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Namaste! Wishing all readers of YSR magazine, a very happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous New Year!

Rupal Parikh

So it's that period of time when we all make new resolutions and are so enthusiastic to achieve a lot in coming days and fulfill lot of desires. It's a period of renewed hope.

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In this issue, first article is by Dr. Margo Kirtikar and is about how to harness your own spiritual powers to use them for your overall development in your life.

Gunaji M. Parab


In his next article Frank throws light on books and masters that appear in different phases of life of the spiritual seekers to guide them to their next destination.

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Third article is by Michael Jane answers questions about whether spirits can contact their loved-ones on Earth from the spirit world.

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In her yet another wisdom-filled article, Divyaa encourages us to be the effect so that the cause can follow it! I have shared one of my channeled article on science of thoughts. I hope it will help you to understand your thought process and work with them for your evolution. In this issue, we also have a wonderful poem by Sri followed by a beautiful painting by Elizabeth. Wishing you all the best for 2018! Skype: amitt.parikh

Amitt Parikh


Harness Your Inner Spiri t ual Power s t o Navi gat e your Li fe! By Margo Kirtikar

The secret of all secrets is secret no more!

Throughout the ages humans have searched and yearned for the source of the fountain of youth and to gain extra ordinary super human powers.


A 'Magi c Book ' as a Tr ue Mast er of Your Li fe By Frank M. Wanderer

The awakened teachers urge the spiritual Seeker to stay silent, submerge into the inner silence, free of the Mind, and the source of the pure Consciousness!

10 Cont act Fr om Loved-ones in Spi ri t By Michael Jane

I would like to know if people in spirit can at will look at the lives of their loved-ones on Earth. And also is it within their power to choose whether or not they can contact those people?



?If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people together to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the sea.?

20 Sci ence of Thought s By Amitt Parikh

Techniques & guidance for achieving thoughtless state of mind.

22 Par adi se Regained By Sri

The search began, once I knew There is no way to turn Search for the way from Misery to Mystery Mystery to Mastery


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Spiri t ual Ar t

Harness your Inner Spiritual Powers to Navi gate your Life! The secret of all secrets is secret no more! Throughout the ages humans have searched and yearned for the source of the fountain of youth and to gain extra ordinary super human powers. Adventurers traveled far and wide to the remotest of places in search of this secret that was well hidden and revealed from teacher to student, but only to the very few who earned it and were worthy of it. While people traveled and risked their lives in search of this secret, none realized that they each carried it well hidden within their own heart. In the Upanishads, a collection of ancient Vedic texts from India, they refer to a

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Sacred Chamber as the Tiny Space in the Heart, a subtle, non-physical organ, its size smaller than a sunflower seed. For aeons this knowledge has been hidden from the masses for fear of misuse of the powers it reveals by ignorant beings.As we hover on the thresholds of yet another new cycle of the ages, this secret is now being given out freely for all who are ready and willing to rediscover the Sacred Space within the Heart, the secret portal to divine secrets hereto known only to the very

privileged few. Your heart is both a miracle and a mystery full of wondrous treasures. The time has now arrived, for this well-guarded hidden secret, to be given out to whomever is ready to discover it, on the one condition that we are worthy and willing to make the effort to discover the code that opens the portal to this mysterious chamber in the heart. I do believe that the story of Ali Baba and the forty thieves, who hide their treasures in a cave of a mountain, the entrance of which is well hidden and opens only when the secret command is given, is but a metaphor for the subtle heart with its many hidden divine treasures and its portal, that will open only to someone who has gained access to the secret code. As some of you probably know Ali Baba and the forty thieves is one story from the Thousand and One Nights tales, and as far as I am concerned there is a lot of spiritual wisdom and lessons to be found in each of those stories. In Ali? Baba?s story the code was so simple that no one would have thought of it. It was two simple words ?Open Sesame? and the mountain would open to reveal its secret cave full of dazzling fantastic precious magnificent treasures! Would you be surprised if the code for us to open the portal to the treasures hidden within the depths of our heart is also just as simple? Too many make the big mistake to think that access to the

spirit world must be complex. In fact much about understanding the spirit world is very simple, so simple that people tend to disbelieve it. Your heart is indeed one of the choicest gifts from God and somewhere within your physical heart there is a central invisible chamber surrounded by a force field of such magnificent light protecting this hidden secret. It is a chamber separated from matter and no amount of probing by man would ever find it. It occupies simultaneously the third and fourth dimensions, also other higher dimensions so far unknown to man. This central chamber is called ?the altar of the heart? and it is the connecting point of the silver cord of light that descends from the God Presence to support the beating of your physical heart, giving you life and connecting you with the Cosmos. This is your direct point of contact with the Divine, where a spark of fire from the Creator ?s own fire, invisible to the naked eye, is to be found in this secret subtle cavity within your heart. In this tiny space, the treasure of all treasures resides, the Self, your own Self, at one with the Creator, Brahma. The paranormal powers and treasures it reveals for the one who can open the portal and enter into this tiny space, to merge in total harmony with the Creator, are beyond any thing that you can imagine. The Gita and the Upanishads continually emphasize God and Self are sealed in the

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Heart. Although God, Brahma, the Divine Intelligence, the Creator of life, has hidden this secret of secrets in each human heart, it is not to be found by dissecting the heart, not even if you go through it with a fine toothcomb. This sacred tiny space can never be found in the physical heart the ancient scriptures tell us. And yet it is and has always been in the heart, it is neither hidden nor concealed for those who are open and willing to discover it. A promise is made that discovering and entering this sacred portal will open a new world of joy for us that is beyond our wildest dreams. Jesus referred to the sacred heart chamber when he said:?The heart center is the true source for human power.?And in Matthew verse 18:3:?Verily I say unto you, except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.?This message is so misunderstood taken literally. In fact you need not wait to die before you can enter the kingdom of heaven for the kingdom of heaven is to be found in your heart. You can enter the kingdom of heaven, your sacred heart space, while you are alive, but first, you need to be as pure and as innocent as a child. That is what Jesus meant. The more pure and childlike you are the more chance you have of entering this sacred space, the kingdom of heaven. You might think of the two words childlike and pure as the two key words to gain access to the portal. Childlike does not mean being childish. Little children are innocent and pure with not a mean thought or bone in

