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Welcome to October 2017 issue of YSR!

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We had a very good response to our first issue after a gap of couple of years.

Gunaji M. Parab Rupal Parikh

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As per reader feedback, we will increase variety of articles and also include more videos. First article by Ann Albers, is on finding your deepest purpose. This is so important for new generation as there are lot of chances of we getting swayed by the beliefs implanted by society and not expressing our true passion and purpose. Continuing from previous issue on Tarot, Divyaa unravels authentic divination in her in-depth article. In this issue, we have two articles related to global warming; one by myself and one by Michael G. Reccia. Globale warming has really become a clear and present danger, and our response to this alarming issue will define the future of humanity on this beautiful planet. I welcome two new accomplished authors in this issue Ervin Kery and Frank Wanderer - both of whom have done a lot of research on consciousness and have authored several successful books on spirituality. Enjoy reading and learning from the masters! To your freedom and Joy! Amitt Parikh


Your Deepest Purpose By Ann Albers

Never in your life are you without purpose. While there is great value in ?seeking your purpose,? know that your real purpose here on earth is to see love, be love, and express the love that sources you in each breath.


Divinat ion Unraveled By Divyaa Kummar

Divination - the very word makes us think in terms of predictions, forecasting and fortune telling! The very concept makes us think in terms of the future being revealed! Its very existence seems to be based on its ability to determine upcoming events!

Global Warming: Clear & Present Danger! By Amitt Parikh

What is the solution? None of the solutions are in sight as no one really cared to find seriously. The elite very intelligently created confusion on whether such threat actually exists or not.




Each of the above cameos is a recent factual happening, and an example of how, in a myriad tiny ways each day

16 Consciousness: The Ult imat e Myst ery By Ervin K. Kerry

Have you ever been thinking about what is hiding behind your eyes, contemplating the world through your eyes? Who is experiencing its environment through your body?

How Higher Levels of Consciousness May Appear in Our Life By Frank M. Wanderer Ph.D

On most occasions, one is only able to experience that state of Consciousness free of identifications for very brief periods only. This is, however, one of the most wonderful and certainly one of the most important experiences in our life.


YOUR DEEPEST PURPOSE By Ann Albers M essage f r om t h e An gels - Never in your life are you without purpose. While there is great value in ?seeking your purpose,? know that your real purpose here on earth is to see love, be love, and express the love that sources you in each breath. It really is that simple. In the moments you are doing this, you will feel that your life is joyful, meaningful, purposeful, and expansive.

You can humbly garden all day, and still find a purpose in being at peace. You can watch the clouds and feel that your purpose is to embrace stillness. You can help one person by opening a door and know that your life had meaning this day. You can take one small self-criticism, turn it to love, and know that there is great purpose in that act for your soul.

While having a role you love, performing actions that feel ?significant,? or leaving a legacy may be expressions of your deeper purpose (to see love, be love, express love), they are not required to live a life that feels meaningful and rich with purpose.

Try not invalidate yourself simply because you have not found an ?activity? that makes you feel purposeful. Breathe. You have a purpose in that, for now you are part of the ecosystem on planet earth, feeding the trees and receiving the oxygen they provide.

01 . YSR . oct ober 2017

Breathe again. You have just shared your energy with all of creation and you are taking in the energies of all creation. There is purpose. Look around you. Find one thing that looks like love to you ? a color, an object, a person. Shut your eyes now. Feel your heart. Think of one thing to love about yourself. Now perform your next action with great love. See how simple this is? You have just seen love, been love, and expressed love. You are living on purpose. Dear ones, in our eyes you are all equal. From the vastness of the mountains, to the lowest single-celled form of life you are all made of the very same love. Each one of you fits perfectly in the intricate web of existence, and none of you are ever without purpose. M essage f r om An n - I did something very unusual a few weeks ago. I rested for four days straight. I ate, slept, and read and did absolutely nothing else. In the past I would have been frustrated that I didn?t feel like working, hiking, crafting, or a million other things. For the first time in my life, however, I had no resistance whatsoever to listening to my body. It was delicious, rejuvenating, and highly purposeful time. It reset my mind, re-fueled my body, and helped me re-commit to a whole new level of self-care. Our culture celebrates great purpose in our busy-ness, our activities, and our achievements. Rest on the other hand, is often considered a luxury, a ?necessary evil,? a waste of time, or worse? laziness! It is so easy to believe we have purpose when we?re achieving something, creating something, or helping someone. It is a lot

