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YO U R SPI RI T U A L REVO L U T I O N Decem ber 2017

What's Your Passion?

Decem ber 2017

Set Me Free I Can Heal You!

Enter Teen Land

How to Exit The Matrix?

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Your Spirit ual Revolut ion

Happy Holidays!

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Have you watched the movie 'The Matrix'? Have you ever wondered what if we are really living in a simulated world? If yes, I am sure you will love to read the article 'How to exit the matrix' by Frank Wanderer.

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I have shared one of my channeled messages on 'What's your purpose' to give you clarity on purpose of your life. In this issue, Elleanaah shares her tips on how to set free the inner child to facilitate your healing. Divyaa Kumaar has tried to demystify myths about Kundalini in her article giving you deep insights for understanding Kundalini energy. Michael Reccia has shared a channeled article for turning into the God within. This issue also includes an article with practical tips by Rhonda Lipstein about raising teens. We have also included couple of interesting spiritual videos! To Your Freedom! Amitt Parikh

01 How t o Exit t he Mat rix in 6 St eps By Frank M. Wanderer The question then arises: have we already got rid of the matrix? The emptiness is perfect, but we still must take the last step in order to be completely free.


What ?s Your Passion? By Amitt Parikh

Money, Passion and Spirituality workshop specifies the broad spectrum of activities you can undertake for an individual?s journey towards perfection.



By Ellaeenah JF

Getting the Inner Child free, and thus facilitating the self-healing process for others, is the most rewarding of all the work that I do.



If we truly understand this we get a big clue into understanding Kundalini beyond its exotic connotation!



Brian Eno (Roxy Music founder, U2 producer and, many will assert, the inventor of ambient music) is taking a stroll through Washington Square Park.


Tuning int o The God - wit hin Michael G Reccia

We have to go back to the principle, to the reality, of you having two minds. You have a mind in your head that is influenced by the Field. You have a mind in your heart that is influenced by your soul and your connection to God.

21 Ent er Teen Land by Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

Life can be quite funny at times, bringing forth situations of such irony, we have only to sit back and laugh at the awe of it all.


Spirit ual Videoz

How to Exit the Matrix in 6 Steps By Fr an k M . Wan der er The virtual reality introduced in the Matrix films is generated by a computer, and the people live in this artificially created reality. If you spend some time and pay attention to the reality of your everyday life, you will find a stunning discovery. Because our everyday reality shows a great deal of resemblance to movie?s virtual reality. Our virtual reality may not be generated by a computer, but by our mind, our constantly flowing thoughts and emotions. And so we are living in the imprisonment of our thoughts and feelings? matrix. Let?s see what features this matrix has and how to get rid of them.

01 . YSR . Decem ber 2017

1.St ep. Th e Wor ld of Per m an en t Ch an ge We chase our desires and unfulfilled dreams. We are attracted by money, power, prestige, a wholesome, happy life. All this lies there hidden behind the powerful iron gate that is towering in front of us. Spurred by our ambitions, we pursue various goals all through our lives. We aspire for something all the time, we always want to achieve something. This restless rush is instigated by our fear that we are still not what we want to be. We are never satisfied, we always want something else, we would like to be better, more beautiful, richer than we are at present. That is how we pursue our goals until death, when we realize how meaningless the whole thing has been. But why are these goals

meaningless, we begin to protest immediately. The protest is caused by the vary nature of the forms and shapes, as in their world every form and shape is subject to permanent change, birth and death. Whatever we attract to us, we are going to lose it, as everybody departs from this world empty-handed, all those who pursue their goals, live in the spell of past and future. 2.St ep. Th e Spir it u al Seek in g We, however, wish to find the security of permanence in our life. We would like to find what is beyond the world of constant change. In order to do so, we become spiritual seekers. As a first step of spiritual seeking we start to look for en ligh t en m en t , Self-recognition in the world of shapes and forms (that is, outside ourselves) in the hope of thus reaching the state of permanent happiness. We intend to find a dogma, a great Master, an elevating spiritual experience that expands our Con sciou sn ess. If it is not found here on Earth, we will be looking for it in the other world, in the heaven of a religion. We use the mind as a mean of spiritual search. It is through the mind that the Ego intends to understand what is beyond mind and forms. The mind in this way prepares the mental image of enlightenment, seeking, happiness etc. The mental images are born through the comprehensive process of the mind. For comprehension, we also require information, so we shall gather bits of information like a busy ant. From books on religion and spirituality, lectures heard and conversations attended, we are attempting to screen information, ideas, opinions and experience necessary for them.The same takes place with spiritual experience.We assume that if we gather a sufficient amount of experience, as a result we will reach a certain point, we will

increase their spirituality. These mental images motivate us to make efforts at implementing the mental images at the level of daily life, to make these images the cornerstones of our life. Achieving spiritual objectives, however, affords only momentary satisfaction for us, so after achieving one specific goal, relentlessness returns, urging us to start working for new objectives. The mind produces new mental images, and seeking starts all over again. 3.St ep. Th e St op We then go on seeking, until we eventually become tired of the process, and finally recognize its true nature.We stop and abandon spiritual seeking. We recognize that all the objectives we have so far been looking for outside ourselves, are only found within ourselves. We will stop when we recognize the activities of the mind and refuse to follow it any longer. We realize that with the help of the mind we will not be able to surpass the mind. We will experience that stopping is the inactive moment of the mind, the silence between thoughts. In that silence, we will experience the Consciousness without forms, and recognize that we are in fact the Presence without thoughts. We then leave behind the spiritual seeker, with all the accumulated knowledge and lofty spiritual experience. 4. St ep. Th e In n er Jou r n ey This is the beginning of an inner journey which takes us out from the matrix, beyond the mind.Once we have started our journey, we leave the world behind and abandon everything that has hampered us in our progress. We give up unimportant things in order to be able to concentrate our attention exclusively on the important ones. That is possible by means of a major mental clean-up.

