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CELEBRATING 20 YEARS Knysna Montessori 1997-2017


From humble beginnings 20 years ago, Knysna Montessori (a non-profit organisation run under the auspices of the BMS trust) has grown from a Preprimary School to a fully inclusive, fully fledged school accepting children from Toddler to Matric. From swimming in the neighbours pool to now having a 25m swimming pool of our own, athletics run on a small track to now having two sports fields, plays and productions once held on the deck of the Junior School, now held in a splendid fully enclosed amphitheatre and foyer. Middle School children’s first business opportunity was a chicken pen where egg laying hens provided eggs for the children to sell. In 2017 we now have an outstanding outdoor classroom boasting organic vegetables, Koi fish farming, Aquaponics, Cement-paving and Blacksmith Business, a Farmyard with goats, chickens and calves and so much more where young adults are taught skills for life. Forerunners in Montessori high school education in South Africa, Knysna Montessori also celebrates its 10th year of Matric Students in 2018. We look forward to welcoming our past students to a celebratory reunion and to hear about all their achievements. Amongst them we have a female pilot (Head Girl 2009) a forensic scientist, a chartered accountant, advertising executive, chef, engineers, university lecturers, many budding entrepreneurs and so many more exciting careers. Congratulations to all Knysna Montessori students and staff on your achievements in this our 20th year. Many of you have achieved a personal goal this year, some in academic study, others in better time management and improved work ethic, and others who have exceled in their discipline of choice. For our toddlers it may be the first true sentence which you have uttered, or the 3-6 child who has mastered the letters of the alphabet, or the 6-9 child who can now construct a sentence and analyse the parts of speech, or to travel overseas on an aeroplane for the first time, or our 9-12 who has learned to manage and develop new social skills and participate in Literacy workshops. Our Middle School students, you may have taken on the outdoor classroom and learned how to grow organic vegetables, to turn wood and smelt iron-and so much more! Students are encouraged to market and sell their wares‌life skills they will have forever. Our 15-18 students are working hard to achieve their dreams as they carve their path towards a future career. Thank you to the staff members of Knysna Montessori who have helped facilitate, guide and mentor all our students- your dedication to their preparation for life is greatly respected and appreciated. Whatever it is that you have learned to master this year, be very proud of yourselves and continue to reach for the stars!


FRONT COVER : Knysna Loerie by Michelle Offerman.

Thank you Michelle Offerman for your kind gift to our school. It reminds us each day of the beauty of Knysna after the devastating fires in June.


