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Details of the Walk: Date: 19 March 2011 (Saturday) Routing: Wo Che, Shatin  Shing Mun Riverbank  Central Park  Wo Che Duration: Approximately 1 hour Time & Place of Assembly: 1 p.m. at SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School, Wo Che Estate SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School



To encourage creativity, participants are welcomed to dress in costumes to reflect their concern for the water crisis. Families and teachers are welcomed to join the fun, and share in learning and working together to achieve their targets.


Walk for Living Water

Since the inauguration of Amity’s rural development projects in the western regions of China in 1993, the provision of safe drinking water has always been one of the major development programs. From 2006 to 2009, in collaboration with other local partners, Amity built 330 water supply systems, providing reliable access to drinking water for people and livestock. As the severe global water crisis started unfolding, the Amity Foundation launched the Living Water campaign in 2009, organizing seminars and volunteer visits to some affected regions in China. Amity also finds resources for some villages to install water systems. Amity further encourages Hong Kong students to volunteer in waterdeprived regions as part of their service learning experience.

Best Costumes Award


The Amity Foundation and Water

The proceeds of the Walk for Living Water campaign will be used to alleviate the dire situation of water-deprived villagers in remote rural areas of China by providing them with safe and clean water.


The Amity Foundation is an independent voluntary organization established in 1985 in China. The aim of the organisation is to contribute to education, rural development, eliminating poverty, providing disaster relief, medical and sanitary services in China. In the past 25 years, Amity has provided these services in 31 provinces and cities, and so far one hundred million people have benefited. In recent years, the Foundation has placed its emphasis on encouraging exchange between the people of Hong Kong and the Mainland, to promote national education and liberal studies in Hong Kong.

Wa l k f o r L i v i n g Water is going t o be a novel fundraising experience. In response to the call of the United Nations "World Water Day" held in March each year, Amity is hosting the event to raise awareness of the world’s impending water crisis. The Walk p rov i d e s a c h a n c e f o r participants to experience the hardship, toil and difficulties of life in drought-stricken areas, whilst helping people in these areas to gain access to safe and clean water supply.


The Amity Foundation

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Raising Awareness

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Media Partner : Sha Tin Central Park

The inaccessibility to safe drinking water is a problem plaguing China and in particular the remote hilly regions. The lack of safe clean water can lead to diarrhea and other gastro-intestinal diseases. Villagers also face other problems including conflicts over water, social discrimination, poverty and higher mortality rates. According to a survey, on average the daily expeditions took villagers 86 minutes every day, going over hilly terrain to fetch drinking water. Each trip is an immense challenge for the old and the weak. It also deprives villagers of valuable production time in farming. Your prompt action in giving them clean water will change all these.

Notes for Participant p

Water fetching exercise is physically demanding, so participants should only carry amounts suited to their physical capability, sharing the load with group members as necessary. Children participants must be accompanied by adults.

p In the event that a red or black thunderstorm warning or no. 3 typhoon signal is hoisted, the event will be cancelled. p Participants should be suitably attired for the event; bring your own drinking water and food, and eat enough to give you enough energy before the start. p Participants should allow time for registration before the Walk begins (registration and start at the SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School, Wo Che, Shatin). p


Event assistants and signs will be posted along the route. Participants should follow the instructions given and you are advised not to leave the stipulated official route during the Walk. The First Aid station is located at the SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School. In case of emergency, please inform the event assistants nearby immediately.

p The Walk will not traverse motorways, but may cover some slopes and stairs, and cross some bicycle lanes. So, participants should be on a look out at all times. The elderly and children should take special care during the event. p Along the Shing Mun Riverbank, the pedestrian walkway should be used at all time, instead of the bicycle track. p Keep the area clean and do not litter. p Abide by the rules and regulations, which are set to ensure safety and comfort. The Amity Foundation will not be responsible for any accident, injury and death caused due to violation of any rules and regulations, or negligence on the part of the participating individuals, schools or organizations. p The organizing body will have the final say on all aspects of the conduct of the Walk.

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Enrollment  To Enroll

• 6 Prizes for Primary Students Commendation Certificates + Book Coupons ($1,100 worth in total)

1. Complete the application form 2. Collect donations: Each participant must raise a minimum of HK$100 donation 3. The application and donations collected must be submitted to the Amity Foundation before 5 March 2011 by any of the three means below: A. Bank Transfer : Through ATM transfer the donation to: • Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd, account no. 127–5–017372 • Citic Bank International, account no. 701–1–22399100 Send the pay-in slip together with the application form to the Amity Foundation either by post or by fax.

 School Prize

B. By Cheque : Send the application form and cheque with the total amount of donation payable to “The Amity Foundation Hong Kong Ltd”.

Prizes will be given as follows to individuals who raise the greatest amount of money: • 3 Prizes for Secondary and Post-secondary Students Rural Service Learning Trip to China ($4,000 worth per person)

• 2 Prizes for Greatest No. of Participants Trophies + Rural Service Learning Trip in China (2 persons nominated by each school - 4 places in total) • 2 Prizes for Greatest Amount of Money Raised Trophies + Rural Service Learning Trip in China (2 persons nominated by each school - 4 places in total)

C. In Cash : Submit the application form and the total amount of donation to the Amity Foundation In Person The Amity Foundation Hong Kong 13 /F, Ultragrace Commercial Building 5 Jordan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong Fax: 2366 2769 4. Upon receipt of the application and donation, the Amity Foundation will send an acknowledgement e-mail to the participant named below.

• 1 Prize for Greatest No. of Participants Trophy + Rural Service Learning Trip in China (2 persons nominated by organisation)

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• 1 Prize for Greatest Amount of Money Raised Trophy + Rural Service Learning Trip in China (2 persons nominated by organisation)

 The Best Costume • Mystery prize for the winning group chosen from all groups, schools and organisations

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I am willing to sponsor the person named on left to participate in the Walk for Living Water.


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If you do not want to receive other Amity messages, please tick the box □ I agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of the organizer for the Walk for Living Water. Signature of the Participant If you wish to help rural villagers in China without taking part in the Walk, you can make a donation direct to The Amity Foundation. For details please browse the Foundation’s website: or contact Mr. Kum by phone 2723 8011 or e-mail

20. Total Amount • Copy additional sheets for use if necessary • Personal receipts will only be issued for donation of HK$100 or more • Please write clearly to avoid error for receipts • Receipts will be issued to the participant named on left for distribution All personal information will be kept confidential and restricted for use in this Walk

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Living Water Walk  

Walk for Living water taking place on the 19th March 2011 in Shatin, Hong Kong