02 . YSR . Decem ber 2017

When we begin doing that clean-up in earnest, we will soon face the vast multitude of our thoughts, opinions, ideas and the emotions attached to all these.After a period of time, we realize that we need to abandon all the unimportant things and trivialities, since these things will be found false in the light of our inner journey. Then we find ourselves all alone, and realize, that we still have not finished. We are still to shed the shadow that we believed to be ourself. 5. St ep. Th e Aw ak en in g: Com in g Hom e The awaking is the awakening of the Consciousness to its own existence through the form and shape that we formerly identified with ourselves. After the great clean up nothing remains but the empty space. But if we examine that space closer, we find that it is full of Consciousness, which is the inner peace, quiet and tranquility. We then realize that we are at home. Whatever now happens in that internal space, we must experience that. We must experience whatever life has to offer, there and then in that specific moment. The next moment does not need to bear the burden of the experience of the previous moment The question then arises: have we already got rid of the matrix? The emptiness is perfect, but we still must take the last step in order to be completely free. 6.St ep. Com eback That step will take us to the point where our entire journey began. We return to the Matrix, to the world of daily life. We, however, return in a state different from the one in which we departed, since we have undergone considerable changes during our journey. The Mind, the Ego and, together with it, selfishness vanished from ourselves. The emptiness, pulsating with life, and the Consciousness, awakened to its own existence, continue to

03 . YSR . Decem ber 2017

stay with us. In this way the world will be entirely different for us. We no longer feel en urge to run away from it, and we do not submerge in the swamp of identifying with the world. We are now free from all that, and the world is now a new adventure for us. We abandon ourselves into the streams of Life, and we merge with the Universe. In the meanwhile, we help others in awakening and we share the joy of existence and sympathy with everyone we encounter during our spiritual journey. (C) Frank M. Wanderer Frank M. Wanderer Ph.D is a professor of psychology, a consciousness researcher and writer. ~From the book: Fr an k M . Wan der er : Th e Revolu t ion of Con scio- u sn ess : Decon dit ion in g t h e Pr ogr am m ed M in d

What?s Your Passion? By Am it t Par ik h


oney, Passion and Spirituality workshop specifies the broad spectrum of activities you can undertake for an individual?s journey towards perfection. Perfection is an art of achieving oneness with a skill/talent such that you tap into The One?s specialized information/skill/talent/ know-how super highway for that specialty and become ?genius? in the eyes of the fellow travelers. You become the epitome of achievement in that field ? be it arts, sports, science or sci-fi movie making. Due to obsession, the person thinks nothing but that which takes him/her nearer to perfection in that field? only to push the boundaries ahead and dig out more to continue victorious journey ? re-writing records, creating amazing melodies or inventing new things constantly. You are such

a genius ? each one of you ? in your chosen field ? your passion ? be it cooking or teaching, singing or dancing? I see no difference. It?s the everlasting game of Self-expression Self-evolution. Do it!


Neither this nor that can help you achieve what you do not define! You must have a goal ? a passion ? a specialized field of expression? something you love infinitely ? against all odds ? that which will still keep you ?alive?? ticking ? happy to live yet another moment and grab the opportunity to make yet another expression or take another step for evolution. Life ? Aha! Life! That joy in living ? that eventful life ? it?s all yours ? here and now! Take it!

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World does not need you. You do not need the world. Yet both will exist forever. You need to define your relationship with the environment, relatives and friends, people around, country, planet and so on. The first relation being how you relate to your Self. The closer you are in connection with your inner Self, better will be your relationship with the environment and people around ? for each recognizes your connection to True Self ? That which only is The Truth ? of your existence as well as the existence of so called ?world? around you. The more authentic life you live, the more authentic world you create ? of infinite love and joy. Even in hellish times, you remain in bliss from within ? the birds keep singing ? the sky holds you in arms ? hell turns out to be heaven ? with your divine connection to the inner kingdom ? the Seat of Soul. ME. Th e Fir e of Passion ! Tomorrow never ever comes, dear. Right here, right now ? that?s the mantra for success. In a way, what you postpone, looses the fire of passion. It becomes either a duty or a moral conduct ? but not passion which knows no constrains ? no boundaries. It only satisfies with expression ? the energy outburst in form of a creation, work, play, music, dance, poetry or even a scientific exploration. The zeal ? the real conduit ? is that fire. To pacify that fire you work or play tirelessly ? trying your best to fulfil the promise you made to your self ? to live fully ? to live completely in sync with your inner fire ? passion. The one who is devoid of this passion-hunger is the mortal who has declared end of all pursuits and is happy to go back home. Both have various kinds of

05 . YSR . Decem ber 2017

passion ? passion to live life fully and passion to dissolve life completely into oblivion ? nirvana. Yet that too is a fire ? a passion to die for! You, my dear, live on a brink of this dilemma. To live or to die that is question! Once you dissolve there is no coming back to this form/body ? consciousness. And yet you are not sure if this is kind of a moral duty of all souls to go there, conquer the world and return back empty handed and empty headed or to live forever with passion to explore Self throughout infinity. Both options are lucrative ? both have the company of The One ? both have the company of The One ? I reiterate to make sure you understand that both choices are not mutually exclusive. You can live and die each moment ? moment to moment. And there you find ME living through you forever ever in the arms of mother nature that I created to play with you ? just like this ? venture out and declare to the world ? I AM LIFE and I AM DEATH. There?s no escape to the Truth either in Nirvana or in Neo?s movie (The Matrix) ? The One is the absolute Truth ? forever ever transiting between these two states of life and death and in between continuing the miraculous process of Self exploration, existence, evolution, expression and ever flowing bliss through eternity.

(C) Amitt Parikh - The Mysterious One w w w.Th eM yst er iou sOn


* Available for free for limited time only

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Getting the Inner Child free, and thus facilitating the self-healing process for others, is the most rewarding of all the work that I do. It is a matter of such amazement when a person ?sees?the inner child almost as a living, breathing child that exists within. But what is even more heartening, is when someone is willing to make a sustained effort of listening, healing and liberating the inner child from its prison. The ?Inner Child? is the vulnerable, emotive, sensitive part of you that is crying out to be acknowledged, to be listened to, and to be set free from its pains. When it is continually ignored, the inner child uses whatever method available to it, to draw our attention. Sometimes it is through weird accidents that seem to become a pattern, sometimes through illnesses that keep cropping up (to us or to those whom we take care of), sometimes it is through unpleasant patterns that seem to exist in our relationships and interactions, and sometimes it is through a deep-set absence of enthusiasm. To ignore the inner child is to close the doors to the greatest source of love and laughter, to the most effective means of staying healthy, to ensuring intimacy and harmony in relationships, and to accessing the font of inner wisdom that lies within every soul. This powerful ?being?lies at the very core of our existence. We are blessed with a happy, spontaneous, delighted, curious, fearlessly expressive inner child when we are born. Then, the world around us collides with this happy being, and subtle and obvious demands are made, and messages given ? be good, be who we tell