harder to embrace the idea that we are being ?purposeful?when we?re not busy. Nonetheless, everything we do has purpose if done with love. Your down time is just as purposeful as your ?busy? time. Your rest is just as important as your exercise. Your time to daydream is just as important as your time to think. Whatever you do, as long as you do it with love and authenticity, has purpose. You can feed the poor with love or watch the clouds with deep Presence and appreciation. In the eyes of the universe and the angels, these have equal vibrational value. One serves a physical need. The other strengthens a peaceful, loving vibration in the quantum field. Both are necessary contributions. I ended up reading a great book about Louisa May Alcott (?Invincible Louisa? by Cornelia Meigs.?). I had no idea the famous author of ?Little Women? grew up around such amazing thinkers as Emerson and Thoreau, that she was a nurse in the civil war, traveled the world as a caretaker, and never gave up on her dream of supporting her family, nor allowed ill health to overtake her zest for living. My ?down time,? spent reading about her ?up time? greatly inspired me. When you feel inspired to act with love, then by all means do so. If, like me, you could use a little more rest then enjoy it guilt-free, knowing that this is how you are currently called to love yourself and life. The Source would not have created autumn and winter if the trees were meant to bloom all year. Even they rest, knowing that in their slumber they are gathering energy for their next cycle of activity.

02 . YSR . oct ober 2017

As the angels like to say, ?Absolutely everything has purpose if done with love.? Here are a few pointers to help you find purpose in your everyday life: 1. Pick som et h in g you con sider pu r poseless, an d list at least t en r eason s w h y it h as a lovin g valu e. The angels challenged me to do this many years ago when I was whining about ?wasting time? on housecleaning. They asked me to ?love my house,? give thanks for my house, give thanks for being able to share my house, for the furniture I loved, much of it with its own story. They showed me how ?loving my house? was a way to share my love with both myself and everyone who visited, to save time in the future (because I could find things in an organized home), and to master the art of being present. 2. Bef or e bedt im e, ask you r self , ?How w ou ld t h e w or ld be dif f er en t if I h adn?t been h er e t oday?? Perhaps you let someone move in front of you in traffic and that kind act made their day. Without you they might have had an accident. Maybe you called a friend in need. Without you they might have spiraled into a tough mindset. Perhaps you slept all day. Without you there would be one less ripple of peace in the cosmic pond? everything has value. 3. If you r eally w an t a ?gr eat er pu r pose? as w e h u m an s say, w r it e dow n t h r ee of you r biggest com plain t s in lif e. Explor e h ow you can you con t r ibu t e t o t h e solu t ion .

03 . YSR . oct ober 2017

Seeing love, being love, and expressing love are purpose enough. The angels maintain your very act of breathing and being is a contribution. However, being human, many people want to find something to do that feels like a contribution to humanity. That is wonderful, but what if you don?t know what to do? Years ago the angels said something simple ? ?Your biggest complaints are clues to your greatest passion.? If you hate the fact that people are starving, find ways to feed someone. If you hate animal abuse, volunteer at a shelter or visit and share love with one of its residents. If you can?t stand seeing people dis-empowered, teach empowerment. You get the idea. Your complaints do indeed show you your passions. When you realize that everything you do has purpose, meaning, and value, life takes on a new vibrancy, and starts to feel more joyful. ?Never,? the angel like to say, ?is anything we do, or anything we are, wasted in the greater scheme of life.? Š Ann Albers

Ann Albers is a popular spiritual instructor, angel communicator, lecturer, and author. She is a traditional Reiki master and a modern mystic who delights in distilling ancient wisdom into practical, down-to-earth tools for modern living.

04 . YSR . oct ober 2017

DIVINATION UNRAVELED By Divyaa Ku m m ar In homage to authentic Divination Divin at ion - t h e ver y w or d m ak es u s t h in k in t er m s of pr edict ion s, f or ecast in g an d f or t u n e t ellin g! Th e ver y con cept m ak es u s t h in k in t er m s of t h e f u t u r e bein g r evealed! It s ver y exist en ce seem s t o be based on it s abilit y t o det er m in e u pcom in g even t s! And yet, when divination is really explored and understood deeply, we find each of these misconceptions come apart- to reveal authentic divination for what it truly is! A tool to better understand the finer nuances of the game of life; a symbolic language to better understand deeper and vaster aspects of self; vital clues from beyond the veils of ignorance and separation; a bridge indeed between personalized and universal

05 . YSR . oct ober 2017

consciousness! In deed t h e f ir st par adox of t r u e divin at ion an d clair voyan ce is t h at it s poin t of f ocu s is n ot t h e f u t u r e as it m ay appear on t h e su r f ace, bu t on br in gin g clar it y an d in sigh t t o t h e pr esen t m om en t ! ?Clairvoyance? literally means clear seeing and ?divination?literally means knowing the divine being within; and thus their real power lays in helping you deeply understand current self! By facilitating you to look into the myriad aspects that make up self, and aiding you to review your current beingness and all that has led to it, do they enable you to recognize what you could be further creating in the Now! Thus ironically divination is less about revealing the future, and more about revealing the past and

present! And in this understanding, can you utilize it better, rather than haranguing the system to put its spotlight on your future! Even ?forecasting? like a weather forecast simply implies using current date to view its effects!

on where the river emerges from and where it chooses to merge can you understand its waters and flow; based on the buildings foundation can you envision its ensuing structure!