Twenty Years – A Trip Down Memory Lane The Knysna Montessori School began as ‘Tootletown’ in 1990, in a packing shed on a farm in Eastford. K.M.S. founder Taddy Beyleveld, and her first employee Johanna Meintjies (who still works at the school), taught and cared for a dozen children each day. With the development of Narnia Village three or four years later, Tootletown moved to the premises where K.M.S. is now situated and continued to operate until 1997, when Taddy officially founded the Beyleveld Montessori Trust. In this year, the Junior School for 6 - 9 pupils started. As the school grew and developed, a 9 - 12 class was opened in 1999 and in 2000 the second storey of the Junior School was built. As a main school fundraising initiative, The Friday Market was established. With a wide variety of delicious foods, drinks and crafts on offer, this market has been a favourite get-together venue for locals, as well as national and international visitors. With a need to develop the school further, the debenture system was implemented and with debenture payments from parents, further land was bought for a tennis court and an open-air amphitheatre. Staff and office blocks, as well as sports fields, were developed. After a short visit to several United States Montessori schools in 2003, Taddy returned to K.M.S. to open a Grade 7 and 8 Middle School and hostel, based on Maria Montessori’s concept of an Erdkinder programme for teenagers. An Occupation Area where the Middle School students ran their own Farmyard and Businesses was established. The Middle School proved to be as popular and successful as the Junior School and subsequently another house was bought to provide further dormitories and staff accommodation. With help from Friday Night Market funds, the swimming pool and deck area were built. Eventually in 2008, the first Montessori matriculants wrote their IEB examinations and K.M.S. has proudly maintained its one hundred percent pass rate to the present day. As the forerunner of Montessori High School education in South Africa, K.M.S. was honoured to host its first SAMA (South African Montessori Association) conference in 2007, and a roof was built for the open-air amphitheatre. The second SAMA conference took place in 2012 and saw the full enclosure of the amphitheatre with windows. The Pre-School moved into a new building in 2013 and the old Pre-school became more classrooms for the 15-18 High School students. In the years between 2015 and the present, the Middle School Occupation Area where the students learn to develop entrepreneurial skills in a variety of businesses (cement making, animal farming, gardening, seed cultivation, kitchen crafts, woodwork etc.) was relocated. The latest addition is a Technology outdoor classroom where students create furniture, baboon-proof dustbins etc. 2017 is the twentieth anniversary of the Knysna Montessori School, and in celebration, the amphitheatre and the foyer have been fully upgraded to create a perfect conference venue. This was opened by the mayor at a cheese and wine function attended by Rotarians, Head Directress Sonia Heaton, K.M.S. staff, invited colleagues from other schools, as well as parents, trust members, and Founder Member Taddy Beyleveld. From humble beginnings, and following the needs of the students and the community, Knysna Montessori School celebrates twenty years of achievement. Thank you to parents, colleagues, students and staff members, and to the local broader community of Knysna for sharing in our ongoing journey.




A child must know that he is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn’t been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like him. - Pablo Casals





Juliet Venter

Juan Botha

Cole Oliver

Riley Grundy

Sophie Massow

Jessica Vadas

April Human

Alexandria Pieterse

Finn Messenger

Douw v Noordwyk

Alice-Skye Roberts

Gabriel Wasdell

Eden Dickson 9

Marlene Jantjies


Joey Keyser


I can never be safe; I always try and go against the grain. As soon as I accomplish one thing, I just set a higher goal. That’s how I’ve gotten to where I am. - Beyonce Knowles (Montessori Educated)




The unknown energy that can help humanity is that which lies hidden in the child - Maria Montessori




Clea de Bruyn

Cambel de Neys

Josef Heinen

Pia van Vuuren

Ida Stassen

Giulia Lutolf

Isabel Nassif

Robert Bergstrom

Amy Campbell

Elizabeth Gouws

Leo Murphy

Blake Sparks

Dylan Berman

Elijah Wasdell

Jaden le Grange

Noh Berman

Anothando Norani

Lihlumelo Mfanekiso

Jean Steyn

Tatu Smurfit

Hilda Jantjies






Ida Heinen

Pierre Botha

Noah Vertue

Leo Ferguson

Harper Wentzell

Kristin Kruger

Michaela Campbell

Emma v Noordwyk

Lazaro de Bruyn

Nina Venter

Mia Haris

Teddy Oosthuizen

Jay Gascoigne Taylor

Rowan Merryweather

Tobias Matthes

Finn Sheridan

Beverley Brownson

Modie Mbonde


Annabel de Neys


Dear Parents It has been a wonderful year for all of us, even with the various challenges that we have faced. It was amazing to see how everyone took hands and stood together during the June fires. The children worked well through all the emotional elements relating to the trauma of the fire. Thank you for sharing your pride and joy with us. We have kept your child safe and happy throughout the school year, and we have thoroughly enjoyed all the hugs, smiles and kind words your child has shared with us. We have had many educational and exciting outings this year. In the first term the children went for a fun adventure to the Puzzle Park in Plett. They learned how to work as a team and to rely on each other. In the third term we went to Birds of Eden. The children enjoyed learning about all the different types of birds. Thank you to all the parents that assisted us with the all the outings this year. We had our play in the fourth term. It was the timeline of Maria Montessori. The children enjoyed learning about her life and what our school represents. Thank you for all your support throughout the year. Sincerely 6-9 teachers