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their body. Children are by nature trusting and have no negative thoughts. Negative energies act as blocks and will make it impossible to enter this sacred space in the heart. The sacred heart knows only unity, oneness and unconditional love. The sacred chamber of the heart is your connecting link to God, the Universe and all its treasures. The feeling of being there is like floating in a peaceful heavenly space. Your heart is a magnetic center and is the generator of all your life energy. When you empower your heart you raise your energy level physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is within the heart that you find harmony with God. Here in this sacred non-physical space you are able to connect with the Creator to renew and transform your life. The heart being magnetic, functions best through innocent awareness. Actions that divide and repel block your entrance, therefore, you must learn to perceive with the innocence of a child. As you empower yourself the portal will open to you. The heart is the throne of God and the throne of the Divine Self. Jesus said: ?To him that over cometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.? Revelation 3:21.Jesus is speaking of our heart and not his.Our heart and the heart of God are One. Jesus also said: ?Behold, the kingdom of heaven is within you.?Luke 17:21. Jesus did

not want us to believe blindly he wanted us to experience this truth. The heart is the throne where God and the Divine Self reside. You cannot underestimate the value of this knowledge to your life, your own sacred center for your own power, in the depths of your being, a place where you alone can go. Here is why the practice of meditation is important. Find a quiet spot where you are not disturbed and enter within your being. In silence and in deep contemplation behold the oneness with all that is. Here you find the vital link between body and soul, between yourself and God. Here is the center of your being, the defender of your immortal soul. But you will be denied entry if you are heavy laden with ego, illusions, pretenses and false identities. That which is not the real you, will not be recognized and the portal will not open for you. The Kingdom of Heaven can only be entered as a child! Be like a child again, trusting, pure, loving, delighted full of enthusiasm and curiosity, to be BE ONE with life! Once you gain access to the inner sanctuary, inside the sacred silence, there is priceless wisdom, you experience bliss and quietness and you may receive a healing or a nurturing. Every visit you make to the inner sanctuary strengthens your relationship to your heart and the Creator and you don?t need to say anything for the Creator knows your every need and desire. The Heart is always guiding our lives regardless of whether or not we are aware of this. It is always working as our higher intelligence. In this secret chamber also, the long sought after, fountain of youth is to be

found and the manifestation.




The Love-Ananda Gita explains it more in detail. ?Be the Witness only, not separate, not related, not needing, not gaining, not stressful, not angry, not reacting, not thinking, not sorrowful, not lost, not knowing, not perceiving, not experiencing, not right, not bewildered, not complaining, not satisfied, not deluded, not moved, not attentive, not ?I?, not released, not embodied, not even understanding, but only merely Being the One who is the Witness.? This secret in the heart has also been referred to as the Interior Castle and the Velvet Chamber of the Sacred Heart where all wisdom and all potential for creation exist. Reach the Heart by diving within yourself, either through control of your breath or through thought concentrated on the quest of Self. This cannot be acquired from books or from a teacher only through practice and personal experience can it be known. A Guru can only explain and guide you to the portal, but it is you who has to enter to find the invisible chamber and its secrets. Originally human beings were programmed to be immortal. In Biblical times humans lived to be a thousand years old or more. Noah for example lived to be about 950 years, so did others of his generation. Perhaps this is because in those times, they lived nearer to God. One could evolve in one lifetime to become a Master. Those who evolved, became what is known to us today, as Ascended Masters, such as el Morya, Babaji, Lord Kuthumi, St. Germaine and so many others who are immortal and live on higher dimensions always on the

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path of evolving to still higher dimensions. The more corrupt we are, the more distanced we are from the Source, from God the Divine, intolerant, living in disharmony and falsehood. Ironically today the life span in civilized nations is shorter than that of people living in less civilized nations. Obviously that?s because we who are supposed to be civilized have abused both nature and our own bodies in so many ways, that makes it difficult for us to connect with the Source of life. Discovering this treasure of all treasures within you, invisible as it is with a portal that you need to have the key to open, before you can enter into this tiny vast space, is indeed finding the fountain of youth and the Genie that manifests all your desires, giving you super human powers to influence people and events in life, but, and there is a big BUT! Like everything else in life, there is a catch, your motivation and your intentions have to be pure, always good for all concerned, never to do harm to others nor for selfish personal gains. All judgment and criticism must be transformed to acceptance and forgiveness. You need to be as innocent as a child again, your body purified and have a lucid unselfish mind, because if you use these God given powers the wrong way, not in line or in harmony with the laws of the universe, to harm others while you pursue your own gains, it will all boomerang on you in the worst ways you can ever imagine. This power has been discovered by some and used in the wrong way and they had to pay a high price for their folly. This is in accordance with universal laws. This was the very reason why this has been

05 . YSR . JANUARY 2018

secret knowledge for so many thousands of years and given only to those who have proven themselves to be worthy of this knowledge. But we are presently living in extra ordinary times, as you might have noticed, and this most secret esoteric knowledge and wisdom is being gifted to you and to all of humankind. Have faith and use it wisely and you will benefit beyond all that you can imagine. As you do this you will gain in energy and passion for life and you can focus on better and healthier ways of living in preparation for more dramatic changes and you?ll find that life will reward you along the way to encourage you on your path to bringing heaven on earth. This subtle sacred chamber in the heart, was known not only to the Hindus but also to the Buddhists, the Jains, the Suf is and other natives across the globe and they have all written about it. But only the few were evolved enough to understand it. It was understood by those who followed these teachings, that practicing concentration and focusing on this sacred secret space in the heart, would give they ogina knowledge about the ultimate nature of his or her own mind and also what is in the minds of others. By connecting the subtle secret space in the heart with the Divine Mind the student would gain paranormal powers, namely, telepathic insights into the passions and desires of the human mind, reading other peoples? minds. Not only that but also the power to manifest whatever they ogin desires just by thinking about it, in other words, the power of instant manifestation. Many people have witnessed Sai Baba who

