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25 September 2010

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be fed and though few were familiar with guns, they learned to hunt out of necessity.

Legends of the Hunt SEP 24, 2010 04:48P.M.

It was important to get a good supply of venison for the camps to supplement their provisions and sustain them over the harsh winter months. Moose, blacktail and mule deer were the favorite choice, but in desperation the hunters would bag whatever they could find.

Legends of the Hunt By John Seerey-Lester Presented by Bernard+Associates

In the Coeur d’Alene Mountains of Idaho, a prospector by the name of Pingree joined up with an old hunter called Purvis to get some meat for the table. Both men were originally from New Hampshire, where they had learned how to ski. A heavy snow blanketed the mountains on that late-November day when the men headed out on skis to hunt blacktails. Following tracks not far from camp, they soon found themselves on the banks of a lake. Pingree saw a dark shape moving in a nearby thicket and through the snowencrusted brush, he could just make out the form of a bull moose. During the rut, moose can be quite aggressive and unpredictable, which the men were well aware of. Cautiously they positioned themselves for a shot. Purvis couldn’t get a clear line of sight so he motioned to Pingree to take the shot. Without shifting his position, Pingree raised his rifle and fired. Sporting Classics Legends of the Hunt

The shot only wounded the moose, which immediately lowered its head and charged Pingree. The prospector desperately tried to maneuver around on his skis, but it was too late and the animal was upon him. Pingree was knocked backwards into the snow and as he struggled to get up, the moose pounded him with his powerful front legs.

Sporting Classics Magazine

The prospector’s desperate cries echoed across the silent snowscape. Purvis skied as fast as he could around the thicket and shot the monster as it continued to stomp on his friend. The only effect of the bullet was to redirect the bull’s attention on Purvis. The animal charged the prospector, moving effortlessly through the snow. Purvis managed to grab a tree branch, hoping to swing out of harm’s way.

Columbia, SC --( As the old prospector and his friend would quickly discover, a wounded bull moose can be a swift and deadly killer.

As the beast hurtled past, it raised its huge antlers in an effort to gore Purvis, but missed. The moose continued high-stepping through the snow and was never seen again.

Throughout the western United States in the 1850s, mining camps were springing up everywhere as thousands of men from as far away as China and England came in search of fortunes.

The old hunter went to the prospector’s aid, but found him badly wounded, his chest crushed under the relentless onslaught of the animal’s heavy hooves.

Many of the tented mining camps were in wilderness areas where the men had to hunt wild game to survive. The huge influx of people had to

Purvis did what he could to save Pingree, but the poor man died within a few hours. The entire incident, which had lasted only a few seconds,


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25 September 2010

showed just how dangerous a bull moose could be.

Legends of the Hunt

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This tale is among some 80 true-life stories in John Seerey-Lester’s book, Legends of the Hunt. In more than 100 paintings and a fascinating text, the artist relives the adventures of the greatest early explorers and hunters.

Legends of the Hunt Tags: Hunting Books, John Seerey-Lester, Shooting Media News, Sporting Classics Magazine

The big, 11×12 ½-inch, 200-page book is available in three editions: • Trade – Hardbound, $60.


• Elephant Edition – 950 leather-bound, signed & numbered copies, each with a special print, $95.

A Breakthrough in Ammunition Performance from Hornady

• Lion Edition – 520 leather-bound, signed and numbered books, each with a hand-colored giclee print, $250.

SEP 24, 2010 04:31P.M. A Breakthrough in Ammunition Performance from Hornady

To order, call (800) 849-1004 or visit

A Breakthrough in Ammunition Performance from Hornady Sporting Classics Magazine About: Sporting Classics is the magazine for discovering the best in hunting and fishing worldwide. Every page is carefully crafted, through word and picture, to transport you on an unforgettable journey into the great outdoors. Travel to the best hunting and fishing destinations. Relive the finest outdoor stories from yesteryear. Discover classic firearms and fishing tackle by the most renowned craftsmen. Gain valuable knowledge from columns written by top experts in their fields: gundogs, shotguns, fly fishing, rifles, art and more. From great fiction to modern-day adventures, every article is complemented by exciting photography and masterful paintings. This isn’t just another “how to” outdoor magazine. Come. Join us! Visit:


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25 September 2010

Hornady Ammunition

developing a world class shooting team which won National and International titles in every discipline including Olympic Gold in 2008, Bauer is uniquely suited for the role of Shooting Sports Manager.

Grand Island, Neb. --( Founded in 1949, Hornady Manufacturing Company is a family owned business headquartered in Grand Island, Nebraska. Proudly manufacturing products that are “Made in the USA”, by over 300 employees, Hornady Manufacturing is a world leader in bullet, ammunition, reloading tool and accessory design and manufacture. Visit:

“I am excited to have JB joining the Remington team. He brings a ton of experience and is well rounded in all areas of our business from firearms, ammunition to the Shooting Sports, as well as many other areas. I look forward to JB expanding our Shooting Sports business to new heights,” said Jim Bruno, Director of Business Development. “With two young boys who love to shoot and hunt, I am especially concerned with preserving these rights for them and future generations. As an avid hunter, I also enjoy sharing time with my boys chasing whitetails, antelope and duck hunting,” stated Bauer.

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About Remington Arms Company: Remington Arms Company, Inc., founded in 1816 and headquartered in Madison, N.C., designs, produces and sells sporting goods products for the hunting and shooting sports markets, as well as solutions to the military government and law enforcement markets. With plants and facilities in Ilion, NY, Lonoke, AR, Elizabethtown and Mayfield, KY, Remington is the only United States manufacturer of both firearms and ammunition products and one of the largest domestic producers of shotguns and rifles. The Company distributes its products throughout the U.S., and in more than 55 foreign countries. More information about the Company can be found at


Remington Hires Bauer to Manage Shooting Sports Program SEP 24, 2010 04:23P.M.

