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Pig Popper

Simply squeeze the pig’s belly to shoot soft foam balls up to 20 feet! Includes 6 balls and carry net. #54300 $12.99


Indoor Snowball Fight Too cold to go outside or no snow in sight? Perfect for indoor use, this kit contains 6 soft plush “snowballs”.

Until We Hug Again

Record your voice for up to 30 seconds, and your child will be able to hear your words every time this cuddly bunny is hugged. Messages are safe—even if the batteries begin to fade. Regular Price $29.95 Catalog Special $19.95

#62053 $14.99 ea


Peanuts Nativity Collection $49.95

Elf on the Shelf Ornament

This exclusive ornament has a medallion that can be personalized with the family’s elf name, a meaningful date or even the family’s name.

Elf on the Shelf

Available in light, dark, girl and boy option:



DVD: $9.95

Interactive Storybooks $24.95 ea. Holiday Recordable Story Books


Jingle's Magic Christmas

Bring storytime to life with Jingle™ and his new friend, Bell.™ When they hear key words from their books, readalong CD, online games and more, they’ll speak up with responses all their own. Each comes with an interactive storybook and read-along CD. $34.95 each

M&M’s Stress Relief Ball Save for a Special Treat!

Relieve tension while treating your hand to a great workout. Just squeeze and release the elastic ball to help reduce stress…alleviate muscle stiffness…and increase dexterity, grip strength and flexibility. The character’s expression gets funnier with each compression, so your mood is sure to improve as well! Features soft skin with all-natural fill. MM5229RE Red MM52290R Orange MM5229BL Blue MM5229GN Green MM5229YE Yellow



M&M’s Digital Coin Counting Money Jar This ultra-colorful, ultra-smart M&M’s® Money Jar electronically counts every coin you slip through its slot. Then, adds up your total deposits and instantly displays them on a super-easy-to-read LCD screen. No manual counting required…you’ll know instantly when you reach your goal! Just twist-off the lid to access your coins. 2 ‘AA’ batteries (not incl.) MM3669RE Red MM3669BL Blue

MM3669YE MM3669GN

Yellow Green

$14.99 Each


Chamois Computer Screen Cleaner Practical but playful, M&M’s® Chamois Computer Screen Cleaners bring color, warmth and a note of personal expression to the TLC to one of your most important office tools. Their blended polyfiber/beanbag filling lets them pose atop your monitor or CPU,or sit comfortably on your desk. And their ultra-soft chamoiscloth back panels gently lift dirt andsmudges from your computer screen or TV. MM4116WR Red MM4116WB Blue MM4116WY Yellow

MM4116WG Green MM4116WO Orange

$14.99 Each ®/™ M&M’s, the letter M and the M&M’s Characters are registered trademarks of Mars, Incorporated and its affiliates. © Mars, Incorporated 2012

With Bonus Mini Brush!

Magic Touch™ Nail Dryer Waving wildly and blowing until you’re blue won’t dry your nails any faster...but this amazing dryer will! Simply press down lightly, and a stream of cool air dries your manicure or pedicure in about 2 minutes. 2 ‘AA’ batteries (not incl.) KT0969PO $19.99

Self-Cleaning Lint Brush (with Mini Brush) Our roller brush removes lint, dust and pet hair from clothing or upholstery…then cleans itself! Just slide the dual-action button sideways and the lint-lifting pad deposits debris in the trap. Push the button forward and the trap opens for easy emptying. No more mess…no more dirty lint brush. Designed with comfortable, ergonomically-sculpted handle and molded ‘hanger’ hole. KT6318PK $14.99

Light-Up Tweezers These sleek, ergonomic tweezers have an integrated, ultra-bright white LED light that shines directly where it’s needed, so you can see and pluck even the lightest, finest hairs. Sleek titanium-tone finish with precision crafted stainless steel grip for quick tweezing action. Comes with push-button ‘On/Off‘ switch and storage case. 3 button cell batteries (incl.) KT3933NI $12.99


Super-Absorbent Microfiber Head Turban Drying hair is no job for bath towels. They flop, unwrap—and weigh a ton! This ultra-light, waffleweave turban is created in super-thirsty Polymicrofiber that wicks away water like magic…absorbing excess moisture to help hair dry fast. Complete with button closure to keep wrap neatly in place. KT3874GT Green KT3874PP Pink

Purse & Key Light Combo Aluminum. Great for reading menus, searching for treasures in those big handbags. Button cell & AAA batteries incl. Assorted colors & patterns 66498 $19.99

$14.99 Each

Battery Operated Mini Manicure Kit Get salon-perfect nails at home or away with this batterypowered mini manicure kit. It packs everything you need to trim, shape and smooth your fingernails like a pro! Set includes a quality-crafted motorized manicure tool plus five stainless steel rotary filing/grinding/buffing tips with their own storage case. 2 ‘AAA’ batteries (not incl.) KT6237PK $17.99

amazingly durable… wonderfully touchable… incredibly colorful… and totally irresistible

fun and functional silicone bags Turn on the bright…with our fun and functional ‘purse candy.’ Designed in ultra-light, ultra-durable Silicone, these super-sweet handbag accessories are as intensely colorful and stylish as they are practical! Treat yourself to an incredible assortment of candy-hued coin purses, cosmetic pouches and make-up mirrors. They’re hand-molded in delectably smooth Silicone with gleaming stainless steel frames and oversized ‘gumball’ closures that make them so easy to use. Surface dirt wipes away quickly, too…to keep them looking just like new. Yummy!

Cosmetic Pouch

Purse Mirror

CY5991 Available in Colors listed below

CY6361 Available in Colors listed below

$19.99 Each

$12.99 Each

5 1x and 2x mirrors

















Coin Purse CY5942 Available in Colors listed below

$9.99 Each



Candy Store© is a registered trademark of EB Brands







Super soft & comfy socks


in assorted designs and styles. Perfect as stocking-stuffers. $7 - $10.

