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The Gaza Strip A.M.J. Crawford

Israeli armour is on duty. what a tragedy for somebody like that to die. a lunatic in a black facemask shooting an AK-47 in a crowded plaza. fucking violent extremists. WHAT A "SHAME" FOR HIM TO DIE. now if only the rest could die too. yeah it's not a shame for him to die, but what about all the civilians who they don't report on that die? I'm pretty sure you would turn exrtreme if another civiliisation came and took most of your country off of you. Its land given to the jews by God . How exactly did god give this land to the Jews? Jews ran away from this land 2,000 years ago. Jews don't deserve this land. They should've asked if they could live with the Palestinians but no, they had to invade and turn it into their "Holy Land". They're a bunch of pussies. I have no problem with any jew that is not Zionist. Zionism is worse than Nazism Dude, the Jews DIDNT run away from the land Idiot, they were forced to exile by the Islamic Dynasty GENIUS. There land was TAKEN from them by Islamic officials. And if you read the Bible, it clearly speaks of God bringing the Hebrews out of Egypt and into the Land that would be called "The Kingdom of Israel". But ofourse this depends whether u believe it or not. How is Israel a "bunch of pussies" if they managed to defeat 3 huge Arab countries in JUST 6 DAYS? & 2 more wars AFTER THAT?!?!"Islamic Dynasty" lol Islam was created 500 years later. Jews ran away because they were defeated by the Romans. The only reason they defeated the Arabs was because the soldiers that they were fighting from the Arab states were not trained so they wasn't an effective force and the soldiers didn't have the will to fight because they didn't believe they should fight. Dude, there were MANY Jewish people still living in Israel when the Roman Empire conquered them; read the Bible. It wasnt UNTIL the Islamic Dynasty came, that the Jews were fully expelled from the land. You also said: "The Arabs didnt have the will to fight because they believed they shouldnt fight", ARE YOU KIDDING; learn about the 6 Day War. Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria were DEFINATELY ready to fight Israel at all costs, including in the Yom Kappur war. They ripped the Israeli flag in a vid Um, are you serious?I think you need to learn about "the 6 Day War. Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria" you obviously believe everything you hear and see on Fox News.If you want to disagree, why wont you atleast bother explaining what YOU think is the truth Pastor??? Maybe I can learn something....maybe not. Dont want to explain? Well thats fine. By the way I dont like wacthing Fox 5 News anyway. Thanks for quickly judging me Pastor; but I forgive you in The name of Jesus Christ. Yes the Arabs also sacrifice their children , sisters, mothers and brothers...Islam is a plague; were ever Islam is there is war...they cannot and will not get along with any of their neighbors.They aren't running any more! And you're too stupid to understand 1948 the world gave then the land...end of story. I was just watching the discovery channel and it said the Jews starting killing people and taking their land as soon as they left Egypt. The Jews didnt killed innocent people if thats what you think. They were still fighting Egypt as Egypt was retreating, and they tried to take as much land before Egypt was able to call the UN for a cease fire.Oh wait, what are you talking about?? You mean the times of the Bible??? yeah, with American fighter planes and pilots reflagged for Israel.... And who do you think the Arabs got THEIR weapons from??? The Soviet Union JACK-ASS! So maybe Arabs are also pieces of shit too... You stupid retarded jellyfish! You don't have two brain cells to rub together. Take the arguments off the table...give the Indians and the Mexicans, and the French all their land back...Moron. there is no god you dumb fuck, so does it mean the jews will give back the land they stole? Nope, Santa Clause gave it to the Smurfs. Nice try loser. 187godhand: nope, pretty sure i wouldn't. During Biblical days, there was never a Palistine or Palistines people. Why? because God did not create them, Terrorist created this area for themselves. It is not a country and they have no official standing in this world and never will. Get out of your bible bull. It is not changing what is happening. Israel will Keep it's place and rebuild their Temple on top of the Rock Muslims are so proud of. Islam will pass and the God's people, who deserve it, will have that Holy Rock, back again.AMENlook at how important this fat bitch thinks she is. she's lucky the scum she thinks she's helping didn't behead her fat ass. how is it a tragedy for a hamas militant to die? kill em all, who gives a shit 'There is THUNDER in our hearts'...93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98 monkeys. Striking terror into the hearts of terrorists. Gotta love Israel. When you fight someone who comes to steal your land and cleanse the earth of your

