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A newsletter for the Amlin United Methodist Church community


October 2012

The Message In October, we celebrate a Season of the Saints! Saints are Christ followers. In October, come join the “Saints at Amlin” for worship every week!

All ages from the Amlin family got together to serve lunch and help work at the West Side Free Store in late September.

Pastor Steve and UMW President Stacy Rumpf presented the ACP teachers with a gift basket during a service in September.

UMW presents preschool with scholarship, gift basket The Amlin UMW was pleased to donate a scholarship to the Amlin Community Preschool for the 2012-13 school year. The scholarship will be awarded to a student in need by Preschool Director Marybeth Walters. Included in the donation was a gift basket filled with school supplies for all of the students and teachers. The UMW is proud to support the students and teacher of Amlin Community Preschool, and appreciate the school's mission for educational and spiritual development.

UMW and Youth Group team up to serve lunch, sort clothes at WSFS On Saturday, Sept. 29, the Amlin UM Women’s group joined the youth group and several other Amlin family members at the West Side Free Store. The UMW prepared meatballs to serve as a menu of meatball subs, mashed potatoes, veggies and tossed salad. The youth split up and four folded and sorted clothes in the free store while four

served on the food line. Then, half way through they switched so they all could get the full experience! The menu was a big hit with the community and the volunteers ended up serving 200+ meals. UMW President Stacy Rumpf said, “I for one really enjoyed serving these folks and working with the youth and seeing their giving hard working spirit was a

real bonus!” The next day scheduled to serve will be in early 2013. Anyone who is interested in helping out can call Stacy Rumpf and come along next time. It's really a great experience. If you aren't available the day of the of the lunch, there are many preparations to be made ahead of time. Help is always appreciated!

In My Own Words

The story of how Amlin United Methodist Church has changed two people’s lives In 2009, we chose Amlin UMC as our spiritual home because they made us feel welcome from the very first Sunday. We sought out a church after having our first son. This is our first experience being regular attendees or members of a

church. We have discovered that coming to church allows us to refocus our lives on what really matters. Making new friends, giving back to the community and being a part of something bigger than ourselves are all things we enjoy

about being active in the church. We aspire to raise our family in God's way and we are excited to learn, and have our children learn, about the ways of Jesus. We have committed ours elves to our faith by having both of our sons, Jackson (3 yrs)

and Mason (9 mo.), as well as ourselves baptized at Amlin. In three short years, Amlin has truly become part of our family. The church community has faithfully supported us in good times and through the loss of our mother/mother-in-law. As we continue our journey, we look for-

ward to the spiritual guidance and exJustin & Stacy perience Rumpf of the church to develop our faith. We only hope we can pay forward the many blessings we have experienced from our involvement at Amlin.

Last month, the preschoolers were looking for new friends! This month, they found them! Our preschool now has 3 full classes of blessed little children!

Dearest Amlin Family, Our year has started off fabulous. We have a full house and are enjoying our students. We now have three classes with six children in each class. Our Monday/Wednesday class is filled with all boys! I always said I was a boy magnet and now...I have proof. I just love those little lambs. They are young and seem so tiny. I often hear my words saying, "let mommy hold you." I guess it's ok to be their Mommy for those short two hours. Our first day was filled with talking about friends, learning some preschool rules and enjoying our amazing playground. We have some friends who are calling it the "park." I love this. So, now we go to the "park". A big thank you goes out to Jane Fink for pulling our weeds. We are grateful for her willingness to help. Thank You! We also have a new pet this year: a gold fish that cost thirteen cents. I

really wonder how long he will live? He seems happy and he gets lots of gentle taps on his jar and fed twice a day. We will be naming him soon. I will keep you posted on his name. I love our little spot here at Amlin. I am feeling vey blessed that The Lord has brought us such amazing families. He knew who was sending and now I am excited to see what he has planned for our year. We will be taking a Field Trip to Kuhlwein's Pumpkin Patch in October. Jen, our naturalist, will be popping in soon to show us some animals and Ave, our piano playing friend, will be back soon, too. Have a Blessed and safe fall. Please continue to pray for the safety of our parking lot during drop off and pick up and for the children to continue to come with smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts. Thank you! Sincerely, Marybeth, your preschool gal

