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11 August 2011

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development of the Desert Eagle pistol. Israel Military Industries (IMI) manufactured the pistols until 1995, when MRI shifted production to Saco Defense in Saco, Maine. In 1998, MRI moved manufacturing back to IMI, which later reorganized under the name Israel Weapon Industries (IWI). Both Saco and IMI/IWI were contractors; all of the patents, copyrights and trademarks are property of Magnum Research, Inc. Since 2009, the Desert Eagle has been produced at MRI’s Pillager, Minn. facility.

Kahr Offers Israeli-Made Desert Eagle Handguns for Limited Time AUG 10, 2011 07:19P.M. Kahr Offers Israeli-Made Desert Eagle Handguns for Limited Time

For a limited time only, Kahr & Magnum Research will be offering the “classic” Desert Eagle Pistols produced by IWI in .44 Magnum and .50 AE. The limited production IWI manufactured Desert Eagle Pistols will utilize the original two-piece barrel design, and original “claw type” safeties. Other unique features of the IWI model include a one-piece hard plastic grip with the IWI logo, and a fluted barrel on the .44 Magnum. There are no flutes on the .50 AE model. Both .44 Mag and .50 AE models will feature the Mark XIX picatinny rail configuration on the top of the barrel allowing use of a wide variety of optical sighting systems. All IWI Desert Eagle Pistols will be available in a smooth black durable finish. Both models are gas-operated, rotating bolt semiautomatic pistols constructed from a high quality carbon steel barrel, frame and slide. Both have a 6” barrel length and 10.75” overall length with 6.25” height and 1.25” slide width. These pistols have a trigger reach of 2.75” and approximately a 4lb. trigger pull with fixed combat type sights and an 8.5” sight radius. The .50 AE model, the DE50W, has a .495” bore diameter, polygonal rifling with 1:19 right hand twist and 7 round magazine capacity. The .44 Magnum model, the DE44W, has a .492” bore diameter, polygonal rifling with 1:18 right hand twist and 8 round magazine capacity. Barrels between the .44 Magnum and .50AE are interchangeable.

Kahr & Magnum Research Classic Desert Eagle Pistol

Kahr Arms Mark XIX Desert Eagle Pistols and parts produced in the USA and Israel are completely interchangeable on either gun.

PEARL RIVER, NY --( Kahr Arms and Magnum Research are proud to announce that they will be reintroducing the IWI Classic Desert Eagle pistol for a limited time.

Visit or to learn more about these and other Kahr products

The Desert Eagle pistol is the most recognizable of all the firearms from 25-year-old company Magnum Research, Inc. (MRI).

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Appearing in over 500 motion pictures and TV films, its distinctive appearance has made the Desert Eagle a handgunning icon worldwide! Over the past 25 years, MRI has been responsible for the design and


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11 August 2011


the last two competitions. Horner, competing in his sixth 3GN Shoot-Off overall, won the event for the third time, his first since last September’s Ozark 3-Gun Championships. The win ran Horner’s career 3GN winnings to $36,500.

Horner Wins 3rd 3GN ShootOff AUG 10, 2011 07:08P.M.

Romero, who won Heavy Metal, looked extremely strong throughout the early rounds, first knocking off Horner’s teammate, Tyler Payne, in a rematch of their 2010 3GN Championship first-round bout. The Team Noveske shooter then cruised to a win over Mike Voigt in the semi-finals, setting up the showdown with Horner. Romero and Horner had squared off previously in the finals following Ozark last year.

Horner Wins 3rd 3GN Shoot-Off, $5K from Safariland Story By Chad Adams

Horner’s run began with a first round defeat of Eric Miller, followed up by a semi-final match-up with the up-and-coming Greg Jordan (2nd, Tactical Optics), who previously competed well during the 3GN ShootOff at Fort Benning. Jordan again looked dialed in, with a first round upset of Kurt Miller before taking a lead over Horner coming out of the second rifle position, which was a twist in this 3GN Shoot-Off. Competitors first ran to a Barrett MRAD bolt-action rifle chambered in .338 Lapua, firing two shots on MGM steel at 260 yards before moving to the traditional rifle position. It was here where Jordan took a slight lead, being first out of the prone position, maintaining that lead coming off the Stag Arms AR-15 prototype 3-gun rifle, before transitioning to FNH SLP. During the shotgun run, Jordan caught a tough break as the flippers, while flying high, presented over his head. Horner capitalized, setting up his finals showdown with Romero.

Horner took home $5,000 courtesy of Safariland. Shown is Daniel Horner, middle, along with Safarilands’ Mike Voigt, left, and Maggie Reese, right.

Horner runs the Stag 3-Gun prototype during his run versus Romero. The rifle was provided with a Leupold HAMR scope and American Eagle 55 Grain .223 Ammo. And in that final match-up, Horner opened up a seemingly comfortable lead by the second rifle position, this time an FNH SCAR for the final run. But during the pistol arrays, Romero accelerated with the FN FNS pistol, closing ground on Horner. Ultimately, the lead was too great, and Horner stayed steady, got his hits, and cashed a $5,000 check from Safariland. In the final match-up of the first round, Voigt knocked off Heavy Metal Optics winner Adam Popplewell, sending him into the semi-finals, setting up the pairing with Romero. Popplewell, K. Miller, E. Miller and Payne each received $100 for qualifying for the 3GN Shoot-Off. Jordan and Voigt earned $500 each for reaching the semi-finals, while Romero took home $1,000 for his finals run. Safariland also kicked in $200 gift certificates for each Shoot-Off competitor, running the total Shoot-Off payout to more than $10,000.

3-Gun Nation RATON, N.M. –-( Daniel Horner outlasted a furious late pistol charge by Rob Romero to win his record third 3-Gun Nation Shoot-Off following the JP Enterprises Rocky Mountain 3-Gun here recently, taking home a $5,000 check from Safariland.

In the 3-Gun Nation Team Event, presented by Brownells, Team Maggie Reese, with Walt Flynn and Firebird’s Dan Sierpina, defeated Team Cody Leeper, with Vicki Carlton and Darren Leskiw, taking home $500 each. Each member of Team Cody received a Brownells 3-Gun bag. During the

The sixth event on the 2011 FNH USA 3-Gun Nation Tour, Presented by SureFire, provided the third straight 3GN Shoot-Off appearance for the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit’s Horner, who had been knocked out of


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11 August 2011

run, Sierpina established a nice lead with the rifle, which Flynn maintained, while Reese held on with the pistol and the win.

Miller and Romero both took first place in their respective divisions – Miller taking first in Tactical-Irons and Romero placing first in HeavyMetal Irons.

The next stop on the FNH USA 3-Gun Nation Tour, Presented by SureFire, is during the Pro-Am 3-Gun Championship, Aug. 26-28, at the Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, Kentucky. The match will be the seventh 3GN Points match of the 2011 3GN Tour.

Overcoming the thin air of mile-high altitudes and grueling terrain, Kurt Miller dominated his entire match with his Benelli M2 scoring a perfect 100 points on 4 of the 9 stages. Miller took 1st place in the Tactical-Irons division with a total score of 807.13. Rob Romero was the lead competitor shooting his SuperNova in the Heavy-Metal Division taking home 1st place with a score of 774.52.