A chilltime essential, our super comfy zip-up softwash hoodie has kangaroo pockets and a stacked embroidered logo/ design. Available in assorted designs for both men and women. Shown Antique Bloom for her $66 Shown Life is Good for him $62



Tattered Oval Chill Cap

Comfy, garment washed for weathered look and feel. Assorted styles and designs for both men & women Shown Life is Good for her: $22 Shown AdironDack for him: $22

6 Ceramic Tumblers $20


Assorted designs for both men & women $10

Crusher Tees

This is our tried and true best friend, the classic Crusher tee. It’s made to fade with a vintage, weathered look and has the ultimate durability and signature softness that put Life is goodŽ on the map. 100% cotton. Assorted designs and colors for both men and women.














FUN & FLIRTY Crystal Scarf

2 fo




Fashion Scarfs

Assorted Colors $12.99 each

Magnetic Crystal Bracelet $9.99

7 Leopard Print Faux Fur Scarf $14.99

Rosette Ivory Scarf $12.99

Hat & Scarf Set $19.99

Zig Zag Scarf $12.99

Scarf Hangers Butterfly and Bird Designs in assorted colors. Smooth edge cutouts to hold more than 14+ of your favorite silk, pashmina, knit scarves, shaawls, mufflers or wraps. Saves closet and drawer Space and makes each accessory easy to see.

$12.99 each



Layered Metallic Texting Gloves


Gloves with Rhinestone Snowflakes



Finger Free Texting Gloves Assorted Colors


Battery Operated Heated Scarf When winter temperatures take a dive, wrap yourself in this cozy fleece scarf. It’s made to take on the cold with a compact, battery-operated heating element that ratchets-up the warmth with the touch of a switch. For extra protection against the elements, tuck your hands into the roomy built-in pockets. Long-lasting Poly-fleece construction with zippered battery compartment. 3 ‘AA’ batteries (not incl.) PS6228BK Black KT6228WH White

$19.99 Each

Hot & Cold Therapy Soothing Body Wrap $14.99

Handy switch lets you power heat ‘On’ and ‘Off’ as needed


Animal Knitted Hand Warmers

Each lambswool knitted cover contains a reusable click gel heat pack. Keep out the winter chills and your hands toasty and warm. Simply fold or place in pockets to enjoy comforting warmth.


Head Massager Massage away stress with this stainless steel massager


Massaging Lumbar/Neck Pillow Gently cradles lower back while massaging revives, relaxes and soothes. Polyester and fiber fill. 37765 $19.99


Microwaveable Knitted Snuggle Hotties

Adorable soft hotties contain removable tummy pillow filled with grain fragranced with calming lavender and chamomile pure essential oils. Fleece backing


Massaging Lumbar Pillow Gently cradles lower back while massaging revives, relaxes and soothes. Polyster and fiber fill.

99617 $29.99

Massaging Travel Pillow Lycra and micro beads. energizes, soothes and relieves travel fatigue.

66082: $24.99

Affordable Fashion Purse Pleasures

Perry $99

Ramona $95

Handbag Organizer

Purse Holder & Microlight


To keep your handbag off the floor—neat, clean and within easy eyeshot and reach—just place the deco-style charm on the table and suspend your purse on the hook. To read menus and restaurant bills, or for hands-free tabletop illumination, simply use the ultra-bright white LED. A ‘must-have’ in any handbag! Crafted in durable zinc alloy with a dazzling chromeplated finish. 2 button cell batteries (incl.)

Switch purses in seconds without having to dump-out and reload all your essentials. With this handbag insert, you organize once. Then, simply move the organizer from bag-to-bag. It couldn’t be faster or easier! Features a roomy, snap-close center compartment for wallet, checkbook, folding umbrella and more…plus 5 mesh exterior pockets for quick access to necessities like cosmetics, keys, cell phones, iPods and eyewear.

Leora $95

iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc.

KT5883PK Pink KT5883CL Clear

$17.99 Each

KT5886BK Black KT5886PK Pink

$14.99 Each

Gold Handbag $49.99

Nicole Lee Ann Handbag Regularly $88.99

Catalog Special: $52.99

Handbag Hanger This amazing hanger features a chain of six sturdy plastic loops that link together to suspend purses neatly and in plain sight. You can see them all so you can select and retrieve any one instantly! Saves space on shelves and drawers. Holds up to 30 lbs. Includes hangers for door and closet rod mounting. Assembles in seconds without tools. KT6148WH White $17.99


Assorted Colors $9.99

Purse Holder & Magnifier This stylish purse holder does doubleduty as a magnifier. It keeps your handbag off the floor—neat, clean and within eyeshot and arm’s reach—and makes it easier to read ‘mini-type’ on menus and restaurant bills. Perfect for reading maps, newspapers and theater programs, too. Crafted in durable zinc alloy with 2x acrylic len and a dazzling chromeFaux Snake plated finish. KT5890CH


Grey Purse



Skin Bag $39.99

Cross Necklace $16.99

Nicole Lee Avelina

Regularly $88.99 Catalog Special: $52.99

Tan Handbag $39.99

A Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments What will you keepsake this year? For every person in your life. Celebration Barbie Ornament. $16.50 Personalize it. $12.50

Sparkle & Sizzle


Lights Up!

Just The Right Tree. Peanut Ornament. $28.00 Recordable Ornament $18.50 B Flashing Necklace $6.99 C Butter Almond Toffee Tin $12.95. You Pay $7.95 with any 3 cards

Blue Bead Collar Style Necklace $21.99

C Brag Totes

$19.99 Cross Stretch Bracelets E Mulling Spices $3.99




Lights Personalize Up! Me!




Rose Gold Watch

Turquoise & Copper Necklace & Earrings Set $24.99



Flashing Necklace $6.99

Lilly & Laura Bracelets 1 for $12.99 or 3 for $30


Roll-A-Wrap This versatile, lightweight wrap can be worn as a scarf, shawl, or wrap. Comes with a stylish hand-held carrying case that doubles as a handbag. Assorted colors $24.99

F Kids Essentials Embroider it with your child’s name Lunch Box $14.99 Quilted Back packs $24.99 Wallets $7.99 Snack Sacks $15.99

Lights Personalize Up! Me!



Earring Tree What a beautiful way to organize your earrings for easy selection and instant access! This stylish jewelry tree features branches with holes for 40 pairs, and loops for even more. Plus, there’s a handy tray below for rings and other everyday jewelry. Long-lasting metal convstruction. Assembles in seconds. Perfect for vanity or dresser. 7½"H.


