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A TALE of Two Tales

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The HIDDEN Truths behind the Burka and Hijab

From POLICE Station to Creativity Hub

Breaking the Barriers Within The Naked Truth

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ILL at ease


CODE switching & Maltese accents SIZE 0 Formula

The HABIT that holds you SHARPER than a Serpent’s Thooth

DARK Chocolate MONO on Stereo-Type


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It does not matter how we were born, but what we can achieve in our life; society is us.

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THE CONTRIBUTORS ADVERTISING Kelly Bartolo, Lisa Cini, Steven Bartolo, Graziella Camilleri, Maria Sayapina, Stephanie Briffa, Jessica Zammit , Gianni Selvaggi EDITORIAL Louise Mifsud, Luca Baldacchino, Graziana Aguis, Sarah Gauci Loporto, Graziana Attard, Tim A.Montalto, Rachel Ann Said

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Anabel Gauci, Therese Bonnici, Martin Calleja Urry, Melissa Mantos

DESIGN Samwel Mallia, Jean Marc Zerafa, Kathleen Ryan, Stepahnie Sant, Amanda Muscat, Annalice Fenech, Rodianne Mc Intyre, Sarah Aquilina

...serves as a window to the world, the real world. when you leave your comfort zone. us the ‘guidelines’ on how to be open- minded and only when judgements are set aside can we accurately assess a situation and truly understand it. ...can give an insight to uncomfortable positions in life, and through it one could experience, even for a tiny moment how it feels. ...was not only an opportunity to give a voice to the voiceless, but it gave me an opportunity to sit on the metaphorical chair in order to develop and work on such an amazing product; an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life. ...has taught me a lot about people who are different from the norm, what has it taught you?

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From POLICE Station to Creativity Hub


Seat 13 visited artists Samuel Sultana and Jean-Paul ‘Happy’ Cassar who are currently based in Bristol. Their days are mostly spent in their studio space, a former police station in which their work varies from making music to painting and setting up atmospheric spaces. Their studio itself holds a strong and exciting presence and is an on-going organ which exhibits their work of art at the time.

“In society there are platforms for creation such as painting, photography, dance, sculpture and so on. What we want to do is to step away from this constructed platform, and use tools more freely out of their construct.�

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“Leaving Malta meant leaving comfort and security. This made us exposed to new elements that can vary from raw and exciting to destructive. We plan on working on more projects up here as Bristol is a great platform that holds many opportunities for young emerging artists; however we keep in touch with artists based in Malta and are looking forward to what V18 will bring along to help connect Malta’s talent.”


THIRTEEN The number of loaves in a baker’s dozen. The number of steps leading up to a gallows.

The day which is considered evil in Iran.The LUCKY number in ITALY.

The number of knots in a hangman’s noose.

The card in a Tarot deck which symbolises death.


The number that causes an actual phobia called TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA. The floor which is skipped in 80% of high rise buildings.

According to the Jewish faith, 13 signifies the age at which a boy becomes a BAR MITVAH, that is a full member of the Jewish Faith.

The number which Alfred Hitchcock feared. The seat number which airplanes skip.

The number that causes The number which is omitted $800-$900 MILLION to be from car licence lost on Friday the 13th. plates in Ireland. The total number of copies produced and the total number of pages that this publication is divisible by.

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BREAKING the Barriers within Whenever I step outside, I get inspired from everything I see. Almost instantly, I would start thinking about potential artwork. At first, painting was far from easy for me. However, I suppose the strenght to carry on has assisted me throughout my life. I could have never imagined that painting with my own tongue could have produced drawings that are appreciated by so many people.