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Remington Hires Bauer to Manage Shooting Sports Program

Remington Hires Bauer to Manage Shooting Sports Program Tags: industy new, Remington Arms Company, Shooting Sports Jobs

Remington Arms Company Madison, NC --( Remington Arms Company, Inc. is pleased to announce the recent hiring of John Bauer to the position of Shooting Sports Manager. In his new role, Bauer’s responsibilities will include managing all aspects of Remington’s range programs, creating opportunities for wholesalers and target ammunition wholesalers, working with distributors and dealers, coordinating with range partners, VIP Groups such as hunting plantations and preserves, outfitters, the rifle team and pro shooters. Bauer brings almost 30 years of experience to Remington and has been involved in the shooting world since the age of fourteen. Having worked in all aspects of the firearms industry, from sales and service to wholesale distribution, chain accounts, shotgun product manager,


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25 September 2010


can look forward to seeing large numbers of Canada geese returning to Maryland this fall.”

Maryland Governor Reminds Hunters of Exceptional Goose Opportunities

Information on waterfowl hunting and a detailed map of the Canada goose hunting zones is online at The 2010-2011 Maryland Migratory Game Bird Hunting Seasons flier is also available online and at most licensing agents.

SEP 24, 2010 02:25P.M. Maryland Governor Reminds Hunters of Exceptional Goose Opportunities this Fall

Hunters are encouraged to report banded migratory game birds by calling toll-free 1-800-327-BAND (2263). For added convenience, banded migratory birds may also be reported online at About: The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is the state agency responsible for providing natural and living resource-related services to citizens and visitors. DNR manages nearly one-half million acres of public lands and 17,000 miles of waterways, along with Maryland’s forests, fisheries, and wildlife for maximum environmental, economic and quality of life benefits. A national leader in land conservation, DNR-managed parks and natural, historic, and cultural resources attract 12 million visitors annually. DNR is the lead agency in Maryland’s effort to restore the Chesapeake Bay, the state’s number one environmental priority. Learn more at

Goose Hunting Opportunities Available

Brought to you by - AMMO LAND.COM - Firearms & Shooting Sports News Ammo Submit Gun, Ammo and Shooting Related News at Ammo Maryland Governor Reminds Hunters of Exceptional Goose Opportunities Maryland Department of Natural Resources Tags: Canada Goose, Duck Hunting, Goose Hunting, Light Goose, Maryland, Maryland DNR, MDNR, Waterfowl Hunters, Waterfowling

Annapolis, MD --( Governor Martin O’Malley joined the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in announcing Maryland’s Atlantic Population Canada goose hunting season will kick off November 20.


More Dogs Killed by So Called Endangered Wolves

The season will run November 20 through November 26, 2010; and December 16 through January 29, 2011. The daily bag limit is two Canada geese.

SEP 24, 2010 01:07P.M. “Few sights and sounds symbolize the changing of the seasons like the first waves of Canada geese arriving from their breeding grounds along distant Hudson Bay,” said Governor O’Malley. “These magnificent birds are a vital part of what makes the Chesapeake region a fabulous place to work, live and play.”

More Dogs Killed by So Called Endangered Wolves

“The Atlantic Population is the largest Canada goose population in North America,” said DNR Waterfowl Project Leader Larry Hindman. “A normal spring thaw resulted in a productive hatch this year. Hunters and non-hunters alike


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25 September 2010


Celebrate Time Afield on National Hunting and Fishing Day SEP 24, 2010 12:49P.M. Celebrate Time Afield on National Hunting and Fishing Day

Wisconsin DNR MADISON, WI --( Each year, with the beginning of the Wisconsin bear hound training and hunting season, bear hunters are reminded to exercise caution if they plan to train or hunt bear with hounds. As of September 24th, 16 hounds have been killed by wolves since the July 1st opening of bear hound training season. Hunters should use the caution area maps below to help reduce conflicts during this year’s bear dog training season. Table 1 contains a summary of the 2010 dog depredations by wolves. Read more: 8 Pet Dogs Killed by Wolves – Who’s Endangered Now? Promote hunting, angling and the conservation benefits they provide on National Hunting and Fishing Day. Photo courtesy of Library of Congress.

Pet Dogs Although wolf attacks on pet dogs in residential areas are rare, they do occur and have increased in recent years. These types of attacks represent a special kind of wolf depredation to domestic animals. For additional guidance and information about protecting pet dogs and bear hounds from wolves, see “Guidance for Bear Hunters and Pet Owners”. Reducing Conflict Between Wolves and Hunting Dogs Brought to you by - AMMO LAND.COM - Firearms & Shooting Sports News Ammo Submit Gun, Ammo and Shooting Related News at Ammo More Dogs Killed by So Called Endangered Wolves Tags: Dog Training, Endangered Species, Gundogs, Hunting Dogs, Hunting News, Wisconsin, Wolf Hunting, Wolves

Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership WASHINGTON --( While you probably don’t need an excuse to venture afield, we thought we’d offer an additional opportunity to celebrate the season: September 25 is National Hunting and Fishing Day! Founded by sportsmen like you and the National Shooting Sports


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25 September 2010

Foundation, National Hunting and Fishing Day has been called the most effective grassroots campaign ever undertaken to promote hunting, angling and the conservation benefits they provide for all Americans who appreciate fish, wildlife and the outdoors. The TRCP supports National Hunting and Fishing Day and hopes that you will support our work on behalf of our sporting heritage.

making assumptions as to whom the defendants may be). This is for the 5 men arrested for open carrying, minding their own business. They were NOT staging anything or trying to get arrested. Some of these men are known to us personally, and we know their intentions were nothing more than to meet with one another, share a meal and conversation, and be able to exercise their fundamental right to bear arms. These open carry meet-ups are happening everywhere, and this one was no different.

And don’t forget the importance of setting aside time to enjoy the sporting traditions that form the fabric of our communities. Find an event near you.

