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4th EDITION 2008



During the year 2008, we at Amitech Spain have contributed and were a part of the modernization process of hydraulic infrastructures in Spain. Our presence at important events within the Spanish and European water marketplace (Smagua, ExpoZaragoza, Expoagua in Portugal) and our participation as speakers in relevant conferences in the sector (the 8th Workshop of fabricators and installers of plastic pipes, held in Ávila, Spain, or the 13th National Meeting of Basic Plumbing in Portugal) and the organisation of Amitech Technical Days in various universities are examples of our position in the FRP market. The year 2008 has also been highlighted by the organisation of various Open Days, aimed at engineers and Site Managers that have enabled those groups to visit the sites we participate and learn about the FRP´s funcionality on site.

In AMITECH SPAIN we are facing this year 2009 with the same enthusiasm, looking up at the future and transforming the difficulties in challenges. We will work to overcome the difficulties and in the same way we will keep contributing to the improvement of people’s quality of life. Because our society will continue to need modern and efficient infrastructures in water management and above all, because we trust in the quality of our work and the product we manufacture.

Amitech Spain, S. A. Polígono Industrial La Venta Nova, 91 E-43894 CAMARLES (Tarragona) Tel: + 34 977 47 07 77 Fax: + 34 977 47 07 47

From AMITECH SPAIN’s management we want to give our most sincere thanks to everybody who has made an effort to make all this possible. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Andreu Pérez Managing Director


Hydroelectric Centre in Canedo, Portugal. The second edition of Pipes Today already covered this important project that enables a great implantation of AMITECH SPAIN in the Portuguese marketplace, where the group’s presence is becoming more important every day, this is proven by the assistance at relevant commercial events of the sector, covered in the news in brief section.

pipes instead of concrete was the benefits derived from the enormous difference in the roughness coefficients [concrete: 0.10mm/FRP - 0.029mm (Colebrook coefficient - White)]. In addition to this, it contributed favourably to the lightness of the FRP pipes compared to the that of the concrete pipes (weight ratio of 10 : 100). This factor allowed the builder to reduce the risks of installing a pipe in a very abrupt plan, with ditches dug out in steep slopes, and where the movement of large cranes could lead to higher costs as well as increase the security risks. The ownership of the site finally opted for the FRP piping.

Amitech Spain supplied more than 3,500 metres of FRP Flowtite piping for the construction of the hydraulic centre in Canedo. This project featured FRP FLOWTITE pipes with diameters of DN 1800 mm (2,044 metres of PN 6 tube) and DN 1600 mm (1,557 metres in PN 6 tubes, 10 and 16) with rigidity of SN 5000. Situated in the Boticas region, near the northern border of Portugal, the Canedo centre belongs to the Hydrocentral Do Minho, LDA, although the work was coordinated by H.D.R (Hidrocentrais Reunidas, LDA), which took care of the opening and the awarding of the tender as well as the follow up of the construction.

The work was sold at auction to the business Construções Gabriel A. S. Couto, SA, from Vila Nova de Famalicão. AMITECH SPAIN advised the business about reducing the quantity of necessary accessories to undertake the unforeseen bends in the project. This operation was carried out through the use of pipes with longitudes less than 12 metres, the standard dimensions of FRP FLOWTITE. In this way, the technicians of the construction firm made a review of the project and considered the differences relevant as outlined in the table below.

Use of FRP Flowtite The project was carried out by Aqualogus- Consultors of Hydraulics and Hydric Resources, LDA, in concrete tubes with CHAPA coating. However, during the presentation time of the proposals, the designer admitted the possibility of using FRP FLOWTITE pipes, given the obvious economic advantages concerning the cost and assembly of the material. The first factor that favoured the use of FLOWTITE

Projected solution

Current situation The supply of work began in the first days of June and concluded at the end of September, making it possible

Installed solution


Type of material


Type of material

2.867,0 ML

DN1800, PN4 Shielded concrete pipe.

1792,0 ML

DN1800, PN6, SN 5000, FRP pipes in 12ml lengths.

150,0 ML

DN1800, PN6 Shielded concrete pipe.

251,5 ML

126,0 ML

DN1800, PN10 Shielded concrete pipe.

406,15 ML

DN1600, PN6 FRP pipes in 12ml lengths.

300,00 ML

DN1800, PN12 Shielded concrete pipe.

75,67 ML

DN1600, PN10 FRP pipes in 12ml lengths.

DN1800 bends of a range of angles.

93,63 ML

DN1600, PN16 FRP pipes in 12ml lengths

560,00 ML

DN1600, PN6 FRP pipes in 12ml lengths.

210,03 ML

DN1600, PN10 FRP pipes in 12ml lengths

211,72 ML

DN1600, PN16 FRP pipes in 12ml lengths

90 UDS

PRFV DN1800, PN6 FRP pipes in 12ml lengths.

37 UDS

DN1800 bends of a range of angles.


DN1600 bends of a range of angles.



