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Namaste! I am so happy to re-start Your Spiritual Revolution Magazine. I thank all the authors and readers for your continued support for success of YSR magazine. With changing times, we are also changing. YSR emagazine will now also have videos, audio and other products embedded in them for a rich multimedia experience for our readers! In this issue, you can learn about the fascinating world of Tarot cards explained beautifully by Divyaa! We have also included a link to try out a free Tarot card reading! The article of "Live Your Life in Joy" by Michael has a beautiful message much needed in today's chaotic environment around us. "Live your life in joy, because in living your life in joy you change your world by putting positivity into the Field." Chris has a very important message for those on spiritual paths - Boundaries for Spiritual People Health is of vital importance on our spiritual path. Ellen has given deep insights on how our Health is a function of all of our abilities and relationships, and is very much affected by all of our abilities and relationships. We have an interesting article from Ann about finding out and understanding true "Nature of Love". Amara has a sweet short article on being mis-identified with age. Hope you like this issue of YSR. Do share the link with your friends, family, colleagues and on social media groups to reach out to more people to increase the positive vibes all around you in these dark times. To Your Evolution! Amitt Parikh


In t r odu ct ion To Tar ot : Wh at is Tar ot All Abou t ? Tarot, the very name conjures up esoteric images and mysterious answers! However human consciousness is now ready to go beyond this limiting view and take a fresher look at the great storehouse of wisdom contained within the cards.


How t o im pr ove ou r Ext r a Sen sor y Per cept ion s? All extra sensory perceptions require two basic things: ?peaceful environment? and ability to discern the ?silent soft perception? using inner senses. The training comprises of mainly three levels of preparations.

11 Th e Nat u r e of Love Humanity teaches you that love is something you "earn" and yet we know that Love is already there for you, living within you, in every moment of every day. It is the very essence of creation, available for all of you without condition. You are all worthy of love.

Bou n dar ies f or Spir it u al People During this time of massive upheaval, rapid transformation, and vibrational acceleration on the planet, one of the most important things for people who are consciously on the spiritual path to have in place are rock solid boundaries.


20 Healt h : Ou r Divin e Sacr ed Jou r n ey Health, or the degree to which we experience well being, aliveness, resilience, and a quality of life and awareness that is undivided, is a function of all of our abilities and relationships, and is affected by all of our abilities and relationships.

Live Lif e in Joy ?Live your life in joy, because in living your life in joy you change your world by putting positivity into the Field.?

29 32 M ISS-Iden t if ied It begins gradually, like most personal changes. You don't go gray all at once; skin doesn't sag overnight. But this is more insidious, because we can't see it in the mirror.

T O R A T ? O T T U O N B O I A T L C L U A D T O O R R T A N T I S I T A WH Tarot, the very name conjures up esoteric images and mysterious answers! However human consciousness is now ready to go beyond this limiting view and take a fresher look at the great storehouse of wisdom contained within the cards. They are not hocus-pocus, sprits answering, superstition nor magic but only a method of tapping into a rich field of information that forms part of our moment-to-moment environment. However, as much of this knowledge, currently lies beyond the usual methods of reach for most of humanity, it is accessed by many systems or what I will call ?bridges?, and tarot forms one such easily accessible bridge! The 78 cards are called the Arcana, which

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means ?profound secrets? & thus refers to the knowledge contained within the cards underlying the human experience. Each card pertains to universal archetype experiences and qualities that all humans go through, both in their day-to-day lives and their larger cycle of lives and thus do the cards give us a deep insight into our minds, problems, and life situations! Surprising to many, the tarot is not used primarily for ?prediction? but as a tool for guidance and self-knowledge! And even when it is used to look ahead into the future it is best used to see the possibilities ahead. I use the cards to help my clients see the potential ahead of them in any given situation, and what they can best do,

to tackle this probable outcome if it does not appear too palatable, or enhance it if the cards reveal that they are creating a future to their liking! Always the responsibility lies with you-and the cards are vital tools to help you see the larger picture, tap into the deeper aspects that you have been unable to do through the usual processes and thereby make enhanced choices!

moments when you cannot share your issue with another, or perhaps when friends and external support systems are not available! For those moments when you seek a deeper, higher, finer answer from within Self? TAROT AND A GLIM PSE!




On such things as matter, we have all been wrong- what we called matter is energy whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter- EINSTEIN

The cards do this with an accuracy that surprises many newcomers! Revealing different aspects of any situation, and yet always, always guiding you how to deal with these in empowered ways! This is the Tarots? plus point- it never leaves you wringing your hands in despair, and instead gently guides you what 72 Nam es Car ds to best do about any situation! Click t o Bu y! As, someone who both reads and teaches the cards, I find it an invaluable self help tool, to answer those questions that confront each of us time to time: whether it is about how to tackle that all important relationship; how to choose between career options; what to do about specific situations, or where to look for deeper fulfillment? if you have a question, any question ? the Tarot has meaningful input, specially for you! It is my goal to make the tarot as user friendly and self-reliant a tool as the dictionary is in every household! For those

At this point I would like to include our more rational readers to join us, by adding a new perspective for you to view tarot through! Lets become aware that Quantum physics is also one of those bridges, reaching the same source, the same field where all information(touched upon in the introduction) lies And amazing as it may sound, the physicists are just discovering what tarot and other metaphysical systems have known all along! (This is why they have been called metaphysical. Meta means ?beyond or in addition to? physics!) And those who need the backing of science to ascertain their truths may be pleasantly surprised to learn that the basic principles underlying tarot are in complete alignment with quantum physics; and yet it offers its own vital input, as each system must in

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order to contribute and exist. Every book of quantum physics outlines how we live in a vibrational universe, where everything you see, and don?t, is energy vibrating at different frequencies. So yes, stone, animal, this computer, your chairs, tarot cards, you and me and our thoughts and feelings is energy vibrating at different frequencies; and what you cant see is what we will call pure energy. I want you to conjure this in your minds! Visualize that you are surrounded in a field of energy: some of it already the material people, events, things, and situations of your life; and the rest is pure energy- your raw material! Shaped by your thoughts and feelings! Shaped by your energy signatures interacting with this pure energy all around you. Visualize your thoughts and feelings and their frequencies as instructions you emit to this pure energy into what shape it takes: ping ping ping!!!! And thus do we each create our 'own