Bef it t in gly t h e in scr ipt ion on t h e door s An ot h er eu r ek a t h at begin s t o u n f u r l is of t h e w or ld f am ou s Or acle of Delph i is: t h at divin at ion deals m or e w it h cau ses, KNOW THYSELF! Th is br in gs u p an ot h er r at h er t h at it s ef f ect s ? t h u s m or e w it h eu r ek a-t h at you r con sciou sn ess im pact s w h at leads t o f u t u r e even t s m or e t h an you r r eadin gs or exper ien ces w it h t h e even t s t h em selves! These causes can divin at ion ! For in this responsibility of be viewed through many labels - as your ?knowing thyself ?lies the best clairvoyance?thoughts? which manifest your reality; or the clear seeing of who you are; your your ?energy fields? thoughts and that attract like wise; feelings; your desires or your ?karma?, that and fears; your soul Ki n g Sol om on Car ds Set which you choose plans and current life by Kabbal ah i n si gh t s with full free will to purposes! And most explore, experience, systems of divination empower or are geared specially disempower through around this endeavor each current life! ? to help you become Certain systems of alert and conscious divination, like tarot, of the myriad runes and the like subconscious and specialize in ?divining? even unconscious your current aspects that you may thoughts, feelings not be wholly aware and energy signatures and in that do they of but are going about shaping your reality. help you view what their effect could be in And the more you ?Know Self ? or the the so called future! Other systems like deeper is your understanding of self, the astrology and numerology specialize in ?other ?, life and God - the more liberated is helping you understand your soul plans your consciousness! Thus the more and purposes; the timings you have set into conscious you are, the more free are you of motion, the strengths and challenges you your past and its subconscious energy have elected to expand or disempower; signatures and their effects; and the vaster indeed their centre of attention is on the is your consciousness, the more in tandem very root causes, thus on the source, the is your current self with its higher aspects basis and in this do they thus point to what and thus freer to create like wise life effects are probable or possible! Based on experiences! This thus leads to the the seed can you tell about the tree; based paradoxical conclusion that the higher the

06 . YSR . oct ober 2017

consciousness of the querent, the less will purely predictive divination work! Indeed less will it interest them too! As conscious beings, empowered and living co creatively they now operate beyond subconscious causes and its obvious effects; and the less are they bound to traverse within set parameters like the unconscious manwhose ?readings? will be thus easier in the predictive sense as he is mainly treading along a set plan! In f act you r con sciou sn ess im pact s you r ast r ological ch ar t s, n u m er ology, car ds or w h at ever t ool you ar e u sin g, f or t h ey ar e all m er ely sym bols en coded at m u lt i levels; an d r elat ive to you r con sciou sn ess do t h ey r eveal t h eir t r u t h ! Thus the same horoscope, or combination of numbers or tarot spread, would mean different things based on your consciousness at any given timefor based on your level of consciousness does any truth truly operate! I will share a personal example to high light this point: for many years, whenever I had my horoscope read, my readings were almost always about my relationships, my marriage, love and the like! And recently whenever I have a reading they are almost always about some spiritual aspect; my reaching out spiritually or my inner growth! Mulling within at this sudden volte-face of astrologers; I wondered how they (without

07 . YSR . oct ober 2017

knowing the intervening changes in my life) were suddenly tuning into this. Did this not exist in my chart before? How come no reading had ever emphasized it previously? And then I realized deep within me, a gnosis difficult to put into words- that there is no separate inviolate ?chart?distinct from ?me?! There is no other, no thing other than I! And thus even as I change? so does my seemingly static ?chart?! A horoscope or any reading is indeed dynamic, kinetic and alive? a reflection of its operating consciousness! I h ope you ar e w it h m e; f or at an even deeper level, it is you r con sciou sn ess t h at br in gs t o you t h ose w h o do you r divin at ion - (be it ast r ologer s, n u m er ologist s, or r eader s of t h e car ds, r u n es, en er gy f ields et c!) The same principle is at work there is no one other than I! Thus I draw towards me that ?reader ? which my consciousness attracts! Or I draw towards me that ?reading? which I require for my highest good in the now! In fact as we go yet deeper we realize that there is no use blaming the diviner; no use thrashing a reading - that indeed there is no thing like a ?bad? reading for I drew it to myself for some higher purpose! If I do not resonate to its message, I must deliberate why I needed to hear that! Perhaps to become aware of something; or yes? surprising as it might sound perhaps to move away from