KT5829BK Black KT5829WH White

Cross Bracelets w/ Rhinestones $9.99

shop online at

$19.99 Each

Family Bracelet This stylish stretch bracelet comes in a silver and gold finish. Features sentiment and Austrian crystals.

#FAMILY -BR $14.99 Each

Chain Wrap Black/Silver Watch


Twisted Wire Bangles $7.99 Each or 3 for $18

Metal Cross Wrap Bracelet Bracelets $30


Cuff Bracelet $18.99


Chandelier Mesh Amethyst Cube Earrings $11.99 Earrings $11.99


Magnetic Crystal Bracelets $9.99 each or 3 for $24.00

13 Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Statement Necklace $18.99

Keep all your jewelry neat and tangle-free. 2-sided organizer’s 44 labeled pockets are perfectly sized for all your valuable possessions. It’s a great way to see your entire jewelry collection. Wipeable body in grey with silver binding. KT0387SL $17.99

Silver Cross Earrings $8.99 and Necklace $9.99

Bear Claw Back Scratcher $4.99


Decorator Poly Mesh is the hottest product out there for wreath and garland design. It is creative way to celerate the season or to add a punch of color and whimsy to your door, home & gifts. The mesh can be used in lieu of garland for trees, as a floral wrap, to create bows and also provide accents to glassware and baskets. Available in variety of fashionable and bright colors and patterns. Ask us how we can make a one of a kind creation just for you.


Mesh Rolls

24� Work/Pencil Wreath

$5.99 & Up

Metallic Ribbon Roll

Woodwick Ribbonwick Candles $20 & up

$5.99 and up

30 yrd Flex Tubing

Forever Flame Candles

Perfectly replicates the random flicker and ambient glow of a traditional burning candle.

Ties, balls and other decorative accessories available

Swan Creek Candles

Vintage Pottery American Soy Candles $5.99 and up. As Shown $14 each.

Lifelike ing flicker e flam

Made from real wax, this candle is nearly indistinguishable from a real candle. 5": $24.99 7": $39.99

Tyler Candles

22 Oz. 2 Wick $21 11Oz. 2 Wick $15 3.4 Oz $7.50

The holidays are synonymous with entertaining, so adorn your table with shining serveware that will become cherished heirlooms for generations to come. Grape Beverage Server 10-3208




Grape Ice Bucket

with any Arthur Court Purchase

Grape Flatware Caddy 10-3284 $99

Grape Oblong Tray 10-0900

Grape Oval Tray 10-0524

10-3478 $125




Grape 12” Plate 10-0898

Fleur De Lis Small Picther 10-3220 $49

Fluer De Lis Square Tray 10-3054 $75

Holly Wine Caddy & Stopper Set 10-3566 $49

FREE with any $100 Arthur Court Purchase

Grape Gravy Boat 10-3294 $49

Holly 6” Square Tray 10-3558 $29

Holly Marble Cheese Board Set 10-3564 $99


Winter Finch Cross $5.99



Canvas: Joy of Grandparenting My Favorite Things Frame 16" x 20"

Holds 5x7 Picture



Pewter Tear Shaped Memorial Ornament For Him & for Her




16 Our Hero Cross 12" x 17"




The South Plate $39.99

Always in my Heart Memorial Locket Holds ashes or memento


Three Crosses Silhouette



5.5" x 5"

Nativity Silhouette 18" x 6.5"




In Loving Memory Angel Cat & Dot Frame Ornament $11.99


Hip Holly: VH001

Jellybean Rugs

Machine washable indoor/outdoor rugs wash better than your jeans. $29.99

of the

Awesome Owl: PB006

Season Hostess Napkins $6.99

Foaming Hand Soap

Contains Shea butter & Aloe Vera


Triple Milled Bath

Hummingbird Haven Welcome Sign $34.99

Soap Dish $9.99

Soap $9.99

Cedar Cardinal Square Lantern With Led Pillar $64.99

Cedar Cardinal Octagonal Lantern With Led Pillar $59.99

Hummingbird Haven

Dia 6.5” Suncatcher With Metal Stand $24.99

Cedar Cardinal Vase L4.25”H11.8” $45.99



them truly


$44.99 Each

18 $39.99




Laser Engra ved $11.99 Each $44.99




$34.99 $24.99


50000: 6" x 18": $19.99

50006: 8" x 26": $27.99












A. "How To Really Be A..." Beaded Canvas $24.99 B. Collegiate Frame: $29.99 C. Glass Ornament: $14.99 D. College Letter Art Frame: $39.99 E. Michael Oher Keepsake Ornament: $17.95 F. Personalized Flashlight: $10.99 G. Personalized Water Bottle: $13.99 H. Personalized Memo Holder: $14.99






More Than Words is an expressive collection of stunning sculptures, expressing the special bonds that exist in relationships. Passionate sculptures with natural texture, handpainted subtle colors bring life to each individual form, giving them the power to express unspoken feelings straight from the heart.






One True Love

Small Miracles



Cherished Grandmother

Bless this Home



Surrounded by love



Heaven Scent $14.99

Friendship $21.99

Peacock Photo Holder New Baby Joy $37.99

You’re ‘proud as a peacock’ to have family and friends in your life, so show them off with our peacock photo holder. Just spread the quills. Then, use the built-in clips to display up to 28 memorable pictures. Designed for home or office, with a gleaming chrome-plated body. Great for business cards and notes too! 9”H. KT6149BK Black KT6149BL Blue $9.99 Each Just spread the quills…

…and use the clips to display up to 28 photos



THE ORIGINAL SINCE 1976 Every story has a bead TM


with the purchase of a decorative clasp

Amit’s Hallmark

Tiered Bottom Polk-A-Dot Long Sleeve Mustard AJ4094:


Bell Sleeve Cocktail Dress

woven accent neckline with a belted sash at the waist. 50607D-K


Sleeveles Sheer Lace Dress Mocha

Long Sleeve Dress with Crochet Trim Rust

A-7601: $39.99

AD-3320: $59.99

Brown Leopard Carrot Dress A7486:$39.99

Coobie Seemless Bras

It’s simply the most amazing bra you’ll ever buy. Ultra comfortable, supportive, and inexpensive - it’s the perfect combination. The Coobie Bra provides shape and support and can be worn in place of a camisole or tank top. The Coobie Bra fits almost every body! V Neck Lace Trim Bras: $19.99 Camisole with Shelf Bra: $19.99 Assorted colors

Embellished Neckline Dress embellished neckline with a scoop back design 51152D: $69.99

Its a Girl Thing T-Shirts $19.99




Catalog Special

$25 Quintus Taupe


with any



Sami Chniks $25

Kacy Chestnut $35

Revenge Tan $35.00

Universal Emergency Battery Charger


Charge your iPhones and other gadgets!