AMITECH SPAIN supplies FRP piping for a drinkable water project in L’Ampolla (Tarragona) In September, AMITECH SPAIN obtained a new contract of channelling drinkable water to the population of L’Ampolla, a locality very close to the production plant that the business has situated in Camaries (Tarragona).

for the construction firm to install the pipes before the end of October. In this way, they avoided the most complicated working conditions derived from a meteorologically more severe month (intense rain and low temperatures) and the conditions derived from the fact that part of the piping was situated next to the Riviera do Canedo’s bed which is now found fitted with FRP FLOWTITE pipes.

The supply of FRP piping from AMITECH SPAIN has already begun, consisting in more than 500 metres of piping in diameters of DN 1300 to 1800, with a pressure capacity of PN 6 and rigidity SN 5000. The systems of FRP from AMITECH SPAIN stand out due to their clear resistance to corrosion, elevated grade of watertightness and a wide range of products and accessories for the construction of a complete system. The production capacity of pipes in lengths of up to 16 metres, together with a decrease in weight of material, has repercussions on a greater speed of installation and consequently on a lower cost of completing the work.

It should also be highlighted that the technical collaboration provided by the Technical Department of AMITECH SPAIN advised personnel of the construction firm about the handling and assembly of the material, above all in the plan where the pipes had accentuated slopes above 15º and where the use of retention rings to anchor the pipes was advised. This solution was adopted by the client.

News on the execution of projects for Amitech Industrial Spain Amitech Industrial Spain has begun the installation of interior pipes in the Desalination Plant of Mostaganema, Algeria which has a capacity of 200,000m3 per day.

The work is carried out for the UTE Aqualia-Inima and is completed with FRP Flowtite in a range of diameters DN 100-1400mm with a pressure of PN 10 bars. The installation of the main refrigeration circuit of the combined cycle plant of Lares Portugal, property of EDP and contracted by Cobra, continues to advance. This 3


AMITECH SPAIN intensifies and increases its presence in the Portuguese market.

work is carried out with FRP Flowtite pipe of diameter DN 2000 mm and pressure PN 6. As well as this, Amitech Industrial Spain continues with the task of installing the main refrigeration circuit in the combined cycle plant of Barcelona Port, property of Gas Natural. In this case the pipe used is also FRP Flowtite of diameter DN 2000 and pressure PN 6.

Throughout the month of October, AMITECH SPAIN has attended two important fairs which have taken place in Portugal.

Finally, Amitech Industrial Spain has completed the installation of the underground line of 2600 mm DN in the fish farm in Mira (Pescanova). This project is carried out with FRP Flowtite pipe- from DN 800 to DN 2600 and PN 6 with a hose joint. The fish farm in Mira will be the largest plant in the world for turbot production. Presently, the aerial installation work of the lines DN 2000 to DN 800 continues.

Over 100 attendees in AMITECH SPAIN Conference in the University of Burgos

Josep Aubeso, during his speech at the 13th National Meeting of Basic Plumbing, in Portugal.

AMITECH SPAIN was invited by the University of Burgos to participate in a technical formative summit aimed at students, engineers and site managers of the whole region.

The 13th National Meeting of Basic Plumbing (ENASB) was held from 14th to 17th October in Covilhá. On this occasion the Technical Director of AMITECH SPAIN, Josep Aubeso, gave a conference on the advantages of the FRP pipe application in hydroelectric centres. This session proved to be a great opportunity to reveal the advantages and specifications of the FRP Flowtite, as well as the economic and technical facilities derived from its installation. The FRP pipes are a perfectly suited product for this type of project.

AMITECH SPAIN also participated in the Expoagua fair 2008 which was held from 21st to 23rd October in Tagus Park in the town of Oeiras.

Both events proved themselves as first class opportunities to present the products and services that AMITECH SPAIN offer the sector in the Portuguese marketplace. Regarding the attendance at fairs, AMITECH SPAIN will close the year 2008 with its presence at the Pollutec fair which will take place from 2nd to 5th December in Lyon, which celebrates its 23rd edition as one of the main events in the calendar.

The summit, held on 29th October past, was attended by 120 people who showed a keen interest in getting to know the PRFV retention tanks of large diameter. In the same manner, the listeners demonstrated their capacity to understand the real use of the PRFV in the event of strong storms and paid great attention to the practical cases and the technical specifications of the PRFV Flowtite pipe systems. The session, which was a part of the first days of the systems of fluid piping with PRFV pipes, took place in the conference room in the Senior Polytechnical School of Burgos University.

Printing Editor: Amitech Spain, S. A. Polígono Industrial La Venta Nova, 91 E-43894 CAMARLES (Tarragona) Tel: + 34 977 47 07 77 Fax: + 34 977 47 07 47

On behalf of Amitech Spain we want to thank the university team and the Gonzalo Sanitation for the invitation and congratulate them for their professionalism in the organisation of these days. Chief editor: Lluís Carbonell lluí

Extreme care has been taken in assuring that the contents of this publication are exact. However, the publisher accepts no responsibility for any problem that arises as a consequence of errors in this publication.


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During the year 2008, we at Amitech Spain have contributed and were a part of the modernization process of hydraulic infrastructures in Spai...