was known to manifest objects out of thin air instantly, right in front of people watching him. People have witnessed him manifesting precious jewels or fruits in the palm of his hand that he presented to some of his followers and more often many witnesses have witnessed him manifesting ashes that he sprinkled on his followers as a blessing. But there is also a warning in the Upanishads for those who try to manifest to satisfy the desires of the ego rather than the true Self within, here is what it says: ?However, there is the danger that one falls into a trap of manifesting false desires, not the true real desires of the soul. To manifest the true desires of the soul, the seeker needs to meditate on going inside the heart to the secret seat of his immortal soul that dwells within, this subtle space in the heart to know the real desires of the soul.? In the next chapter you?ll discover more of the secret of all secrets, as I continue with the importance of the Heart Chakra, the role it plays to cross the Rainbow Bridge with one goal, to achieve Christ

Consciousness. Repeat the meditation seed thought to yourself every morning as you wake up and at night before you go to sleep, and as often as you can remember throughout the day, every day, for one month, before you go on to the next one Seed Thought for Meditation:y: ?BALANCE THE THREEFORD FLAME IN ME!?? I AM THAT I AM?

Excer pt f r om book ?The Illumined Heart and Mind - The Path to Unconditional Love? Š Margo Kirtikar Ph.D. in the Science of Metaphysics Your Spiritual Guide/Life Coach/Mentor over 25 years of experience helping individuals to self-transformation to a life of joy, success and abundance. Connecting with the Source of Power!?

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A 'M agic Book ' as a Tr u e M ast er of You r Lif e The awakened teachers urge the spiritual Seeker to stay silent, submerge into the inner silence, free of the Mind, and the source of the pure Consciousness! Very few people are, however, capable of doing that, because they still seek the silence with their mind, that is why the entire venture may seem to be very complicated. The spiritual Seekers who have recognized the futility of the world of shapes and forms but only found a general inner confusion in its place are not left alone. They are led out of the confusion, meet the Master (sometimes in the form of a book), who will hold their hand and lead them to the gate of the world without shapes and forms. There is a proverb: ?When the disciple matures, the Master appears.?

07 . YSR . JANUARY 2018

There are several Masters who are able to lead the Seeker. Which of the Masters will the Seeker like depends on the Karmic past and individuality of the Seeker. It often happens that a spiritual Seeker is lead along by different Masters at different segments of the spiritual Journey. It is important that in this phase the spiritual Seeker should trust the person leading them, and do not catch for hands that may not help them at this stage of the spiritual Journey, as it will lead only to confusion. Another important thing is that once in the world free of shapes and forms, the spiritual Seeker should be able to let go the hand leading them up to that point, should not make an idol out of the Master, and should not cling to him too excessively. When the spiritual Seeker has let the hand

leading him go, he/she will not be left alone for too long, as there will be other Masters helping them in the world free of shapes and forms. Some of the teachers are Maharshi, Papaji, Maharaj and Adyashanti. They will lead you for a while, but the moment will come when you need to let all the hands go and throw out all the books, continuing your way alone. But even then, you will not be alone, as the Master of all Masters, the Self will guide you on. Naturally, it may occur that you still insist on some of the images of your mind, and you find yourself outside the gate once again, and you need to return to one of the helpers there. That is not a problem, you know the way, and next time you will not be cheated by the tricks of the mind. This is a very simple Journey, if you are not trying to do it with your mind. But if you allow your mind to play tricks, that will make the spiritual Journey overtly complicated! The Master Appearing in the Form of a Magic Book Osho believes that the best way of waking up is meeting an awakened Master on our spiritual Journey. But it is a fact that very few people are that lucky. Most people meet the teachings of the Masters in their books. The teachings of a Master appearing in the form of a magic book may be different if we approach them from the aspect of the mind or from that of the Presence.

From the aspect of the mind books are stores of accumulated knowledge. From this point of view, we may conclude that the more spiritual books I read, the more knowledge I gather in that topic, and the faster I may develop spiritually. More knowledge will take me closer to enlightenment, so the better informed I am, the closer I get to the goal of my life. A person may acquire a vast amount of knowledge in this way, but it will not take the individual closer to the Truth; just the opposite. It will take them farther. Seen from the aspect of the Presence, books written in the Presence have a special field force, in addition to the knowledge coded into them. The relay the Presence, assisting the reader in finding the Presence and staying there. In this sense, the content of these books is of secondary importance only. That is also important, naturally, but if we only approach it from the aspect of the mind, the content is not effective; it is only used as knowledge and not as Presence. If you are unable to meet an awakened Master in flesh-and-blood, then the books written by the Master shall relay His Presence to the seekers. So reading these books from the Presence, the inner silence, will take us closer to our own existence, to awakening to our own Self. When the Seeker wakes up, that is, his Consciousness wakes up to itself, the Seeker shall no longer need books (as

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Masters), as they have found their own Master. Not even this is, however, fully true. For instance, Eckhart Tolle, after his awakening, used books by Krishnamurti and Maharshi in order to define his new state of existence. Credible Teachings Every credible teaching, whether it is ancient or modern, points beyond itself. The essence of every teaching is the possibility of transforming human Consciousness. Teachings available in books therefore show the way leading there.Credible teachings are always rooted

09 . YSR . JANUARY 2018

in the changed state of Consciousness which is beyond the Mind. Every teaching is, however, only a signpost showing the right direction towards the changed state of Consciousness, and everybody must go along the way alone and independently. If a spiritual Seeker stays at the signpost, and admires the teachings, they will only see the words, and become the captive of the signposts. ~Read more: Frank M. Wanderer: The Revolution of Consciousness: Deconditioning the Programmed Mind