Ki n g Sol om on Car ds Set by Kabbal ah i n si gh t s

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reality?. The ?outside?, what we call ?our life?, and ?our world?only reflects what is within us. The people and relationships which we enjoy or not, the events that transpire or do not, and the things that we have or don?t is directly our manifestation based on our energy vibrations, and thus our personal responsibility. We in fact are creators moment to moment, and thus are not hostage to external events. The point of power is within each of us, and in the Now. This simply put of course (as it is not our topic today) is empowered being or what is more esoterically called: claiming your creator hood! Now you may wonder what this has to do with the world of tarot, but it truly is its starting point. With this empowering principle of co-creator hood in mind, we may indeed use the cards optimally! As they were designed to be used! To tap into added fields of information! And just as any significant external input on a situation helps us determine it better, may we with this extra input about self and our energy signatures, use it as guidance to better deal with the situation we went to the ?cards?for. This is the clairvoyance (clear seeing) the

cards offer! This is how they point to probabilities, by tapping into the source (your feelings, thoughts and inner frequencies) before it has materialized into the denser people, events and things of your life! Interestingly, the 78 cards of the tarot are called the major and minor ?Arcana?? which means ?profound secrets & knowledge underlying the human experience.? Each card pertains to a universal archetype experience or quality, ranging from major to minor themes, stages, occurrences, feelings that all humans go through. If you further view the cards as multi layered and case specific symbols it will help you glimpse how the cards together, may comprise of the entire gamut of the human experience and its inherently subtle nuances, thereby holding or vibrating at frequencies matching most, if not all humanities problems, and situations! And here, steps in, quantum physics again! One of its most basic principles about how energy functions is called, in simple terms, ?like attracts like?! Energies of similar frequencies are attracted to each other! Thus do your questions- your feelings and thoughts and your situations resonate to these cards which are then ?coincidentally? drawn in your reading! This is the tarots forte ? it has been specially designed to help you view the sum energy of your thoughts, feelings, desires, fears and intent in the Now and what you are thus creating for self around you. To view what you may call the causes within your subconscious mind and its effects in your life! The cards are only one more tool to help you see the larger picture, tap into

the deeper aspects that you have been unable to do through the usual processes of observation and deduction. A tool by its very definition implies (if properly used) an empowering aid and so must the cards be used ? to facilitate ?clear seeing?! And authentic clear seeing does not encourage you to give your power away to the cards, the reader, or a pre-determined future but to bring you back to a more aware and thus strengthened self. This is a glimpse only, into how tarot rests on universal laws accepted both by science and metaphysics. Quantum physics further suggests the existence of many possible futures for each moment of our lives. Each future lies in a state of rest until it is awakened by choices made in the present. And Tarot optimally used always brings you back to this ?choice point?in the ?present?! P.S: We use the words pre-determined, predestined, precognitive, pre-ordained very loosely- and yet each is subtly different. Very briefly: -Predestined is ?what I have planned for my self in any given life? ? -Predetermined is ? what I have set into motion by my current choices? -Precognitive is only the above-explained clear seeing, not ?mystically?? as much as through ?knowing thyself ?! -Pre-ordained is what I as the One I have set into movement towards Being! WHY TAROT? I will explore this primarily from the point of view of those who seek to ?learn? the tarot. Why tarot? What are its strengths; what tempts so many to leap right in?

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Firstly, it is one of the most user-friendly and easy-to-learn tools of divination! There can be no other ?best? reason that this surely! The cards have beendesigned in a way that the layman can ?hear ?its language loud and clear with just a little exploration, and yes, a healthy dose of passion! You can start effective readings in a short time; yet deepen your skills and interpretations along the way. Secondly- it is a great self-help tool-, which allows you to communicate with different aspects of self or universal selves without the need of another. Tarot is known to connect you to your inner guidance system -and many renowned tarot readers say that it is indeed a signal to Higher Self that you wish for a more conscious communication! You do not require a mystic, psychic, or interpreter- as the cards do that task! More over, it works like a bridge, allowing you to retain current personality consciousness completely even whilst interacting with the great unknown ?unlike other systems such as counseling, hypnosis, channeling, etc Thirdly, it its wide scope of esoteric knowledge can be used in very practical ways for more than merely mysterious messages! It is indeed designed so that the esoteric and practical combine in meaningful ways for day-to-day application! Its many components handle this with

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great aplomb: 78 symbolscover 22 major archetype themes/stages/qualities which aid us in understanding deeper spiritual aspects underlying situations. 40 minor arcane help us get in touch with mundane day-to-day situations and moods and confusions so important in ?real? life! 16 people cards trace all the masks, roles, approaches or styles we may use or take (covering every dominant personality type) the 4 suits (the 4 elements-fire air water earth- that make up physical life) allow us to explore all the above in the different realms be it- spiritual, passionate, action oriented or, emotional-heart based, relationship oriented, or mental, intellectual, logical spheres of life or practical, material, work oriented areas!! Spreads and card positions further cover everything and anything you can think of! If you have a question, any query, the tarot can give you input! Add the numerological, astrological; kabalistic wisdom and you can go as deep as you choose! Add modern interpretation and you can apply it all in a very current context! Use its psychological facets tounderstand self or the other! Beautiful images trigger of all their secrets within you! I guess you get the picture! Which brings me to the fourth point- the tarot is an ideal left and right brain tool! The images help you use your own intuition, experiences, trigger points, interprets! And thus is a flexible easy to

tune into tool! And yet the ancient and modern wisdom it is based on gives you guidelines deeply inculcated- a frame within which to work- and doesn?t allow personal or bias to completely take you off mark! A developing of your tarot skills truly lies in deeply studying these symbols and yet the other part lies in gaining a personal sense of them through practice, meditation (introspection) and creative work. Much like life! More so, the a-causal processes behind tarot spreads help you move away from purely logical thought procedures-to thinking out of the box and seeing things from a fresh perspective And so we come to advantage number five! Because of the deep spiritual awareness of the cards, the tarot is an optimistic tool focusing on positive guidance. Nothing is negative- only blocked energies! And the emphasis is how these blocks can change through awareness and self-change! With this in mind, tarot become an invaluable aid, always adding to our lives instead of detracting from the situation by making us feel resigned or disempowered when the road ahead looks rocky! We do not then seek only the ?good news?because we know that through this guidance we may now take responsibility for, and make changes in what appears challenging! That?s the whole point of doing a ?reading?- to use the information you receive to either go full steam ahead, if it appears promising- or to make changes in self if where you are headed seems challenging! Tarot if used effectively always brings you back to self, which is always the true point of power to create a more fulfilled life! TAROT can be viewed as a multi- tasking

tool showing you: -What?s within: MIRROR! -Which direction COMPASS!