John-Pierre Kruger

Noah Hurwitz

Hayden Sparks

Owen Cooper

Mukelwe Nyawo

Isabella Carr

Abbey Jones

Kefiloe Nilkosi

Max Fortes Brooks

Max Fortes Brooks

Anthony Lidstone

Catherina van Heerden

Ziyaad Omarjee

Luca Lutolf

Matthew Herrington

Jody Brink

Tayla Blignaut

Clare Bensley

Nicolas Crause

Gita Hildebrand

Lee-Helen Bergstrom

Lindiwe Leve





Auron Wentzell

Jed Hurwitz

Bianca Janse van Rensburg

Daisy Oosthuizen

Kiera Lorenzo

Sulita Herrington

Daniel Stassen

Romeo Balian

Taylor Harris

Natalie Collins

Arthur Rudman

Dean Baker

Chloe Price

Jessi Simon

Klara Harms

Hannah Buchanan

Maddison Drake

Nakkie Pretorius


Johonna Phillips


Michael Baker







2017 has been an eventful but peaceful year in the 9 – 12 Environment. We have seen some changes in the organisation of the class and these have been very successful. We have enjoyed four well supported market days. All the funds from the market days go towards the Grade 6 Tour every year. This year we had a fun filled weekend in Oudtshoorn: we visited the Cango Wildlife Ranch and went crocodile cage diving which was terrifying and exciting! We also went to Wilgewandel Farm and rode on camels (remarkable creatures), and we enjoyed a magnificent hike through the Cango Caves - what an adventure! We have had several educational outings this year, including a Geography outing to the Knysna Heads and a Biology, peace education and cosmic education outing to Steenbok Park. Academically we have enjoyed another very successful year. Isabel Lor achieved a second place in the Knysna Literary Festival for her magnificent poem, “My World.” Jem-Dara Glogour (1st Place), Hadassah Conradie (1st Place) and Connor Cox (2nd Place) are too commended on their achievements in the Public Library Writing Competition. Again our children achieved excellent results in the AMISA challenge. With regards to sport, Andrea Collins is the under 12 South African champion for Orienteering. This is only one of her many notable achievements this year. Emmeline has achieved SWD colours for gymnastics again this year. Congratulations! We sincerely thank the parents and children for their support this year. Bianca, Lusanda and Joy.



My World By Isabel Lor

She who sees beyond the war He who leeks his tears no more They who dig and delve and die Mother must run when infants cry This is my world, your world our world, ours! We will shout, scream, stomp and kick Until Earth is no longer sick The despair and ruin will slowly fade We shall celebrate where the dead are laid The terror will turn into ashes and be gone The children shall sing there peaceful song: This is my world, your world, our world, ours! The bloody swords shall be destroyed Long live this beautiful void My world is not a perfect place-but then again, nothing is perfect-is it?





The Occupation area has seen some great new development this year. This includes the following

• • • • • • • • • •

Aquaponics system in tunnels to grow out our Koi fish Vertical hydroponics veggie garden Leghorn and Buff Orpington laying chickens that sometimes lay blue eggs Extended cacti nursery Orchid and bromeliad houses Large Koi pond with bio filters Moat pond in Farmyard area Forging and metal smelting area New recycled artworks Mars store and office

This area is an important component of the Middle school and we strive to make it a unique, diverse and inspiring outdoor classroom. The other environments from Joeys toddlers to the high school also make use of this dynamic area to relax and interact with the animals and innervations. Norman is the man behind the scene that keeps this environment in such great shape, as well as caring for the animals over weekends and school holidays. We are no showcasing Garden art with statues and sculptures within this area. We have started a cut flower area and it has produced some awesome flowers already.