Someone called the police to inquire as to whether or not what they were doing (simply openly carrying pistols) is legal. Instead of informing the caller that it is, and asking the caller if anything else seems out of place, Madison PD sent 8 officers there to harass, intimidate, and violate many rights of the citizens.

About: Inspired by the legacy of Theodore Roosevelt, the TRCP is a coalition of organizations and grassroots partners working together to preserve the traditions of hunting and fishing. Visit:

Wisconsin Carry, Inc. has tried to solve this diplomatically, but Madison Police Chief Noble Wray has simply declared all-out war by charging all 5 men with disorderly conduct, despite the Wisconsin Attorney General stating that open carry is not disorderly conduct and should not be prosecuted!

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Separately and privately, to no one else’s knowledge, contacted Madison Police Chief Wray. We had a good conversation with him, and tried our best to make progress to deescalate this situation and get the police and law-abiding gun owners back on the same page. Chief Wray failed to mention his decision to charge all 5 men with disorderly conduct. Needless to say, we are very disappointed by this reaction of his, and we look forward to the day in court everyone will have.

Tags: Hunting News, National Hunting and Fishing Day, NHF Day, Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, TRCP


Gun Rights Lawsuit Dumptrunk is Backing Up to Madison Police & Chief

We are calling on the entire country – particularly the grassroots gun rights groups like Wisconsin Carry and who really make the difference these days for support in this. Wisconsin is a most pivotal piece in the countrywide Right to Carry movement. Wisconsin is one of only 2 states left with completely concealed carry prohibition. As such, Open Carry has grown into a sensational movement unlike anywhere else in the nation.

SEP 24, 2010 12:38P.M. Gun Owners Fight Back – Lawsuit Dumptrunk is Backing Up to Madison Police & Chief Fundraiser for Wisconsin Carry Lawsuit.

All attempts will be made to transform Wisconsin into a state where lawabiding can choose which method to carry - open or concealed - based on what suits their needs and personal preferences. All attempts will be made to see this choice be a real right – no permit or license required – like Alaska, Vermont, and now Arizona. Wisconsin can go from red to green on the Right to Carry map in one sure step after the upcoming election. has witnessed countless open carry events – picnics, litter pickups, food drives, rallies, and simple casual get-togethers. These events are very spontaneous – anyone can decide to start one somewhere and people from nearby show up. Through these events, patriotic supporters of the right to bear arms have gotten to know one another, shared personal experiences, shared knowledge and education, comradery, and hopes. Madison, Wisconsin --( Please donate to Wisconsin Carry, Inc’s efforts in bringing suits against the City of Madison, Madison Police, Police Chief, and anyone else culpable (ICarry is


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25 September 2010

Wisconsin Carry, Inc. has taken the lead to promote the safe and lawful exercise of rights for self-defense, educating the public, and staunch defense of open carry in Wisconsin. Through numerous lawsuits challenging things like the unconstitutional “gun-free school zones” relic law in Wisconsin, to blatant violations of an individual’s rights, they have proven themselves to be an organization of action – not of words or politics.


Latest on Madison Police Chief Noble Wray’s Open Carry Debaucle SEP 24, 2010 12:28P.M. considers Wisconsin Carry, Inc. to be one of the finest firearms rights organizations in the country. We consider ourselves blessed to work in the same state as them, assist them when possible, and simply share the Wisconsin Open Carry experience with them.

Latest on Madison Police Chief Noble Wray’s Open Carry Debaucle Executive Director Shaun Kranish writes:

Please help us take the Wisconsin example beyond the border to the many states that need carry law reform. The right to carry is sweeping the nation, and the adamant defense of that right by organizations like Wisconsin Carry is creating the possibility for countrywide recognition of the fundamental right of peaceable citizens to bear arms – no questions asked.


Please help raise $5,000 for Wisconsin Carry’s lawsuit and injunction against the City of Madison today. It will make a difference for all states!

(You can view the live, to-the-second status of the fundraiser on the left side of the homepage. You can list your name if you create an account, or choose to be anonymous if you donate!)

Madison, Wisconsin --( Madison Police Chief Noble Wray has dug his heels into the sand, vowing to do everything he thinks he’ll get away with to suppress gun owners from exercising their rights. Rather than educating the public that open carry is legal and there’s no need to call the police unless something suspicious or threatening is happening, Madison PD has vowed to use INTIMIDATION to repress gun owners exercising what’s lawful.

About:, a website devoted to to bringing concealed carry to Illinois and Wisconsin – the only two states without it. Brought to you by - AMMO LAND.COM - Firearms & Shooting Sports News Ammo Submit Gun, Ammo and Shooting Related News at Ammo

By promising to scare, harass, diminish and humiliate a peaceful citizen open carrying, they have created an environment where law-abiding citizens will be dissuaded through coercion from exercising their constitutionally-protected rights!!!

Gun Rights Lawsuit Dumptrunk is Backing Up to Madison Police & Chief

View the City of Madison’s press release here

Tags: Civil Rights, Gun Owner Harassment, Gun Owner Rights,, Lawsuits, Open Carry, Wisconsin Carry

Highlights: • Open Carry can be considered disorderly conduct, because someone may not like it… • The officers acted correctly, even though they said it’s OK for pedophiles to be around children, but not OK to open carry. • Chief Wray has sent a memo instructing officers to engage, disarm, and “investigate” anyone open carrying. • The “suspect” should be identified if possible to ensure they are not


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25 September 2010

a felon. • The firearm serial should be ran to make sure it isn’t stolen. • Disorderly conduct doesn’t require a disturbance to take place, just a “perception” that one’s actions could possibly cause a disturbance. • Hands-on “Pro-enforcement approach” taken with open carriers

Have you ever wondered how things get out of hand in this country, and freedoms are lost without due process, without legislation even, and despite our Constitution, the highest law in the land? Well, this is exactly how!!

