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THE MIND 24 Power ful Keys To Tr anscend t he Ego

Chri st Consci ousness Cosmi c Consci ousness


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Namaste! I am happy to share yet another wisdom-filled issue of Your Spiritual Revolution magazine.

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In the first article Frank shares his incredible insights offering us 24 powerful keys to transcend our ego - the most challenging part of any spiritual practice.

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In the second article, Margo clarifies what Christ Consciousness really means and how we can connect to this Universal Consciousness.

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Third article by Divyaa explains how we can truly understand our mind using our own mind as a tool to explore its intricacies and get deep insights on this wonderful tool created by our Creator. We also have an interesting article written by Maxin with contributions from Master Masa giving an introduction to the Taoist practices. Happy reading!

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CONTENTS 24 Pow er ful Keys t o Tr an scend t he Ego


By Frank M. Wanderer

The Ego is the central figure of our personal history, based upon the past and looking into the future.


Chri st Consci ousness Cosmi c Consci ousness By Margo Kirtikar

Jesus saidto his disciples:?I came to show human possibilities.

THE MIND By Divyaa Kummar

Mind at its ?purest?, or largest, is Awareness (of Self) and thus what we also call Pure Consciousness.




Tao, which literally means ?the way?is something we can?t reduce into the simple meaning of a path, practices or state of being. Tao is absolutely everything and absolute nothing, something which we can also say about Yoga.


Once Upon A Li fest r eam Dr eam First of its kind astrologi-cal chart proof of the past life identities and events!!


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24 Power ful Keys t o Tr anscend t he Ego The Ego is the central figure of our personal history, based upon the past and looking into the future. It is a dissatisfied, possessive small ego that often makes our life a misery. It is for certain that this small ego?or, more precisely, what we believe is our Self, our Ego?coiled up tightly in the back of our mind, is responsible for a tremendous amount of senseless and unnecessary suffering and destruction in the history of mankind. On our spiritual Journey arises question, how we transcend the Ego?


Her e ar e 24 Keys t o t r an scen d t h e Ego Key 1. The Ego is not bad, it is simply unconscious. Key 2. The Ego is responsible for the integrity of the personality, for our inner well-being.

Key 3. The Ego only pursues its own dreams and ambitions, and so it very often embitters our life. Key 3. The components of the Ego are thoughts, emotions, memories (with which the person identifies as ?my story?), fixed unconscious roles and collective identifications (nationality, religion, etc.). Most people completely identify with these components of the Ego, and for them no self ?outside? of this exists. Key 4. The identification of the Ego with things (object, the person?s own body, way of thinking) creates the link of the individual to various things. The Ego experiences his/her existence through the possession of various objects.

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Key 5. The satisfaction provided by the sense of possession is, short, so the Ego usually carries on the pursuit for new objects. There is a powerful motivation behind this activity of the Ego, a psychological demand to obtain more, the unconscious sense of ?not yet enough,? and this feeling surfaces in a want for more. Key 6. The content of the Ego will then be the thing with which the individual identified him/herself (my house, my car, my child, my intelligence, my opinion, etc.). The contents of the Ego (with which the individual identifies) are shaped by the environment and upbringing of the person, that is, the culture in which the person becomes an adult. Key 7. The thoughts such as ?it?s mine,? ?I want it,? ?I need it,? ?it is not enough,? belong to the structure of the Ego. The content of the Ego changes with time; it is replaced with new contents. No content is, however, able to lastingly satisfy the Ego as long as the structure of the Ego remains in its place. Key 8. The Ego keeps looking for something different, something that promises a greater satisfaction, making the sense of self of the individual more complete. Key 9. The Ego wants to possess more and more, wants to become more and more powerful. More knowledge, more faith, more material wealth. The Ego wants to devour more and wants to do it more anxiously. That is how

the Ego becomes a tyrant and dominates our life to an increasing extent. Key 10. The Ego is shaped by the past, determining its structure and contents. The structure of the Ego is an unconscious factor, which forces the individual to reinforce his/her identity by joining an external object. Key 11. The Ego is but a mental production, a system of beliefs. Key 12. The Ego strives to protect, sustain and expand itself. The Ego functions in survival mode. The statement that the Ego functions in a survival mode means that it continually struggles to remain ?psychologically alive,? so it regards other Egos as rivals or even enemies. Key 13. One of the most important strategies of the Ego to sustain and reinforce itself is the experience of ?I am right.? This is the identification of an idea, position, evaluation. Nothing gives the Ego more power than experiencing that ?I am right.?It is the desire of the Ego to be right, and thus overcome the other, ensuring its own superiority. Key 14. One of the favorite self-reinforcing strategies of the Ego is complaining. Complaining implies the sense that ?I am right.? When another Ego refuses to accept that ?I am right,? it is an offense to the complaining Ego, which. in turn, further reinforces its self-awareness.

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Key 15. The Ego intends to elevate the forms (including its own form) to eternity, which is impossible. This intention of the Ego will be the source of all sufferings, because its world of forms and shapes shall collapse like a sandcastle after a while, until death snatches away the last of the forms: its body from it.

that, we will eventually destroy ourselves and a large part of the world. Key 21. One of the ways of transcending the Ego is not reacting wholeheartedly to the ever-changing caleidoscope of thoughts and emotions, but concentrating on the alert Consciousness in the background instead.