Orange River and Cradock Paddle This year we were able to fit in a three day trip to the Orange River on our annual river expedition. This trip is fully self-supported, and includes 90km of river paddling shooting countless rapids along the way. A group of 16 paddlers enjoyed the river and the great outdoors together.

Cradock Grade 9 tour For the first time we paddled on the Great Brak River near Cradock in the Eastern Cape with the Grade 9 class. This was an excellent outing with great accommodation and a nice full river. We learnt to shoot weirs and hide in the eddies. For most of the students this was a first time river rafting experience and they loved every moment, including all the mud and slipping on the obstacle course. On the way up we visited the famous little town of Nieu-Bathesta, and on the way home we were able to spend a few hours in the Addo National Park looking for the big Five.


• • •

Minimise and manage safety and emergency, incidents Care for customers Lead participants through an outdoor recreational and adventure activity Conduct tourism guiding activity Conduct a guided adventure activity

Mars has had a busy year with all sorts of skill sets being tested and new skills learnt. We paddled in the sea and on the lagoon, ran the trails and kloofs, climbed crawled and swam with and without teams. We jumped off the red bridge and Mountain biked in the forests. We did map reading and orienteering got scratched sunburnt and we froze, but most of all we had a great time and pushed our own personal limits.

First Aid Level 3 River guiding course accredited to APA ( white water training and swift water safety and rescue)

Further Training

MTB weekend

2017 was a productive year with Ant, and Max completing some extra training in the following areas Generic Adventure site guide Mountain walking guide off trail, overnight below 2700m ASL

At the beginning of the year we set off on MTB outing into the Langkloof. We rode up the Montague pass on a very hot morning and then on towards Paardepoort. We set up camp on a farm in the valley and enjoyed the zip line in the farm dam before fire time and war stories. The following day we set off for home enjoying all the best rides the Karoo had to offer.

• • • • • • •

Set up and operate camping site Plan and implement minimum environmental impact practices Manage and organise groups Research and design guided experiences at places of interest 6-9 ENVIRONMENT

• •


Creative Art works in the Occupations area

We have chosen to recycle items that were left burnt and unusable after the Knysna fire. This has been an important journey for the students as many lost so much during those fateful days. We have bought some old tools from the small home workshop next to the farmyard are slowly turning them into art works.










Simone Christian The letters on the page combine before me Conjuring sentences allowing me to see Other worlds so far, far away to a place I would much rather be . . . One second I’m reading with Hermione, The next I’m transported with Harper Lee To Jem and Scout, who is indeed very, very whiney. I’m shivering and sparring with Jon at the wall But, oh wait, now I am gaping at the great, Great Hall. For a moment I glimpse R with his stumbling synapses And Julie, who will love him one day, perhaps. Today I have travelled so far and wide The words crashing over me like a paper-made tide. A salute to those who weave and wrap words And paint worlds not yet seen or heard. They deserve a clap for remaining undeterred And for creating real magic through their very own words.




Keigan Kind

Lila Murzi

Bianca van der Hoef

Arum Glogauer

Chloe Davis

Olivia dos Santos

Zoe Metelerkamp

Khia van der Meulen

Matsedi Mogal

John Vahey

Gerhard Classen

Marne Nigrini



Ross Gammon


Liam van Eden

Bianca Brink

Dylan Hawley

Khumo Chikala

Simone Christian

Nicholas Boles

Michael dos Santos

Monene Motimele

Leah Gibbins

Jade Hahn

Niki Mortazavi

John Vahey

Alison Knox

Nadia Ballan






Ben Normand

Kito van Gastel

Tristan Middleton

Chant Messina

Heather Metelekamp

Azukiwe Seti

Robyn Watson

Tinashe Mazodze

Gemma Persello

Sam Mortazavi

Joshua Allen

John Vahey

Dana Miles

Tana Gammon

Basanda Madikane


Thomas Edwards

Ramas Mazodze





MONTESSORI MATRICS EXCEED EXPECTATIONS Knysna Montessori School is particularly proud of its 2017 matric learners and their results, in view of the upheavals caused by the June wildfires, subsequent disruptions to the academic year, and the unseen psychological effects of the catastrophe. These matriculants performed even better than the “prefires” expectations of their results, with an 87% university pass rate. A significant number of the school’s learners will be furthering their studies at universities and tertiary institutions this year, joining a growing group of past learners who have studied, or are studying at universities and colleges, both locally and overseas. Distinctions were achieved across a wide range of subjects, which was testament to the amount of workput in by both learners and teaching staff, as well as to the intimate supportive environment offered by the school. One of the