ethnic race it is called self defense. The Jews should know what that is like and have no excuse for it.Send em all to Allah! Go, Israel! Go! go to hell Israel. piece of shit.. how can people applaud killings? fuck have you no humanity?! see through the media bullshit, not all people in Gaza are goddamn terrorists yet they all have nothing HUMANITY IS A JOKE! And they dont derserve anything! Death to all humans, THey are evil EVIL I tell you What makes you deserve anything? Your are useless cunt and was given a lot before you knew who the fuck you were so be grateful stupid fuck This is for the B$stards of War. watch this video very carefully...very closely...see the sine within the line observe with soft gaze; let the symbols re moo ve purple haze. Enjoy the noise of white but be sure to watch for shape. STAY 'on site.' watch?v=ghXQIQV27lM&fmt=18 12 one and a two 20 two and a zero 08 zero + eight 12-20 = 8 dates are only dates time, what is time? ???????????????????????????? fullmoonmike, you wrote "????????????????????????????" Since you weren't specific, I have the pleasure of assumption and thus shall I answer: All I wrote was nonsense with exception of the first line: "the bastards of war." Who are these bastards? To know the answer - DO, AS I MUST DO. Go, and look, long and soft, into the mirror. People like CMK144, HotLeper, ZoomBFX makes me sick. Just look at their comments.. Thats what you can call real freaks. Shouldnt you be a crater by now? Sand niggers lmfao white niggers Imfao ban bullets Hamas is a muslim terrorist organization ....they wantr to kill the jews ( and everyone else) because they are not muslim. Screw them ! They want their country back and i don't care what extremes they go to to get it back because Israel took it off the Palestinians. They only kill Israelis no everyone else you fuckin retard Palestinian are never mentioned in the Quran or the Bible. Why? They never existed. They never had land or deserve any Land. They are very Lucky they have what they have. If they don't shut the hell up they are going to lose the little bit of land they call home, right now. Terroists (humas) are going to cause the Palestians to loose everything. They will not exist in the future if they don't change their ways.actually, its way more political then their eyes, israel is a terrorist too... ban bullets, that was the dumbest thing ive heard all week That stupid bitch should be thrown in jail instantly. If you dont like israel, get the fuck out, bat zonah shetisarfi Why put people who give food aid in jail? because if your soul purpose in the country is to badmouth it and support other countries, then you should not be in said country. Move to Gaza, see how long you last therespoken like a true fool im Jewish and i have no problem at all watching these 2 groups fighting over a small piece of land, i hope they kill each other until someone smartens up and says lets set our differences aside for east Jerusalem and give peace a LOL Bravo lol @ 0:15 guy firing the AK Fuck Israel. This is an illegal state built on stolen land with jewish american money! you waldo2020 an idiot & liar, read the history, you moron. so all those US fighter planes were gifts? USA didn't give 94 billion dollars of US taxpaer's money to Israel since 1948? Israel would not exist at all, Why don't YOU do some reading?fuck israel fuck isreal! wtf wrong with those people ? Death to Islam, great job Israel. Islam was started in a cave and even Muhammad thought it was evil spirits talking to him. He had to be convinced otherwise. Why is it Christians could care less about the name of Muhammad but Jesus drives the Muslims nuts? Simple they are a cursed people with empty hearts.

The pray five times a day-Allah is the only God and Muhammad is his prophet-repeat a lie long enough and you believe it. Israelis are so stupid these days. With all sophisticated weapon in Israel army to kill one "militant" - 1 Palestinian terrorist is just funny. It's time to kill 'em until they plead for peace. And then give 'em a peace. This way Israel achieve peace as well. Land for peace is failed strategy. I agree with you 100%, the I.D.F should enter the gaza strip & eliminate all of the top of the hamas & let the palistinian president abu mazan to take it over again, just then its gonna be quiet. the hell with what the world say about. So that lady with the glasses is looking for some food , a taco ? Because it looks like she needs to eat less . arthurthehate-"Death to Islam" - u are as sick as the worse extremist. Fuck u hate-filled lowlife bigot. MOHA-"the Arabs also sacrifice their children..Islam is a plague; were ever Islam is there is war" Equally as bigoted hate-mongering bs- fuck u (look at u, spamming "responces" nobody gives a crap about). "the world gave then the land..end of story" - not quite, England actually, & the Palestinians sure werent happy about another country giving their "born & raised" land to their enemies.I'm not even Muslim, just rational. I don't think anyone deserves to die, I think the ones who say people do deserve to die (from politicians to mullahs, fundamentalist preachers to "arthurthegreat") need to seriously go and unfuck themselves, for the sake of humanity. 1:00I refuse to recognize Barack Hussein Obama as President of the United States of America because he is not a natural born citizen and therefore ineligible according to the U.S. Constitution. The U.S. Supreme Court refuses to even discuss the many lawsuits filed by Philip J. Berg, Alan Keyes and many others. The media refuses to discuss it. Just watch some of the videos on my page. If you agree that the U.S. Supreme court should hear the facts and make a ruling then sign our POLL and "Friend Us" 9hey um he was born in hawaii and mccain was born in panama so if theres any argument it should be about about mccain so go whine elsewhere BO was born in Kenya; there is audio of his paternal grandmother confirming this. His website displayed his (sister's) forged Certification of Live Birth which is significantly different from a Birth Certificate. BO can't produce a valid Hawaii Birth Certificate, because THERE ISN'T ONE! But hey, the 69,000,000 morons who voted for him really had no choice. Was McCain really an option?The biggest terrorists on the face of this planet, the Israeli Defense Force. Allah yhiddon hal klab! Are you stupid? They are heroes, they protect the only democracy on the Middle East. Hamas soldiers are a bunch of coward murderers!! Why do they hide their faces? Not brave enough?! Stick up to your beliefs and show your faces. At least you will get your enemys respect!!Religious Fucks hate each other . Communism FOR ALL OF THEM ! Like in Russia? China? North Korea? Lets ask the DEVIL to choose the best..! Fuck you and your god and devil ... Religion has its flaws but communism is bullshit. No Religion is Bullshit . Communism is Science . I











