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The Reasons Why A Really Funny Joke Helps A Lot of People

The obvious reason why we tell a really funny joke is to make others laugh or else it would not be a joke after all, right? LOL. We oftentimes hear this: “Laughter is the best medicine�. Well, this is actually true. Laugher in fact makes people healthy. More than an effect of a really funny joke, laughter has a lot in common with exercise.

Believe it or not whenever we hear funny short jokes, laughing does not only make us very happy but it also makes us healthy. Just like exercise, laughing can provide us an active and healthy lifestyle, improving our immune system and blood pressure. In fact, there are several studies that show how really funny jokes do not just make people feel good; but more sojokes are actually making people better. Research shows that those people who love jokes look healthier and younger. All of these are proof that laughter is really a good and ‘free’ medicine for all. But aside from bringing us laughter, what else are the other benefits of jokes? Jokes promote social bonding. What’s the best way of spending some free bonding time with family and friends?What else but sharing several funny jokes to tell. A really funny joke promotes great bonding experience. Have you experienced sharing funny short jokes with your loved ones and everyone just cannot help it but laugh? That is definitely one unforgettable and great bonding experience for all of you. Jokes are icebreakers. If you have several funny jokes to tell, you may use these as icebreakers on occasions that need lightening up. However, make sure that you just go with funny short jokes that are not offensive. Instead, try to be less political or personal, most especially if are sharing funny jokes to tell to a large crowd. Jokes take away bad emotions. A really funny joke is helpful to people who are currently down and needs some uplifting. Those who joke all the time even when in bad shape are usually able to cope better than those who don’t. Thus, if you have a friend or a family member who needs a good pat on the back or some comforting, you need to come up with a really funny joke to make him feel better. Jokes can make you Mr. Congeniality. Have you known or met a joker or someone who loves funny jokes to tell? If you have, you may notice that this person has a lot of friends or he has a way of befriending everyone he meets. Well this is because jokes are also a good way to gain friends. Once you pull off a really funny joke in front of people, you’ll also realize that you gain several friends after. Well that’s it folks! The above benefits are just few of the many reasons why jokes are also important in our daily living. Besides, don’t we all need some good laugh from time to time? A really funny joke somehow makes us feel good and better; definitely a good stress reliever.

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