Con t act f r om Loved-on es in Spir it Excer pt f r om a Pu blic Tr an ce Dem on st r at ion Joseph? ch an n elled by Tr an ce M ediu m M ich ael G Reccia Jack ie M cCan n: Can I ask a question, please? It is a two-part question - my name is Jackie, by the way. First of all I would like to know if people in spirit can at will look at the lives of their loved-ones on Earth. And also is it within their power to choose whether or not they can contact those people? Joseph : It is indeed a two-part question. You look at t h e lives of an ot h er per son on ly if you ar e given per m ission t o do so. And sometimes you will be given permission to do so because you are the only person that can get through to that person who is still on Earth, via a clairvoyant link. They will listen to you so a guide will say: ?Come with me?and will take you into a great hall and will show you a ?book? with some aspect of your relative?s

life in there. Some aspect the rest will be blank to you; the rest will be shielded from you. And they will say: ?Look, I have tried to talk to your relative on Earth but they will not listen to me ? perhaps they will listen to you. Will you please tell them this ? will you tell them that some aspect of their life will shape in this way if they follow this particular path according to their individual will?? And then, in those circumstances, you are allowed to look into the records - but the records are not public. The records depend on your level of evolution spiritually and your reason for wanting to visit them. You

10 . YSR . JANUARY 2018

also have to understand that many people on Earth do not accept the concept of having (for want of a better word) a ?book?a vibration that contains within it all the knowledge of what they have done. It is a sobering prospect to many people to think, ?Somebody knows what I have done.?Well, yes, they do but only the right people, only the appropriate people with regard to your spiritual growth. You were talking about is it allowed - is that correct - for people to communicate if they want to with someone on the Earth plane? Jack ie: Yes. Joseph : In a correct set-up (and a ?correct set-up? mediumistically is one in which guards and safeguards are set in place between the person who wishes to communicate and the person who is doing the communication - the medium, the channeller) a message goes out to those people who it is thought are most likely to be of value to the person on Earth and whose communication is most likely to help them in their quest for spiritual evolution. Now that sounds quite strange when you consider the nature of some of the messages that are brought to you - when we talk of ?broken fences?...and ?there is a door that needs painting? ...and ?there is shopping that you have just put away? ...and ?there is a picture you have just straightened.?It is dependent on what can be brought across to the person on Earth and their level of acceptance. And so, if a person on Earth only wishes comfort from a message, doesn?t wish to know about the spiritual realms, only wishes to know that someone has survived,

11 . YSR . JANUARY 2018

then something personal and simplistic will be given to them via the person on the other side working through the guides towards the medium (to protect the medium - that is why they are there). And there is a criticism that is levelled on Earth towards mediumship always: why is it so simple, why is it so bland? But within that simple message that brings comfort to the individual is nested a series of vibrations that that individual needs but is not aware of having received... healing, for example, Light if they are depressed, inspiration if they are seeking. And all those things are channelled, by the guides, by the spiritual family that links to the individual on Earth, whilst the relative of the individual on Earth is transmitting his or her message through the filter of the guides to the medium. There is only so much time allowed for spiritual communication to take place ? ?allowed?with regard to the collapse of the bubble of vibration that allows that communication to take place, that penetrates the darkness of the Earth plane and surrounds the church, or the individual, or the meeting with enough Light so that the communication can happen. So, a message goes out psychically to those relatives that it is thought will have the most power in changing the life of the individual on Earth for the better. All the relatives who wish to may share in the experience of seeing, of feeling that communication take place but only the key ones will be allowed to communicate, and they have to communicate through the correct channels. You have, of course, other circumstances on Earth where spirits attempt to

communicate. Very often spirits will attempt to communicate with a person on Earth irrespective of going through the right channels, and will move something or drop something or blow across a person?s forehead to say, ?I am here.? In those circumstances, once they are located, we very politely tell them that they should not be doing that and take them back to their relevant sphere.

never say in a spiritual communication, ?That was absurd! That was simple.? ...because you can only see and hear the base communication, not the vibrations at the core of it that are being sent along that beam, along that vibration of communication to help the person who is receiving the communication. Is that an acceptable answer?

Communication has to be controlled or the energies that can be brought through by spirits not going through the right channels can be destructive. They account for poltergeist activity; they account for activity where certain entities or other spirits who are not well-versed in the ways of the Light attach themselves to the vibration of the communication and then ?bedevil? - in the literal sense of the word - those people that have been communicated with on Earth.

Michael G. Reccia is a member of the Band of Light and the trance medium who, for the past ten years, has been the ? communicator? whilst in trance for Joseph, whose books offer a vital and urgent message for mankind.

Jack ie: Thank you very much, yes.

So, it is a very complex set-up. It has to be to operate in the right way but you can

12 . YSR . JANUARY 2018


?If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people together to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the sea.?- Antoine de Saint-Exuper ?I will tell you a Spiritual Secret: be the cause and the effect will follow; but let me tell you an even deeper spiritual secret: Be the effect and the cause will follow!? Th e f ir st secr et sim ply ou t lin es t h at w e ar e t h e cau se - n ot som e ou t side ot h er , f at e or god.We can call this ?cause? our thinking, feeling, focus, which reflects as outer effects; we can view it as our energy field which attracts like-wise effects; or we can call it karma - what we have chosen to explore, experience and expand and thus meet as outer effects.

13 . YSR . JANUARY 2018

Now let ?s explor e t h e secon d deeper secr et of ?Be t h e ef f ect an d t h e cau se w ill f ollow ?!Initially linear minds resist this, but if you view it through the macrocosm you can see it everywhere: God already is All That Is, and only 'becomes'- bursts out indeed into infinite causes - to experience Self! You and I choose to be born and explore certain aspects of self and are thus birthed into that time and space coordinate which provides all that we require as causes! In more mundane terms, evenings with friends is the joy of being together