Key 16.

Key 22.

Our entire culture and civilization rest upon the selfish and possessive Ego and, as the Ego created the institutions of society, these institutions are also the expressions of the Ego.

The Ego calls itself real and the only existing ?Self,? though it is nothing more than a conceptual product, the continually changing content of the space of Consciousness

Key 17.

Key 23.

In most people identifies with that socially conditioned Ego. At a number of people this identification is so powerful that they are unaware that their life is governed by a socially conditioned Mind.

In the space of Consciousness, in the state of pure consciousness the person recognizes and clearly experiences that Ego is a fraud.

Key 18. The Ego must fall, as it is against the evolutionary development of the Consciousness.

Key 24. The Truth is that we are the embodiment of Life, we are born into this world as a result of a miracle, and later we are lost amidst the multitude of teachings and dogmas.

Key 19. If an individual is able to notice and observe the functions of the Ego, he or she will be able to transcend it. Key 20.

~ Read more : Frank



The Revolution of Consciousness: Deconditioning the Programmed Mind

We must reach beyond our Ego-dominated mind programs, because if we fail to do

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Chri st Consci ousness Cosmi c Consci ousness Thi s i s your wak e up call! Cr ossing t he Rainbow Bridge Jesus said to his disciples:? I came to show human possibilities. What has been created by me, all men can create. And that which I am, all men will be.?Ancient Tibetan Manuscript, quoted by Russian anthropologist Nicholas Roerich in his 1926 work ?Himalaya.? The word Christ comes from Greek and means?anointed.? Jesus was called Christ because he became one with his Christ Self. Did you know that everyone of us has a Christ Self and that each one of us can also become one with our Christ Self? The idea that only Jesus is Christ is a misinterpretation of the Gospel. Everyone who becomes one with the inner Christ Self can be called the Christ, and the Christ is always the one who is anointed with the

Light of the I AM Presence. The Universal Christ is individualized for each human being as the Christ Self. This is what we know as the Spark of God within us. The seat of authority is the Heart Chakra because your own Christ Self is hidden in this tiny secret chamber of your heart. This is not seen physically. It is from here that you are connected with a silver cord to the Source, giving you life.Christ Consciousness is the human recognition of the blending of the ego or lower personality and the lower mind, with the Divine Personality and the Divine Mind. This awareness is accrued when intention, attention and openness is focused on the heart, living completely from your heart. In esoteric terms this is known as crossing the Rainbow Bridge, in Sanskrit called the Antahkarana,from the lower self to the Higher Self, shifting your

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consciousness from the physical realms to the divine realms, transforming from lower to Higher Consciousness. Everyone, regardless of your beliefs, can achieve this state of Christ Consciousness. It is a state of balancing all four bodies, your physical, emotional, mental with your soul identity, a state of full awareness, of being awake to your true nature and who you really are, living joyfully as your Higher Self, as a Divine Being, as a child of Spirit, bringing heaven to earth, according to the Divine Plan for planetary transformation. The highest state of intellectual development and emotional maturity is sometimes termed the ?Christed? state because of the sacredness and purity of the individual who has achieved it. Jesus achieved this in his human life, and was given this term before his name as the recognition of his achievement of this spiritual status. This path is open to anyone regardless of their religious tradition if and when he or she is open to become a living vessel of Love and Truth on the planet and actively strives to attain it. Christ Consciousness is also known as Krishna Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, God Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness or Enlightenment. When you achieve Christ Consciousness it also means that you live with Unconditional Love. At Enlightenment your soul energy is united with the infinite Christ Energy, which is Unconditional Love. There is more about Unconditional Love in a later chapter. As we know Jesus spoke in parables. For example, this is what is mentioned in the Bible. ?Then will the conduct of each one and the secrets of hearts be brought to light.?What

Jesus was referring to was that the secret chamber of the heart will be known to one and all. Although all mystics over the millenniums knew of this secret and its significance, it was not common knowledge to the masses until now in our generation. Shortly before His crucifixion and resurrection, Jesus Christ delivered a major prophecy of end-time events. And as he sat upon the Mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, ?Tell us, when shall these things be and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?? Jesus responded with a description of conditions and events that would lead up to His second coming. Moreover, He said that when these signs became evident, His return would occur within one generation. ?Verily I say unto you, this generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.? It makes sense that Jesus was referring to our generation today. Because, Jesus further reveals that ?this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.? As we evolve and become aware of and achieve the ?Christ Consciousness? within our hearts, it means Christ has returned, in each of our hearts individually! What was inconceivable 2000 years ago, and even up to half a century ago, is in our day and age today very much possible, where our modern technology gives us access to instant internet making rapid electronic communications possible worldwide. Everyone in all nations has access to all the information needed to evolve to activate the Heart Consciousness, Christ

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consciousness, as predicted, generation - our generation.



earth,?in other words our mission is to manifest heaven on earth.

Because of our focus on the material things in life, much of humankind has forgotten its true birthright as a child of a loving God. What is meant by ?and God?s Kingdom will be established on earth,?is when a critical mass of the human family has embraced the Christ Consciousness then we have peace, unity and oneness on earth. This is possible as this movement is currently well on its way and we will have heaven on earth and some of us who are lucky might be alive to witness this.