Madison, Wisconsin --( 5 Open Carriers Harassed/Arrested All now charged with disorderly conduct!!! On Saturday, September 18th, a group of five responsible firearms owners gathered to share company and conversation at Culvers on Town Blvd in Madison, Wisconsin. Approximately eight Madison police officers approached the firearms owners who were enjoying food and discussion with one another.

You give power to imbeciles incapable of critical thinking – right and wrong, cause and effect, limitation of power. They open their mouth, or write their name and their foolhardy ideas on paper, and freedom goes out the window. They are counting on zero to minor backlash from this.

Demanding identification of the gun owners, officers used intimidation and coercion in attempts to force the citizens to provide ID. State law does not allow officers to demand ID in circumstances like this, and Madison PD’s very own “legal updates” explains exactly why refusing to provide ID is not “obstructing.”

SORRY MADISON POLICE – HERE COMES THE TIDAL WAVE!!! About:, a website devoted to to bringing concealed carry to Illinois and Wisconsin – the only two states without it.

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Despite this well-known aspect of law, at least two of the law-abiding firearms owners were arrested and cited with “obstructing” charges for not providing ID. All of the citizens were harassed in public, intimidated and coerced, and inconvenienced and humiliated by the disrespectful, diminishing, and suppressive behavior of Madison police officers.

Latest on Madison Police Chief Noble Wray’s Open Carry Debaucle Tags: Civil Rights, Gun Owner Harassment, Gun Owner Rights,, Open Carry, Wisconsin Carry would first like to thank Wisconsin Carry, Inc. for its steadfast resolve to protect citizens’ rights in Wisconsin. is committed to supporting Wisconsin Carry, Inc. and all responsible firearms owners in the state.


Madison WI Challenges Firearms Open Carry – Open Carry Will Prevail

The vast majority of officers are well-trained to respect the rights of citizens openly carrying firearms. Over the past few years in Wisconsin, a great deal of education has been provided for police, and police throughout the state have been exhibiting exemplary performance. There have been only a select few isolated incidents of failure of training or behavioral problems with police.

SEP 24, 2010 12:04P.M. Madison WI Challenges Firearms Open Carry – Open Carry Will Prevail would like to see this incident be the last. It’s time to accept and embrace the lawful practice of open carry. There is no need to discriminate or profile against open carriers – they should be afforded the same level of dignity and respect as all other peaceful citizens. Like police officers, they too carry a sidearm only for self-protection. About:, a website devoted to to bringing concealed carry to Illinois and Wisconsin – the only two states without it.


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25 September 2010

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2011, at the Rockcastle Shooting Center, Park Mammoth Resort in Park City, Ky. The 20th Annual Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence awards ceremony will be held July 22 at the Sloan Convention Center in Bowling Green, Ky.

Madison WI Challenges Firearms Open Carry – Open Carry Will Prevail “We are honored Rockcastle Shooting Center was selected to host this prestigious event,” said Nick Noble, CEO, Rockcastle Shooting Center. “Our unique shooting sports resort in south central Kentucky, which is rich in history and tradition, makes for an ideal setting to bring the industry together. We look forward to welcoming everyone in the industry to participate in some fun shooting events, fantastic awards ceremonies, bask in our southern hospitality and enjoy our beautiful resort located in the heart of the Caves, Lakes and Corvettes region of Kentucky.”

Tags: Civil Rights, Gun Owner Harassment, Gun Owner Rights,, Open Carry, Wisconsin Carry


2011 Shooting Industry Academy Of Excellence Drawn To Kentucky

The 2011 Masters will again support National Shooting Sports Foundation’s First Shots program. The 2010 Masters attracted nearly 270 shooters from throughout the industry. The match, held at The Heartland Public Shooting Park in Grand Island, Neb., raised $32,000 for First Shots. This brings the amount raised by the Masters for First Shots to $57,000 in two years. In all, the Masters has raised nearly $112,000 to support NSSF programs.

SEP 24, 2010 11:45A.M. 2011 Shooting Industry Academy Of Excellence Drawn To Kentucky

“We invite everybody within the industry to form a team, and come out to the Shooting Industry Masters,” said Steve Sanetti, NSSF president. “It’s a lot of fun, and it’s all for a good cause. We thank FMG Publications for all the help it has given the National Shooting Sports Foundation in promoting the First Shots program.” The announcement that FMG will hold the 2011 Masters and Academy of Excellence in Kentucky was well received by state officials.

FMG Publications San Diego, Calif. --( FMG Publications announces the 2011 Shooting Industry Masters and Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence awards presentation will be held in Kentucky. “Our first look at the sprawling 2,000-acre Park Mammoth Resort and Rockcastle Shooting Center sent our imaginations spinning with possibilities for next year’s events,” said Randy Molde, Masters chairman. “This unique venue, combined with southern charm and hospitality from local city and county officials, has everything we are looking for to make the 2011 Masters and Academy weekend an unforgettable experience and team-bonding destination.”

Shooting Industry Masters “We are thrilled to learn the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence and Shooting Industry Masters have selected southern Kentucky as their 2011 venue. Prestigious events

The Ninth Annual Shooting Industry Masters will be held July 22-23,


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25 September 2010

such as these serve to showcase the entire Commonwealth to visitors,” said Hank Phillips, deputy commissioner, Kentucky Department of Travel and Tourism.


Gun Rights on Gun Talk SEP 24, 2010 11:35A.M.

“The Bowling Green Area Convention & Visitors Bureau is pleased to learn the Shooting Industry Masters has chosen southern Kentucky for its event, and looks forward to working with Park Mammoth in facilitating the group’s needs,” said Vicki Fitch, executive director, Convention & Visitors Bureau. “The stunning natural beauty, unique meeting venues and strong community support throughout our region make this an ideal location.”