Fashion Earbuds Compatible with Standard 3.5mm jack


Jeweled Shoe Cell Phone/iPod Holder This super-trendy hi-heel doubles Comes with as a clever holder for your favorite e-device. Perfectly proportioned to built-in stow almost any handset standard recharging or smart as well as iPods. Plus, it cable channel… packs a built-in pencil cup…and a channel in the sole for re-charger cable access. Crafted of hand-painted Features Polyresin with 16 ‘cutaway’ styling to hold sparkling, fully-faceted vuirtualy any crystals. iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc. handheld, regardless of KT6279BK Black width KT6279RE Red

$19.99 Each …and pencil cup

High Heel Ice Traction Slip-Ons These ground-gripping slip-ons work like second soles to provide better traction for ‘high-risk’ high heel shoes and boots. Just slip them over your favorite footwear. Each one has five steel studs that press deep into ice for improved stability during winter walks. Made in cold- and crack-resistant Thermoplastic rubber, with grip strip closures for a perfect fit. Complete with storage pouch. One size fits all. KT5882PK $12.99

Flashlight Multi-Tool Put a toolbox at your fingertips with this ultrahandy 10-in-1 problem solver. The LED flashlight features both wide beam and flashing modes—plus a comfortable ergonomic-grip that conceals 8 fold-out stainless steel mini tools: knife, saw, can & bottle opener/slotted screwdriver, Phillips head screwdriver, scissors, file, hexagonal wrenches and fish hook remover/scaler. Soft touch rubber finish with handsome, brushed stainless steel accents. 3 ‘AAA’ batteries (not incl.) PS5185BK Black

8 Fold-Out

$17.99 Each


Dial-A Driver™

8-in-1’ Light-Up Screwdriver

The Dial-A-Driver features a see-through covered organizer with an amazing interior bit carousel that rotates for easy selection and storage. Just choose a bit, align it with the open window and lift it out. The bit slips easily into the built-in magnetic chuck so you’re ready to work in seconds! Set includes 10 slotted and Phillips head bits…a pull-out driver extension…and an integrated pocket clip.

Phillips head…flat head…large…small. Whatever driver you need, you’ve got it with this 8-in-1 multi-tool. It boasts six of the most popular fullsize drivers, plus a reversible, double-headed mini-driver—all that fold-out instantly from the handle to get the job done. 4 ultra-bright white LED bulbs shine light directly on the tool tip to make repairs even easier. 3 ‘AAA’ batteries (not incl.)

PS6305BK $21.99 Dial-A-Driver is a trademark of EB Brands

PS2570BK $21.99

Holds 68 Batteries!

Magnetic Wrist Band Keep your hands free to do the job…with this handyman’s magnetic wrist wrap. It features twin magnetic plates to secure screws, nails and bolts in easy reach…and sturdy PVC pockets and an elastic strap to hold plastic wall anchors, rubber washers, small tools and even light bulbs. Ideal for working on ladders, under sinks and in tight spaces. Comfortable, adjustable grip-strip closure. Fits any wrist. PS5780BL $17.99

Battery Organizer/Tester This handy storage center holds and organizes up to 68 batteries—including: 10 ‘AAA’, 26 ‘AA’, 10 ‘C’, 8 ‘D’, 9 9V and 5 button cell batteries—all in one easy-to-access place. Plus, there’s a convenient tester to gauge battery strength so you know which ones are good. Durable ABS plastic construction. Fits in drawer or hangs on wall (mounting hardware incl.) PS5197BK $19.99

Clip-On Eyeglass Reading Lights (set of 2) These ultra-bright LED clip-ons direct illumination wherever you look. Unlike readers with built-in lights, these clip-on LEDs attach to virtually any pair of glasses, including your own prescription distance eye wear and readers. Ball joint mountings enable you to focus light precisely where needed. And their featherweight design (0.4 ounces each!) ensures maximum comfort. Individual ‘On/Off’ push-button controls. 4 buttoncell batteries (incl.) PS6286GY $12.99


Aprrox: Size 9”H x 8”W

Apples to Apples™ Party Apple The Game of Hilarious Comparisons, that has sold over 3 million games, just got better. Now the Classic Party Box version comes in this cool, giant, durable Apple! All 1008 cards store inside the Apple keeping your cards as fresh as, well, an apple! For 4 to 10 players, 12+, just open the “Apple,” deal the cards,and you’re ready to play. Select the card from your hand that you think is best described by a card played by the judge. Each round is filled with surprising and outrageous comparisons. This Party Apple includes 1,008 red and green cards and everything stores inside! MA6830RE $49.99

Mahogany Uno™ Fast Fun For Everyone!™ Enjoy this classic UNO™ card game housed in a stylish, displayable deluxe wooden storage box. For 2 to 10 players, this Deluxe Mahogany UNO™ comes with 1 complete UNO™ game (2 decks). This elegant and beautifully finished box is coffee table worthy and game play ready complete. MA6837WD $19.99

Black Mamba This full function remote control car was inspired by hobby grade RC. The Black Mamba is made of lightweight hobby style material and features knobby tires and hobby life features. 4 'AAA' and 2 'AA' batteries (not incl.)


XC9257GN $49.99

Balls Float in Mid-Air

Tosses Sunk Baskets Right Back Atcha!

Auto-Return Basketball Challenge™ Stop chasing the ball and start maximizing your ‘play’ time with this automatic basketball returner. It lets you concentrate on championship hooks, jump shots and free throws — instead of your running game—by tossing every ball you sink right back to you. Works up to 6' away. Includes safe, hi-density foam ball. Assembles quickly without tools. 4 ‘AA’ batteries (not incl.)