“3-Gun Nation” airs Mondays at 9:30 EST, Fridays at 10:30 AM EST and Sundays at 7:30 AM EST. Only on Versus. Also, be sure to check out the 3GN Forum, powered by, and follow threads posted by 3GN, Stag Arms’ Jesse Tischauser, Noveske’s Jansen Jones and more:

Team Benelli shooters, Katie Harris (469.08) took 2nd overall in the Junior Division and 3rd overall in the Lady’s Division of Tactical-Optics, Tony Holmes (775.01) took 3rd overall in the Open Division, Julie Golob (419.12) took 4th place in the Lady’s Division of Tactical-Optics. Ben Fortin (650.32) came in 15th place in Tactical-Optics, Patrick Kelly (507.22) came in 15th place in the Heavy-Metal Scope Division and Jansen Jones (497.87) came in 18th place in the Heavy-Metal Scope Division.

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AMMOLAND.COM SHOOTING SPORTS NEWS “This was a very physical match with lots of running and challenging terrain,” said Team Benelli’s Bryce Towsley. “This match was nearly as challenging as the Ironman with lots of off-hand long range rifle and shotgun slug shooting.”

Team Benelli Shooters Take First Place at Rocky Mountain 3-Gun

Coming up next on the 3-Gun Nation Tour with more than 500 shooters competing, is the much-anticipated 3-Gun Pro Am. Cosponsor and host of the match will be Rockcastle Shooting Center, located near Park City, KY on August 26-28.

AUG 10, 2011 07:01P.M. Team Benelli Shooters Take First Place at Rocky Mountain 3Gun

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Southern Pine Beetle Invades NJ AUG 10, 2011 04:40P.M. Southern Pine Beetle Invades NJ By Anthony P Mauro, Sr (c) 2011

Benelli Three Gun ACCOKEEK, MD --( From a field of more than 300 competitors, Team Benelli shooters Kurt Miller and Rob Romero distinguished themselves at the 2011 Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Championship held at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico last weekend.


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11 August 2011

A large faction of the American public has become convinced that the only way to conserve our prized forests on public lands is to stop harvesting, prevent wildfires, and restrict or exclude forest management. Too often this “lock it up and let it go” mentality can have unintended, disastrous consequences, as demonstrated across the nation in recent years. The extensive mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) outbreaks in lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta) forests of the western U.S. and Canada, the bark beetle outbreaks in ponderosa pine (P. ponderosa) forests of the Black Hills of South Dakota, and, most recently, the catastrophic wildfires in Arizona are examples. Add southern pine beetle (D. frontalis) outbreaks in Texas (1975-1993), Tennessee (2000-2001), and now New Jersey to this growing list.e As its name suggests, the southern pine beetle (SPB) is a major pest of southern pines from Texas to North Carolina. But who ever thought the beetle would become a major problem in New Jersey? Prior to 2001, the last known SPB outbreak of any magnitude in the state occurred in 1930. But, beginning a decade ago, SPB infestations began showing up at low levels in New Jersey’s Pinelands National Reserve (formerly known as the Pine Barrens). The occurrence of SPB attracted little attention until populations skyrocketed to unprecedented levels in 2010, killing at least 14,000 acres of mostly pitch pine (Pinus rigida). The senior author visited the infested area from the air and on the ground in early June and provided control recommendations to the New Jersey Forest Service. He was impressed with how closely the current situation in New Jersey resembled the SPB outbreaks in Texas he observed in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. As did those in Texas, the New Jersey outbreak provides an excellent lesson for private forest landowners wherever they may live: the best way to ensure a healthy forest is to manage it.

Southern Pine Beetle Up Close & Personal.

Conservation Corner w/ Anthony P. Mauro, Sr USA --( Southern Pine Beetle Invades NJ Posted by Anthony P Mauro, Sr on July 16, 2011 at 8:38 AM Many of you know that the founding principle of the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance is conservation. Conservation is also known as the sustainable use of resources and is the method nature uses to manage natural resources. Healthy water, land and forests are key to providing healthy habitat. Healthy habitat is key to providing healthy fish and wildlife populations. Therefore, whether we fish, hunt, trap, hike, bike, bird watch or photograph, we all have a vested interest in ensuring a healthy natural environment – especially since we all depend on the environment for our own health. Forestry is one method for providing environmental health. Below is an important article about the state of forests in New Jersey. It is written in part by Mr. Bob Williams, C.F., R.P.F.. Bob is an expert in the field of forestry with a notable history of accomplishments. He is also Director of Forestry for the NJOA.

Tom Hirschblond of Vincentown, NJ doing a salvage cut. Info on Bob Williams:

To understand the current problem, one must know some of the history of southern New Jersey. Prior to being set aside as the Pinelands National Reserve in 1978, the 1.1 million acres of pine/oak woodlands had been a productive, working forest since the 17th century. The first white settlers were attracted by the growing whaling industry in 1650. Natural resources gave rise to other important industries. People used bog iron for cannonballs and household goods, sand for glass (including

Southern Pine Beetle Invades New Jersey Another Example Of Why Forests Need To Be Managed. By Dr. Ronald F. Billings And Bob Williams


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11 August 2011

the first Mason canning jar), and wood for ship building, charcoal, lumber, paper, and cordwood. Shipbuilding began in 1688 and continued until the 1900s. Low lying areas were converted to commercial cranberry bogs as early as 1830, while blueberry farms date back to 1916; these two fruits remain the principal agricultural crops in southern New Jersey today.

southern part of the Pinelands Reserve. If not controlled, the beetles threaten vast areas of pure pitch and shortleaf pine on the Reserve in the central part of the state. Mild winters since 1995 are believed to have been a contributing factor to the SPB outbreak. Southern pine beetle at the northern extent of its range is killed by very low winter temperatures. Studies by professor Matt Ayers of Dartmouth College and his students have shown that 50 percent of the beetle population will die if winter temperatures reach 0° F and more than 90 percent will not survive if air temperatures drop to -7° F.

The large resource of shortleaf (P. echinata) and pitch pines supplied local paper and sawmills up until the mid 1970s. Environmental restrictions enacted in the late 1970s that preclude cutting trees have since driven these industries out of the state. The Pinelands harbor 43 endangered and threatened species such as the Pine Barrens tree frog (Hyla andersonii), Pickering’s morning glory (Stylisma pickeringii var. pickeringii), and bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus). The area was originally recognized as of value for another critically important resource—water.

Unfortunately, due to recent changes in climate, such temperatures have become rarer in the NJ Pinelands during the last 50 years. Since 1995, for example, winter temperatures have dropped below 0° F in the Pinelands during only one winter (2004). This warming trend has favored the buildup of SPB populations. But other factors, particularly the age (many trees are over 80 years old) and abundance of pine stands, coupled with the lack of both forest management and beetle control, are believed to be primarily responsible for the unprecedented outbreak in this state. Interestingly, the same mild winter temperatures in neighboring Delaware have not led to a SPB outbreak in this state’s pine forests, nor did above-average winter temperatures in New Jersey for seven consecutive years in the 1970s. Delaware foresters are quick to point out that the difference is that forests in their state are kept healthy through forest management (periodic thinning, harvesting, and regeneration).

Beneath the Pinelands lies a huge natural reservoir—the KirkwoodCohansey aquifer system. It extends over 3,000 square miles and holds 17 trillion gallons of water, enough to cover New Jersey in a lake ten feet deep. Efforts to protect this region’s primary source of drinking water began in the 1950s and 1960s. John McPhee’s 1967 national best-selling book The Pine Barrens generated outcry to protect the Pinelands. In 1977, casino gambling began in Atlantic City, increasing development pressure on the nearby Pinelands. In response to threats of harvesting and development, Congress established the 1.1 million-acre Pinelands National Reserve—the nation’s first such designation—in 1978. In the following year, the New Jersey Pinelands Commission was created to administer the Pinelands Reserve. The Commission has 15 members, including representatives from the state, seven counties, and one federal agency. In 1983, the Reserve was designated a U.S. Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, an agency of the United Nations. More than 53 percent of the land in the Pinelands National Reserve is permanently protected from development.