-Other possibilities: FLOW CHART -Its time to take action: CELL ALARM -Approximate time frames: CALENDAR OF PLANNED EVENTS -The viability, ease, and turbulence ahead: WEATHER- VANE -Your challenges FRIEND




-Your spiritual journey: SACRED TEXTS -Your energy fields- MEDITATIVE DOORS -Means to hone your intent: MAGIC! ENJOY! BE THE ?FOOL?? AND LEAP RIGHT IN TO THIS ENCHANTING WORLD? AND ITS HALL OF MIRRORS! (C) Divyaa Kummar

Ms. Divyaa kummar is a spiritual facilitator, reaching out to many seekers. She spreads her message as a fellow traveler, through channeling, discourses, workshops, meditation groups, writings and daily personal sessions. She is also a Tarot reader and an Energy worker, operating with theta-meditative states to enable inner healing and expansion of heart and mind which is also called raising the Kundalini. Email:

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ow t o im pr ove ou r Extra Sen sor y Per cept ion s? Ch an n eled m essages f r om Th e M yst er iou s On e Human being is conditioned since birth. Learning language, enhancing vocabulary, acquiring motor skills for movements, learning vocals, basic expressions, gestures, territories and identities, emotions, fight or flight syndrome, processing so many forms of inputs from so many sources. Doing all this using a tiny ?limited brain? creates havoc to the ?unlimited? nature of higher mind. All extra sensory perceptions require two basic things: ?peaceful environment? and ability to discern the ?silent soft perception? using inner senses. These soft perceptions are overshadowed by your current level of noisy sounds, continuous distractions to the open eyes, erroneous breathing and thinking process and a need to ?train?your mind and sensory organs to process data

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from ?out there?and ignore all the so-called ?junk?coming out from ?inside?as it does not meet the ?generally accepted standards of belief about reality?. Now as you grow and you are fortunate to have asked the right questions to ?life?, life starts the process of grabbing your attention with synchronicity, books, masters, strange dreams, visions and experiences. But this is quite slow process; if you do not give a ?helping hand? to the universe to help you re-connect you to your divine nature, divine abilities and divine power. Symptoms like these when encountered, start devoting more time to polish the abilities, improve the connection with inner Guru, raising and maintaining the

awareness of subtle / visions / feelings about places, people, events and forms of energies. The training comprises of mainly three levels of preparations. 1. Destruction of old ways of looking, hearing and feeling the ?world?. Destruction of your belief about a solid, rigid huge world ?out there?from which you are totally disconnected and are powerless to make any impact over it or feel/hear/see it without your ?physical senses?. This is very important step. For one obsessed with ways of the lower ego is fundamentally disconnected from All That Is by power of his/her own belief. No one in the world can help him/her get a ?telepathic message?for his/her mind will simply reject the idea/message.

astronomical influences, eagerness and openness and grace. 3. The third level is blossoming of such extra sensory perceptions by way of more frequent and conscious use, sharper awareness aligned in line with higher purpose, finding out one?s specialized stream of ESP input and expression. For example, an empath who feels the energies will not make much progress by visualizations, visions etc. For him/her the inner feeling mechanism can be improved and strengthened so much so that he/she can feel the diseased organs or bad patches in an area or feel the auric vibrations or heal the sick patients or telekinesis powers or influencing the ?form? by his/her energy. Once this is achieved the aspirant can live a balanced peaceful progressive life in line with the Higher Self and thereby in line with the ?universe?. That?s being in ?rhythm?or in ?flow?. Whereby, all his/her workings are smooth and flawless as he/she acts as an instrument of divine.

2. The second level begins once first step is completed to a greater extent. That is the possibility of interconnectedness of everything and ?thing? and ?thought? being the same is ?installed? in his/her belief system. Now the person can try to listen to own ?body sensations?, look for what is seen/heard in inner world Adven t u r es w it h Lu cid Dr eam in g of own mind in dreams/visions/inner travels. f or You r Spir it u al Revolu t ion Synchronicity will start ranging from numbers, dreams, visions, voices, impulses to read, learn something new or creative feasts of self-expression in form of words (writing/poetry), singing, dancing, painting and so on. On lin e Dr eam Yoga Cou r se These are random moments of ?connections? with divine within Click f or FREE PREVIEW and are based upon person?s innate abilities, past life work,

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To rise further to next level is to realize much higher powers for which even a trace of ego is no-no. That?s with the enlightenment. The evolutionary force simply ?possesses? the being in question and then for that person much advanced ?miracles? in line with specialization of the personality are ?daily affairs?. For example, the person who used to ?scan?the patients and give ?healing? over a period of several days, simply blesses the sick person and the disease is removed from all levels?from the causal plane to physical DNA level?the person gains holistic health with disease eradicated permanently from his/her system.

Developm en t of ESP Progressive miraculous mindset must be cultivated by Right Vision. Right Vision is the ability of the aspirant to see objects / energy structures/ relations / processes / personalities for what they ARE ? AS IT IS. It?s called Samyak Darshan. It is Buddha?s nature to make no personal judgment and let the event/object manifest itself as per its true nature. It is the art of witnessing in ever flowing constant Now. That way of Right Vision enables and empowers you to be like the image of God/Silence. By not trying to grade or label things / events / persons you free your mind and resources for Truth to surface on its own and illusions to die out a natural course of death. You gain the special ability then to consciously talk to and merge with the seemingly solid object or energy structure at will. You can then enter into mind of God and be one with All That Is. This is the goal of highest level of ESP ? ?Eternal Self Perception?! You perceive as the One perceives All That Is

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and blends with it being the oneness of One. Why bother to know the future event when you are the past-present-future of all events? You occupy not only the place you are sitting now, you occupy all the seats of this and many more worlds ? remember, understand and be aligned with this statement truly. You are the One ? All That Is ? personified temporarily in a temporary body in a temporary time/space local event to chart out the next course of action and witness it all in One Eternal Now! Involution of energy is an act of evolution only. There is no event not working out evolution of One ? that is the only true purpose of Being. So when all the extra

sensory perceptions of humans were sealed, that act also was designed for your evolution. Now when the Right Vision is practiced, slowly all your ESP will re-emerge intact just the way they were thousands of years ago ? for a new kind of techno-savvy spiritual human being to emerge ? who has balanced out both dimensions of logic and faith; of mind and matter; of virtue and adventure and; love and hatred. Slowly human being is waking up from the slumber of its own dark forces realizing the innate powers, wisdom and abilities. Go for a walk. Re-member with nature. You used to talk to birds, animals and plants. You sensed their motives, they sensed yours. You love or hate them, they feel your emotions. Try not to imagine this ability. There is no illusion to be fortified. You just need to go to that depth in your being where the bird is chirping within you, the dog is barking inside you and you are witnessing the hundreds of years that passed by while standing in silence with that Banyan tree out there ? in you. Mixed signals of the soul with that of ego ? is initially a big challenge for the aspirant. You might be fooled or cheated several times before you learn to discern between the silent messages of Witness and sweetened messages of ego. You might be terrorized by the nightmares or misleading guidance or ?fake? encounters with not-so-great masters, but the key to unlock the inner power is to learn to distinguish between freedom and trap; bliss and momentary ecstasy; benefit to all and selfish desires; bitter truth and sweetened lie; and Silent Witness and Whispering Ego. Once you are in sync with base nature of

True Self, you will take no time in filtering out noise and pick up the uninterrupted stream of wisdom flowing within you. The depth and vastness of your timeless wisdom is far far superior to cunning plots of your limited psyche to rule the world out there and become a king. You are the King and Queen of the only Kingdom that exists. Come to ME. Surrender your tiny ?will?to be superior than All That Is. For that will never happen. As in reality you are ME ? Right Now! (C) Amitt Parikh Amitt Parikh is a a modern mystic, an author, an intuitive life coach and above all a seeker of The Truth. He is the author of Conversations with The Mysterious One book series, director of Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Editor of Your Spiritual Revolution Magazine. Visit:

Kin dle Edit ion - Read On lin e

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Th e Nat u r e of Love M essage f r om t h e An gels - There is a mistaken notion upon your planet, that love hurts. Love never hurts dear ones! Love heals! Love transforms! Love uplifts! Love makes you feel like the most beautiful, amazing, being that you can be! Love connects you with your very essence.