Gun Rights on Gun Talk

“We welcome the 20th anniversary of the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence and the Ninth Annual Shooting Industry Masters to south central Kentucky,” said Bowling Green Mayor Elaine Walker. “We thank FMG Publications for selecting our region for this competition.” “This is a great opportunity to showcase south central Kentucky — especially Park Mammoth Resort and the Rockcastle Shooting Center — to leaders in the outdoor shooting sports industry, a longstanding tradition in the Commonwealth,” said Judge N.E. Reed, Edmonson County judge/executive.

Gun Talk Radio MANDEVILLE, LA --( Tom talks gun rights live from the Gun Rights Policy Conference this Sunday on Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk (R) Radio, the only nationally-syndicated radio talk show about guns and the shooting sports.

“We’re excited to participate in these competitions in collaboration with Rockcastle Shooting Center and FMG Publications. Kentucky has a heritage of supporting outdoor shooting sports, and these competitions are exemplary of this support,” said Judge Michael Buchanon, Warren County judge/executive.

Tom will be interviewing speakers and attendees at the 25th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference this week, hosted by the Second Amendment Foundation and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. GRPC is a free, three-day conference that focuses on all facets of gun rights – past, present and future – to determine and plan out the next steps within the gun rights communities. Speakers at this year’s conference include Alan Gottlieb, Alan Gura, former congressman Bob Barr, Joseph Tartaro, John Lott, Massad Ayoob, Larry Pratt, Jeff Knox, Gene Hoffman, Dave Workman, Alan Korwin and many more!

The Masters and Academy are owned and operated by FMG Publications, publishers of GUNS Magazine, American Handgunner, American COP, Shooting Industry Magazine and eight special editions. For more information on the 2011 Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence and Shooting Industry Masters, please contact Elizabeth O’Neill at 1-888-315-3641 or

Also on the show this Sunday, Tom talks with Senator Jon Tester of Montana about the Senator’s recent letter to Secretary Clinton and the State Department, regarding the rejection of South Korea’s proposal to sell its surplus of American-made M1 Carbines and M1 Garand rifles to the U.S.

Brought to you by - AMMO LAND.COM - Firearms & Shooting Sports News Ammo Submit Gun, Ammo and Shooting Related News at Ammo 2011 Shooting Industry Academy Of Excellence Drawn To Kentucky

“I count myself among many gun rights advocates who fundamentally disagree with the State Department’s reasoning. Rejecting the responsible sale of legal firearms over hypothetical concerns that they could be used for “illicit purposes” sets a dangerous precedent and it is contrary to the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans,” writes Senator Tester.

Tags: Awards, NSSF, Rockcastle Shooting Center, Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence Award, Shooting Industry Masters

And Frank Harris, VP of Sales and Marketing at Kahr Arms, drops by to


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25 September 2010

talk about the Thompson gun, and the Auto-Ordnance/Gun Talk Grand Prize package for the “Get Your Gat” Giveaway. The winner receives a semi-auto version of the Thompson gun, a 50-round drum, a 30-round magazine and a violin carrying case. Register now at

On Monday, a plenary session will feature special guests Dr. Douglas Brinkley, author of The Wilderness Warrior: Theodore Roosevelt and the Crusade for America; and Tom Strickland, assistant secretary of Interior for Fish, Wildlife and Parks and Chief of Staff to Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar.

About: Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk Radio is in its 15th year of national syndication, Gun Talk Radio airs live on Sundays from 2PM-5PM Eastern, and runs on 101 stations, plus SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio. All Gun Talk shows can be downloaded as podcasts through Apple iTunes or at More information is available at

Convened primarily as a business meeting for member agencies and staff, the Grand Rapids conference will feature formal committee sessions to discuss topics such as bird conservation, climate change, energy and wildlife policy, and conservation education among many others. Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment Director Rebecca Humphries chairs the AFWA Executive Committee, as well as the Fish and Wildlife Health Committee. “I’m very excited to showcase our state to colleagues from across the U.S. and Canada who are as passionate about fish and wildlife conservation as our own DNRE professionals,” Humphries said.

Brought to you by - AMMO LAND.COM - Firearms & Shooting Sports News Ammo Submit Gun, Ammo and Shooting Related News at Ammo Gun Rights on Gun Talk Tags: GRPC, Gun Owner Rights, Gun Rights, Gun Rights Policy Conference, Gun Talk, Gun Talk Radio, Pro Gun Radio, Shooting Media News


North America’s Fish and Wildlife Experts to Convene in Grand Rapids Mi SEP 24, 2010 11:19A.M. North America’s Fish and Wildlife Experts to Convene in Grand Rapids Mi Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Several Michigan agency directors have served as past presidents of AFWA, including P.J. Hoffmaster from 1942-46. AFWA held its first annual meeting in 1902 in Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park when eight game wardens from six states met to discuss early conservation issues. Over the years, the AFWA grew to represent all U.S. state fish and wildlife agencies to advance science-based fish and wildlife management. Today, AFWA represents its state agency members on Capitol Hill and before the Administration to advance favorable fish and wildlife conservation policy and funding.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources Michigan --( The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA) will hold its 100th Annual Meeting in Grand Rapids starting Monday, Sept. 27, through Thursday, Sept. 30.

“Grand Rapids was the host city of AFWA’s 29th meeting in 1936,” said Ron Regan, AFWA executive director. “While the city has changed a lot since then, one thing that hasn’t is the hospitality that is pure Michigan. We thank you for hosting us.”

More than 600 fish and wildlife professionals, including the directors of most state fish and wildlife agencies, will be on hand to discuss current and emerging natural resources issues.

To learn more about AFWA and the Grand Rapids conference, go to


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25 September 2010 The Department of Natural Resources and Environment is committed to the conservation, protection, management, and accessible use and enjoyment of the state’s environment, natural resources and related economic interests for current and future generations. Learn more at Civilian Marksmanship Program Brought to you by - AMMO LAND.COM - Firearms & Shooting Sports News Ammo Submit Gun, Ammo and Shooting Related News at Ammo

CAMP PERRY, OHIO - -( Plan to join us at the CMP North store for our Customer Appreciation Day and Open House with complimentary coffee and donuts in the morning and hot dogs and chips in the afternoon on Saturday, 2 October. The store opens at 8:30 a.m. and closes at 4 p.m.