PRAYER CORNER Please keep the following persons and situations in your prayers. If you have a prayer request, you are invited to share it during worship, write it in the Friendship Pad, or contact Pastor Steve or the church office. We will list prayer requests in the bulletin and newsletter, unless you prefer not to have them printed. Names will remain on the list for one month, unless otherwise directed. John Friend Margorre & Lewis Stultz John & Pauly Stultz Bonnie Ladina Keith & Angela Adkins Bree & her family Drey Meine Chad Putka Hazel & Ted Elizabeth Hackworth Family Buckley Family

Carla Heckathorn Barbara Heckathorn Amy Hissong Hahn Family Arlene & Jack Roger Shaw’s Aunt Mary & Family Barbara Frazer’s Daughter Jennifer Mary Vulic Carla Heckathorn’s Nephew Allwyn George Swami

Pastor Sam Mathai Margaret Ann McAfee & Family Louis Walters & Family Gary Ellis Carla Heckathorn’s Niece Barbara Heckathorn Linda & Dick Keller & Family Sherri Staats Doane Mary Kay Withrow Jennifer Holstein & Family

Country Talk is a monthly publication of Amlin United Methodist Church, issued at the beginning of each month. The deadline for articles is the 20th of each month for the next month’s issue. Articles and photos should be put in the church’s DropBox account, in the “Newsletter” folder. If you need access to the DropBox account, please contact the office at If you have other questions, email Jennifer Sayre at

Regular Sunday Morning Schedule 9:30–10:30 Traditional Worship* & Sunday School in the Chapel 10:30–11:00 Fellowship Time for Both Services in the New Life Center 11:00–12:00 Contemporary Worship* & Sunday School in the New Life Center 12:00 p.m. – Fellowship Time in the New Life Center *Nursery care (birth through 2 years) is provided in the New Life Center throughout the morning. Sunday School is for ages 3 through grade 6 is held during both services. Children start in the worship service and are dismissed following “Children’s Moments.” They move to the Fellowship Hall, where they participate in lessons including songs, prayer, bible study, etc.

International Evangelism Those searching for jobs The people and ministries of our church Our world, our leaders and those serving our nation, especially our troops.

Contact Information: Phone: 614-771-1904 Email: Website: Pastor Steve Putka Email: Administrator Angela Adkins Church Office Hours: Mon., Tues., Thurs. 10:00 - 2:00 Wednesday 4:00 - 8:00 Treasurer Pam Ellis By appointment, call 761-1371 Financial Secretary Becky Kent By appointment, call 446-2359

The Pastor’s Message From Pastor Steve Putka

’Tis the Season ‘Tis the season, it seems, for misleading political ads designed to stir emotion, anger, and negativity. If we aren’t careful, even mature Christians can be persuaded to name calling, demonizing others, and showing behavior lacking in love.

This past month, I stopped in at farmer’s market stand in an outlying area to buy some apples. As I looked through their produce, I was drawn to large photos of our two main candidates for president. The vendor’s posters labeled one as an enemy of God, and made it clear that to vote otherwise was evil and sinful. Yes, ‘tis the season for finger pointing and mean-spirited attacks. It also seems to be the time of year when we point out the speck in our neighbor’s eye while doing our best to hide the beam in our own eye. Aren’t you glad we live in Ohio, the key battleground state for presidential politics? Yikes! The Scriptures make it clear to me that we are to be involved in the world, shaping it and helping others through our vote, our engagement, and our encouragement. But we are not to become like the world, especially in how they relate to one another. I do become concerned when Christians become so devoted to their political party that they begin to forget to whom they have promised their ultimate and eternal

