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Print to get an impression, rhythm, consonants in order to convey visual language. Like the book, browsing pages, appear letters. Deliver added value through the print and felice. Flat two-dimensional print, will receive the value of three-dimensional felice that moves with the direction of displacement print, opening and closing. Multi-media was pleated to form a three dimensional function as a flat print. Will reach the fabrics that will print volume while and try to create, aseductive fashion designer to be created for further dialogue, discussion and direction to the body. The beginning point of my projects was many years of working and study textiles and the fabric sources. Created the color and print ideas and new ways of thinking in three dimensions, and beyond the textile language. Kim

canvas silk print with mono print reactive colors

Flieace silk print with reacitve and trancfer colors hand made Flieace monochrom

burnout Technique print

canvas collection mono print handmade

reactive colors hande made print

kim monuz-houta Textile designer & entrepreneur Design

050-3087174 my website >>>

kim monuz-houta catalog  

a textile catalog made by the israeli designer kim monuz-houta

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