Floating Target Shooting Gallery

PS5053MU $39.99

Auto-Return Basketball Challenge is a trademark of EB Brands

Calling all commandos for the Aero-age target game! Just load the multi-tip gun and blast away at floating balls that hover in space on invisible pillars of air. Features individual air pillar controls to vary ball height and game difficulty; handy, built-in ball storage tray; auxiliary bulls-eye target; air-powered gun; and 6 safety-foam projectiles. 4 ‘C’ batteries (not incl.) PS3320TI $44.99

Vibrating Football Vibrating Football is back and better! Providing decades of family fun, this classic game has been updated with the latest technology to put you and your opponent in control of the action. Now you can select the vibration power and running direction for your team so play is more competitive—and more exciting— than ever before. 3 ‘AA’ batteries (not incl.) FB5587BK $59.99

©2012 NFL Properties LLC. Team names and logos are trademarks of the teams indicated. All other (NFL-related marks) are trademarks of the National Football League.

Electronic Chess Wizard Do you have what it takes to compete with a legendary genius? Battle the Chess Wizard to find out. Convenient magnetic playing pieces and a handy storage compartment are perfect for on-the-go play, and a built-in tutor trains you to solve checkmate problems. Challenge yourself with 73 skill levels. And take a break whenever you want; the Chess Wizard automatically saves games in progress. 2 ‘AA’ batteries (not incl.) XC5351BK $39.99

ORB (on the cover) Calling all test pilots! Our objective is to recruit pilots for the assesment of the ORB's out of this world technology. The ORB is easy to fly, thanks to its aerodynamic design. Impact shielding renders the craft crash resistant during your flight mission. It also features easy lift off from any surface, and auto-upright feature for quick take off from any surface. 6 'AA' batteries (not incl.) ORB charges from remote. XC6935BK $49.99

Squeeze Play Football The competition for best field goal kicker is on, and it’s up to you to claim the title! Just position the ball on the player’s foot…line-up with the uprights…and squeeze! The more force you use, the farther the air-propelled football travels… and the more amazing the field goal. Play all six balls, toting up 3 points for each successful kick. Top score wins. Set includes: ‘squeeze’ player; easy-to-assemble, 13” high field goal post; 6 foam footballs; and game instructions.

Big Game Shooting Challenge is a trademark of EB Brands

PS6495MU $24.99

Big Game Shooting Challenge® Just load the gun with foam ammo…aim…and fire! Every ball that lands on the bear’s pressure sensitive tongue scores a point on the LCD display and collects in his tummy for easy retrieval. Great for one or more players, at home or office. Includes ‘Big Game’ bear target, gun and 8 foam safety balls. 1 ‘AA’ battery (not incl.) PS5912MU $34.99 Big Game Shooting Challenge ® is a registered trademark of EB Brands

A-Minute-To-Go® Game Globe Have a world of fun with our hot new Game Globes! To play: Just switch on the electronic scoreboard and 1-minute countdown timer. Then, deftly maneuver the ball around the interior of the globe into the basket or holes… repeating again…and again…to tote-up your best point score possible. Features 41⁄4" diameter globe, ‘no-scratch’ base and auto-off function. For one or more players. 1 button cell battery (incl.) PS4350ZA: Baseball PS5786ZB: Basketball PS5786MU: Arcade Game

$19.99 Each A-Minute-To-Go® is a registered trademark of EB Brands

Desktop Drum Set Jam like a superstar with this amazing, retro-style desktop drum set. Designed with a higloss, speckled finish and chrome-plated accents, it features the classic garage-band set-up: tom-tom, 2 snares and splash-crash cymbal. Perfect for your legendary turn as the ultimate boy-band drummer. Includes 2 drumsticks. Stands 16” tall. PS4928MU $19.99


With Interchangeable Visor & Pouch




Golf Distance Finder

Golf Ball Finder Glasses

Take the guesswork out of reading distances—and improve your golf score—with this compact, telescoping range finder. It accurately measures the expanse from ball to pin, so you can select the right club for the right location. Simply extend the pull-out barrel…rotate the eyepiece lens to adjust focus…and check the handy gauge for the correct yardage or meters.

Spot balls wherever they land—in trees, roughs and fairways—with these golf ball finder glasses. They feature a specially-tinted, UV-coated lens that instantly filters out foliage and grass, so white balls stand out against even the densest backgrounds. Save time, minimize penalty shots and cut ball losses! Interchangeable visor and microfiber storage pouch also included.

PG5676SL $34.99

PG4287MU $29.99

Tracks Par, Strokes and 10-Round Average

Pivoting Canopy Top for Easy Access

Golf Ball Monogram Stamper

Touch-Screen 4-Player

Golf Bag Umbrella

Digital Golf Scorecard

Instantly identify your balls on or off the course by personalizing them with your 3-letter monogram. Just dial-in your initials…place the golf ball in the special positioning frame…and press. The integrated stamp pad and ‘insta-dry’ ink means there’s no delay in your play. Use again and again for yourself, or change letters to accommodate multiple golfers.

This slim-line electronic scorecard tracks golf scores for up to four players on a large, LCD touch screen, complete with time and temperature displays. Features 3 quickprogram modes for par setting, game scoring and 10-round averaging, and ‘sure-grip’ rubberized trim. Includes holder with built-in golf bag clip and 2 styluses. 2 button cell batteries (incl.)

This specially designed umbrella covers your clubs and gear to keep them safe and dry. It features an extra-long telescoping shaft that extends to fit securely inside your bag, and a spring-action Nylon canopy that provides maximum protection from the elements and pivots out of the way for easy club retrieval.

PG4671SL $21.99

PG4401SL $34.99

PG6163MU $31.99

© 2012 PGA TOUR. All Rights Reserved. PGA TOUR, PGA TOUR and the Swinging Golfer design are trademarks of PGA TOUR, Inc. and used by permission.

