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S THE LEONARD TOOL STORY merchants. This meant less selection and fewer professional features, and more importantly less overall quality. Thinner gauge steel and lower quality wood handles produced a lower quality tool with a higher profit margin. A.M. Leonard saw this unfortunate change as an opportunity to fill a need. As a result, Howard Kyle and his grandson Greg Stephens started a search for manufacturers that could provide the professional quality and features that our customers had come to expect. They slowly started to identify and build relationships with companies around the world that could provide these qualities and features. From small town fabricators in the US, to small villages across Europe that had honed their craft for centuries, to high-tech manufactures in the Pacific Rim and at home, they were able to design and manufacture a line of tools that was worthy of the A.M. Leonard name.

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D uring the late 1980’s A.M. Leonard saw a change in US tool manufacturers. With the advent of the Big Box Stores more emphasis was being put on developing tools with price points that would meet the needs of these mass

The first A.M. Leonard branded tools were introduced in 1999 and since have grown to include over 210 items and is still growing every year. We continually rely on feedback and ideas from our customers to make improvements and add new items to meet their needs. The A.M. Leonard line of tools offers the quality and features that most manufacturers aren’t willing to make –– all at a price that saves you money and helps produce results you can stand behind. In addition, all A.M. Leonard branded tools come with a lifetime warranty. As with any profession, the quality of your tools and having the right tool for the job can significantly impact your profitability. Profit killers like sending a worker off the job site to replace an inferior broken tool with another cheap tool that is sure to fail again. Having to work twice as hard because a tool won’t keep a sharp edge, or trying to use a tool for a job it was not intended to do. This expensive yet common routine can be eliminated by having top quality tools on the job site.

W e n t b w s

LEONARD LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY A.M. Leonard, Inc. warrants its tools identified as “Leonard Premium tools” to be free from material or workmanship defects for the life of the tool. A.M. Leonard, Inc. will replace or repair faulty tools at its sole discretion. Tools need to be sent postage prepaid to A.M. Leonard, Inc., 241 Fox Drive, Piqua, Ohio 45356. This warranty does not cover damage due to abuse, rust, mishandling or unauthorized repair. Changes in design, finish, material specifications, etc. may be made without notice and without implying any obligation or recourse upon A.M. Leonard, Inc. A.M. Leonard, Inc. assumes no responsibility for incidental or consequential damages arising from defects in material or workmanship. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above restriction may not apply to you. The limited warranty offers specific legal rights that may vary from state to state.


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LEONARD ALL STEEL SPADES Our all-steel spades are produced from strong alloy steel, which provides high strength without adding excess weight. The blades are heat treated for great tensile strength and are outfitted with turned steps for comfort. The blade back is flat, reducing soil buildup, and the spade edge has a steep taper to slice through roots and stubborn soil. Welded 1.5” tubular handle construction is smooth and the AML orange powder coat finish keeps it visible.


AM12 13” blade length 27” handle length 7-1/2” handle lift Top blade width 8-3/4” Cutting edge width 6-5/8” Ship wt. 6 lb.

15” blade length 27” handle length 5-3/4” handle lift Top blade width 7-3/8” Cutting edge width 6” Ship wt. 6 lb.

1-2 $69.99

1-2 $74.99

3+ $64.99

L L N H B h s o A le

Large D-Grip Handle Provides plenty of hand room, even while gloved, for more comfort during longer use.

A 1 5 W 1 T C

3+ $69.99

Large Turned Steps Provide excellent foot support. Pre-drilled to accept our AMFP foot pad for added comfort and impact resistance.

AM15 – “Fit for a king!” – A.C., IL

S 1

$ A 15 50 W 1 To C



Steel Spade Set Ship Wt.


AM12 + pad AM15 + pad AM12L + pad AM15L + pad

7 lb 7 lb 8 lb 9 lb

Rubber Foot Pad Designed to attach to these A.M. Leonard spades using existing holes in turned step.



1-2 $74.99 $79.99 $84.99 $94.99

3+ $69.99 $74.99 $79.99 $89.99

Flat blade back prevents soil buildup, reducing added weight during use.


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Sharp Blade Bevel Pre-sharpened edge slices through roots and stubborn soils.

Ship wt. .5 lb. Built in metal mounting plate


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