. .

COMMUNISM FOR THE RELIGIOUS EXTREMISTS ! Communism is a religion. Communisum is THE worst religion...because NO ONE WINS. communism is not a religion . is science . and The PEOPLE win . not the religious fanatics . Nobody wins in communism except the government. Not the people. If you thikn otherwise you are sadly misinformed. Read some , the people

actually win in communism ... not the fighting governments (in this case The Israeli and Palestine `s authorities ) they bouth are religious fashists.... religion needs to be crushed ! LONG LIVE COMMUNISM ! Deth TO CAPITALISM AND DETH TO RELIGION ! Have you ever read a history book? You are one dumb son of a bitch. MeLikeGoFast , you are the misinformed one ... you need to read some books ... scientific once ... not the Fucking Bible or Koran ... Yes because communism in russia was great for the people right? ANd communisim in Cuba has been great for its people right? And communism in Venezuela has been good for its people right? Please do the world a favor and blow your brains out. The last thing we need is for you to have children and spread your ignornant seed.It was Great ! There were no religious wars ... pewople had work and something to belive in The Revolution ... + Government Helth Care and education , They find you a job right after education ... It was GREAT ! But it got sold out by the kids of the once who created it .. Have you been living under a rock? Not only were there no jobs, healthcare was a joke, education was basically indoctrination, and nobody had any freedoms to do anything. Like I said prior, YOU ARE MISINFORMED. You only belive your fucking western propaganda ...those are all US LIES .... Have you ever been to Cuba? I have. I have you ever been to Venezuela? I have. Do you have relatives who lives in communist russia? I do. Basically what Im trying to say is YOURE AN IDIOT, GO FUCK YOURSELF. Yes I `ve Been To CUBA , Yes I`cve Been To venecuella , Yes I Have relatives in Communist Russia , and BULGARIA , AND Yugoslavia .. I even Lived during Communism a part of my life. But that doesnt Metter , You asre the fucking idiot What is your ability to travel have to do with Communism ? Then you must have been traveling with your eyes closed because you can see the terrible condition those people are living in. Of course if youre a close minded idiot like you, I can see how you missed it. They live in terible Condition , because of fighting Anti Communist Idiots Like You. Not because its a bad system... But I thought you been there and there were no problems? No youre saying they live in terrible conditions? What happened? I almost feel bad picking on someone as stupid as you are. LOL. But then again you are a product of a communist regime, so its not suprising. Well some countries are fighting Capitalism Better .. so thats way the conditions are better there . in others ... the fight is hard .... and thats way conditions are worse. You are the biggest joke I have come across youtube all day. Thank













people like you who only know what their media tells them , with their anti-communist ritorik ... I though you are going to bycot Beijin `s Olympics ... what happened ? Your Propaganda machene did not had the power ... FUCK YOU , you shit. Hey moron. Ive seen the effects of communism first hand. Do me a favor and slap your mother. The world is upset that you were born.You don`t know communism , I Lived During it ... I Know how was it bedfore , and now ... so just fuck your self if thats the obly basis of your argument . I Ment "Before" not "badfore" You sound like a moron, and the only way you know how to make a