North America’s Fish and Wildlife Experts to Convene in Grand Rapids Mi Tags: AFWA, Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, Fish and Game, Michigan, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Management

“We just want to say ‘thank you’ to our current customers and say ‘hello’ to new customers who will get an opportunity to see our showroom and shop our great selection of products,” said Mike Conrad, CMP North store manager.


In addition to food and refreshments, while they last, CMP will give out free summer event T-shirts to the first 50 visitors to the store. Guests may also take home free CMP giveaways while they last, Conrad said.

CMP North Store Customer Appreciation Day & Open House on 2 October

The CMP North store recently reopened following an inventory organization period following the 2010 National Matches. The store sells surplus M1 Garand rifles to qualified buyers along with ammunition, books, clothing, memorabilia and a limited supply of .22 caliber rifles, air rifles and accessories.

SEP 24, 2010 11:06A.M. CMP North Store Customer Appreciation Day and Open House on 2 October By Steve Cooper, CMP Writer

The store is one of three sales outlets for CMP which also operates a store in Anniston, Alabama and an E- store and ongoing Internet auction which can be found at The CMP Stores have Armorers that will help customers inspect the rifles they have picked out and assist customers with their purchase. Those interested in purchasing a rifle from the CMP need to supply proof of U.S. citizenship, proof of marksmanship training, membership in a CMP-affiliated club and applicants must clear a Federal background check. For a list of CMP-affiliated clubs and more information about the CMP and its sales program, log onto Civilian Marksmanship Sales Catalog 2010 For more information, call the CMP North store at 419-635-2141 Ext. 1505. For a map and directions to the CMP North store, log onto

The CMP North Store has over 400 government surplus rifles on display. Customers can browse through the selections on display and hand pick the rifle they would like to purchase.

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25 September 2010


1. Rule 8.6.3 – Ties for Last Position in Final. The new rulebook now gives match directors the option of conducting a shoot-off to decide ties for the last position(s) in an eight-person final. This addition was made to be inline with the tie-breaking procedures now used by the ISSF. At this year’s National Three-Position Air Rifle Junior Olympic Championship, this rule was added to the program so it could be showcased at a National 3PAR event. In the precision event, no shoot-off was necessary, but a shoot-off was required to determine the last qualifiers for the sporter final. This was the first council shoot-off and the event was well received by competitors and spectators. Under the new rule, national level matches are required to hold shoot-offs, but local matches can still break these ties by using tie-breaking procedures found in Rule 8.6.1. Information about whether or not a match will hold a shoot-off must be included in the match program. The shoot-off is run similar to a final, and must be conducted as soon as possible after qualification scores are posted. Any shooters with tied qualification score (not including x-count) for the last place(s) in the final will then compete in the shoot-off. This can be as few as two shooters, or there could be several shooters with the same numerical score. Shooters are first given a five-minute preparation and sighting period. They then shoot five shots on command, “FOR YOUR FIRST/NEXT COMPETITION SHOT…LOAD…ATTENTION, 3-2-1 START.” Shooters have 75 seconds to fire each shot. Unlike a final, scores are not announced after each shot is fired. After all five shots are completed, the range officer will announce the five-shot totals for all shooters in the shoot-off. If possible, shoot-offs should be scored in tenth ring values (requires electronic targets or Orion VIS scoring). If ties remain, single shots are fired on command until the tie is broken.

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2010-2012 Three-Position Air Rifle Rules Now Available SEP 24, 2010 10:49A.M. 2010-2012 Three-Position Air Rifle Rules Now Available Free for AmmoLand Shooting Sports News Readers.

Civilian Marksmanship Program CAMP PERRY, OHIO – -( The 2010 – 2012 8th Edition National Standard Three-Position Air Rifle Rules were released in September 2010.

2. Rule 8.5.5 – Protests of VIS Targets. Visual Image Scoring (VIS) such as the Orion Scoring System, has revolutionized the scoring of paper targets by increasing the speed, consistency and accuracy of scoring. Like any new system, the rules concerning its practical use have continued to change as experience is gained and situations arise that warrant change. Rule 8.5.5 concerns the protest procedures for shots scored by VIS targets. Instead of challenging the entire target as was the rule in the previous edition of the rulebook, the new rule states that a specific shot or shots must be protested. Obvious errors, such as when the computer program picks up the wrong shot location, multiple shots on the same bull, or when a paper tear is picked up as a shot, can be brought to the attention of the Statistical officer and changed without an official challenge. If the competitor believes that a shot without an obvious error was scored incorrectly the shot must be officially protested. Shooters must be very confident in their protests, however, since there is now a two-point penalty per protest if the whole number value of the shot does not increase. The Council’s decision to impose a two-point penalty for lost score challenges was adopted so that the score protest procedures for VIS scoring would be essentially the same as they are for electronic (EST) targets where there has been a two-point penalty for lost score protests for several years. The two-point penalty also is intended to avoid slowing down the match when some competitors attempt to “buy points” by protesting several shots that must then be rescored. The incentive is now very high for shooters to only challenge shots that they are convinced should be a higher point value. If stated in the match program, a protest fee (of $3 or less) can be collected for each

The National Three-Position Air Rifle Council•, which governs most three-position air rifle shooting in the USA, releases a revised rulebook every two years. Rule changes are based on decisions made by the Council, which held its most recent annual meeting this past June. The 2010-2012 version of the rules includes several rule clarifications that are based on interpretations issued during the last two years. A few changes were also made to bring three-position rules in line with International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) rule changes. Rule changes concerning three-position equipment were also few in number. A new Daisy replacement stock for the M888/887 CO2 air rifles was approved. This stock features an adjustable cheek-piece and buttplate (once adjustments are set, they cannot be changed during a sporter class competition). Authorization was given for match sponsors to allow “lower-cost air rifles” at the grassroots level. New ISSF standards for checking the size of shooting trouser seat pads and the flexibility of shooting shoes were incorporated into the rules (precision class clothing). Standards for checking blinders and visors were established (see #3 below). The following highlights three of the most significant rule changes.