that something by the very act of affirming to self that it does not apply to me! This too serves a very vital purpose! Every reading is one of your many voices, being said aloud to you through the diviner, so that you may hear externally what you do not internally! At a m or e basic level, you m u st seek t h at r eader w h o speak s you r lan gu agew h ose deeper ph ilosoph y r eson at es w it h you r s! This is an aspect not usually understood, but the consciousness of both the ?reader ? and the querent plays a vital role! All systems of knowledge including the metaphysical are open to personal interpretation and thus the same information can be read at many levels, from merely ?predictive?to deeper insights; from dire warnings to empowering suggestions; from black magic and the like to your ability to impact your environment! Au t h en t ic divin at ion n ever leaves you w r in gin g you r h an ds in despair f or it on ly u ses t h e a) pr esen t b) t o poin t t o pr obabilit ies ah ead c) w h ich in t h is cu r r en t clear er seein g d) you can en h an ce, alt er , ch an ge or em br ace an d bet t er deal w it h ! Let us briefly explore these four key points! The emphasis is on the word ?probability?and it is best to keep away from the word (or need for) predictions. Predictions indeed limit and lock you into an outcome, whereas the word possibility- frees you into a field of options with you at the helm. And that is the whole point of doing any such reading! So that you may in this awareness: move towards and enhance a probability, which is positive; or change, alter or better deal with what is yet only an unappealing possibility! Yes some possibilities are stronger, indeed

this is when most diviners call it a prediction, but you do your work a great disservice if you convey a probable outcome as a prediction - for in that you may rob your querent of any endeavor on his part! Quantum physics suggests the existence of many possible futures with each such future awakened by choices made in the present and this brings us firmly to the present; and indeed where the seeming future is being created! Thus divinations ?accuracy? is paradoxically not about seeing precisely into the future, but into all that makes up the present moment - as this is the only ?place? that you can indeed impact the future in enhanced ways. And in this awareness a ?reading? comes back full circle to you! For it is up to you, to use the information in empowering ways! The task of divination is over after it has helped you see areas and aspects that you may be unable to through the usual processes- and now the responsibility is yours! Un der st an din g t h e pr in ciples u n der lyin g divin at ion h elps you opt im ize you r exper ien ces w it h it s m an y t ools ast r ology, n u m er ology, t ar ot , r u n es, psych ic r eadin gs t o n am e bu t a f ew - f or you can even get a r eadin g in you r cof f ee cu p! For as m en t ion ed above, divin at ion is r eally a sym bolic lan gu age an d an y set of sym bols t h at t h e divin er r eson at es t o can w or k ! However as the client, you often come across a strange dilemma with this vast array - for when life seems complicated and you seek esoteric guidance - choosing an appropriate system sometimes appears even more complex than the issue itself! So before you mumble into your mirror of confusion asking which

08. YSR . oct ober 2017

is the fairest divinatory tool of them all, explore each system that attracts you; appreciate each ones strengths and limitations; and while none is better or worse, know that each works in individual ways, offering you a distinctive insight of its own; know that different situations and queries are better suited to different methods; know that each offers you a piece of the larger picture - and in that make your choice or choices! An d f in ally, a clu e f r om m e t o you w h en ever you ar e en t er in g in t o an y r eadin g, be open t o w h at ever ar ises w it h in it - be n ot st u ck on t h e f u t u r e! Often the divination focuses on describing the current situation; facets you had perhaps ignored or not seen; the dynamics between you and the ?others? or your environment - and this clarity is all that was really required! Quote unquote Laurence J Peter ?Ignorance once dispelled is difficult to re-establish!?

?Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.? Gu idan ce is alw ays a sign if ican t aspect of an y r eadin g- covering a whole gamut and range- from strengths and positive factors you need to tap into, or challenges you need to face or render null and void; or what is the deeper learning behind this; why did you need to be here; what you can best do or be in the now! All this clarity of inner and outer aspects leads to two fundamental aspects of any divinatory reading- vital shifts within, also called ?healing? - and enhanced, conscious and empowered choices on the outside! Hear it from Einstein ?Significant problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that we were at, when we created them!?

In deed an ot h er w on dr ou s an d lesser -k n ow n f u n ct ion t h at som et im es ar ises in h igh ly posit ive r eadin gs is t h at in en ablin g you t o see you r vision clear ly Sometimes this description may point in t h e pr esen t m om en t , it af f ir m s you r more within - who you are being in this belief s an d r em oves you r dou bt s an d situation; where you are coming from; or at act u ally f acilit at es it s sm oot h er a deeper level what are your soul plans and m an if est at ion ! Very often this is an purposes related to the issue; or the state important of cid the Dr diviners Adven t u r es wfacet it h Lu eam indeeper g of your energy fields - and this self-view is function- for their higher consciousness You rtapSpirinto, it u aland Revolu what was really required! A quote by Ericaf or can theirt ion expanded Jong brings this alive: ?Take your life in your consciousness can be the chalice vast own hands and what happens? A terrible enough to hold the querents tenuous thing: no one to blame!? vision; and in that be an important Som et im es a r eadin g veer s m or e ?medium? from the querents? higher consciousness triggering the querents? t ow ar ds h elpin g you get in t ou ch w it h you r f eelin gs -positive or negative; current consciousness! It is called being the unacknowledged or suppressed- and this effect, which the reader transfers to the recognition, acceptance or expression was client! Osho describes this beautifully all that was really required in the present ?There is a spiritual secret, be the cause moment! This time let me quote Carl Jung: and the effect shall follow; but I tell you an