09 . YSR . Decem ber 2017

you to be, don?t be ?you?, you are not as important as ?the parent?, you shall be loved if you are ------, ?the parent? knows best, don?t trust yourself, be seen and not heard, don?t ask questions, don?t do this-it?s dangerous, and so on. Most times these demands are made by parents who genuinely care for the well-being of the little child, who wish nothing but the best for the child, and thus employ methods of disciplining and child-rearing that they believe shall work towards the child?s happiness. But, even without ever meaning to, spontaneity is eroded, free expression curtailed, self-confidence chipped away at, and small and big wounds begin to shape and form the inner child. The spirit of the child is well buried under the demands of the family, school, society, friends, partner, profession, and our own children. Thus, ?I? can be as good and sensitive a parent as my wounded inner child allows me to be. And sadly this cycle continues. In this way ?the child is the father of man?. When we ignore our feelings, when we stop ourselves from expressing our truths, when we neglect our needs, we are ignoring our inner child. This is reflected by the neglect and lack of attention that we experience from those around us. When we ignore our instincts and intuition, and do what we have been conditioned to believe is the ?right?thing to do, we become part of the herd that follows a path set by others, and then wonder why we feel no sense of delight, experience little success, and feel alienated from others.

?Boys don?t cry?, ?girls must make themselves look pretty?, ?obey, don?t argue?, and so many more messages, rob the inner child of its zest for life. Life then seems a chore, a routine that changes little one day from the other, and we resort to intoxicants, stimulants, food, sex, and other habits in order to feel ?alive?even if it is only for brief moments. Abusive behaviours towards self and/or others point towards a very deeply wounded and unhealthy inner child. Control issues,

To begin the pr ocess of hea ling the inner child, plea se conta ct ella eena h@ja defir

Ellaeenah is an Empowered Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor, and an Energy Intuit. Her work extends into the realms of emotional-mental balancing, self-awareness, self-empowerment, and consciousness of aggression, and domination indicate as thought, word and feelings, so that harmony, ?sick?an inner child as servitude, fear, and love and respect prevail in all relationships submissiveness. The inner child screams to and interactions. be heard and healed, but is only pushed down even further. Soon, this unhealthy inner child is not able to get our attention in any other way except through illnesses, poor relationships, professional blocks, creative failures, weight issues, and inability to generate money. What follows is depression, phobias, anxiety disorders, self-esteem issues, and emotional disconnection. This is not the life you promised yourself as a soul! To live that life, to fulfill that soul-directed blueprint, the inner child must be heard ? and healed. Emotional connectivity with ourselves, and others, is the key to this. To be who we truly are, to be the authentic self, the inner child must be embraced once again ? not by another, but by ?me?. (C) Ellaeenah JF

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n er gy f ollow s t h ou gh t . You r energies travel to where you place you r attention. If w e t r u ly u n der st an d t h is w e get a big clu e in t o u n der st an din g Ku n dalin i beyon d it s exot ic con n ot at ion ! For Kundalini, simply put, is a term given to our personal energy fields; and when we speak about ?raising our Kundalini?, what it really implies is an expansion of our personal energy field, into becoming one with Consciousness (universal energy field). And as we extend our individual energy fields from current self to higher aspects of Self, as the personal/ego self dissolves, as we become one with pure consciousness and its oneness, we naturally experience its bliss- indeed what Kundalini is mostly

11 . YSR . Decem ber 2017

associated within us!


If you k eep in m in d t h at en er gy f ollow s t h ou gh t , it f ollow s t h at m in d expan sion - Gyan yoga - an d it s expan ded t h in k in g h elps r aise ou r Ku n dalin i! Gyan yoga encompasses a long-term focused attention higher aspects of self and life; our attention shifts from the microcosm to the macrocosm and with our attention thus placed energies follow? and over time indeed this leads almost automatically to raised energy fields.This answers why we can be operating from a raised Kundalini and its higher awareness and bliss without ever doing any direct

?Kundalini work?; and why gyani?s are able to touch enlightened states of being! Of cou r se it also f ollow s, t h at a r aised Ku n dalin i (t h r ou gh w h ich ever m ean s, f or t h er e ar e m an y w ays of expan din g you r en er gy f ield) im plies t h e w isdom an d pu r it y of an expan ded m in d - and this answers those who wonder how energy management, be it through pranayam, kriya?s, chakra work or meditation leads to higher, finer, clearer thinking! Of course the two in tandemmind expansion and meditation or some means of directly working with your energies- help raise the Kundalini- expand your personal energy field ? at a geometric rate! En er gy f ollow s t h ou gh t - m u ll on t h is an d you w ill f u r t h er u n der st an d w h y Bh ak t i yoga leads t o a r aisin g of you r Ku n dalin i! Bhakti is traditionally considered devotion to God but at deeper levels it is love in its various expressions ? starting with the love of self and evolving into the unconditional love for humanity and indeed all that is; and if your focus is on love, if your centre of attention is love? your energies follow in tandem? you indeed dwell in an expanded energy field moment-to-moment for the feeling we call love is in itself an extension of self to Self? leading thereby to what?s then called a rising of your Kundalini! En er gy f ollow s t h ou gh t - also explain s w h y m edit at ion h elps in expanding your personal energy fields and why guided mediations are becoming so popular! Guided meditations are actually the modern alternative to ancient dhyana techniques? whereby you willfully with a

clearly honed focus place your attention on higher, indeed divine aspects of self. Your energies follow and if you are a regular meditator ( through guided means or not) , over time your energy fields blend and merge and become one with your point of focus in these meditations - be it you Master, your God or the Universe ? all symbols or pure consciousness. This expanded energy field then leads to higher, finer and purer thinking and beingness? and you have set into chain an ongoing expansion! It is somewhat akin to seeding your energy field with the fragrance of divine thoughts so that like a lover who yearns to follow his beloved?s scent, your energy fields are drawn to these higher and finer aspects of self! In analogy think of the gopi?s being pulled by Krishna?s flute? which beckons them every so hauntingly... towards this same inner union. En er gy f ollow s t h ou gh t im plies t h er ef or e t h at you r en er gies can be dir ect ed t h r ou gh con st an t f ocu s an d con t in u ou s at t en t ion! And thus raising your Kundalini is not as exotic as it seems, and is more about where your thoughts reside on a 24/7! As your mind expands, as love flows through you, as your centre of attention shifts from the lower mind centers (chakra?s) to the higher? your personal energy field correspondingly responds! Th is leads t o t w o f u r t h er collier ies: based on t h e law of at t r act ion , if you are vibrating at a higher finer frequency you are attracting like wise into your life! And more importantly, energy resists its opposite? so raised energy fields automatically resist the denser energy