We hear this question all the time and the answer is rooted in a deep misunderstanding about the nature of love.

Why then, is it so hard to love upon your planet earth, and why do so many of you feel you must hurt in the name of love?

Humanity teaches you that love is something you "earn" and yet we know that Love is already there for you, living within you, in every moment of every day. It is the

11 . YSR . SEPTEM BER 2017

Humanity believes love is something you "do," and while we celebrate expressions of love, we know Love is a state of being.

very essence of creation, available for all of you without condition. You are all worthy of love. Humanity believes that love is something that requires reciprocation, yet here in the Heavens we love unabashedly whether we are loved in return or not. We know Love is the energy that lives and breathes within us and needs nothing in return. Love is our nature. Love is your nature. Loving feels good. Withholding love hurts.

Love is the state of being in which the Light within you sees and acknowledges the light within another. So how do you apply this upon your earth, dear friends? We know, that beneath any hurt and pain, you truly desire to love! You truly wish to experience your own light, and your own innate goodness. In your deepest truth, you want to see and appreciate the light and goodness within others. However, you also want to feel good, and if you do not work to love yourself and grant yourself a life that supports your joy, you will look to the outside world for love and you will "fall" in love with anyone or anything that makes you feel good. Now, there is nothing wrong with this. It is human and it is still a form of love. Nonetheless, whenever you worship false idols, whenever you give your power to be happy to another person or thing, you also grant them the power to take it from you. You love them when they make you feel good and

you stop loving them, or worse, hate them when they can no longer do so. This dear ones, is what human beings call love, but is in reality a small projection of the true, deep, and abiding Love that is available to you all, right here, right now, in all of creation. Take a breath. Ask yourself, "Do I love me exactly as I am right now, or do I tell myself I must earn my own love... by being prettier, more handsome, smarter, kinder, wiser, etc.?" Take a breath and accept yourself and your answer with compassion and without condition. You have just begun the journey to Self-love. Ask yourself, "Do I treat myself the way I would if I were with a lover who adored me? Do I care for myself, maintain my life, and seek to be joyous, interesting, happy, as I would if I had someone to impress? Am I maintaining myself as if I am a person who is loved and adored?" "Am I talking time to connect to whatever I consider to be a higher, more loving force in the Universe?" "Do I ask my angels for help frequently and sit in reception of their love?" "Do I take time to listen to my own heart and care for its longings," the way I would hope a lover would listen to me? "Do I nurture my dreams," the way I would want someone else to do? Am I giving myself the Love that I seek, or am I waiting for someone else to do that for me? These questions apply whether or not you are in relationship. These questions will show you the areas in your life in which you can

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choose to love yourself more deeply, and therefore where you will free yourself from the bondage of expecting others to provide for you, what you will not. There is an omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Creator that wants to help you. There is a Love so vast and all encompassing that you could never possibly be alone. Angels wait "in the wings" to assist you. Rather than waiting for another to love you as you wish, whether it be the fantasy "love of your life," or your spouse sitting in the other room, make a decision right here and right now, that you will treat yourself as if you are the love of your life. Rather than waiting for life, or others to behave as you wish, find the good in the here and now. Challenge yourself to love yourself and life exactly as it is, and then from that present moment of acceptance, challenge yourself to make the next moment better. Then, from this fullness of Love within yourself, truly loving another becomes possible. Then you can accept others exactly as they are. If you learn to cultivate your own joy and your own well-being, then you can accept the gifts of others when they are offered, but you can also bring love from your depths when others cannot. You will no longer need to feel a lack of love, because you have connected

13 . YSR . SEPTEM BER 2017

yourself the eternal, endless Source of Love itself. This Love is a true, deep, and real state of being in which you allow yourself and everyone else to be exactly as they are and simply decide if you want to "dance" or not. Love dear ones, does not hurt. Love accepts. Love trusts. Love heals and transforms. Love is who and what you are made of... and no one has the power to take this from you. Love yourselves. Fill up your cup... then you will be able to truly love. We love you always, without condition or expectation. We experience our eternal abiding connection to the Source of Love itself and so whether you love us or hate us, we love you... simply because we know that is our nature, and that kind of love is what feels good at all times.

M essage f r om An n - I'll never forget a time in my thirties when I was sobbing, talking to my angels. "I love him! I love so much I hurt..." sniff, sniff. "That's not love!" The angels were very firm with me. I got offended. "What do you mean?" I protested. That's not love, they said. That's longing. Love feels beautiful. They were right. I was crying that I loved someone when in reality, I was pining away for this

person to love me back. The angels told me to stay away from this person completely and work on myself instead. It was tough love on their part, but it was love. They saw the light within me and didn't want me to torture myself looking for a cheap substitute in another who couldn't offer it. And thus began my exploration into self-love, which is an exploration into the true, beautiful connection that we have with the Divine as it lives and breathes within us. Now, finally, a few decades later I truly know how to love. It doesn't hurt. It feels amazing. Earlier this year I felt compelled to comment on a string of nasty comments under a YouTube video. I gently but firmly reminded others that all that matters is being loving and kind, more so than being right. A rather angry gentleman responded to my comment by saying, "Shut up you stupid $!* !!" I won't repeat the word. It was too vulgar. I felt only compassion for this man. Only a hurting soul could make such a childish and wounded attack. I wrote back, "Thank you and God bless you." I meant it. I didn't accept his pain into my soul. I sent love. "Thank you for showing me you need love. Bless you." He didn't know what to do. It changed his energy. I felt it. He wrote back more kindly and even with a bit of humor. The more I enter the mystical realities, the less I want to do anything other than let love flow through my being. It hurts to

withhold love. It hurts to expect or long for others to love me back if they don't. It feels amazing to create love in my every day life for myself and for others. It feels amazing to simply accept life as it is, and accept myself as I am too. Decisions become easy in this uncomplicated reality. I fill my own cup by doing simple things I enjoy every day. I share when I feel full because it feels good. I hold my head up high whether others like me or not. As Rachael Ray, the famous cook once said when an interviewer asked her what she thought about a "hate site" dedicated to bashing her, "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion." The less attached we are to others' opinions of us, and the more true to our own heart we strive to be, the happier we become. I no longer absorb, or feel the need to change or even stay around unloving behaviors. I can love someone without liking their behavior. I can love someone with whom I want no more interaction. I am loving the light within them, respecting their right to act as they do, while also respecting my desire to spend personal time only with those that uplift my soul. It is a balancing act. It took many years