Each person hasher and his own path to finding Spirit, allowing that path to unfold naturally. Sometimes people find their way within the context of their own certain religious beliefs; some people will find their own way by blending beliefs together in a unique and innovative way. All ways and paths are honored if they lead a person into becoming more forgiving, kind, patient, compassionate, loving, tolerant, and joyful. All paths of LOVE lead to the same Source of All That Is. We all share the same Creator-Source as living expressions of that Source- Personality and we all are moving back home to unite with the Source.

Here?s what Buddha said about achieving Nirvana: ?Defeat the last demon that is inside your head and you will be enlightened.?We all have angels and demons inside our head, the more you act from love, the more evil will leave you. Flood your whole being with Light from your Higher Self and fill your heart and all your actions with love and you will purify yourself, so you can arrive to Christ Consciousness. Many individuals have incorrectly assumed that the goal of being on earth is simply to reach and find personal enlightenment as an individual separate from the whole. But our mission is bigger than that. Edgar Cayce believed, ?that as children of God, our mission is to somehow bring spirit into the

Christ consciousness is the state of awareness of our true nature, our Higher Self, and our birthright as children of God. It is our living expression as a child of Spirit as we unfold our own divine life plan onto the earth plane, bringing heaven to earth. Living in the reality of our ?Christed?self is actually being fully alive and invested in who we truly are. In our ?Christed?self we live as inspiration for others to seek this for themselves, so we can collectively move our planet forward, into the divine plan for planetary transformation and glorification. As one Indian Yogi Master explains it, we're all naturally Krishna conscious. In illusion,

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we think we?re the center of the universe, and we begin to believe that our physical body is the real self. Krishna Consciousness means becoming free from that illusion, and experiencing our true blissful, eternal nature. It's a process that works. Anyone can do it. Krishna Consciousness is both a practice and the goal of the practice. The goal is to be Krishna conscious. The practice is to always stay conscious of Krishna, in harmony with ultimate reality, to be a Supra human. Again being Krishna conscious or being Christ conscious, Buddha conscious or God conscious, it is all one and the same.

physical heart.

The Upanishads, which date back to several 1000s B.C., no one really knows for sure, are a collection of ancient Vedic texts writings from original oral transmissions that form the core of Indian philosophy, about mankind and the universe both philosophical and spiritual. Upanishad means ?brahma-knowledge? by which ignorance is annihilated. One of the oldest and longest of the Upanishads is the Brihadaranyaka which says:

This Self within in the tiny space does not age, nor can it be destroyed by death. The Brahman is the true Brahman city and not the physical body. It is free of sin, free from old age, free from death or grief, from hunger or thirst. It desires nothing but the highest reality and wills nothing but its own wholeness. But as here on earth people follow as they are bidden by the world, and depend on the object they are attached to, be it a country or a piece of land, and as here on earth, whatever has been acquired by exertion perishes, so perishes whatever is acquired for the next world by sacrifices and other good actions performed on earth.

?From the unreal lead me to the real. From darkness lead me to light. From death lead me to immortality!?

?There is the city of Brahman - the body, and in it a palace, a small lotus of the heart, and in that there is a small space. What exists within that small space is to be sought and to be understood. As large as this space is - all space, so large is the space in the heart. Both heaven and earth are contained in it, both fire and air, both sun and moon, both lightning and stars, and whatever there is of the Self here in the world, and whatever is not - whatever has been and will be, all that is contained within this tiny space.

The main point is that this can be achieved by meditating with the awareness that the Atman, the Soul, is one with all things and that ?ONE?is ?Brahman?which becomes the ?ALL.?

Those who depart from hence without having discovered the Self and those true desires, for them there is no freedom in all the worlds. But those who depart from hence and those true desires, for them there is freedom in all the worlds.?

In the Upanishads this secret chamber in the heart is referred as The Palace in the Heart. The eighth book of ?Chandogya Upanishad?opens with a teacher explaining the subtle organ that exists within the

When the seeker goes into his heart to his own immortal soul that dwells within that space, there to truly find what is real and what is false. It is by practicing concentration and

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meditating on the heart, to go within this sacred space that the yogin gains knowledge of the mind, also telepathic insight in the passions and desires of human beings. What is here in this citadel of Brahma (the body) is an abode, a small lotus-flower (the heart). Within that is a small space. Because this small space within the heart is the dwelling place of a human being?s immortal Self or Soul (the Atman), knowledge of it is the yogin?s highest calling.? There is more about the Self in this tiny space in the heart in the Bhagavad-Gita. ?Never was there a time when I was not, nor you, nor princes, nor will there be a time when we shall cease to be ? all of us hereafter? Of what is not there is no becoming, of what is there no ceasing to be? . The Self is indestructible, never is it born, nor die, never did it come to be nor will it ever come to be again, unborn, eternal, everlasting is this Self. It is not slain when the body is slain.? I am reminded here of a little episode in my life that had profound impact on me and was the trigger for my deciding to give up all my material possessions and take off with a rucksack on my back, on a sabbatical to visit Buddhist monasteries. I actually was meaning to go to India with the intention to spend a long time in an Ashram, perhaps even the rest of my life. But ill health stopped me at the last minute to embark on this journey, far away from home and my children. I have the feeling, somehow, that I must have spent many life times in