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Friendship has always played an important role in my life, especially when it comes to pushing my own limits. Thanks to my friends, I started to play basketball which helps me not only in keeping myself fit but also provides me with an incentive to encourage others to do sports too; despite being wheelchair bound. Matt

In the past, I found it really hard to express myself, even within comfortable and familiar circles. I wouldn’t consider myself as an introvert, but nevertheless, my manner of speech was not understood by everyone. Recreational activities like acting helped me to acquire the courage I needed to be more open. I am now a confident and comprehensible communicator! Julianne

“What matters in life, is not what others think or say, but the BELIEF in our capabilities.� When I was a child I was restless and fidgety and had to constantly be on the move. As the years went on, I started working as a gymnast which gave me some purpose. Meanwhile, it also keeps me busy. Furthermore, I get to entertain audiences with my performances and leave them unaware of my ADHD condition. Janet


Admittedly, it has been really tough being apart from familiar faces, especially those of my family and friends. Whenever a discussion starts, I feel like a fish out of water. However, I am trying not to be afraid; I need to be more independent. I believe that Nikki, my trusty German Shepherd, would help me to develop a deeper appreciation for the value of life. Marika

The Naked truth “Nudity is normal. A lot of people feel uncomfortable when presented with a nude piece but I don’t see my artwork as shocking.” Seat 13 meets with emerging young artist Manuel Bonnici to talk about his art. All photos form part of a project entitled ‘Beneath the Surface’. “I feel restricted when it comes to producing an artwork at school.

seat 13

“I’m mainly inspired by tall, thin and beautiful models.


I create geometrical patterns – something which feature a lot in my designs – by elongating the arms and legs. “ “I would like to set up an exhibition of fine arts where I can showcase nude pieces through sculptures, drawings and other media.” “As part of the project entitled ‘Beneath the Surface’, I got the idea to exhibit a 3D vagina in which students’

written confessions may be inserted. Needless to say, it didn’t go down well with certain lecturers and I had to change my line of thought.”

“It’s not the first time that I’ve been told to change my ideas because they were considered too explicit for school.”

ILL at ease 6:20am. The alarm rings. I wake up to find today’s clothes already sprawled out on my bed – something I have grown accustomed to doing the night before. I get dressed as quickly as possible, putting the left sock on first followed by the right one, then putting on trousers starting with the left leg followed by the right one, and the same goes for putting on shoes. The shirt is the last item to be worn, starting with the left arm followed by the right arm. I go to the bathroom to assess the situation.

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6:36am. I touch the bathroom door handle 4 times, open and close the door 6 times and then enter. Dark circles hug my lower eyelids, a result of long nights thoroughly cleaning my room; the wardrobe, the desk I seldom use, the whole nine yards. I opt for the ‘not trying too hard’ look and fumble around in my make-up case for eyeliner. I take precisely 2.6 minutes to brush my teeth, making sure to brush with an even amount of brush strokes.


6:42am. Breakfast. I place 2 slices of bread in the toaster and count how many seconds it takes to pop up, then take that number and multiply it by 4, divide it by 8, add 6, subtract 12 and then multiply by 8. If the number I’m left with isn’t an even number, I put another 2 slices of bread in the toaster.

6:48am. I carefully spread the butter on the slices of toast, 4 times across, then 4 times from top to bottom, ensuring that every bit of the edges are covered. 7:04am. Upon touching all electrical appliances 10 times to make sure everything is off, I leave the house, close the front door and lock it. I look from left to right to right to left to left to right to right to left to left to right to right to left to left to right to right to left and cross the street. 7:38am. I arrive to school and make my way to my first class. 8:00am. Class starts.

“All I’d like is to be free from OCD, lead a normal life, to be able to go out. Until then, I have to repeat this all over again tomorrow, when my alarm clock starts ringing at 6:20am.”


that holds you

Matt was only 14 when he first discovered drugs. Seat 13 meets Matthew* who recounts his days as a drug user. His group of friends had been avid alcohol consumers for a while when they decided they wanted to try something more. “Better,” they said. It was New Year’s Eve when he first experimented with ecstasy.

seat 13

“I thought I had found the ideal recipe for happiness”. He thought drug use would make him more popular, especially since he was a follower rather than a leader in his own group.


