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International Women’s Day: Scheme that Empower Women Socially and Economically

“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.” This great old saying has become the basic principle of many developing countries including India. A nation’s development can be measured by mapping the women of that country. Understanding this fact, the Indian government, as well as non-government organization, has introduced many schemes to empower women financially and socially. In the occasion of International Women’s Day, we are to reintroduce such plans and provisions which is available only to the women. Schemes for empowering women socially 

One Stop Center Scheme This scheme is one of the very lesser known schemes that work for uplifting women who are struggling with exploitation, torture and violence in the form of physical, sexual, mental, economic or psychological abuse. This scheme was introduced in April 2015 by the GOI and it offers immediate response, emergency help, medical support and legal and psychological assistance to affected women and girls even below 18 years of age.

Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana This scheme is specially designed for the women below the poverty line and who are still unable to subscribe an LPG connection. Under this scheme, the affluent class of people was appealed to give their LPG subsidy in favor of weaker classes. This scheme has a two way advantage as it will work for the upliftment of the women below the poverty line and will push them away from some and dust which is injurious to health.

Rajiv Gandhi National Crèche Scheme for Children of Working Mothers For every woman, her child is always her priority. The motherhood sometimes becomes a barrier to the working women who have to be out of the home for the whole day for their work. Understand this difficulty of working mothers, the government has come up with this scheme in the year of 2006. This scheme provides day-care facilities, improved nutrition, immunization facilities, sleeping facilities, and set the stage for better physical, the mental and social growth of children of working women. This scheme has made many working mothers not to quit their job because of the upbringing of their child.

Maternity Benefit Program Being mother is a pride of every woman but the same make many working women go without pay for many months or in some worst cases job loss too. The Maternity Benefit Program which is named as Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana is launched in 2017. Under this scheme pregnant women can take a maternity leave of 6 months for which she shall be fully paid. This scheme is very beneficial for pregnant and lactating women mother too.

Women’s Helpline Women helpline is a 24 hours free telephonic assistance to any girl or women who are facing a violence of any kind. This scheme was implemented in 2015 for helping those women who are in need of an immediate emergency response. Any violence private or public can be reported here as this helpline make the nearest hospital, ambulance facility, police station, fire department, and others to reach the victim within the minimum time. Every women and well wisher of women must be aware of women’s helpline no of their area. Now let us know the Provision which makes Women Economically Strong Savings bank account : To empower women nowadays many banks are offering discounts and cashbacks to the women debit card and credit card holders. They get some exclusive offers while they spend money on shopping, food, wellness, entertainment, etc. Even some banks offers more credit limit to the female credit card holders than males. Working mothers can open a ‘Junior/Kid Account’ with the waiver of monthly account balance requirement if it is linked to a Recurring Deposit (RD) Account or Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). Insurance : Generally women have to pay less premium than men for the same insurance policy. Women can enjoy the discount till 10% before they attain the age of 40 years. This facility is provided to women as they have more longevity than man. The cheaper interest rate on loans : Women enjoy a cheaper interest rate if they apply for a home loan. The same lesser interest rate can be even be enjoyed by a male applicant too if he adds a co-applicant who is a woman. The present lowest home loan interest rate is 8.30% which is applicable only to the female home loan borrowers. Usually, the interest rate difference is around 0.05 percent. One can even enjoy cheaper rate while going for a car loan too.

Real estate Investment and taxes : Even in the area of real estate too, women can save money by the relaxation which they get on stamp duty charges. Whenever a proper is being sold or purchased both the buyer and seller have to pay stamp duty charges to the government. But if any of the parties is a woman, she has to pay less than the male counterpart. For instance, In Delhi, a male has to pay 6% stamp duty charges whereas a women need to pay 4% in the same situation. Entrepreneurship: Women entrepreneurship is growing very fast pace in India. To make finance benefits on entrepreneurship GOI has introduced many schemes among which ’Startup India’ is one of the prominent ones. Under the Start Up India scheme, women entrepreneurs can get a loan between Rs 10 lakh and Rs 100 lakh in the areas of manufacturing or trading sector for the first time. Government is also providing training facilities for new entrepreneurs. Finance is a sector where women have always gained mastery over the subject. Whether it may be money savings or investing for a better return, the foreseeing capacity of women is an unbeatable one. A socially and financially strong woman is the base of a wealthy family and such wealthy families form a developed nation.

International women's day  

Finance is a sector where women have always gained mastery over the subject. Whether it may be money savings or investing for a better retur...

International women's day  

Finance is a sector where women have always gained mastery over the subject. Whether it may be money savings or investing for a better retur...