point is by shouting over others. You are neither amusing or enlightening, you're just another sad sack of shit that wants to bully others into agreeing with him. You bore me. MeLikeGoFast Go blow your Brains Out You religious Fagg .. we are tired from religious FUCKS like you ... dumb shit . You Support the Fucking religious nazi war .. and you ARE CALLING ME NAMES !? Fuck you LOL, IM not even religious. Im anti ignorance. Which is why im anti-YOU! If Fighting religion MAKES ME IGNORANT .. THAN YES ! IM THE MOST IGNORANT PERSON IN THE WORLD ! + IGNORANCE IS A GOOD THINK .. when you ignore somebody , you are just minding your own buissnes , if every one did that , there yould be no Religious warsAt least you admitted that youre ignorant. That will be the first step in your recovery. It's always good when terrorists die. i hate how all the jewish ppl and isralies love the fact on how much pain they are causing the palestinians. its surprising how not many ppl know in america. well its because america nd isreal are partners and the media are zionists. this is whats really happening. basically isreal wants to kill palestine so it can take the land. isreal are disguesting pigs and the main leaders deserve death and nothing short of it. I hope palestine prospers past isreal and isreal goes into poverty.This video is making me hungry. I think I'll have pigs in a blanket with eggs over easy. OMG there is violence in the Middle East ... that is so uncharacteristic of that area of the world. Why don't we just leave them all for a period of 10 years ... no communication, no trading, no nothing ... absolute blockade. And then 10 years later ... we go take a peak and see if anyone is left. They'll either sit down and figure something out or kill each other. Either way I'm done with them all. if terrorist attack the united states on a daily basics america would be doing the same thing as israel is doing by firing,bombing and building a huge ass wall around its borders !Israel seem to act like terroriats. What the flying fuck is a "terroriat?" Isreal is a facist false state. What are these 2 countries fighting over anyway? Who has the UGLIEST women? All muslems must DIE!! Get EDUCATION , become a Communist ! FIGHT RELIGION ! RELIGION devides ... COMMUNISM UNITES ! In Communism , THE PEOPLE WIN ! NOT THE GOVERMENTS .. OR RELIGIOUS LIES ! The USA needs to stop sending money to all nations if a private coporation wants to fund something let it be but not a single tax dollar should go to fund another nation.BE IGNORANT ...! FUCK RELIGION ! Yes Im Ignorant AND IS GREAT ! IF every one in the world was a little bit more ignorent and minding their own buissness .. Instead of making religious Conflicts like the US does .. every thing would be better .. you need recovery not me.. you dumb fuck I agree with you 100%. YOU ARE INDEED, VERY IGNORANT. IGNORANCE IS AWSOME ! The US needs to be More Ignorant and take care of their own Buissness and problems ... like Hurrycane Katrina or something ... NOT to interfere in other countrys buissnes .. But I thought you been there and there were no problems? No youre saying they live in terrible conditions? What happened? morons its not hamas militant - its terrorist.they are a bunch of animals with no regard to human life - theirs or anyone elses.they have no interest in peace.You have no argument , you only repeat your media`s incompitent bullshit . They lied to you ... slap your family and wake the FUCK UP ! Man you are seriouslly ignorant. Ive been to these countries. Ive had relatives who lived through communism. I probably have more exposure to communism then you have. Above all other reasons to hate communism, I hate it because it breeds people like you.













! .

You dont know shit ... you see what you whant to see ... not the whole picture . YOu ve lived there yet couldnt see the plight of the people living in Venezuela or Cuba? You are the one who is blind. I told you I saw the reasons of the bad condition .... Embargos and war ... all done by the US ... You said those nations were doing fine. It was only until I brought up the terrible conditions they live in that you made up your stupid answer. are as funny as you are dumb.Well they were doing fine , during the Soviet Union ... The Soviet Union was a Socialist Counter Weight .... to the bulshit thats going on right now .. Not only are you ignorant, but delusional too. you just repeat stuff ... that you herd on your media propaganda ... you are incapable of makeing your own decisions . dimebuckerpickups , you are the moron here .. you and MeLikeGoFast ... idiots . And as I sad ... Whats Ronge with Ignorance ? If some people were to ignore the rest and mind their own buissness ... the world would be better place ... more over the US needs Ignorance , so it stopes interfiaring in other places and nations. LOL, a communist urging people to be ignorant. Yeah, that sounds about right. You are one dumb son of a bitch. You are the dumb son of a bitch ... If "Not being ingnorant " means interfearing , and embargos , and war .. than yes i prefer ignorance . Funny you say that when the communist nations spend the vast majority of their money on military arms. God damn youre stupid. well they do for deturn .. and because of fighting us - imperialism .. and capitalism .. think a little .. I'm













The 2005 U.S. military budget is almost as much as the rest of the world's defense spending combined and is over eight times larger than the official military budget of China...The United States and its close allies are responsible for about two-thirds of the world's military spending (of which, in turn, the U.S. is responsible for the majority). h t t p://w w w.globalissues.o r g/article/75/world-military-sp ending go Israel!! USA and Israel forever Boycott AIPAC My god can beat up your god. We











Peace on earth. Rata4You (3 hours ago) Show Hide 0 Poor comment Good comment Marked as spam Reply | Spam We should just nuke the entire region...taking out Israel/Palestine with it. Peace on earth. ------------------------------Your comments certainly indicate you're Christian. I support Israel, so should every other decent human being. LOL. Oh please tell me why 'every decent human being' should support Israel? Twisted logic always gives me a good chuckle. airstrike only killing one? a little more effort and aim will work much better, seems a waste of a rocket only killing one i watch it NOW