Up until the age of 27, Matt was a frequent drug user from cigarettes to cocaine. “The beginning feels good; you’re in denial that you might have a problem”. In his twenties, Matt was incapable of coping without drugs. “Whether I was at the park

with my son, at work or during a sport activity, I felt the need of doing drugs”. Matt recalls neglecting his family, his girlfriend and work. “I had a great relationship with my family and friends before all this started but I threw it away”. Matt became aggressive, rejecting his friends’ advice and lying to his partner. “My only relationship was with drugs, and I was ready to stay loyal to it, even if it led me to death.” ”I used to wake up thinking about drugs”. Asking him about his lowest points, Matt said there were times he preferred not having money for a bus ride than not having cocaine. “I became desperate. I felt like I had failed in life; I was hopeless.” Matt had huge amounts of debt with the bank, friends and even relatives. His family tried to help, but Matt admits he kept

pushing them away. “The first time I went to Caritas, it was only to shut them up. But then, I realised by myself that I needed help.” Caritas’ doors are always open to help. They never turn someone down. More than 600 people make use of Caritas’ rehabilitation programmes each year. Matt first started attending evening sessions, preparing himself for a full-time residency at San Blas, where he spent a year. Today, Matt has been clean for 8 months and will be starting a course at University next October.

*Matthew is the real name. Matt does not wish to remain anonymous. | 2590 6600

“Drug use is end in itself, not means to an end�

SHARPER than a

seat 13

Serpent’s tooth



seat 13

of Two Tales


I stroll beside the ocean’s edge, Unseen towards that well-known ledge, Calm and serene, appears the sea, dark and misty, the night would be,

I mount the rocks, release some sweat, I cross the street, for days I’d wept, But almost there, I couldn’t care, This was my time, now I must dare,

Children laughing, right they are, Sirens sounding, from afar, Birds asinging to the sun, rats be hissing just for fun,

And then I smile for I have reached, I tell myself what I have preached, My site of bliss, above the shore, A hundred times and even more,

The marital sound of wave with rock, The endless beat of city o’clock, A welcome tune that fills the air, An unwilled noise we all must share,

A rush of blood straight to the head, A time in which the world stood dead, I start to run, with no regret… I start to run, with no regret…

I pause a while to take it in, I quicken pace, away from sin, A day so sweet, I must take note, On I go, with lump in throat,

The water’s cold but I feel great, I hear no sound, in my new state, For I have won, where others fail, But care I not, I did prevail.

With every breath, I thank the Lord, And hurry on, I shan’t afford, For all I have, and all I am, To turn back now, to run, to scram,


seat 13

It is believed that Ingram wrote this on the morning of the 12th August 2003 whilst at his home in Cornwall, South of England. The ‘site of bliss’ which he refers to is understood to be a high rock towering over the sea and very popular among professional divers. Ingram was an avid swimmer and diver.


It is believed that Ingram wrote this in the early hours of the 13th August 2003, whilst In a London hotel room. The ‘it’ referred to in the journal – the moment Ingram feels a cold sensation – is understood to refer to the ‘Queen Elizabeth II Bridge’. His lifeless body was discovered on the morning of 15th August along the banks of the River Thames.

This, as well as this, is an extract taken from the diary of John Ingram, a victim of severe bi-polar disorder.

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Is it a BOY? Is it a Girl?

Malcolm Bonello, a lecturer in Semiotics speaks about Gender Stereotypes in today’s media and contemporary society.

Mentalities have drastically changed, but we still have stereotyped roles. In Italian adverts, men are always outdoors, being either aggressive or sociable, while females are always indoors, assuming a ‘caring’ role in some way or other. We should have characters for characters’ sake, not because of gender. Adverts are so subtle, so silent, that they subconsciously become accepted with their stereotypes. From a marketing perspective, gender stereotyped adverts are a way of increasing profit, because one is basically encouraging people to buy double the amount, a pink version and a blue version of a product. In the USA in the 1920s, it was in fact the contrary, with light blue representing girls