12 . YSR . Decem ber 2017

signatures of anger, judgment, sorrow and the like? and we find our self increasingly in sync with the universal qualities of love and beingness!

r em ove som e of t h e m yst ic au r a ar ou n d it ! You do not need to go to someone who promises you a quick fix means of raising your Kundalini. You do not need someone to confer on you your Masterhood. You do Th is m ay also m ak e you bet t er not need to be a yogi in the mountains. You u n der st an d w h y a r aisin g of you r can do it at your own comfort zone from Ku n dalin i m u st be a pr ocess w h ich gr adu ally u n f u r ls? through the various where you currently are. Tapas is not in tools of gyan and bhakti and Kriya and difficult procedures to which you don?t resonate. Tapas truly is in finding your ideal meditation? tailor made for blend, within which a you; and why artificial means passionate focused path but to raise your Kundalini "Utilizing your naturally unravels and keeps through quick fix routes is conscious mind to you on track! Gyan is a inadvisable. Remember a dir ect the beautiful way for the more raised Kundalini implies subconscious mind intellectually inclined. Kriya, expanded energy fields. to enter into pranayam or hath yoga works Remember your current communication equally well for those more physical reality is only a a nd ha r mony with inclined to these. And all inner reflection of this inner you! the univer sa l mind expansion inherently leads to And if you compel your is the secr et of bhakti which automatically Kundalini to rise, whatever is per sona l power ." amplifies the process? leading not in alignment with this you to a 24/7 meditation expanded aspect of Self? within? and an enhanced cannot ?be?and thus you may reality on the outside! And experience it?s purification, cleansing, removal process on the outside as crisis or that?s truly what?s called a raised Kundalini! havoc in your day-to-day life. Density cannot coexist with raised energies and whatever doesn?t match this expansion ? be it eroded but safe relationships or restrictive but comfort-zone structures and the like will begin to disintegrate and without the support of gyan and its deep understanding, without the succor of bhakti and its deep acceptance? without the dedication to self growth? . you may be well thrown off guard! Ku n dalin i is a vast su bject an d can be t ack led f r om m an y per spect ives an d all seek t o do t h r ou gh t h is w r it in g is t o

13 . YSR . Decem ber 2017

SHAKTIPATH ! Sh ak t ipat is a vast su bject , bu t br ief ly: Sh ak t ipat h is dir ect en er gy t r an sm ission ? this is traditionally done upfront from one to another by touch, or look or word. However my personal experience shows me that it can be done long distance, though the teachers ?Word? or connecting with them deep within. It can also occur through the medium of books, cd?s etc., where the higher frequencies are carried to the listener/reader through the medium of the words in the book or voice

on the cd ? they just being the carrier for the consciousness which speaks them! This is why some books/cd?s/websites etc impact you so deeply! Sh ak t ipat h r ef er s t o a h igh er , f in er f r equ en cy bein g em it t ed t o you , t o en able you t o m ove in t o t h at over t im e.Energy functions on certain laws, one being that higher frequencies are not affected by denser frequencies, but lower frequencies are deeply impacted by higher frequencies! Indeed once a higher/finer energy is emanated to you, all your denser energies yearn towards the higher? like a lover drawn to the voice of his beloved? and thus once these higher frequencies have been emitted to you they remain within you removing all that?s not in sync with them and allowing your energy field to become with these higher frequencies /Self! In deed t h is is w h y bein g ar ou n d m ast er s an d gu r u s en ables you! Their vast energy field mingles with yours! Their higher finer purer vibrations seed yours! Indeed in analogy it is almost like gurus leave behind bits of their frequencies in yours! This is why, silence is as- if not more effective than satsangs and discourses when in the company of those who have expanded their Consciousness - for their energy field/ consciousness permeates you directly through your energy field! Energies mingle easily! Their frequencies help raise yours! Their gnosis unravels within you in energy terms! In discourses your limited mind can come in the way but in silent communion even that barrier is removed! This is also seen when you attend talks of those who 'speak' from experience- as their

'truth' is part of their energy field and directly permeates your energy fields- so it is really not their words but direct communion from energy field to energy field,,, a direct mingling... and you feel you have somehow 'got' what they were conveying!! Those who speak from intellectual knowledge can impress and make a fine speech but as it is not their energy frequency it doesn?t really become your truth and remains a concept for you to make real! Thus the importance of the Indian tradition of darshan! Seemingly no words, no gyan, yet a silent direct communion with your guru's... energy field! Sh ak t ipat h en ables on e in m an y w ays. It can enable as a cleaning/healing. It can help you expand your current beingness. But usually it is linked to awakening the dormant kundalini or enabling the kundalini to further rise. Thus it is also often what is known as an initiation ? where the master ?s energy/consciousness enters you! Initiation also implies shifting from one state of consciousness to another higher/finer one.} How ever , k u n dalin i aw ak en in g is n ot on ly som e m yst ical esot er ic ?r isin g? as depict ed in im ages of ch ak r a's - that's a symbolic representation - for it truly implies the expansion of your energy field from personal consciousness to universal consciousness. The move from self to Self. The beginning of awakening from the hypnosis of maya and duality.... the dissolution of personal consciousness/ego notion. We can describe this in many ways! As self / m aya / separ at ion / ign or an ce dissolves... as aw ar en ess

14 . YSR . Decem ber 2017

h appen s... as w e m ove f r om self t o SELF... it 's called t h e r isin g of t h e k u n dalin i! We start operating from, and abiding in, a higher and finer frequency. Our personal energy field expands or dissolves to merge with the universal energy field? we thus begin to life daily life through the higher potentials of each chakra!

we can say Shiva /Awareness descends to release its Shakti from the game of separation/duality!