Islam reminds me of Nazism, Muslims being the crazed Nazis that want to wipe Jews off the map. lol delusions you are the ones who share blood with the nazis and you are the ones who invaded a foreign land colonized it and continue to kill and grab land...I have no love for Islam nor Judaism..but you crackers need to face the fact you are the bloody murderers in this conflict. I've been to Jamaica. Instead of getting involved in the Hamas dirty deeds in the State of Israel, you ought to get to work installing flush toilets and electric lights.anything esle you want to add? still does not change the facts... LOL. Is that your rebuttal? Go to bed junior. hahaaa fucking stupid americans...ur going into should be skipping and jumping that your tax dollars are going to Israel...There is nothing that Americans need give more to Israel...fucking idiots Only one Hamas militant killed? Jesus, what a shame.The IDF should invade Gaza, reoccupy it and kill as many Hamas as possible including Haniyeh.Support Israel = Support Terrorists YOU ARE NOT A BRIGHT ONE, HUH? OU ARE NOT A BRIGHT O Palestinians are the biggest terrorists in the world, they're so subhuman that they dress up their children as suicide bombers and want to kill as many Jews as possible. Support Israel in their fight against these brutal savages that try to convince the world that they're human. LOL. Your joking right? Oh, and by the way, your prophet Mohammed was a terrorist and is burning in hell with 72 ugly fat virgin bitches. stooped people helping terrorist giving them water , electricity , 100000000$ -(couple days ago) like it is not enough now this ... they don't even act as it is fore the people they come out

there guns rockets ...hamas don't care fore there people they care about killing and burning Israel down . and this stooped stopped people go and hand them some food and stuff so "god fobbed" they won't be hungry when they lunch some rockets at israely towns (that they don't have food too because there no work where rockets fall) it's very hard work killing it is a crime to lit them kill on a empty stomach...Boycott AIPAC. This is not Unitied States of Israel. put in google "quran says earth flat" put in google "contradictions in quran" put in google "camel urine hadiths" - mohammed told his followers to drink camel pi55! Free Palestine and Free Iraq! both countries are under foreign military occupation.. they are both being colonized by belligerent imperialist forces (US and Israel) no one believes your bullshit anymore. Israel left Gaza in 2005. Since then the satanic iranian forces of hamas have terrorized Israelis with rockets. The answer will come soon... and hamas wont survive it. No one???? Speak for yourself please. You Khazars own the entire Anglosaxon world already, so I don't know why you still fighting for a land that is so small and useless, much less something that it is not yours.keep talking bullshit. Like I said, no one gives a shit what you think. America is waking up to what Israel is. Dear friends from Gaza, I advise you to evacuate your houses, from reliable military sources I was informed that in 2-3 days Israel is going to do what it has done in the Dahya in Beirut, turn all into rubble. Take your children and run to the sea beach till we finish the job... good advice. Israel is going to wipe hamas off the face of the earth I HOPE SO ! It won't happen because Israel has government of pussies, wait 2 months for Netanyahu. Hamas can relax... fuck hamas hamas must die Hamas better not attack Israel. Israel has God on their side, after all He said that Abrahams first son with Hagar, Ishamel, would be of wild donkey and his hand will be against everyone. Come on you don't believe in that Masonic shit. Face the truth and it will set you free.You Khazars already own all the banks in the world. What more do you want???....what the devil, I am Christian bra, I speak of the truths, bra. hamas is the cause of palestaini mysery and so are arabs and so jews. COWARD JEWS.. coward gutless hamas pigs What do you call a thousouand dead Palastineians...... a good start!!! die fuckers coward jews? who sends children suicide bombers? who hides behind woman and children? who kills their own people? thats right MUSLIMS doNo one needs to involved into this deal , if too many countries will involved to this , its can start a really war . Why thw world was silent when Hamas and Hizbollah were attacking on israeili cities now have the answer...Thanks israel send them to hell !! The world was silent becuase Israel deserve what they got and they deserve a whole lot more !!! Fuck Israel and your a trader to Iran !!! These Islamofascist Hamas Nazis blame everyone else but themselves. The fact of the matter is, these Nazis dont care about the Palestinian people, they never had and they never will because we have seen their true motives. -Dr. Baruch de Spinoza, Harvard University nation building, free trade, globalization, why have the Palestinians been double crossed, left for dead by the world? Hamas was democratically elected. Shame on USA.israel going to pay for that theys cowerds mother fucker ok, shoot more rockets at our towns please, its not like we care, its just murder good work idf !!! 8 years we waiting for this !!! What do you call a thousouand dead Palastineians...... a good start!!! die fuckersWhaddaya call a thousand dead ZIONISTS??? Cure for cancer! What do you call a thousand dead MUSLIMS? Cure for AIDS! right on dude Responsum to GoyimGirl a.k.a. Sazzylilsmartazz, Hitler A Christian you certainly are not, True Christians are not Jew Haters and anti-Semites but you are. True Christians understand where there values and principles originate. They understand that their Bible that they study from is a Jewish Book, written by Jews. True Christians know their messiah Jesus was a Jew, who loved the Land of Israel, who lived as a Jew, prayed as a Jew and died as a Jew.goyim girl didn't get laid for a long time... Ok , Im not real smart, but is there a guy shooting lots of bullets up in the air? Hmmm, Maybe someone should scream "Lookout". Bullets that go up, also come down.

