SAP • System ,application, and product in data processing • SAP is leading enterprise software package that make it possible for the organization to track and manage in real time the sales,producation,finance ,human resources in an enterprises. • SAP provides one center for all the data for analysis of data.

ERP Logical Structure Enterprise Structure Terminology SAP Enterprise Enterprise Company Company

Client Company Code

Subsidiary Subsidiary


Factory Factory

Sales Organization

Sales Sales Organization Organization Department Department Warehouses Warehouses

 SAP AG 1999

Division Division

Business Business Area Area

Division Storage Locations

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