The lesson being learned in New Jersey about what happens when management is withheld from working forests is not new. Texas gained its first hard-knock experience with SPB outbreaks on pine-dominated preserve areas in 1975-77 with units being set aside for the 85,000-acre Big Thicket National Preserve. Essentially all the mature loblolly pines (P. taeda) on the Loblolly Unit and a large portion of those on the Lance Rosier and Beech Creek units were destroyed by uncontrolled SPB infestations.

The dense stands of underbrush and pine are conducive for destructive wildfires. The New Jersey Forest Fire Service (a separate agency from the New Jersey Forest Service) conducts periodic prescribed burns within the Reserve to reduce fuel loads and is called upon to suppress frequent wildfires. Other than prescribed fire, however, forest management is no longer practiced on the Reserve.

Texas was slow to learn the lesson. In 1983-84, some 3,400 acres of unmanaged loblolly pine were lost to SPB in the Four Notch area of the Sam Houston National Forest, being considered at the time for wilderness designation under the RARE II process. The losses in this case were largely a result of environmental activist interventio n that delayed timely control. A similar SPB outbreak occurred in 1990-93 on newly-designated wilderness areas on the Sabine, Angelina, and Davy Crockett National Forests. Over 40 percent of the pine type on wilderness was lost to SPB in less than 3 years, including 7,500 acres on Indian Mounds Wilderness alone. In sharp contrast, on non-wilderness areas of the National Forests in Texas, SPB killed less than 2 percent of the pine type during the same period. The latter forests were managed and expanding SPB infestations were promptly controlled by means of salvage and cut-and-leave.

To ensure protection of the National Reserve, strict environmental regulations have been passed that affect not only the Reserve, but all the intermingled private lands as well. A permit and Forest Stewardship Plan is required before a private landowner can manage his/her land or fell trees, a process that can take from several months up to a year or more. As a result, the pine forests on the Reserve have gone more than 30 years with no thinning, harvesting, regeneration, or other silvicultural practice, rendering a million acres as “beetle bait.”

Contributing factors to the 1990-93 SPB outbreak on wilderness areas in Texas included lack of recent forest management, abundance of older, susceptible pine stands, environmental activist pressure to do nothing,

The SPB outbreak in New Jersey, first detected in 2001, continues to expand a decade later, primarily in mixed pine/hardwood stands in the


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11 August 2011

environmental regulations that precluded cutting trees for beetle control on wilderness, and favorable environmental conditions. Sounds much like the situation in the Pinelands of New Jersey today!


Do This Not That – Force On Force Training

Until federal policies change to allow more aggressive forest management, there may be little that can be done to avoid insect and disease outbreaks and devastating wildfires on wilderness, preserve, and park lands. But, private forest landowners can take measures to avoid these resource losses through sound forest stewardship. Products from a managed forest will pay the costs associated with maintaining forest health. Also, forest management allows owners to conserve aesthetic values, protect watersheds, and avoid abrupt and catastrophic changes due to wildfires and/or beetle outbreaks.

AUG 10, 2011 03:58P.M. Do This Not That – Force On Force Training By Eric at the Gunmart Blog

The take-home message is “a managed forest is a healthy forest,” or in bumper-sticker brevity: “Use it or lose it!”

Eric at the Gunmart Blog United States --( So, have you ever been in a gun fight? No? Well, me either… but I have had a good bit of force on force training. Yeah, yeah… that kinda sounded like one of those Holiday Inn Express commercials, but the point that I am trying to make is that force on force training is one heck of an invaluable experience. If you’re just an average Joe like I am who because of time and financial constraints will probably never shoot 10,000 rounds in a year and who will only go to a minuscule number of training classes in their lifetime then let me offer this suggestion. Color The Green Movement Blue Focus all of your time, money and efforts into doing some force on force training.

About: Anthony P. Mauro, Sr, (also known as “Ant” to friends and associates) is Chairman and co-founder of the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance.

Force on force training is a way to engage in a gun fight, get shot, feel some pain and everybody walk away with a smile on their face. It’s just about as real as you can get. They use marker rounds or simunitions to enable shot placement recognition and to inflict a small dose of pain motivation on the recipient. Standard firearms use conversion kits to allow them to function properly, and safety equipment is worn by participants to limit injury.

In addition to NJOA, Ant’s commitment to the principles of sustainable use of natural resources and stewardship for the environment helped to found the New Jersey Angling & Hunting Conservation Caucus. The NJAHC is the first outdoor caucus of its kind in New Jersey and is designed to educate opinion leaders and policy makers of the principles of conservation and the benefits that confer to the state’s wildlife and ecology.

Force on force training is by far the most productive form of training that any civilian (and probably LEO) could ever do. The thing about getting shot at is that you can listen to someone talk about it for days on end, but you will never truly understand what it is like until you have experienced it. It is a stresser, and one that will inevitably lead to a “deer in the headlights” moment the first time it is experienced. Someone can tell you that until they are blue in the face, but until you actually experience it your mind will never be able to tell your body how to push past it.

A lifelong resident of New Jersey, Ant is an international big game hunter and avid conservationist. He has authored two books on conservation and hunting, including “Color The Green Movement Blue“. Tags: Anthony Mauro, Conservation Corner, Forestry, New Jersey Outdoor Alliance, NJOA


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11 August 2011

One of the major benefits of force on force training is how it seems to shorten the learning curve.


Spectacular & Rare Sicklebill Curlew Decoy Soars To $111,550 At Auction

First off, you will find that the more you engage in this type of activity the more clearly and quickly you can respond to these types of encounters. There is no faster way to learn why its important to “get off the X” in a gun fight then to actually be shot at. You also will never be able to truly understand how important cover is until you’ve actually had a need for it.

AUG 10, 2011 01:50P.M. Spectacular & Rare Sicklebill Curlew Decoy Soars To $111,550 At Auction At The Auction Held July 24Th-25Th By Decoys Unlimited, Nearly 1,000 Lots Crossed The Block In A Successful Auction That Grossed More Than $1.2 Million.

Simply put, there is nothing like a little bit of fear and pain to kick the learning process into high gear. Another key thing that I have learned is that being in a fight teaches you how to think during a fight. Participating in force on force training teaches your mind and body how to improvise when your preplanned tactics fail. We all know that old saying about how “no plan ever survives first contact with the enemy,” but until you are forced into that experience and required to improvise during a shootout you will never truly understand. So do yourself a favor. Don’t spend anymore time or money on practice or training until you first go out and participate in some force on force training. It will by far be the most productive training you will ever have. Yes, thats a bold statement, but the way I see it….. What better way is there to train for a gun fight then to actually be in a gun fight?