09 . YSR . oct ober 2017

even greater secret, be the effect and the cause shall follow!" An d f in ally w e com e t o w h at m ost people t h in k divin at ion is all abou t pr obable ou t com es! This is often a very minor component of a deeper reading, and as discussed above it is not predictive in essence, but more like indicators to where you are currently heading; how to get there (or not!); what is important; who or what you may encounter along the way - in a nutshell - it merely brings the myriad factors of the divination together to help you recognize what the existing factors are hinting at! And if you are disappointed with divinations lack of precise predictions, I will quote from A Course in Miracles -?There are many answers you have received, but have not yet heard." So com e beloveds enter your personal Delphi?s! Know Thyself! And allow authentic divination to become a part of your lives! So come beloveds use the divinatory languages of symbols (independent indeed of the constraints of

religion) to make accessible what lies beyond the obvious! So come beloveds, bridge the gap between your universal and current self through the many divinatory tools that ?You?in your higher wisdom have created just for this! So come beloveds seek not to know it all, but to know how to enjoy it all! Imagine playing a game where you knew every throw of the dice and every move of your opponents and teammates surely you would not enjoy such a game, or even play it! So use divination for what ?You? created it as - a guidebook to enhance your life experiences! To enhance the play!

Š Divyaa Ku m m ar


10 . YSR . oct ober 2017

Global Warming Clear & Pr esen t Dan ger ! By Am it t Par ik h Creative energies create quite creative destructive arms & ammunitions! Alarmed by number of deaths due to nuclear bombs, humanity took a break, and created other types of weapons of mass destructions! But the biggest weapon of mass destruction that mankind created unknowingly is global warming! It?s a true weapon of mass destruction and yet so elusive that there are still debates going on about its existence itself and its role for alarming weather changes across the globe!

These threats are clear present danger ? no more a topic of an essay, debate or theory. Gone are those days. Now is the time of direct action. If human race has to survive and flourish on this planet, it has to live in harmony with nature. Humanity?s nature of ?use and throw? can not be tolerated on planetary level. The planet is the greatest gift from The One ? it?s your true mother ? unless this is understood, humanity will continue to explore and exhaust Earth?s resources ? as if it?s their natural birth right!

Yahudi, Moslem or Christian, weather does not make any distinction of religion, countries, races or monetary status. Not even survival of fittest. For changes will be so sudden, random and rampant that even the fittest of all will fall like leaves of a tree in autumn.

What is the solution? None of the solutions are in sight as no one really cared to find seriously. The elite very intelligently created confusion on whether such threat actually exists or not. Unless you consider a threat as dangerous, you are not going to act upon it to prevent it. So now as per

11 . YSR . oct ober 2017

current scenario and mindset of mankind, there lies no solution in sight. May be once the threat level rises to alarming levels, when the intensity and frequency of natural disasters reach unprecedented levels, and especially when friends and families of elites are washed out, there will be clarity in the minds of people, media, scientific community and the elites! At that time and only at that time, need of creative solutions will arise and humanity will start for searching answers in most unusual place ? within! For all that is seen, heard, experienced outside, arises from within. And then humanity?s true integration with the ?nature? will begin for a new golden beginning where mother Earth will be

given due respect and life will be designed around principles and laws of nature i.e. co-existence of all ? progress of all ? compassion for all ? for All That Is is One! ? The Mysterious One (C) Amitt Parikh Amitt Parikh is a modern mystic, an author, an intuitive life coach and above all a seeker of The Truth. He conducts seminars, workshops and online courses on spirituality, life mission, Integral Mind Power and offers life coaching to individuals for successful Integral Evolution.

Con ver sat ion s w it h Th e M yst er iou s On e Kin dle Edit ion - Read On lin e

12 . YSR . oct ober 2017

RESPECT FOR THE PLANET Obser vat ion s based on t h e Joseph Com m u n icat ion s by Joseph?s t r an ce m ediu m M ich ael G. Reccia

The small girl bent the branch downwards with all her might, grasping it in both hands, twisting it from the tree and trying her very best to tear it from the trunk and damage it. Her parents, standing close by and observing this, did nothing to stop her, and it was only once they had wandered away from her to a sufficient distance that she let go of the branch and bounced after them... ...The electric car window wound down at the lights. With one final puff the holder of the cigarette defiantly flicked the still smoking butt away from herself and onto the tarmac, wound the window back up and sped off the instant the red light turned to green. ...A mattress, some dirty old sheets and