Ashrams, because I?m always drawn to finding my way there, but am constantly stopped by circumstances beyond my control. This goes back a couple of decades now. At that time I had a counseling practice in the heart of Zurich. One day a young good looking dark man, and I say young looking rather than just young, because I later realized he might have been much older than he looked, walked into my practice unannounced. He looked very Indian and very out of place on a hot summer day, wearing a tailored black suit with a white shirt, black shiny shoes and black socks. I was intrigued and I just happened to be free for a while, again if you believe in coincidences, so I invited him to sit down and to have some tea. I was curious so I naturally asked him where he was from and what he was doing here. He spoke perfect English in a quiet pleasant voice, with a very heavy Indian accent. It was obvious to me that he was not accustomed to the European ways, manners or dress. He explained that he was from an Ashram way up north in India and that he was on a tour in Europe to collect money for the Ashram. Now I was even more curious and wanted to know more so I bombarded him with questions about their activities in the ashram and where it was exactly. I wanted the address of his ashram I wanted to go there! He smiled. He was a little vague about the details but he showed me a very old faded photograph of himself with all the other

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yogis of the ashram. The photograph must have been taken at the beginning of the last century with him looking exactly the same as he was there sitting in front of me in his mid 30s. He told me how they meditated most of the time to gain certain powers and he offered to demonstrate this to me. He said: ?Take this piece of paper,?and he reached out to take a small page from a note pad on my desk, he folded this blank note three four times, and he handed it to me saying: ?Hold this piece of folded paper tight in the palm of your right hand. Now close your eyes and think of someone you know, anyone, and I will not only tell you who you are thinking of, but their name will be written on this piece of paper in ink.? I was totally mesmerized by this man and my mind raced to find someone I know with an uncommon name, a name, I thought, that he couldn?t possibly ever guess. Holding the folded little piece of paper tight in my hand, I closed my eyes and I thought of my mother who had passed away a few years before, who was of Arab/Greek origin and had a French name, Yvonne. I opened my eyes and I grinned at him, sure that he would never in a million years be able to guess this one. Without a doubt, he could read my thoughts. He looked very amused. He smiled gently and asked me to look at the note in my hand. I unfolded that piece of paper and right there written in capital letters in ink was the name of my mother Yvonne spelt in capital letters correctly and clearly. Smiling he said, ?you were thinking of your mother and that?s her name.? I was speechless for a second but recovered quickly. I cried out in total amazement.

?Wow, how did you do that? I want to learn to do this too! ?? Ah, this is a secret and you need many many long years in an Ashram, sometimes even a lifetime, to learn to do this.? He said, ?Now I think you will give me a little contribution for my Ashram yes?? And of course, I did. I handed him a hundred Francs note, which was all the cash I had on me, and wished him well. Secretly I wished he would take me with him to his ashram and I?m sure he could read my thoughts. He shook my hand looked me deep in the eyes and left. I never saw him again but he left a strong impact on me. It was surreal. Here are some more excerpts from the Upanishads about the heart. ?The world of Brahman belongs to those who through studentship find the world of Brahman. They win the freedom to move in all worlds. There exist channels of the heart, of a subtle essence, tawny, white, blue, yellow, red. The sun too is tawny, white, blue, yellow and red. So when asleep, withdrawn and perfectly calm, one knows no dream, one has slipped into these channels. No evil touches one, for one is endowed with light. A hundred and one are channels of the heart. Of them, one flows out through the head. Going up by it, one reaches immortality. Others, on departing go in all directions.? And here?s another excerpt that explains even more in detail: ?This heart that the Upanishad is speaking of does not get old when the body gets old. It is not destroyed when the body is destroyed. It is the city of the gods. How can it be destroyed? It can never be destroyed, for it is not a city of brick and mortar. It is not like a city that is

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built by man. It is the eternal abode of the eternal objective of eternal aspiration. This little thing that we call the heart is nothing that is mortal or physical. It is the Atman. It is free from every kind of affliction or sorrow or limitation. It is un-aging, for it has no age. It is the timeless Being and, therefore, it has no destruction. It sees no death. It sees no sorrow. It is self-existent by its own pristine magnificence. It has no hunger and It has no thirst. It asks for nothing, for it is self-sufficient in Its own Self. Whatever it wills is capable of being materialized at one stroke. This is the will that is pure in character, uncontaminated by any kind of falsehood which is of the nature of externality. The nearer we go to this 'secret heart', the more is the strength of our will and the more is our capacity to manifest it and materialize it in our practical life.? It is said that for the past thousands of years India was entrusted with all the ancient sacred spiritual knowledge until such times when the world was ready, east merging with the west and humanity awakening. This time clearly is now here and we are all witness to this unique cosmic event. Christ Consciousness is the state of awareness of our true nature as we embody our Higher Self, and live our birthright as children of God. As we unfold our own divine life plan we bring heaven on earth. It is the goal of human life to evolve toward Spirit. This is the journey that unfolds over the course of a lifetime. It is the adventure of moving from time and space to eternity as spirit reaches into the hearts and minds of humans, to urge us to choose the ascension path, to unite with the Source of Creation.