Sicklebill Curlew: The top lot of the sale was this spectacular sicklebill curlew from Duxbury, Mass.($111,550)

About: Eric at the Gunmart Blog – Eric is a gun blogger, firearms enthusiast, and sorry excuse for a hunter. He is also an AmmoLand Shoting Sports News Columnist. Leave him some comments on this article before you go. You can also follow Eric on Facebook, Twitter and at his blog, Gunmart. Visit: Tags: Firearms Training, Force On Force Training, Gun Training, GunMart, Self Defense

Decoys Unlimited HYANNIS, Mass. --( A spectacular and rare sicklebill curlew decoy made in Duxbury, Mass., by a craftsman whose identity is a matter of debate among veteran collectors, soared to $111,550 at an auction held July 24-25 by Decoys Unlimited, Inc., based in Barnstable, Mass. The sale was conducted at the Cape Codder Resort & Hotel in Hyannis, Mass., on Cape Cod. The sicklebill curlew was described by Dr. George Ross Starr, in his book


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11 August 2011

Decoys of the Atlantic Flyway, as “the finest example of a sicklebill decoy in my collection” and “the kind of a decoy a collector dreams about.” He called it “a beautifully proportioned piece of work.” It’s rare in part because sicklebill curlews are scarce in New England and therefore so are their decoys.

decoys for Elmer Crowell when he was behind on orders, brought $24,150. A second Ralph Cahoon work, depicting mermaids at auction, made $23,000. A rare and early example of a sanderling (or “wind bird”), executed circa 1860-1890 and attributed to a member of the Chipman family of Sandwich (on Cape Cod), commanded $23,000; while a circa 1900 greater yellowlegs by A.E. Crowell featuring fine early period brushed soft original paint with very light wear and only a few very small scuffs knocked down at $18,400.

It was by far the top lot in an auction that saw just under 1,000 decoys change hands. About 400 people attended in person (121 were registered bidders), plus there were 57 absentee bidders and 90 phone bidders (who together bid on 639 lots). Internet bidding (via had 153 registered bidders. All of these numbers were new records for Decoys Unlimited, Inc.

A pair of outstanding lots each fetched $17,200. The first was a circa1909 eider drake by Augustus Aaron “Gus” Wilson, Maine’s most celebrated decoy maker. Wilson carved animated decoys of all types, including this early sculpture, in a career that spanned about five decades. The second was an early mallard drake by A.E. Crowell (circa 1915-1918) with original paint.

“The sale went well above our expectations despite a global economy that is still a bit anemic,” said Ted Harmon of Decoys Unlimited, Inc. “But the market for quality decoys is strong and I see it remaining that way for some time. The less expensive decoys were a bit off, but not as far off as they were last year.” The auction, he added, grossed more than $1.2 million.

Another early example by A.E. Crowell – this one a circa-1915 golden plover with the original paint and in all-original condition with no repairs — crossed the block at $16,100; and a pair of Evans Factory (active 1921-1937) blue-winged teal (circa early 1900s), with early paint and the rare double blue speculum, plus the ‘Evans Decoy’ stamp on the bottom, rose to $14,950.

Headlining the sale was the private collection of the late Joseph Bard “Joe” French, plus other quality consignments from across North America. Mr. French (1919-2009) was a pioneer in the hobby who collected his first decoy in 1954 and took delivery of his last decoy just two days before his passing. He also wrote extensively on the subject and produced decoy videos.

Rounding out the day’s top lots, a rare and oversize red-breasted merganser drake by Doug Jester of Chincoteaque, Va., having the original paint with some crazing, breezed to $13,800; and an early gunning model of an immature (or winter plumage) black-bellied plover by A.E. Crowell (circa 1905-1910), with extremely fine original paint, also gaveled for $13,800.

Following are additional highlights from the sale. All prices quoted include a 15 percent buyer’s premium. The auction’s second top lot, at $60,375, was an outstanding hissing goose made circa early 1900s by George Boyd, the master decoy maker from Seabrook, N.H. The canvas over frame Canada goose boasted excellent, finely crackled original paint throughout plus a strong, nearly perfect wing, tail and cheek outline, and great feather detailing on the sides and rear neck.

Ted Harmon has been in the decoy collecting business since 1966 and has been in the same Barnstable, Mass., location since 1970. He and his wife Judy started the auction aspect of the business in 1986. Today, Decoys Unlimited, Inc., is a full-service company for collectors of American bird decoys, folk art and related items. The firm also offers personalized collection advice, auction and private purchase representation, brokering for sales and appraisal services.

Two lots posted identical sale prices of $37,375. One was an exceptionally rare pair of circa early 1900s unrigged and unused mergansers, acquired as a gift from Irving Wallace from Small Point, Maine. A letter of provenance came with the birds. The other was a pair of racy swimming red-breasted mergansers (circa 1918-1922) by A.E. Crowell of East Harwich, Mass.

Decoys Unlimited, Inc., is always accepting quality consignments for future sales. To consign a single item or an entire collection, you may call them at (508) 362-2766 or (508) 737-2193; or, you can e-mail them at The firm’s next big auction will be a mixed antiques and decoys sale slated for late October or early November on Cape Cod.

A one-of-a-kind American merganser hen made in the late 1800s by the Stevens Factory of Weedsport, N.Y. (with the maker probably George Stevens, owing to the concave carving on the neck seat) went to a determined bidder for $29,900; and a pair of redheads crafted circa 1920s by the Ward Brothers of Crisfield, Md., with original paint on body and bill, hit $24,180. Artwork was also featured in the auction. A framed oil on board of two mermaids and King Neptune by the noted Cape Cod artist Ralph Cahoon (1910-1982), a relative of C.D. Cahoon, who is said to have painted


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11 August 2011

Boyd Goose Decoy: Outstanding early 1900s hissing goose made by George Boyd of Seabrook, N.H. ($60,375)

Evans Teal Decoys: Pair of Evans Factory Decoys (active 1921-1937) blue-winged teal, created circa early 1900s ($14,950) To learn more about Decoys Unlimited, Inc., and for more information on the fall auction as times and dates are determined, please log on to Tags: Decoys, Duck Hunting, Gun Auctions, Gun Collections, Gun Collectors,, Sports Artist


Pennsylvania Game Commission & RMEF Partnership Helps Elk And Other Wildlife

Crowell yellowlegs Decoy: Greater yellowlegs by A.E. Crowell featuring soft early period brushed original paint ($18,400)

AUG 10, 2011 12:33P.M. Pennsylvania Game Commission & RMEF Partnership Helps Elk And Other Wildlife Domtar Paper Mill provides mix to fix soils.

Crowell Mergasers Decoys: Pair of circa 1918-1922 racy swimming redbreasted mergansers by A. E. Crowell ($37,375)


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11 August 2011

“It gives us much satisfaction that we have made a beneficial, positive and lasting impact toward improving the wildlife habitat of our region,” said Andy Redmond of DomtarJohnsonburg Mill. By September, these 42 acres - which are spread out in four different locations on SGL 311 - will be treated to produce high-quality clovers, legumes, grasses and some grain crops for elk and other wildlife to feed on for years to come. “Elk, wild turkeys, whitetail deer and black bear heavily use these sites,” Dusza said. “Some cottontail rabbits and numerous species of furbearers and non-game wildlife, such as songbirds, other mammals and even aquatic life and reptiles and amphibians, benefit from these improved soils.” Pennsylvania Game Commission

Roe noted that, over the past decade, RMEF funding has improved more than 110 acres on SGL 311, including some sites that were improved with the RMEF/Paper Mill cooperative project.

Pennsylvania --( Pennsylvania Game Commission Executive Director Carl G. Roe today said that the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) continues to be an important partner on many projects to improve elk and wildlife habitat in northcentral Pennsylvania, and 2011 stands to be no different than previous years.

“Some of these areas improved with RMEF funding continue to have great herbaceous cover on them and the soil pH is more balanced, making it more conducive to planting vegetation beneficial for all wildlife,” Roe said. “Prior to these projects, the soil had pH levels that were not sufficient for growing plants for wildlife habitat. Today, when hunters and others visit SGL 311, there are nearly 200 elk grazing on these improved acres.”

