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Today’s leaders have many challenges. From

business practices based on Management

creating a high performing organisations to

Science are imposed on people who have

nurturing and retaining talent, from increasing

a different belief, as in India and China, it will

the market share to ensuring the appropriate

be met with resistance. Must we change the

returns to the investors, the list seems to be

business practice then, or the people? Must we

endless and full of excitement.

develop empathy for different beliefs, include ideas rather than evangelise our own?

While being in the pursuit of all these, have you ever thought of how you look at your business?

Indian School of Business offers you a

What is your business world? Is it a set of

programme that is truly original, something which

targets, a set of tasks, a set of processes or a

is deep rooted in your thoughts and culture and

set of people?

mindsets, something that challenges the way we have been thinking and doing business? In

If we believe that business is about people, it

this workshop, we shall discover and harness

makes sense to understand their beliefs, their

a lever that is overlooked because the world is

subjective truth, their personal understanding of

too focused on the rational and the tangible. But

work and life. For that we have to understand

human beings are not rational and our emotions

the culture they belong to, the stories, symbols

are not tangible. How do we harness this human

and rituals that shaped their mind. Mythology

potential, to get what eludes us?

is the tool that enables us to access it, for it is the map of the human mind, because when

This programme leaves you with a thirst to confront the challenging ideas which are

As is belief, so is behaviour, so is business

beyond the traditional business education and philosophy, take this journey with renowned mythologist and leadership coach Devdutt Pattanaik.

Programme Objectives Expand the mind to appreciate more frameworks that can exponentially enhance the decision-making process Understand the predominant management approach of chasing goals and targets, and transitioning to the gaze based management concept. Examine thinking process and mental models based on traditional Indian wisdom and literature in matters related to proactivity, ownership, sustainability and growth Sensitise the participants to look within and achieve a deeper understanding of role of wealth, power and identity in shaping Understand the deep rooted Indian psyche of managing work and encourage an alternative process of thinking to manage business and people through myths, stories and symbols. Appreciate the ethical and moral dilemmas of leaders and organisations, and consider approaches to resolve them



New Perspective

Unleash the potential for Growth and Harmony

About the faculty Devdutt Pattanaik, renowned mythologist and leadership coach, who also serves as Chief Belief Officer of the Future Group, besides being a leadership coach and story consultant, helps us appreciate a very Indian approach to management, business, governance, leadership and ethics based on beliefs revealed by mythologies of Indian origin. He compares and contrasts this with Chinese beliefs, as well as Western beliefs, often mistakenly assumed to be scientific, hence modern and universal.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND This programme is designed for

Chief Executives

Heads of business units of medium and large, public and private enterprises

Owners/ CEOs who are responsible for implementing change and high performance in their organisation.

Programme Dates The programme starts at 9.00 am on Mar 11, 2013 and concludes at 5.00 pm on Mar 13, 2013.

Programme FeE INR 1,00,000 + Service Tax

Venue ISB - Hyderabad Campus

Real Results through learning At the Centre of Executive Education, we believe learning doesn’t stop with the classroom. Which is why we have designed programmes that help participants apply classroom learning to their business challenges. This real-time intervention enables participants to stay relevant in a dynamic business scenario and the organisations to stay continuously competitive. We call it Real Results, where application is as vital as the learning itself.

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