14 . YSR . SEPTEM BER 2017

working with angels before they convinced me that honoring my own heart could be loving even if meant someone else might not like my choices. I took awhile to truly believe that when we love ourselves, and honor ourselves, everyone grows. We serve souls, not egos. Love doesn't hurt, but it does expose the unloving behaviors in ourselves and others. These are the the ones that do hurt. Even when people cannot love me the way I wish, or don't act as I would like, this light that I have worked to find within myself, rises up and helps me sees their innocence and their need to listen to their own hearts. This light celebrates growth and expansion. This light comforts me even when I don't get my way. Mother Theresa is quoted as saying, "I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love." Our challenge in life is to

15 . YSR . SEPTEM BER 2017

grow through the less evolved forms of human love, longing, expectation, etc., into a deeper form of love - one that wants only to honor the light within ourselves and others. This love truly does elevate our spirit. This love feels as if we are running pure water through our souls. This love makes us feel like our best self, it fills us with joy, and it needs nothing in return. In the words of Thomas Merton, this love "is its own reward." Š An n Alber s Ann is a dynamic & down to earth spiritual instructor who shares heavenly wisdom & inspiration in her seminars, books, & CDs. Her free weekly newsletter, ?Messages from Ann & the Angels,? serves an international community dedicated to living a life centered in Divine love. Visit:

Boundar ies for Spir it ual People During this time of massive upheaval, rapid transformation, and vibrational acceleration on the planet, one of the most important things for people who are consciously on the spiritual path to have in place are rock solid boundaries. Why now? Healthy boundaries are always important. They help you to develop and reinforce your inner sense of deserving and worthiness. They help you to develop your personal will power. They also help you to maintain the integrity of your personal space. But, the reason they are especially important right now is that, now more than ever, you will need every ounce of strength that you?ve got to actualize yourself and

maintain your spiritual course. Now, more than ever, chaotic energy is running rampant as millions upon millions of people are unconsciously reacting to the vibrational acceleration. Now, more than ever, the Earth needs us to awaken to our divinity if we are to survive and thrive upon the planet. So now, more than ever, you need to be strong in who you are by not allowing anyone to pull you off of your course. Un con sciou sly People

React ive


Pr oject ive

As the energy of ascension continues, which means that the vibrational acceleration intensifies, those people who are deeply unconscious will be more likely to become highly reactive and projective. In essence, vibrational acceleration is like

16 . YSR . SEPTEM BER 2017

magnifying everything by a factor of ten. If you can visualize an average person, which by implication means deeply unconscious, having a rough day then you can easily imagine how they will most likely react throughout the day. If they have a rough day then they may complain about it to others, they may become impatient in traffic, they may lash out at their kids when they get home, and they may ultimately create a disagreement with their spouse or partner. Now, multiply that by a factor of 10x. What will that person do now? Now, they may pick fights with people at work, they may aggressively dole out unsolicited advice to people, they may honk their horn and scream in traffic, they may yell at their children, they may create a verbal argument with their spouse or partner when they get home. Now, think about billions of people doing that at once. If you can imagine that then you can begin to see the potential repercussions, ramifications, and fallout on our planet. It?s because when people suddenly feel all of their unconscious, unhealed emotional junk surfacing, they have no idea how to handle it or why it?s happening. So, they begin to react unconsciously.

and begin to act out behaviors compulsively, anything to either distract them from what they are feeling or to give them some sort of relief from their deeply unhealed emotions. For the spiritually conscious individual there are two things that are very important about this. The first is that, you are not exempt. Any true spiritual aspirant will be tested during these times. Will you adhere to the path or will you lapse into unconsciousness? Second, you will need rock solid boundaries during these times. This is so that you are not pulled into other people?s dramas or allowed to be controlled and manipulated by deeply unconscious, compulsive people.

2. They will unconsciously project onto people around them (talking over others, doling out tons of unsolicited advice, nervous and ceaseless chatter)

It?s probably most difficult in the corporate world where, generally speaking, the people who are in charge are some of the most unconscious people on the planet. Still believing that power and status will fulfill them, they validate and rationalize this by entrenching themselves within the corporate world even further. This means more strategies, marketing, products, meetings, efficiency reports, employee evaluations and tests, and intense overmentalization in general.

3. They become unconsciously compulsive


This happens in 3 ways:

1. They will unconsciously lash out at the people around them.

17 . YSR . SEPTEM BER 2017





factories, plastic, and clear cutting is not what the world needs. If anything, it needs the exact and polar opposite. It needs less overmentalized and pedestalized corporate idols and heroes. It needs less sensationalized icons in glossy magazines sitting on racks in grocery store lines, unconsciously programming the masses to feed the machine. It needs less CNN and FOX news which are two of the greatest perpetrators of mass mind programming and fear. What the world needs right now are solid spiritual practitioners with rock solid, iron clad boundaries in place who will not be pulled off of their path. It needs the emergence of the true spiritual entrepreneur. It needs those who think in terms of abundance who do not also think in terms of profit. In other words, it needs those who create abundance by channeling creativity. This is personified by those who tap into the nonlinear dimension of thought and allow themselves to be guided by higher levels of intelligence that also

govern the cosmos and create the planets. So Wh at Does Th is M ean f or You ? First and foremost, any dedicated spiritualist will have a daily mind/body practice of some sort. Otherwise you are not truly dedicated to the path. Second, it means not allowing yourself to get pulled into conversations that involve gossip or drama. Third, it means forgoing the need to be right in a conversation. Generally, conversations like these involve individuals who are deeply unconscious. If you are trying to convince someone who is deeply unconscious then you have allowed yourself to get pulled out of your center and off of your purpose. When you find yourself in this situation, whether its gossip and drama, or an argument about right or wrong, a few things have happened. First, you have given up your own center. Now, you?ll need to spend some time in meditation to reclaim it. Second, you have allowed potentially harmful energy into your personal space. You?ll need to clear out that energy. Third, you?ve wasted valuable time and energy. This is time and energy you could have been channeling your creative energy to bring much needed change to the world. There is no reasoning with or talking to unconsciously reactive people. If someone isn?t ready to hear your message then there is nothing you can do. The only thing you will do is compromise the integrity of

18 . YSR . SEPTEM BER 2017

your own energy field and waste valuable time and energy trying to reclaim it. This also means that, if you engage in interactions with unconsciously reactive people enough, your life will continue to move up and down like a roller coaster. You?ll be moving along find, making progress in your practice, empowering yourself, finally allowing your creativity to channel, and then ?bam!? you will bring it all to a screeching halt. Not only that, but if you engage deeply enough and become unconsciously reactive yourself, you will wind up in a emotional sinkhole. This means that you?ll have to focus even more in order to rebuild your vibrational

platform and dig yourself out of the hole. In the end, it all adds up to one thing: valuable time and energy wasted. It?s all very simple actually. ?Be the change? means, literally, that YOU become the change instead of trying to project it onto other people. Keep your mouth shut, do your spiritual work, allow your creative energy to flow, and make the world a better place. That?s it, that?s all you have to do! ~ By Chris Pinckley Email:

Chris Pinckley is a consciousness coach, speaker, and bestselling author of over 20 books. As a coach he is focused on doing the deep work to facilitate permanent integration for his clients. As a speaker he is focused on global peace facilitated by integrating meditative practices into the corporate workplace. As an author he is a dedicated spiritual writer who is focused upon trying to be the clearest possible channel for higher intelligence to work through.