(effect) and thus are activities (causes) - a movie, a game, a meal - put in as causes to enable that! All healing is indeed this - inner resolution has taken place (effect) and the outer treatment comes along as the cause! Obser ve h ow goals alw ays com e f ir st , an d t h en you com e in t o t h e past of t h at pr oject ed f u t u r e, an d pu t in t h e r equ ir ed st eps! You target to excel in your exams (the effect) and thus you study (the cause.) And when your goal or intent is strong, when you are being the effect, the causes happen more easily! View posit ive t h in k in g an d visu alizat ion in t h ese t er m s. You are being the effect in feeling, thinking, speaking and emoting from the end-result having already happened - and thus does the cause come about! How ever t r u ly bein g t h e ef f ect , en t ails ?belief ?? som et h in g t h at is you r ?t r u t h?... t h at w h ich you r eson at e t o en er get ically n ot in t ellect u ally! There is an anecdote of a man dismayed by losses, receiving quite miraculously, a cheque for a million dollars from a stranger he befriends in a pub. He puts into action all his dreams; never using that cheque, ?knowing? the money is there when required! Soon he has made more than that million, and revisits the pub to return the cheque, but discovers that the ?rich?stranger is really a poor inmate of an asylum? and well known in the pub for this prank! But the belief of having the money was important! That man believed he had a million dollars! 'Belief '... something you resonate too beyond intellectual understanding is truly being the effect! An d t h is is w h at ?gyan? or m in d-expan sion is all abou t - expanding

our beliefs? or effects! As our truths expand, and we recognize that we are indeed loving, abundant, joyful creators, do we allow the causes to unfurl! This is also the secret behind so-called spiritual qualities: they are all ?being? an expanded effect?! Gr at it u de is being the effect of thankfulness, thus causing more to be thankful about! Abiding in appr eciat ion causes more to be appreciative about! When for given ess is not an occasional act but a state of being and the understanding that there is nothing/no one to blame, creates nothing or no one to blame! Through n on -ju dgm en t , you become the effect of being witness, and thus labels and their rollercoaster ?s move away from your life! In Gen er osit y you share freely and thus cause more to share! Sym bols -be they mantra?s or archetypes (tarot or other) are also a beautiful embodying of the effect? from which causes arise. In m edit at ion we are tapping experientially into joy, love, bliss and centeredness of Godself? we are being the effect in the purest of ways and thereby do grounds for these states spontaneously come about. Be t h e ef f ect ? of all t h at you w ish f or an d allow t h e cau ses t o u n f u r l! And do not forget act ion ! For truly being the effect is most powerfully present in action! Action is indeed a subconscious response of belief? of being the effect! Think, feel, emote and act from that end of the continuum and the path will be made much easier for you! In t r ospect ion f or t oday: Wherever you feel stuck: ask yourself: are you being the

14 . YSR . JANUARY 2018

effect? APPENDIX - HOW THIS WRITING CAM E ABOUT - AND THE LONGER UNEDITED VERSION FROM THE DISCOURSE IN, WHICH THIS AROSE: I?m goin g t o sh ar e a ver y beau t if u l t h ou gh t w it h you ? beau t if u l in it s ver y sim plicit y in givin g u s on e m or e view at all t h at w e alr eady k n ow - an d yet a ver y pow er f u l per spect ive! This sort of clicked in mind one day as I was reading an anecdote sent on - line as a forward: It was about this man who was down and out and had no money and he didn?t know

what to do. Somebody came along in the park dressed very well with a tie and a coat, and he spoke to him and that man said ?I?m Rockefeller (or whatever), and gave him a cheque for a million dollars. This guy was very happy with those million dollars - and having that with him he went about doing what he had always wanted to? and yet not using the million dollars? he didn?t use the money, but just knowing that he had those million dollars made all the difference. As his own work picked and he soon made more than a million dollars, he

15 . YSR . JANUARY 2018

felt the thankfulness to return the cheque intact, to his kind benefactor. However on reaching the place - he found to his surprise it was an asylum ? and the watch man was amusedly informing him how this who man claims to be Rockefeller all the time is actually an inmate without any money? (detailed anecdote attached below.) An d even as I r ead t h at an d look ed u p - I look ed st r aigh t in t o a calen dar I h ave m ade w it h qu ot es an d m ast er s an d t ar ot car ds- an d t h e w or ds - Osh o?s st ar ed ou t at m e:? I?ll tell you a Spiritual Secret, Be the cause and the effect will follow; but I?ll tell you an even deeper spiritual secret, Be the effect and the cause will follow? ? An d it all st ar t ed t o click r igh t t h er e an d t h en !In fact I was eating a salad at that point and going through the gnosis that if I am eating the salad enjoying the effect - all the causes to make this happen - must?ve been put into place already! And out of these three things - the online joke, the quote and the act of enjoying my salad this took on a humongous understanding for me? made a huge impact? and as it usually happens I ?then? saw /see it all around me? ! We all k n ow t h e f ir st par t alr eady so I w ill n ot dw ell on it at dept h - bu t in br ief : be t h e cau se an d t h e ef f ect w ill f ollow is on ly t ellin g u s w e ar e t h e cau se-n ot som e ou t side ot h er or god. We can call this cause (that we are): our thinking, feeling, focus, which reflects as the outer effects; we can even view it as our energy field which attracts like-wise effects; or we can call it karma - our learning - or what we

have chosen to explore and experience and which we thus meet as outer effects. The only difference in ?karma?and our thoughts and feelings is that we use word karma to denote those thoughts feelings and energy signatures that we have brought over from ?another ?lifetime? ! But in the larger picture they are one and the same in terms of effects - as they- thoughts feelings and energy signatures of this or another life are what create the effect of our current realties. How ever as w e jou r n ey alon g t ow ar ds Self ? w e com e acr oss a deeper im plicat ion ? ?Be t h e ef f ect an d t h e cau se w ill f ollow !? In it ially you r lin ear m in ds m ay r esist t h is, bu t if you view it t h r ou gh t h e lar ger pict u r e... t h e m acr ocosm ? you can see it ever yw h er e: - God self already is All That Is - and only 'becomes' - bursts out indeed ? into a zillion causes to experience Self! -You an d I choose to be born... and explore a certain aspect and require a certain backdrop and time and space coordinate? and thus our parents desire a child and mothers get pregnant? and we are born into ?that? time? say 5.34 PM 24th March 1958? for all that we require as causes! -Nat u r e chooses to experience itself and seeds are created! -Fr ien ds are the love and joy of being together (effect) and thus play a game (Cause) to enjoy it more! - In more practical terms we can see this in h ealin g as all healing is this ? the inner resolution/healing has taken place or effected and the outer comes along as the cause to complete this!