Thomas Edwards has been with Knysna Montessori since Gr 1, and the school wishes him all the best in his endeavours as a student of engineering at Stellenbosch University.


Emma Persello, an exemplary example as a head girl during 2017, joined Knysna Montessori from her first days of schooling, at age 2. She has been a pillar within the school’s community throughout her schooling career. Gemma will be embarking on B Com marketing for 2018.

aims of the school is to enable learners to achieve their individual best potential, and these IEB results prove that the school was successful in achieving this aim, the school says. Top results were achieved by Heather Metelerkamp, Gemma Persello (head girl 2017), Thomas Edwards and Chant Messina (head boy 2017). However, Knysna Montessori is particularly proud of those learners who, although not top students, have achieved to their full potential, thus giving them the maximum opportunity to pursue their goals and dreams, and believes the results are a reflection of the family environment and strong work ethic engendered through the Montessori system of education. Small classes with individual attention, dedicated qualified staff and a close-knit student group are all factors that have contributed to this success.

Heather Metlerkamp is a studious learner who began her journey of education with the Knysna Montessori School from preschool. Heather will be entering university to further her craving for knowledge.

Chant Messina is an outstanding student who joined the Knysna Montessori School in preschool. He will be working on his dream of continuing with art for the next three months and then working abroad. Photos: Supplied






We especially need imagination in science. It is not all matematics nor all logic, but it is somewhat beauty and poetry. - Maria Montessori




HOSTEL 2017 Knysna Montessori School

Hostel Parents, Bev and Matt Brownson and Chris and Ronel Scholtz. Full time boarders and Weekly boarders. Hostel Outings:

• • • •

Ebb and Flow Family Camp Beach Days at Buffalo Bay George and Sedgefield Saturday Market George shopping and movies.

Hostel Activities:

• • • • • • • • • •

Hike to the shops Movie nights Game night Arts and crafts Swimming Karaoke night Dancing nights Hosted Taiwanese delegation for breakfast and tea during their stay in Knysna Friday Market Walks to the farm

Weekly prep time 2 hours every night Monday through Thursday. Students help cook meals. Students take care of each other.

Knysna Fire 2017: Students evacuated the hostel. One room in the girls’ dorm was burned. Johan, a local resident put out the hostel fires and possibly saved the school from burning. Hostel residents helped unload donations and man the Disaster Depot.


In this modern world where activity is stressed to the point of mania, quietness as a childhood need is too often overlooked. - Margaret Wise Brown




You lead a busy life

President of Knysna Rotary, Doug Emanuel and Rotarian Lesley Satchel at the induction of the Interact Board 2017 of Knysna Montessori School. Congratulations to you all. From left to right (Board Member, Tiffany Meyer, Secretary, Gina Slabbert, Board Member, Niki Mortazavi, President of Rotary, Doug Emanuel, President of Interact, Matsedi Mogale, Rotarian,Lesley Satchel, Treasurer, Zeldine Schwark, Vice President, Caylem Balthazar and Board Member ,Monene Motimele.

