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Resource: Discovery School Web



Locate a lesson plan for the grade level and subject you are interested in on the Discovery School Website:

Select and click on the grade level you are interested in from the Lesson Plans menu on the left.

Select and click on a Subject from the list to the right of the Lesson Plans menu.

Select and click on a Lesson Plan from the list to the right of the Subject Menu.

Describe the lesson in its original form as found on the Discovery School Web site. What is the purpose of the lesson, and what will the teacher and students be doing during the lesson?

Adapt the lesson for the following four types of special needs students:

Language Learner Gifted Learning disabled (listening comprehension) ADHD

Identify and apply a variety of instructional strategies to the lesson to make it effective for all four types of special needs students listed above.

Provide a detailed explanation of how the lesson will change once the strategies are applied.

Discuss how the adapted lesson will impact all four student types. Copy the Web address for your selected lesson plan and paste it into your assignment as a reference. Test the address to make sure it goes directly to the lesson plan you selected. Cite it according to APA standards.

Compose your response in a 1,200-to 1,450-word paper. Use two sources in addition to your text and the Discovery School Web link for the lesson plan.

Format your paper according to APA standards and cite references Post your paper as an attachment.

Aed 205 delivering lessons for all students  

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