while pink was for boys. These types of stereotypes are so deeply rooted into our society that it is quite difficult to find a genderneutral birthday card for young children. From the moment of birth, gender is given top priority. We tend to think of gender as a binary notion; however, there is a relatively large number of people, approximately three people per year that don’t conform to the biological norm, known as intersex people. These people are born with ambiguous genitalia and some have been surgically interfered with so as to be closer to what is deemed ‘normal’. Parents should be encouraged to educate their children and challenge current ideas which create these

stereotypes, thereby striving towards gender equality. If the theory that media forms our gender identity is in fact the reality of the situation, then this influence is indirectly reducing our freedom of choice and inhibiting people from choosing whom they wish to be. This preset limit of choice is a huge disservice for current and future generations. Some people may suffer because they are not what others believe to be right or normal. Let us focus on this idea of freedom, rather than this structured male or female framework, and grant people the freedom to choose their own identity.

The HIDDEN Truths behind the Burka and Hijab

seat 13

View A: “How on earth could they possibly tolerate that thing on their head in this heat? What a primitive religion…and how oppressing”


View B: “These women should be ashamed of themselves, baring all for others to see. Have they no self-respect?”

But is this what both sides are truly thinking about each other? If so, are they right in thinking such? “Definitely not”, according to Nora, born and raised in Kuwait, a predominantly Islamic country. “To the most part, wearing the head scarf or Hijab is part of our culture rather than a mandatory religious practice. It is a personal choice and it is not forced onto any woman.” In Kuwait, the head scarf is almost obsolete, only being worn by 1 in approximately 3000 women. Sometimes, it is worn as a fashion statement rather than anything else. At the moment, the turban is trending and women wear it with a flower placed in it. However, this is not the case in every Islamic country as it depends on how westernized the royal family of the country is. Hence, the situation is

very different in Saudi Arabia for example, where the royal family and the entire country are invested into conserving the traditions and religious beliefs, which includes female oppression. Nora also explained to me the concept of mystery in their country. Some women wear it to entice the imagination, as men wonder how beautiful the woman really is under her garments. However, wearing it does not mean they are being conservative for any religious reason. “There are some women who would wear the full burka that covers the entire face excluding the eyes and would then work as prostitutes. Just because she wears it, doesn’t make her religious!” Generally, in Kuwait, women have strength. They have the right to vote and run in

elections and have also won seats in parliament. Moreover, there are more females than males earning an education. In fact, the required average for boys is at 75% in contrast to the 80% required from women. This is done as an incentive for boys to further their education. Furthermore, there are two women listed in Forbes magazine’s wealthiest people and this proves their high status and power. The truth is, the media makes things seem worse than they are, instilling presumptions into our minds on matters that are beyond our understanding. This stereotypical notion that all Muslim women are oppressed must be eliminated. Don’t hate. Tolerate.

CODE switching &

Maltese accents

Although different language practices, people who code switch or those who speak English with a Maltese accent may suffer discrimination for doing so. Even though it is linguistically wrong to code switch, no one should be labeled or discriminated against for the use of language in their preferred

manner. Moreover, people who speak with a different Maltese accent than the standard one, must not be pointed out, laughed at or stereotyped for doing so.

Ifhem jien tajtu parir, imma ultimately it’s up to him, hux?

seat 13

Le, le kellimni, don’t worry, m’intix ittellifni.


Jogħġbuk dawn ittrousers, dear?

Iiii kemm inti nice! Min xtrajielek id-dress?

Dik il-karozza iktar worth it mill-oħra. Tiha kiss lin-nanna! Għamlilha bye lil aunty! Tkunx naughty ijsa!

Ija naf li it’s writte like that, imma dak il-ħin ħadt żball.

Jaqbillek tagħm għidtli in the lon

en k

mel kif ng run?

I’ll finish it ta’, don’t worry! Ilbieraħ I went shopping and couldn’t find parking, marelli.

We have to start thinking what he could ask us now, ħalli nkunu preparati. He’s a really nice guy, hux?

Fuq ix-xogħol I drink a lot of coffee, but when I’m at home I prefer tea. I was like; “Uwejja! Dan bis-serjeta’?”

Ara today I have a meeting at six, u mbaghad then I have to meet my friend.