- And in more day-to-day terms -t h e goal, t h e ef f ect , always comes first and you and team universe then puts in the causes! You choose to excel in your exams (the effect) and thus you study (the cause!) All goals are current projections into the future, so the effect comes first. I first in t en t I want the effect of doing well in my exams, and then I come into the past of that goal, and put in the steps. And when your goal or your intent is strong, when you are being the effect? the causes happen? and if your goal /intent is not strong? when you are not coming from the effect? the causes don?t happen quite so easily! See it in small ways - you were the effect of coming for this class/meeting before you ?came?? and the causes happened didn?t they? Since this understanding I have been closely observing self? because I like to experience what I am ?learning?? I have been on the alert to ?real?-ize this understanding into knowing? and I observed it in going to the gym! I have joined a gym and most of you know I?m a little lazy about that. So I know when my goal, my intent, when the effect is strong, I some how land up in the gym. And I know the day when the intent is little loose, I?m not being the effect; I somehow don?t go! So of course there are many, many examples try and view your own? Th is f u r t h er com es alive w h en w e view it t h r ou gh ?posit ive t h in k in g an d visu alizat ion? that we all know so much about (and it is interesting to view positive thinking and visualization through this angle too!) For in positive thinking and visualization, what we are really doing, is being the effect. You visualize, speak, feel, think, focus... as it already having happenedwith the accompanying

16 . YSR . JANUARY 2018

emotion? , which is ? being the effect! And thus the cause always follows, as the means to what you already 'are' without bothering about the causes- the how?s which then just come about! If you are not being the effect, it is not true belief or positive thinking and we wonder why we are not manifesting! Very often we say we are doing positive thinking, we are doing visualization and complain it?s not happening and I now realize that we are not really being the effect. There is a gap, because the fact that I need to do positive thinking means I don?t believe it. I don?t say, I?m Divyaa, I?m Divyaa, I?m a woman, but I have to say I?m slim. So truly being the effect is your belief. Belief is being the effect!That man believed he had a million dollars! Visualization, positive thinking is not to be thrown out however as it is one more way of making something a belief! An d t h en t h e biggie su dden ly st r u ck m e! Th at t h is is w h at w e ar e doin g t h r ou gh all t h ese ch an n elin gs, classes, gyan , sat san gs, book s? m in d expan sion ? w e ar e We ar e ar r ivin g at expan ded belief s? we ar eact u ally en h an cin g or in cor por at in g ou r ef f ect s.All of us here realized, through channeling, or satsangs or classes or whatever means? that ?I am God?, the effect came first, and so now all the causes of being God are coming along. All of us realized that ?I am abundance?and as the belief took effect the causes are happening! So many expanded truths have become our beliefs, the effects? we have discovered Self? and now the causes? the journey towards is only unfurling! So if you think about what do all these classes, gyan, satsangs, books really do? they are really jumping us to the effect so automatically all

17 . YSR . JANUARY 2018

the causes must be! Of cou r se,on e can see t h is in all spir it u al qu alit ies or so called m u st do?s, because they truly are what I call optimal focus being in the present, focus on the positive, acknowledgement I have created whatever is outside and thus focus is on beingcreator? and now I realize they are all ?being the effect?! Gr at it u de is easily recognizable as actually being the effectwhether thankful for the past or as for we know here we can be thankful for ?future? events also - You are embodying the effect of and so the causes come. Appr eciat ion is being the effect in big ways? remembers perception is an act of creation - so if I am being appreciative the causes to appreciate must be! Do view for self how for given ess encompasses this effect? when I believe there is nothing to forgive/blame then accordingly there is nothing left to forgive! Through n on -ju dgm en t , you become the effect of being witness and - and then the labels and their ups and downs move away from your life!Gen er osit y? means the abundance is already present deep within? Th is br in gs u s t o Sym bols - an ot h er beau t if u l w ay of bein g t h e ef f ect ! Because whenever you are using a symbol, whether it?s a picture of Gods and Masters, a Tarot, archetype, Zodiac sign, mantras, you are actually embodying the effect. You are embodying the energy of the effect and the causes must come.Think in day to day analogies - If the song is playing on your radio the music ?would? be written? if the movie is running on yr TV screen? the shooting stage is already over! Th e sam e t h in g h appen s w it h m edit at ion ver y pow er f u lly.In meditation

we are tapping experientially into what we actually ?know?, we are tapping into joy, love, bliss or stillness of god self? we are being the effect in pure energy terms and the causes spontaneously come. An d w h at does t h is r eally m ean in h er e an d n ow t er m s? We all know that we must think, feel, emote positively? but actually? in being the effect action must also be present. Thus in real terms what this means is BE the effect you desire - feel, think, emote act from that end of the continuum! And the cause... the means... will be! Action is true belief... action is being the effect! So next time you say my manifestation is not working... think! Are you being the effect? Are you taking those actions? A lot of us have become experts in ?doing? positive thinking towards manifesting things, thinking I?ve conquered ? I don?t like the word ?conquered?? so let me say ?over come?any particular issue, but if the action is not aligned with that, that means it hasn?t actually taken place. Quote Ramtha: ?The question is not what reality is? But what reality do you choose to be??And I choose to be the reality of the effect let the causes come the way they want to. So dearest friends, be the reality: think, feel, emote and act from that 'space'. I t h in k all of u s h ave seen t h e m ovie ?Secr et ?? There was this scene where this American woman is manifesting a husband, and she suddenly realized that she has been doing all the right positive thinking, manifestation, visualization, but when she drives into her apartment, she hasn?t made parking space for this husband. When I read this book, I said ?so silly?, but now with all this its importance actually registered!