In m or e esot er ic t er m s Sh ak t i (w h ich h as w illf u lly descen ded in t o t h e ph ysical gam e an d r em ain s in t act w it h in at t h e r oot ch ak r a t ill it s t im e t o go h om e) is r eleased by Aw ar en ess/ Sh iva t o m ove back t o it s abode w it h Sh iva at t h e 3r d eye ch ak r a! Together in this reunion, mating, ?they?- our new or rather regained universal consciousness- energy fieldbursts out of our 7 th chakra- which is the last point of separated consciousness! So

(C) Divyaa Kummar

15 . YSR . Decem ber 2017

In m or e laym an w ays: As one fills with increasing awareness ? it releases the trapped shakti which then rises to become one with Its Shiva Self? and we say the kundalini rises! It is an upward momentum - in all ways - not merely up your back!

Divyaa is a spiritual facilitator reaching out to many through her weekly discourses, workshops, personal sessions and writing. Email:

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LAUGHTER ? THE BEST THERAPY? List en in g an d lau gh in g w it h Lar aaji 16 . YSR . Decem ber 2017

1978, New York City ? Brian Eno (Roxy Music founder, U2 producer and, many will assert, the inventor of ambient music) is taking a stroll through Washington Square Park. He comes across a busker playing a zither ? a sort of horizontal harp with 40 strings. I t?s Edward L Gordon, aka L araaji ? his open-tuned instrument emits dense and hypnotising harmonies and textures, releasing swells of blissful sound out through the park, enveloping the joggers, debaters, benchsitters, people-watchers and commuters alike, the sound rising in waves between the towering skyscrapers of the (K) district. Enthralled by the sound, Eno resolved to track L araaji down and in 1980, Eno and L araaji released Ambient 3: Day of Radiance, a work which entered the canon of ambient music, informing and influencing composers even today. As a composer, L araaji has gone on to release more than sixty collections of ambient and devotional music - if you use music in your meditation, yoga, relaxation or other spiritual practice, there?s a good chance you?ve come across L araaji?s work. L araaji became interested in spirituality during the same early period, and began studying yoga and Eastern mysticism, learning with such legendary names as Swami Satchidananda and Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, founder of the world famous Ananda Ashram (NYC). Bringing his spirituality and musical talents together, he supplied recordings and performances for some of the worlds leading organisations and healing festivals. I n recent years, however, another aspect of L araaji?s work has been making headlines ? his laughter workshops have toured all over the globe, introducing small and large groups to the therapeutic benefits of, well, splitting your sides! ?15 minutes of heavy laughter will boost your immune system by working the thymus in the chest, to increase the production of T cells?, L araaji says. ?I t works on the pituitary gland to stimulate endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. L aughter expands the endothelium, the lining of the blood vessels, which promotes the increase of the flow of blood. Heavy laughter also expands the capacity of our lungs to inhale fresh air and

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exhale stale air.? His workshops have crossover capacity, too ? you won?t only find his groundbreaking bellylaughs at healing and spiritual events; he?s in demand at major music festivals, arts conferences and acclaimed cultural institutions around the world. For those interested in delving into the healing powers of laughter, deep listening, relaxation, yoga and movement, there?s a unique opportunity to get some first-hand experience of L araaji?s methods next year. I n June 2018, L araaji will run two immersive sessions at CAMP, a new residential arts centre in the French Pyrenees. Based in a renovated 19th century hotel in Aulus les Bains, surrounded by snow-capped peaks, ancient forests and glacial lakes, CAMP hosts masterclasses in music, art, literature, philosophy and other disciplines, with sessions run by the world?s most acclaimed practitioners; the course list reads like a who?s-who of modern arts and music. ?CAMP is usually a centre of creativity, a place where new ideas and movements are formed in inspirational surroundings?, explains project director Sarah Faraday; ?when we spoke to L araaji about his workshops, it just made perfect sense to stage it here ? the spectacular mountains, the waterfalls, the lakes, the eagles, the tranquillity of the place ? it just fits perfectly. I t?s going to be a really sublime experience for everyone involved.? L araaji?s short course will offer a small group of 14 adventurous students the opportunity to take part in deep listening workshops with live performances from L araaji, guided relaxation and meditation sessions, nada yoga, gong workshops and L araaji?s renowned, pioneering laughter therapy. All sessions are full board, and include optional mountain expeditions in the school?s spectacular surroundings. More info on that, and CAMP?s other courses, can be found at James Bir chall is di rector of Fuse Art Space and one of the founders of CAMP. (

TuningintoTheGod - within

Excer pt f r om a Pu blic Tr an ce Dem on st r at ion Joseph? ch an n elled by Tr an ce M ediu m M ich ael G Reccia 18 . YSR . Decem ber 2017

Ton y Clar k son: Joseph, could I ask a question that follows on from the last question, and that is: in our own personal practice we all talk to God in our own way and we all have thoughts, but what is the best way to actually tune into God and know that the link is the strongest link that is possible? Joseph : We have to go back to the principle, to thereality, of you having two minds. You have a mind in your head that is influenced by the Field. You have a mind in your heart that is influenced by your soul and your connection to God. Therefore, in praying to God and requiring a result requiringguidance- you need to think not from the head but from the heart. You n eed t o m ak e an agr eem en t w it h you r self t h at each day you w ill spen d a f ew m in u t es t h in k in g f r om t he h ear t -m in d. How do you do that? You do that by retreating from the head-mind, by switching off the effects of the head-mind. You will sit, you will become quiet, you will ask for protection from God and your mind will be crowded with a million-and-one things and sights and sounds and sensations. And you will then see yourself retreating from those sights and sounds and sensations and taking a path - perhaps taking a path through a golden cornfield that leads you gently down to an oasis, or a well that is perfectly still. And behind you, as you have walked down that field, is your physical mind getting fainter and fainter ?