Your Christ Self is your inner teacher, your guardian and your dearest friend. To develop a close relationship with your inner Self means you are never lonely or alone. This is the voice that speaks to you within your heart that shows you right from wrong. It is the unseen hand that guides you in the right direction to follow your soul path, when you are blinded by your habitual patterns from your past actions. The more you listen to your inner promptings, the more you follow this inner voice, the closer you are to connecting completely with your Christ Self. The closer you are to be who you really are. In the next chapter you will read more about the powers hidden in the Pineal Gland, your mind?s eye. Repeat the meditation seed thought to yourself every morning as you wake up and at night before you go to sleep, and as often as you can remember throughout the day, every day, for one month, before you go on to the next one. Seed Thought for Meditation: ?I AM CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS WITHIN ME? ?I AM THAT I AM? Š Margo Kirtikar Ph.D. in the Science of Metaphysics Your Spiritual Guide/Life Coach/Mentor over 25 years of experience helping individuals to self-transformation to a life of joy, success and abundance. Connecting with the Source of Power!

http://www.theilluminedheartandmind.com/ http://www.margokirtikar.com/

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M in d at it s ?pu r est ?, or lar gest , is Aw ar en ess (of Self ) an d t h u s w h at w e also call Pu r e Con sciou sn ess. As this awareness becomes narrower, or more focused (through individuation) it becomes in our terms less conscious and thus denser or more constricted? and we categorize these differing stages of awareness as different ?parts?of the mind! However there are no parts as such: the mind is not neatly divided into compartments with boundaries between what refer to its different parts and thus actually it would be more accurate to describe these as different aspects of the mind!

At this point, lets also become aware that while we laud the higher, finer, purer mind? it is this ?pure? consciousness, which chooses density to experience its true purity; and it is this ?One mind? that chooses to individuate and paradoxically enhance its ?oneness?? and this Expansive awareness that chooses to constrict itself into a more and more honed focus? because through these increasingly narrower focuses does it indeed ?further ? expand! The mind is thus the medium that Godself creates to further experience Itself in. If

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deeply understood, the Mind is thus the origin of separation and ignorance? and at some point, once we have explored all that we have chosen to? once we have expanded back to the universal mind, we need must go beyond the mind to ?Be? Godself? again! This is the state referred to ?Pure Being?? and we can indeed begin to taste this, even whilst on the journey ?back?: through meditation, through love, through play and through the joys of purely being! Words and concepts belong to the mind and thus at some point need to go beyond them. Paradoxically, this game (leela) of Self-exploration entails using the mind to explore and expand Self, and then using the mind? to indeed go beyond it! From our human point of view, the mind is the apparatus connecting what we can call Spirit and Matter (the body. It is at its largest our very consciousness? and thus no matter how we will categorize the mind as this writing continues (even when we refer to it as subconscious or unconscious) the mind is always consciousness? ?Once upon a 'time,' before time existed, we volunteered to leave our spiritual home and descend into the acute focus, which is provided by these dense realms of physicality; and as we fulfill its purpose we begin to expand this focus back to our larger selves? ? Divyaa ?Let us understand our human experience of being soul- Soul consciousness arises when we stand facing in opposite directions at the same time - toward eternity and toward time, toward infinity and toward space, toward unity and toward complexity. We stand in that dualism without being dualistic, for in

consciousness we can accommodate the opposites. We do this by identifying with both. This identification results in the experience of being an individual while at the same time being the whole, and finding no contradiction in this experience? Now , t h e m in d can be descr ibed in m an y w ays, an d t h r ou gh m an y t er m s, bu t in t h is w r it in g I w ill t ou ch u pon som e of t h e com m on ly u sed t er m s or cat egor ies. You m ay in deed view t h ese as f ou r dif f er en t ph ot ogr aph s or cam er a an gles of t h e On e M in d? w it h t h er e bein g m an y m or e! -Con sciou s, Su bcon sciou s, Un con sciou s, an d Su per -con sciou s/ Su pr a con sciou s m in d -Ego (Ah am ) low er m in d (M an as), h igh er m in d (Bu ddh i) m em or y (Ch it t a) -Bet a, Alph a, Th et a, Delt a? -Br ain , Hear t , Ch ak r a?s? However, as stated above, please keep in mind (awareness!) that these are not different ?parts?of the mind even though we need must refer to them and even illustrate them as such for the sake of further explanation. Let us zoom our camera of perception to view the Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious, and Super-conscious/ Supra conscious mind. As seen above the mind is only consciousness! So these categories only refer to the degree that we are consciously aware of anything. What I am wholly aware of becomes part of the conscious mind, what I am less aware of belongs to the subconscious mind, what I am wholly

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unaware of is the unconscious mind. As all these merge and become increasingly conscious? it is what we refer to as the awakening of the super-conscious mind! The Supra conscious mind is thus when we as humans are wholly aware of Self: when we straddle humanity and Pure Consciousness. -To start with, each entity is only conscious of the dynamics within its own dimension. For example the third dimensional self is conscious of what can be perceived by the five physical senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell; but remains largely unconscious of the dynamics of other dimensions. Likewise the first dimensional or second dimensional being is only conscious of its own dimension. Conscious awareness of other dimensions (called the multi dimensional mind) only become possible as we expand our minds to the super-consciousness of the fifth dimensionfrom which state of mind we can then view our current and all our lower dimensional selves. However the 5th dimensional remains unaware of the 6th? . but 6th would be aware of the 6th dimensional and all ?below?? and so on. Thus do keep in mind, that as humans we start with a uni dimensional mind- 3rd dimensional- but we can expand to higher states of consciousness through gyan, love, meditation, etc. The paths are many and not really the subject we are handling in this writing! CONSCIOUS M IND The conscious mind is the most significant aspect of the human mind because indeed the human journey is about this conscious re-awakening? ! The human experience is