allegiance. And that includes how we relate to folks with whom we disagree. Let me be clear. In any vote, no single candidate has the full wisdom and knowledge of Jesus Christ. And Christians of good faith often differ on how to bring about identical goals. At best, as Christians we vote for the candidates that we believe will provide the best representation for our communities, locally and nationally. ‘Tis the season, it seems, for misleading political ads designed to stir emotion, anger, and negativity. If we aren’t careful, even mature Christians can be persuaded to name calling, demonizing others, and showing behavior lacking in love. I am reminded of St. Paul’s cautioning in the Letter to the Ephesians. He reminds the church in Ephesus that our battle is not really with people. It is rather a spiritual battle. In this time of decision-making and political discussion, is the approach we take leading us to reflect and share the presence of the Holy Spirit? From our thoughts and words, do others hear wisdom and understanding? Do they hear counsel, fortitude, knowledge, and the desire to live in ways to which God call us? Perhaps the way we behave with one another in this political season, the way we relate to our “political enemy,” says more about our spiritual health than who we vote for! In church, we will gather on October 28, to pray for wisdom as our community votes in the upcoming week. And following the election, we will gather to pray for those who have been elected, regardless of the results. After all, ‘tis the season with deep humility and with prayerful reflection, to love our community by casting our vote!

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Honor and remember loved ones on All Saints Sunday On Nov. 4, Amlin United Methodist Church will remember all those that we love who have died since Nov. 1 of last year. We will have a special "All Saints Sunday" worship service. We will have a special time in each service when we will

name those loved ones who have died. A candle will be brought forward for each person so remembered. These persons do not need to be connected to Amlin. If you would like your loved one remembered, please

Youth Group meets every other Sunday evening from 6:30-8:30. September 23 will be our next meeting, and the following meeting will be Oct. 7. On Saturday Sept. 29, we helped at the free store! Afterward, we played

We are starting to take advantage of more functionality in our church management system. Part of this involves more robust attendance tracking than Amlin has done in the past. In order to ensure accuracy, please sign the friendship pad as it passes by on Sunday morning. If you have recently moved or are unsure whether the church has your current address/phone/email, please include those as well. Thank you! Amlin Unite

contact Angela at the church office at 7711904 or at

laser tag! It was a fun day of service and fellowship! We are excited about our growing group and would love to have even more people! If you are in grades 7-12, please join us!

d Methodist


Remember: take attendance at church meetings, events We are recording attendance at all Amlin UMC meetings/events for reporting to the UMC. We will be using attendance sheets at all church functions. If you are in charge of the meeting or, even just attending, please be sure these sheets are completed. The sheets will be available on the Welcome Desk in the New Life Center and on the table in Fellowship Hall.

Friends, Dear Amlin yers, thoughts, pra r ou y ll a r o F s, visits, emails, card s, ll ca e on h p emls, and warm flowers, mea cuperas ill and re w I e il h w es brac . you so much k n a th I , g n ati od and care of G I felt the love . through you With love, Mary Vulic

Dear Amlin Family, I want to begin by thanking everyone! With your suppo rt and prayers, I successfully rod e my bicycle 25 miles in the Pel otonia Ride to End Cancer. I also successfully passed my fundra ising goal. My goal was 1,200 dol lars and I actually raised 1,800 dollars! It would seem tha t all of my goals have been met. Mission accomplis hed? My team, The Rockin’ Riders , also surpassed our fundra ising goal. Together my team raised 6, 871.54. We had 4 riders on my team. Two of us accomplished the 25 miles, one of rode 50 miles, and one of my team members successfully rod e 100 miles. Mission accom plished? The final dollar number for Pelotonia 2012 has not yet been released. That will happen on Octob er 12, 2012. At last count the 6,122 riders raised over 12 million dollars for cancer research. Mission accomplished? By all accounts, it was an amazing ride. People lined the streets cheering us on as we rode by. Sev eral times I found myself riding next to a cancer survivor or next to a person wearing a picture of a los t loved one. There were so many moving sto ries. I feel blessed to have participated in such an event. Mission accomplis hed? Indeed there were many successes and many rea sons to give thanks, but the mission has NOT been accomplished. My frie nd Josh is still fighting, hoping for a cure to his stage 3 malignancies. My co-worker Shaneka prays every day for a bre ak through as she fights breast cancer while her young son simultaneous ly fights leukemia. We are a long way from “Mission Accomplished”. It will take every one of us giving of our time, talents, and treasures (to qu ote Pastor Steve) in order to finally bring this disease to an end. I implore all of you to con sider joining my team next year. Let’s ride together. Let’s keep fighting together against this terrib le disease. Let’s keep going until we can finally say that we achieved “Miss ion Accomplished”. Blessings, Robin Thompson

