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NedGraphics Dobby Pro Woven Designs, from Concept to Loom Dobby Pro is the ultimate solution to create, sample and produce the finest woven fabrics. The most complex wovens can be designed, colored, estimated, calculated, simulated and sent straight to your looms. Dobby Pro addresses the needs of all users, from stylists to the most demanding production technicians.  Develop any type of woven dobby, starting with a scan of actual fabric to match, or just express your imagination by entering ideas from scratch. Once the design information has been entered, Dobby Pro does the rest. Generate woven textile simulations that can be used in place of samples and also export a wealth of information that can be used to directly control the entire manufacturing processes. From yarn selection to running the loom, with Dobby and Dobby Pro, you can be sure that you have an unequaled advantage! Dobby is a light version of Dobby Pro. Its attractive price tag makes it affordable for starters and lowers the threshold for adding stations with basic functionality Highlights and features n Access multiple libraries and designs for mixing and matching yarns, weaves, warp and weft arrangements, harness set ups, and peg plans n Create completely new designs by entering the information that goes into making an actual woven fabric n Work visually, and the software will generate the technical information for the user

n Fabricate and match all types of actual yarns with our exclusive yarn generator n Scan & edit yarns to capture even the most sophisticated yarns textures n Create simulations that can be used to replace traditional samples n Simulates accurate yarn sizes, based on standard cotton count, denier, tex, metric, worsted, woolen, silk and n more Visualize even the most sophisticated effects, such as variable density reeding, let-back and tissue picks, variable n density weft, skip dents and top-beam dobbies Manage unlimited color variations and accurate color n blankets Automatically generate production specifications, essential for manufacturing and that can be printed or n exported in Adobe速 PDF format Available as an upgrade from Easy Weave, with files n compatible between the two programs Export machine files that directly drive production n machinery, these include: Staubli, Dornier, Picanol, n Sulzer-Ruti, Vamatex, and Tsudakoma. n Export files for sample machinery, such as CCI. Drawing-in machine interfaces include: Staubli Delta n 200, 100 and Vega. Export production data in standard ASCI file for import to database systems.

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n Track projects from concept through production n Sell from digital simulations n Achieve highest quality n Lower sampling costs n Impress customers n Design products faster n Reduce production errors n Replace manual processes n Increase number of design choices n Directly control production machinery Color Blanket View Shows all Warp and Weft Combinations

Analyze Design From Scan of Actual Fabric

Create Yarns and Apply Calibrated Colors

Create and Browse Custom Weave Libraries

Store and Visually Browse Yarn Libraries

NedGraphics Software Advantages n Single or enhanced two screen working environment n Microsoft Windows 2000, XP n On-line Help and user manuals n Interactive status information bars and icon roll-over tool tips n OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) n Standard installation procedures n Standard drivers for all peripherals n Drag and drop available for many functions n Multiple undo and redo n Open and work on multiple files at the same time n Open and work with two zoom levels, interactively, on the same file n Access unified color palettes and custom color atlases in each module n Import and Export all standard file formats n Color calibration (Delta and ICC compatible) n Check for the latest changes Customer Support and Upgrades n Help-Desk response provides phone and e-mail software support world-wide n Toll-free calling in many areas n Call resolution and tracking software ensures quality control n User Groups and trade shows offer frequent global interaction with customers n Newsletters, success stories and website keeps customers informed n Software updates released every year n New versions exhibit cutting-edge innovations n Customer wish lists and suggestions fuel upgrade strategies

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