about the conscious awareness of SELF: Conscious awareness of ?That I Am?through the conscious awareness of ?That I am not?. In very layman terms it means consciously accepting our creator hood and all that it means! And thus life after life we are in the process of expanding and aligning our conscious feelings and thoughts? . beliefs? mind? back to Pure (Godself) consciousness! We are in the process of making the unconscious and subconscious more and more conscious! (Removing the unconscious or subconscious limitations and fears of ignorance and separation? the ?I am not?; and thus expanding back to pure consciousness from which we willfully separated or descended) -"Conscious" means aware of, and able to attend to stimuli, and so our conscious mind is what we are aware of, and can respond willfully from. -Our conscious mind is thus the part of our mind that 'thinks'. It can deliberate, accept or reject information... It is the part of our mind that has the power to choose what beliefs we ascribe to. It has the power to decide what information should cross the threshold into our subconscious mind! It is the tool to help us expand our subconscious mind and to disempower its limitations. More so it is the mind that can indeed instruct or command what we call the universal mind to do its bidding! Seth calls it the boss and the universal mind its ?slave?! SUB CONSCIOUS M IND -The subconscious mind is many layered, starting from merely your unobserved thoughts, feelings, beliefs to past

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experiences of this life (conditioning) or another (what we call 'karma'). Beliefs that you are not consciously aware of in the current life! It is almost like a mega-memory bank, storing all latent impressions that you have not yet made conscious! Therefore more often than not the subconscious holds many of your fears and limiting beliefs which life after life or year after year in any current life, you have suppressed ignored, held in abeyance...which you have not released or dissolved through their conscious awareness! These then become 24/7 energy signatures unknown to you! So even though you are not consciously aware of these - they play out wily nily in your life! Usually you look within, towards this aspect of your mind, only when it creates issues/challenges/problems outside! Yes, the sub conscious mind can hold some positive beliefs, specially latent strengths you have chosen to expand? but because you have not brought them ?alive?so to say through conscious awareness, they too work wily nily like fluke darts in the dark bringing some good your way. It is their conscious awareness that would empower them? and allow them to be used optimally! Carl Jung sums it up beautifully when he says:' Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate'. This is indeed the process of what we call life? after life! Expanding our awareness to more and more conscious, becoming boss and creator rather than being directed by ?fate? and the fears, limitations and flukes of the subconscious

mind. Another quote, which may help with this very significant understanding: ?Conflict, pain, tension, fear and paradoxes are all transformations waiting to happen. If we confront them the transformation begins? ? So the whole point of any current life is to go beyond unconscious living? to expand the subconscious mind and its inherited belief systems. We live far below our possibilities when governed by unconscious input. Through introspection and contemplation, through gyan, the conscious mind can be used instead; towards a deeper, more inclusive, more powerful way of being. CONSCIOUS AND SUB CONSCIOUS M IND Now it is important to understand that both the conscious an subconscious mind are equally important in manifesting our life and tripartite realities (personal, environmental and world) - as both emit (or indeed are) energy signatures that impact raw material energy into manifesting as the people, events and things we call life. The conscious minds signatures we are aware of, the subconscious minds signatures we are not. However, the importance of the conscious mind becomes more apparent when you recall (from the above mentioned) that in spite of both aspects of the mind impacting and shaping energy into your life events, it is the conscious mind that is the boss! Because the conscious mind can instruct the subconscious mind- it is the conscious mind that can rewrite the subconscious scripts; re-program the latent subconscious pathways. And the only claim to fame that the

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subconscious mind has is our very unawareness of its contents; and thus its wily nily impacting raw material energy is its power! But it is always amenable to the will and directions of conscious mind who is indeed boss? . and when thus redirected or reprogrammed by the conscious mind, the subconscious mind ?automatically?goes about emanating the appropriate energy signatures? .what we consciously choose! It can thus become a 24/7 magnet attracting/manifesting what we consciously choose in the now, rather than its wily nily, unknown to us energy signatures, based on limiting past experiences and their fears! This conscious reprogramming can be done through positive thinking and affirmations but more deeply and permanently through conscious belief work (self introspection and contemplation or counseling and therapy) and ultimately through 'gyan' or mind (and heart and chakric) expansion and of course through meditation! The first two methods imply making the subconscious, more and more conscious, and in that rewriting its beliefs and thus reprogramming its energy signatures. However with this understanding we can better employ the universal laws of energy and the tools of manifestation that we come across in books and moves! ?If a man devotes himself to the instructions of his unconscious, it can bestow this gift (of renewal), so that suddenly life, which has been stale or dull, turns into a rich unending inner adventure, full of creative possibilities? And the latter two imply expanding our very conscious so that the subconscious and its energy signatures automatically

expand alongside! All four in tandem work geometrically! Indeed what we call Magic is this conscious will directing the subconscious and unconscious mind to do its bidding. ?The purpose of knowledge is not to add new information or new beliefs to your mind or to try and convince you of anything, but to bring about a shift in consciousness, that is to say, to awaken. Knowledge is about you. It will change you state of consciousness or it will be meaningless? UNCONSCIOUS M IND Which brings us to the unconscious mind. Again I reiterate that these compartments are not watertight and are being used for explanation only, and thus all aspects of the mind interlink and overlap each other. The unconscious mind can also be viewed in many layers- but very simply put for this writing; the unconscious mind is that part of our overall experience that is not observable to our current consciousnesses. It is that part of our overall experience we do not need too access for current day-to-day life. (And thus is it called ?un? conscious-but do note that the word consciousness remains!) Thus the unconscious mind means unaware of and thus unable to attend to its dynamics ? be it within our own dimension (for example our digestive processes) or another (for example Third dimensional humans are largely unaware of their first, second and fourth dimensional selves...and thus unable to responds from there) This is a device to enable the current human experience- so that we can focus on the current life ?experiences and tasks?so to