An Invitation to Bishop Greg Palmer's Day on the Capitol Area South District When: Saturday, October 13 10:00 am to 12:30 pm Where: Grove City United Methodist Church 2650 Columbus St, Grove City, OH 43123 What: 10:00 am: Worship led by the GCUMC Praise Band. Bishop Palmer will preach. There will also be a Q & A time w/the bishop. 11:30 am: Lunch for clergy and laity. Those attending the lunch need to make reservations. Financial donations for the lunch will be received at the lunch.

Bishop Greg Palmer

For reservations, please contact Angela in the church office before Thursday, October 4th.

Get ready for a live nativity scene at Amlin Amlin is going to have a live Nativity this year and we need your help!

The scene will be set Dec.13-15 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Do you have a tal-

News from the


ent for building, sewing, or acting? Do you have access to a cow, sheep, donkey, or camel we could borrow? Planning is beginning for the Live Nativity. More information is coming soon, but if you’d like to help in any capacity, contact Pam Ellis at m or Jane Fink at

Amlin women’s group formally joins UMW Amlin’s women’s group has decided to become an officially chartered unit of United Methodist Women. Sue Stutz, West Ohio Conference’s UMW president and Amlin member, shared a variety of ways that this affiliation will strengthen and build our local group by providing resources and opportunities for mission with women, children and youth locally and around the world. We will celebrate this charter on UMW Sunday, Nov.11, with the women of the church providing leadership in worship. Thank you to Sue Stutz, Pam and Mychael Ellis and Stacey Rumpf for your work in developing this relationship.

Thank you !

In the very near future there will be a copier that will need a new home. It is the machine that is in the preschool office. Currently it is in operational condition, just not sure how “operational”. If you or someone you know may be interested in it please contact one of

your trustees, or email Angela in the church office: A donation in any amount to the church would be greatly appreciated. We are in the process of installing lock boxes on all of the heating and a/c control units in both the NLC and Chapel/office/fellowship hall. Volunteers are being sought to pressure wash the Chapel/fellowship hall/ office buildings. If you can help in any way, please contact on of your trustees, or email Angela in the church office:

Fall clean-up planned Save the date for the fall clean up. It will be at 9:00 a,m. on November 10. Please look for more information in the newsletter and bulletins as the date gets closer.

Looking to Learn More? There are many of opportunities this fall! Adult Sunday School meets during early service Not only children get to experience and enjoy learning about God’s word in Sunday School! Adult Sunday School started back up in the New Life Center in September. Did you miss it? No worries! Come any Sunday at 9:30 a.m. Come as much as you can!

Disciple Bible Study opens second group and plans another Beginning in September, our church launched our first Disciple Bible Study groups. Disciple is an acclaimed weekly Bible study course that provides a 34-week overview of the entire Bible. The class assumes no prior knowledge of the Bible, but helps participants learn effective tools for meaningful study of Scripture, as well as developing a deeper spiritual life through group prayer, discussion, and daily Bible reading. One daytime group was launched, but based on interest and feedback from our church, a Monday evening group of twelve has also started. We plan to offer Disciple next fall as well!