Lets You Practice More by Retrieving Less

Practice Green Putt Returner Just insert the smart returner into a practice green cup and it automatically returns every holed ball, so there’s no more wasted time picking them up. You can actually practice up to three times the number of putts in a single session. Height adjustable to fit virtually any hole. Complete with extendable surround that funnels missed putts into the cup for automatic return. 4 ‘AA’ batteries (not incl.) PG5794WH $34.99

gifts for the golfer

Laser Pro® Putt Returner This hi-tech putt returner grooves your accuracy by projecting a red laser beam across the floor to guide your stroke from ball to cup. Then, automatically returns your ball to build your confidence through continuous play. Angle-adjustment wheel controls laser length for long and short putts. Play with or without laser assistance. 2 ‘AAA’ and 2 ‘C’ batteries (not incl.) PG5674SL $34.99 Laser Pro is a registered trademark of EB Brands

C. ‘Pop-Up’ Chipping Net

19" Diameter Net

Take your short game to the next level with this pop-up chipping net. It unfolds instantly, virtually assembling itself, so you can maximize your practice time, groove your swing and improve your score. It features a sturdy, netted wire-form frame…2 spring-loaded pole supports…and 3 ground stakes for outdoor play. Folds down in seconds to stow in a compact pouch with built-in pole/stake storage. PG5675BL $27.99


Your Choice


Comes with 5 Replacement Strings

Metal Speed Yo-Yo

This Yo-Yo is built for serious fun with the shape and weight that add speed to spins and control to tricks. Ideal for Walkin’ the Dog, Around the World, Rock the Baby, Trapeze, Splitting the Atom and other flashy plays for beginner to expert skill levels. Crafted in steel.

20 Note Harmonica


SG3650BK SH3650GO SH3650TI

Keep a party in your pocket with this 20 note harmonica! Styled with a double row of blow holes for crystal-clear sharps and flats, it features a big, bold voice perfect for gettin’-down with blues, folk, jazz, rock and more. Tuned to the Key of C. Easy to learn, fun to play. Quality crafted in plastic with aluminum plates.

Black Gold Silver

$14.99 Each




Metal Brain Drains Game on! Power-up your brain with these mind-over-metal head puzzlers designed to test your ingenuity and strategy IQs….while delivering endless hours (and hours) of fun! The rules are easy— simply decouple the twisted metal links…and then, re-couple. Warning: some things are harder than they look! Made pocket-sized to tuck anywhere, play everywhere. Each set includes 4 brain-bending puzzles.


“Can You Solve These Puzzles?”

A. SH6156CH B. SH6157CH

$14.99 Each

Snowball Thrower Before the other team can even grab a handful, you’ll have scooped, shaped and hurled a perfect bull’s eye – all in one fluid motion! Set of two all-in-one scoop-and-toss paddles have built-in TPR snowball presses plus easy-grip handles for enhanced aim and accuracy. No soggy mittens, no frozen hands! Polypropylene. SH5748RE Red SH5748BL Blue

$14.99 Each

The Sharper Image® name and logo are registered trademarks. © The Sharper Image. All Rights Reserved.Manufactured and marketed by E  B Brands under License.

Macro Lens

B efo


X iPhone

Af te r


iPhone Microscopic Zoom Lens Macro Lens

A professional 5X lens for your iPhone 4/4s. Zoom in on small objects using the digital zoom on the phone’s camera and view 25X its size!


Turn your phone’s wide-angle flashlight into a focused spotlight. Spotlight works with any flashlight app you can download to your phone.

iPhone 4/4s Case

Keep your phone safe and protected. The design allows easy access to buttons, controls and ports without having to remove the case. SH9600BK $26.99

Smartphone 10X Zoom Lens with Stand 10X Optical Zoom Lens

This telescopic lens will add 10X magnification to your smartphone. It is designed for focusing on long distance photos and video.


The tripod provides stability needed for really zooming in to catch the great pictures you’ve always wanted.

Universal Lens Adapter

This uniquely designed adapter allows you to attach the lens to your smartphone. It positions the zoom lens to align with your smartphone’s camera.


Universal Clamp

Extendable and flexible the Universal Clamp holds most smartphones. Use it to attach your phone to the tripod.

iPhone 4/4s Case

iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.

The 10X Zoom Lens attaches directly to your iPhone case for instant telescopic viewing. SH9604BK $49.99

Cube Speakers Pump it up! Compatible with most any audio device with a 3.5mm headphone jack, these stylish Cube Speakers have built-in amplifiers that provide big, bold sound. Compact design stores easily and is perfect for travel. Powered by a standard USB connection and complete with independent volume control dial. AO6663BK $17.99

Infinity Boombox MP3 Speaker Transform your room into the hottest dance party! Blast music from your phone, computer, MP3 players, FM radio, or even put songs on a USB or SD card! The amazing sound and light display goes wherever you go! AO6666BK $49.99

Car Wash Kit This compact car wash kit is perfect at home or on-the-go! It features an ultra-soft microfiber fringe mitt that molds to car contours, bumpers and trim for a quick yet thorough cleaning that’s gentle on paint…and a leak-proof polyester bucket that holds up to 2.9 gallons of water. The thumbless mitt is super-absorbent, machine-washable and works equally well on the right or left hand. The collapsible, space-saving bucket measures 10” in diameter, expands from 1 ¾” to 11” tall and tucks into its own zippered pouch for handy storage in garage or vehicle.

Ultra-Soft Fringe Mitt Molds To Car Contours

PS6232MU $21.99 Collaspes To Tuck Into A Zippered Pouch


3 2 PS I

Power Up On-The-Go!

Automotive USB Charger

Talking Digital

Cup Holder Power Port

Power-up on the road with this Portable USB Car Charger. It’s designed to charge up to two electronic devices at the same time. Just plug the 12v adapter into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter and your USB cables into the two charging ports and go! Ultracompact with swing-open design, it stows in glove compartment, handbag, carry-on or briefcase.

Tire Pressure Gauge

Charge up to 4 cell phones, PDAs, laptop computers, iPod/MP3 players, GPS systems, digital cameras or portable games…all from your vehicle’s cigarette lighter. Features car battery level indicator and interior safety shield to help prevent damage from accidental spills. Fits in most standard cup holders. Comes with 2 DC outlets, 2 USB ports and cigarette lighter adapter with 39" cord.

PS5225TI $19.99 iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc.

This compact, talking tire pressure monitor instantly measures pressure and reports it back two ways: by voice—on a built-in speaker—and digitally—on an easy-read LCD display. Measures pressure up to 99.5psi. Ideal for low light conditions. 2 lithium button cell batteries (incl.) PS4026BK $21.99

PS5182BK $19.99 iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc.