“This year’s project on State Game Land 311 will improve 42 acres where previous coal mining from decades ago destroyed the top soils,” Roe said. “Past mining left this area a barren and damaged landscape that did not support much wildlife or wildlife habitat. Additional funding comes from the Domtar Paper Mill, and the Game Commission funds.”

This June, in just the first week of mowing these openings, Game Commission employees reported seeing more than 20 fawns, three elk calves, a number of rattlesnakes in some locations, and numerous broods of young turkeys. Agency biologists captured six additional elk calves and fitted them with radio collars as part of the elk population research project.

According to Dennis Dusza, Game Commission Northcentral Region director, it costs about $3,000 per acre to improve these damaged landscapes by bringing in the paper mill soil additive, which consists of wood fibers and lime that are a waste product in the paper manufacturing process. The soil additive is chisel-plowed into the sites, seeded and fertilized.

“The Game Commission mows these herbaceous openings at least once per summer to keep the grasses and clovers young and tender,” Dusza said. “This makes it better for insects, such as grasshoppers, which in turn feed turkeys and grouse that live in the adjacent forested areas. The tender grasses and legumes also are a favorite of deer and rabbits.

“Domtar is willing to do these projects with the Game Commission in cooperation with RMEF for partial reimbursement of its costs,” Dusza said. “This year’s project will result in 42 additional acres being improved with the high-alkaline soil additives. RMEF will pay $45,000 this summer.

“Over the past 15 years, RMEF also assisted with funding land purchases of some of the tracts of SGL 311. Today, nearly 3,100 acres are spread out in the Winslow Hill area of Benezette Township, Elk County, making up SGL 311. Those acres border the Elk State Forest, which is more than 200,000 acres and provides food, cover, water and space for elk and other wildlife.”

“Domtar Paper Mill matches the RMEF funds with $76,000 worth of labor and materials being spent to upgrade the pH of the soils, and the Game Commission will add $5,000 of its own land management funds to the project.”

The Moshannon, Sproul and Susquehannock state forests, along with SGLs 14, 34 and SGL 321, all are adjacent lands that add up to nearly one million acres of public lands for elk and other wildlife to use. RMEFfunded projects have helped to create and improve herbaceous openings

The Domtar Paper Mill has been involved in a cooperative effort to improve poor soils and create wildlife habitat on State Game Lands since 1997.


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11 August 2011

through these areas where elk and many big woods species of Pennsylvania wildlife thrive.

River Rock Designs Headlamp

“RMEF is proud to play a significant role as a conservation partner in Pennsylvania elk range, along with the Game Commission and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Bureau of Forestry,” said Dave Ragantesi, RMEF senior regional director. “Our long-standing partnerships have helped conserve and enhance more than 14,000 acres of habitat, and we look forward to a continued working relationship in which the elk, other wildlife and the citizens of the Commonwealth will benefit.” River Rock Designs “Hunters and others can be thankful for such a good conservation minded organizations such as RMEF,” said John Dzemyan, Game Commission Land Management Group Supervisor, who oversees this habitat work on State Game Lands. “They have been and they remain an important and active partner in Pennsylvania’s Elk Management Program with emphasis on wildlife habitat for elk and all species of wildlife that live in Pennsylvania Elk management areas.”

Austin, TX --( The TecTrek Headlamp is a new, hightech feature packed headlamp that is ideal for most any hands free use from bicycling to caving due to its power, features, compact size and light weight. This robust weather proof O-ring protected tough polycarbonate TecTrek Headlamp projects a powerful 125 lumen LED light making it idea for dark inside and outside activities.

For more information on RMEF, visit, or the Pennsylvania RMEF chapter’s website at

Color modes: Red for night vision retention or emergency use; blue for fluid tracking, green, for night map reading. The red can also be switched to a repeat (hands free) SOS signal mode.

Tags: Conservation News, Grants, Pennsylvania, RMEF, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

The TecTrek Headlamp can also emit a red or white fast flash strobe for signaling and features a battery saving low light mode. AMMOLAND.COM SHOOTING SPORTS NEWS Adjustable focus feature: Focus the beam from long range to a wide field soft light at the touch of a finger.

River Rock Design’s New Affordable Feature Packed Headlamp

Dimming feature: When bright light is not needed and/or longer power life is desired the TecTrek Headlamp has a continuous dimming feature that can set the white light from100 percent (125 lumens) down to just 10% or about (12.5 lumens). Simply scroll the power down to the desired brightness level.

AUG 10, 2011 12:27P.M. River Rock Design’s New Affordable Feature Packed Headlamp

“The TecTrek Headlamp is a collaborative effort with outdoor equipment engineers and lighting experts to create a headlamp with very useful features, power and durability for a multitude of uses at a price most anyone can afford.”–John Sedovic, President, River Rock Lights. Specifications: • Material: High-impact Polycarbonate • Headband: One-inch wide adjustable elastic strap with length to fit spelunker helmets. • Dimensions: 2.5″ wide; 2.0″ high; 1.7′ thick • Weight:3.4 oz with batteries


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11 August 2011

• LED Type(s): High-output Cree


Ruger Rimfire and More on Down Range Radio #225

• Maximum brightness: 125 Lumens • Model order number: RHFC3A

AUG 10, 2011 12:21P.M. White light: Ruger Rimfire and More on Down Range Radio #225 • Full Power: 4+ hours: • High setting; 10+ hours • Low setting: 20+ hours • Flashing: 30+ hours Down Range TV

Green or blue light:

Howard, KS --( This week Michael rounds up the Ruger Rimfire World Championships in New Mexico where over 120 shooters of all ages competed with .22 rifles and pistols.

• 100+ hours • Red light:

He then explains why you can take nothing for granted when it comes to transferring shooting skills! LISTEN HERE…

• 50+ hours • SOS flash setting 100+ hours

DRTV Weekly: Ruger Rimfire Series Jason TurnerLast weekend, over 120 shooters loaded up at Founder’s Ranch in Edgewood Albuquerque, New Mexico to shoot the 2011 Ruger Rimfire Series World Championship. The competitors shot 6 rifle and 6 pistol stages. This is a very family friendly event that has the potential of becoming the number 1 platform to get new people involved in the shooting sports. In early 2012, the TV show Shooting Gallery will air a full hour from the championship on Outdoor Channel. WATCH VIDEO ABOVE

Price: MSRP $34.99. including quality AAA alkaline batteries from: either Duracell, Panasonic or Energizer. River Rock Designs, Inc. 900 RR 620 South Suite C101-223 Austin, TX, 78734

Gun Stories: The M16 Rifle Gun StoriesIt is arguably the most recognized firearm in the world, and the longest serving US infantry rifle ever fielded. It has been copied by numerous countries, and its civilian counterpart is produced by virtually every firearms manufacturer out there. Yet, when it was first introduced, many people immediately began writing its obituary because of the problems it encountered. WATCH TRAILER…

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The Best Defense Survival: The Tools of Preparedness Best Defense SurvivalIn episode 6 of season 3: The Scrambler is a challenging course at Gunsite, but it is a good test on how you are able to manipulate the Scout rifle in a survival scenario. Michael Janich talks about having an air rifle in your survival kit. On the medical segment, we talk about broken bones and Rob Pincus talks about the 9mm pistol. WATCH TRAILER… Down Range Media 219 S Pennsylvaina