Women’s Bible Study The women’s Bible study is moving to Thursdays, meeting every other week in the Fellowship Hall at 7:00 p.m. We are studying Remarkable Women of the Bible. All women are invited. Contact Nancy Chattoraj for more information at (614) 529-4175.

Support UMW! Cut this out and post it on ! your fridge

This year the UMW will continue collecting donations for the Westside Free Store with a monthly theme. The overall focus is collecting the small, mostly consumable items that are seldom covered by usual donations. We will take the items to the Westside Free Store at the end of each month. We appreciate everything you are able to do to help the growing number of individuals needing assistance in these economic rough times. As you do your own shopping please keep in mind the themes for each month and consider contributing to the program. October: hats, scarves, gloves November: first aid (no medicines) December: shampoo For more information, please contact Mary Vulic & Jane Fink, Mission Projects Coordinators

Would you help with a Service Ministry on Sunday mornings? We are looking for new people willing to commit to serving as Lay Reader, Usher, Greeter, or Nursery Volunteer. Our hope is to get enough people not already serving so the rotation will be one time every two or three months. This is a very easy but very important way to help! Please contact Eugene Pauley at or 614-570-8706 and he will get you signed up! Thank you for your consideration!

Would you help clean God’s house? Our church is seeking God’s servants willing to rotate weekly cleaning/custodial duties in the NLC. You will share a turn no more often than once a month. This will be light to moderate cleaning, restocking of bathroom supplies, and other miscellaneous duties that can be performed at your convenience. Checklist provided. For interest in helping with the NLC cleaning, please contact Bev Hart at or 614-519-3971.

UMW’s branches of love reach far & wide Lunch Fundraiser Rescheduled We are planning a Soup, Salad, and oups Sundae fundraiser alads on Oct. 7 after the undaes second service. Please plan to join us for this fun and delicious meal! Donations will be accepted and proceeds will go toward our Living Water project. We hope to eventually raise enough money to provide a well in memory of Mary Spencer.


Monthly Meeting Our next meeting will by October 11 at 7:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. We welcome all women of the church to meet with us! District Day Event The District Day Event for Capitol Area South will be on Oct. 13.

Annual West Ohio UMW Conference in Grove City There will an annual celebration of the West Ohio UMW at the Grove City UMC on Nov. 9 and Nov. 10. For more information, contact Pam Ellis. UMW Sunday We are planning a UMW Sunday on Nov. 11 at both services. Women of the church will conduct the service. Speaker will be our own Sue Stutz, a member of our UMW and president of WOC UMW. This service, along with other requirements, will enable Amlin UMW to apply for admission to the WOC UMW. Fair Trade Coffee/Tea A reminder that our group continues to have coffee and tea for sell through the Fair Trade Coffee Project. These are available in the NLC each Sunday.


October - 7

October 14

October 21

October 28

Lay Reader - 9:30

Barb Frazer

Sonny Bayles

Lyn Blevins

Amy Scarfpin

Lay Reader - 11:00

Pam Ellis

Eric Grant

Tony Ganim

Jennifer Sayre

Acolyte - 9:30

Arlena Allen

Libby Thompson


Rylan Kent

Acolyte - 11:00

Victoria Mateos

Madison Justus

Katie Wisecup

Abby Sayre

Jason & Jen Bevington Jim Oldham Bob Meyer Verna Bainridge

Mike & Kathy McFadin Walter & Bev Hart

Mike & Noreen Cole Jane & Rob Fink

Eugene & Sally Pauley Roger & Pam Shaw

Helen Bayles

Delores Blevins

Sally Pauley

Ushers - 9:30 Ushers - 11:00 Greeters - 9:30

Allana Meyer Keith & Mari Sallie Johnson Sharon Oldham Justus Renee Clements Jenna Walker Jenna Walker Jenna Walker Nursery Attendants - 9:30 Volunteer Volunteer Volunteer Nursery Attendants Jenna Walker Jenna Walker Jenna Walker 11:00 Sarah Grant Heather Walker Diana Walker Cathi Allen Sam Curtis & Robin Jason & Jennifer Children's Sunday School - 9:30 Putka Thompson Bevington Brent & Alicia Jennifer Holstein Emily Kim Wisecup Chrildren's Sunday School - 11:00 Kerr Angela Adkins Danforth Greeters - 11:00