what a dummy Exactly, This is a war crime against hummanity, Israel is just a land thief, occupier, state of terror, u basturds losers killers instead of killing innocent people in Gaza, go to lebanon, and get ur ass kicked , u bunch of baby killers, shame on u wow, now there is a well thought out posting. Do you have the tee-shirt that says "I went to Bolivia, and all I got was a bullet in my head."? Che was a murderer, and so was the "militant" that the Israeli's popped here. The world will not long mourn either one. by the ay the butcher sharoon is dead long time ago, but they dont wannna admit it, Hope he burns in hell, well I guess`he is already toastedI'm so sick and tired of Muslims whining about how they're stereotyped as being violent terrorists. Beheadings, bombings, preaching hatred and murder toward the Jews and Christians are par for the course. Virulent racism, sexism, discrimination and repression of non-Muslims are part of almost every Muslim country and society. Iran and Saudi Arabia are the tip of the Islamofacist iceberg. -Dr. Baruch de Spinoza, Harvard University Pally fuckups this is what you get for sucking on HAMAS cock .enjoy your prosperity nobody give a fuck about you fuck islam sura 8-67. It is not fitting for an apostle that he should have prisoners of war until he hath thoroughly subdued the land. Ye look for the temporal goods of this world; but Allah looketh to the Hereafter: And Allah is Exalted in might, is hamas that is deliberately targeting innocent civilians in israel for years the israelis are under constant rocket attack and unable to leave their shelters israel is not bombing civlians, most of the dead in gaza are hamas fighters if hamas stops firing rockets at israeli cities israel won't have to strike back ,. . .,. ,., ..,, , . israel can not be defeated by war...but israel can be defeated thruough peace!!!But palestinians do not realise the fact that there is other way of defeating israelis!!ITs peace with them not hatred!!israel is a strong state!!militarily no one in the middle east can defeat her!! WW2 was not fought to save Jewish people at the expense of Palestinian people. Today we watch Palestinians wither away on reservations, modern day concentration camps, people piled upon people, filth, disease and death everywhere. A Palestinians future is to fight honorably, defend and free their people from Israeli persecution. Dozens of movies and documentaries are churned out using WW2 Concentration camp pictures and films Never again! tell that to the Palestinians - shame on the Allies. OH MY GOD YOU PEOPLE ARE SO FUCKING STUPID!!!! WW2 was about much bigger things then the plight of the Jews. Go read a fucking history book you stupid fucktard. Your obvious lack of knowledge about what ww2 was even about shows how fabricated and full of shit your ideals are. Grow your own brain.what wants this fat ugly traitress of a bitch. i hate peace activists. watch?v=QCHbihJImGo Look at what your heroes do. shame on you for supporting them. When a terror organization attacks your country for over 8 years you have no other solution Attacking is the only way that they understand. they're firing us for over 8 years. we tried to make peace with them, but their peace is firing rockets. too bad. now they should get responsibility on their attack. Nation Building. Spreading Democracy. Hamas received 44.45% and Fatah 41.43% and of the Electoral Districts, Hamas party candidates received 41.73% and Fatah party candidates received 36.96%. Today "The Chosen


get to




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Shame on WW2 Allies. The Gaza strip is far away from the state of a ww2 concentration camp. I don't recall in history the jews firing rockets and threatening to wipe out the Germans first. "shame on ww2