The World’s Most Flexible Visor Organizer

Insta-Grip™ Visor Organizer This sleek, contemporary holder features 13 interwoven elastic straps that secure everything you need— right at your fingertips—with no limits on configuration or placement. Perfect for garage door openers, cell phones, iPods, pocket cameras, chargers, business cards, maps, pens and so much more. Secures instantly to either side of visor with two grip-strip straps. PS5750BK $21.99 Insta-Grip is a trademark of EB Brands iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc.

Digital Tire Pressure & Thread Depth Gauge Keep your tires in tip-top condition for better mileage, better performance. Handy built-in valve monitors pressure between 5-99psi to help ensure proper tire inflation and optimized mpg. And an easy-to-use retractable pin measures tread depth in 1/32” and 0.1mm increments to track tire wear. All results are displayed on a large, easy-to-read LCD screen. 1 button cell battery (incl.) PS6262BK $21.99


Car Seat Sealer Stop coins, keys, pens and mobile phones from slipping between your front car seat and console…with our moldable Seat Sealers. Just squeeze the bolster into the space and you’re done! The special design features a cutout for your seat belt so the fit is smooth…plus a handy front pocket (on one sealer) for a cell phone, iPod or spare change. Durable Neoprene construction. Fits most cars and SUVs. PS6405BK $12.99

Ice Traction Slip-Ons

Ice Scraper Mitt

Get a grip on ice and snow with the traction footgear you just slip on—then go! Crafted of a rugged thermoplastic with ground-gripping steel studs, these stretch-on second soles make winter walks and hikes safer and easier. Ultra light and highly elastic, they fit over most any shoes or boots.

This plush, pile-lined mitt features an integrated, engineered-plastic ice scraper built tough with a ‘chipper’ edge to handle even winter’s harshest frozen buildup. Plus, its elasticized wrist and extra-long cuff protects your hand and arm, keeping warmth in. Designed in soft sueded fabric with faux shearling trim. For left- or right-handers. One size fits most.

PS2545ME Small/Medium PS2545BK Large/Extra Large

$17.99 Each

PS4976TN $14.99

It’s KickOff Time!

Talking Football Beverage Mug This classic glass beverage mug leads the charge in fan support. Just press the laces on the football voice box that’s clipped to the handle to enjoy 5 FAN-tastic, cheer-rousing calls—complete with sound effects. Dishwasher safe, the mug cleans easily once the voice box is unclipped. Holds up to 20 oz. 2 button cell batteries (incl.)

The Fa ns Are Going Wild! It’s The Play Of The Day!

! down Touch

For It’s O ne or d The Rec ! Books

PS5789FB $19.99

Spinning TV Organizer with Picture Frames Its five roomy compartments hold remote controls, program guides, eyeglasses and more. Plus, find the best viewing ever on its four built-in picture frames—perfect for your favorite snapshots. Made of handsome hi-tech plastic, with protective padded base.

Elastic Stress Relief Ball Made amazingly malleable with an all-natural core that flattens on the squeeze action and expands on the rebound, automatically regaining its shape! Relaxes tension, improves grip and increases hand mobility. ‘Feel-good’ rubber skin remains cool, soft and flexible even under intense ‘heat’. PS3251GF Golf PS3251ZA Baseball PS3251ZB Basketball $12.99 Each

34 Hide In Plain Sight!

PS1958BK $17.99

Lap Desk This portable desk has a molded plastic top to accommodate laptops, eReaders, books,papers and plates…and a microbead-filled pillow that customcontours to your lap and legs for improved comfort and support. Top attaches to pillow with secure grip-strip connections. The two pull-apart for easy cleaning. Zippered Nylon pillow cover is machinewashable).

Speaker Key Chain

PS5624BK $21.99

It’s party time anywhere and everywhere with this ingenious micro-speaker key chain. Just pull out the speaker and plug the jack into virtually any iPod or Mp3 player to hear your favorite tunes. No earbuds or headphones needed! Delivers clear, strong sound for everyone to enjoy. Securely snaps back on in a flash.


iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc.

KT0022GY Gray KT0022PK Pink KT0022PU Purple

This sturdy, ABS plastic hanger-safe is so ingenious. It virtually disappears into a sea of hangers when hung in the closet and covered with a coat, jacket or dress. Only you will know it’s a key-lock safe with hidden compartments for cash, passports and other important documents…plus removable posts and hooks for jewelry and more. For extra security, the built-in steel loop attaches to the closet rod from inside the unlocked hanger. Complete with 2 keys. KT6412GY $24.99 Hang-It-Safe is a trademark of EB Brands

Use Indoors or Out!

Laptop Meal Tray Tired of wolfing down fast food from a bag? Tired of spills, splatters and messes when eating in bed or in front of the TV? Be neat, clean and comfortable with this handy Laptop Meal Tray. It features a spacious eating surface that’s big enough for a whole lunch-or-dinner’s worth of dining. Two built-in holders secure utensils, bottles, cans…even most super size cups. S5754BK $14.99

$9.99 Each

Twist-in drink ring (incl.) can be inserted to secure glasses and bottles

Fishing Tool with Scale Our prize catch: everything you need to measure, weigh and scale the fish that didn’t get away. Includes 3'/91cm tape measure, scaler, hook remover, fishing line fastener and built-in scale with 0-13 lbs./ 0-6 kgs. capacity. Ergonomically styled for easy handling. Fits in tackle box or pocket. PS2594TI $12.99

Couch Caddy This ultra-functional couch caddy slips between sofa or easy-chair cushions to keep everything you need right at your fingertips. Features four compartments, including two beverage holders with cup handle cutouts…a pocket for your remote, eyewear and writing implements…and another pocket for newspapers, magazines, etc. Complete with a twist-in drink ring to keep glasses and bottles in place. Sturdy ABS plastic construction with wipe-clean finish. PS1147BK $21.99


T elescopic

Telescopic wand extends to clean wall-mounted and widescreen TVs

Fisherman’s Multi-Tool with Light The angler’s #1 survival tool—8 fishing essentials packed into one easy-to-carry housing. Includes LED flashlight, scissors, knife, bait inserter, hook remover, fishing line fastener, scaler and bottle opener. Ergonomically designed with rubberized, suregrip pad. Comes with nylon storage pouch. Slips into pocket or tackle box, hangs on belt. 2 lithium button cell batteries (incl.) PS2593TI $12.99

Digital Pocket Pedometer Tracks # of steps taken, distance travelled & calories burned.Batteries incl.Available in blue, red & green.