Let us take care of your financial processes so that you can practise YOUR business better. A-Z Financial Solutions • Registrations • Bookkeeping • Financial Statements • Tax Compliance •



Sonia Heaton

Alison Knox

Diniel Weston Nadia Ballan

Nakkie Pretorius

Joy Diedericks Bianca Botha

Leigh-Ann Campbell

Ilse Claassen

Del Dearmer

Dana Miles

Teddy Beyleveld

Ronel Scholtz

Lee-Helen Bergstrom

Claire McCathy

Tarryn Edkins

Marne Nigrini

Gerhard Claassen

Kerry Fransisco

John Vahey

Lusanada Mhlakaza

Ramas Mazodze

Chris Scholtz

Monica Mqolombeni

Patricia Qakamfana

Johanna Phillips

Lindiwe Leve

Tosh Tame

Gladys Msaseni

Amos Nyirenda

Mat Brownson

Norman Nyirenda

Raphael Nyirenda

Irene Charles

Portia Booi

Leonie Phillips James Stead

Antony Campbell










SPORTS 2017 Not every child is a great sportsman, not every child is a great artist, and not every child excels in academics. Why would Picasso need to win the race in swimming? Why would Steve Jobs need to throw the javelin further than his peer? BUT that child that can throw the javelin, that child that moves through the water like a speed boat, for that child . . . it is important that we in the schooling environment give him or her the opportunity to discover what he or she is capable of achieving , and the opportunity to discover what he or she enjoys. In the end, it is important to remember that competition is not good, nor is it all bad. When the correct balance is struck, competition is a healthy part of life that helps us to succeed. But, the correct balance must be struck. It is not necessary or appropriate for students to feel like they must be the best at everything.

We have an amazing team of parents who head up and run the MTB cycling. Slowly but surely this group of talented children is growing and bettering themselves during each race. There is a large group of children that have excelled in external school sporting activities such as orienteering, swimming, cycling, karate, ballet, water polo and many more. MARS in previous years and again this year, has been a popular afternoon activity. The creative and welldesigned activities for the children set out by our experienced and diverse coach, have challenged the brave to extend their belief in themselves and their abilities. Trail running has also been ‘running’ for two years and is a lovely extension to MARS, keeping our students fit. Tag Rugby for our seniors has been a great fitness, strategic and social activity. Tag rugby allows us to incorporate the national sport of our country into our school without the physical contact aspect. Soccer is always a popular sport from Gr 1 to Gr 12. We have not had sufficient chances for the senior school to compete, but the internal soccer has been popular with fun and competitive games being played amongst peers.

Hockey over the past three years has grown, together with the growth of the sport in our region. As a small school, each year the strength of a specific age We as coaches have had endless group will change due to numbers. amounts of fun this year. We have The U/13 hockey within our region had the challenges with external (Eden) is always in the spotlight. For the elements but ultimately the children first time Knysna Montessori together are constant. The reason we are here is with Riverwood School entered a the children! U/13 hockey team in the B league. This amalgamation with Riverwood The children are why we further our has been very well received in the coaching skills, collaborate with community and respected amongst neighbouring coaches and why we all schools across all sporting codes. consistently research the best coaching This has given our children a chance techniques. to play some games on astro-turf and gain more time in the competitive During this year, each individual child environment. has excelled in his own way. The child that has excelled by receiving his Eden Our cricket teams have played in colours for a sport has done just as well two groups: Hot Dog League on as the child that has bettered his or her Mondays, and Small Schools League on OWN time in a 25m breaststroke race. Thursdays.


During the first term we played plenty of cricket and because the combination of Riverwood with our hockey team worked so well, we have also combined our two schools’ cricket teams. Our coaches have been on courses this term to extend their knowledge and be refreshed with some dynamic new practice drills. The children have soaked up the new drills with enthusiasm. Swimming is an ongoing love amongst most of our students. The solar panel heating has warmed the water slightly and allowed for more time in the water. Our children from Gr R to Gr 6 get a chance within the school day to begin mastering the art of swimming to the art of the various swimming strokes. We have been extremely lucky to get new athletics equipment, strength training and agility training equipment. This has been put into great use amongst the junior and senior school. Our dynamic athletics coach has designed universal training programs as well as specific training programs for the athletes. We continue to grow our athletics team as each day a new talent within a child is discovered. Together with our unique, talented and well-rounded students, and the passion, knowledge, empathetic and professional manner that each and every coach within our school practises, our school has been placed in a unique position to guide each individual student in an holistic development. ‘This sport is not for the biggest, strongest, or most talented; it is for the most committed, hardest working little guy who at times is the only one believing that what shouldn’t happen will happen.’ Unknown author.