19 . YSR . SEPTEM BER 2017


Our Divine Sacred Journey I find that as I move through life, the keys to breaking through challenges, conflicts, or to the other side of suffering, have often been found in the perceived obstacles. Those things that I would be inclined to resist are those things that when I embraced them yielded great treasures. The knots that I would be inclined to turn away from, unravel when I turn toward them. I find that the ecstasy is in the embrace, not so much in what we are embracing. When we can welcome what is here, we are more in alignment with that which witnesses or welcomes it rather than that which is in identification with it or at the effect of it. Loving all, there is no need to deny anything, not even judgment. If you welcome judgment, and know your self as that which welcomes rather than the judge, you can see the judgment for what it is and

it loses its power. A heart full of welcoming acceptance has room in it for all - for it is only itself; love and what doesn't yet know itself as love. In the arms of your embrace, what does not yet know itself as love can come to know itself. The embrace of whatever calls my attention, be it through challenge and the intensity of my wanting to turn away, or through attraction and resonance, is a kind of soul choreography that defines my path. I find that beneath the appearances of illness and anomalies, the body has its perfect integrity and is always speaking to us, giving hints as to deeper truths and reflecting our soul's maps that show us our birthright, and in our acceptance of where we are, the innate and never absent freedom from all that would appear to hold us back. In this light, I find that there is

20 . YSR . SEPTEM BER 2017

Grace behind all appearances, and that the conditions that come our way to be faced and embraced are our divine sacred journey. The state of one's health when most challenged can be an incredible vehicle through which to learn about oneself and become more intimate with self and all of life. Behind the veneer of apparent pathologies, health and a sense of balance and well-being are the result of the dynamic relationship that one's integrity has with its environment. Any apparent state of health, "good" or "bad", is a result of the perfectly functioning environments created within oneself, in relation to their biosphere and their noosphere. One's inner environments are created, through the integrity of their self, soul, spiritual heart and essence, in relationship, including the relationship of disconnection or of transcendent absence, with a totality of conditions, including: -


Their thoughts, feelings/emotions, sense of being, sense of innocence, Their relationship with fantasy, myth, and belief, Their choices, alignments, priorities, commitments, world-views, and actions, Their relationship with their own sense of self or identity, Their relationship with others, Their relationship with nature, Their physical body and how closely they listen to it, Their genetic and cultural inheritance and what they believe about them, Their physical body and the balance of its various parts in relation to each

21 . YSR . SEPTEM BER 2017








other, such as the relationship between the brain and the gut, or the left and right brain, the muscles to each other, etc., Their energetic body and the part of that through which they are identified or centered, Their food and what they put in and on their body and absorb. The air they breathe and the chemicals and elements that they interact with in relation to everything else, Their entertainment and what they absorb that is broadcasted within the culture and world, The beauty and harmony, or chaos and dissonance that they perceive or ignore surrounding them, The body of the earth and its elements and degrees to which they live in or out of harmony with them, Their relationship with the sun, moon, stars and galaxies, Their psychic environment, Their family, tribe, culture, country, world, Their relationship with their work, Their relationship with their play, Their relationship with their sexuality, Their relationship with what they perceive or believe is or is not beyond their limited self, Their relationship with the unknown, Their relationship with their idea of death.

The state of our health is a result of the way all of these multifarious relationships are breathed. The environment of one's breath and how much one resists their

22 . YSR . SEPTEM BER 2017

conditions or fully sees them without tension of body and contraction of breath affects these relationships and our ability to interact with them fluidly. One's thoughts and how they perceive each aspect of their relationship with their environment can further affect this relationship, depending on the degree to which they examine their belief in those thoughts and where they come from. Symptoms can be expressions, in metaphor, of what the body is pointing to in order to reveal to us the reality of this integrity and what our relationship is with it. Health, or the degree to which we experience well being, aliveness, resilience, and a quality of life and awareness that is undivided, is a function of all of our abilities and relationships, and is affected by all of our abilities and relationships. The quality of our relationships and health are all based on the quality and degrees with which we listen to that which is speaking to us. The state of our health is affected by our relationship with our hearts, minds, and souls, and how closely we listen to, allow, and honor them. It is affected by our relationship with our body and how closely we listen to and honor it. It is affected by our relationship to thought, how much we hear of our own narrative and do or do not believe it as a sole reality. It is affected by the degree we do or do not want to know the truth, and our commitment or lack of it to find out and inquire into those things that seem to cause us dis-ease, pain, or unhappiness.

23 . YSR . SEPTEM BER 2017

Yet, appearances of ?good health? do not necessarily always follow our commitment to know truth and our living in harmony with all of the conditions mentioned in this article. Likewise, appearances of ?bad health? do not necessarily follow denial of truth or ignorance of the conditions mentioned. Once we learn to listen and understand its language, we can see the body speaking to us through varied appearances. Although living in tune with the environment and ourselves will likely feel good in its process and have its positive results, sometimes life knocks on doors we did not know we had. Although when the body, mind, soul, and spirit are heard, they do not need to present or express in the same way, sometimes in ways unexpected, and that might be challenging, the body can be a teacher and vehicle that invites us to learn more about

ourselves. That which arises in the body is the outcome of a totality of the conditions mentioned, but it also has nothing to do with rewards and punishments. It may have to do with what our souls want to show us that we haven?t yet seen. It may have to do with something we are processing for our collective body or for those near and dear to us. It may have to do with what will result in our being quiet and still so that we may take a pause from our momentum of activities and experience rest and/or something unknown. It may be what will shake up the status quo so that we open to that which is beyond it. Illnesses or injuries may lead to meeting new people, seeing new places, learning new things, and becoming ever more intimate and compassionate with ourselves and those around us. When we can reframe what has been pathologized or identified through pain enough to hear its story, we open to a much more positively creative way of facing and dealing with what is before us. We open to a deepening intimacy with the mysteries of our own divine and sacred journey. Illnesses, injuries and the appearances of misfortunes can also open us to an acceptance that sometimes things simply happen. The need to find reasons for how or why they happened can sometimes be