TV Screen Cleaning Wand Every television—from a mini portable to the biggest hi-def beauty—needs an ultraclean screen to deliver the best picture possible. Our super-soft microfiber cleaner is just the ticket. It boasts gentle, scratch-free fibers that whisk away dirt and dust while minimizing static pull that re-attracts lint and other airborne particles. Stores in its own sleekly designed handle. Microfiber is removeable and machine washable. PS6304BK $14.99

80609 $19.99 Each

2-in-1 Facial Trimmer Set Chrome plate. Features interchangeable heads for nose and ear grooming, sideburns and facial hair touch ups. Batteries included. 44414 $29.99 Each

With ScratchFree Microfiber Strands

Holds Over $1,000

$uper $ize™ Digital Coin Counting Bank Save BIG—a little bit at a time. It features a coincounting slot that automatically recognizes and totals every coin you deposit on its large, easy-read LCD display. Super-strength PVC/ABS plastic construction. And screw-off cap with count-up/count-down control buttons to keep your total accurate after bulk deposits and withdrawals. 2 ‘AAA’ batteries (not incl.)

PS4920BL $24.99 $uper $ize is a trademark of EB Brands

Holiday Entertaining & Gift Giving

Salt & Pepper Set 21155 $14.99



with a purchanSye from this


Popcorn Bowls Regularly 9.99


Set of 5

Hinged Jars

36 White Chocolate Amaretto Cheesecake Cheese Ball & Dessert Mix



To Go Cup Includes fork and a seperate mini-container 31410 $9.99

Cocktail Plate Set Set of 4, 27687: $24.99

Prep Bowl Set

52644 $19.99

17747 Holiday


73284 Owls

3 for $ 30 Re

19210 Doodles

Nutcracker Wine Bottle Opener Assorted designs 63491: $19.99

44914 Sugar


rly $19.9


& Spice Jingle Bell Stopper

A. Cork Cages Use this unique accent piece as a “gift box� for a bottle of wine or as a holder for your wine corks. Features a chalkboard and 1 piece of chalk.

Set of 5 15721


#91-057 $29.99

Extra Large Wine Glass Holds a whole bottle of wine 10040: $14.99


B. Gourmet Hot Sauce Gift Set $9.99

C. Cocktail Gift Sets 5 pre-measured bottles of mixers to explore an assortment of unique cocktails.



C. B.

Have a very merry Christmas with Friends & Family A. 9 Pc Holiday Gift Box


C. D.

5942: $15

B. Godiva Holiday Ballotin 5917: 19 pc: $30 5920: 8 pc: $15



C. Milk Chocolate Cocoa Tin 5982: $20

D. Holiday Party Gifts 5964: 4 Pc: $8 5966: 2 Pc: $5

E. Mini Shopping Bag with Medallions 6565: $10


The Napkin, Stopper and Wine Set $14.99

SECOND SET only $4.99

Glass Cutting Board, Spreader & Napkin Gift Sets

Dip Bowl, Spreader & Napkin Gift Sets

Snowman: 33988 Jingle Bell: 98433 Fleur De Lis: 29611

Snowman: 71042



Jingle Bell: 55441

Fleur De Lis: 65890

Sure-Fire Condiment Dispenser

Power-Steam Grill Cleaner

Ready...aim...squirt! Our big shot condiment gun makes dispensing ketchup and mustard outrageously fun. Simply load the 2 see-through plastics containers with your favorite brands. Lock them in the barrel...and squeeze the trigger to pumpout just the right amount for hamburgers, hot dogs and more! Great for mayo and barbecue sauce, too! Ideal for camping, cookouts, picnics and tailgating. Plastic with contoured grip. Hand wash.

No harmful chemical scrubbers, no wasteful electricity, no batteries– no hassle! This eco-friendly grill-cleaning machine uses the power of tap water to create steam that’s strong enough to help dissolve grease, food residue and burned-on barbecue sauces on contact. Just fill the water-pump reservoir. Then, spray on your hot BBQ grate for instant action. Comes with rugged stainlesssteel bristle brush to whisk away tough spots. Engineered in durable ABS plastic.

SH6263MU $19.99

SH6119RE $39.99

Telescoping Marshmallow Fork Perfectly roasted marshmallows and hot dogs begin here…with our telescoping marshmallow fork. It’s made for the job with secure stainless steel prongs designed to hold food over barbecue grills or campfires. The retractable handle extends a full 40” to keep children and adult hands safe–away from flames. Rubberized trim helps ensure a secure, nonslip grip that makes it easy to rotate your favorite treats for even cooking. Dishwasher safe.


SH5827RE $21.99

BBQ Grill Light & Fan Don’t let smoke get in your eyes! Blow it up, up and away with the ingenious dual-fan light that keeps your workspace bright, cool and smoke-free. Features two easy-to-adjust pivoting fans and an ultra-bright 4-LED job lamp that rotates 300º to illuminate nighttime cookouts. Clamps on BBQ hood. Comes with separate on/off switches and individual swivel mounts for perfect positioning. Quality crafted in durable, heat-resistant ABS plastic. 8 ‘AA’ batteries (not incl.) SH6113RE $59.99 *Not for use on kettle grills

Grill Perfect Hot Dog Roller Enjoy mouthwateringly-delicious, evenly-cooked hot dogs every time! Just pop up to five wieners, links or sausages on the cooking surface. Rotate them slowly over the grate for full flavor and uniform heating…and eat for an old-fashioned taste treat! Rubberized sure-grip handle detaches for storage. Works with virtually any indoor or outdoor grill. Easy to clean. Dishwashersafe. SH6267RE $29.99 The Sharper Image ® name and logo are registered trademarks. © The Sharper Image. All rights reserved.

Fire Wire Flexible Grilling Skewer $9.99

Amit's Hallmark Holiday Catalog 2012  

Christmas 2012 Gift Guide

Amit's Hallmark Holiday Catalog 2012  

Christmas 2012 Gift Guide