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Curriculum Vitae of Dr AMM Zowadul Karim Khan I.

Introduction: Full Name Present position

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Date of Birth Contact number Email address Nationality

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AMM Zowadul Karim Khan National Consultant in Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) Apartment 1/26, Metropolitan Housing, Babor Road, Muhammadpur, Dhaka 1207 20 October 1964 +88-01712-010029; Bangladeshi

II. Qualification: a. Education: Degree

University, city, country

Field of study



Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi, India [Studied with senior fellowship of ICCR of Indian Government] Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Mechanization, USSR [Studied with Russian Government scholarship] Government PC College, Bagerhat, Bangladesh

Agriculture Mechanization

GPA for the course works: 2.96/4.00; Received PhD degree GPA: 4.53/5.00; Received Master of Science (MSc) degree



First Division, Marks: 804/1000; Placed in boardwise merit list


Bagerhat Government High School, Bagerhat, Bangladesh


First Division, Marks: 737/1000


Master of Science (MSc)

Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Secondary School Certificate (SSC)

Agriculture Mechanization


b. Professional Training:

• Community Based Training for Economic Empowerment (CB-TrEE) Tools; International Labour Organization (ILO), Dhaka, Bangladesh; 15–29 Mar 2010 • Training for Core Trainers in Enterprise development; Bureau of Non-Formal Education (BNFE), Dhaka, Bangladesh; 2–6 Feb 2006 • Observation of Non-formal education in Malaysia; SEMEO-RECSAM, Kuala Lumpur and Penang, Malaysia (World Bank funded training); 19–30 Apr 2004 • Action Research, Need Assessment & Participatory Rural Appraisal; Bangladesh Cooperative Academy, Comilla, Bangladesh; 23 Dec 2003–4 Jan 2004 • Continuing education and human development; Association of Community Colleges of Canada (ACCC) & House of Consultants, Dhaka, Bangladesh; 18–22 May 2003 • Entrepreneurship and Income Generation Activities; ACCC & House of Consultants, Dhaka, Bangladesh; 4–8 Mar 2003 • Continuing education, income generation and human development; Directorate of Non-Formal Education (DNFE), Dhaka, Bangladesh; 1 Aug–5 Sep 2002 • Advanced Project Management; Network for Research and Training (NRT), Dhaka, Bangladesh; 10–15 Sep 2001 • Productivity, foundry/casting management; MIRDC, Kaohsiung, Republic of China (Taiwan) (overseas training sponsored by APO, Japan); 24 May–2 Jun 1999 Page 1/5

• TOT on disaster management; IUBAT (University), Dhaka, Bangladesh (Commonwealth Secretariat, UK funded training); 19 Nov–1 Dec 1994 III. Work Experience: Present job: Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of UN Emergency 2007 Cyclone Recovery and Restoration Project (ECRRP); House 37, Road 8, Dhanmondi, Dhaka Barisal Field Office: UN Complex, Banglabazaar, Barisal

Jun 2010 to now

Agriculture Mechanization Specialist • Design and Implement agriculture mechanization activities of crops subcomponent of ECRRP project (UTF/BGD/040/BGD) implemented by FAO • Determine specifications of mechanization items to be delivered to the beneficiary farmers analyzing their needs • Provide O&M (Operation and Maintenance) training to the beneficiary farmers • Design and produce attractive handouts/leaflets related to mechanization for promotional and sensitization and safety purposes • Develop and implement guidelines for group-based use of agri-machinery like power tillers, threshers, sprayers and others • Liaise with relevant national and international research institutions • Analyze cost-effectiveness of agri-machinery usage • In addition to mechanization, also to look after salinity, moisture and similar instruments • Conduct impact assessment of agri-machinery use.

Past job #1: International Labour Organization (ILO) TVET Reform Project; Component 5: Access of under privileged groups to community based training House 12, Road 12 Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209

Nov 2009 to Jun 2010

National Professional Consultant (NP) • Worked for inclusion of underprivileged people in the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) stream and designed programs for such inclusion • Designed a program named Community Based Training for Rural Economic Empowerment (CB-TREE) targeting rural and urban poor for inclusion in TVET • Designed Apprenticeship development program • Developed, in consultation with international and local experts, local stakeholders and beneficiaries, the tools and templates for implementing self financed need addressed training programs • Designed tools for program evaluation.

Past job #2: Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) PROSPER Programme (funded by DFID) Plot E-4/B, Agargaon, Dhaka 1207

Feb 2008 to Oct 2009

Project Coordinator (Learning and Innovation) • Coordinated a grant disbursement programme for supporting innovative ventures for poverty alleviation • Provided training to applicants and potential partners at pre-project stage • Evaluated concept notes, project proposals and funding requests • Designed relevant forms, formats and manuals • Organized training for funded project implementing organizations Page 2/5

• • • •

Managed grant disbursement operations Evaluated project implemented by the partner organizations – NGOs and CBOs Supervised a team of Assistant Coordinators and support staff Produced Work plans and Annual Reports. Past job #3: Government of Bangladesh Jul 2002 to Dec 2007 Bureau of Non-Formal Education (BNFE), Tejgaon, Dhaka PLCEHD-1 Project (Continuing Education for Human development) – A World Bank and SDC supported development project Divisional Team Leader • Conducted Training Need Assessment (TNA) • Conducted Base-line surveys, Case study, Impact study and others • Organized continuing education, life skill development and linkage supports for 1.7 million direct project beneficiaries spread in 230 upazilas of 32 districts of Bangladesh • Developed training material (Books, Manuals, Guides, Course outlines, Presentations and others) • Extended capacity building supports to NGOs, Service Providers, Local Government and others • Organized workshops, training courses and seminars • Worked as the operational Head of the Divisional Office of PLCEHD-1 • Produced work plans and progress reports.