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say. Once we have (in any life) made wholly Conscious (consciously aligned) any aspect of our existence with ?That I AM?(call it Pure Consciousness, Universal Self, Godself? or what you choose) we do not need to consciously experience or learn it again; and thus if not required in the current plan, it gets ?stored? in what we call the unconscious mind. For example our DNA! Indeed all that we automatically do? without conscious awareness? digestion, breathing, moving etc? we have consciously experienced/learnt it in some dimension or state of being and thus do not need to bother with it consciously in a current life! It is also of extreme significance to understand that the unconscious mind also includes our Godself awareness? that Pure Consciousness which we willfully veiled, or individuated or constricted or made denser. Thus it also encompasses the Universal One Mind? or what is known as the power of infinite intelligence and unconditional love and abundance! But as we are playing the game of ?separation?(or ?individuation?) from it, it remains unconscious within us. CONSCIOUS AND UNCONSCIOUS Now again become aware of the importance of the conscious min! As we expand our consciousness, the unconscious can be accessed through physical body messages, dreams, deep introspection (if externally aided these are also called regression and hypnosis) and meditation. Indeed the conscious awareness of the very same subconscious and unconscious minds become the super conscious mind! This has to be a journey

however, an unfolding, a blossoming, a stretching of the mind or our energy fields ? because otherwise the current conscious mind cannot ?contain? the vastness, and is what then becomes hallucinatory, mad, etc. Also recall from the above mentioned: the conscious mind can instruct the unconscious mind. This is what current common parlance refers to as commanding the universe, which then kicks in full time to perform according to this conscious information or directions! The right people, events and things will start appearing in your life, bringing your way opportunities from wherever appropriate for suitable action? towards becoming aware of your limitations or using your strengths. Everything will be set in motion to help you achieve your desire. Once you truly understand the super-conscious mind power, you will realize that success is not a function of luck, but of the conscious mind. A beautiful quote to sum this up: ? Utilizing your conscious mind to direct the subconscious mind to enter into communication and harmony with the universal mind is the secret of personal power? ? Of course if you wish to understand this deeper, there is only ONE mind. And all individuated minds are aspects of and thus connected to it. This understanding is vital to appreciate that your inner being already possesses all the wisdom ? indeed all that you will ever need. Self is your ultimate resource, and thus when you tap into it positive things happen ?automatically?? which truly means ?through self ?! Auto=Self! And so, if you really think of it, you have within you access to the

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unlimited abundance, beauty, vitality, wisdom, love and all potential of the universe? ( your unconscious mind or energy fields) and you only need to tap into it! And how? Through the intention of the conscious mind! SUPER-CONSCIOUS M IND While we have touched upon the different aspects of the mind, I have emphasized their interplay with the conscious mind, so that you may comprehend the significance of the conscious mind! When you become consciously aware of the true nature of your inner being and its resources, you begin to dissolve many of the former limitations to your growth. Thus conscious awareness works both ways: you ?automatically? disempower the myriad limitations arising from separation and ignorance; plus as your very awareness expands, it empowers all that you increasingly become aware of! Thus is awareness also: Life Force or Creative Power. This power is an aspect of what you already are; you just need to real-ize this (make it real) through your conscious realization and thereby view it flow into your day-to-day life. ?The self has no boundaries except those it accepts out of ignorance. Mans creations are a statement of where his consciousness is? ?

As this develops, the ?minds?begin to blend and merge and expand into becoming your one super conscious mind! The super-conscious is innately multidimensional and thus you straddle the universe and all that it offers? simultaneously! Ascension is the process of changing one's consciousness from one reality, based on one set of beliefs, to another. On a group level, ascension is the collective expansion of a state of consciousness set of beliefs to the point where that consciousness creates a new reality a new state of being or dimension You look for superior selves. You hope for senior selves, for spirits that know what you do not know, and yet I speak for the humblest cell within your body, to whom you do not listen? . I speak for the knowledge that you have! I speak for the strata of your own psyches. You are the superior selves towards whom you struggle with such great seriousness, and you cannot understand that it is precisely that seriousness that cuts you off from the intimate knowledge of the playfulness of your own being. ~ SETH