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you cannot hear the sounds, you cannot see the sights, you cannot feel the sensations or the demands. You can only,onlysee this beautiful, still pool of Light, and, under a perfect blue sky and surrounded by the golden corn, you sit down at the edge of this perfect, vast, deep, still water. And you look into it and youknowthat you are now contacting God from your heart. And then you ask, ?Father, am I right?? and look into the pool and see the reflection of yourself and look into your eyes and the answer will be there:yesorn o. ?Do I need to modify my plan - yes or no?? ?Do I need to work with You today - yes or no?? ?Are the feelings that I have while I am not operating from the heart-mind true or false? Are they there or not? Are they illusion or heart-truth?? And do not expect instant answers but expect to have to go to that well, to that pond, on a daily basis whenever there is something troubling you, whenever you need an answer, because you will always get an answer once you are used to tuning-in. And you will either see that answer in your reflection or you will sit there on the edge of that pond with your eyes closed in your imagination and you will hear your own voice sayyesorno, or you will feel yourself sayyesorno. You will feel it not just say it, not just think it -bu t feelit ! And, you will become used to contactingyou; to making friends with you; to operating from the centre, from the source. And the promptings of the

heart-mind apply inallareas of life: in business, in relationships, in healing, in having peace of mind, in knowing how to work spiritually. Th e h ear t -m in d an sw er s all. Do you f eel, do you t h in k t h at God w ou ld leave you h er e w it h ou t a con n ect ion back t o Him ? Ah, the men and women over the years have said: ?This way lies God! I will connect on your behalf. I will connect through the physical mind and through praying for you on your behalf to God.?Avoid those ladies and gentlemen!Youw ill con n ect w it h t h e God-w it h in becau se you aret h e God-w it h in ,and therefore, as the God-within, you have access to all knowledge. You know in every situation what to do ? it is just that the head-mind masks the promptings of the heart-mind. And so, having sat by your still, wonderful, deep, peaceful pool for as long as you wish, you can retreat back - and back up through the cornfield and bring out into the physical mind the gold light of that cornfield, the blue of the perfect sky and the peace that you have discovered from your heart. And then, because you are operating again from a combination of heart and mind,trustwhat you have been given.Tr u st w h at you h ave been given !Put it into practice; try it out. And you will see that time and againyouare right because you cannot be wrong. Only your mind can be wrong. The ?you?that isyoucan only be right in the circumstances that come to you for you and the good of others.

time when people must trust, must consult the heart-mind because the heart-mind gives access to the greater self, and the greater self can see and hear; the greater self knows what to do on a God-level, knows how to put things right, knows how to comfort, knows how to counsel, knows what to do ineverysituation and also how to repair you. When you are depressed, when you are down, when you are ill - the energies from the heart-mind can repair you,willrepair you, time and time and time again - a limitless and endless source of comfort. Is that sufficient? Ton y: Thank you, (C) Michael G. Reccia Michael G. Reccia is a member of the Band of Light and the trance medium who, for the past ten years, has been the ? communicator? whilst in trance for Joseph, whose books offer a vital and urgent message for mankind.

The heart-mind... we are coming to a

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Enter Teen Land by Rh on da Sh er yl Lipst ein Life can be quite funny at times, bringing forth situations of such irony, we have only to sit back and laugh at the awe of it all. A few short months before writing this piece, I had written a little series entitled, "Raising an EnLIGHTened Child", which was focused on the first few years of parenthood, from let?s say conception to around 5 years of age. Well, as it turns out, it was just about the time of my writing this series that my own son, Zion, was entering into..... da-da-da..............TEEN LAND! Oh Me, Oh My! Talk about transitioning stages! NOW, of course, as YOU already know, life is merely a series of stages... from BEginning to end.

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We start off incapable of doing anything for ourselves, outside of our autonomic functions thank goodness for those, huh!!??!!! Then we enter into the eating solid foods stage, followed by the sitting on our own stage, crawling, walking, talking, writing, spelling, deductive reasoning, socializing, and on, and on we go, through out our lives, all the way through childhood to young adulthood, to our professional life, parenthood, to grand parenthood, and so on and so forth. Each stage comes with it, its own lessons to be learned, with opportunities for growth,

wisdom, and enlightenment. As a parent, "Teen Land" as I have affectionately come to call this ?stage?of our lives, is like no other stage of growth preceding it. Sure, they are all different and unique unto themselves, however, "Teen Land" is unique and different in that it is the FIRST time that one's child is really, ?true-ly?, detaching from their parents, or in my case, Mommy. YES! Each stage, they grow in their independence, and each stage they BEcome more self-sufficient, and thus again, independent. However, "teen land" is about getting as far away as possible, as independent as one is given the breadth to so BE. It is definitely an eye opening, awesome experience, as the parent, and, thankfully, as the teenager. For the child, growing into world completely changes great new open space of possibility, and did I hormones!

"teen land", the and becomes a adventure and mention, the

Oh MY! Not sure if you can remember, however, "teen land" is wrought full of emotional roller coaster rides, not to mention a whole slew of confusing and uncomfortable ones at that. It is a time in our lives when we become acutely aware of our beingness as sexual beings. WOW! Suddenly, when Mom or Dad wants to lie down and snuggle, it isn't such a comforting, safe and secure feeling anymore. Suddenly, it "means" sooooo

much more.... "OH NO! Why are they touching me like that??!!!! More so; ?Why am I feeling the feelings I am feeling when they do???? YUCK YUCK YUCK That's just GROSS, okay!!!" Of course, it's not, either yuck or gross, however, as teenagers, we enter into a brand new world and until we get our footing in this new world, it can BE, to say the very least, quite overwhelming. As the parents of a teenager, it is vital that we remember how chaotic it is for our children, as they are going through this transitional stage from childhood to young adulthood, in their quest to ?Know Me?. How do I fit in, what do I believe in, what kind of "ME" am I going to BE? It is a time of conscious questioning, searching, and adventure through aspects of Self that were otherwise completely unknown to us prior. We, as parents have to remember the unbelievable affect the newly released surge of hormones within our teenagers is having upon them. For those of us, who have been gifted the privilege of pregnancy, and those gifted to be party thereto, you are quite aware of the havoc hormones can play on one's "normal" state of beingness. For those not having had this privilege, I am assured you have been around a woman during her menstrual cycle to know---

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things they DO a change, when entering those 'oh so special' times of the month. [Which is NOT to say that men do not experience these fluctuations, they are just not as ?obvious? in the physically tangible world as are women?s.] Well, for teenagers, they are experiencing as much as, if not more hormonal fluctuations within their beingness than do pregnant women.... who by the way, have a surge of 500% increase in their hormonal levels when they become pregnant, and then just as quickly, a massive drop, upon delivery, of 500%! WOW! Talk about a rollercoaster... Yup, you guessed it, that's exactly why some women experience 'post-partum' depression, and why some teenagers become so angry, restless, emotional, and let's just say it, ?crazy?! Okay, okay, they're not crazy, but ask any parent of a teenager and they can tell you, 'this is not the child I gave birth to'... or at least not the child they were before "teen land" became 'our land'. That's not to say that every teenager gets crazy and completely transforms their beingness, just like not every woman experiences post partum depression, however, change they do! Not to worry, for I am told, and having gone through it my self, know, the "change" does not forever, last. Again, it is a Transition period. A transition period, we as parents can make much, much, much easier for our selves, and our children with the simplicity of