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11 August 2011

Howard, KS 67349 US

These laws should be repealed so the people can get the guns they need for their own safety. About John Snyder: Named the Gun Dean by Human Events, “the senior rights activist in Washington” by Shotgun News, a “champion of the right to self-defense” by The Washington Times, and “dean of gun lobbyists” by The Washington Post and The New York Times, John M. Snyder has spent 45 years as a proponent of the individual Second Amendment civil right to keep and bear arms as a National Rifle Association editor, public affairs director of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, treasurer of the Second Amendment Foundation, and founder of

About DRTV: DOWN RANGE Television (DRTV) has quickly become the gold standard for Internet firearms sites. Founded in February 2007 by television personality and journalist Michael Bane and his partner Marshal Halloway founder of the first Internet firearms social community – CAS City – in 1995, DRTV now offers original short-form video, original articles, moderated forums, gun giveaways, links to blogs and original weekly audio podcasts. For more information, visit . Tags: Down Range TV, Michael Bane, Podcasts, Pro Gun Radio, Ruger & Company, Shooting Media News

A former Jesuit seminarian, Snyder is founder/manager of Telum Associates, LL.C., founder/chairman of the St. Gabriel Possenti Society, Inc., a director of Council for America, and serves on the boards of the National Association of Chiefs of Police and the American Federation of Police & Concerned Citizens. He is also the author of the book Gun Saint. Visit:


Baseball Bat Sales for Self Defense Soar 6500% After UK Riots

Tags: Gun Bans, Gun Control, Gun Free Zones,, John Snyder, Self Defense

AUG 10, 2011 12:00P.M.


Baseball Bat Sales for Self Defense Soar 6500% After UK Riots Parliament Should Repeal British Gun Laws.

Meet & Talk with Rob Pincus at NJ2AS August 17th Meeting AUG 10, 2011 11:39A.M. Meet & Talk with Rob Pincus at NJ2AS August 17th Meeting Please Register For The Free August 17Th Meeting Featuring Rob Pincus.

Gun Rights Policies with John Snyder Washington, DC - -( The riots in the United Kingdom show that gun laws do not stop crime but do prevent decent citizens from being able to protect themselves and their property. According to the IBTimes “Sales for baseball bats on Amazon UK have risen by more than 6,000 percent over the past 24 hours, as the London riots stretch into their third day and spread to other cities.”

Meet & Talk with Rob Pincus at NJ2AS August 17th Meeting


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11 August 2011

are volunteers. There is no paid staff. I estimate that refreshments for the event will cost approximately $1000.00 to $1500.00 depending on the number of people ($5 per person for pizza and soda for example). Sponsorships are available at the following levels: New Jersey Second Amendment Society

• $100.00 Sponsor

New Jersey --( Due to the large number of people expected to attend the August 17, 2011 NJ2AS meeting at the American Legion Post 129 on 2025 Church Road in Toms River featuring internationally known firearms trainer and expert Rob Pincus, I would like to request that current NJ2AS members register for this FREE event.

• $500.00 Gold Sponsor • $1000.00 Platinum Sponsor Please contact me if you would like to be a sponsor. Of course donations at the door are always appreciated. THANK YOU!

Our new website format will allow you to easily find the event and you can simply click on “register”. This will greatly help us to determine the amount of refreshments necessary for the event. It is not a requirement, but I would truly appreciate your cooperation. In order to register, you will first have to logon to the site and setup your password if you have not already done so. Here are the instructions for your first login: at

About: New Jersey Second Amendment Society – Our mission is to promote the free exercise of Second Amendment rights within the community and Legislature of New Jersey, to educate the community regarding the enjoyable, safe, and responsible use of firearms, and to engender a sense of camaraderie and fellowship among the members and their families. Visit:

• In the upper right corner enter your email address and click on “Forgot Password”.

Tags: Firearms Training, NJ2AS, Pro Gun Groups, Rob Pincus • You will be prompted to enter your email address and a validation code that appears on the screen (please use the email address you used when you joined the NJ2AS*).


Outdoor Channel HD Hits Atlanta Via Xfinity TV From Comcast

• You will receive an email with a link that will allow you to reset/setup your password. • Once you have your password, please login and from the main page, click on “Events”.

AUG 10, 2011 11:21A.M. • You will see the event information for the August 17, 2011 meeting – just click on “Register”.

Outdoor Channel HD Hits Atlanta Via Xfinity TV From Comcast Atlanta Braves Pre-Game “Fields & Reels Outdoorsman Night” Expo to Kick Off HD Launch and Hunting Season.

*NOTE: If you cannot remember the email address you used, or your email address has changed, please send an email to with the subject “help login” and your name and correct email address in the body of the email. We will re-enter your correct email address so that you will be able to login. PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO BRING FAMILY AND FRIENDS. NON-MEMBERS DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER. THIS EVENT IS FREE AND OPEN TO THE COMMUNITY. Sponsorships: If you own a company or would like to sponsor the refreshments for this event, it would be greatly appreciated. The NJ2AS is a non-profit organization and has limited funds. All the officers and board members

Outdoorchannel TV Temecula, Calif. --( Outdoor Channel, America’s


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11 August 2011

Leader in Outdoor TV, today announced the launch of Outdoor Channel HD on XFINITY TV from Comcast.

baseball season is only the beginning. “Benelli Presents Duck Commander” takes viewers behind the scenes of the Duck Commander Company and invites them to meet the Robertsons – the first family of duck hunting. Hidden away in the Louisiana backwater the Duckmen have remained illusive and mysterious for three decades. Benelli provides a glimpse of the action as the Robertsons hunt through the season while staking their claim as the world’s greatest duck hunters.

XFINITY customers in the nation’s 8th largest market can now enjoy a broad range of hunting, fishing, shooting, off-road, conservation and adventure entertainment in stunning widescreen clarity. To celebrate the HD launch of the network timed to the upcoming hunting season, Outdoor Channel and XFINITY have teamed up for the second year in a row with the Atlanta Braves to host its pregame “Fields & Reels Outdoorsman Night” expo on Saturday, August 20th from 4:00 p.m. through 7:00 p.m. in the Monument Grove area. Willie Robertson, star of Outdoor Channel’s “Buck Commander Protected by Under Armour” and “Benelli Presents Duck Commander,” will headline the event with appearances by former Braves players to celebrate the night with area hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts. In partnership with XFINITY, the network will offer activities and prizes at a co-branded booth prior to the Braves vs. the Arizona Diamondbacks game at Turner Field.

“Buck Commander Protected by Under Armour” airs on Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. ET, and “Benelli Presents Duck Commander” airs on Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. ET and Sundays at 5:00 p.m. ET – only on Outdoor Channel. Outdoor Channel HD is now available in Atlanta on XFINITY Channel 758 as part of the Digital Preferred and Sports & Entertainment tiers. About Outdoor Channel Holdings, Inc. Outdoor Channel Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: OUTD) owns and operates Outdoor Channel, America’s leader in outdoor TV, and Winnercomm Inc., an Emmy Award winning production and interactive company. Outdoor Channel offers programming that captures the excitement of hunting, fishing, shooting, off-road motorsports, adventure and the Western lifestyle and can be viewed on multiple platforms including high definition, video-on-demand, as well as on a dynamic broadband website. Winnercomm Inc. is one of America’s leading and highest quality producers of live sporting events and sports series for cable and broadcast television. Winnercomm also owns and operates the patented Skycam and CableCam aerial camera systems which provide dramatic overhead camera angles for major sports events, including college and NFL football. For more information, please visit

“We couldn’t be more excited about extending our partnership with Comcast in Atlanta and commemorating the occasion with the Atlanta Braves and area outdoor enthusiasts,” said Tom Hornish, Chief Operating Officer, Outdoor Channel. “Thanks to the Atlanta Braves and the success of last year’s event, we’re able to bring two of America’s favorite pastimes together for both outdoor enthusiasts and sports fans to enjoy,” said Randy Brown, Executive Vice President, Affiliate Sales & Marketing, Outdoor Channel. “We are especially thankful to Comcast for giving Outdoor Channel the opportunity to further interact and engage with our viewers.” “The Outdoor Channel HD addition is yet another example of the company’s larger commitment to deliver more content choices to our customers through our XFINITY service. Our subscribers will not only be entertained by the channel’s powerful programming lineup, but they will get the opportunity to celebrate the outdoor lifestyle with some of the network’s leading talent at the ‘Fields & Reels Outdoorsman Night’ expo,” said McKnight Brown, Vice President of Marketing, Comcast Atlanta Region.