And that triggered of some personal examples as thought to highlight the point to me? I had gone to America, for my daughter ?s graduation, and had the good fortune, to be up-graded to a suite. But we were told the suite would be only for few days and then we would need to shift back to the regular room which we had booked for our ten day stay! So I started ?manifesting? this suite, telling Mayank not to worry for I was manifesting it! And everyday we would be told uhuh the suite could not be extended? and ?I?m sort of wondering when it will happen, as it was

coming close to the third day and I was so sure I was manifesting it!! And then I realized I had not even unpacked my suitcase? ! And I?m a person who actually unpacks and arranges my entire suitcase into the cupboard, and thus where was the belief in my manifestation? Where was being the effect? And even as I did unpack and spread out my stuff like I would for a ten day stay? the very next morning as 6 am? as I went down for an early breakfast? she said ?maam?, you got the suite?for the stay! An ot h er deeper exam ple t h at com es t o m in d -w h en I f ir st r ead Set h , I k n ew im m ediat ely I w an t ed t o r each ou t t o

18 . YSR . JANUARY 2018

people w it h it s m essage an d t h at I w an t ed t o ch an n el!I thought, felt, imagined, spoke, and ate indeed this effect! I would get up at 3 am? and ?link?to Seth without quite knowing what why how? even was I?! I would write articles? and speak about it with my closest friends? being the effect I guess on hindsight! And soon the causes came? more and more people interested in listening? Tuesdays? ! Beloved Jade Fire group? channeling training? being made a leader and sitting on the platform and channeling/speaking? starting personal sessions? and I realize now if I had ?waited? for when I was ready to speak or channel or reach out? the causes would not have come? I would be still doing positive thinking about it! Th is also w ill h elp u s u n der st an d ?f ak e it t ill you m ak e it ? bet t er . A lot of u s u se t h is, bu t f ak in g does n ot m ean f ak in g t h e ef f ect ? or the feeling I am trying to be? for example if I have a mother-in-law with whom I have an issue, I don?t have to fake the feeling, I have to BE the effect of loving, accepting? whatever it is? with her. I can?t put on an act, I can?t say OK, I?m faking it till it happens, so I?m hugging her, and embracing her and in my mind I?m calling her a bitch - that won?t work. At least for that moment, I need to tap into the effect, I need to tap into some love that I must have had for her, or another? or use a symbol? but need must tap into ?love?? because if I can be the effect, the causes will really

19 . YSR . JANUARY 2018

come. What I am really faking is the causes! Not the effect! So t h in k abou t all of t h is dear est f r ien ds, becau se t h is h as r eally m u sh r oom ed in m y m in d an d w h ile it is st ill gr ow in g in it s m an y im plicat ion s...I see its message in so many places or words or quotes... w h er ever I?m f in din g m y biggest h u r dles? I say Ok , ?Be t h e ef f ect , divyaa? in t h in k in g, f eelin g, an d of cou r se act ion an d t h e cau ses m u st com e. I w ill en d w it h a ver y beau t if u l st or y: There was this king, who used to hire this sculptor, to carve incredibly extraordinary elephant statues out of these rocks- and when the king once asked him ?how do you do all this, from these lumps of rocks, how do you shape these magnificent elephants?? the sculptor replies that he doesn?t really do anything- he only at first glimpses the elephant within the rock? and then his chisel automatically removes everything else? ! So again view being the effect in this story? and dearest friends? ?Be the effect and the causes will follow?! Be all that we have learnt through over the years? in thought and feeling and action? mind and heart and body... and the path will be made much easier for us. Š Divyaa Kummar

Sc ienc e o f Tho ug ht s By Am it t Par ik h Question: Any techniques/guidance for achieving thoughtless state of mind? Answer : Mongolia invaded most par ts of the world through sheer intelligence, alliances, networking with locals and lethal weapons. Despite the r uler being a tyr ant, it was more like a complicated people?s r ule if you haven?t under stood it by now. Seemingly your mind is being r uled by a tyr ant who wants to r ule each and ever y par t/aspect of you, leaving nothing for ME. By achieving a thoughtless state even for few seconds, you depr ive him of this lethal weapon ? thoughts. Also in this state, all his networking- liaisons (of thoughts, emotions, physical issues) weaken and he

has to bow down. So I AM much more interested in this war than you think you are. Let?s star t with the basics. The thought star ts as an impulse of some desire, past memor y, r andom scene from recent exper iences, sounds, an abstr act emotion and so on. But it star ts just as an impulse like an electron is fired from nowhere. Ego tr igger s many of them without the conscious aspect knowing about it. This happens due to the complex evolution of sub- conscious mind and the sympathetic ner vous system ? the evolution of fight or flight syndrome in response to the dangerous environment.

20 . YSR . JANUARY 2018

Now, as this one impulse sur faces to your conscious mind, it either gets a response or you ignore it based on your interest in it ? negative or positive. As a thought tr igger s a response from the conscious mind, it acts like a magnet pulling out more related thoughts from the sub- conscious or actively works out and creates (yes, this time consciously) a stream of thoughts, imagination, calculations and logic simultaneously activating the emotional par t of the br ain in connection with your hear t and all the other ener gy center s. So if a thought has str uck one of your weak points and you activate sadness, the whole system of the br ain, hear t, muscles, blood circulation and aur a follow the vibr ational rhythm of that thought, and cause deep trouble for your entire system of mind/body/soul. Next time you sit again for that beautiful aware witness meditation, notice this point. How a happy thought impulse tr igger s a chain reaction till it fades out and the ego throws the next one to you to capture your entire system and totally disconnect with ME. I can talk to you, show you images, sing a song to you from the field of nothingness, but most probably your ego?s way of constantly tr igger ing and creating havoc will succeed, for I believe in silence and love, and you have somehow evolved to love fear- tension- action and prefer to r un for nothing. In the beginning, as you are bor n with no