23 . YSR . Decem ber 2017

awareness. Knowing what your child is going through, and that it is a transition period, first and foremost, take a Deep Breath and Relax... remember this too shall pass. Then, as with all experiences in life, be grateful for the opportunity that presents itself in this stage of the child-parent relationship, and oh my, there are Many! Patience, Trust, Gentility, Calmness, Firmness, Communication, Honesty, Boundaries, and as always, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Our kids need us to be strong, they need us to understand, to empathize with where they are at, their changing interests, activities, priorities, and to be supportive, not to mention, maintaining healthy boundaries, so that they know how far is far enough. As with any stage, our kids, now, our teens, will push the boundaries to see how far they can go.It is a natural aspect of life - we do it with our parents, just as we do our employers, employees, spouses, friends, teachers, pretty much, everybody. We need to know what goes and what does not. As the parent, it's important to set clear and fair boundaries, and stick to them, whilst maintaining relative openness for allowances here and there, along the way. Divine Delicate Balance. For example, when my son was journeying through the initial years of ?teen land?, he had to be home every night by the time it was dark. No question. In fact, I never had to say anything, because it was an established known fact.

Having said that, when one night he was at a party at a friend's house, just down the street, and realized he had forgot something at home, I was okay with him running home, and back to his friend?s party, even though it was indeed after dark. Of course, he also knew it was a 'special occasion', and thus not the 'standard' for how things 'work' in our home. Besides boundaries, which of course include things like, dream time {?bed-time? for most}, tech time, phone time, homework time, daily showers ? oh ya, that can be a biggie!!I can still remember my sister? .. Yes!, my sister, a girl, not wanting to take her daily showers... she just wasn't into it. As I was saying, besides boundaries, there is Communication ? actually, this is the ?BIG ONE?, especially as time with our teens becomes few and far between. We have to take advantage of the times we do have with them, to listen, really listen to what they are saying and to respond lovingly, yet confidently, gently, yet firmly, and with calm understanding. Divine Delicate Balance. We need to remember, they are caught in a 'cross fire' of sorts.... wanting desperately to have our affection, and yet being so ?weirded out?by it in the very same breath. Wanting desperately to have our advise, acknowledgment, and approval and yet, wanting to take a stand for themselves, and their independence. Honesty? ? it true-ly is the Best Policy when it comes to communicating with our teenagers. I can still remember one night when I went to lie down with my son before dream time,

a custom we had up until ?Teen Land? ?hit? full bloom. I would always lie down with him for 10 - 30 minutes, just yapp'n, play'n, read'n, and then cuddling before he drifted off to dream land. Well, this one night, ?Teen Land? became very evident in our home and our shifting relationship as a result. I, as usual, went to go chill and cuddle with my son for a few before he drifted off and was met with the following [to note, this happened while I was still Sitting on his bed side, not lying down yet]. Zion: "Mom, you can go now." Me: "Why Zion?Doncha wanna cuddle a little?" Zion: "Uhhhh, NO. And Mom, I don't like being touched" - as I was tickling his arm? ..Oh My! Well, I just had to say something, and I DID! Me: "Zion, I hear you and totally respect you and your wishes and comfort zone.However, before I go, I would like to speak to you for a moment if that?s okay.? Zion: ?If it?s a moment?. --my son is, as he always has been, very aware of ?Mommy?s prowess for ?talks.??;) Me: Ya need to know something love.I know you are going through a lot of changes right now in your life, how you see things, feel about things, even your body is starting to show some real signs of change, right? Zion: Yes. Me: ?It?s important for me, for you to know that I am not? .going through any changes, I am still, and always will be 'Mommy'. That

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means, that I'm still the mommy I was when you were 3, 10, and now, as you are turning 14. I'm still the mommy, and I will always see you as my baby, no matter how old you are, no matter how ?manly? you become, how fabulous and amazing, skilled, and mature you become as you grow into a man. You, on the other hand are experiencing a massive surge of hormones coursing through your body and affecting your beingness, opening you up to feelings, thoughts and experiences you have never had. These hormones are also what are causing the changes in your body. This is all very natural and wonderful!It can also be confusing; as you are also coming into the awareness of feelings of a sexual nature you did not have before. It can be quite something to realize that there is a whole part to ?being human? you never even thought of or felt before. I know, that there will be times you will feel uncomfortable with my loving you, and I want you to know that it is totally okay for you to tell me, as you just did tonight about tickling your arm. I respect you, and I will respect your comfort. I would never do anything purposefully that makes you uncomfortable. Having said that Zion, it is very, very important that you always remember, that when I do anything, I do so as Mommy." Now, it is important to note, that I have been speaking to my son openly and honestly and 'maturely' since he was born basically, and this type of conversation may not be as natural for others as it is for me. That being said, it never hurts to try to find your own means of expressing

25. YSR . Decem ber 2017

authentically with your children, whatever age they may be, especially when that which you are attempting to communicate is LOVE, and for the benefit of ALL.You'll find your own words, and your own 'special moments', or opportunities to discuss these ?facts of life? with your teens, and when you do, you will both feel so much better for it. I can still remember myself, when I was going through puberty and 'teen land', and my dad wanting to tickle my back and thinking, "ooohhhhhhh, Grrrrossss!!", but did I say anything? No. Did my dad? Nope. So, the discomfort continued, the weird thoughts that were completely unwarranted continued, until my hormones calmed their surge through out my beingness, and I was able to see my dad as his daughter once again, and not through my new found albeit skewed sexual awareness, that he was also a man who was touching a girl [?skewed? by the confusion, misperception, misinformation of ?teen land?]. Let?s face it, if we can make the journey through ?Teen Land? easier both for ourselves, and our children, who would choose otherwise??? COMMUNICATON. Talk to your teens. Be Honest with them, not just about their newly found sexual identity, about everything they are requiring your guidance for. This can be relationships with friends, school, boundaries, values, everything.

