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工作坊内容: 在本工作坊中,参与者将在一个有着预设流动影 像背景中的舞台上和戏剧文本互动,以探求演员在有 关移动影像时的肢体表达。 我们将了解故事是如何被肢体表达和摄像机影像 的,以及演员在舞台上的肢体表达和在电影中的表达 有什么区别。什么时候移动的影像将变成对于演员表 现来说的潜台词,以及什么时候演员的肢体表达变成 了对于移动影像来说的注解。 Content: The actor in the moment of physical expression in relation to the moving image. A workshop where the participants work on stage with dramatic texts with a projected film in the background. We examine how the story is affected by the physical expression and the camerawork. What’s the difference between the actor’s physical expression on stage and on film? When does the moving image become a subtext to the actor’s expression and when does the actor’s physical expression a comment to the moving image?


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The 4th Beijing NLGX Performing Arts Fest  

The 4th Beijing NLGX Performing Arts Fest  

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