13 . YSR . oct ober 2017

various other unwanted odds and ends mysteriously appeared on the country road during the night, and now, dark and dismal in the damp morning air, they flapped about mournfully, impaled on the fence and the bushes they had been draped around... Each of the above cameos is a recent factual happening, and an example of how, in a myriad tiny ways each day, we exhibit a shocking disregard for the planet that gives us shelter and allows us to maintain our physical existence. From a purely practical point of view alone it makes absolute sense to treat the biosphere that surrounds us with the utmost respect - after all, should it cease to sustain us via its delicately balanced

ecosystem we could not exist here. And from a spiritual perspective there is an even greater reason to cherish and care for the planet we live on... Everything, at its core, is comprised of spiritual energy. When you observe the physical, the material, you are merely observing a crude representation of what lies beneath. That core spiritual energy is an exquisite ?shaping?of Light... it is thought and intent given form via the divine, angelic ability to create each of us possesses but have forgotten exists. At source each of us is divine, and each and every expression of creation around us is divine too. And divine thoughts are alive... ergo, and here?s the clincher: absolutely everything you see and experience around you, being divine thought held in a temporary pattern in order to express form, is alive with God energy. Consider the implications of that statement for a moment. Everything you see and experience around you is alive. Not just the trees, the rivers, the rocks, the animals and the skies, but also the chair you sit on, the television you sit in front of, the clothes you wear and the car you drive the spiritual patterns of all these things scintillating with divine intelligence and vitality. Consider also that the material world and the planet it exists on respond to your thoughts and your moods and your intentions, which are also alive, and that the earth and its expressions of creation react to your attitudes and actions towards them, thriving or decaying according to how you treat and perceive them. Knowing no better because she has not been taught the value of things, the little

girl bending the branch is subconsciously sending out the following message: ?I don?t respect you. You are nothing. You are my plaything. I am more important than you. You are mine to do with as I wish.? The adult tossing out the cigarette is arrogantly addressing the Earth in a similar manner, never having considered the planet as anything more than a convenient backdrop against which to play out their life. And the person who dumped the mattress and sheets is doubtless also dumping equally destructive thoughts into the atmosphere on a daily basis. By constantly disrespecting the earth and creation around us in all its wonderful forms we degrade, pollute and diminish the core Light energy of the planet and its manifestations. Here?s an eyeopener from Joseph on how our callousness towards the planet is affecting it from a spiritual viewpoint: ?Looking at your world from a spiritual pint of view we see almost a blackened cinder the vibrations of the Earth are so dense. That is why communication with the spirit worlds is so difficult, because in order to talk to you we have to bring Light-energy with us as there is not enough Light on your level to sustain communication.? Here?s another: ?Your world, under the oppression of the illusion, is dying. It is running out of energy. The globe cannot sustain itself much longer. You draw on its energies but do not replenish them...? And, finally, with urgency: ?You have to change things; you have to

14 . YSR . oct ober 2017

restore the vibrations of this planet restore it to the paradise it was meant to be...? The three examples of disregard for the planet I mentioned at the top of this column are, of course, only the tip of the iceberg. In thought, word and deed, materially and spiritually, millions of souls around this world pour into the Earth negative, violent thought energies each day that irritate the planet until it has no choice but to ?scratch the itch?, erupting with storms, earthquakes and tsunamis. And when these things happen, people bitterly shake their fists heavenwards and shout, ?How could you let this happen, God?? The chilling truth is God didn?t. We did. Bent branches, abandoned cigarette butts and discarded mattresses may not seem much in the scheme of things. But they add up. Hourly, daily, weekly, these physical manifestations and the intent behind them affect the planet and everything on it,

15 . YSR . oct ober 2017

including their originators. Is it therefore not high time to recognise that we are part of everything, that we are one with everything at core, and that the Earth needs our Light and our love every bit as much as the people who live on it? Is it not time to show a little respect to our planet... ...while there?s still a planet left to show respect to? (C) Michael G. Reccia is a member of the Band of Light and the trance medium who, for the past ten years, has been the ? communicator? whilst in trance for Joseph, whose books offer a vital and urgent message for mankind.

Con sciou sn ess: t h e Ult im at e M yst er y By Er vin K. Ker r y Have you ever been thinking about what is hiding behind your eyes, contemplating the world through your eyes? Who is experiencing its environment through your body? Who is that knows your emotions and thoughts? Tasting a Newly Discoverable State of Consciousness Have you ever been thinking about what is hiding behind your eyes, contemplating the world through your eyes? What is the thing that is experiencing its environment through your body? What is the thing that knows your emotions and thoughts? Please, in this very moment turn your attention to the intellect, awareness reading these lines! Watch the observer hiding in you! What you may find is an existing, real ?something,? and not some abstract metaphysical concept, new age-, esoteric or religious-dogmatic thing that you must

believe in. You do not need to believe in it, as it is there in everybody as an alert, intelligent space. It is possible to experience it directly. This is a new concept that has so far escaped our attention. This is, in fact, the only existing dimension into which the objects and forms of the external world are projected, and that is where we experience our bodily sensations, emotions and thoughts, which are no more than the phenomena of this dimension. There are basically three?entirely different?states of consciousness: * The ordinary state of consciousness, which is unaware of the space in which patterns and forms (an image of the world, thoughts, emotions and feelings) appear. This is our everyday consciousness, when we are submerged in forms and shapes - in the