Let them know how you feel, and openly, actively, consciously listen to them, ask them how they feel. Take a moment to put your self into their shoes. Empathy and Compassion are key, especially now, as they are so much more prone to moodiness. Oh my, the rudeness that came out of my son at times! But... I did and continue to do my best to not react, and instead choose consciously to respond. I take a moment to let any instantaneous hurt experienced as a result of his lack of thought in action subside, and then, calmly and gently, yet firmly and confidently respond to his unacceptable behavior, and 'steer him right again' - ah yes, boundaries - talk'n to mom rudely is not acceptable, period. Before any of this, as parents we need to see the awesome Gift that our children are providing for us, YES, Us, Personally! Journeying through ?Teen Land?is as much an opportunity for growth for our teens as it is for we, parents. We are given this amazing opportunity shift our perspective, to open ourselves seeing our children, our selves, and life general through a more enhanced light love.

to to in of

The reality is that for most parents, who want to be parents, who love their children, who enjoy their relationship with their children, ?Teen Land? can be hurtful.For many, there is a feeling of ?loss?associated with ?Teen Land?. Our once idolizing children, are not just not looking up to us as the ?end all, be all?of ?all that is?, they can at times be down right rude and

disrespectful, and that?s if and when they are actually around. Of course, our experience through this, as with any experience we encounter, is ours. We determine whether an experience is a ?nice? one or a ?horrible? one, by our associative definitions attributed to any such experience we may encounter. The ?hurtfulness? that may arise when one is journeying through ?Teen Land? Can be shifted once we take advantage of the opportunities for growth that are being presented to US for our own growth and blossoming. Here?s one example of an ?alternative perspective? that I learned journeying through ?Teen Land? with my son, which changed a disempowering and depressing experience into a most empowering and uplifting one: One afternoon, going to ?hang?with my son, as often I did, I received a very brash, "I need my alone time Mom". This memory sticks out because this ?diss?came after not having seen each other for a whole month, as he had been away at camp, and quite frankly, because it was one of the first times he ?dissed? me in such a direct and ?abrupt?manner. It hurt. Until, I remembered, my son is going through ?Teen Land?, and realized that he wasn?t actually dissing me at all. Indeed, what he was really doing was being honest with me, even though, in his ?Teen Land? communication, he was more abrupt, and yes, for me, harsher then I was accustomed to. Once I recognized that it was my choice to

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feel hurt by my son?s reaction to me, that it was my attributed meaning to his actions that were causing me distress, I realized that I could be Consciously Choosing to see this experience from a different perspective. Once I did, I was gifted to see that my son was being honest with me, albeit rudely, because he knew, I knew how much he loved me, and furthermore, that I knew, he knew, how much I loved him.It was an expression of the trust and honesty that our relationship was built upon. Which of course does not take away from the opportunity to give some direction in ?conscious communication? to my son. ;) Having said that, this shift in my perceptual paradigm softened the pains of the new found distance in this current stage of our relationship, and thus the experience thereof, not so difficult anymore, it was in fact now seen as a privilege, a gift, an honour. Suddenly I was filled with feelings of gratitude for what an amazing connection I have with my son, and feelings of self love, for what a Great Mom I am. Instead of being hurt by his rudeness, or lack of interest, or lack of presence in our home, I was elated.Hey, my kid is growing beautifully, naturally, lovingly, and thus anytime we do have together is cherished in love, instead of pain and hurt.

enlighteners, if we so allow them to be. In addition to this new found revelation, I had also, due to my son's new found moodiness, been gifted the lesson of increased patience, calmness and gentility with my own feelings, thoughts, actions, beingness, and of course, communications with my son. I took to speaking in an even calmer, softer, gentler voice. I took to being even more relaxed in my response time to him, and my overall communication with him. I took to listening even more effectively, hearing even more deeply, that to which he was really speaking. I took to observing his physical body language more astutely, that I may ensure I was providing for him the guidance, respect and comfort he needed, making this transition period as glorious, easy, and enjoyable as possible for both of us. And here's the really wonderful gift, these shifts in perception, these opportunities for conscious growth when embraced, transcended into all other aspects of my beingness, from my relationship with my son, to other family members, friends, animals and yes, with you too.* * * J


As with any experience in life, it is all~ways up to we, to consciously choose how we want to be, how we want to experience the experience, good, bad, beautiful, sad, full of joy and adventure or.....not.

Talk about personal growth!

I choose love, and wonderfully, so can you.

Yup, my own personal lesson learned and enLIGHTenment experienced.

Blessings to all of you beautiful Earth Angels, and the awesome universal gifts you have provided unto all within your children!

What a gift! Children



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May we ALL grow, learn, and transcend

together in peaceful, loving harmony. Radiate Your Soul?s Light Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein [Roni* ] Š Rh on da Sh er yl Lipst ein Rev. Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein, popularly known as Rev. Roni, is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, Intuitive Mystic and Empathic Holistic Healer, living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her focus is on Love Consciousness. She is the Founding Partner and High Priestess of Sanctuaire Soul?s Sanctuary, and also the Founder of the

Wisdom and Wellness Calmunity Home, and BEing LOVE T.V., where she co-hosts the online show,Soul?s Talking Brain, and hostsRadiating Love with Roni Lipstein. Her first book,The Gardens of Life; Your Journey to Radiate Soul Lightis now available in print. Roni imbues her professional expertise with a degree in Psychology and certifications in Professional Personal Fitness Training, Nutritional Consultation and Communications.


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w w w.Spir it u In sigh t s in t o t h e Law of At t r act ion , Par en t in g & Au t h en t ic Relat ion sh ips By Rev.Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

Recor ded Live on BEin g LOVE T.V. On today's Radiating LOVE with Roni Lipstein show, our LOVEly enLIGHTenment Guidelight Rev. Roni speaks briefly about ~the Law of Attraction and the importance of our focus upon our FEELings rather than the details of our desired manifestation, ~the gift of HEALing that IS provided to us as Parents and children, both together, individually and on BEhalf of our ancestoral lineage and finally she ~touches upon the TRUE Nature/Purpose of Relationships and WHY we are here with ONE another on this beayoutyfull Earth School of ours.

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© Rh on da Sh er yl Lipst ein

w w w.Spir it u Im por t an ce of Pr esen ce of Livin g Gu r u By Gu r u ji Pr em Nir m al

Tr ipu r a Rah asya | Th e f ligh t of an Eagle By Gu r u ji Pr em Nir m al

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Your Spiritual Revolution - December 2017  
Your Spiritual Revolution - December 2017  

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