If children feel safe, they can take risks, ask questions, make mistakes, learn to trust, share their feelings, and grow. - Alfie Kohn


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Tax consulting Tax compliance VAT Transfer pricing Tax Structuring Internationally mobile employees






The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn. - Maria Montessori


Mars Extreme

MARS 2017


The third annual Mars Extreme saw the Grade 11 students pushing themselves to the limit as they spent a week away in the Karoo. Over the five days the students were exposed to sleeping in the wilderness, cooking for themselves and pushing their bodies to the limit. The solitude 12 hours proved to be a highlight in the Karoo darkness. This program is much anticipated amongst the students and they all seem to grow in confidence and self-discovery along the way.





The best education does not happen at a desk, but rather engaged in everyday living – hands on, exploring, in active relationship with life. - Vince Gowmon



There are so many interesting and entrepreneurial Montessori-educated persons making a difference in the world! Just a handful of the more well-known names . . . Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google) , Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Love in the Time of Cholera), Anne Frank, and of course the Princes William and Harry! The Montessori system of education focuses on fostering independence, service to the community, and definitely independent thinking and the creative expression thereof. Of course, we all know that you don’t have to be famous to be doing something meaningful! Knysna Montessori School shares some news of our very own alumni who are out there creating their unique success stories . . .

• • • • • • • • •

Darren Johnston (class of 2008) is currently working as Food and Beverage Manager at Naomi Lake Country Club in Pennsylvania; this after completing his MBA. Lucas Liepner (2008) is part of a specialist team assigned to problem solving at Standard Bank in JHB. Jessica Crewdson (2009) is a First Officer Pilot flying German and French troops and precious metals from areas in the Sahel, in addition to UN World Food Programme flights. Based in Bamaka, Mali. Michael Edwards (2012) has completed his BA honours degree in accounting and currently works as an Auditor at KPMG in Cape Town. Megan Hattingh (2102) has completed her BA honours degree in accounting and currently works at an accounting firm. Ninsiima Twekye (2012) is currently working as a junior planner in Milnerton / Century City after completing an MA in Urban and Regional Planning. Candice Yoko (nee Hall, 2012) is currently working as an Intern at KMS whilst completing her BA degree in Psychology. Candice is planning to start her PGCE in Education in 2019. Christopher Yoko (2012) has completed an MA in DNA profiling and is currently working as a Senior Quality Control analyst at Thermafisher Scientific in the United Kingdom. Desire Pretorius (2015) is studying third year BA Drama and Theatre at the University of the Free State.

We love to hear from pupils past! Please send your stories direct to us at the office so that we can keep in touch! 6-9 ENVIRONMENT



We take this opportunity to highlight some of the extra mural activities in which our Montessori students have been involved:

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Carla Collins is the new Western Cape U16 women orienteering Champion. Andrea Collins is the new Western Cape U12 women orienteering western champion Candice Brink – September Cover of Marie Claire Magazine and signed with Ice Models Cape Town. Emmeline Price who received her Eden Colours for Artistic Gymnastics Hannah Buchanan who received her Eden Colours for Artistic Gymnastics Knysna Literacy Winners: Chant Messina, Simone Christian, Carla Collins and Isabel Lor. Knysna Municipal Library Winners: Jem-Dara Glogauer, Hadassah Conradie and Connor Cox Eisteddfod Music: Pictured right from front left Chloe Price- Silver Piano, Zinedine de Nil Gold Clarinet, Emmeline Price Gold Piano. Back left- Ria Kaliaji –Silver Piano, Nadia Beyleveld- Silver Piano. Eistedfodd- Jodi—Anne Michael for Gold in all Vocal Solos and for distinction in Ballet. Zoe Metelerkamp for achieving outstanding results in the Cape Town and PE Dance Eisteddfods, passing her ballet Advanced 1 with distinction. She has been accepted to participate in the American Academy of Ballet’s Summer School in New York in 2018. Coban-Dean Suttie- National Canoe Polo, Aiden Carr and Carla Collins Provincial Canoe Polo Eden Swimmers: Tylor Koen (left level 3 swimmer and Thomas Ferguson (right) has reached an impressive level of completing in SANJ championships Zinedine de Nil - South Cape Golf Union: Congratulations to Zinedine De Nil for your wonderful achievements in Golf this year. MTB Spur Series – Knysna Montessori hosted the final race. Many children have thoroughly enjoyed the Spur series and have achieved very good results. Special mention to: Gita Hildebrand and Oliver Price who received Eden Colours for Madiba Cross Country and the Marathon Series. Knysna Montessori came 2nd in MTB Spur Series. Achievements in Hockey- Keigan Baldwin, Antonia Julies, Marta Heinen, Carla Collins they all received SWD colours in senior hockey Khia van der Meulen – Black Belt Karate

I REMEMBER BY COBAN DEAN I remember; I remember still the butterflies in my stomach, seeing the tops of trees while I had the cold sensation of water drip drip dripping through my spraydeck as we were approaching Double Trouble; hearing the roaring rumble of ice cold white water bubbling below like a witch’s cauldron during a wicked spell.

The sound of clapping hands and rushing water flooded my eardrums. My back muscles were taut as I ducked under a willow tree, trying not to get caught under itsdangling branches. Eyes open seeing the light beyond the willow branches, Pupils blinded by light, Sitting up with a sigh of relief, A cold white fisted grip still clutching the paddle. In amazement that we had not fallen out, I shouted words like “yippy”, “we made it” but the fun wasn’t over yet. Clutching the paddle even tighter now, I prepared for a big white frigid stopper to sink us like the Titanic. Stomach muscles tight to keep the boat stable, feet pushing the water bailer rapidly trying to get rid of all the extra weight ……. it was as if time slowed down. I focussed on each breath as if it were my last, making last second adjustments and whoosh we

hit the stopper dead on and slowed down to turtle speed. We were swept under the cold white bubbling water before emerging on the other side, paddle in hand, hat still on my head and the boat still intact. There was no time to waste and I bailed water straight away, abs twisting, arms pulling violently, the cool water rushing off my head as I was catching my breath. I looked up to see some smaller rapids ahead but nothing too dangerous. The green banks drew my gaze as we passed through the last section of the rapids. I was horrified by the number of broken boats that littered the banks like trash in the street. Many people before us weren’t as fortunate as we were that day.

I remember; I remember that being part of my greatest holiday ever, and I can’t wait for the next race.

Eyes Wide “O-pen”, with my cold grip on the carbon shaft, The boat scraping against the concrete slope, Fast flowing frigid water guiding us downwards, Ears filling with shrieks of joy, excitement and disbelief as we made our way to the bottom in seconds. Suddenly, without warning, the spine rattling sound of the scraping boat stopped as were slowed down by a rapid. I felt the fiberglass twist around me as we pushed through the white foaming wall of cold water. My muscles were hurting, and adrenaline rushed through my body, and out of nowhere my k2 partner shouted “Coban now paddle like your life depends on it”. Within seconds my arms started accelerating forcing the kayak faster than the water. I glanced up for a second ……. And saw a bank we were going to collide into!! At the last second, we turned and just scraped the edge. I counted my blessings that we had not fallen over yet. INTERACT 2017


Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it. - Julia Child

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