About Comcast Corporation Comcast Corporation (Nasdaq: CMCSA, CMCSK) ( is one of the nation’s leading providers of entertainment, information and communications products and services. Comcast is principally involved in the operation of cable systems through Comcast Cable and in the development, production and distribution of entertainment, news, sports and other content for global audiences through NBCUniversal. Comcast Cable is one of the nation’s largest video, high-speed Internet and phone providers to residential and business customers. Comcast is the majority owner and manager of NBCUniversal, which owns and operates entertainment and news cable networks, the NBC and Telemundo broadcast networks, local television station groups, television production operations, a major motion picture company and theme parks.

Visit the Outdoor Channel/Comcast booth at the expo for raffles and promotional giveaways. Tickets for the Atlanta Braves vs. the Arizona Diamondbacks game are available at a discounted price with the promo code: OUTDOOR at

Tags: Comcast, Hunting TV Shows, Michigan, Outdoor Channel TV, Shooting Media News

“Buck Commander” is a reality-based TV show that follows Willie, aka “Boss Hogg,” and current and former Major League Baseball superstars Chipper Jones, Ryan Langerhans, Adam LaRoche and Tom “Tombo” Martin from batting practice to bow practice and from in-the-field to the outfield. Every episode highlights the camaraderie, comedy and antics of the six co-owners of the Buck Commander company, where the end of


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11 August 2011


premises under the person’s control commits a disorderly persons offense if a minor gains access to the firearm, unless the person: (1) Stores the firearm in a securely locked box or container; (2) Stores the firearm in a location which a reasonable person would believe to be secure; or (3) Secures the firearm with a trigger lock.” Other states have similar laws restricting a minor’s access to firearms and including exclusions where applicable.

Gun Safety At Home – The First Priority AUG 10, 2011 09:58A.M. Gun Safety At Home – The First Priority By Shari Spivack

I would take it a step further and suggest that it is a good idea that all occupants of the home be educated - on their level - on how to safely handle, or not handle a firearm. There is no right or wrong age or amount of information given to a child regarding firearms, it is solely up to the discretion of parents to decide what is appropriate in their situation. The first question many new gun owners will ask is if the gun is meant for home protection, how can it be stored unloaded? Of course, any firearm that will be used for personal and home protection will need to be stored ready for immediate use and easily accessible to those authorized to use it. There are many ways to store a gun as “inaccessible” but the first question following how the gun will be used is who will be present in the home. When children are present, the best gun storage will be in a locked safe. As children are naturally curious, guns that are stored in the top of closets or attics should not be considered inaccessible to children. American Tactical Imports Bio Gun Safe There are a number of options when choosing a safe to store your home defense firearm. Safes that use keys will make it difficult to access the gun quickly, so a better choice would be a keypad design or a biometric fingerprint safe that is secured inside a drawer or is attached to a wall or nightstand. With a biometric safe, several fingerprints can be stored in the memory of the safe that will allow quick access, usually within seconds, to the loaded firearm inside. Biometric safes can be finicky however, and some people will have a more difficult time having their fingerprints recognized immediately. Another choice is a safe with a digital keypad. The keypad would have four buttons set in the pattern of a hand and the user programs a set order in which to hit the buttons to open the safe. With practice, this sort of safe is easy to use both quickly and in the dark. In order to access the firearm quickly, regular practice, even nightly, is recommended. A good trick is to hide something you need inside, like your car keys or prescription medicine until you can open the safe without even thinking about it. There are also safes that combine fingerprint recognition and a keypad in case it fails to open using one of the methods. All safes of this kind will have back up keys, be sure to keep them in a separate location from the safe, and inaccessible to children.

New Jersey Second Amendment Society New Jersey --( An ever increasing number of people are purchasing firearms for home protection today. Many of these people are first time firearms owners who have decided for various reasons to add a layer of protection for their families. This means that many homes with firearms will also have children present and while good firearms safety storage measures are important to block access to all unauthorized persons, its especially important to consider how to safeguard your children as well as to introduce them to any firearms you have in your home.

Firearms that will not be used for home defense can be stored in a safe with any type of lock as they don’t need to be accessed immediately. A common design of a safe for storing long guns would have a combination lock on the door.

It is the responsibility of all gun owners to store their guns safely. New Jersey law (Statute 2C:58-15) requires that all firearms be inaccessible to minors. It states “A person who knows or reasonably should know that a minor is likely to gain access to a loaded firearm at a

It should go without saying that anyone handling firearms follow the rules of safe gun handling. Always keep your gun pointed in a safe


Today’s Tabbloid PERSONAL NEWS FOR

11 August 2011

direction. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. Always keep your gun unloaded until ready to use it. It is important to stress the word “always” each time you mention safe gun handing, especially with new shooters and when introducing firearms to children.

NJ2AS by visiting us at About: New Jersey Second Amendment Society – Our mission is to promote the free exercise of Second Amendment rights within the community and Legislature of New Jersey, to educate the community regarding the enjoyable, safe, and responsible use of firearms, and to engender a sense of camaraderie and fellowship among the members and their families. Visit:

For very young children, the best education concerning firearms is to stress that they should not be touched under any circumstances and to leave the area and tell an adult immediately if a gun is present. Some parents may decide that it is better not to mention to their children that firearms are present in the home at all. It is up to each family to decide the appropriate level of knowledge for their children.

Tags: Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program, Firearms Education, Firearms Training, Gun Safety, Gun Training, Hunting Safety, New Jersey Second Amendment Society, NJ2AS

I have found that because children are naturally curious, it is hard to hide anything from them. Each of my children have had the opportunity to see, touch and handle a gun in our home under my supervision. They have all been educated on the rules of safe gun handling and have been told to only handle firearms in my presence and with my permission. I have also made it clear that anytime they wish to see a gun in our home all they have to do is ask. If you decide to offer this option to your children, and I believe it is a good one, be prepared to respond immediately when they ask you to see your gun. Also be prepared to take the time to allow them to handle the gun, safely, if they so choose. Doing this will take away the mystery from the gun and by dropping what you are doing you are showing your child how important it is that an adult be present when guns are present and it takes away the mystique of the gun. Be prepared for an inquisitive child to test you and ask you at a very inconvenient time to see your gun. If you comply, you will find that you have passed the “test” and the interest and thrill will quickly wear off. It is unlikely the child will continue to ask you to see the gun. By doing this you have also added another level of protection for your child. If your child has had exposure to your gun under your supervision, it is unlikely he will feel the need to handle a gun, for example, when visiting a friend’s house. Further, since he has the information you provided to him, he knows to leave the area and tell an adult.


