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for reproduction and can also lead to cancer of reproductive organs) then that systemic product will land up as residue in the grapes and resultant wine (and eventually, in the end, the consumer of that wine) in the farm, the farmer and farm workers. It will also pollute the surrounding area, including the wider community’s water and air. Like choosing lentils over the intensively-farmed meat, making the choice to drink organic wine is good for you and for the wider environment.

Generally organic wines are also vegan-friendly but not always. Some organic wines may use organic certified fining agents, as mentioned earlier. Château Feely wines are organic, vegan, biodynamic and natural, and we don’t use any fining agents in the wine-making. This year Château Feely celebrates fourteen years of organic farming and ten years of being fully certified organic. Each year we see a change in the health of our soil and the biodiversity of the

farm. Farm health, like the health of your body, is a long game made by good choices and with a long-term vision rather than for short-term gain. In the next two editions I’ll be looking at organic and biodynamic wines and how to recognise them, and wine growing and biodiversity. Here’s to a happy spring with great wine and good friends! If you have a question or a wine theme you would like to hear about please get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

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