ways we have of resisting our sense of insecurity with the unknown. Sometimes the reasons we find may be revealed to be unconsciously confabulated mind candy assuaging that insecurity. Sitting in the unknown is in itself a rich journey of self-discovery and transformation. Rather than asking how or why this dis ease might have happened, the question then becomes, ?How are we going to face these conditions and move forward in the most positive and creative way?? The unknown is actually a necessary ground from which to open to that which is beyond preconceptions and the limitations of habits and mind. The unknown is the birthplace of inspiration and creativity. It the culture that breathes nondual, undivided awareness that knows oneness and can act from a sincere and effortless compassion in service to self and world as one. The stillness, silence, emptiness, and suspension of belief that are elements of the unknown are where we can listen to ourselves, and where the energy for healing, the divine creative will and intelligence, is its most free and unobstructed. Health is affected by the degree that we allow our innate curiosity, our curiosity to experience and to know. This is a curiosity that seeds our play and aliveness. It is related to our wanting to know truth, and is

24 . YSR . SEPTEM BER 2017

at its core, our divine essence or soul moving toward knowing itself in its infinite depths and diversity. Our health is affected by our sense of responsibility, and the degree to which we do or do not recognize where our choices and actions can make a difference at individual, group, and environmental levels. This sense of responsibility is informed by our sense of oneness, interconnectedness and interdependence with the world around us. It is affected by the willingness to exercise our ability to respond and communicate. Health is affected by the degree that we understand that our perception is a creative act, and that our feelings are informed by thoughts and beliefs, that are malleable. The state of our health is affected by how fluid our relationship is with own thoughts and perceptions, and how creative we realize we can be informing their malleability. Our health is affected by our sense of freedom to laugh, play, dream, imagine, and create. It is affected by the degree that we can listen to the fire in our bellies that enkindle our passions and joys. Health is affected by our sense of empowerment through our sense of connection to manifest, serve, lead, and achieve. It is affected by the degree that we allow ourselves, in mutuality, to serve or be

25 . YSR . SEPTEM BER 2017

served, follow or be followed, support or be supported, give or take, and teach or learn, depending on what is called for in the situation. It is affected by the choices that we make to align with and commit to our sense of integrity and deeper truths. Our health is a function of flexibility, and how rigidly or openly, unconsciously or consciously, we hold to our beliefs about who we are, what we believe, and what we think we need or want. Health is affected by the degrees of discernment, will, and discipline that we have to recognize and relax the tensions, and the rigid identities and their defenses that impede self-awareness, consciousness, our fullest and free functioning, and the divine will that breathes as and through us. Health is affected by the degree of our attachments to our ideas of self, others, things, or outcomes, or our freedom from those attachments. It is affected by the quality of our self acceptance and acceptance of others. Our health is affected by our presence with all of the conditions with which we are faced. It is affected by the degree that we meet those conditions, deny them, or get ahead of them with the projections of our own fears. We can manage "stress", not just by setting up conditions that do not pressure us beyond our means, but when

the world around us harshly, it is insulting to our world and self, and we react in kind. That which we speak to is that which answers.

we hear and therefore catch the thoughts resisting our conditions, before they catch us. Health is affected by of our sense of self, and how much we believe that sense is who we are, or how much we know ourselves to be free and whole beyond and prior to that sense. It is affected by the degree to which we know our divine, essential, innate innocence, and how much we see that in others. It is affected by our sense of separation or sense of connection and oneness with all. Health is affected by our self-allowness and allowness of others to be where we are. It is affected by the degree to which we can forgive ourselves and others. I find that how hard life is on people is often directly corollary to how hard they are on life. How they ?treat life? is how life is treats them. The tenderness and heart that we bring to ourselves and the world around us is a self-perpetuating energetic that usually calls forth the same from the world around us. Likewise, when we treat ourselves and

Our health is affected by our sense of will and aspiration, and what informs and propels it. It is affected by the degree to which we trust our deep knowings, our intuitions, and the innate creative intelligence that breathes us and all. Balancing that with humility invites compassion for our humanness and openness to what is beyond it. It is an undivided dance of being and becoming; resting in what is always and already the case, [Being], and that which is constantly moving toward its deeper realization, [Becoming]. It is a balance of the trust of allowing not knowing, and of a deep trust in our Knowing voice. Health is affected by our relationship with the unknown and how deeply we can breathe through and allow it. It is affected by our relationship with death and what we believe about it. It is affected by our ideas and beliefs about getting older. It is affected by our relationship with life and how we hold onto it or let it go; the fear or love that holds onto it, the fear or love that lets it go. Health is affected by our relationship with faith and our ability to surrender our

26 . YSR . SEPTEM BER 2017

will, efforts, and limited sense of self to that which is beyond appearances. Health is affected by our relationship with our Divine essence and the degree to which we see it reflected in life and allow it to shine. Our health is affected by our relationship with Play and wonder, and how much we allow ourselves to sing, dance, and discover. It is affected by our relationship with inspiration and spontaneity, and the degree we allow ourselves to dream and fly. It is affected by our relationship with our humanity and the degree we allow ourselves to laugh, or to take life and ourselves oh so seriously. Health is affected by our relationship with stillness and silence. The quality of our relationship and commitment to breathe through their purity will inform our

perceptions of everything else and therefore our relationships with them. It is affected by our willingness to be here and now without unplayfully adding story to the conditions that surround us. It is affected by our relationships with the intuitive that expresses itself to us beyond the mind and what is provable. Health is affected by the totality of these conditions in relationship with the earth and her relationship to and within the cosmos. My dear beloved friends, to y/our divine, sacred journey! Š 2017 Ellen Davis/sunyalila

Ellen Davis has been teaching classical ballet with a yogic approach for 40 years. She is the archivist and manager for the Channa Horwitz art estate, offers spiritual and living yoga guidance, and writes about the creative process and new paradigm teaching and learning approaches. Visit:

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Spir it u Videos f or t r an sf or m at ion of you r body, m in d an d sou l!

Spir it u al Realit y - Th e Jou r n ey Wit h in

In t r odu ct ion To Vipassan a - Par t 1 of 3 28 . YSR . SEPTEM BER 2017


ive Lif e in Joy

Obser vat ion s based on t h e Joseph Com m u n icat ion s by Joseph?s t r an ce M ich ael G. Reccia On most mornings of the week I post a quote from the Joseph Communications series of books on Facebook and Twitter, the first quote on the list as I write this being this one: ?Live your life in joy, because in living your life in joy you change your world by putting positivity into the Field.? ...At first glance a simple concept, you might think - although what is this ?Field? Joseph mentions, and who, exactly, does he think he is, instructing us to live our lives ?in joy? when life here is so darned hard and when there is so much pain and so many personal challenges to overcome each and every day? ?Joy indeed! He wants to try living my life!? w ou ld su r ely be t h e r eact ion of a n u m ber people on f ir st r eadin g t h e above.