21 . YSR . JANUARY 2018

par ticular identity, we are in sync. But as you begin to label the thoughts, objects and the environment, we star t moving apar t as there is one fundamental difference between us. I know for sure about the Oneness ? being the One ? and you star t believing you are separ ate from All- That- Is. And that was designed to facilitate the individual sur vival and game of life, so you move away. Once the goal of individual existence, exper ience, evolution and expression is achieved, we str ive to pack ever ything and mer ge again to know who we are really, and then live with the awareness of oneness and uniqueness ? best of both worlds! So this whole jour ney of separ ateness and union has been there for thousands of year s, and now stakes are higher. As you know, ego too wants to evolve, which will mean more and more chaos for it believes and sur vives in separ ation. So now I have envisioned union on lar ger scale and we can unite in the field of Being where we all are already in Oneness. So there we are. Star ting our discussion with One Thought to the jour ney of Oneness. So you got to sit there, be ver y aler t with dynamic awareness and go for the root of thoughts. As you begin to examine, they slow down, for you stop to react. Remember, do not react, just witness them plainly without falling for the ego?s idea of pulling out more thoughts and emotions. And if you react, as soon as you gain your awareness,

re- emer ge. Check out the consequences of that one silly impromptu thought over your entire system by doing a quick review of the chain reaction and see how useless it is. And be ready for another attack from the ego. Soon you become an exper t in this (just like lear ning to r ide a bicycle!) and then you can smile and stay aloof from these involuntar y thoughts.

want to. Rest of the time you can remain in active awareness of oneness- nothingness. Soon your vibr ator y r ate changes to that of oneness- nothingness, and we mer ge ? full and final!


So now you do think, but only when you

22 . YSR . JANUARY 2018

Paradise Regained Sr i The search began, once I knew

We create more timid persons

There is no way to turn

Who wouldn't dare to stand up

Search for the way from

All selfworth demolished

Misery to Mystery

Who wouldn't know what is valour

Mystery to Mastery

That vaporized peaceful demeanor

Repeatedly I heard We fell from Grace

In the illogical map of logical brain

To a not so nice place

Where anything of the heart

Where chaos is the ruler

Goes to the drain

Confusion is the progeny

None could trace the hiding place

Terror, the order of the day

Of kindness and compassion

Fear is the flood light

Leave alone the pangs of passion

People forgot, to share

We were taught to adore

Even with those under their care

People's positions and pocessions

People forgot to wear

Never to step indoors and

The armour of Truth and

Find what they truly are

The sword of Discernment

Ridiculed beauticians of the Souls

Independence erased

Beautified only the bodies

Meaning of interdependence

Neglected the indwelling Spirit

Intimidation made sure

Enjoyed the ethonal spirit

23 . YSR . JANUARY 2018

Forgot to sit around campfire smoke

Learnt to sit like vampires and smoke

I began to converse

Forgot all about community living

With the light of the universe

Quell the unity that still be living

The gist is here as my verse

Cull the grandeur of different races Diminish magnificence that slowly erases

I am the light, I am the way

Grooves in brain that create harmony

Always hidden, waiting for the day

Deepens the ones of anguish and agony

You turn within and question one day Where is the light? What is the way?

The search began, once I knew

Awaiting your arrival

There is no way to turn

At the appropriate moment

Lest I fall prey to the demons

So that I can show

Of ignorance and illusions

That I do care

I turned around and around

I light up your cells

Only to be engulfed in darkness

To release you from the cell

That comes from nowhere

I light up your way

But is just there

So that there is only day

Where is the light? What is the way?

Where the sun shall never set

Closed my eyes, perplexed I sway

Where you can ever rest

Looked up in dismay A tiny dot of light dawned

In the brilliant light of thousand suns

At a distance none can fathom

May you conquer all your sins

But looked also very near

Bring me out and share with all Show the rest that you too care

The dot became a little star

Release them from their own cells

Shedding diamond light codes from afar

Light their way and make their day

Surrounded by a bluish glow

They too shall inspire

With golden light as hallow

Those who come in their way

Deep within I follow

There is no derth of Grace

Everything else was shallow

And you never fell from one

Darkness was no more

It is the grandest play of

Inspired to know more

24 . YSR . JANUARY 2018

Hide and seek

To be shared freely with all

Made you believe Paradise was lost

Without restrictions with whom you share

To be found nowhere

Show the world that you do care

Pushed you to search

I am the light, I am the way, I am you and all of you

All around and around

You are the light and you are the way

Until you learnt to turn within

Where there is light darkness dissolves

Regain the Paradise Now and Here from nowhere

Let there be light may you all resolve.

Sri is a disciple of Sri Paramahansa Yogananda. A healer and counselor by profession. Apart from free lancing she also connects with schools, hospitals and NGOs. Her focus is on dissolving karmic patterns in individuals and families and recreate new patterns of life to experience harmony and happiness. She offers distance healing with Cosmic Energy along with sharing and counseling sessions to change the karmic

25 . YSR . JANUARY 2018

patterns. As per sage Agasthya's guidance she is in the process of setting up a healing center in Southern part of India near sacred mountains "Podhigai" which is his abode even now. Nirupama, Chennai, Tamilnadu. Email:

Spir it u Videos f or t r an sf or m at ion of you r body, m in d an d sou l!

Th e Nat u r e of Con sciou sn ess by Dean Radin , Ph D

26 . YSR . JANUARY 2018

Spir it u Videos f or t r an sf or m at ion of you r body, m in d an d sou l!

Real M agic by Dean Radin , Ph D

27 . YSR . JANUARY 2018

Spir it u al Ar t (C) Elizabet h Zaik ow sk i Elizabeth Zaikowski is a graduate of San Diego State University with a degree in Art Education. Over the years, she has been showing and teaching art in public schools and museums. Elizabeth's work portrays themes that originate in the spiritual character of the mandala and the world of magical fantasy and illusion. Mandalas are symbolic of the universe and its eternal character, which is to provide symmetry and balance. In much of her work, communication, connection and participation with nature's cosmic world order are inherent themes. Her paintings are a reflection of the symmetrical nature of the universe. Her mother is an artist and her father was an astrophysicist; their influence on her childhood shows in her work, having given her a very strong interest in art. Each piece created is developed in an organic manner, starting from the center and working outward, using a combination of airbrush and acrylic paints. Through her art, she strives to create more balance in our sometimes chaotic world. By devoting her life to art, she believes art enriches our lives and spirits; expressing the need for balance in life. Phone:619-245-8758

28 . YSR . JANUARY 2018

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