Š Divyaa Kummar www.divyaakummar.com

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AN INTRODUCTION TO ? TAOIST PRACTICES Tao, which literally means ?the way? is something we can?t reduce into the simple meaning of a path, practices or state of being. Tao is absolutely everything and absolute nothing, something which we can also say about Yoga. If we put aside arguments of Historians and Experts, no one really knows when Taoist Practices originated and if we hear and believe Taoist Legends these practices are there from the time human races are there in this earth. Arguably these practices have their origin in aboriginal religious practices and slowly with time many masters added their individual practices evolved and developed by them over a period of time and hence various schools of practice and learning within Taoist Practices

exist. Tao is mostly concerned with harmonizing the dual forces or energy, anything which exists is dual and hence things even thoughts can exist only with various kinds of harmonized existence of these two opposite dual nature of Yin (roughly feminine ? Yoga practitioners may hear it as Shakti or Prakriti) and Yang ( roughly masculine, perhaps though not exactly but similar to yogic understanding of Shiva or Purusha). Most of the Taoist practices are for creating harmony between Yin and Yang and other practices work on these fundamental dual nature of existence. It must be noted that Yin and Yang are not two forces but two faces of one force or existence or perhaps we can say of absolute nothingness. Chi Kung or Qi Gong is one of the original

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Taoist practices which were evolved in forms of exercises, meditations and practices which were either in form of movement (representing Yin) or stable postures (representing Yang). These esoteric practices later evolved as Kung Fu (martial arts) which included exercises (in the line of asanas and Kalari), sounds (in the line of mantra), symbolic forms (in the line of mudra), breathing (in the line of Kriyas and Pranayama) and of course into meditations. These practices many times also included medicinal healing and they were developed to work on each aspect of life with the focus on awareness ( this is something which is key to all Taoist Practices i.e. Tao, it is awareness which is guiding force in creating harmony between Yin and Yang and which is pure Tao). Taoist practices were evolved to use every aspect of our day to day life, there are practices which harmonizes internal energies which at primary stages are sexual in nature to transform them into spiritual energies. This must be noted that practices focus on transforming one universal energy, in essence, there are no two energies i.e. spiritual, upward moving energy or sexual, downward moving energy but just one energy-oriented in different directions of life. This energy is universal and is called Chi. Most of Taoist practices came from schools of martial arts, in beginning these practices are just simple exercises to harmonize your Yin and Yang and later they evolve into fighting or hardcore physical practices, later they evolve into mental power and then in form of energy practices and healing, later they become

meditations and enlightenment.





One can compare this understanding with Yoga where Hatha practices evolve into Raja Yoga and lead towards Kaivalya. Taoist Practices including Tai Chi ( a form of Taoist martial arts) are to create harmony, reduce stress, creating wellness for individual beings by healing in wholeness ( body, breath, mind and soul) and are also other simple tools to transform our life into joyful, still, silent and better human beings through our daily practices. One thing which we must remember is these practices are originally developed for daily practices and to practice them with awareness There is no need to learn and master very complex forms and martial arts which takes years to learn but what is needed is practicing simple things with awareness. Life is simple and so must be our practices. Tao masters focus very much on physical practices and keep our body healthy. All body-oriented practices appear to happen at the physical level and later with time we realize that it is the mind which leads the practice from the inner self. We can look into few inner practices for better understanding. Inner Smile and Microcosmic Orbit Mediations are one of most common Taoist health practices which are focused on creating good health in body and mind. In the inner smile, we start from smiling at our face and with our mind, we bring this happiness to our inner organs by the mind.

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This helps to move Chi from outer to inner. Taoist see our organs are fundamentally made from five elements of tao and are basically Yin or Yang type. Inner smile practice helps in moving good and healthy Chi in our body organs and keep them healthy and in better shape. Of course one must learn to really move chi with our smile and then only this practice of bringing the smile to internal organs become inner smile. Similarly, Microcosmic Orbit meditation is one of most powerful meditation techniques known to mankind. This focus on moving energy from lower center to higher center and then backward i.e. completing the whole cycle within the human body which is microcosmos and energetically the whole replica of Universe. Taoist practitioners had the deep understanding of using biomechanical pumps mostly located in the human spine to circulate energies consciously to heal body, mind and also as a higher practice of the self. There are thousands of such techniques available in ancient Chinese texts and many known only in inner circles of Taoist masters. One must be careful that such practices must be learned from a trained practitioner and any incorrect practices by reading books and internet resource may be harmful and disturb subtle energy flows of the inner and external body. In the modern world there are hundreds of so-called Taoist practitioners who have much academic knowledge but unless we learn from masters who have practiced and bring these practices into true practice can be a worthy teacher. Simpler practices learned and practiced on a daily basis will be more helpful to us than complex and long forms which are not advisabl in today' world.

a stage where we simply do nothing and is one in Tao. (C) Maxin James & Master Masa M axin Jam es had learned and practiced Tantra Chakra Meditation, Reiki and Tai Chi and other yogic and Taoist practices. He likes travelling and exploring cultures and myths in and around India and other parts of the world. He heads compliance and corporate secretarial of Muthoot Finance Ltd at Kochi, Kerala, India. He has authored a novella ?A monk and his girlfriend?available at English and Romanian.He can be reached at jamesmaxin@gmail.com? M ast er M asa is one of the leading health and wellness professionals and life coach. Considered one of the most inspiring people through his role as trainer, wellness expert and life coach. Every week he encourages people, as a motivator and role model. Masa has an exceptional connection with students that look up from his own personal journey toward wellness. https://www.dao-retreat.org/master-tao

Tao masters always advised us to act minimum and do simplest practices. In deepest of their realm, they inspire us to reach

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