ARMED AMERICAN RADIO Adds New Michigan Affiliate AUG 10, 2011 09:36A.M. ARMED AMERICAN RADIO Adds New Michigan Affiliate

When making the decision to inform your child about guns in your home, remember that children will share information with anyone they come into contact with, their teachers, friends, even the cashier at the supermarket. So consider how open you want to be about the fact that you own guns and weigh that against the kind of safety cushion you provide your child with by introducing him to the guns in your home. Also consider that if you tell your child about your guns but then ask him to keep it a secret, it presents a difficult message for a less mature child. It is difficult for some children to process what information belongs as private family information and what can be shared with others. You don’t want to have your child think there is anything “wrong” with the fact that his family owns guns.

ARMED AMERICAN RADIO Adds New Michigan Affiliate

The more matter of fact you are about it, the less enticing the idea of sharing the information will be to your child Shari Spivack is is a board member, officer and valuable member of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society. Shari brings a fresh perspective on the RKBA in New Jersey. You can keep up to date on the events and activities of the

Armed American Radio


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11 August 2011

Atlanta GA --( Nationally syndicated Armed American Radio continues its unprecedented growth across the nation’s airwaves this week with the addition of WPNW 1230 AM-“The Pledge” in Holland Michigan.


New Life For Georgia’s Rare Oaky Woods Prairies

Syndicated host Mark Walters said, “The addition of WPNW in Holland brings AAR to three great cities in Michigan as we continue our rapid expansion across America.

AUG 10, 2011 09:26A.M. New Life Georgia’s For Rare Oaky Woods Prairies WMA Acquisition Triggers Increased Conservation of Unique Habitat.

WPNW listeners are able to fill their prescription for freedom along with listeners in the Detroit and Lansing areas. Now ten years as a “shall issue” state, Michigan CCW holders and gun owners are quickly finding their home on the radio dial starts and ends with Armed American Radio”. Adding affiliate stations at an unprecedented pace since its syndication less than two years ago, AAR now airs in dozens of markets across America from Florida to Alaska every Sunday evening from 8-11pm ET, 5-8 pm PT and is the fastest growing nationally syndicated, pro-gun radio broadcast in America.

Georgia Department of Natural Resources SOCIAL CIRCLE, Ga. --( Tom Patrick is walking across a chalk prairie on Oaky Woods Wildlife Management Area, pointing out plants that should or shouldn’t be there and occasionally wiping at sweat raised by the sweltering summer morning.

Focusing on the right to carry a firearm, Mark Walters and the Armed American Radio Network bring listeners the news, information and truth about the right to carry that the mainstream media simply ignore! For more information, or to schedule an interview, please contact:

Drought has shriveled the summer rush of wildflower blooms that can blanket these areas yellow and purple. Even recent rains can’t erase the cracks fracturing the clay surface into jigsaw puzzle shapes.

Mark Walters Host

Patrick, a botanist with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, scoops some of the gray-white soil. When wet, it can bog a four-wheeldrive pickup, one reason locals call these prairies “gumbo flats.” Yet when dry, the clay turns powdery. “It’s like talc,” Patrick says, his fingers dusted white.

Armed American Radio Network 386-AAR-Mark (386)-227-6275 Armed American Radio is syndicated on the Salem Radio Network. For media kit information, please visit

This limestone-rich clay is the calling card of Atlantic Coastal Plain chalk prairies. According to Patrick, the high pH, shrink-and-swell soil left over from ancient seas and seashells favors a unique suite of plants, from yellow prairie coneflower and Dakota vervain in the openings to Durand and chinquapin oaks, Biltmore ash, redbud, Carolina buckthorn and other trees along the edges.

About: Armed American Radio is the most free-thinking, politically incorrect radio station in the U.S.A. We discuss liberty, self-defense, weapons, family, friends, and life. Visit: Tags: AAR, Armed American Radio, Mark Walters, Pro Gun Radio, Shooting Media News

Like other so-called Blackland prairies, chalk prairies are a globally rare habitat. Found only along a shoreline that once curved from middle Georgia through north Alabama, the grasslands have been decimated by agriculture, as well as fire suppression that encourages less fire-tolerant plants. Oaky Woods features some of the Atlantic slopes’ best remaining chalk prairies. Plans for the 13,000-acre WMA near Warner Robins include restoring and expanding the openings to 400 or more acres, said Bobby Bond, a wildlife biologist with the DNR’s Wildlife Resources Division’s Game Management Section.


Today’s Tabbloid PERSONAL NEWS FOR

11 August 2011

“The biggest step right now is to introduce fire back into all the prairies … and hopefully get everything on a two-year (burn) rotation,” Bond said, adding that low-impact tree removal is also a possibility.

Fund through the state income tax checkoff and other ways supports wildlife conservation. Contributions benefit DNR’s Nongame Conservation Section, which receives no state general funds for its mission to conserve wildlife not legally hunted, fished for or trapped, as well as rare plants and natural habitats in the state.

Biologist Nathan Klaus, who, like Patrick, works with the Wildlife Resources’ Nongame Conservation Section, sees rich opportunities for restoration. That effort may involve mowing prairie edges where planted pines or a crush of shrubs and native trees have closed in. “We’re just trying to push that stuff back and jumpstart the fire ecology,” Klaus said.

For more information, visit or call Nongame Conservation offices in Social Circle (770-761-3035), Forsyth (478-994-1438) or Brunswick (912-264-7218). For details on The Environmental Resources Network, or TERN, a nonprofit advocacy group for Nongame Conservation, call the Forsyth office or go to

Chalk prairies and black bears were two conservation targets when the state bought 10,000 acres of the four-decades-old WMA, long a midstate haven for black bears. The December acquisition led to the discovery of other prairie restoration sites at Oaky Woods, thanks to insights from area manager Raye Jones and analysis of aerial imagery.

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The Wildlife Resources Division also quickly made plans to burn more of Grand Prairie, the WMA’s largest chalk prairie. What had been a 25-acre prescribed fire – the usual for Grand Prairie – grew to about 100 acres in February. The flames killed or singed plants like persimmon, red cedar and loblolly pine that are not normally abundant on chalk prairies, making room for the grasses, sedges and herbs that are more natural fits. The vegetation attracts a buzz of pollinators such as butterflies and native bumblebees, as well as wildlife like deer and quail. The prairies provide valuable brood and nesting habitat for turkeys. Recently at Grand Prairie, Patrick pointed out Boykin’s milkwort, a rare plant with whorled leaves and white blooms, and the only known Coastal Plain occurrence of Georgia aster, a candidate for federal listing. “We pretty much know what’s there,” he said. “We’re moving into a phase where we’re trying to determine how to manage these areas.” OAKY WOODS WONDERS The coastal past of chalk prairies includes oyster shells, fossil fragments and even sharks teeth in the white clay. ** These “droughty” soils combine with droughts to help exclude trees, preserving the prairies. ** Oaky Woods features other examples of unique habitats, from oldgrowth hardwood bottomlands to limestone bluff forests. Befitting its name, the WMA also has many different oak species, such as huge Shumard, Durand, swamp chestnut and cherry bark oaks. ** A 50-year WMA management plan is scheduled for completion next year. ** Wildlife conservation is the focus of the State Wildlife Action Plan, a comprehensive strategy guiding Wildlife Resources Division and DNR efforts to conserve Georgia’s biological diversity. Learn more at . GIVING WILDLIFE A CHANCE The Oaky Woods chalk prairies work is another example of how buying a nongame license plate or donating to the Georgia Wildlife Conservation


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