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25 September 2010

protest. If a shot is protested, the scan for that shot is then re-evaluated with a “protest algorithm.” If the shooter is granted the point, the fee is returned and score adjusted. If the original score remains the same, the fee is not returned and two points must be deducted from the score of the protested shot. All results of protests are final and cannot be appealed.

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AMMOLAND.COM 3. 4.7.7 – Headgear and Blinders. Competitors now need to be more mindful of the way in which they wear their caps or visors while shooting. If a hat is pulled down too far, the sides may be considered side blinders. While side blinders are permitted under Rule 4.7.9, they are restricted to being no more than 40mm deep (downward direction), and also must not extend past the center of the forehead as seen from the side. To prevent cap bills and visors from being pulled down so that they become illegal side blinders, Rule 4.7.7 was updated to state that when a hat or visor is worn, the area on the forehead between the eyebrows must be visible from the side of the shooter. Range officers will be able to check by coming to the side of shooter in position. From that viewpoint, they can quickly determine whether the hat or visor is high enough on the shooter’s head. It is also important to note that the cap or visor is not permitted to touch the rear sight. Some floppy visors or hats may hit the rear sight, so shooters should place their hats in such a way that they do not touch the sights.

Crosman Seeks Regional Sales Manager SEP 24, 2010 10:02A.M. Crosman Seeks Regional Sales Manager

Crosman The 2010-2012 8th Edition of the National Standard Three-Position Air Rifle Rules, with the most recent changes approved by the National Three-Position Air Rifle Council, is now available in printed version or as a downloadable *.pdf file. The new rules may be accessed immediately through the CMP website at Printed copies of the new rulebook may be ordered from the CMP at a cost of $2.00 each.

ROCHESTER, NY --( Crosman Corporation, long known for innovation and quality in the shooting sports is seeking a regional sales manager responsible for building the sales of all company products and servicing major accounts. Candidates should have a successful track record in sales development, strong interpersonal skills, excellent decision making abilities, and be highly motivated.

The National Three-Position Air Rifle Council continues to urge all coaches, competitors and match sponsors who have questions about the three-position air rifle rules to contact the National Council Rules Hotline. If you have questions or recommendations concerning the rules, contact Vicki Donoho at or 419-635-2141, ext. 1102.

The position requires at least 3 years of experience in business development and product sales in the sporting goods industry. A bachelor’s degree in business or a related field is preferred. The position’s primary responsibilities are:

2010-2012 National Standard Three-position Air Rifle Rules • Plans and manages the sales effort with the aid of marketing representatives with an emphasis on major accounts.

Alternately you download the new rules at

• Travels frequently to call on customers. About: The National Three-Position Air Rifle Council includes representatives of the American Legion, Boy Scouts of America, CMP, Daisy Shooter Education Program, National 4-H Shooting Sports, U. S. Army Marksmanship Unit and the Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force Cadet Commands.

• Sells directly to major accounts. • Keeps customers apprised of new products, policies and procedures. • Coordinates shipping and billing between the Company and dealers to which he/she sells.

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• Conducts market research.


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25 September 2010

• Supervises the preparation and interpretation of reports pertaining to sales analysis.


Waterfowl Hunting Interview with Mossy Oak Pro Staff Member Cory Dukehart

• Confers with marketing manager in the development of marketing policy, recommending product and product line revisions as well as pricing changes. • Prepares annual sales forecasts and participates in the determination of market potential and in preparation of sales expenses/estimates for the region.

SEP 24, 2010 09:39A.M. Waterfowl Hunting Interview with Mossy Oak Pro Staff Member Cory Dukehart

• Updates forecasts monthly. • Assists sales support/marketing staff members in activities such as sales promotions or market research in planning and executing special projects. • Attends and demonstrates products at trade shows. The company offers a competitive benefits package and is located in Bloomfield, NY. Mossy Oak

For further information on the regional sales manager position please visit the company’s websites at,,, or to apply by resume, write to Crosman Corporation in care of Human Resources, 7629 Routes 5 & 20, Bloomfield, NY 14469 or email

WEST POINT, MS --( Q: What is a good call for beginners? A: For ducks, I typically recommend double reed calls. The double reed duck call is what I call the training wheels of duck calls. Now this doesn’t mean that a veteran should not blow a double reed, but they are easier to learn on in my opinion. The double reed allows the caller to lean on the call more and give it more air without the fear of slipping a bad or scratch note.

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For geese, I would start out with and continue to use short reeds. There are a few manufacturers out there who make great flute style calls, and in the right hands they can be deadly. But in my opinion the easier style to learn and continue to progress on is the short reed style goose call.

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Q: How can I learn how and when to call? A: Learning how to call is a lot easier than learning when to call. To learn how to call takes nothing but practice and lots of it. These days there are endless websites with calling instructions and online lessons. There is also an abundance of calling instructional DVDs/CDs on the market. If you do not have someone who you can practice with to help you correct bad habits, I would recommend purchasing one of these DVDs or CDs and listening to the sounds that the caller is making. If you have access to a local refuge or park, it doesn’t hurt to go and listen to the best teachers of all, the birds themselves. Learning when to call is a completely different story. And no one can really teach it to you. The only way to learn when to call takes time in the field watching the birds.