29 . YSR . SEPTEM BER 2017

...And that is precisely Joseph?s point. You see today, no matter what seems to be happening to us on a physical and a mental level, no matter how hard things appear to be for us, no matter how much pain and how many hardships we might be facing, we have the power to choose exactly how we structure our personal and global futures and to alter them from this moment onwards. If we don?t like what is happening to us right now; if we don?t like what we?re having to cope with, we can decide to become still and quiet for a few minutes today and to redirect our consciousness from outside of ourselves to within ourselves for the duration of those few, vitally important moments. There, quietly centred within at the heart of ourselves, we can then discover that we have the power to begin to ?change the story? by visualising - seeing -

the personal life we want to live and to own in our imagination, in our peaceful meditation, and by then infusing those ?dreams? with white Light (capital L - as in the Light of God within us). Equally important, if we don?t like what is happening in the world, we can quietly ?go within? today, right now, and again begin to ?change the story? by visualising the peaceful, harmonious, non-violent world and society we all want at heart in our imagination, in our meditation, and by then infusing that ?dream?with the same, ?capital L? white Light and sending that Light out into the world. ?...And what good will that do??you might ask. Well, all the good in the world, actually. You see, whatever you might believe yourself to be, you are, at your ?core?, at the heart of yourself, a spiritual being. And as a spiritual being your thoughts have great power... because they become reality. You, personally, create the ?reality? you perceive around yourself second by second as a result of your viewpoints and what you believe to be true, consciously and sub-consciously. You also contribute, via your thoughts and beliefs as an individual, to our global ?reality?because your thoughts and beliefs influence, fuel and help to maintain the quantum ?field? of mankind the ?pool? of global, connected

thought-consciousness and perception-maintained ?reality? that Joseph refers to in his quote. Put simply, if you believe in a painful, unhappy existence for yourself, you help to create and maintain that painful, unhappy existence by the constructive power of your beliefs. If you believe that this is a terrible, violent, power-seeking, corrupt world, you help to reinforce and maintain that vision of a terrible, violent, power-seeking, corrupt world by the constructive power of your beliefs that are sent out subconsciously by you into the ether and affect the ?status quo?of this planet. Therefore, if you truly, truly desire a better, peaceful, happy existence for yourself - and if you truly, truly desire an end to the cruelties and atrocities of this world, you, personally, have to help build that happier, more harmonious personal and global utopia through your daily spiritual ?time out?- through those precious and powerful visualisations. ?Living your life in joy? does not mean ignoring the problems and challenges you and this world face. It does, however, mean recognising that those problems and challenges are surmountable; recognising that they can be changed, and recognising that you have the power to change them by focusing yourself on the God-within... by

30 . YSR . SEPTEM BER 2017

today? Why not decide to have a life-changing day today... to ignore what is apparently wrong and to begin to create a great, happy, wonderful, good and God-filled day for yourself and for everyone else today, tomorrow and every tomorrow?

focusing on what you really are: an angelic being able to wield immense power for good: the Light that is within you.

The moment you investigate, recognise and acknowledge your personal, spiritual power things will never, ever be the same again for you - and things can and will only get better for you and for the world as a result of your daily spiritual input. ...And that, surely, is a reason to be joyful.

So, why not decide to have a good day today? Why not decide to have a great day

Michael G. Reccia is a member of the Band of Light and the trance medium who, for the past ten years, has been the ? communicator?whilst in trance for Joseph, whose books offer a vital and urgent message for mankind.

Book of t h e M on t h - Thiaoouba Prophecy Michel Desmarquet was taken to planet Thiaoouba for nine days by advanced human extraterrestrials from that planet. Main message from them to Michel is to spread: Material technology, without spiritual knowledge, is leading us to inevitable global catastrophe on Earth. Technology should ASSIST in the spiritual development and not be used (as it is used now) to enslave people within monetary system and materialistic world, which are both temporary anyway. Man exists physically for the sole purpose of developing spiritually. No matter how much we defend our current beliefs, doctrines and traditions, nothing can change the TRUTH and the order established in the Universe. Believing is not enough.

31 . YSR . SEPTEM BER 2017

Read t h is book f or FREE f r om : h t t p:/ / bior eson an t .com / f r eebook s.h t m l

M ISS-iden t if ied of respect for males aged 18 to 100; for females, we're Miss until we're reclassified, kicking and screaming, as Ma'am, a shortened form of Madam. Which wouldn't, perhaps, be so horrific ? if it wasn't also the term used to describe a woman who runs a brothel.

It begins gradually, like most personal changes. You don't go gray all at once; skin doesn't sag overnight. But this is more insidious, because we can't see it in the mirror. At first the reference was rare, barely registering in my awareness. And if it did, it was usually tinged with sweetness: "The guy behind the fish counter said, 'You're welcome, Ma'am'. How cute!" By my late forties, I noticed the phrase being directed at me with alarming frequency: "Crackers are on Aisle 3, Ma'am." "Excuse me, Ma'am." "Ma'am, your car is ready." And while my logical mind knows this form of address indicates respect, my illogical, perpetually youthful self cries reproachfully, "What's this Ma'am nonsense? Call me Miss!"

Divin g In t o t h e M ISS-t er y No doubt about it: the double standard has never been more flagrant than when it comes to forms of address. "Sir " is a form

Even the term for our younger years belies the formidable feminine. "Master," for boys, connotes sovereignty. "Miss," on the other hand, is short for Mistress, which implies an extramarital affair ? or a dominatrix. No wonder women rejoiced when Gloria Steinem popularized "Ms." What's the MISS-tery behind being MISS-identified? One young man asked me, genuinely curious, "But when do I stop calling a woman Miss?" I responded, "I think it's still okay when we're 90!"

As You n g As Sh e Feels In other words: however forward thinking and feminist we may be, every woman enjoys being addressed in a way that makes her feel young, attractive and fun. Because that's what, "Here you go, Miss!" does for me, and I surmise I'm not atypical in this regard. No matter what the mirror says, or how aware I am that "I" am so much more than my body, my ears rejoice when someone ? male or female, of any age, but particularly if they're younger than me ? calls me Miss. It's the simplest, least expensive, most painless anti-aging formula I know.

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So while it's easy to commit the MISS-demeanor of calling a woman Ma'am ? which especially mortifies women in their twenties and thirties, who have reported such transgressions, wondering whether the perpetrator was nearsighted ? it isn't that much more difficult to banish such MISS-steps forever. I'm sounding the clarion call to start addressing women of all ages as "Miss". While you may be MISS-tified by the notion that it makes that big a difference, you'll never MISS-take our gratitude.

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