Pat Kiser Stacy Rumpf Jenna Walker Volunteer Jenna Walker Laura Ganim Becky Kent Anndrea Slominski

Beth Lhamon Pam/Mychal Ellis

Justin & Stacy Rumpf

Bruce & Lynn Kerr

Dave & Sue Adair

Jane & Rob Fink

November - 4

November 11

November 18

November 25

Lay Reader - 9:30

Dick Moore

Eugene Pauley

Mike McFadin

Mike Cole

Lay Reader - 11:00

Heather Stovall

Rob Fink

Mary Vulic

Stacy Rumpf

Acolyte - 9:30


McKenna Walker


Arlena Allen

Acolyte - 11:00

Madison Justus

Abby Sayre

Emily Buckley

Katie Wisecup

Ushers - 9:30

Jen & Jason Bevington

Ushers - 11:00

Bruce & Lynn Kerr Walter & Bev Hart

Cindy Moore

Sherry Erwin Cheryl Frazier Pam & Mychal Ellis Kathy McFadin

Lyn & Dolores Blevins Tim & Kim Wisecup

Greeters - 9:30

Sally Pauley Margy Johnson Jim Oldham Bob Meyer Sally Pauley

Orville & Millie Dave & Sue Adair Robbie Fink Jane Fink Cruea Jenna Walker Jenna Walker Jenna Walker Nursery Attendants - 9:30 Volunteer Volunteer Volunteer Nursery Attendants Jenna Walker Curtis Jenna Walker Jenna Walker 11:00 Thompson Robin Thompson Eric Grant Children's Sunday Jackie Cook Mary Vulic Lin & Dolores School - 9:30 Vickie Ferguson Heather Walker Blevins Keith & Mari Eliabeth Creek Sheila Buckley Chrildren's Sunday School - 11:00 Justus Jennifer Sayre Sarah Grant Bob & Jackie Josh & Brooke Keith & Mari Hospitality Cook Slaughter Justus Greeters - 11:00

Noreen Cole Renee Clements Pat Kiser Jenna Walker Volunteer Jenna Walker Scott Walker Cathi Allen Sam Putka Brent & Alicia Danforth Sherry Erwin Becky Kent



Amlin United Methodist Church 5441 Cosgray Rd. Dublin, OH 43016








1 7:00 pm Women’s Bible Study 7:00 pm Run for God


3 1:00 Disciple Bible Study



6 9:00 am UMM @ Dutch Kitchen

7 9:30 & 11:00 am Worship Services— World Communion Day 12:00 Soups, Salads & Sundaes 6:30 pm Youth Group

8 7:00 pm Run for God


10 1:00 Disciple Bible Study

11 7:00 pm UMW


13 10:00 am Bishop Greg Palmer’s Day Worship Service and Luncheon

14 9:30 & 11:00 am Worship Services— Children’s Sabbath

15 7:00 pm Women’s Bible Study 7:00 pm Run for God


17 1:00 Disciple Bible Study

18 7:00 pm Committee Meetings 8:15 pm Ad Board


20 9:00 am UMM @ Dutch Kitchen

21 9:30 & 11:00 am Worship Services 6:30 pm Youth Group

22 7:00 pm Run for God


24 1:00 Disciple Bible Study




28 9:30 & 11:00 am Worship Services

29 7:00 pm Run for God


31 1:00 Disciple Bible Study

October 2012

Country Talk - Oct. 2012  
Country Talk - Oct. 2012  

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