16 . YSR . oct ober 2017

contents of the consciousness * The state of identifying with the pure consciousness, free from forms and shapes. Initiated, mystic or spiritual disciplines call this state ?divine.? * The experience of completeness, which is equally aware of the domain of forms and shapes and the space-like consciousness.

Space as a Reality which is Hard to Understand

We do not sense the space in which the forms appear, since our attention is diverted by our identification with the forms, the emotions and thoughts. Our like or dislike of various forms prevents us from experiencing the space,where forms and shapes appears. We are abandoned in the play of the actors so much that the stage as such ceases to exist for us. It is a familiar experience that while we are watching a movie that we find exciting, we tend to forget that it is only a movie, a virtual reality. We are so deeply involved in the magic of the images that we experience intensive emotions: we shed tears when the protagonist dies, though all this is just an illusion. The only real thing is the movie screen.

17 . YSR . oct ober 2017

Relax, and release all thougths and emotions whirling in you. Look around! Look at the objects surrounding you. With your eyes, scan all the objects in your environment and take notice of them. Then concentrate on the empty space separating the objects! Sense the ?no-thingness? between the objects, the space in which the objects appear. Sense as the objects emerge from the space. Watch for the space! It appears to be a simple exercise but sometimes we encounter unexpected difficulties. Although we are intellectually aware that objects exist in a space, we are still unable to focus on the space itself, as we consider space as an emptiness, as nothing. As reasonable creatures, we cannot comprehend the concept of ?nothing? (no thing). We believe that space is ?nothing,? and we do not pay attention to the ?nothing,? to the non-existent, though we are aware that space must exist. If space did not exist, objects would be scattered on each other, and we would not be able to separate and identify them. This very gap between things, this spaciousness enables the objects to appear separately, and this is the way we are able to take notice of the objects around us. Our culture recognizes material, substance the only existing reality, and places material

into the focus of its attention. Everything material is important for us, and what is not of material nature will be ignored. Our conscious attention is directed towards material, and space around the material is considered as non-existent. It is, however, space in which all creatures appear, it is the silence on the surface of which sounds dance, and Consciousness in which thoughts, emotions and images of the world appear. There is no form without space and there is no space without forms?forms appear in space, and every form exists in a surrounding space. That is what Buddha asserts in the famous Heart Sutra: "Form is emptiness, and emptiness is form."

The Miracle of Space

Once we are able to concentrate on the gap, space between the objects, a strange change of state of consciousness takes place in us. We experience the same emotion as we do when we concentrate on the attention hiding inside us. You identify with the thing your attention is focusing on. Before concentration, all observed, experienced things are of material nature: solid furniture, our own solid body; we only sense things that are manifested?we are deeply involved in the material world and all its details: the mutual transformation of things and phenomena into each other.

Once we are able to concentrate on our own attention or on the space between the objects, our state of consciousness changes, and we have a peculiar experience that challenges all our previous systems of beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. We experience an entirely new dimension of ourself, and this dimension is in fact an ancient, undescribable, intelligent, living, endless space, an emptiness, in which bodily sensations, emotions and thoughts as well as material objects appear and vanish, like the waves on the surface of the ocean. We know that it exists, it is the one and only Life, and at the same time it is the essence in us we call ?I? (The ?I am" sensation). It exists as an ancient, living empty space, a Consciousness conscious of its own existence that comprises everything. Nothing exists outside it, and everything that exists is born inside it: within its space and as its own manifestation. This state is characterized by tranquility, deep silence, peace and all-permeating love. We know that this mysterious ?something? is beyond time, it does not have a beginning and end, it was never born and it will never die. If there are no forms and shapes inside it, it will not be conscious of itself, it simply, ?passively? exists, in a sort of dreamless sleep. Once it has created forms and shapes, it will awake to the existence of the forms

18 . YSR . oct ober 2017

and, as it recognizes itself as the creator of the forms and shapes, it will awake to its own existence, too. It creates forms and shapes in Its own space, in the space of the Consciousness. It permeates the forms and appears as life in them, and plays the role and life of the forms. Once the form has been used up and is no longer suitable for the one and only Life to live Its life through it and experience Itself through that particular form, the Life sheds the form and assumes a new one to experience itself in a different form. The more forms it identifies with, the more experience it gathers about its own individual characteristics. It is most easily approached through paradoxical statements, like: It exists and is still beyond existence. Only It exists, the forms coming into being in It are all transient and, as they are temporary, transient, they are in fact but illusions. It is more difficult to describe It in traditional concepts: it is not possible to learn anything about It; we are only able to exprience It in a direct way. Perhaps that is