Past job #4: IUBAT – International University of Business Agriculture and Technology 4 Embankment Road, Uttara, Dhaka

Mar 2002 to Jul 2002

Director -projects • Directed the training, consultancy and applied research wing of the university • Prepared training plans, coordinated with resource persons and participants, and conducted promotional works.

Past job #5: Bogra Metal Engineering Entrepreneurs Group (BMEEG) BSCIC I/A, Bogra Implemented an enterprise development project named BMEDP with Netherlands Government fund

Nov 1997 to Jan 2002

Project Manager • Managed an agro-based enterprise development project • Designed and implemented training, institutional development, market extension, technology transfer, and advocacy components • Supervised technical services and facilities of the project • Procured consultancy services • Supervised project staff and finances • Contributed to project publications, Newsletters, brochures and others

Past job #6: International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) Oct 1995 to Nov 1997 Muscle Shoals, Alabama, USA Implemented ATDP (Agro-based Industries and Technology Development Project) -1 of the Ministry of Agriculture funded by the USAID

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Agriculture Engineer • Introduced agribusiness concept in Bangladesh • Identified transferable agriculture technologies and designed modules of technology transfer • Designed and organized field days, demonstrations and training courses • Developed and maintained partnership with GOB actors, NGOs, relevant business sectors and others • Provided capacity building supports to farmers’ cooperatives, NGOs and agribusiness enterprises • Produced work plans and annual reports.

Past job #7: IUBAT – International University of Business Agriculture and Technology 4 Embankment Road, Uttara, Dhaka

Sep 1994 to Oct 1995

Faculty member • Designed course and curricula of agriculture degree programmes • Coordinated training and consulting services of the university. Research work: Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) Pusa, New Delhi, India

Nov 1990 to Sep 1994

Senior Research Scholar (Funded by ICCR – Indian Council for Cultural Relations) • Conducted research on cost-benefit (in terms of energy and monetary units) of crop production to establish optimized input allocation pattern

IV. Research and Publication: • Study of assessing impact of 104 nos. power tillers distributed through FAO-ECCRRP to cyclone affected farmers, 2011 • Designed a manual for conduct of Community Based Training for Economic Empowerment (CB-TrEE) in Bangladesh, 2010 • Authored a number of Books for training on different Income Generating trades • Article titled “Continuing education in Bangladesh”, Journal: Convergence (Canada) 36/3, 2005 • Study on Impact of skills gained in continuing education programme under PLCEHD-1 project in upgrading livelihood of the beneficiaries, 2004 • Beneficiaries’ needs assessment, and also local demand and service providers’ capacities assessment , 2003 (conducted for BNFE, funded by the World Bank) • Credit Need Assessment Study on small enterprises of Bogra, Bangladesh, 2001 (conducted for an entrepreneurs’ association, funded by Dutch government) • Article titled “State of light engineering industries in Bogra” presented in symposium organized by ITDG and Engineers’ Institution Bangladesh, 2000 • Feasibility studies for developing common services facilities for agro-based enterprises of Bogra, 1999 (conducted for an entrepreneurs’ association, funded by Dutch government) • Baseline survey on small agro-based industries of North region of Bangladesh, 1998 (conducted for an agro-based entrepreneurs’ association, funded by Dutch government) • Designed training manual for skill training of small enterprises, 1998 • Study for designing of an agricultural degree curriculum for IUBAT, 1995

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V. Experience as a Trainer and moderator: •

Experienced Trainer on group mobilization, rural IGA and enterprise development, nonformal education and others. • Organized and moderated many workshops and training courses in current and past work places.

VI. Professional Membership: • Member (M-16928) of the Engineers’ Institution Bangladesh (EIB) • Member of Asian Productivity Organization (APO) Society in Bangladesh • Life Member of Bangladesh Environment Movement (BAPA) VII. Languages known Language • English (Professional language) • Bangla (Mother tongue) • Russian • Hindi


Speaking Fluent

Listening Fluent

Reading Fluent

Writing Fluent

Fluent Good Good

Fluent Good Good

Fluent Good Fair

Fluent Good None

IT Skills • Fluent in all sorts of Office applications, particularly strong in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, good in Access, AutoCAD, Adobe packages and others • Studied computer courses on Programming and System Analysis; received training on how to manage a computer center.

IX. Countries visited Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, India, Byelorussia, Poland, Germany, Hong Kong, Republic of China, Thailand and Malaysia

X. References Name


Dr M Hassanullah

Agribusiness Consultant with ADB & Chair Person, BizMED Services

Professor Dr M AlimullahMiyan

Founder and Vice-chancellor

Organization & Address House 23, Ranavola Ave. Sector 10, Uttara Dhaka 1230

Tel and/or Mobile, and e-mail Tel: 8953462 Mob: 01716-981532

Professional Relation Former (USAIDIFDC-ATDP) Supervisor

IUBAT University, Uttara, Dhaka


Former employer


Dr AMM Zowadul Karim Khan

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