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25 September 2010

the Elite ProStaff are people the hunting community will recognize from their hunting expertise and accomplishments, videos, TV and magazine articles. Our Regional ProStaff is a group of accomplished hunters who promote Mossy Oak in various regions across the U.S. They also manage a more localized Field Staff in their regions. From event support to retail store grand openings to radio and TV appearances, our ProStaff adds value to the Mossy Oak Brand nationally, regionally and locally. Brought to you by - AMMO LAND.COM - Firearms & Shooting Sports News Ammo Submit Gun, Ammo and Shooting Related News at Ammo Waterfowl Hunting Interview with Mossy Oak Pro Staff Member Cory Dukehart Tags: Duck Calling, Duck Hunting, Goose Calling, Goose Hunting, Hunting Tips, Mossy Oak, Outdoors Personalities, Waterfowl Hunters, Waterfowling

Mossy Oak Pro Staff Member Cory Dukehart Q: What is the best way to set up if I only have a limited number of decoys? A: Having a limited amount of decoys to use is not always a bad thing depending where you are in the country and the time of the year you are hunting them. One of the best ways to use a smaller amount of decoys is in the early season. I would set them up in small family groups, 3 or 4 birds per group, and then about 10-15 yards away another small family group.


Georgia Hunters Help Fight Hunger SEP 24, 2010 09:14A.M.

Q: What is your favorite way to hunt ducks? A: My favorite way to hunt ducks is in a field from a lay down blind. There is nothing like working in a group of about 20 mallards and having them practically land right on top of you before you call the shot.

Georgia Hunters Help Fight Hunger Fifteen collection sites now available for Georgia Hunters for the Hungry program.

Q: What do you do if ducks or geese are “short stopping” your decoy spread? A: One thing to do is to jump on your call really hard and fast. Get really excited on the call. This doesn’t always work, but I have had success with it in the past. Typically it will pick the birds back up and allow them to drift the few extra yards you need to make the shot. The key to this is to make sure you do it before they actually land. If you see the birds about to set down on the edge of your spread outside of gun range, make sure you hit them with the call then before they get on the ground. Once they are on the ground, there is not a whole lot you can do to get them closer. Q: What is the best call to use for pressured or “call shy” ducks? A: I don’t know there really is a good call for “call shy” ducks. If you have to blow a call make sure it’s a quiet one and use it very sporadically. I would try to stick with slow, relaxed sounds, single quacks, pecking and clucking. If the ducks are call shy and everyone hunting around you is calling a lot, your best move might just be to shut up and see what they do with silence. They might just come right to you.

Georgia Department of Natural Resources SOCIAL CIRCLE, Ga. --( Since 1993, hunters have been bringing meat to the tables of those in need through the Georgia Hunters for the Hungry program.

About: The Mossy Oak ProStaff is a group of top outdoors men and women from across the country that act as spokespersons for the Brand. Members of

This successful program celebrated serving its one-millionth meal in 2007 and continues to provide opportunities during hunting season for


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25 September 2010

hunters to share their harvest with those in need.

• Irwinton – Starley’s Deer Processing, (478) 946-8976

Currently, hunters can donate deer at fifteen participating processors through Jan. 15.

• Jefferson – Sealey’s Deer Cooler, (706) 335-9304 • Leesburg – Country Jacks, (229) 883-6017

“The Georgia Hunters for the Hungry program is one opportunity for hunters to demonstrate their generosity by sharing their harvest with those in need,” said John W. Bowers, Wildlife Resources Division assistant chief of Game Management.

• Milledgeville – Wright’s Deer and Wild Hog Processing, (478) 4524228 • Naylor – K&K Deer and Wild Hog Processing, (229) 269-5557

“The Division is proud to be a cooperator in this publicprivate partnership and to work with the many partners who make it possible each year.”

• Sparta – Garner’s Grinder, (706) 444-9228 • Stephens – Fire Tower #2 Meat Processing, (706) 743-3766

Wildlife Resources, along with the Georgia Department of Corrections, Georgia Department of Agriculture, Georgia Wildlife Federation and the Georgia State Association of Food Banks sponsor the program.

• Vidalia – Stewart’s Quality Meat, Inc. (912) 537-9888 The following locations will be available between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m.; Nov. 20-21, 2010:

Thanks to these partners, and to the efforts of Georgia hunters and participating meat processors, nearly 30,400 pounds of venison were collected, processed and distributed to food banks across the state in 2009. This meat provided approximately 152,000 meals for needy Georgians. Since the program’s inception in 1993, more than 288,282 pounds of venison have been donated.

• Newnan – Royal Baptist Church, Hwy. 34 Bypass N to Royal Mayo Rd. • Rockmart – Lamar’s Sports Center, 392 Atlanta Hwy. • Rome – Lavender Mountain Hardware, 4065 Martha Berry Hwy., NW

Hunters interested in participating in the GHFTH program can bring field-dressed deer to any designated drop-off location. All hunters who donate a deer during this collection period will be entered into a drawing for a deer rifle, sponsored by the Georgia Wildlife Federation.

For more information on donating food to those in need during other times of the year, call the Atlanta Community Food Bank at (404) 892FEED. For more information on the GHFTH program, visit , , contact a WRD Game Management office or call (770) 761-3045.

The GHFTH program has extended donation opportunities to include the “Drop Back a Pack” program. This opportunity allows hunters to donate some of their processed venison when they visit the processor to pick up their meat. All participating GHFTH program processors will have a freezer indicating where hunters can “Drop Back a Pack” for the program.

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The following fifteen processor locations will accept deer or commercially processed venison from Sept. 11, 2010 – Jan. 15, 2011 during business hours:

Georgia Hunters Help Fight Hunger Tags: Georgia, Georgia Hunters for the Hungry,, GHFTH, Hunters Feeding the Hungry, Sportsmens Charitys

• Axson – Lee’s Meat Processing, (912) 422-3079 • Baldwin – JJ’s Deer Processing, (706) 776-2819 • Canton – Mitch’s Archery and Deer Cooler, (770) 479-7004 • Columbus – Daffin Meat Processing, (706) 322-8848 • Dawson – Mossy Creek Outdoors, (229) 995-4109 • Eastman – Barlow’s Deer Processing, (478) 374-5614 • Fairmount – Pine Log Processing, LLC, (770) 382-6328


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