19 . YSR . oct ober 2017

why Jewish mysticists said that it is possible to pronounce God?s name, that is why the commandment of Christians says, ?Thou shalt not take name of the Lord thy God in vain.?

not and the the

Buddha never spoke about God, because he was sure that once he had called It God, his followers would identify It with beliefs and concepts they create about God. The one and only existing ?something??which remains a mystery forever?the human mind is unable to comprehend as It is beyond comprehension: It is the knower of all thoughts, the mysterious Consciousness.


from the book "Mindfulness Meditation - Journey into Consciousness") (C) Ervin K. Kery, con sciou sn ess r esear ch er & w r it er .


How Higher Levels of Consciousness May Appear in Our Lif e By Fr an k M . Wan der er Ph .D When we are asked what we find the most important thing in our life, the most of us would be able to answer the question. We would, naturally, come up with different answers, but that is not the point; the point is that we are able to answer. But as long as we are able to answer, we remain detached from the higher levels of Consciousness. How is that possible? Th e Nat u r e of High er Con sciou sn es If we wish to find out how that is possible, we must first examine the nature of higher Consciousness. A number of people have experienced those higher levels, and there are thousands of reports about that state of Consciousness. Still, if we penetrate deep into that experience, we find that no higher levels of

Consciousness exist, only Consciousness itself. That Consciousness has only two states that we are able to experience: one identified with various forms and shapes, and one that is free of forms and shapes. Th e Con sciou sn ess Iden t if ied w it h t h e For m s an d Sh apes What does this identification mean? It means that we identify with a form (e. g. our name) that originally did not belong to us (we are all born without a name), but through identification this specific form has become a part of our existence. When the Consciousness identifies with a form, the Ego appears. The Ego always means some sort of an identification, self-determination (I am a man, I am a father, I am an Englishman, I am Christian etc.) The Ego therefore rests upon our

20 . YSR . oct ober 2017

identification with things that are important for us ego.

If I am able to answer the question, ?What is important for me?? I am in the state of identification with the forms and shapes. This state of Consciousness is always restrictive and exclusive. Identification is always preceded by a process of selection: this thing ? this form ? is important for me, whereas that one is not. We usually choose the forms and shapes that we find beautiful, good and valuable, since these are expected to make us beautiful, good and valuable people. Selection always comes hand in hand with anxiety and fear that we may loose what is important for us and, together with those things, we may loose ourselves.

Sh apes There moments in everybody?s life when our identification with the forms and shapes loosens a little bit for a short while, and in that instant we may experience an entirely different state of Consciousness. When our identification with a form ceases, a new space is generated between us and the form and we are able to see and recognize that we are not identical with that form. With the dissolution of the identification, the Ego also disappears. When we are in that state of Consciousness and we are asked what we find important in life, we are simply unable to answer the question, as everything that we formerly regarded as important vanished together with the Ego. Still, we sense that we are alive, and we did not disappear with the Ego.

The process of identification does not stop just because we have become spiritual helpers. But now different things are becoming important for us, for instance the extended state of Consciousness or the experience of the astral projection.

What we then experience may perhaps be best termed as Being. There is only the pure existence, we are eyewitnesses, contemplating the dance of forms and shapes around us.

At that state of Consciousness, we identify with these experiences, these are the factors that are important for us, they provide the identity of our spiritual Ego. Nothing has really changed, apart from the forms and shapes we identify with.

We do not identify with anything, we are a Consciousness free of the obligation to make choices. We are free and independent of the forms and shapes and of the necessity of choosing from them. All our suffering and problems have vanished, we are surrounded by peace and tranquility.

Th e Con sciou sn ess Fr ee f r om For m s an d

21 . YSR . oct ober 2017

Aw ak en in g f r om Iden t if icat ion s

t he

St u por


On most occasions, one is only able to experience that state of Consciousness free of identifications for very brief periods only. This is, however, one of the most wonderful and certainly one of the most important experiences in our life. It wakes us up, in fact shakes us out of the stupor of identifications. Once we have had that experience, our alertness will increase, and we will pay more and more attention to the present moment. When we are alert and shift the center of our existence into the ?here and now,? our identification with the forms and shapes will further loosen.

and more frequently in our life. As we are bound to the forms and shapes to a lesser and lesser degree, the periods and intensity of these experiences increases. In the end it will remain the only reality for us. ~ From the book: Frank M. Wanderer: The Revolution of Consciousness: Deconditioning the Programmed Mind (C) Fr an k M . Wan der er , 2013-2017.

Frank M. Wanderer Ph.D is a professor of psychology, a consciousness researcher and writer.

Such moments may therefore appear more

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