allies"??? fuck you. I doubt your stupid ass even knows the history of WW2. Go read your hamas pamphlet so you'll know how to respond. I know israel isnt 100% innocent, nobody is, but.... Its simple, you fire rockets, then you get bombed. Stop firing rockets. I would bomb you too.Hamas deserved to be wiped out by Israeli forces. They are just a huge waste of precious lives. As a Christian and a US citizen I support Israel in their self defense against the terrorist group Hamas. I only fear it may be too little too late. I'll pray for the people of Israel as we stand shoulder to shoulder with them in the United States. I implore the incoming government of the United States to continue the support that we have shown Israel in the recent past.It is time Middle East Governments come to the Military aid of Palestinians ... massive counter attack. The world should break this siege and stop the genocide against the Palestinain. Israeli's converted the holly land from a place for all religions to a cell for the Jews criminals. The holocaust against Palestinian has to be stopped. Long live the resistance and the Palestinian landdeath to hamas! I couldn't care about the stupid, crazy Hamas. Lets make them into Hummus. Part-2 Responsum The fact of the matter is innocent people have died on both sides, only the Palestinian terrorist Hamas and those who support such barbaric behavior are to blame. In conclusion, anti-Semites have no moral compass and the civilized democratic world know it. Get yourself an education, you all lack the knowledge for truth and it shows by your bigotry. -Dr. Baruch de Spinoza, Harvard University Part -1 ResponsumYou Islamo-Fascist Nazis must feel so proud. While you animals are killing each other and Murdering Jews and Christians, we the Jews are creating music, art, advancements in medicine and technology. Winning every award given to man, and over 200 Nobel Prizes. ,‫ وهي طريقة حياة ال يدمر! الموت لليهود‬.‫ فهي شر تقتل السلمي الجاليات المسلمة‬.‫كل شر اليهود يجب أن يهلك ال عظيم ال خيرا‬ !‫خيرا‬ ‫ل‬ ‫ا‬ ,‫أكبر‬ ‫ل‬ ‫وا‬ !‫لسرائيل‬ ‫ت‬ ‫المو‬ ,‫الدنيئة‬ ‫ت‬ ‫المو‬ !Allahu Akbar Every evil of the Jews must die God's great blessing. It is evil to kill peaceful Muslim communities. It is God's way of life destroyed! Death to the Jews, the sordid death, Death to Israel! God is great, God is good! Allahu Akbar! ‫متى دول منطقة الشرق الوسط وتوريد أسلحة للفلسطينيين؟‬ When the countries of the Middle East and the supply of weapons to the Palestinians? fuck u and all the allah akbar nonesence. we had enough of you in Europe. Go Israel! Kill all of those hamas pussies! WW2 was not fought so Jewish people could put Palestinians in concentration camps. We watch Palestinians wither away on reservations, modern day concentration camps, people piled upon people, filth, disease and death everywhere. A Palestinians future is to fight honorably, defend and free their people from Israeli persecution. Dozens of movies and documentaries are churned out using WW2 Concentration camp pictures and films Never again! tell that to the Palestinians; Shame on the WW2 Allies.I love the smell of burnt palestinian flesh in the morning hey up you gigi! bucca dipeppo! Send in the fucking Romans to clean this shit up! where was the world media when Israeli citizens were attacked for 8 years from these rockets?? they only wake up when Israel finally fights back!! no other county would accept that situation. Hamas brought these suffering on it's on people and it's their fault. If they really cared they wouldn't shoot from civilian areas into civilian areas risking so many lives... they suck up to them. Israel is the enemy according to the media Don't believe the media

hype. Hamas started it. Hamas is a terrorist group. you fasists israels didn`t got your lessons. the punishment will come.go Hamas and all the free people join you.DESTROY THE SIONISTIC BEAST!!!!!!!!!!screw you. you are the reason why I hate the middle east Neta Golan gets my vote for "Moron of the Year" award. has anyone running down the streets of Gaza hitting themselves in the head and chanting "Death to Israel" give any thought into popping into their local Happy Hamas House and giving them the 'what's up' with the Israeli Air Force... Maybe, just maybe, if Hamas would cease lobbing rockets into Israeli neighborhoods, the people of Gaza may be able to walk outside, live in a house, keep ALL members of their family.... just a thought That the State of Israel has the duty to keep the Land of Israel on Jewish hands, and any violation of this duty is to us of no validity. We do not recognize any territorial concession, and no peace may come from such thing. -Dr. Baruch de Spinoza, Harvard University. Whats with all this Death to Israel nonsense. Dont you understand acting civil may help your situation? And how could any human being want death to a person? Im a Jew, and when I see the news and hear that 300 people have been killed, thas not something to celebrate. Nobody wants this but the ones who instigate. I understand its frusterating having to be trapped in gaza, because its so shit. But patients is a virtue. Wait it out. Dont fire random rockets into our land. We will have Peace Whats with all this Death to Israel nonsense. Dont you understand acting civil may help your situation? And how could any human being want death to a person? Im a Jew, and when I see the news and hear that 300 people have been killed, thas not something to celebrate. Nobody wants this but the ones who instigate. I understand its frusterating having to be trapped in gaza, because its so shit. But patients is a virtue. Wait it out. Dont fire random rockets into our land. We will have Peace That the Temple Mount is our most Holy place, and that no one has the right to violate its holiness and physical integrity. The remains of the First and Second Temple shall not be touched unless it is for the specific purpose of building the Third Temple -Dr. Baruch de Spinoza, Harvard University. Whats with all this Death to Israel nonsense. Dont you understand acting civil may help your situation? And how could any human being want death to a person? Im a Jew, and when I see the news and hear that 300 people have been killed, thas not something to celebrate. Nobody wants this but the ones who instigate. I understand its frusterating having to be trapped in gaza, because its so shit. But patients is a virtue. Wait it out. Dont fire random rockets into our land. We will have Peace That the capital of the Land of Israel is the entire city of Jerusalem, and that this is an unconditional truth not subject to debate or negotiation. No other people or entity of any sort has sovereign rights over that city, and even the collection of all the nations of the world has no such right. -Dr. Baruch de Spinoza, Harvard University that the name of our land is the Land of Israel, Eretz Yisrael, and that we do not recognize the sovereign validity of any name imposed by foreign conquerors, or any people called after such imposed name. -Dr.Baruch de Spinoza, Harvard University That we will not accept any declaration, agreement, legislation, court ruling or decree that contradicts our right to the Land of Israel. This includes any instance where our right is only partially recognized, or where another people or entity alien to our people is said to share rights over the Land of Israel. -Dr. Baruch de Spinoza, Harvard University That any individual Jew, even with the claim of representing the Jewish people, the people and/or government of Israel, or any representative or ruling authority; has no right to give away the collective right of the Jewish people over the Land of Israel. -Dr. Baruch de Spinoza, Harvard University That the Jewish People have the right and duty to settle the Land of Israel in its entirety, to work the land, to build industry on it, and to do so respecting its holiness as the Torah commands.

