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The Art Of Home Spa - 11 Budget-Friendly Ways Of Relaxation In matters of relaxation, health spas have it all figured out. From soothing massages to facials, every service has its price. You don't have to spend much to relieve stress. There are alternative ways you can do. There are numerous healthy spa treatments you can do at home. 1. Homemade Secrets You can make yourself a homemade hydrating mask. Using your blender, mix cold cream with yogurt, honey, aloe vera gel and avocado. Paint it on your face or body and leave the mask for 15 to 20 minutes. Any chafed skin will feel refreshed and moisturised. 2. Scented Space Believe in the magic of aromatherapy. Heavenly scented soy candles should do the trick. You can use potpourri or aromatherapy diffusers in each room. Use soothing fragrances like citrus, eucalyptus or lavender. A scented space is a happy place. 3. Revitalise your eyes Go to a room with brightly coloured walls. According to Painter Perth decorators, green and blue are relaxing shades. That's why they're commonly used in spas and fitness centres. They can make you feel calm and balanced plus they're good for the eyes. 4. Water Detox Hydrate more by adding slices of fruits to your plain water. The most recommended are mango, orange, peach and lemons. By doing so, your pH levels are stabilised and the body feels reenergised. Lemons can boost your digestive system. 5. Salt Therapy Yes, eating too much salt is not healthy but there are a variety of ways wherein you can use salt. Mix salt with oatmeal for a calming bath. You can also breathe in salt vapour for a radiant looking skin. How? Mix Âź Epsom salt to a bowl of hot water. Hold your face over the vapour for 10 minutes. 6. Body Scrubs Exfoliate and moisturise your skin with a homemade sugar body scrub. Unlike, salt-based scrubs, sugar will not clog pores and is perfect for sensitive skin. Sugar draws in more moisture and removes flaky skin gently. Mix Âź cup raw sugar, 2 tsp essential oil to your body wash.

7. Hair Therapy Give your 'crowning glory' a treat by natural hair treatments you can do at home. Raw egg is a great hair conditioner. It's rich in proteins and enzymes that can bring life to dry brittle hair. You can apply the yolks or the whites before shampooing and rinse your hair with cool water. 8. Flavoured Baths Don't stick to standard bubble baths. There are many ways to spice up your bath rituals. Soaking in a tub mixed with whole milk can soften your skin more than fancy bath products in the market. You can also use natural plant-based flavoured oils for a fun pampering experience! 9. Deep Breathing Exercises Controlled deep breathing can calm the nervous system and reduce stress. It can keep us calm and relaxed. Deep breathing uses the nostrils to inhale and the mouth to exhale. You can start with inhaling and exhaling for a count of four and keep your goal in mind. 10. Foot Buff Our feet have the most strenuous job and that it carries our weight. Give your feet a break and pamper them by soaking your soles in warm water. Massage your feet with lanolin-based lotions and get rid of calluses using pumice stone. 11. Healthy Kitchen Start a healthy eating habit with servings of fruits and veggies. They're packed with vitamins and antioxidants that keep you hydrated. Painter Perth Decorators recommend using a bowl of fruits and veggies as your centrepiece. It's trendy and healthy.

The Art Of Home Spa - 11 Budget-Friendly Ways Of Relaxation