Fejn se mmurru? Illum qsomt bil-vapowr biex murt Għawdix. Killex sew? Ilbieraħ qgħadt id-dor nistudja. Dun ma tridx temmen duk killu li jghidulek tu’! Kemm m’għandi aptujt ma nagħmel xejn u noqgħod fuq issidda nura t-televixin. X’ħin kunna fil-ħenewt għedtile: “vieru?” jiene. Il-ġumgħa l-oħra murt nura film, kien vieru sabuiħ.

seat 13

Uwejja kemm tieħu għalik. I didn’t mean it like that.


Maa kemm ghandi x’nisbarazza. My whole room is a disaster.

SIZE 0 Formula Designers and fashion campaigns still limits the range of women who can be photographed in their designs

seat 13

Will the fashion industry ever change its approach to body image? The fashion industry is a product of the modern age, and no fashion devotee can ever deny that we are living in a culture of thinness. Media plays a huge role in our lifestyles; we are bombarded with constant imagery of impeccable and beautiful models pasted on magazines, television and billboards. The majority of fashion designers base their designs on size 0 models, in turn encouraging the use of under-weight girls in their fashion shows.


At the beginning of May 2012, the nineteen international editors of ‘Vogue’ declared the

health initiative, a promise made to boost a healthier approach to body image within the fashion industry. It is a revolution of thought where women do not feel good about their bodies and are incessantly portrayed on the media in ways they could change the way they look Looking back on fashion past, Marilyn Monroe was the fashion icon of the 50’s and 60’s. According to her vital statistics, she was a size 14, a mere 5- foot-5 in height and weighed in at 130 pounds. It was different back then when the measurement requirements for women were more lenient. In fact, a little

bit of a curve was admired. In recent years, fashion has embraced a more womanly figure such as Supermodels like Lara Stone and Kate Upton. Despite more ‘normal’ looking models being exposed in magazines some world renowned designers such as the famous Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of Chanel, still stands to believe that size 0 models represent the ideal beauty.

His controversial hurtful comments on the singer Adele stirred up quite a controversy. Karl Lagerfeld said that Adele is “a little too fat”. The comments about her weight made headlines around the world. In an interview with People magazine, the 23-yearold said, “I've never wanted to look like models on the cover of magazines. I represent the majority of women and I'm very proud of that”.

In an attempt to address these issues, the fashion industry has banned models under the age of 16, and has also introduced modelmentoring programs. These seek to encourage designers to reflect the concerns of the unnaturally small sample sizes of their clothing, which confines the range of women who can be photographed in their designs, consequently encouraging the portrayal of underweight girls.

DARK Chocolate Dear Diary, There is nothing more blissful than the taste of soggy Oreo biscuits in some white coffee on a chilly afternoon and a good book to ignore the repellent looks that surround me. I prefer the company of books comforting me rather than that of fellow humans. You are free to judge me as weird, I know! Martin Luther King Jr, The FBI Files; while for many these books may be considered as dull and heavy, I consider them to be an enjoyable way to get to know our history.

seat 13

Sitting opposite there is another loner, accompanied by a hot beverage and a book‌ the same book I am reading. He is tall, handsome, has dark hair, hazel eyes, and has a fair complexion; if only I ...


seat 13

MONO on Stereo-Type


The assumption is that musical preferences can tell us something beyond artistic taste — we believe we can judge personality, fashion preferences, and more, based entirely on the style of music they prefer. I’ve never been a fan of labels, though unfortunately in today’s society it has become more than ever a norm for a person to be marked, portrayed as or even categorized into a certain box, a certain type. A stereotype. The problem doesn’t lie in preference, but on enforcing your preference on others, whether knowingly or subconsciously.

Throughout the years, types of ‘different’ from different types of backgrounds have been categorically grouped up according to what type of music they listen to. For instance; Black people are stereotypically associated with Rap/ Jazz/Reggae; White people who play acoustic guitar are associated with Folk and Country; Northern European and Scandinavian with Electronic/ Techno; long-haired bearded guys to simply be Metal heads; and so on.


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