-Dr. Baruch de Spinoza, Harvard University That all the Jewish people, each and every Jew, and only the Jews, have the right to return to the Land of Israel. -Dr. Baruch de Spinoza, Harvard University how about the lost tribes, are they welcome home too? and while were on the subject what is your opinion on the lost tribes? just curious...Pete To the Nations of the World, the Jewish People are the sole heirs to the Land of Israel, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. -Dr. Baruch de Spinoza, Harvard University The british gave you the land unfairly, you have no respect for anyone, shame on you. What you don't realize is the precedent it sets to all jews around the world as more and more begin to dislike you. What about the land the british gave to the arabs? was that unfair to kick jews out of this land in 47/48? yes it sets a precedent that all arabs in that region cannot be trusted. Blame the British. The world fights over what little land the White man gives and he still wins. So after they are done killing each other over religion or what little space they have what next? I condemn the attacks with Brazilian made by Israel, how can countries that call themselves religious killing one other, as for many civilians punished for this war in blood, have a great new year of peace and prosperity, Brazil condemns attacks Israel, Comes IN EAST OF DEATH, THESE ARE ONLY NEWS THAT ARRIVE DAI, I never saw ANY GOOD NEWS OF THE EAST ARRIVAL OF DEATH IN THE EAST, THE BRAZIL ASKS FOR EAST PEACE, I want peace in the East, my name is TIAGO SOARES and seeks peace in the world, Brazil I wept for ESTAS MORTES, Comes ISRAEL PLEASEWho thinks Israel is evil or merciless state totally wrong. Israel protects Itself. Gaza launches missiles on Israel for 8 years - Israel fight back with airplanes. Should Israel being attacked by Gaza and to shut up? I think every country has the right to protect its citizen. I










Hollywood movies and BBC documentaries will be made about Israeli Concentration Camps where Palestinians were allowed to perish under the watchful eyes of CNN, FOX, BBC, and the Modern World did nothing to stop it. Sunday morning talk show hosts will sip filtered water, nervously chuckle while shaking their heads discussing The Wests slow reaction to saving the Palestinian people from the Israeli butchery. ‫ اسمي تياغو سواريس ويسعى إلى تحقيق السلم‬، ‫ وأريد للسلم في الشرق‬، ‫ البرازيل يطلب السلم‬، ‫وصول بضائع للوفاة في الشرق‬ ‫ الرجاء جاءت إسرائيل‬، ‫ وإنني لبكى البرازيل هذا الموت‬، ‫في العالم‬ ARRIVAL of death in the east, Brazil requested the peace, and I want peace in the Middle, My name is Tiago Soares and seeks to achieve peace in the world, and I wept for the death of Brazil, please come Israel so sorry to disappoint u, it is hamas launch the attack against israel 1st. hamas attack israel with rockets on wednesday. hamas are the one asking for it. serve hamas right. hamas really deserve to die, they try to hit israel and now they are crying for pity. hamas are really cowards, they start another war and now they are crying. if they are nt strong, at least dont show themselves as weaklings. hamas are just cowards. hamas go cry to their mums, hamas are mama boyhamas aint cowards cuz they fightin back against the fucking israels hamas r not cowards at all they fight face to face with isrealies with nothing buh stones! they don't fear blood!heaven for them all!nd hell for every isreali!! ‫ نحن بحاجة لتبني هذه الفكرة‬، ‫يسعى إلى تحقيق السلم في العالم‬ Seeks to achieve peace in the world, we need to embrace this idea

The Gaza Strip  

hello, please read very carefully & if at first you do not fully understand all of the concepts it would be wise to read perhaps a second or...

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